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Where is Marcella's Doughnuts and Bakery?

REVIEWS OF Marcella's Doughnuts and Bakery IN Ohio

Chuck Holtman

Just absolutely great doughnuts

Ashley Pollard

Here is 5 stars to counteract all of those ridiculous blue-blooded reviews that gave this wonderful establishment 1 and 2 stars. Great excellent donuts. Can't say enough!!!

Nathan Brokamp

The service is very friendly and nice and really reasonable for the value of the donuts and they taste really fresh and good.

Kristina McB

The doughnuts here are delicious and can't be beat! The maple bacon and buckeye are delicious, but the apple pie is probably my personal favorite. There is always new seasonal doughnuts, and the staff here are great. You can't leave here without a smile!

Dave Vogel

Customer service is always fantastic. My wife and son love the blueberry donuts!

Desiarae Dixon

It's donuts, do you really need to know more?

Matt Merchant

This place is a hidden gem! The selection was huge, prices were more than fair. They have the same donut recipe that Holtman's uses, and has a very friendly staff. I got a blueberry cake donut and an orange cake donut. They were so tasty and flavorful. Will definitely be back, this could be dangerous for my diet haha.

Todd Gessner

The best gourmet doughnuts you can imagine.

Allan Bridges

A friendly neighborhood donut shop. Great service and delicious treats.

Maria Arianna

The best donuts around!!

Lawrence Lofton


Collette Schoenegge

Awesome place!!!! Such great donuts!!!

Kristin Roy

Amazing donuts!! The best donuts you can get in the Cincinnati area! Be sure to go in the morning to ensure you get the most selection. Donuts are huge, fresh, unique and delicious! You'll definitely get your money's worth! They have all sorts of donuts you didn't even think was possible!

Jon Murphy

Best donuts on the east side and maybe in Cincinnati.

Matthew Brunner

The donuts are very good! Some of the best I have had in a while. Big donuts, fresh and some creative donuts. Service was great, very nice and patient. Thanked me when I left, welcomed me when I came. I came around 6 pm and they had plenty of donuts. They are a bit pricey, 13 donuts for 15$... but they are not mass produced and it is a local shop so I expected to pay a bit more. The shop is hard to see because it is very close to the street, I almost missed it. Still, very good place if you want some top notch donuts!

Jarred Sutherland

This is a place that I wish didn't make amazing sweets, but, they do. I blame them for my extra pounds

Jeffrey Hatten

A great bakery.


These donuts are amazing! The donuts are reasonably priced and enormous. They have a great selection plus you're helping support a local business. The service is fantastic at the Clough Pike location. The butter crumb will change your life! I have brought these into the office on several occasions and everyone raves about them.

Michael McNeilan

Marcellas is always good. I've been to all 3 locations and hane never been dissatisfied. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would

Jeffery Kuykendall

Great selections and service.

Missy Brauckmann

Absolute best donuts

James Williamson

Everything I've tried, I loved! My advice to anyone is go early or go online and order your doughnuts the day before. Minimum online order is a dozen I think.

M. B.

Amazing fresh donuts! A Must have

Sarah Angel

I love Marcella's doughnuts.

Rebecca Forney

Best Donunts in town!!!!!

Chelsea Campbell

Marcella's has the best cake donuts! The staff is always friendly and helpful.

William Poole

Excellent service and the best Donuts ever.

Linda Brooksbank

My children and I visited the Amelia location this evening. We were impressed with the variety of choices of fresh donuts! :) I tried an iced, raspberry jelly-filled and a Snickers donut. They were DELICIOUS! (Although, I didn't realize the Snickers donut was a cake donut until I got home. I strongly prefer yeast over cake, so I likely wouldn't order that one again.) For my husband, I brought home a maple bacon donut. He said it was interesting and tasted GOOD (definitely real bacon)! My son devoured his red velvet donut and his chocolate coconut donut. My daughter ate the one with the rainbow candy. We would definitely visit Marcella's again! I wish we lived closer. Thank you for having evening hours!!!!


The best!

Will Allison

Absolutely the best donuts I've ever had!!!

Ashley Howerton

Wonderful place. Great tasting. Great selection. Decent size. I even Called ahead to put some sprinkle doughnuts aside as I was headed to Amelia to see some one and my local doughnuts shop 2 hours away doesn't sell sprinkle doughnuts. Will be back everrytime I'm up here.

