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2424 E Main St, Bexley, OH 43209, United States

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REVIEWS OF Kittie’s Cafe IN Ohio

Kevin Kennedy

Love their drinks, a nice light lunch available here as well, and after 10 drinks you get one free so if you make this a frequent stop it's well worth it.

Sami Cummins

Ashley James

Tiffany Powell-Casey

Heather E. Williams

Kevin Pikovnik

Quaint, cute and DAMN the food was good! Juniper cold brew was incredible, as was the breakfast sandwich. Tight seating arrangement indoors but tons available outside, just too cold today! Parking is either right behind or abundantly available on the street to the side, front and rear of this great little cafe. Wish more places went cash free, definitely something we appreciated!

Taylour Hoyt

Would have loved to try Kittie's, but unfortunately, they don't except cash? Maybe they'll change their policy soon so others including myself can enjoy their business.

shanti ashe

To small ..not enough seating!

Wendy Young



The barristas are all really nice and well trained. The food that they offer is extremely well done and it is amazing at everything that is made in house!


Mitchell Delap

Leandra Carlyle

Tara Hill

Wonderful treats and service

Brittani Rable

Would be so much better if they weren't getting rid of their only nut-free, dairy-free milk alternative. Makes it really hard for someone with two of the most common food allergies (dairy and nuts) to enjoy.

David McCarty

Awesome drinks and food. Love your local...stop by the bookstore too!

Rengasayee Veeraraghavan

J gman

Mark Wallace

A nice, small coffee shop not far from Capital University. I had a coffee and their maple buttermilk sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich, and it was top quality! It had the perfect amount of maple flavor, not overpowering at all. All you could bite through the sandwich like a hot knife through warm butter. If I were a student at Capital I would definitely stop here between classes!

Nick Joyce-Houghton

Chelsea Tanksley

Richard morcus

Louise Baranczyk

We thought we'd make it a Sunday ritual to have coffee here, having just discovered the place. It's no short commute for us either. But we were quite pleased with their coffees. To our surprise, it was closed at 2pm, not at 5pm as advertised. That's 3 hours early. Not because of an emergency or some misfortune, which is understandable. But because of an employee's birthday party. A business advertises itself as open til 5, but calls it a day and closes 3 hours early?! We didn't appreciate driving in crappy winter weather and wasting gas to find out it's a hit or miss game with the hours. Apparently some businesses can afford to lose customers.

Craig Comedy

The barista said their Cinnamon Roll won "best in Columbus." I had no idea their is such an award. However, after eating it -and I am connoisseur - I understand why it is number one! The bread is fresh, and the ingredients are superb!. In addition, my coffee was excellent and so was the service.

Corrinne Defilippi

Tony Tanner

Everyone here is great. Perfect little patio. Stumptown isn't my first choice for coffee, but it beats the tar out of Starbucks and the espresso is pulled perfect everytime. I love supporting local businesses. Highly recommend.

Brady Todaro

Robert Messerly

Coffee superb, cinnamon rolls yum!

Michael Hess

Bekah Mewhirter

Markkus Brown

Had the maple buttermilk biscuit with sausage and egg and it was good.

Matthew Petek

Mike Waclo

Excellent pastries and coffee! I highly recommend the Nashville Hoodie - a latte with vanilla and spicy honey.

Phillip Clapham

Very friendly service and a nice little coffee shop, but I just wasn't very impressed at all with the coffee for the price.

Gidi hazan

S.O. Riley

AMAZING spot in Bexley! The ladies that own Kittie's pour their hearts and lives into their delicious product and an enjoyable experience they work so hard to offer the people of Columbus. You can just tell the moment you meet either owner or their lovely skilled team...I haven't even touched the incredible flavors and quality of all their bounty. It's simply a slice of heaven**. **Footnote: mac·chi·a·to ˌmäkēˈädō/ noun espresso with a dash of frothy steamed milk. I noticed a "1" star and an awful review after one experience that sadly is mostly this angry individuals fault for not asking questions first (I always want to know what I am ordering if it hasn't been spelled out to me- which sometimes wil happen in this crazy world) makes me wonder about your character and intentions. Read all the other reviews people there's a reason for ALL of the other 5 stars.

