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1455 W 29th St, Cleveland, OH 44113, United States

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REVIEWS OF Larder Delicatessen and Bakery IN Ohio

Anne Riegelsberger

Great atmosphere! Chicken sandwich is a menu staple and the fries were amazing. Everything else seems to be daily specials, but was just as tasty and high quality.

Abigail Harding

Lucy H

Quaint cafe and deli in a chic area of Cleveland


Rustic artisanal deli. Attractive setting.

Murder by Death Band

Best deli in America! Unreal quality meats, and the baked goods are just as good. I dream of this place.

Robin Wilkins

Everything here is phenomenal!! Great food, friendly service, oh and forget about chick filet or popeye's, if you want the best chicken sandwich this is the place!!!

Eric Christian King

Super great everything. Get some better ketchup

Kelsey and Greg Vitullo

Breakfast was tops. Unique selection. Friendly atmosphere and service. Glad to have Larder around!

Paul Burleson

Amazing! If you like Pastrami, you have to try theirs

Claire Horstman

The reviews were right- you will have the BEST chicken sandwich you’ve ever had at Larder! Loved everything about their food. It was fresh and just overall delicious. We ordered several sides, too. The potato salad was my favorite! Also grabbed some pastries to go and they were amazing. I will for sure be going back! Great, fast service.

David Lamphier

Amazing meatloaf sandwich. It was nothing like what I expected it to be, and I was pleasantly surprised.

hooker on lorain

Relaxed open air eatery

Richard Deferia

Great pastrami and the potato salad classic grain mustard goodness. Really phenomenal deli experience.

Emily Ray

Best pastrami sandwich I have ever had. Tender, flavorful, and not greasy. Great outdoor seating area. Highly recommend.

Jonathan Hausman

Best deli in Cleveland for sure!

Nancy Thrams

Great place, Jeremy,Allie and Kenny have done a fabu job of transforming a former firehouse into a one of a kind deli. Delicious, healthy food in a homey atmosphere.

Solomon Barnett

The James Beard nomination is spot on. This place is so creative and amazing and delicious. This is the best deli food and as a visitor from Chicago this is saying a lot. I don’t even like rye bread but they make it delicious somehow. Every sandwich I tasted was out of this world.

Karla Luz

Delicious food and friendly staff!

James Burlingame


Larry Dale

An experience that exceeds all expectations. It has to be experienced to be believed.

Dave Abood

Very cool vibe, nice outdoor eating area, delicious and different pastries. For the meal I had the matzo ball soup which was great with a bit of a unique twist. I also had the fried chicken sandwich which tasted great but unfortunately about half of the meat was too fatty and chewy.

Brian Won

The sandwiches live up to their reputation; even stuff we weren't huge fans of were quite delicious. Salads/pickled veggies were a bit of a miss tho. Presentation in the deli case was... ugly, and the taste, while bold and interesting, actually was so intense that after a few bites it got overwhelming, to the point that you needed your sandwich as balance. The root beer, like the sandwiches, does live up to their reputation.

Brian Stein

Incredibly delicious food. Old world favorites with a modern twist. Super awesome staff and team.

Alex Zarnas

Best pastrami I've ever had. The fried chicken sandwich is also reportedly fantastic.

Bradley Hurley

The pastrami was amazing.

John Funtik

Wonderfully creative menu from the awesome group at Larder. Best pastrami sandwich I’ve had.

Adam Cohen

Innovative and fresh take on a Jewish Deli. Jeremy is killing it with the Koji. Go with an open minded palet.

Michael Iacofano

Love the All Day Breakfast sandwich

Lena McGraw


Angel Zimmerman

Jason Hess

Jim Huss

So fricken good! I feel like I will be telling my kids and grandkids that I was at Larder's when there was just one. The unique menu is always a treat; every item I have ordered has been amazing!

Casey Hebert

The atmosphere is great and most of the menu items are good. I was especially excited to try the fried chicken sandwich. I was extremely disappointed. While the dressing was good the chicken itself was dark meat and not properly cut. I had tendons and one part was down right, foul.highly priced for a low quality meat sandwich. Also, having 2 pieces was sort of messy. The fries that came with the sandwich were amazing, I must say. Crispy and fresh cut. It appears they change the grease often. I also wish they would use higher quality condiments. The ketchup wasn’t very tasty.

