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2267 Cooper Foster Park Rd, Amherst, OH 44001, United States

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REVIEWS OF Kiedrowski's Simply Delicious Bakery IN Ohio

Iris Townsend

Omg...omg I never try it this delicious definitely delicious thing cant remember the name is a weird name but this pastry is just to die for is like a Danish it got some type of cream cheese inside is long and you really need to cut a in pieces it cost 3 dollars anyway any one visiting that town area or just go for a little trip that way should stop at this bakery so far the little trip we did it was just worth try this such delicious pastry well we just love see my husband had a chritmas little party at the bank where he work and that was one of the pastry that the company he ask around where he could find then and boy oh boy we did find then travel from Cleveland heights just to this place very nice people very polite they even tell us how to pronounce the name of it and I cant remembered right now but the mos important things is thats one of the pastry that its most sell during the day every with that said who ever goes there won't missed it at all go and try it you will see what I'm saying if you love this type of even ours daughters love them I bought enough for them too shares and they were fighting for it..incredible but true its just that delicious..Iris.they will see us again.... and again..soon.

britt jones

Best donuts I've found in Ohio. Fast and good bakery. Just found the glazed croissants are better than the donuts!!!

Chuck Murray

Yummy in my tummy. The best plus very cool tee shirt. Nice folks. Great treats.

Clint Smith

Great bakery. Huge selection of great baked goods. You have to try the Snoogle.

Joe Desatnik

Great place Home of the famous pastery the Snoogle also love the day olds only $1.50 a bag and they are just as good as the freshly baked!

Karalynne Vitas

The best bakery in the US! Can even bake gluten free for my husband.

Michael R.

Karen is the best! I gave her a rough idea of what I wanted and she nailed it!!

Kristy Somerville

Snoogles it's the only thing you'll need, they're like fluffy,sweet melt in your mouth pieces of heaven

Fred Lozano

Absolute gem of a bakery. Definitely get a snoogle. Also take home some lady locks

Laurey M.

Simply delicious!!

Libby H

Delicious! Love the homemade pierogis.

Debbie Siss

I was so pleased because they stopped & made me a cookie tray without advance notice. That was very nice of them to do that for me.

Destiny West

The sweets are so very delicious, I only been here one time and if I am ever in the area again I will definitely stop by again.

Sherri Rice

Cake was good but there was no custard in the middle of the Cassada cake

Heather Skodney

Simply delicious.... I LOVE the Snoogles! They also make very good Cakes!

Brian Lindsey

Delicious baked goods! Great service!

Theresa Bihn

All I can say is,,, YUMMMMMMMMMM!

Eric Lundberg

Gotta get the Snoogles and the Glazed Croissants but get there early.

Kenn Petersen

Great products, friendly staff

anthony cipra

One of the things I miss most since leaving Ohio! Never a disappointment.

Linda Kohout

The best bakery in Lorain County. I've been going there since I was a little kid. Visiting from the Florida Keys. Snoogles are the best. Just saying.


Fresh baked & Delicious bakery goods! Snoogles are their Signature pastry!

Amanda Rose

Always amazing love everything there

laura cser

Great bakery. Loved the snoogles

Karen SiZer

Stood in line Fat Tuesday. Pleasant, had accordion players and woman dressed in traditional Polish dress. Delicious and we'll worth the wait.

Tessa H

I’ve been going here for about 5 years, and I truly feel they have the best desserts!!

Stephen Blake

It's a small bakery that sells mainly sweet potatoes and donuts. I went there for their Snoogles. These are fantastic pastries that will always make you eat too much!

Art Straub

I love going here the pastries and donuts are delicious especially the lady locks.

Mark Heinowski

I love this place. They have the best bread and pastries. If you stop here for any kind of baked good- get a Snoogle!! It truly is “Simply Delicious”.

David Wobser

Only place for snoogles. The best tasting food that isn't chocolate.

Teresa Gajkowski

Great pastry! Love the snoogles!

Jacqui Anders Bailey

Great food, really nice family, ethnic atmosphere

Tim Terrell

Picked up 2 nut rolls and they were delicious full of nuts

Sherman Simms

Yes Yes Yes! We will be back. Awesome

Rich Toth

OMG. PLEASE come to this bakery, your eyes will go crazy, Your taste buds will want to try , one of each of the goodies, your eyes stare at. This pastry is all home made. Not store bought. But I have 1 warning., YOU WILL RETURN!!! so buy what your eyes tell you. Take it home, Get your coffee or tea ready. Then open the box enjoy to your hearts content. What a way to end a stressful day. MMMMMMMMMM

William Watson

The best bakery ever!!

