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Where is Milton's Donuts?

REVIEWS OF Milton's Donuts IN Ohio

Monica Seifert

Best place ever,!

Bobby Withrow

After visiting all of the Donut Trail shops in 2017 and 2018, I can say that Milton's is definitely the best tasting, especially the chocolate cake donuts. I grew up on Milton's so I use them as the standard for all shops. I have yet to find one that exceeds Milton's.

Lisa Fancher

Love Milton's always have always will

Michael Porter

Best donuts ever

Kathy Urschel

Love this place!

Crystal Walker

Donuts are good. This morning I felt like the young man that waited on me felt it was an inconvenience to him to wait on me. The only words he said to me was $11.70. No hello how many can we get you today have. Good day nothing. He has waited on me a couple times now and no change in his attitude.

Alison Feltner

Awesome donuts, great prices!

Chris Lewis

Best donoghnuts in the world

Douglas Lyle

Good donuts. But, priced kind of high.

Chris Hoffman

Family friendly small town feel upon entering. You get that undeniable feeling of being welcomed like you’re home for the holidays to see loved ones. Can’t replicate that, it just comes from good genuine people. The donuts are top tier up against anyone. A close second to Bills if I was pressed to make that claim. If you get there early enough they usually make a small amount of cream cheese donuts. But shh it’s a secret. Ask for one.

John Soppanish

Doughnuts are always super fresh and it's a local business !!

Mark Nickell

HORRIBLE!!! The new Miltons is not worth a dime. The old Milton’s I used to enjoy would just melt in my mouth. These donuts all taste like they are a day old and stale. Its so sad to save a few dollars you change and get cheap ingredients. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Aaron LePoire

Love the donuts here, it's my favorite donut place I've been to. I come here every time I'm in the area. Be prepared for long lines on the weekend, but it's worth the wait! The icing is divine and the donuts are soft and fresh. Definitely the place to go on the donut trail!

Lisa Sellers

Best donuts in the country hands down!

Ariana Montero

Whenever I'm in the area this is a must!! Love the donuts they are always fresh

Mary Kay Cobb

Best donuts ever!

Erin Waltz

So delicious. The buckeyes were wonderful and so where the donuts. Wish they had the English muffin bread when I was there.

Linda Rose

Always yummy.

Butler County Visitors Bureau

Another stop on the Donut Trail! Milton's Donuts is famous for their glazed donuts, and they lived up to my expectations! Each donut is amazing so you can't go wrong.

Seth Slifer

I used to stay up with my friends to be the first in line at Milton's. Now I have moved away and no longer have the luxury... I still stay up late thinking about Milton's donuts. It's been 4 years. Never forget.

Glenn Jarvis

Delicious donuts!!!

Adria Young

My sister, brother and I were trying to do the donut trail but weren’t thinking about what time most bakeries close and we only were able to visit 2 on the list. Thank goodness Milton’s was one of them! I’ve NEVER had a better donut in my life! That’s saying a lot too. The cream in the Oreo donut was light, fluffy and perfectly sweet. Honest to god... Best. Pastry. Ever. The gentleman helping us was very kind and willing to tell us a little about the bakery and share some stories too. Thank you Milton’s for the perfect sweet oasis!

Maria G

Best donuts hands down. Their cherry delight will have you smiling all day long. I will up load a picture soon.

Carrie McIntosh

The best and freshest donuts

Christina Dunaway

This local Middletown gem has been open for almost 50 years serving the freshest hand crafted doughnuts. Now featured on the Ohio doughnut trail it is a must visit to get your passport stamped and your belly filled with the very best.

Adam Cavanaugh

Delicious donuts and greatly varied selection. Famous for their fried cheese, with fried cream cheese; however you'll have to get there very close to opening because it is gone fast. Their fried croissants are my favorite.


It was quite busy, but good service

Veidis Gravestone

Exceptional donuts better then any other place around

Tk Smith

Best glazed. My favorites

Paul McDowell

Best Donuts around for miles.. make sure you get there early sometimes there is a 20 min wait

benjamin martin

Love this place

James Doyle

Best donuts in area, wide selection

Bee Anders

FRESH AND GREAT VARIETY ...i go every day when i take daughter up there to work.

Michael Lincoln

Nice people

Jordan Burwell

Biggest sweet rolls I've ever seen! Delicious buckeyes too

Perry Rapier

Great location and service. Tried the Fried Cheese Donut and was very happy.

Robert Smith

Glaze doughnuts were good.but the glaze cinnamon swirls doughnut was 5 stars Give glaze 3 stars


Absolutely the best donuts on the planet. Hands down. Try the fried cream cheese Danish if you can. It is worth getting up early for.