Maxwell Watson

Very unique and a joy to visit. Food is top notch. Chicken sandwich and pastrami are a must.

robert E

Great service and food!

Charles Lawrence

First time eating there so had to get the Pastrami sandwich. By far the best Pastrami I have ever eaten and maybe the best deli sandwich i've eaten ever. Don't serve coffee but Rising Star is right next door so can get coffee there and bring it back while they are making your order. Cant wait to go back.

Aaron Marks

Arguably the best food in town

Eric Painting

Larder has honestly expanded my taste palate. The options to choose from are never-ending. I love that they make in-house almost everything they sell (aside from some bottled drinks), and their prices are reasonable. One of my favorites is their all day breakfast sandwich (which changes slightly based on the day); it keeps us full for many hours. We stopped and picked up breakfast for a road trip and bought pastrami sandwiches to have later as lunch. Thanks to Jeremy and Allie for such a unique experience!

Anthony Mirville

The food was amazing. Get the rhubarb poptart. Chicken sandwich was massive. Good bang for your buck

Dave Stein

Superb small deli with the best hot chicken I have ever had! Friendly service and nice people.

Alan Nevel


Paula Barton

My food was good, though overpriced. Seating is limited. I noticed people eating in the kitchen area, while they worked, which is a no-no for obvious reasons. Nice, busy vibe. Some hair nets and gloves for the prep team would be a plus.

Beau Wilson

Great food

Aletha Scott

Great Veggie options. Honestly my new go to for lunch

Jamie Miles

I have an amazing experience every time I come to Larder, and it's one of my favorite spots in Cleveland. They make delicious, seasonal food sourced from local ingredients. I've had their fried chicken sandwich, pulled pork sandwich with pork belly, fries, a number of deli salads, latkes (which were a special during the summer), babka, and their "stoner bar". From sandwiches to pastry, I can't pick a single favorite. Also, the building is an old firehouse which is cool af. Keep being awesome, Larder.

Ryan Anderson

Awesome building. The shop takes up half of an old firehouse. It still even has the fire-poles. The food menu is very odd, but refreshing.

Elizabeth Aldridge

Awesome place!

Arch Stanton

A traditional Jewish delicatessen from the future with well crafted food for ultimate satisfaction. This quaint and modest persona is hiding a culinary marvel that seems to transcend what it means to be a deli. Truly a special place that really compliments Cleveland. Your palate and micro biome will love the food here. Altogether phenomenal!

Kayla Shawver

Yummy potato salad!!!

Julio Sanchez

(Translated by Google) The second best place to meet your bakery needs on the west side. (Original) El segundo mejor lugar para satisfacer sus necesidades de panadería en el lado oeste.

Jacob Bender

Joe Wrabel

I had an amazing fried chicken sandwich and a stoner bar snack

David Sharkey

I just had the pastrami sandwich - absolutely to die for. Great space and friendly staff.

Luis A Santiago Gross

Wow, I am going to get a just a bit detailed , because this place deserves it. The building (location) , interior (decor),staff, perfection! Let's move on to atmosphere inviting, welcoming, nostalgic, clean. Now what I visited this place for, the food. I ordered the matzo ball soup ,and pastrami sandwich, the meat was lean and flavorful,bread was perfect,all ingredients are not mass produced, delicious! The soup was not from a package or mix,it is probably the best matzo ball soup I have ever had. Visit and enjoy, you will be pleased.

Aaron Sepulveda

Larder is incredible. Why is it incredible? Foremost, the selection of fresh (produced in-house) meats, picnic salads, and baked goods are phenomenal. Sure, try the house-made capicola, it's really good; but if you try the chocolate babka you will have it's deliciousness burned into your memory for eternity, such that, on your deathbed, you will whisper it out as your final words a la Orson Welles in Citizen Kane (aka it's really, really good; if you stop in when they first open you might get it day old, and still delicious, for 50% off). That isn't even to discuss their other goods like house jams, pickles, or fried chicken, all of which deserve your hard-earned cash. Why else is Larder incredible? They are locally sourced in their ingredients, they are passionate about what they do, and they want to pass those passions onto the customer. You know your seafood, or your mushrooms, or your veal is coming from nearby, living off of the same earth that you do and there's something inspiring about that. Furthermore, if you want to learn to forage, can, or pickle they will also teach you at Forager; and those classes, plus the passion they put into their storefront and food give the impression that they care more about that food, and your experience with it, than money. Rather, Larder represents the relationship that we can have with our culinary environments, from it's progeny in the NEO natureland, to our stomachs. And what that relationship represents is delicious. So, in short, Larder: is delicious and everyone should go there for that; but, also, their mission is remarkable and should be supported. The prices for everything are absolutely reasonable, particularly within the perspective of effort put into it. Go there