Lauren Melee

The snoogles are legit! I’ve moved out of Lorain County but when I come back I have to get some. They even have a polka player outside sometimes. This place is just pure magic.

Lindsay Lewandowski

Hands down the best pastries, especially the paczki and snoogles, of course. Fantastic family and fantastic food.

Mayra Latorre

I am obsessed with this place! So amazing! Wish they were closer to me.

Michelle Conine

Very friendly staff. The snoodles are WONDERFUL! Thank you for taking the time to tell us your history. We had a great experience

Allyson Young

Very friendly employees and delicious bakery!

Aaron Pettibone

Best baked goods in town, no one else can beat their doughnuts!

shawn morris

Can not get enough of this place.

LaLa Lori

Super friendly staff. The only place to get snoogles!

Stella Pietka

Wonderful. Friendly staff. Very helpful

Cindy Kelley

Best bakery in Lorain county. I highly recommend the snoogles.

Angelique Obrien

Amazing bakery amazing customer service

Aaron-Katie Ohm

Always beautiful cakes that taste amazing. The staff is helpful and the prices are extremely fair.

Esther Feltner

Extremely delicious! Have relatives in that area so we really enjoyed their pastries when visiting. Also when we go to Jamie's flea market !

Noah Rado

The only thing better than than the pastries is the customer device from Tim and his amazing team. If you have not tried the apple fritters, stop what you are doing and go to Kiedrowski's Bakery immediately.

David Wenger

Great family pastries

Deborah Bullins

Best bakery ever! Schnoogles are to die for!

Amanda Pippens

So good! It's tiny, almost like a hole in the wall, but their donuts are amazing and the workers are nice

Samantha Regler

Always love going there. Staff very nice and baked goods are always on point.

Jdawg 7531

Best pastries ever!!! 6 out of 5 stars!

Djjj S

Best donuts in the world

Jason lisner

Greatest pastry & customer service ever ...

Michele Dieterich

The snoogles are amazing!

Wendy Adcock

Fantastic Bakery! Paczkis and pierogis forever!

Larry Viterna

This place is sweet! It's hard to leave without buying more from this bakery as you are moving towards the exit. I'm a "Snoodle lover". In addition to wonderful cookies and donuts, you can get a variety of homemade style breads and even perogies.

Tim G

YUM!! Fantastic place to get quality donuts and bakery items. Personable and helpful staff.

Chessey Lynn Kristoff

Always love a quick trip to my favorite bakery when I'm in town!

Captain Codebook

Real buttercream frosting !!!

Justa Cabrera

The people are great the stuff is fantastic how about the goodies there is no words to express how delicious everything is

Keri Schwartz

I ordered a cake for daughters first birthday and taped box down too tight and smashed my cake. It was not taped up high like the smash cake. Did not show my husband the cake when he picked up. They did not offer any discount for my troubles. And there was no time to bring it back to be fixed. Talked to owener was not helpful nor friendly. Cake was good but smashed.

Stephen Alexander

Always the best from the best! Get a snoogle, you won't be sorry. ;)

Michelle Smith

One word: Snoogles You haven't lived until you have had a Snoogle. Now - the sticky buns, kolachky, muffins, cookies, cakes, bear claws, cupcakes, brownies, breads and glazed croissants are amazing as well. Just go in. You won't be disappointed!!!

jen Brunkow

Best Apple fritters anywhere

Jason Kennedy

Snoogles... Nothing more need said Cream cheese and pastry

michelle siedlecki

Best bakery ever! Their apple fritters are to die for

Jay Gaudinier

The only place to buy pastry, donuts and homemade bread.


Retail area is small, but staff are very attentive. Great selection of items. Cakes are good--I'm sure they prefer preordering, but I have walked in and gotten one out of their case and they have put a message on it for me. They are known for their snoogles--they are rich! and for the packzi (I never spell that right!). They also have cookies, bear claws, kolache, and other baked goods. In addition they do have some pierogis (I've not tried them yet though.)

