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627 High St, Worthington, OH 43085, United States

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Where is La Chatelaine French Bakery and Bistro?

REVIEWS OF La Chatelaine French Bakery and Bistro IN Ohio

Alex Lucard

anybody in the area looking for a good restaurant for lunch I recommend this place and if you like french onion soup they have won the best in the area

Megan Fiscus

Always delightful to come here and while away my time over a cup of coffee and a pastry (or two, shh

Darrick Boord

Cute place with nice atmosphere, but a little pricey for what you get. Also, the guy claiming to be a manager actually argued with us when he brought us burnt toast- 15 minutes after we got the rest of our food. He told us toast was a complimentary extra, despite it being listed in the menu with what we ordered, and he refused to do anything to make it right. Fortunately, a kind woman who was clearly his superior came by and offered us a piece of cake instead. That wasn't what we wanted, but she at least made an effort and was very polite and helpful.

Jen Hall

Cafeteria stayle ordering and a great place to start your morning. Everything was fresh and delicious. Mutiple coffees to choose from and a beautiful fountain side patio area.

William Scholik

The service was horrible. We were say in a section by ourselves and mostly forgotten. It took forever to get food. When the food arrived it was good but we didn't get everything we ordered. It was just a long akward experience.

Monica Hanson

Sat on the patio had dessert and drinks nice atmosphere!

Kristin Stephens

good love the place but miss the old style... still a great place


Fancy french food. Very good.

Travis Glaze

Elegant and cozy. I always linger when I eat here. Great for coffee and a snack, or for a meal. Try it, you'll like it!

Adam Koehler

Service alone deserves 5 stars and on top of that the food was great. Staff was very helpful with the menu and even gave us a free dessert they were testing. Look forward to giving them my business in the future

Jon Buckley

I simply love La Chatelaine! The atmosphere, the cuisine, and of course the amazing and friendly staff, I couldn't imagine a more perfect relaxing place to stop for a bite and to enjoy some company!

Laura Shepherd

We love the patio seating. We had lunch. Good salads and soups. Nice place to visit. Desserts were beautiful. We tried the chocolate cake. It was dry. We didn't finish it.

Todd Hallowell

Amazing restaurant. The staff is extremely friendly and polite. The food is great and the smell is heaven. An amazing little gem that is a must for anyone with taste buds!

Danielle Plant

Underwhelming. My pastry was just okay and my cappuccino was awful. It was watery and bitter and did not taste like espresso at all. I’m not sure what’s going on with their espresso, stay away.

Richard Wagner

What can I say, always stellar, fine French Baked Goods, good food, fine coffee and a hot chocolate you'll always finish but never forget. A worthy competitor to Mozart's Germanic themed delights south on High Street. If you're a chocoholic, ask about taking home some chocolate mice, a signature item loved by kids of all ages.

Patricia Kindsvatter

Outstanding meals and bakery items. One of my favorite places to eat.

Shirley M. Miller

I love this place on 23, l love the atmosphere, the roses, the fireplace. I go for the fireplace. Unfortunately, it was not on and the manager, for whatever reason, did not want to turn it on. It was brisk and in the 40s outside. I was disappointed in her and in the lack of ambiance and heat.

abdelkrim laidani

I live the place. The food from the first look you want to take everything. Great service

Luke K

Poor quality coffee, not expected in such location.

Patricia Anderson

Great "breakfast special". Eggs,bacon,potatoes, toast and coffee. $10.50.

Mitch Snyder

Delicious food and a lovely outdoor setting. The aesthetic of the interior is fitting and gives the feel of a real French restaurant. Check this place out with family or friends. I'll be returning!

Alex Pappa

Very pretty place, great seating outside and inside. Confusing cafeteria style serving equals cafeteria quality food

Terri Bruckner

Had the lunch special. The tomato basil soup was good, the ceasar salad was tasty, sandwich was turkey on a hard roll. The roll was cold and buttered and pretty tasteless.

Tatiana Lavrenova

Always enjoyed to go to La Chatelaine on Lane Ave. But today we happened to be at the High street location for lunch. Overall the quiche, salad and soup was good. However the croissants were dry and overcooked. Even didn't look like normal croissants. But the biggest disappointment was the loaf of Peasant bread that we bought before we left the store. They placed it in the bag and when we opened it at home it was hard as a rock. Probably week old bread. Had to use a heavy duty knife to cut it. A chainsaw would have been the ideal tool to use. It was almost completely dried thru. Only about a 1" diameter sphere at the center of the bread appeared to be edible. That bread should not have been for sale. What a rip-off!!