Mike Coxswaine

6:15 Pm Saturday nov inside

Samuel Adams

This is a REAL bakery and the doughnuts are fantastic. You do have to get there early, because once they're out, they're closed. Some of their best are the red velvet cake donut, the cronut(croissiant donut with a mild cream cheese frosting) the candy bar specials, among the rest of the classics.

Paul Durham

Really good place for a doughnut

Jennifer Foran

Super yummy, worth the drive!

Yvonne Walker

Always fresh, always GOOD!!!!!

Kelly Isaacs

Awesome doughnuts and great customer service!

Equius Zahhak

Most fresh bakery in Cincinnati, with an extremely large variety as well, informative employees that are friendly and Interactive.

Vanessa Hartman

Amazing donuts! The cronuts are a family favorite. Get there early for best selection!

Elaine Zeller

Best donuts ever!!!!!!

Dustin Fain

You won't find better doughnuts. Worth every penny.

Stankim Null

Great doughnuts and even greater staff. Nobody does it better!

Daniel Read

Cronut, blueberry, glazed... Everything is worth trying

Eric Brown

Excellent donuts! The donuts were designed like masterpieces and tasted wounderful. The lady helping us was patient and helped us select a great sample of a baker's dozen to sample.

Tay Cartmell

Amazing costumer service and the best doughnuts I've ever had!

Tori T

Delicious! I love their donuts so much that we had them at our wedding. Go get a cronut! Or two.

Jennifer Kincaid

I really enjoyed it..the doughnuts were amazing

Stuart Vincent

Great hand made doughnuts!

coty thompson

Best donuts on the east side of town!

Joseph Foran

We live about 25 minutes away - worth the drive every time we come! A real gem in a small town.

April Dunaway

It was my first time at Marcella's and I definitely was not disappointed. Not only were the prices great, a Baker's Dozen for $10, but the customer service was impeccable. FYI, they're open until 9 p.m. and the donuts go on sale after 6 so that is definitely a good time to get there.

Matt Newman

Good selection of doughnuts that taste good. Recommend going to this place if you want to get a box of doughnuts

Jonathon Adams

Best donuts in the area hands down... Friendly staff, great selection, great prices.. Get there early and order a bunch, you're going to eat on them all day long..

Benjamin Kappesser

Great staff, amazing selection of donuts at a reasonable price. Only place I ever buy donuts.

Brandon Owens

God bless this place. And the young man in there they call derrick Lewis hopper

Destiny Williams

I love this place

Nick From Ohio

Best friggin donuts I've ever had and the people are super nice.

C. Super

Amazing doughnuts and first class customer service. Hands down the best you will find on the east side of Cincinnati!! Thanks for doing it fresh and right Marcella’s!!!!

Craig Andrews

I've been driving past this placefor years and that kid and i decided to stop in one day. I've been kicking myself in that rear for not trying it out sooner. The BEST donuts around! The people are super friendly and nice.

Stacey Forwood

These doughnuts are amazing! First time I've ever been in there and I was taken away by the humble hospitality the staff offered. Plus the doughnuts are

Craig Bishop

Just stopped in at the newer location in Eastgate - incredible! First time experiencing Marcella's and I will definitely be back! The only negative is that with it being so convenient to home and work, my waistline is really going to hate me!

David Rohdenburg

This place is phenomenal! The donuts are awesome and the people are great.

Alex Weil

Amazing, delicious, perfect! Nice staff and amazing choice of products. Better than Holtman's, no question!

Marie A

Good donuts. But limited, no breads, etc

Jennifer Pinnick

Great donuts! Fast in and out on a Friday morning!

Dan Robinson

Always fresh and a great variety.

Purcy N

Delicious! I like that they are open later so I can get my doughnuts the night before.

Ricky Robertson

Awesome people and service

Mike Fancher

Excellent donuts

Aaron Stahley


Sherry Sizemore

Love love love

Anime Is life

Great donuts

Clark Wheeler

Delicious donuts, friendly staff

Gregory Findlan

Best donuts I've ever had! They make all their donuts fresh in the evening so if you want an amazing treat stop in during their evening hours and get a fresh hot delicious donut there is no better donut in Cincinnati!

Brian Cornelius

Awsome donuts

regina hogan

Just not a fan. They always have cake donuts available and not many of the good ones. The donuts are expensive and the staff is not that friendly. The donuts are large but I'm not a fan of the taste...I like a light and airier donut. They will tell you come early if you want much of selection and they dont have but very very few of some flavors each day. I rather get a Krispy Kreme that is couple stores down at Speedway sitting in the glass box than these.

