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Where is Mehaffies Pies?

REVIEWS OF Mehaffies Pies IN Ohio

Deborah Oreggio

Fresh Strawberry pie is delicious as well as the sliced pumpkin roll. Worth every dollar!

Wendy Oliver

Friendly and delish..

Jeska Reynolds

Best strawberry pies

John Mclaughlin

Best pies around, love the cheese cake and blue berry crunch!!!!!!



Ruth Seiber

It's ok I only have certain pies I get but they are good ant got no complaints yet

Brad Smith

Give me a Sara Lee's Dutch Apple from Kroger any day. My wife went out of her way to get me the "best Dutch Apple Pie in Dayton." We all tried it. Not good.

Shelley La Judice

It's too bad that 0 stars can't be assigned. What a disappointment after reading all the positive reviews for the best pies in Dayton. In preparation of Thanksgiving, we drove 30 minutes to Mehaffies and purchased 6 different varieties of pies for a taste test (pumpkin, strawberry rhubarb, blackberry, apple, pecan, cherry). Across the board, everyone rated Mrs. Smith or Marie Calendar as better than Mehaffies - stale tasting crust, jelly like filling in lieu of fruit, soggy bottom crust, and the list goes on. I know my expectations were very high but save yourself time and money and purchase your holiday pies from the freezer section of your local grocery store.

Emmett Cox

Absolutely great pies

Karen Jardin

Best pies in town. The strawberry pie!!!

Candy Abrams

Busiest day for pies (Thanksgiving eve) and we were still in and out in 10 minutes! Love this place!!!

Tonya Wells

They have the most amazing pies EVER!!!!

Casey Howard

Best pies in America! Seriously-

Larry Wade

Wide variety of fresh pies and cheesecakes

Rebecca Horvath

My family and Friends have been going to Mehaffies Pies ever since it opened. We Love all of their Pies and their Cinnamon Snails are great too!! For those of you who don't know what Snail I am talking about, it is a Flaky Pastry with Cinnamon and Butter. The Origional owner has retired, but the new owners use the same Recipes. It is well known in Dayton and Surrounding areas for their Great Pies.

judith burks

Fast and delicious

sarah miller

Love the over back table!!

kevin schirmer II

Familymowned business hern around dayton a loong pumpkin.pie around all there pies r the best

Cody Hack

Banana Cream pie was amazing.

Michael McGlone

Always great

Judith Livingston

I truly love and appreciate the service that they provide here. Besides the pies are delicious and they have a wide variety of pies.

Debbie Hicks

Best pies in Dayton! Great service too.

Johnny Moore

Some damn good cheesecake. Priced right. Really good selection of different pies to choose from year round.

Lauren Valko

Some of the best pies in town!

Michelle Holland

Best pies you will ever buy. No one does it better!

Mike Smith

Delicious, affordable pies. Enough said.

Ronald Ernst

Best place for pies in the area. Very nice and professional services.

Dre Allday

Great service and very good pies

Michael Rehmert

Very good pie.


We love their pies!

first last

Love their cherry pie!! Good selection with a rewards system.

Randall Holley

Great pies

Mike M

A Dayton institution that always meets the highest quality.

frank wallace

Pies are decent

Rich Kowal

Very delicious pies!

Jeff Cox

Awesome pies!

Jeff Litteral

Clean Store. Fresh Flavorful Pies. Incredible Flavor and Selection. The Pies are all good. Fresh strawberry pies. Sweet cream pies, cheese cake pies, apple, strawberry, peach, custard and others. There even have Raisin Pies. It's all good. Ok. It's all fantastic.

Alexander Mingus

I ordered several pies for Pi Day! All were delicious!

Joyce Carroll

Amazing pies and cheesecakes!!!

pj Judy

Great pies, and great prices!

Maloupu Watts

These pies are probably very good for the region, but I am unfortunately not an OH native. The refrigerated pies are pretty tasty, namely the key lime and strawberry cream. I find their fluffiness enjoyable. The carrot cake is good, but average when compared to the numerous other carrot cakes I've tried. The chocolate cream pie is also average, and the blackberry pie is mediocre. While these pies cannot be compared to the ones at Shari's in WA, Mehaffies still has a long way to go before they conquer the blackberry pie.

jolynn lawrence

Great variety of yummy pies.