Cozy atmosphere, polite staff, food is reliable and has a good variety of French pastries

J Fredericks

Great food atmosphere and sevice

Paige Harmon

It's very clean and the service is good. I'm giving 4 stars because the portions are small for the prices


Had not visited this type of restaurant before. Food was great. A little confusing at the register but I think the woman may have been in training. Great surprise by my son. ❤️

Greg Engelhart

Great place for a casual get together with great food, easy cafeteria style ordering no waiters makes it a great place to really catch up with your people.

Patrick Anderson

Love the brunch here. The brie & prosciutto sandwich is delicious!

Norma Lopez

Food was fresh and HOT. Service was excellent

Sara Pertuit

Trash. How do you make hard French toast!??!?!?!? It was edible and they hid the tiny hard French toast under mountains of powered sugar, FROZEN blueberries, and old strawberries. I was very excited to try this place, but I was VERY disappointed!

Kinsley F. Nyce

Good bowl lobster bisque .... glass of water too ... a pleasant pause ... then back working ...

James Tam

If you want preheated garbage sold as food, then this is the place to go. The staff are unprofessional, and semi-knowledgeable at best.

Saul Bleaeck

A nice slice of french-ish cuisine. The patio is pleasant and good for people watching while enjoying a good meal. Desserts are where it's at for this niche eatery.

Steven Potoczak

Great atmosphere. Great food.

Jay Graf

Great comfortable setting. It's a shame the food isn't as good as the price is high.


I ordered a take out meal and when I got it home the potatoes and vegetables were burnt almost to a crisp. I brought it back to the restaurant and asked them to remake them which they did. They did not offer anything else. Not any money back or an extra item to make up for the time lost for bringing it back. The manager if there was one did not even offer to an apology. The woman who helped me just seemed interested in drinking her drink and didn’t even ask if there was anything else she could do. I was a server and a bartender for almost 7 years. Horrible service. Don’t waste your $18

Lisa Craythorn

I love the coziness of this restaurant especially in winter. Summer of course it's lovely to sit out on the patio. There is something for everyone ar this place.

noelle stucki

The food is authentic. I've been to France and when I need a pick me up La chateleine is where I go! Its food worth eating.

Jessica Villers

Food was okay, service was so-so.

Andrew Spaner

A long time ago you could go here for what had to be almost the best lobster bisque you ever had. It was topped with this cover of fresh bread. It was amazing. They also had a sit down experience. Now it's cafeteria style and they ladle the lobster bisque out of a steel box. No more bread topping. If you want croutons to top it that's an extra 4 bucks. Their menu consists of 15 dollar hard bread sandwiches with deli meats. The staff were rude and impatient since we didn't get the whole ordering process now. It was just a big let down compared to how it used to be.

Daniel Kiec

Great service and good value for the food and drinks there. The staff is very friendly and helpful

Joshua Lockhart

Little pricey but great egg bacon and cheese sandwich

Deanna Dawson

This was a nice place to come enjoy a lovely French pastry and get some studying done. They also sell food as well and have WiFi. I didn’t have time to seat inside but the pastries were so good. For pastries I believe I paid like 9 bucks and some change.

Frida Ortiz

This French restaurant is amazing! I love their lunch combos. You get salad, a sandwich and soup! Everything they make here is absolutely delicious!!! They have amazing deserts too! And service is excellent as well. You just can’t go wrong with La Chatelaine, it’s like walking into France! ☺️ Bon Appetit!

Robert Chapman

Probably the best of the three located in the Columbus area. Wish parking was better. This one doesn't burn the almond croissants either. Such awesome breakfast options. I don't necessarily recommend this place for dinner, but it can be good. Very French authentic here. My wife is French and she loves this place.

Elizabeth Sylvester

I was expecting a fancier, more extensive menu, but it was pretty good. Would definitely stop by again just for the patio.

Arlene Johnson

So my complaint is not about the food. The man at the counter overcharged me for no apparent reason. Check your receipt.

George Brightman

Fun, old-style cafeteria layout featuring traditional bistro fare: breakfast & brunch are both delightful, plenty of options...or you can just grab some of their excellent baked goods up front and enjoy at your leisure back home!