Amanda Morris

Kittie’s is a gem in this city. The food, the coffee...all amazing. The customer service is also A+. After just a few visits they knew my name and now greet me personally when I visit. Today, I came by a little early and they let me in without batting an eye. An awesome local business. Go, Kittie’s!

Matthew Dakus

Cold brew was delicious, as were the baked goods!

Elyana Frazier

Its a cute little place to have have coffee or hot chocolate it has so much to choose from! Its a nice place to relax I'm going again today!


Up until today I would have given them a 3 or 4 rating, but today I walked in with my 3 kids to grab a quick treat and tried to pay with a $20. I was told that Kittie's has gone cashless and they would not accept my money. I guess this is the equivalent level of embarrassment one would feel having a card decline? Nonetheless try explaining to a bunch of 6-10 year olds that mommy can't buy cookies for $8 because they won't take her money... I am curious who they think they are serving considering they are right next to the library and in the neighborhood where children could walk to their location to get some treats. The guy behind the counter said they just adopted this policy a few months ago and I strongly encourage the owners to reconsider the policy in the future. I think this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I legit thought he was screwing with me at first. What a dumb policy.

Erik Bjornard


Called Germain Village location, closed on Monday and Tuesday but prerecorded message DIDN'T SAY THAT. Went to web site for cake ideas NOTHING. Won't be using this bakery. WASTED GIFT CARD

Lorenzo Fobbs

They have the best cinnamon roll in the city, and they like dogs

Liam Bruce

Dustin Brentlinger

Always great coffee and treats

Yanliang Chen

Benjamin Van Treese

Delicious, great people, great atmosphere. Recommended!

Oretha Currie

Mark Ellis

Senay Daniel

They have good coffee and food, but I don’t understand the idea of not taking cash. I feel like this is way to keep outsiders (minorities) away. I was very disappointed! Hopefully they change their policy so everyone can enjoy their service.

Lori Dickerson

Wonderful place. Better than Starbucks any day.

Soledad Nilo

Tina L

Kimberly Speranza

Carrie Garlock

Yolanda Owens

Stopped in on Thursday (1/17/19) to get a treat after having lunch with a friend for her birthday. There was a group of three ladies in front of us who had seemingly already placed their orders. My friend and I stood there at the counter for a little more than five minutes awaiting acknowledgment. We walked out with nothing.

Ben Dunson

Caprese sandwich is craveworthy.

Sorina Bradea

Matthew Ellis

Great coffee and pastries. Connects to a book store too

Shadow Itzel

Great service here and the food is amazing there were somewhat a lot of people but I received my food very quickly

Aries Lifestyle

Cynthia Mendenhall

Breakfast cake??? Oh my! Yes! Yes! Yes! Highly recommend!

jose shadah

Nathan Libertowski

The hot chocolate and coffee were very good. Also I would recommend the breakfest samwhiches

Stephanie Pikovnik

Delicious food and coffee. Definitely worth a try! There isn't much space to sit but we lucked out. I would definitely go early to beat the crowd.

Stephanie Smith

Allison Collins

Ginger Bruce

Great coffee. Try their hot honey in your latte.

Kathryn Poe

Debbie Gillum

I found my macchiato to be overpriced. The employee at that register explained they serve a traditional macchiato which she said is espresso and steamed milk. I was confused why she told me this because I know what a macchiato is. (It means marked in Italian and refers to the espresso being on top of the drink versus under the steamed milk.) She clarified that some people think it comes with caramel and it doesn't. I waited a few minutes for my drink and then the barista set a 2oz cup, like the size of a cup you'd use for mouthwash on the counter. I was surprised that I had paid $3 for such a small portion. If I had known the size of the drink I wouldn't have ordered it. I wish the size of the drink had been communicated to me or mentioned on the menu. That's what bothered me most.