Cheryl Chamberlain

It doesn't get much better than this

Chad Powell

Best donuts around, no contest...they also have buckeyes and cookies....mmmm so good!

Rachael Heaney

Great selection for all your donut needs. Have and will continue to visit.

Leidiane Million

Best donuts around!

Brent K

They taste like old grease lately. I miss the old Milton's

Jake Varinsky

Amazing donuts with even better customer service

Victor Parker

Some of the best donuts in this area. Been going there for years and never disappointed.

Vince C.

Awesome donuts and great staff.

Steve Ristau

If I could give this more than 5 stars I would!

Linda Hayes

Love it.. just wish it was closer to me.

Ginny Jones

Great doughnuts

Roland vick

What's to say !!!! The long lines in the morning tell it all!!! And the years .they have been here ..says it all

Jim Ewen

Very good! Great staff, great coffee, great selection, guaranteed fresh and great prices! Great value leads to Miltons Donuts!

Christine Hubbard

The smell was amazing fresh donuts as we arrived and that was around noon

Patricia Tremblay

The glazed donuts we're amazing!!

John Hawkins

Great donuts

Todd Porter

The best around but living across the street from it might just influence me a little

Kim Purvis

Best donuts in the state

Judy Huss

Good donuts, great service, didn't have in display case what I requested. However, man walks out from back and had what I wanted . Customer service, is what I appreciate.

Mark Zucker

It was a cold wet morning and the hot coffee and fresh donut really hit the spot.

Jenny Payne

The donuts were good, above average good. They had lots of unique flavors like pineapple and all the original favorites. We will go again.

matt beatty

Since new ownership the glazed donuts were a legacy from mr milton..but now the new owners have ruined them .their not fluffy soft the glaze sucks and their only glazed on one side....sad sad now i go to central pastry...there not great their either but better than miltons....thanks for killing a looooong time tradition..

Eileen Cornett

Best donuts anywhere!!!

Amber Lewis

DELICIOUS everything is fabulous including the staff. Selection's of baked goods was outstanding.

Letit Bemee

Mmmmm, donuts,rolls, cakes. Very delicious and friendly folk.

KarmuuLL KupKake

I will always only go here for donuts. No more donut palace. Miltons is the beat donut shop i have ever visited in my entire lie. They're really fresh and melt in your mouth.

James Elam

Been a lifelong resident of Middletown and Milton's has the best donuts hands down. Even better than national donut chains.

Jeremy Akers

Good donuts, great price!

Sidney Motley

Best donuts around!

Clare Jollycats

They didn't have the exact donut I wanted, so they made it for me. Yes. She made it for me on the spot! That is the best level of customer service I've had in... Well... Forever. And it was really super yummy too. Very inexpensive and really great donuts.

Britt Dunning

Stopped here during the donut trail. After missing out on the previous shop we had stopped at, the lady I spoke to at the visitors center seemed to think this one would close early as well. We called ahead though, and thankfully found them still open. Picked up a few different donuts while here. I took a maple home for my husband, and he really enjoyed it. I also got a fruity pebbles one, and it was AMAZING. This seemed to be a very popular little shop, and as soon as we got there, everyone else started arriving as well. No wonder they sell out quickly.

Robert Qucsai III

Best donuts I've had in Butler County

Brandon Hattley

Local business and great products can't ask for more than that!

Amy McConville

Excellent donuts. However we arrived at about 930 am on Sunday and they were already out of a lot of their options

Brandon Bycroft

Best doughnuts around at a great price !

Gerald Williams

Donuts are freshly made and customer service is excellent.

James Howard

Some of the best donuts ever. Even with a line out the door on Mother's Day we were still out in 20 min with 2 dozen!

Robert Hamilton


tommy adkins

Awesome Dounuts, Best I've eaten.

Kevin Frye

None better in multiple counties! Love the friendly staff and fresh goodies.

Michelle Fuhrman

Kind employees, clean shop, and very delicious donuts! They also sell cookies, Buckeyes and brownies.

Jill S

Even with a few specialty donuts the price was reasonable for a dozen donuts. The apple fritter is enormous and as you can see we didn't wait long to dig in. Fast, friendly service.

David Bryant

Very good and not to expensive. I was hungry so I ordered 4 for myself. I could only eat 2 because so filling.

Chris Gretz

Best in butler county

Jeremy Million

By far the best donuts in the lower 48

Brooklynn Leigh

Josh and Mackenzie were very helpful and really deserve a raise, they even held the door and made my family's visit very welcoming

Morgan Vogel

Employee seemed annoyed we were there. Decently priced. Good donuts though!

laura martin

Used to be my fave! Changed dif options

bernard richardson

Best donuts on earth ..