Jonathan Zygmunt

Always delicious food especially the pastries. A good treat when I want something other than the traditional comfort food but still want comfort food. Service is always incredibly friendly. Counter service. I love the upscale Mac and cheese dish and the regular breakfast items and quiches are good too. The decor and ambiance are a bit traditional and make for a cozy place for a conversation with a friend or even a coffee date.

Raquel Taylor

This place is so cute and the food is good.. Best lobster bisque.

Don Cagle

Great food and dog friendly patio!

Kathleen Fowler

Spinach Omelette was delicious, just wish the tea was hotter...

itishree swain

Awsome ambience, location and helpful staff. We tried only coffee and the bakery items and everything tasted heavenly. We got some butter croissants to go also. Definitely going to visit again.

Mark Hewitt

Amazing food and service! Place was packed and the staff took care of us. Highly recommend! Almost forgot to mention the dessert is tops!

Morgan Atwell

Amazing little piece of france in columbus.

Betty Salmon

Fresh fruit, good coffee, nice patio seating. Good breakfast options.

Marcela Acosta

Very nice place. The staff is friendly and kind. The food is good.

Andrew Crawford

I liked our group of 8 visit there one evening and the cafe style ordering where you order up front and pay then they bring your food out to your table. Relaxed feeling and great French food. We were rather loud and could sit away from main dining area and not bother anyone.

Anthony Konecny

Great breakfast sandwich on the patio on a beautiful day. Was a very pleasant experience.

Barry Bennett

Great ambience. Very good lobster bisque and boeff Borgingion(?)

Mary Molinaro

I like this place but the food prices are just ridiculous. They do have the best coffee in town so I will settle for that and forego the overpriced carbs.

Britta Buchenroth

One of my favorite brunch or lunch spots!

Cheryl Myles

Great bakery/café and awesome staff. Def going back!

Katie Huffman

Hands down amazing. Chocolate croissants are the best

Gloria Smith

Food was excellent and people pleasant and helpful. Ate on patio next to fountain so relaxing.

Ike Z

Even though the food is good for the most part, it remains too pricey for what you get. In times of rush, additional demands are forgotten. Culture wise, there isn't actually one person who speaks french in the restaurant except for the owner, which despite her efforts portrays the place as a cheap knock-off fake wanabe french bistro.

Alexander Dubois

Really good. Clean restaurant. Cafeteria style.

C Fid

Rude!!!! Rude!!!!! French onion Soup was BURNT my wife asked if we could get a cup of tomato soup instead and that is when the insanity ensued. This little lady that I had assumed was virtuous and nice wasn’t at all even close to decent. She harassed my wife over a cup of soup And then came to track me down to question me about the french onion soup. I told her it tasted burnt to me. That wasn’t good enough for her. She then demanded an extra dollar from my wife at our table for the new cheese and croutons my wife had to amen to add to my new bowl of tomatoe soup. It really just goes on and on. The La Chatalaine employee then just grabbed the cheese and croutons and walked away... So my I just sat there for a minute.. lost my appetite and returned the tomatoe soup.. All over a coup of soup. My wife has been eating at La Chatalain for 20 years.. her parents are friends with the owners and this may be our last visit.

Elizabeth McVey

Went for breakfast early Christmas Eve. The staff was friendly, the food delicious, and I had some herbal tea which came in a french press and was a new treat for me. Such a gem!


Great place! And they have delicious pastries and the best tomato basil soup!

Lynn Berk

Good food at a decent. Price. Tastes like home made cooking. Cafeteria style but upscale food. Pastries are wonderful. I visit every time I am in the area.

Todd Marquis

Great atmosphere, but bring your wallet. It's not cheap (and the food is good, but not amazing)

Leann Griffith

Very good, love the patio. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Their crepes are amazing. Got eggs Benedict... Hollandaise sauce is good but didn't like the bun choice for eggs Benedict.

Jeremy Elder

Our family love these French delights. Also if you need help or advise on how to make some of these delights or a beef Wellington. They will help you figure it out.

Alexis Taylor

Amazing food and view

Brianna Sheridan

Lovely French Baker, I reccomend the cinnamon tea!!!

Katy Wheat Borhauer

Great food, but it's pricey!

Brian Spain

Pretty little pastry shop

Sheronda Palmore

I enjoyed the atmosphere and my tea was delicious. It was nice place to meet new friends. I will be back in the late spring/summer to enjoy the patio.