Robert Meyer

A friend brought some of your donuts to work. The CroNut looked amazing, so I tried it. For Real......It was better than sex. Best Donut, Ever. Thank you.

Tonya Stiles

Have great donuts when they are stocked. Been multiple times my favorite was completely out.

Jerry Assell

Marcella's very sweet...oh, and the doughnuts are fabulous!

Misti Turner

Delicious donuts! Maple bacon is my fav but they are all good. My gf loves the lemon filled ones. I love the fact that they are open later and have fresh batches that come out later in the afternoon/evening. I'm not sure of the time. I just know that I'm not an early bird so I always miss out on fresh donuts. Not anymore!

Hannah Lain

Great local donut shop and cute interior

Patricia Hunt

Favorite doughnuts

Jessica Komisar

Delicious donuts!

William Meyer

Great donuts, big selection, delicious!!

Catherine John-McGruder

One of the best donut places. Varieties to choose from and friendly owner.

Jennifer Krois

Come early, OR sleep in and come at night to the Amelia location to pick up your favs!!

Susan Cochran

They have the best donuts!!!!!!

Aaron Martin

Usually sold out by 930-10 second round at about 4

John Wallace

Went to this store a little after 6, they only had two trays of donuts out for sale, and said it would be another hour before the rest are out. At least this time the door was unlocked. Whoever runs this store needs to get the stuff together.

Courtney Riggs

Huge sized doughnuts! And awesome variety. My coworkers don't live on the Eastside so I gave them a taste of the best over here. And if course, they loved them!

Melissa Baitz

Best donuts ever! Great customer service as well. Only place we'll go from now on.

Greg Richardson

Great flavor

Julia Bishea

Fluffy Donuts! The jelly filling is not sickening sweet, as can be typical, but adds a nice balance to the pastry. My staff loved them. They sell out quick. Go early.

Randy Carmack

Amazing service

Ivonne Martinez

More expensive and least tasty than Dunkin' and Krispy ...

James Frost

Best in the city!

Elyse Bauhofer

Friendly staff and great doughnuts


Some of the best doughnuts!

kevin wimmer

Shown up here 3 times during their “open” business hours and no one is ever here. Right now, again, 7:30pm on a Monday. Website/Google/Yelp all lists them open from 6-9pm. Bad business practice...

Robert McMillan


Adam Jordan

Super nice staff great donuts

Pam Phillips

Best doughnuts EVER!!!!!!

Gina Clift

Love love their donuts

Christian Ecrement

Great donuts

Craig Gortemiller

Best doughnuts in town. Keep up the good work.

Chad Ellis

Best doughnuts in town.

Tony Vieson

This place is private owned and it's obvious. So much better than your typical dohnut chain

Susan Bowles


doug ginn

The best donuts around!!

Brittany Fille

AMAZING local donuts. Lots of flavors to choose from and Marcella is always involved in the day to day business. Must try these

Pam Banks

The best doughnuts in the world!! I truly mean that. Nicest staff and customer service! Love this place.

Alex Hood

Marcella's has the best doughnuts you'll ever eat! Fantastic service and fantastic eats! Highly recommended!!!

Steve Brock

Best donuts around! Bought to take to hospital for a family member surgery. The owner gave us a box for the nurses....what wonderful people .

Tracy Arvin

Great fresh baked donuts!

theresa burgess


Aaron Smith

They are awesome doughnuts at a great price. Super nice folks. The only problem is when you don't get there before they are cleaned out. Always a sign of a good doughnut shop. Get them while they are hot. I would suggest going the night before to grab your favorites! Their "Kettles" are my favorite.

Brenda Finley

Wonderful as usual.

Kenny Clark

This is a third generation bakery. My wife and I have been going here over 19 years. We have never had a complaint. We feel they are some of the best donuts we have ever had.

Linsay Canterbury

Always have the best experience! And the doughnuts CANNOT be beat!!!

B.R. Pollard

This little bakery is great and the personal commitment of the staff is hard to beat...

Courtney Fauver

We had Marcella’s doughnuts instead of cake at our wedding and they were perfect! From the tasting to the day of, it was such a fun process. All of our guests are still reaching out to ask where the doughnuts were from, and Marcella’s even let us borrow a serving tray for our set-up!

Cary Plants

Best donuts in Cincinnati! They take great pride in what they make and use high quality ingredients.