Timothy Craig

The best pies, period!

Arlie Lester

Love this place. Best pies ever.

Scott Greer

Excellent service and super tasty pies

Pat Cipolloni

Staff very helpful. And the pies are excellent!

Kara H

Omg, they make the BEST pies I've ever had. I love Mehaffies!!!

Greg Perkins

Have been going here for 50+ years and it was old when I started going there. Just love the custard pie and the friendly service.

Darnell Parker

Best pies in Dayton! They're key lime pie is out of this world!

Anita Ziven

Best pies in town!

Louisa Tsuchida

Great selection of fresh pies at a good price. Friendly service.

William Teager

Get blueberry pie! Place doesn't have seating or drinks. Carryout and deliveries. Smell is amazing.

McKenzie Grate

Great selection! Wonderful staff! This place has been around as long as I can remember. My parents always get their pies from here and now, so do I. Their pies are delicious and fresh with flavor!

Tracy Adkins

Best pies ever

Shaunice Benson

It was the end of the day an hour before they closed and I can honestly say that I would have been irritated or annoyed with the non-stop flow of customers. Everyone was nice and sweet. My time waiting in line was short and they made me feel welcome. I had a great first experence with them and I'll defiantly be back for some more kickass cheesecake.


We have always loved their pies. However, no sugar added is code for we added Splenda. The cashier said nothing, no signs or labels on the box. The entire family is allergic to artificial sweeteners. Except my wife. We had to sit there and watch her eat pie. The store offered to replace it but we live 30+ minutes away.

Rodney Sanders

I am from the South, I grew up eating Egg Custard Pie, and when I Googled bakeries and checked their website, I had to go. The pies are good. Thanks

Freda Johnson

Want to send a kudos to the young man Travis for excellent customer service today! My mother is disabled and without transportation. She has been craving a Rhubard strawberry and Dutch apple pie. So i called from Kinston Tennessee to see what I could do. Travis was more than happy to assist with making her day and delivered those pies to my mothers door step all within 30 minutes. Thank you Travis for taking care of what's most important...your customers! Kudos to you Sir! This young man went above and beyond to make my mother happy!

Doris Buck Lundberg

Wonderful memories and the pies are still to die for..

Joann Ledford

It was good. Good pis and cakes

Blues Workman

For the Love of pie !

Ronald Todd

Bought a 'no sugar added' peach pie and it was wonderful. But, I understand that they did add Splenda. I wish it had just been naturally sweet with nothing added as I am not a sugar fan in any form..

Tom May

They have really good pies at decent price i go thrre for my sweet potato piemmmm===good


Haven't had one their peanut butter pies since 1959, but they would great then.

Greg Oiler

This is the place if you enjoy PIES!

you wish you knew

Delicious food and friendly staff


Delicious and great prices!

Mary Garcia

These are the best pies anywhere.

allan warman

Great cream pie

S. Mach

Excellent pies! Love the fresh strawberry pie!

Steven Chance

Best pies anywhere

Jamain Williams

Great pie's and friendly service.

Amy Walsh-Kuenneke

Drove from Cincinnati just for their pies almost an hour one way. Worth it!

Debbie Carl

Great place to get pies and cheesecakes friendly service and love the pies

Terrance Seman

First, all pies are made fresh everyday, how great is that. Second, most pies are less expensive at McAfee's then store-bought pies. Third, the array of Pies is extensive, I do not know of a pie that McAfee's does not make. In other words, they make every pie conceivable and every Pi is as good as every other pie. I think the fact that I drive 25 miles from home to McAfee's says a lot about their pies.

Wanda Reardon

Best fresh cheesecake around Dayton,Ohio. Variety of flavors to choose from. Good fresh tasty pies, also for sale.

Melinda Curtis

They have the best pies in the world.

Marcella Wolf

Awesome pies! Great service.

Billy Avery

Best cheesecake in the area. Highly recommend you try this gem in Dayton. Customer service is great and friendly. Has a wide selection and viewing to pick from. Plus there is always discounted pies!

