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REVIEWS OF Koko Bakery IN Ohio

Hayden Thompson

If you're hanging it in downtown Cleveland, this is the place to get sweets, bowls and sandwiches. one if the best places to get a great lunch or quick bite

bonita bright

Im only giving 4 stars, not because it was bad. The deserts are awsome, the food itself is not very flavorful nor good really. The staff was very accommodating and friendly. Please go and have coffee and after dinner yummies.

Hanneh Hope-Taogoshi

Delicious everything. Fresh made daily. Best bubba tea around!

Jarren Cristales

Amazing Chinese bakery. Come early in the morning for fresh buns! Many GF options, that use rice flour. Small lunch menu available too!

Michelle Rogers-Wertz

Stopped in on a recent trip to Cleveland with a friend. I had seen reviews for the bakery and wanted to try it out. I was not disappointed. The owner was very friendly and nice. They had a great selection of buns and sweets. The buns are soft and delicious! My friend and I both had a fruit flan while there and it was creamy and yummy. The bubble tea was good as well, I will definitely be back whenever I am in Cleveland!

michael filly

Great bakery in midtown/Asia Town that serves fresh daily made pastries & baked items including buns of many different varieties. Also many beverages including bubble tea.


I have been going to Koko Bakery for almost ten years now, and I love it. It's been wonderful watching them grow from old fashioned poster menus on the walls to screen menus and get recognition with our local news. I personally love getting the buns and bubble tea the most, but everything I've ever had there has been delicious. Attached I have a picture of the buns, and I will try to add some of the pastries and cakes later. They also have steamed hot buns, bowls (like teriyaki and rice) and coffee, smoothies, cakes, breads, cookies and more. We got one of their mango fruit cakes for my graduation years ago and it was the best cake I'd ever had! The whole family loved it. I have taken so many friends and family here, and will continue to be a customer for as long as they're in business.

Deidre Cutts

Delicious food

Mary Sickle

Honestly, this place is one my favorite places in Cleveland. The staff is always nice, and both the food, and the drinks, here are fantastic.

Stephanie Rae Thompson

Delicious. Airy. Savory or sweet. Thank you Google for helping me find me things.


Desserts are amazing, a ton of flavors for bubble tea. Get there for all the amazing buns they have as well

Judith Wertheim

Love their baked goods and chinese buns.


Nice cozy little bakery. Tasty tea, cakes, breads and buns. Mango cake is delicious.

Sean Sammons

Love this place! Great selection,great food. I love the pastries and the bubble tea is phenomenal

Joshua Perez

Wonderful baked goods and pastries. Always fresh and always delicious. I love their kiwi smoothie and hotdog buns!

Nancy Naujoks

Very busy today, but staff was quick and efficient. Buns were great as usual, but my bubble tea could have been better. Boba was too mushy, and tea had very little ice.

Sourini Nath

One of the best bakery in Cleveland. I ordered Fruit flavored birthday cake. The quality was awesome.They have good collection daily made fresh buns.

Ryan Morris

The best Chinese bakery in northern Ohio! Highly recommend the savory buns as well as their specialty cakes! It is worth every penny!

mike moritz

Nice buns!

Deborah Saddler

Great food, fast service.


I drive almost an hour just to visit this bakery. The baked goods are always so fresh and absolutely delicious. Last time I was there I also tried ordering a sandwich and bubble tea. I highly suggest the blueberry bubble tea, it was my favorite. And the sandwich was much bigger than I thought it would be. It was also really good. Make sure you get there early because they sell out of many of the baked goods by the middle of the day.


Asian bakery in Cleveland's Asiatown offering a variety of baked products such as filled buns both sweet or savory as well as a wide assortment of bubble tea flavors.

Tyra Simpson

I dont stop by often, but when i do, the macarons are my go to. So delicious. The place is usually busy but they get to me quickly and with the correct order. Friendly employees

Tom Morgan

A neighborhood hot spot. Nothing pretentious, just good Asian/Korean quick meals and pastries/desserts. Our daughter scoped it out for our trip west as a pit stop. Glad she found it.

Dawn Martynowski

Every time I go the food is amazing! The staff is friendly and helpful. There is something for everyone here for and drinks and they have free wifi! I think everyone should try this place at least once for them self.