Sandy Zera

Best desserts, bread and baked goods every! Love the snoogles

Dawn Moore

This is the best bakery but on that note. Today i stopped in and got a few donuts. Cinnamon donut and a jelly and was not impressed. Both seem like the were old, like the dough was over worked. Not the usual melt in your mouth. Don't know what is going on but this is like the 3rd time.

Glen Allan

Leave your diet at the door. My go to place for birthday cakes. When they ask if you want buttercream, say yes!

Brian Dickman

Simply the best there is!! Nothing more needs to be said!!

Brian Ana

Try a Snoogle!

Matt Butler

Every time we bring pastries from here for work, they're a huge hit. Everything is very fresh and exceptionally tasty. Their Snoogles are unique and satisfying. Their doughnuts are just the right texture and sweetness. Their icing is sweet, but it's got an amazing flavor, too. The filled sticks have the very sweet filling you'd expect, but it's balanced by the pastry. If you have the opportunity to do so, do yourself a favor and try this place.

Terri Terrell

The best around

Brenton McAdow

We stopped in today for the first time and was treated with the upmost friendliest and genuine service we have encountered in a very long time. Food was fantastic and are now raving fans. Thank you for treating us like you have known us for years. We will definitely be back a lot!

Mary Kathleen Sapp

Voted best Bakery in America several years ago, but still is and always will be "The Best" to anyone who partakes of their goods!!

Pamela Shipp

This was a disappointment. Bought a turnover and the bottom was burned black. The pastry tasted burnt. There's no way the baker didn't know it was burned and yet he still sold it. The entire tray should have been thrown in the garbage. Way to rip off a customer.

garrett robison

Great donuts & strudel. Prices are good. Timing could be better- need to be at work early, they say open at 6 .... Waiting outside till 6:05 till door opened then waiting a few more minutes till people are moved around & settled. Almost was late to work- but everyone liked the donuts.

Aaron Chris

I enjoyed the baked goods, everything was yummy.



Eileen Fischer

The best cinnamon buns

Crystal Rivera

The snoogles are really good and they have lots of other Donuts to choose from


An amazing Bakery! They carry traditional Polish treats as well and are very friendly. Fresh bread and perogi as well.

Christine Parker

Snoogle & pecan tarts are the best!!!!

Patricia Filipiak

Great people. Delicious baked goods.

Marguerite Sammon

Love the Snoogles and apricot paczkis!

Lonna Hoffman

The top quality ingredients they use in their products make for top quality food.

Pedro Flores

Great jelly donuts!

Jami Grobb

Very delicious baked goods. We have had cakes for special occasions, snoogles, cookies, danish, bear claws, kolache . . . everything has been yummy!

Debra Glinsey

They have the best donuts ever, I get sourdough Donuts, cinnamon donuts and I get enough to share because I know if someone see me eating them they're going to want one and I always get my daughter a bear claw, she just loves those. Make sure you check them out they are the best bakery ever.

Gaye Mansfield

Snoogles are off the charts, as are the kolaches! Always fresh, not a bad thing in the shop. Beautiful cakes and cupcakes.

Max C

Great donuts and other bakery items. excellent service

Missy Gnizak

Always delicious as usual

George Poporad

If you were born before 1990, this is the neighborhood bakery you remember. Really good!

Michael Moore

One has to be careful not to overdo it in this place for tasty, sugary treats.

Nick Nero

Extraordinary pastries. Always fresh and tasty.

Alan Kreider

Kiedrowski's has really good baked goods and pastries. What else can you say. They are fairly reasonably priced on their goods.

Julie Tansey

Placed an order for a 50th Wedding Anniversary in early Jan for Feb 23. Friend picked up order. They forgot to send the cake. The cake had gold glitter for 50th. But the cupcakes had silver glitter. Was told after they were out of gold glitter. Sorry. Also thought I ordered chocolate and yellow cupcakes. Got white and yellow. They thought it was wierd. Because white and yellow are the same but never called to ask if order was wrote down correct before making it. So hugely disappointed. They said I would also have to wait to hear back from anyone for 3 days. Waist of my money.

Chris Chernesky

Awesome food, great people.

Richard Hagman

If you are near Amherst do stop!!!!

