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960 Wheat Ridge Rd, West Union, OH 45693, United States

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REVIEWS OF Miller's Bakery & Furniture IN Ohio

Dee Roberts

Loved it. Great place to visit and purchase great bakery goods

Carolyn Wolford

My favorite place to go


Beautiful place

George Melvin

Great furniture and bakery

Amanda Karas

Amazing furniture just wish it was in our price range. The bakery had amazing food. Highly recommend the peanut butter pie!

Jacob Harness

I enjoy amish stuff but it is a little over priced which kinda sucks. But I always enjoy coming hear, it's fun and my family likes it. But they do make good food which is why we come

terry likens

Bought a swing there. 4years ago.still looks like new. The snack's were delicious.


I LOVE their furniture and the bakery! We bought a cedar dining table and chair set and still looks as good as it did the day we bought it! The baked foods are just amazing! The creamed horns and the pumpkin "bars" are SO delicious! And the huge pretzels are so yummy! Can't go wrong going here! Oh and the ride going out there is amazing too! Relaxing!

Cindy Van Pinxteren

Nice and pleasantly clean

Rowen Albertson

The Amish made goods were enjoyable to view. The employees we encountered were knowlegable and friendly. We enjoyed our time there!

Keisha Longo

Was fun and bought several things they mad

Connie Linebaugh

Always good things and great people!!


If you're ever in the area, you must go here.

Tim Curry

Wonderful fresh baked goods, cheeses, bulk goods, spices, etc.

Frank Cordier

They sell quality Amish furniture. The staff is helpful. I believe the furniture is all built by the Amish and is high quality. Delivery is available but delivery is rather expensive.

SuZq clem

Beautiful land, Interesting shopping

Linda Stephan

Always good place to find something useful

Rayne Brafford

Always something new to look at. Friendly service

Arnold Van Skaik III

Great place you name it they have it.

Paul Brown

Great place and real friendly folks

John Brockhoeft

This is an Amish bakery, so their wonderful baked goods are all made from scratch on site. They make lots of stuff for the weekend tourist crush. They often have lots leftover on Monday mornings, so you can get some great bargains as much as two thirds off priced for a quick sale, but the stuff is fine, not stale, as good as new. They also have cool gifts, wind chimes, etc. The furniture store has hand crafted furniture of such beauty and quality that you may not have known anybody still makes it like that. They use white oak, cedar, cherry, etc.

Edward Muhlhauser

Did not visit the furniture store, but the bakery and grocery store are great! Amazing pretzel bites from the bakery and some great kettle corn available too. Grocery has most if what you need, not much fruit when I was there, but a lot of high quality goods.

Kevin Gross

Aways excellent food and service at Miller's Bakery, everything handmade on site.

Laura Harper

Great place. Get my kids moccasins here for good price, good food and quality products

Terri Hess

Looked at furniture. Love the bakery and the bulk store's. The best way to spend a day!

Sara Huddleston

Love this place. They have the best baked goods and very beautiful furniture

Ohio Bowhunter

Only had time to see the furniture was big with lots of all kinds & styles of furniture with good prices. Will be returning to check out the Bulk Food store and Bakery!

Laura Beckelman

Amish country and very nice country store and home made deserts.

Shirley L

Love their stores!

Dana Wiyninger

Bought several baked items, but we were really disappointed with the peach pie. It had more thickening agent than peaches, and was mostly a clear, tasteless gel. (Clear Gel modified cornstarch?) We ate one piece each and then threw the pie away.

Crissy Elliott

Amazing hand crafted furniture!

Ronnie Phelps

Always good baked goods very welcoming And their popcorn is delicious!

Matthew Burton

Perfect place to spend a day with friends delicious food all around you and plenty of interesting things to look at and to buy.

Dano Liming

Fresh made bread

Ian Lane

Well known bakery in Amish neighborhood

Richard McFarland

Oh boy, the Amish know how to bake! They have the best pumpkin pie made from real pumpkins. Pies, cookies, pretzels, and the best doughnuts I have ever tasted.

Sandra West

Love the shops

Robert Teal

Super delicious food, really good, nice folks working for them. A fun family experience.

Simon Sapsford

Bakery, dry goods, sandwiches and furniture. What more do you need.

Lisa Hollin

Awesome place for home made goodies

Lisa Egner

Enjoy the prices which are half of what are in the city for cheeses and meats. Great discount area and great networking for whatever service you are looking for in the community.