Colleen Kay

Larder is AMAZING!! I ordered a gianormous Challah bread party sub, green + deli salads, rugelach, chocolate babka knots, and an insane charcuterie board - every single guest was beyond impressed it and said they’d be visiting them soon. It far surpassed my expectations and I can’t wait to go back

Benjamin Zirzow

Best cherry coke on the planet!

David Sorace

Daniel Grm

Food was too notch. Everything there was fresh and made on site to order. A unique place that I can't reccomend enough.

Sherie Shaffer

The pastrami sandwich was good but the matzo ball soup was the worst I ever tasted. The fries were mediocre. No hot beverages, out of ketchup for the fries. Too pricey.


First time visitor, can’t wait to return! The fried chicken was exploding with flavor and so fresh. The potato salad had so many layers of flavor, each new bite was an adventure and the house made root beer is an absolute must try to accompany any dish! Excellent service in a fun laid back atmosphere

Joanne Umansky

Fabulous food and pastries!!!!

Annamaria Settanni McDonald

A definite must try. All their food & desserts are amazing. Mushroom Turnovers buttery & flaky. Ask them to warm it up or their cinnamon rolls!

Jess A

Great food in vintage fire station, the fries are incredible.

Joe Caley

This place is really contrived. I imagine it's good to some people, but I dislike a lot of the stuff there. However, it is clear effort goes into the product, I think it's just a palate thing and I'm not the Eastern block audience at which they're aiming.


Delicious pastries great chicken sandwich

Laura West

The staff is friendly and the food is amazing.

Anagha Kadam

Superior pastrami and fried chicken sandwiches

Gail Johnson

Many many new and exciting salads. The potato salad has a taste of horseradish. Just tried the pastrami the other day. It melted in my mouth

Tyler Kapusta

Honestly, some of the best pastries I've had anywhere in Cleveland. If you're grabbing a sandwich or something else to eat, seriously don't skimp out on getting some dessert too.

Matt Segall

Insanely delicious classic jewish deli fare, created using innovative techniques.

Emily Monahan

Dr. Bob DeMaria

I was there with the family; tremendous variety and flavor. Excellent.

Gabriel Zarzour

I've only had the pastrami, which is the signature item, but it is always extraordinarily delicious. Juicy, flavorful, and tender. Every item is made in house and it clearly shows.

Rachel Yurkovich

I’ve been here once and love the environment of the place. I had a veggie sandwich which was overpriced but tastey. My one suggestion would be to use reusable water cups instead of plastic ones. It doesn’t fit the aesthetic of everything else and if it doesn’t end up getting recycled it’s a waste.

Rodney Hughley

Do the pastrami! Absolutely the best I've ever tried and I've lived in deli-towns NYC and Chicago.

Roman Belkin

Jeanette Rubi

Always outstanding! The service and the menu is so personal and you can’t find that anywhere these days. They always have something new brewing and always are trying to keep people coming in the door. They have a large meat heavy menu as well as a very popular vegetarian/vegan menu. One day I wanted to surprise my husband with a picnic and I can in just before close and with little to no notice, they helped me orchestrate the whole thing. Thanks for all the excellent food and for keeping it interesting.

gideon berry

Liked the interior has a Midwest vibe, the walls are lined with jars from jams to vegetables preserves and so much more. Homemade sodas are available and The charcuterie looks delicious, however this trip was a simple one, two sandwiches. The chicken sandwich was moist, all the flavors blended perfectly, so much depth and the pastrami sandwich is nothing to sneeze at either definitely one of the best I've had. Side note: definitely was hungry hadn't eaten anything all day

Robert Zuber

kristina mullen

I walked there today to get something to eat On my lunch break had the chicken sandwich It was delightful and very fulfilling!

Greg Rempe

Only come here if you want to enjoy things that are awesome! This is my favorite non- BBQ place in town... And it just might be my favorite in general!