Eric Good

Best donuts in town!

song playlist Chittum

They have the best donuts ever I'm from Lynchburg and I was on a job in Middletown for a week and I got three dozens best ever!!!!!!!

rusty woods

Good donuts

Christy Brown

They changed the recipe on the donuts. I used to be light and fluffy and now they are actually thick. The icing taste like pure sugar doesn't has a taste m I don't understand that when another person buys a company and there's nothing wrong with it why try to fix it? They should have just left it the same but I guess nothing ever stays the same

Jason Koster

Not the same donuts since new ownership

Daniel Friedrichs

Best hidden donut shop in the greater Cincinnati area.

B Homerdog

Donuts here are amazing and fresh! Always busy and the staff is always friendly and helpful. There is a wide variety of donuts to choose from. People drive from all over just to come here.

K Allen Bridges

Delicious. Tried the Cream Cheese and the Reese's. Two of the best donuts I have ever eaten.

brandon sharritts

I used to work at miltons i think its unsanitary how they put fry screens on trashcans the put pans in the trashcan and that place is just nasty environment i really believe the health department should get involved and solve this problem although there donuts may not be bad there hygiene is

Daniel Woollard

Best donuts in town

Tessa Doyle

Would really like to try this place but because they are never open I cant.

Angelo D

Best. Donuts. Ever.

sandra smith

Once a week. Lol

Darren Jauch

Best donuts in town!

Ellen Primeau

This was our second stop on the donut trail! The service was great! My boyfriend said after eating the butter cream croissant he didnt even need to try another donut because it was so good

James Phillabaum

Great baked goods and good service

Barbara Holley

Go early or miaa getting the "good" donuts. Trird for the forst time today in the afternoon. It was NOT that good. Will try again eqrier in the day to get their trademark

Rift reaper

Great donuts but all special donuts are out of stock quickly

Donna Whallon

Only one word you can use for Milton's... Delicious!

Uncle Bill W

Poor service, bad attitude, and bad selection. You can't be pissed off that people don't know what kind of donuts you have when nothing is labeled! Our donuts were thrown in the bag, upside down. Truly a lacking experience.

Laura Salome

LOVE these donuts. Miltons is #1

Robin Perkins

Great as always. Best in the state

Michele Lang

Fantastic fresh donuts! They were out of custard so the guy filled one fresh for me on the spot. My son said it was the best donut.

Jennifer Kauffman

Best donuts in Middletown

Johnathan Lee

Good donuts. Really sweet.

Jana Mullins

Awesome! Amy went over and above to make a cake that is not even on the menu. I love my special pineapple upside down cake made in a cast iron skillet like grandmother used to make. Fresh daily donuts. Reasonably priced.

Norine smith

BEST DONUTS in town! highly recommend fresh doughnuts daily

evanspaul2003 Evans

I love Milton's and they strive to be the Milton's of old. Great service from great people.

Michael Gillespie

This is a very popular donut shop in Middletown. Try it.

Jae'sha Dean

Love their doughnuts!

Kimberly Schreier

Best pineapple upside down cake I have ever eaten. The brown sugar caramelized and crunchy! Happy Birthday

Lily Hayes

it tasted like burger king foot lettuce

Jeff Smith

Cake (orange frosted orange) - very good, moist but not doughy. The orange frosting was good and not too sweet but overpowered the orange flavor in the donut. I would probably sell the orange donut un-frosted. Cream filled (caramel-frosted round) - Excellent. The donut was perfectly done without any hint of under-cooked dough. This type of donut can often be too sweet but the cream filling was well-flavored without being pure sugar.

Ryan Wills

I've been going there since a little boy. They've all ways been my favorite. You can't go wrong with Milton's.

Christopher Andrews


Ty Gray

If you want a real donut, then come here. The best around! My kids beg to come here once a month before school. We have made it a tradition.

Sarah Strunks

Very polite staff and amazing homemade goods

Alyse Richardson

Loved the lemon donut!

Jennifer Painter

The cheesecake pastry with raspberry topping has to be the ultimate pastry that I have ever tasted. Okay, telling myself, only eat half at a time. Lol

Kat Steele

A delicious stop on the Butler County Donut Trail! One of the cheaper cost wise, but donuts were a bargain and REALLY tasty! It's not really a place with seating and other fancy amenities, but to grab and go, you can't beat it.