C Maximus

Lovely little place with some incredibly tasty pies. The only place in Dayton where I'll buy a pie. Definitely recommend the Turtle pie and the Banana Cream pies.


This is the absolute BEST place to get pies. We come here often and the staff know us and are so good to us. The prices are great and pies, cake and cheesecakes are even better. Their fruit pies are vegan, and we just recently found this out. We never had a clue. But due to certain family members dietary needs, this was a big plus for us. We get requests for their pies at every holiday and family get together. I can't say enough good things about this place.

Kellie Trimble

Love their peanut butter pie

Kimberly Francois

Family owned so many varieties and flavors to choose from

Astriano Castellon

Good pies Good tasty treats your family would love... Reasonable price... Go try them .. You won't be disappointed..

Stephen Howell

Huge selection of pies! Rhubarb is one of our favorites!

Know Your Heart

My family went to Mehaffies Pie shop since I was a little girl until I moved to TN 10yrs ago. I still remember how amazing their Strawberry Pies were every Spring and summer. Piled so high and the strawberries huge! Always great flavor never sickening sweet just great strawberry flavor and super fresh flaky crust. My next favorite was probably the Pecan! So good that my Dad would still send them to me to TN for Thanksgiving and Christmas when he went back to Mahaffies Pies. They have a lot of great flavors I love and several other great items those just happen to be my very favorites. They still remind me of home and of my parents still today-even though my Mom didn't actually make them I'd bet she probably passed a few off (not vocally just by sitting them down in a nice dish lol) as her own as family and church functions over the years : ) If you're ever in the Dayton,Ohio area or on the internet trolling for great pies-Get one shipped! They make awesome gifts as well.

Gail McCreight

Best pies in town and friendly service.

T Me

Beautiful extra full fresh strawberrie pie. Also a personal rhubarb strawberry pie yum. Love them for about 30 years

Brittney Kelbley

Chocolate chip cheesecake was delicious! Can't wait to try the peanut butter pie!

Tina Parker

This place is wonderful. Delicious Pies. I like getting them fresh from here. Such nice super sweet people working here. I can't wait for the Strawberry Pie

jeremy vanvoorhis

I have never had a bad experience here.

Tamra Collins

Great pie. Recommended from a friend, I stopped and grabbed a cherry pie. The crust was amazing and the filling was perfect!

kristi higa

Everyone I know gets a mahaffies pie from me. My mouth waters thinking of their strawberry pie. Mmm The staff is the best and their pies are the highlight of my week.

Tara High

Love their pies!

Faith Dekors

Absolutely the best Cheesecakes, Pumpkin Roll and Key Lime Pie! Cheesecake on a stick... WOW!!

Mike Wootan

Tried the pies at a gathering in Indianapolis for the first time....Dutch Apple, and Pecan. Both were 5 star +++Wow, memorable, light,flaky, no too sweet, but sweet enough, thinking about that pile of apple, crust, caramel, OHMYGosh! going into my mouth makes my lip quiver and excites my saliva glands just enough to moisten my lips with one lick..... uh yea Pie does this to me. It was really good! Try some soon!

Rayella Glaze

Never a bad experience. Great service, great desserts.

Steven Wolcott

Best pies other than those homemade by grandma.

Daniel Clark

I love their snails as do my family members who live in Florida. They are constantly requesting "care packages."

Justin Alexander

Shop keep could careless if bought anything or not felt a lil unwanted but the pie was good though

Linda Yost-Stackpole

Delicious pies... every time!

Michelle Gavin



Best pies ever!!!

Jason Burdette

Best pies and cheesecake on earth

Allen Libecap

Mmmm, pie

matt bechter

Love getting my pies from here

Jeff Chandler

Best pies in Dayton

Melville Allemang

Very good...been buying pies for 40 years...nothing better

An Angel of Gods with love for all

Love his pies and he is a great person

Ron Lawson

Best pies I have ever had!


Though they are expensive, they do make good pies. They have a much larger variety than most stores. In the summer, their strawberry pie is typically quite refreshing. They are one of the few places that uses true meringue instead of whipped cream anymore. Their butterscotch pie is delicious as are many others.

Tim Self

Hand made pie and cake. The best in town! I love the Carrot Cake the most. Buying one for Thanksgiving.