Tammy Brinson

Good quality and a lot of choices to choose between cake and yeast doughnuts.

jerica lackey

Marcella, these donuts are to die for!! <3 I just left with 3 donuts, one being for my sick son. Seeing it brought the biggest smile upon his face and he said it is the bestest-estest donut he has ever eaten. Now onto mine, which was a huge lavish "Samoa girlscout cookie" flavor. Oh. My. Goodness. It is, by far, THE bestestestest donut I've ever devoured. It's so dense and moist, yet fluffy like a cloud. The flavors were expertly planned, and my only regret was not buying more for myself, because my daughter's rainbow donut might not exist when she arrives. Lol So yes, it is the greatest place to get your donut fix for its product, customer service, and price point. I'm shocked I got so much quality for such little money. Support local businesses!

Troy Mann II

This place has the best donuts and fritters with a wide variety to choose from. If you're looking for a great homemade donut shop then I highly recommend this place.

Crystal Beresford

Amazing doughnuts!

Harold Malaby

Oh so good and friendly people too. Yum

David McDaniel

This is a great place with great staff and delicious doughnuts.

Renee Fuller

Love love love

Melody Jones

Went at 6pm today and waited 15 minutes for somebody to open the door and they never did. Called the store also and they didnt answer.

Daniel Smith

Doughnut day, placed an order for a dozen mixed doughnuts and I was surprised with a maple bacon doughnut in the mix, made my day. Overall they were freshly baked and an interesting variety. Staff friendly and A± customer service.$$

Peter Scheifele

Excellent yeast and cake donuts. Solid 10/10 for baked goods. Being open in the evening was also a major plus and a pleasant surprise!

Aya Hauberk

Amazing - go early! These donuts were great. Handmade the night before, patient staff and delicious product. We evacuated for Irma, and bought a box for the drive back to Florida. The lady behind the counter was so nice, I had to convince her to charge me. She still put extras in my box, and we ate them all. Thanks to them, we had something to eat when we got home and found ourselves without power. We WILL return!

Garnet Chaney

The apple filled donut is the bomb! Also tried stawberry filled, and that was better than the usual raspberry filling at most donut chops.

Kandy Riley

Best doughnuts ever...

Rhonda Riedl

Best donuts EVER - and wonderful people to help you choose your delights.

Scott French

Donuts are great, if you are looking for them don't pass up on this place

LindaReardon Henry

My grandson works there


Great doughnuts, unique toppings.

Sarah Saunders

Marcellas has the best donuts! nomnomnom

Randy Mcgaha

Best Donuts around they're a little pricey if you're used to Kroger's but then they're a lot bigger and better. Definitely worth it

Chris Kasson

The donuts here are so much better than Holtman's, please come to the west side

Cj Hudson

Best doughnuts and service ever

James Smith

These are the best donuts on the eastside!

Harry Rogers

This place fills the gap that Holtman's cannot fill when I am not close to one. Specialty donuts that change week to week. Get there early, they sell out fast!

Jose Castellanos

Great doughnuts!

Alexander Cornell

Haven't found a better donut in the Cincinnati area! Discounted prices in the evening if you're buying a full dozen or possibly a bakers dozen. Please call first! You won't regret getting donuts from here!

Dragon Bane

Awesome dounuts


Great doughnuts and staff is very friendly

m honcho

The best donuts. Ever.

Jack Oxenrider

The Pike County Cake Inspector approves of this business!

Barry Pollard

Love this little hometown doughnut shop. Great assortment of flavors from yeast, cake, jelly/cream/ custard filled donuts an assorted, fruit butter and cheese danish. The have coffee milk and juices also ☆☆☆☆URGENT WARNING ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆☆GO EARLY ☆☆☆☆☆ These doughnuts disappear quickly!

Gregory Dixon

Bar none I have not had a better donut in the city of Cincinnati then what Marcella's capable of producing. A+++

Danny DeClaire

Out of this world product with a smike.

Scott Leo

Great donuts amazing owner. The best type of people run this shop. The donuts here are so good that one of jobs we set up a donut fund just because everyone liked their donuts.

stephen meckstroth

Great doughnuts and a smile. I love taking my kids here before school.

William Bayless

Love the doughnuts and the staff!

Noah Gentry

One word: Cronut. So damn good. Their selection, taste, and prices are great. Fresh donuts, that are almost fluffy. Sinfully good.

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5:30AM–12PM 6–9PM
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