Heather Bumbal

First time visiting today, and I have found my new favorite doughnut. My daughter is also very happy with her sprinkled cake doughnut and is actually eating the whole thing instead of just licking off the icing lol

Ebony Rogers-Lewis

The donuts were so fresh!

Travis Gundler

I have had donuts from all over the world and these are the best donuts I have ever had in my entire 37 years on this earth. I recently moved to the West side of Cincinnati and I still drive at least once a month to get donuts from Milton's it's worth the drive.

Seth Richards

Long line. They don't always expect getting busy and run out of the good stuff, but it's all tasty

Gregory Carder

Getting disappointed. Glazed used to be dipped. Both sides. Now is only one side and seems very thin. Nowhere near as good. Cutting corners for profit

Tammie Eury

I went to Milton's and ordered a couple donuts. They didn't have the iced ones in the case so the guy at the counter had another guy in the back make me some fresh ones! Excellent customer service and, as always, great donuts!

Shock TNC

Absolutely delicious Doughnuts! Being lactose intolerant makes it hard to find good desserts you can eat, but Miltons has a wonderful selection of Doughnuts!

Mrs Matice

Some guy ran to the back when I came up & than came out with the his gloves already on .....not sure about that !!! There's no telling where he put his hands He was not pleasant @ all, had a frown on his face with an attitude the whole time I was there .....donuts ok but customer service sucks.......First & last visit....

William Bishop

They are awesome there. People need to be nicer to the girl behind the counter. She was busting her butt and there were tons of customers. Good job honey!

Kennethian Green

Got there two hours before closing and there were only about 4 basic types of donuts still available. It looked like it was closed for business already. This was disappointing because we were doing the donut trail challenge and this store really didn't seem to offer any appetizing donuts.

Drew Altstadt

I loved the huge golf ball sized buckeyes

Verna Young

Best donut shop around.

Liz Fields

Donuts in case looked great but when you point to what you want they get the donuts off of racks from behind the counter and they're tiny. The lady behind the counter was rude and argumentive. I've grown up going to Milton's and I love the place. Just wish it hadn't changed so much with new owners.

vernon deuth

Very nice place. First time here but I will be back. Good basic selection and some new ideas I really liked.

nerd lovers

Best donut place in town when you order a glaze donut you can actually taste glaze all there goodies are delicious.

Britt Price

Great place to go...


5 stars until the new ownership continues making poor choices. Since moving to the area 8 years ago, my family has loved Milton's. When people visit us from out of town, they ask us to get Milton's... until now. Just got some donuts this morning. First time in a few months. They are terrible. The changes the new ownership has made has ensured I won't be back. Too bad, because Mr. Milton made a great product and the new ownership has ruined his legacy. We threw away a dozen donuts they were so bad.

Simon Schenkel

Seriously amazing donuts and friendly owner. Definitely worth the stop!!

Bryan Miller

The best donuts you'll ever eat!!!

Nicholas Maffey

A bit pricey for a donut but we'll worth it in taste.. clever donuts as well as traditional. Great spot!


Always the Best!

Dan Taylor

Cream filled doughnuts have no taste. And then every time I go they're out of doughnuts. For the place that is open until 6:00,p.m. you'd think they'd have a stocked case of product.

Brandon Keith

Super friendly. SUPER DELICIOUS!!! We love Milton's and the apple fritters are PHENOMENAL!!!!! NOM NOM NOM!!!! We stopped in today for part of the donut trail and a birthday!!! LOVE IT!

Julie Majors

Excellent donuts. Super friendly and funny employees. Will be back. Thank you!

Timmy Estes

Best donuts ever!

Ethan Tracy

Got my order wrong but still live miltons

Tony Heaton

Simply the best !! Donuts , cookies i mean big cookies !! Pasteries

Wes Keesee

Gray doughnuts and people

Kimberly Fussnecker

Truely the best donuts around! I try bakeries everywhere i go in hopes of finding an awesome donut... after eating miltons everywhere else is mediocre at best. Love the late hours too, thank you! #illkeepdrivinganhourroundtrip

Alan Whitaker

We come up from Indiana to get our Miltons donuts fix! The best we have found! On 6/28/2018 we came in for a dozen but my card was declined (due to some erroneous charges from scammers. So our card was frozen) Marcus insisted he pay for our order and said "consider it a Thank You for your service". What a great guy! It meant a lot Marcus! We did return his money right away but what a blessing that was!

Adam Coleman

Other than the next new price increase and the missing flavor in their donuts, you'd think Milton was never there . New owners. New prices. New flavor and hopefully new customers cause most ppl i know dont go there these daze. Okay donuts but Milton's were better

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