Denice Ream

Theses guys are amazing!They made the best cake and cupcakes for my daughters birthday. The design was exactly what I wa ted and the cake tasted amazing. Very much worth the 40 minute drive !

Bill Nash

This is a gem in my new neighborhood. The pastries are delicious. Seriously tje best i jave ever had. The kolackys are amazing. The bachlava is awesome. The elephant ears are fantastic. They have what the call snoogles and it seems to be a big thing there. They are so good. I recommend going there just for the snoogles. I will soon go back. Of course for snoogles but I am interested in trying their pierogies.

Dale Drummond


Nanna Tolliver

Best baked goods in town. Great service

Rita Cory

I don't understand the hype here. I visited for the first time while passing through. Line was out the door (though it's a small space), service was slow, pastries were okay, and coffee was terrible. I asked for cream and was given frozen dairy creamer in the little pods. I recognize though I may not be their target market as buying lots of pastries and varieties of fresh bread loaves is not my thing. Perhaps I don't recognize the quality.

Dorothy Gaebelein

Love their bakery, always fresh an love the snoogals.

Mike S

The best glazed croissants around

Amanda A.

Sending love from Chicago! We have a rich Polish population out here, with no shortage of artisan bakeries, BUT we don't have Kiedrowski's! Whenever family from the area comes to visit, they MUST bring Snoogles. I haven't had the pleasure of trying a wide range of the menu, but the items I've had have all been fabulous. The lady locks are delicious and apple fritters are to die for, but the Snoogles.. oh my. On second thought, it's probably a good thing you're not local! Those sweet sticks of buttery, melt-in-your-mouth heaven are dangerous! As an aside, I see a lot of people are complaining about the prices, but you're paying for quality here. If you want cheap, day old donuts and stale coffee, keep moving down the road.

Tammy Leatherman

My first time here, and my first snoogle! The place is small, the staff is friendly, and the baked goods are delicious. I'm for sure stopping here again before heading back to California! They also have cookies, fritters, muffins, nut roll, and poppy seed rolls. Everything looked just like grandma made it. Location is in strip mall across street from Sherwin Williams paints

Cheryl Urban

This place has incredible cakes, and pastries. I travelled about 50 miles to get my birthday cakes here. So yummy good! The staff helped me with getting my purchases to my car, too.

Eric Wall

Incredible bakery and extremely friendly staff. Was passing through on a road trip from New York to Chicago and I would definitely recommend stopping here for locals and travelers. 5/5

Rachal Hutnyak

Top notch shnoogles!!!! Great bakery, amazing employees. Beware the foot sized pot holes in the driveway, I took a fall two years ago sending snooggles flying and injuring my pride. The delicious delicacies are worth risking a tumble but the plaza owner needs to do something about the lot waiting to take your feet from under you. 2 years later and the holes stand strong. Dont punish the bakery though, it's not their problem to correct and their first aid is top notch.

Jonathon Farrell

Always great bakery items, pleasant people just a wonderful treasure in Lorain. I drive from Sandusky to come here on a regular basis.

Valerie Booth

Great staff and all the baked goods are amazing

Countryside Aquatics

Awesome bakery! Stop Everytime we're in the area

Rhonda Lichniak

Friendly staff. Great bakery! Livelife

If you havent experienced their pastries your life is void of all meaning. Treat yourself and your taste buds to a little bit of heaven!

Kay Harrison

A good place to go to n get great food like you ordered in a friendly atmosphere

Bob Gabel

Popular not sure how to spell shnoogles but they are the best thing I put in my mouth in a long time.

Kimberly Etheridge

I LOVE the smoogles. If you've never tried them, you're missing out.

Jim Warren

Sorry I was late favorite too late maybe next time

Fireboss PB

Famous for the Snoogle, but everything looks incredible in this place. I had some of the Snoogle but also purchased a variety of kolatchkies. Everything was indeed simply delicious. Find this place if your are traveling in this area - worth the trip!

Rosslind Pryor

My girlfriend 's KIM& Silvia. Got me a cake And it was Definitely the Best.Thank you.

Donny Brav

Great place. Nice selection. Fair prices. Snoogles! My son loves this place. :)

Robert Lopez

Very good but a little pricey.

Char Pachniuk

Best bakery in Lorain county.

Heath J

Friendly bakery ladies, good doughnuts.