Anyun Chatterjee

Good Thai tea, not so great coffee roll

Maeko Walker

I absolutely love this place a variety of items unique items and great pricing


I absolutely adore this spot. The employees are consistently lovely and their treats and drinks are fantastic. Before I lived in Cleveland, I would come out of my way to stop by every time I was in town. Now that I live nearby, I have to try to resist the constant call of their pastries and milk teas to save my bank account, lest I spend every dime here. I recommend the honeydew milk tea with boba (sorry in advance for your new addiction).

Lindsay Andrews

I'm glad I finally went to Koko Bakery today. I've been missing Hippo Bakery ever since I moved, but Koko has most every type of pastry/ bread that I'm regularly looking for in an Asian bakery. They also have a lunch menu currently featuring sandwiches and donburi, as well as Taiwanese sticky rice. Smoothies, bubble tea, ice cream and shaved ice with a good selection of toppings are also available. My sandwich was delicious and only $6.95; the sweet potato fries could have been crisper, but the flavor was on point; and the pastries are tasty and baked just right. In general the prices are cheaper than I would have expected, but the quality is still excellent. Koko Bakery wil definitely become a regular stop for me when I'm in Midtown.

Mary S.

Great food, drinks, staff, and atmosphere! I'd argue it's a great secret of Cleveland!


Pretty frickin sweet, ngl

Ash Khla

Another good asian bakery. Almost everything here is delicious. Price is higher than those at bad bakeries but very reasonable considering the quality. I don't really have any complaint about this store.

Carson Crosley

Great vakery items but wish there was more of a selection in the afternoon/ end of the day


Koko bakery is very nice.I gave it 5 stars. because besides being super cute and clean.I was able to get my daughter that turned 16 the cake she wanted.The cake was delicious ,beautiful,and not super sweet just perfect.She also had a bubble tea which was amazing..They also have other bakery stuff and chairs and tables to sit down.While we where there a lot of people came in to buy their delicious desserts.Also some enjoy them at the bakery.Very good atmosphere. Here is a picture of the cake.

Anthony Markgraf

Treats are amazing!!! Fairly priced as well, highly recommend!

Melvin Fair

Great place

Brandon Evans

Love the coconut buns

Desiree Rivera

Very nice clean bakery and yummy pastry

Katie Elizabeth

One of my favorite places for bubble tea and amazing pastry. Can't beat the fresh made buns!

Elena Sanchez

I am addicted to their taro smoothie. It is so tasty that i rarely get something different. I also really enjoy the breakfast buns with egg and turkey. Everything tastes super fresh and there is usually a pretty wide variety of pastries unless you go very late in the day. Great for breakfast, lunch, midday snacks. The smoothies are a great alternative to morning coffee!

Chris StJohn

Bakery items are fantastic

Jared Blakesmith

The best and freshest Chinese buns that I've yet found in the Cleveland area! The variety both the buns and bubble-teas are great. My wife and I visit on a near weekly basis.

Crystal S

We stop every time we go to Cleveland, because the baked goods are beautiful and delicious

Dillan Pilcher

Pretty sure this place gave me the runs. I can't say 100 % so that's why they get 2 stars and not 1

Robert Lee

Do yourself a favor and order through uber eats or grubhub to spare yourself any unnecessary interaction with the actual location. The food itself is pretty good there's a nice selection of buns and flavors. I've had the tilapia rice bowl and it was fresh rice/veggies cooked perfect and the fish well seasoned and cooked great. The desserts can be a tad pricey for the portion but they are very tasty and worth a try.

Nadine Heart

I love the vibe here. It is trendy, but relaxing. The beef curry buns are the best! The creamy milk buns have a sweet custard-like filling. It is sweet AND savory. For $10.50 my daughter and I both had three buns and a drink each. The girls who work the counter are sweet and friendly.

Ashley Kiss

Great bubble teas and the coconut bun is amazing!

Gloria Faith

Delicious, fresh. Very affordable! Best boba tea around too!

Shari Lynch

Never had cheese foam, but I was pleasantly surprised. And the little beef triangles(kinda like samosas) things in the warmer by the door were awesome !!

Jonathan Wickham

Has a wide array of different pastry items. All of the items I tried were delicious. None of which were too sweet. They also have bubble tea which is delicious as well. Would highly recommend Koko’s!