Lonni Williams

The doughnuts are the best ever , the furniture and buildings are breathe taking

Sheila elliott

Everything is handcrafted and beautifully made but expensive. Be careful buying discounted food and sundry items

Kenney Hammonds

Although this Amish place is many miles away they have awesome service and very clean facility and very friendly and polite people that works there no hassle no harassment just an awesome place to visit if you got the time to travel and go out into it seems like to be the other side of the world however you are welcome


Ehh like but no like

Christina Varnum

This was our first visit. I was so happy to see all the pickled vegetables, jams, sauces & so much more in the market. Then we went down to the bakery. When you walk in you just can't help but take a deep breath. Bread, doughnuts, pies & so much more. Outside was a lemonade & kettle corn stand. If you need barns, shed, indoor & outdoor furniture they have it. Can't wait to go back.

Kevin Morgan

Food was excellent and reasonably priced. Crazy, inexpensive prices for QUALITY furniture-if you don't find anything you want or need here you just might be crazy! Some of the best workmanship we've ever seen.

CopperPipe PlumbingServices

Always very friendly

Wayne Kennedy

We love this place for the deli meats and baked goods.

Sir Chris

This place is certainly a hidden gem.

Shawna Isaacs

Very nice Amish shop. Beautiful drive out to the country

Peter Hickey

Amazing place. Run by the Amish people. The food on offer in the bakery is awesome. The furniture they build is very high quality.

apple go

My four year old loves their sugar cookies and my husband loves the pretzels. Great service as well.

m b

Great food and great furniture. Best place around for long lasting furniture.

Gabriele Busnelli

The furniture is simply amazing. Price are very high. I just bought some scrap cedar wood for very cheap, only to enjoy the sublime smell!

John Feister

Most awesome bakery ever! Amish baking is the real deal.


We enjoyed our visit. Got some delicious goodies in the bakery

Sherri Wisecup

Purchased several baked items and all were delicious! A must buy are the pretzels- we bought raisin almond pretzels - tasty! My husband’s choice of the day was Cajun popcorn. Very hot and spicy which he love! The furniture quality tops all standards. Just beautiful! I have a Mediterranean styled home and I purchased furniture that accented my home perfectly! You must make the drive! Prices are very reasonable.

Lisa Harmon

They have fabulous baked goods and I love their horseradish cheese!

Mary Mchugh

Yummy bakery. Furniture is beautiful reasonably priced for the top quality. Love this place

vonda potts

We went to the bulk store had to to look for the good dates alot and was alot with out dates.

Maggie Van Vliet

Love going to Millers

Paul Thomas

We ride out there about 6 time's a year

Janice Eppert

A great place to shop and visit.

Tammy Kittykatgood

Great place to visit. Large Amish furniture store, grocery store and bakery all in the foot hills of Appalachia. Nice scenic drive, near West Union and Peebles OH

Richard Seidemann

Wide selection of very tasty baked goods. An Amish bakery a bit out of the way, but worth it.

Tina Barnhorn

I'm local so I love it!

marvena reisinger

This place was top notch!

David Simpkins

Got some apple fitters at the bakery, still warm and very good.

Amanda Benton

Great place. Friendly service. Yummy fry pies. Great whoopee cookies. Huge donuts.

Danny Reinmuth

Great prices and great service.

Leah M.

Beautiful furniture and delicious baked goods. Friendly staff

Ray Elmo Earls

If you are looking for quality furniture that will last, this is the place. No MDF or plastics here.... Just classic craftsmanship and solid hard woods. Great variety of household furnishings. Prices are reasonable for the superior construction and exceptional finishes.

Larry Parker

Amish attention to detail and quality. Great bakery, great furniture (yes, we own some) neat selection of outbuildings (thinking about buying one. . .) Well worth a drive from Cincinnati.

Shazo Wazo

The best place for bulk food, fresh meat & cheeses etc, eggs, everything you could possible want. Amish are so nice & helpful. The bakery has the most amazing donuts, fresh food, great staff, friendly, Love it up there on the ridge.

Debra Caylor

Our grandson says we need to save this on our GPS list.

Joe Martin

Love their huge plain doughnuts. Baked goods done the old fashioned way by loving hands.