Fadel Keita

Love you guys


Cool concept, good location and unique atmosphere! The bakery look great however, the food was just ok. I would expect scratch made recipes from any restaurant calling themselves a true French restaurant however, the ingredients used in their food are not top notch. It's tasted as if they used canned spinach in their hot plate foods and beef bullion based soups instead of traditional bone broth. A good decent restaurant and a solid lunch choice if your in the area however, if your looking to explore true French cuisine this isn't the right place.

Hollie Frazier

Always best customer service. Always superb dining experience. Atmosphere quaint french restaurant. Love their Chatelaine cake..... and to drink a refreshing Peach Aperitif.

michelle m

Great food & awesome staff!

Lyenochka Djakov

I've only had breakfast here but I've heard great things about other mealtimes too. Breakfast was heavenly! Great coffee, and this really wonderful cinnamon-y tea that didn't even need sugar or honey to sweeten it. The pastries are soo delicious! We sat at a table in front of the fire which was super cozy. Had breakfast with a group of friends and we sat there for several hours without any disturbance from the staff...they just let us hang out and keep refilling our coffee. Definitely go here hungry!

Anne Crabbs

It was busy and they had soups and the pastries are always great!

Sam Y

Super cute ambiance. I got a coconut macaroon and it was super airy and delicious. I was incredibly tempted to buy some proper food as well because the smells coming from the kitchen were drool worthy.

John Wyman

They have a great cup of coffee. Not so strong on vegetarian or vegan options, but the patio is fantastic for enjoying a cup of joe.

Pamela Ellis

Enjoyable lunch spot. Great for catching up with friends and family, out doors area is very nice.

Sharon Stilwell

Service great. Food is crazy awesome

Vanda Sucheston Hughes

This little cafeteria style French bistro is a bargain. But you feel like you are in France. I had the seafood sausage oh, it was delicious.

Traci Winyard

So fun to have authentic French pastries! The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is warm, and the is delicious.

Marianna Havkin

Tomato basil is the worst and watered down. Waitress was chatting with customers with no consideration of other people in line. It's called a lunch hour for a reason. Never going back.

Phil Baden

Great atmosphere and food!

Craig Derian

late day creme brulee treat was excellent, not too sweet, good crunch, great smooth texture

George Branigan

It was OK. Nothing to get too excited about. Service decent. Bread ok Big, Big negative no chives in French omelet nor to be found on property. Guess they never saw Pepin or Julia Child.

Daria Moore

A group of my girl friends came for brunch. The food was really good and the staff was very nice and helpful. It was a little pricey for the small portions but since it was homemade breads and pastries it made up for it. The lobster bisque was amazing!

Dwain Crackel

Great atmosphere, delicious food, amazing pasties, and tasty coffee. Love sitting on the porch.

Daniel Picacho

The staff was friendly and helpful. The feel was authentic Italian but we told them we had never been there before and all they did was point at the menus. Would have liked to have some suggestions from the people who work there you know? Overall a great place

Katie Kopp

Food was good. Very casual dining, cafateria style. You can get amazing scones to go.

Alice Kelsey

Great place for delicious treat. Front patio was perfect for a casual lunch with a friend.

Dena Smith

Classic deli style. Good food and friendly atmosphere.

Paul Larick

This place has been around for decades. A subdued French bistro with well-known favorites - Caesar salad and French onion soup , plus lots more. A place for a relaxed, civilized meal.

Mikhail Khoretonenko

Good breakfast food, quick service, great bakery. Coffee is typical American. Omelettes and quiche are quite nice, Napoleon cake, cheesecake, and fruit tart are great - this was our choice. Parking was not a big issue on Sunday morning.

bob blevins

Some of the best pastries. Sometimes a little heavy with the icing, though.

The Nerdos!

Fantastic breads, great we just have to walk up the street for amazing food.

Arturo M

The crosaints are delichus

Blue Boi Gaming 1

The single best Eggs Benedict I have ever eaten. The best breakfast I have ever eaten. I am not a fan of French Onion soup - their French Onion was delicious. My wife had Quice Lorraine she loved it. The hot apple cider was special. The hot chocolate hit the spot. The restraunt was very cozy. Great place can't wait to get back.

judy richardson

Pretty. Quick service.

Bobbie Stewart

Exceptional unique experience that you will drive out of your way to recreate! The food from the savory to the sweets is beyond delicious. The coffee..... You want to visit!