Jean Feng

Perfect place to study and hang out with friends! It rarely gets loud and the employees are fast and efficient with delivery of the food! Honestly, the bubble tea has gotten a lot better over the years. My favorite is the rose bubble tea. No other rose tea can compare to the rose tea at Koko's!


I love coming to this bakery and getting buns and breads. Decently large selection of bubble tea flavors as well. Worth the visit if in the area.

Randy Cham

Awesome bubble tea and great pastry selections. Try the BBQ pork bun and BBQ pastry,

Anne Evans

This bakery has amazing pastries and great Taiwanese shaved ice. It has a warm, welcoming environment. This is one of my favorite bakeries in Cleveland. Try the chocolate mousse and the coconut cranberry roll. You won't regret it!

L Cooper

Love this place! Bubble tea and buns. My daughter loves the chocolate mousse.

Christine Crites

This is the first legitimate Asian bakery I’ve found in years. Their buns and egg tarts are delicious!

Camilo Mohar

Great place for sweets and coffeee. The prices are very reasonable. Great board games for kids.

Lindsey Carrick

Lots of options you can grab quick on the go. Have sweet and savory food. Loved the ham and egg bun. Also tried some of the desserts and liked those too. Place was busy and seemed clean inside.

Kathy Lam

I tetxt the manager order cake give them 4hrs. When i came pick up the manager give me bad attitude said in f words in chinese. She thought i dont know chínese. Never order here

Christa Kondraciuk

A great selection of baked goods completely unique from a typical bakery. The bubble tea is some of the best I've ever had and the pastries always look (and taste) wonderful.

Juli Chiara

Best Chinese bakery in Cleveland. Great bubble tea. When i come, i buy every hotdog bun they have as they are my kids' favorite. I've had custom cakes made here and they are always delicious and beautiful.

Brent Miller

Bun with cream and covered in coconut

David Barens

Some extremely great sweets and buns can be found here. Come early as the sweets and buns are made fresh daily and when they are sold out, they are sold out. Great smoothies too!

Nikki Thorn

Kokos Bakery is amazing. Wonderful bubble tea, great food, and fresh buns made several times a day. This place is such a wonderful place to visit.

Dani Joseph

Very delicious but usually pretty busy! Get there early!

Tuan Nguyen

The bakery has great veriety of cakes anf pies. Plus they have tea, Korean shaved ice!!

Elizabeth Flores

good place! will come back.

jenna loraine

I absolutely love this place! I go there every weekend. It's clean, cute and the staff are so friendly. The desserts are perfect, they're not to sweet and always fresh. The bubble tea and smoothies are also so good and the bbq and curry pastries and buns are excellent! I recommend to anyone!


Great tea and wide selection of buns, definitely check this place out

Phuong D.

Great selection of Taiwanese pastries. Excellent quality. Affordable price. Friendly customer service. Definitely recommended

Ibrahim Wahdan

Good food but I'm never sure if they charge correctly either way it's still cheap and good

Katherine Sonnenberg

Great array of sweet and savory buns, bubble teas, cakes and breads. I love their red bean and milk buns, and the bbq pork buns. Definitely worth a visit, everything is fresh and well priced!

Merrell Sheehan

Wow ... they have my baked pork buns that I lived on growing up in Oakland, CA. Lots of other types of baked buns.

Lauren Tomlinson

Stopped by for bubble tea and really loved this bakery. All of the baked goods were cute to look at and the taro buns we got were still warm from the oven. We had a really good visit and will definitely come back

Ch Pman

This is a very lovely bakery. If you love Asian baked goods this is definitely the place for you. I had three different pastries from here an all of them were fabulous. If I lived close by I'd shop here daily. If you are a fan of boba tea they have a wide selection of teas and flavors. The different items there aren't to expensive either. Overall the only issue i could find was the small size of the place.

wayhow lu

Nice spot to get real Asian bakery breads and steam buns. They even have rice wrapped in leafs. Very fresh bread

Mieko Fujimoto

Breads are good, however the workers are not friendly at all. They are almost rude.

ethen weekley

Always the BEST bubble tea and buns! The GREATEST way to start any day. Love Koko Bakery

Brian Ana

Try the curry bun!

Caitlin Mitchell-Lee

The Taro bubble tea smoothie hit the spot!! Tasted just like I remember and was perfect.

Emily palmer

My friends and I love this place! Is a cute little bakery, they make almost all their pasteries fresh daily. Prices are very good and they also serve bubble tea and some more savory things.