A Melissari

Best pies EVER!

rob butcher

Great custard pies

Margarito Garcia

Great rhubarb pie

Barry Pollard

Omg! This place has the ultimate pastries the real deal! Homemade bakery style! This is a must to impress! Espically have a small afternoon delight! (A Foodies must)

Jean Boggs

Their Pies are TO DIE FOR!!! I LOVE Mehaffies, always great service and delicious pies. Fresh strawberry pie is my favorite but the peanut butter cream, or the coconut cream are also at the top of my list!

Shelly Glidergirl

Fabulous pies! Great selection!

James Thomas

Good source of fresh pies. Has a program to support fund raisers by providing pies for sale.

Steve Clark

The best in Dayton

Janie Watson

Love their pies friendly atmosphere

Chris Dove

Best pies in town

George Stickerman

Fortunate to have this wonderful bakery in our neighborhood...

tari smith

Mahaffies pies are the best pies I have ate, they taste just like grandma made them

Carol Taylor

Love their pies

Christopher Michael

Best cheesecake and pie in the Dayton area. Love this place.

jeff melzer

Very good

Timothy Moseley

Good product

Lynn Michele D.



Great pies. Love it

julie hall

Omgosh only the best pies around. And definatly try the snails. Mmmm

Sharon Zwiesler

Great selection of pies and the best tasting pies you can purchase anywhere.

Janice Keizer

I was looking for a last minute rhubarb pie for my daughter-in-law’s birthday and this bakery came through beautifully! Thank you! She loved it!

Zack Martin

Everything this place sells is great and at a great value.

Cory Cook

Mehafee's has the best pies, period. Try the sugar cream, it's the BEST!

Brian Glagola

Some of the best pies on Earth always fresh and absolutely delicious.


The price you pay and the pie you get really can't be beat. I haven't tried them all but that chocolate pie is really good.

Thomas Meyer

Excellent service and pies!

James Jones

Pies are really good there

Kellie Hamilton

I don't like apple pie but their Dutch Apple is the BEST pie I have ever had!!! Their fresh strawberry is also very tasty and messy :) the strawberries are HUGE and delicious!!

Aspect Wolf

After a lot of recommendations, I bought 3 pies this weekend. None of them lived up to the hype. The peanut butter and chocolate was more than half merengue filling and the piece I ate had barely any chocolate on half of it and no chocolate on the other half. The Boston cream pie had very, very little cream in the middle. The Dutch Apple was okay with nothing to complain about, but I have eaten better from store bought pies. Maybe it was an off day, but doubt I’ll be back.

Drake NA

The best pies and cheescake in town with a home made atmosphere and great service.

Lynn Truong

Pies in the name but cheesecake is their game

Debby Meeker

Great pies

Keith Thompson

What's not to like. Mehaffies been in business for long time been going there for 40 yrs.

Lin Bihlman

Excellent service and quality products with all of their goods!

Darby Hepola

Fantastic service!

Avkm Gideon

Great pies

Jim Evans

When in season, the fresh strawberry pie is amazing!

dan gross

Great place, can't go wrong at Mehaffies!

Richard Williams

Fantastic pies and cheesecake always friendly!

Carol Butler

I just love their pies! They have the best sugar free pies that are delicious! I get the peach the most! They're expensive but, also delicious and worth it because they're so fresh!

Lindsey Fouser

Everything is as it has been . perfection ! Ive already been 2wice this month 4 pies 2 minis and a slice ...i live in texas

Clyde Kirk

Like Bill’s Donuts for, you guessed it, donuts — Mehafie’s Pies are the best (pies) in the Dayton area. Everything they have is top-shelf.

Janell Easter

Delicious pies with lots of varieties! Every pie I have had is amazing

Kevin Schirmer II

Great family owned place they got the best pies

Char Opperman

Mehaffies fresh strawberry pie is the best money can buy. The strawberries are huge and fresh. I took one to a party once amd I now have a tradition of taking several fresh pies back home to family and friends. The price is lower than Frisch's big boy and the pie 100 times better. If you haven't had one yet, treat yourself and your family and friends today. They will love you for it. I promise.

Sherry McMillan

Nice variety of pies

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