Sue Hattendorf

Good food.. Great wait staff. Not too many vegan options but they did have a few. Parking not real convenient bit found close parking both times i was there. Clean inside.


This place serves what can only be described as quite possibly the closest to authentic French cuisine of any bistro I've visited in the US. With every dish made by hand from pure ingredients, one is able to taste and savor each quality morsel. This restaurant is an experience to be cherished!

Jaime Glenn

Who doesn't love this place. Tres bien

Lauren Kraft

Bathed in old-timey charm. It has the feel of an old country club. This is the kind of place that never changes and we say thanks for that. The only thing that makes it less than perfect is standing in the cafeteria lines to order your food. But positively a European experience.

Jeffrey Bryan

If you’re looking for a great place for a nice breakfast or lunch with some ambiance then look no further! There are plenty of delicious pastries to choose from and their French roast coffee pairs very well with any of them! If you enjoy breakfast tea give their English breakfast tea a try, with a splash of milk and sugar it’s perfect drink to start off your day! For lunch they have a macaroni that is to die for. It has a pleasant creamy cheese sauce topped with breadcrumbs. If you’re in the mood for a light sandwich their vegetable sandwich is also very tasty and has extremely fresh vegetables. To top is all off their service is top notch!

Annette Hall

First time there. It was amazing!!!

Mechteld Mitchin

Fun place, delicious food throughout the day: French breakfast delicacies, excellent lunch salads, soups, sandwiches and specials, cocktail bar, and also a great place for dinner. It's lovely indoors and out on the patio. You can't go wrong here.

Annamarie McGee

Great location and patio for coffee or brunch on a Sunday

Mike Cory

Great food and great service. They all knew French. It was fun.

Adam Griggs

Fun and great food, plus the chef's are super friendly

Breanna Foreman

I have been here three times, every time I had a different experience. The first time I stopped in was around 4 or 5, I ordered a few things to go and had a very sweet and helpful woman wait on me. The second time I called in an order of hard rolls, I picked them up and then ordered a few other things from the menu, which they didn't have. The final time I came in I was having breakfast with my sister and we ordered our stuff, sat at a table and ate. I thought someone would come to pick up the bill but they never did, so I just left plenty of money on the table to cover the four things we ordered, and a tip. We then proceeded to get in the car to leave. Someone comes out of the store and starts taking pictures of my car and license plate. I walk in and ask them why they just did that and they said well you didn't pay for your food. I told them that I left the money on the table. They asked the busgirl if she found any money. Lo and behold she did and put it in her pocket. Now I know I was in the wrong for not paying when you first get your food like they apparently do when you eat in but, no one directed me to pay at that point. The pecan pie was horrible, the crescent rolls are amazing. The apple juice was $5 for a jar you can buy at Dollar General for $1. I hope they get a better staff because it's so hard to find a real bakery anymore I'd hate to see another one go.

Bryan An

Great food and atmosphere! Food was a little pricy for what you got and service was decent.

Ram Vedantam

Great place.

Alan Arguello

Get the french onion soup!

D Josey

I’ve ride past the Worthington location often and wondered about pastries and food. Today my friend and I stopped by the UA location. As soon as we walked in the door it was so uninviting. No one greeted us and one girl just looked our way and continued to pretend to look busy. I explained it was a first time and she told me to pick from the menu and then proceed to stare us down. My friend asked for bread and the waiter forgot about us and brought burnt bread when she made it back to our table. It was obvious that we wasn’t welcomed in this establishment.

Amit Chatterjee

Excellent tasting food and service was great as well. Had the ham quiche along with French onion soup. Croutons and cheese on top are an excellent combination.

Lori Slyh

Ordered eggs over hard, bacon, and toast. Very poor. The coffee is good and the selection of pastries are nice, but the traditional breakfast is better made at home.

Cole Hughes

I liked the food. We got a couple sandwiches and tarts. I thought the prices were good. It's just a confusing place. When you walk in, there's nothing directing you where to go or how to order. There are 3 doors and only one of them takes you to the start of the cafe line. I would like it better if it were a sit down restaurant.

maxwell posival

I have a lot of love for La Chatelaine. I learned to first speak French here, and this was my introduction to French cuisine. This is a definite stop for any dates.

Dave O. Alvarez

Delicious food and great service from the staff

Lindsay Heller

I lived in Columbus for eight years and never went to this place, even though I thought it was cute. Then I was visiting a friend and ended up at two of them on the same day. And I loved it. I am really mourning those eight years now.