Kourtney W

Fantastic boba! Quick and delicious.

luubao nguyen

Love the selections of sweet goodies. Must try the coco cake. Bubble tea can be addicted.

Nicholas Husni

This is the best bubble tea in Cleveland in my opinion. It's not quite as good as the shops around my condo in Flushing New York, but it's really very good, and the freshness of the bubbles is always great. The bakery items are very good as well. They also have many lunch options, such as rice bowls with chicken katsu that are delicious. It's also locally-owned.

Xavier Langford

They have tasty pastries and the fresh fruit tea cup was delicious. Their bubbles in the bubble tea leave much to be desired.

Igor Rutkovskiy

Bubble tea average customer service terrible after my order got mixed up.


Such great customer service! Treated me and my friends with respect, and answered all of our questions.

Matthew Richardson

Koko is a delightful little bakery in Cleveland's Asia Town area. While they have lots of delicious sweets to offer, my favorite options are the savory buns. I particularly liked the pork floss buns and the curry beef pastries. Be sure to get there early in the day before all the buns have been bought. They also serve many flavors of bubble tea. Recommended!


The few times I've went everything was great! The location is a little small so I'd plan to visit during non-peak hours. The bakery case is my weakness and I can easily walk out with a few bags of pastries. Also the vegetarian teriyaki rice bowl was super good the last time we ordered it!! Custom cakes are pricey though. That's my only negative about here.

Liao CY

I really enjoy the bubble tea, the original one. The Asian style cupcake is especially good... Taste just like the one I have in Taiwan.

Patricia Lesti

This little bakery shop is awesome. What they do with fruit everything is made with the highest quality ingredients. Yum I was at Koko Bakery on Saturday September 22, 2018 I love this little shop

Some Guy

Tasty pastries and bubble tea. My daughter and I frequently this place for those two things.

Robert Freiberg

Fresh is an understatement. Had wonderful pastries and an awesome milk tea. Worth your visit.

Mrs Chambers

The kids love the bubble smoothies

Jesse L

Unique bakery with a broad range of different Asian food. My only complaint was that the pork and beef buns were lukewarm and even in the “heated” container, they were the same room temperature.. I feel like they would have tasted great if they were warm.

Chris Chappell

This is a great place to grab amazing buns, donuts, coffee, tea, and food. Everything here is made fresh and the people are very friendly!

You Know

Kinda expensive.

CMB sellshomes

One of my all-time favorite bakeries. The dough bakes up light & fluffy with lots of combinations of savory buns. The bakery case is full of delicious sweets, and they have excellent coffee and tea.

Wynter Noelle

The food and the drinks are delicious! A little expensive but worth it!

Kathy Haddad

Best bubble tea in town—perfect texture/amount of tapioca

Beverly Slager

Great buns

Michelle Mismas

A cute little Korean bakery. They have a wide selection of sweet and savory buns and pastries, and a decadent array of beautiful dessert options. I love to grab a box of sesame cookies from the self of breads and cookies and a sweet treat. They also serve bubble tea and shaved ice. I would suggest going earlier in the day for the best options. The buns are usually all but gone by 7pm.

Joe Morganti

Lovely little Bakery when things are fresh there always better.

Frank Mancini

They got it all! Great Asian bakery, drinks, and a terrific new restaurant ajacent. Loved it!

Micheal Shaw

This place is absolutely amazing! Wish I lived closer!

Javae Brown

Pastries are delicious, quick service and a lot of options. Love it

Kenneth Wong

Good food & pleasant wait staff.


They open at 9am but they didn't have any of the products out until 9:35am.

Ann Vaughn

Come here for the hest bubble/boba tea and quality bakery sweets and treats!

Treasure Byrge

This bakery never disappoints! Great prices and great food.

Brian Huntley

Diamond in the rough, highly recommend this bakery, must see if you're close by or worth the drive if your not. Must see. Great coffee too.

Sai lee

pricing is not consistant with what is posted. I dont recommend this place.

Allison Papp

My favorite place for bubble tea. Always friendly and fast service. And their Bakery is to die for

Janette Moran

I ❤ Koko Bakery! If I can, I try to go everyday! EVERYTHING I have ever tried is deliciously crafted, and bursting with flavor! Milk Bun, Macarons, Coconut bubble tea, and pork buns are MUST haves! See you tomorrow


Koko Bakery is amazing! This place has quickly become one of my favorite spots when visiting Cleveland. Never had something that didn't taste fantastic.