Jason Sweazy

Friendly staff with good coffee. They brew Stumptown Coffee.

Raymond DeMay

Fantastic bakery with some great treats. They really do have the best cinnamon roll in Columbus. Stumptown coffee is served here which is definitely a plus as well.


Kittie's is awesome! Reasonably priced coffee, really delicious food, and very kind and helpful service. The Everything Biscuit with Egg is incredible! Very cute interior, plus they play great music. All around a pretty solid place.

Aaron Serfass

This location offers imaginative coffee drinks and a tasty brunch menu. They offer alcoholic drinks as well! The store has a modern and relaxed feel with a small covered patio, and is attached to a bookstore. Since this is Main street in Bexley, parking is on street and limited. The Bexley library across Main St has a bike rack, if you're comfortable moving your bike across the street.

Hannah Weiss

thoughtful and attentive staff... I highly suggest the baked oatmeal

Crystal Shaw

Haley Burgason

Justin Hazley

Meticulously designed menu. Perfect portion sizes. Eccelectic choices. The cinnamon roll wont disappoint!

Abby Draper

The cinnamon rolls are delicious. However, the chai is the worst I've ever had and the lavendar latte has no hint of lavendar at all. I was excited to try a local place, but the coffee is really bad and really overpriced :(

josh sixner

A touch small, mostly to-go stuff. Their breakfast sandwiches are pretty incredible though. My favorite cinnamon rolls in town. I'm not a coffee aficionado but I enjoy it.

Cheyenne Clark

Absolutely adore this place. It’s a bit small but has a lovely open atmosphere and delicious offerings. The juniper cold brew and maple biscuit breakfast sandwich are my favorites! The nashville hoodie latte is a close second, and they’ve also got seasonal offerings and yummy pastries and cupcakes. I love going here and browsing the book store next door, it always makes for a nice time.

Justin Horoiwa

Pranav Rajan

Only one type of coffee, Unfortunately no WiFi, food was good, and I really liked the bookstore connected to the cafe

Robert Patton

Get a delicious snack, coffee, tea drink, or even cocktail! Everyone has something to like here.

Tea-cup war-lock

The ice coffee is lovely <3,And I will go there again.

Estalee Martin

They have a wonderful caprese Sammie on their lunch menu!

Jamison Philippi

WOW ! The quality of espresso is amazing. One of the bests I’ve had in the country. Very smooth.

Alex Boskovic

The place is clean and nice. Good food. Good coffee. They will treat you great as long as you look like white suburbia. They don't like outsiders.

Luke Cassidy

Beth Littman

Have a no laptop policy. Understand why but is frustrating when they are empty on a Sunday morning and you want to get work done. Subpar to decent drinks and food ($$) Cash Register (Square) breaks and takes 7 minutes to get change + time to make drinks

Nolan Harshaw

Bob B

They have a awesome breakfast sandwich, everything biscuit with egg and cheese and they have this pepper infused Honey that is incredible!

Shaun Barber



Kevin Sosa

Loved their cinnamon rolls!

Emily Ishmael

Great coffee and relaxing atmosphere. Not to mention the amazing pastries and breakfast sammie.

Paige Gullett

Excellent breakfast scones and coffee. The cupcakes are pricy but so very good. Go earlier rather than later, they sell out of everything except drinks. The main bakery in German village does all the baking and it is delivered fresh each morning so when it is gone, it's gone. A great addition to Main Street.

Marianna Wells

Derek Anderson

Cute little coffee shop with awesome scones! Would recommend the cheddar bacon scone.

Emily Moran

Great snacks and coffee! And the baristas are super friendly and know what they are doing!

Mary Jane Stuhldreher

Adam Crites

Erin Knox

Great coffee and great people. You gotta try the fig and goat cheese scone!

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