Kimberlie Elliott

Great place A routine to stop by for their pastries and a variety of items to shop for

Joseph Frost

I grew up down the road. They have the BEST bakery goodies EVER! I know the owner. Treated my family well. I moved away but always stop by the bakery when I'm in town.

Sharon Kreimer

Love their bakery!

Cecil Bolling

Great place!

Sabrina Strunks

Best donuts and friendly people

Amanda Behm

Millers always has great food and great people. The furniture is also well made and even if you go with purple hair you still feel very welcomed.

Cheryl Elliott

Nice people and good foof

Jim Hood

Worth the drive! I go early to catch the previous day's baked goods at a great price. The baked goods are amazing. Dry goods store on one side are items that range from bulk purchase to items that may have a bit of shelf life but often we find some great deals. The craft store is a great collection of items that are locally built.

David Falk

Was a quiet day there and a fair number of the smaller shops were not open. Bakery stuff was OK. Large but only ok. Furniture store Had some cheap wood items when you walked in. Furniture was a mixed bag. A lot was nice and priced accordingly so. A lot of it felt dated. There a number of unique pieces you would either hate or love. Very large selection.

Thomas Gang

Very nice place to shop

Jonathan Morrison

Fresh homemade food so delicious better than grandma haha..ha j/k grandma

Kady Essman

My favorite local amish food and furniture. All my bedroom furniture has came from here, I always get baked good that are to die for and the bulk foods offers awesome snacks. Everyone is always helpful and friendly. Recommend anyone to check it out.

john corder

Great food, very reasonable prices.

John Shank

They make the best sandwiches. Love the country atmosphere and Christ-centered business.

Ryan Magons

Homemade bread pies

Lynn Milner

Everyone needs to go for a visit

Erik Williams

Fresh and delicious. No matter what your taste . Friendly and courteous

Liz Anderson

Worth the time. Stopped on the way home from Shawnee state park. Food, furniture. A big operation with stunning wood work for sale.

Stephanie Adkins

Very nice place clean friendly all around great people.

Michelle Curtin Weigold

The baked goods and foods here are so delicious! The furniture shop has unique handcrafted pieces that are absolutely stunning as well. My only complaint is that I wish they used less plastic and more eco-friendly packing materials for their foods

Katie McCrea

Prices are too high can't afford to go there anymore

Melissa Mcferron

A lot to offer and great prices.

Sherry Hott

Love coming here every chance I get. Love the peanut butter buckeyes.

Rich freedom

Great Furniture awesome people great place to visit and great food

David Uhl

Must go for good food and furniture.

Edith Cunnagin

Awesome as usual

Judith Richards

This is where I wanted to spend my birthday

Beverly Lawwill

Excellent bakery and very nice furniture


The furniture was beautiful and solidly built. There were several areas for foods - sweets, bulk items, normal groceries, etc... Restrooms on site. credit cards were excepted. Overall a fun afternoon.

Harold Malaby

Fun place to visit but a bit pricey

Cody Wilson

This place is hands down pretty cool!! All kinds of small cabins, home made chairs rocking chairs, beds,dressers, tables and all beautiful wood. Wagon rides, food, small store for fudge an other tourist things

Suzanne Haegele

We love Miller's, lots of tasty treats, beautiful furniture and gorgeous views

Wendell Owens

The bakery was great very very good go there

James Thornton

Amish goods, bulk snacks, great bakery. I recommend eating one of their sandwiches, great prices.

debbie berger

First time there. Wonderful atmosphere, baked goods & sandwiches

Jacki B.

Nice place

Lisa Self

The bakery, the sandwich and all the snacks were purchased were delicious. So glad we're stumped into this place.

Bob Schwab

I have bought many pieces of furniture and a lot of food items. Staff always friendly and knowledgeable. All items are made to the highest standard. It is a worthwhile trip just to buy a sandwich and look around at their products. They have indoor and outdoor wood furniture. They have added items made with composite materials for less maintenance and longer life outdoors. They have a large selection of buildings as well.

Paul Klote

Neat place.