Ron Stoner

Great new deli in Cleveland. Definitely try it out

Krista Huffman

Very friendly staff and our dounuts were delicious!!!

Joseph Saitta

This place slaps so hard.

Zachary Ladner

Super cool place, delicious creative food paying homage to old school techniques.

Tom F.

This place is not only do friendly, but they have chicken feet specially prepared for pups so that they can safely eat them. Our pups gobbled them down! The staff is incredibly friendly, and the food is pretty great! I recommend the pastrami, but ask for them to go light on the mustard (unless lots of mustard is your thing).

jason majors

If you havent tried this place you are missing out !!!! Chicken sandwich or pastrami wow

Michael Rose

I was at rising star coffee and I walked outside and saw a sign for the larder deli. Stopped in ,looked around, got some matzoh ball soup and a chocolate phosphate. Whoa man,outstanding. Gonna go back for the chicken sandwich; looked very tasty.

Lena Pogrebinsky

Good food and nice atmosphere. Will come back.

Paulina Johnson

Wow, what a great place to eat! The food was the best of the eastern European kind. Wide variety of food! Staff was friendly and kind, willing to share how food was prepared. I'm so very impressed with the ingredients Larder uses: different type of mushrooms, pickled apples and mulberries, delicious! Finally, found a place to makes eating adventurous and exciting without breaking a bank. I would highly recommend.

John Gross-Santiago

Love this place!!

Dylan B !!

I loved the location. It was nice and busy but moved very fast. I used to think I didnt like pastrami, I was wrong. The staff was very kind and helpful. I also tried the stoner bar which was very good. I enjoyed my visit to Larder, will be back soon.

Randy Recker

Best Deli in America... Thomas Keller and Daniel Boulud copied what I had with my bro Spike. Best Chicken Sandwich ever. Also the cured brisket fat was awesome. The pastries were also top notch.

Matthew Lowery

Always a delight and last Sunday (5/19/2019) was no exception. I took a dear friend who was visiting Cleveland for the very first time to breakfast at Larder's. We had the meat lovers hash topped with 2 poached eggs. Awesome. As usual, the staff was warm and welcoming. Also, one of my all-time favorites is their matzo ball soup. Always makes me feel warm inside, especially on cold rainy days.

anna kushnir

What a great experience fabulous chicken sandwich and home cut fries everything was superb

Sheena Jade Searight

Everything from scratch, made by a group of food nerds. Pastrami to die for. Vegan charcuterie. A wild variety of crazy (good) side dishes. Great baked goods. They carry some veggies & various other things. Would recommend. Five stars.


Best sandwiches I've ever had


I really wanted to like this place, but I think I liked it for the wrong reasons. The matzah ball soup was bland and was all dill (not a fan). The sandwich was ok wasn’t a fan of the mustard (had a strong horseradish taste). My favorite thing here was the bakery. From the cookies to the rugulach they had great stuff. I even bought a chocolate babka to go. Overall this place is just okay.

Alice Taranto

The $1 rugelach literally stopped me in my tracks. Coconut rice pudding also is craY

Michael Sullivan

I tried the pastrami and fried chicken sandwiches and they are both amazing. This is a neat place really like the inside.

Bill Shaw

Amazing! Everything is made-from-scratch and better than you will get anywhere else.

Geoff Finn

Do NOT skip over the sauces over at the tray collection. The hot vinegar dramatically changed a fantastic sandwich and made it awesome! Would highly recommend. Went there for lunch, can completely justify going again for dinner!

Shira Lazebnik

Great atmosphere, very friendly and amazing food! Definitely going back

Mary Dyer

The food is absolutely delicious and leaves you extremely satisfied, but operations are a bit too casual. If I order an approaching $25 dine-in lunch including tip, I'd really like to have food brought to me at the table by a person and without all the single use plastic stuff.

Sylvan Z

john paul

This place is a local treasure. Everything is great, and never boring.

Alex Russell

The pork belly, the chicken sandwich... the pastrami, it's all wonderful. We're incredibly fortunate to have this in Cleveland. The atmosphere is great, the staff is awesome. Jeremy is a certified bada$$. I go there as often as I can. 100% recommend this spot.

Melissa Koski Carney

Amazing pastrami. Rye bread was so good!