Rachel B

Good Asian market bakery. Always fresh pastries with staples like milk, red bean, and taro buns. They have a variety of loaves and teas. They also have a refrigerated cakes with decent cool desserts like mousse and cheesecake. The downside is that they seem to frequently overcharge us, never fails that something rings up incorrectly and I don't see it until I get home. They are always out of everything by evening on a Friday or Saturday which seems like poor planning because they still have business buying the pastries and expressing dismay that nothing is available.

Sarah Schwab

Great, authentic Asian pastries.

Lamar Miller

I love kokos, im a long time customer now and i am never disappointed by the dessert and food options here. I love the cakes, the buns, the tea, the food. Its always good here and something worth bragging about. They have deserts that you want to show to your friends and its always photo worthy.

Bernadette Chua-McCune

Great Singaporean Chinese bakery!

Michael Kinkopf

Absolutely the best bubble tea in Cleveland. Amazing selection of drinks and various rolls, I recommend the Red Bean rolls and Bubble Tea. Great prices and service. They recently opened a more sit down meal place next door called Koko Cafe that you should also check out!

Nicole Slaw

If I'm in Cleveland and looking for tea and sweets to go with it, this is the place I go. The boba is on point and all of their baked goods to date have been excellent. My favorite is the pineapple bun. Must try!

Aaron Rapport

Every year for our anniversary they make us the same cake. I don't like most cake but Koko cakes are amazing! Their cookies and pastries are out of this world. Our wedding cake was so good that none was left. A pretty good and quick lunch too!

Ramona Montello

Bubble pomegranate drink and almond cookies were great!

Michael Bay

Amazing sweets beverages and treats.

Patricia Strobel

Try something new every time you go here. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Edward Clarke

Delicious food and spacious dining.Yummy...... They made very tasty birthday cake.

Robert Kautz

The pastries were awesome... Busy place!

Jeff Pierce

Great Hong Kong style treats. Cocktail buns, pineapple buns, egg tarts, and milk tea. We are coming back here often!

Safaldeep Kaur

Loved their new fruit tea...all the fruits we're fresh and good nothing like too sour or bitter... I really enjoy getting it during my school...!

Stephen Sanders

Great service, pastries, bubble tea/smoothie selection, and atmosphere.

Kevin Bogdanowicz

So good and so many options! Highly recommend!

Leah Bencivengo

I’ve been coming here since I was a little girl. Their bubble tea is great and the pastries are awesome! Reasonably priced and they have a great selection. The bbq pork buns are my favorite!

Keith Richards

Just wonderful everything taste great

Holly Foster

Get there early or the case will be bare! Never a bad experience.

Chumly Fernando

Food is amazing, bubble tea is awesome, and prices are crazy for the portions. 6/5 come thru. They also have Vegan options

Timothy Wise

Awesome little cafe! We stopped to get Boba tea and they have an awesome type of boba that are more like gummies than popping boba! Super delicious, also had an awesome raspberry mousse! Very quick service and inexpensive!

SUE Brook

Amazing onion bread. Great service and everything is always fresh. New pastries all the time. Good for lunch or snack

Christy Sholes

If I'm in the area, I always make sure to stop here. The sweet and savory buns are all phenomenal - you can't go wrong! They also have a wide variety of boba teas, so make sure you order a drink, as well.

robin kirner

Always have to visit Koko bakery when we are in the neighborhood

Eric Mathew

I'm fron New York . And wen I came to Ohio I was looking for a place to get boba tea after a couples of places I found the one. There bake good are made freshly and they are so tasty.. I recommend it 100%.. oh and staff is okay.

Jack Schaeffer

Cute little bakery with excellent bubble tea.

A Dee

Best Chinese bakery in town.. give it a delicious try

jonathon rogers

The heavy doughnut, good stuff

Bob Rothschild

Great buns at fair prices.

Michael Ross

Very friendly, great selection. Bubble tea was a little watery - tasted weak.

Jon Dagata

Katsu sandwiches are yummy. Love the peanut butter bun.

Selim Öz

I think they have a good variety of baked goods and the prices were good as well. I would go there every other day if I had lived in Cleveland.

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