Amnistee Koch

Love this place. Always visit when I'm in town. Wish this place was down south.

Jennifer Robb

Great family owned bakery--famous for the paczaki (spelling? I know it's not pronounced how it looks.) around Fat Tuesday, but they have many other confections they offer there too as well as pierogis.

Sonja Starks

I've never stopped at all. But this was the first time in years. I just wanna say thank you for the paski the where wonderful. I got 31/2 dozens for my residents. They enjoyed as much as I did.

Aliceson Humphries

Love this place for everything. WE always get our birthday cakes here!

Samantha Maycock - Muriello

We get a box of Snoogles whenever we come to Lorain

Curtis Fox

We always enjoy everything we try here. From their Snoogles, to their seasonal paczki, everything is excellent. They’re almost always busy, but get you in and out pretty quick, all things considered. I’ve ordered things for pickup and they were fresh and ready. My wife really enjoys their pistachio muffin (it is really good) and when I’ve taken their donuts to work, everyone comments on how good and fresh they are. Definitely recommend!

Jenn Jeavons

Drove 35 minutes just to satisfy my sweet tooth. I wouldn't pick any other place. The ladies are always very sweet and their treats are beyond delicious!

Cathy Zitek

Long line but went fast. Great food!! Snoogles are the best!

Jeffrey Raszka

Dissatisfied with my day old cheese danish yet again. I've gotten a few other day old danishes in the past few months but on a Sunday morning it's unacceptable. There was a whole tray of their Famous Cheese Danishes in a different bakery case and guess what? They're famously a day old. The love affair with this place is starting to wear thin, it's takes a constant focus to be the best and apparently saving a few bucks is worth more than maintaining your stellar reputation.

Hector Sanchez

Delicious baked goods. Donuts, cakes, Perogies and their famous snoogles.

John Jenkinson

Delicious high quality baked goods. Reasonable prices. Family owned. Lots of specialty.

Debi McCullough

Great donuts and pastries good prices

Yolanda Torres

They are amazing

jerry clark

The snoogles are awesome!!! Went in for snoogles and came out with half the bakery!!! lol

Mark Seifert

Great service! EVERYTHING tastes great! Rumor has it they bake everything upside down so the calories fall out

Michael Green

They have the best of the best when it come your bakery need any time I'm in Lorain I make sure to stop there

JD Rudd

Excellent bakery! The snoogles are delicious and truly unique. They have other items like cookies and muffins. We also noticed they sell cakes at a great price. Good idea for a birthday! And if you need some paczkis... Bingo! Worth the drive and worth calories! Haha!

Donnie Adkins

Love this bakery! We live in Michigan but if we are ever near Amherst or passing by on the Turnpike we stop here for a snoogle! They are amazing!

Christy Sholes

If I'm in the area, I always stop by Kiedrowski's for a sweet treat. Everything on the menu is delicious, but I adore the glazed croissants in particular.

nancy rivera

The workers are very nice people but too much frosting in their cake less frosting & more cake would the 10

Rick Browers

This place has every kind of donut pastry or anything else you would want it is great delicious I found all the chocolates were really rich and really tasteful everyone would love this place

Toni Baechtel

Love this sweet bakery! All kinds of pastry and goodies!!! A REAL treat. Go!! You won't be disappointed!!

Geoff Silac

I always stop here when I'm back in town. I always get their scones or Snoogles. Make sure you go earlier in the morning around the holidays, sometimes there is a line out the door--but totally worth the wait.

char liptak

Service is friendly & great, bakery is good, SNOOGLES ARE FANTASTIC!, hard to eat just a small piece. Sometimes you have to wait out the door! I have to drive a hour but well worth it yum. You just need to have a Snoogle sometimes!!

Harold Gage

Left one star because I couldn't leave zero, owners seem to be alright, but people at the counter will destroy your business. They tell customers one thing, then tell the owners the complete opposite. All I wanted was my order corrected. Got a return call from Tim, he asked why I didn't come in and pick up the Apple fritters that was a replacement for the bad ones I received. Counter girl said she didn't have the authority to replace them, and both owners were out of town for the weekend. I called at 6:45 AM to hold them. You lost a good customer over this, I hope you read your reviews and correct the problems before they happen to some one else.

Ray Anderson

One of the best all time bakerys. Can't go there without trying the snoogles.

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