Richard Turner

We love to visit Miller's. The baked good are great and the furniture they make is of the highest quality.

pamela powers

Miller's bakery and Furniture was a very interesting place to be it was made everything was freshly made there is pre-made stuff or you could get Fresh Sandwiches fresh donuts Amish furniture was beautiful and reasonably priced

Carol Lindley

Loved the experience of being in the country. Rolling hills, animals grazing, and old time wooden bridge. I wish I were younger and starting out buying furniture. The hand made furniture is Gorgeous... The prices were reasonable and the variety was surprising. The bakery was large and offered a large variety of baked goods. We were hoping to sit and eat in the bakery but that wasn't available. I hope some day they add seating and offer coffee, tea, and soft drinks. Would be delightful to eat pasty, drink, talk, and enjoy the atmosphere. We hope to go again....

Jim Rogowski

Very nice furniture at a premium price. Well made and beautiful. The bakery had many great looking masterpieces. I was disappointed they didn't have a butcher and surprised they were selling stuff in the bargin bin that past their sell by date over 6 months ago.

William Eichenberger

A great place to spend a whole day. Furniture shopping, pastry eating, and great time always found here.

Travis Guseman

Well built furniture for the price!

Carl Schlabach

a great place for some quick delicious goodies!

RoadTrip Productions

Simply great baked goods

cheryl Lynn colee

Lovely place! Country store with huge deli and great prices!

Travis Nelson

We shop here weekly for our lunchmeat and cheeses smoked cheddar and turkey are on the top of the list! Very kind amish people here running the stores. The furniture is amazing as well as the buildings they have for sale a very neat log cabin for sale out front as well. Very cool place!

kelly roley

Great place to visit, the bakery is outstanding and the store has great deli meat and cheese

Brian Cramer

I loved this store. It was my first time in the area. I am a Schwan's driver and will be making this a regular break stop location in the future.

ronald mynear

They have amish goods

Bill Maenle

Fantastic bakery.

leah eicher

Great people and service and prices and the and's go on....... Keep shining the love of Jesus to those around you.

Tanya Bailey

Very nice place, the people we met are very friendly, large selection of baked goods and other merchandise

Larry Watson

Fun to visit, good quality products.

Peggy Stagge

Yummy goodies! Spices in bulk. Farm animals. There is the smell of cinnamon in the air. Wonderful

Sonya Buck

Great bakery and food store. The Amish were so wonderful to us. And I'm very excited to eat my Amish made pumpkin whoopie pie. They have the most wonderful pumpkin rools, huge pretzels, and turnovers. The furniture is amazing.

Angela Howard

We go about 4 times a year. But find that it is more hype than anything. Just a place to go if your looking for something different. The can food section is mainly all expired food which they hardly discount, you can go to Wal-Mart and get it not expired or damaged, and cheaper! A lot of the bulk items are out dated to. Just sad the place ain't what it used to be.

Michael Harney

Great place to go and shop for fresh baked treats and food.

Katie O

it's always nice but usually in the summer and fall there are a lot of tourists. in the spring and winter it's mostly Adams County folks going to get Christmas gifts from their wife selection of products

Amanda Ramocki

It was nice being there and seeing All the neat stuff to Buy

pat kalanquin


Jason Hymore

Hands down the best bakery I've ever been to.

Sandy W

Nice little shop! Get a giant donut. Nice place to spend some time. Few things for kids to play on. Nice shop of wooden items.

Ken Holland

Awsome place love there pastries and jelly's, jams most everything else they have!! Would love to have some of there yard furniture and yard decor butt there pricing is WAY out of my price range

Lisa Rhoden

One of my favorite places to visit! The bakery is lovely. Full of unique gifts and wonderful smells of breads, pies, cookies, and pastries. The furniture store is very nice for dreaming of all the furniture you would fill you home with! My favorite out of all of this would be the bulk/discount food store. Lots of great deals here, as well as a deli, custom made sandwiches and even a place to eat them inside. They are very warm and welcoming and sometimes you can even get up close and personal with the farm animals!

Doug Berry

Fun day wonderful furniture great sweets,

Marcel Kys

This place is great. Not only is their freshly baked in house everyday goods delightful, and their furniture some of the best dreamworthy furniture around, they also build sheds, chicken enclosures, rabbit enclosures, tiny houses, etc. My personal favorite is their store that they have there that has the restaurant in it. The items may be close to being outdated or not far out of the range, but the majority of the time they're way cheaper than what you could get in a store like Wal-Mart, and even if the items are slightly outdated, they're still good. There's also items in there that you'd find for different cultures and backgrounds you'd never find in a store around here.

John Young

Oh man best everything , bring that wallet

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