Will Monahan

Great food and great service. A very unique style of food at a good price. The pastrami is fantastic. Outdoor seating and a pet friendly environment make it a great place to bring your four legged family members as well. They even have treats available for purchase.

severinseverin77 7

Wonderful pastrami. Can't wait to come back and try the different specials and soups. Thank you Larder!

Lisa Siegel

Went there while traveling based on the Google reviews. We were not disappointed. The pastrami was phenomenal. Our granddaughter loved the beer cheddar brat corn dogs and the sides were perfect. All the salads my grandmother used to make but updated. Everything is made in-house - down to the chocolate sauce for the chocolate phosphate. We came for a late lunch, early dinner so there wasn't a crowd. The owner and I spent a long time talking about food and what has influenced us. Great afternoon.

Phil Pegg

Ok, me at was stingy

Sarah Manthey

Larder boasts a solid seasonal menu. In winter, where foraged goods are harder to come by, I opted for the pork belly sandwich, and was not disappointed. This sandwich sticks to your bones, filled with two different cuts of meat, and a creamy savory sauce with a hint of vinegar that perfectly cut the gras profile of the pork. The environment of Larder emulates the Old World Midwest. Adorned with ceiling-high shelves lined with homemade food, pickled and preserved. This place and its friendly staff relish in the Midwestern trade with pride, and their sandwiches pack a satisfying punch.

Robert Dickerson

Loaded fries were excellent. Pastrami sandwich had a fist size pieces of fat on it, which the clerk suggested that I request the sandwich lean next time. Matzo ball soup was different, but good.

Arielle Ramirez Kyer


Max schell is the most handsome and polite young lad. Every experience is excellent when he is working. Someone whom I wouldnt mind my son looking up to.

Charles Schoen

Went in expecting a stellar chicken sandwich for the $9 price tag. Unfortunately it was mediocre at best. Heavily dressed with sweet vegetables and pickles. Rather than a single breast of chicken it was assembled with 2 or 3 awkwardly shaped lumpy mixed pieces. Too juicy to eat without falling apart. Bummer. Won’t be back.

Ally Czepczynski

Paul Baker

When I saw a post from a chef/friend who had stopped by here, I instantly wanted to go! My experience with delis/delicatessen in Cleveland has been non existent, and I am looking forward to changing that. I decided to stop by after work one day for dinner, and it was such a fun experience! I haven't explored this part of Ohio City yet (the West 29th St area), so it was nice seeing a different part of Cleveland. Sitting in an old, red brick building, Larder is very inviting with a large garage door as the entrance on warmer days (I was lucky, it was sunny!) Inside is very open with a tall ceiling, and a nice wood floor below. There is a very old school feel with all the rich woodwork, cabinets, shelves, and chalk boards showcasing the days' menu. The place is filled to the brim with spices, pickled goods, syrups, jams, sauces, and more. A cooler to your left is home to sodas and amazing looking desserts. At the counter you'll find sides, salads, smoked meats, and an array of baked goods. Oh, and EVERYTHING is done in house! I went for a classic meal of Pastrami on Rye with Red Cabbage Kraut and Mustard. Topping it off was a side of Potato Salad and Cream Soda, plus Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and a Chocolate Brownie for later. My word...I cannot say enough about the Pastrami! So tender, and so flavorful. Their house-made Dark Rye was an excellent platform: firm, yet soft. The Potato Salad had Mustard and Dill, which I love. The crust and filling on the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie were on point, and the Brownie melts in your mouth! Jeremy, Kenny, and Angel were working that day. I got to spend some time talking with Jeremy about the history of the place, what they're all about, and learned about his passions. He even treated me to a house-made soda, which was delicious! (It tasted like a Root Beer Float) These are really friendly people putting out amazing product. They don't take short cuts, do things the right way, and have a great time while doing it! locally sourced, house-made, fresh daily: you can't ask for more than that. They really want to share something special with Cleveland, and I think they are well on their way to becoming a Cleveland staple. If you haven't made the trip yet, you have to stop by and grab something to eat!

Gregg Pullano

If I’m paying $9 for a breakfast sandwich it should be the best one I’ve ever had or close to. The exact opposite is true. I hated it so much I couldn’t even finish it. For very few vegetarian options I really don’t want to risk wasting my money like that again. The staff was very friendly though. I’ll give an extra star for the in store experience and atmosphere. Just not my cup of tea. I know I’ll get crucified for this criticism. Sorry not sorry.