Emily Rossman

It seems to be one of the local hotspots. I am not from the area but do like to come here when I am visiting with family. I love the bakery and concept. The food is always very tasty. Busy any time I have gone. I think it is worth going if you are not it a rush.

Elton John's Dildo

This is not real French food. I waited 45 minutes for my order and the food was cold. I was the only customer at the time. Pathetic.

Seth Powell

Food was tasty and staff was friendly, but portions are very, very small, especially for the price. I'm a skinny guy who doesn't eat large portions but I left still hungry. Check for two adults for breakfast was $29

Stephanie Faz Ponces

The place is cozy food is over priced for sure. The staff always has an attitude the messed my eggs up and refused to remake them the French toast was good. It cost too much but some of there options are delicious.


Horrible service, a cook was nice. When you order and pay you are asked for a tip. No one bussed our table. I bussed it myself, so why tip. The food was horrible, the fruit tart was soggy. I had a charcuterie plate, the pate was frozen in the middle, there was some kind of seafood quenelle with was horrendous. I took it home and my cats wouldn’t eat them. The onion soup was burnt and smelled sour. The staff was busy socializing within themselves. I’ve been going there since they opened, but I would rather go to Burger King. I know the food there is gross, customer service is always great . If you’ve never been to France please don’t go there and think that you’re eating authentic French food, far from it. I’m French myself, go there yearly.

Casey Green

The food was amazing! The atmosphere was cozy, very nice. The staff was friendly. I highly recommend & will visit again when I have the chance.

Karen Fleeman

Very nice and tasty.

Pam Hoke

Phenomenal croissants! Enjoyed the lovely patio seating.

Yendi Escamilla Palma

La Chatelaine is a nice option in Historic Dublin to have an affordable breakfast, nothing exceptional. The location is simple but pretty, which make the meal more enjoyable. I like the assortment of pastries, however I always choose the pain au chocolate which is good most of the time.

Ali Alqazzaz

The best cake u had it's so delicious

Frank Lee

A very cozy restaurant for lunch, dinner, or just coffee and pastries.

Sara Goerlitz

So good! All was delicious.

Phyllis Nichols

Great patio. It's a nice place and food is good. Please know that the menu isn't extensive but everything I've had here was delicious.

teresa kelly

Not worth the cost or calories.

Yasemin C. Sezgin

Cozy atmosphere completed with a fireplace.

McKell Swain

Amazing food, great service, and very nice atmosphere!

Amina Sankoh

Beautiful venue, i would recommend sitting outdoors when the weather is permissible. I only ordered a couple desserts.. the chocolate cake, flan and a croissant, to go. The sweets weren't as sweet as you would expect, but still satisfying. Fairly priced. Will be back to try to the food soon. Staff is also very polite.

Ithaca Court

I can't wait to be in this neighborhood again! I'm in love with their croissants, but they have a large selection of other goodies that seem just as irresistible. I had the Croque Monsieur, which was beautiful. The service was spectacular as well, reminding you that each item was delicious.

Eudy ramirez

Good place to have a pleasant date

Nathan Beer

Whenever I travel to or through Columbus, I have to make a stop here to pick up some fresh baked bread. Their rolls are always delicious, and if your timing is right, you can even get a few loaves of bread fresh from the oven. I highly recommend it even if just stopping for bread (as I do) or wanting to have a bite to eat.

Sarah Weaver

Holy yum buckets. Please do yourself a favor and have lunch here and pick up a pastry for your sweetheart while you're at it.

Kendra Wilt

Loved the Beignet I had there!

Judy Lewis

The food was excellent and the service was excellent!!! I was part of a 5 person grouping. Two of us got there early and the manager graciously let us get our drinks but we did not have to pay at that moment. We arrived late afternoon when the restaurant was not busy. They answered many questions for us as well. The gratin macaroni fromage was excellent! We had a nice quiet room to celebrate a special event for our family. We will definitely return!

Jen Christie

One of my favorite places for French onion soup. Excellent bakery. Very cute place. Phenomenal service for years in Columbus at all locations.

Caitie Foley

The beignets are absolutely phenomenal! I have been craving them all pregnancy and was finally able to enjoy them. This location has some of the kindest staff. Highly recommend this location.


Great, friendly service and amazing food - you can't go wrong with a single thing on the menu. My personal favorites are the Croque Monsieur and the Gratin Macaroni Fromages.

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