Shannon Corgan

The food is so unique in taste and nothing is typical. The employees are so fun and accommodating. Anyone interested in trying new have to try here

Jonah Grabelsky

Delicious. Matzah ball soup was particularly rich and unctuous, like the best ramen.

E Melin

Can’t get enough of their pastrami. Their bread is fantastic, too.

Kara Finn

Best fried chicken sandwich I have ever had.

Cori Nosin

Wonderful staff, delicious food, and good vibes. So happy they're in the neighborhood!

Shawn Belles

Larder: A Curated Delicatessen & Bakery Finally got to try their famous fried chicken sandwich. Extremely good, careful if you’re not a stone ground mustard fan remember to ask for It on the side. Fries are fresh. They have specials daily really enjoyed this place.

JossB! Tried 6 different highly-rated places while in town and this was our favorite! Get the pastrami. Warning: matzo ball soup not a chicken-broth base; more like a borscht.

Katherine Stupecki

Can I get a 6/5 star option? First time in. Absolutely outstanding. Pastrami on rye is a no brainer. Check out the daily specials, too! Today we had roast beef with cheese and chanterelle cherry marmalade. YUM! Fresh sides in the deli case. Potato salad and Ukrainian salad were delightful. Don't leave without a Nutella rugelach! Beautiful space. Warm staff. Great experience.

Gary Hicks

Great place for sandwiches.

Nick Angeli

Dana Carr

I wish they had a shop in Columbus! I stop by every time I'm in town. Best place to find raspberry danish.

Tanya Lawrence

Fried chicken sandwich and pastrami to die for. Lovely selection of desserts and drinks as well.

Jerry Burris

Great lunch and bakery.

Jamie K

Chicken sandwich is amazing. Pastries are to die for

Rachel Perez

The environment is pretty cool & service was great. Was a bit disappointed in the food, especially for the price. I'd try them again though.


Hannah Wise

Really neat place. Very cute inside, loved the ambiance. Kind of strange that they don't serve coffee. Pricey too, but everything is very good. I got the giant thin chocolate chip cookie and it was delicious.

Robert McLean

last time i visited on weekend and we ordered potato salad and pastries both were delicious. The ambiance was nice and the staff was friendly to. I like their presentation of food. The price was genuine for such a tasty food. Overall recommended place

Patrick Richey

Amazing. Great addition to the cringe town

Jeff Craig

Exceptional thick-sliced Pastrami sandwich.

Dick Thompson

Excellent quality food! Worth every penny!

Kara Whaley

Jacqueline Middleton

Loved the sandwiches, had the Fried Chicken and was not disappointed!! Also a great selection of snacks and desserts. I give it 5 noms out of 5.

Erin Thomas

This place is a dream come true! Wonderful service! The food is fresh and layered with flavor! The pastrami sandwich is to die for. The pickled salads are delicate and tangy. We will be going back!!!

Brian Frimel

Way too $$$$$ and greasy.

Bob La Valle

Biscuits and kojiwurst gravy, fabulous!

Ithaca Court

Fantastic, worthy of six stars if there was such a thing. I had Shneckel for the first time ever, a pastry made with cream cheese, strawberry, a croissant-like dough. It is my new favorite thing ever. The glass jars up on the wall are not just display pieces, they are pickling and getting ready for servings from the menu. I very much value handwritten signage, which shows a level of care impossible to achieve at most places. Oh and prices are excellent as well. Cheers!

Mark DelLima

Definitely a handmade/foodie paradise.

Matt Step

Outstanding!!! Another Cleveland standout.

Anneliese Beneze

Oh my God. Their veggies sandwich with goat cheese is incredible and the atmosphere is so cute. Definitely a great experience.

Alex R

More of a montreal pastrami as opposed to ny style. Couldve used more smoke and seasoning. Meat was scarce at this price point. More of a snack than a "sandwich". Quality ingredients. Cool place. Friendly staff.

Scott Shafer

This James Beard nominee is worth a visit. They are doing innovative and wonderful things for a delicatessen and bakery.

Nicholas Tinl

Amazing spot for lunch doing a lot of creative and delicious stuff.

Jonathan Church

Great place to catch a break and enjoy a delicious cookie . Everyon in very attentive

Erika Jihui Shang

Awesome bread. Amazing juicy fried chicken. Gray varieties. Cool decor

Eric Stoffer

Fried chicken sandwich, get it!

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