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REVIEWS OF Just Pies Inc IN Ohio

Lisa Jorgenson

Slique RAF

Amazing pies, in a huge variety of flavors.

Amy Reyes

Rick Brant

Best pies in town.

Kyle Schmidt

The ladies working were so nice. They had samples of the different pies and cookies. I even grabbed a chicken pot pie for dinner.

Anne Nguyen

I don't even like pies, but this place really makes me like pies. All the pies I've had have ALL been good. My personal favs has been the strawberry pie (only available when strawberries are in season) and the banana cream pie. They are out of this world freakin' delicious. Tad pricey but worth it! It's a must check out, even if you don't like pies. This place might change your mind.


Great pies can't wait to try potpies

David Ploskonka

A hidden gem. Best pies I've had in my life.

Timothy Alexander

Love their rhubarb pie

Dave Harris

Wonderful pies and great service!

music lover 82

Keli Young

Phil Hamlin

Wonderful pies and friendly staff. We get pies here for every Christmas and Thanksgiving and our out of town family always looks forward to sharing them!

Ray Snyder

Out standing pies!

Charles Blair

Very friendly and patient staff. Was getting an order from my sister over phone and if I worked there, I would have kicked me out. Great pie selection too.

Mary Smith

Best pies

Greg Donofrio

I was bummed when they closed the location close to my house but it brought me here and to the turkey pot pie! Not only are the dessert pies some of the best ever, the pot pies are incredible. Plus the staff are some of the nicest people.

Brooks St. Jean

Sylvia Schumacher

Okay, all there desert pies are SIMPLY THE BEST, but the Chicken and Beef Pot Pies are something to behold. Grandma would be jealous of this delicious pot pie recipe, I'm sure of it! So far only this location has the savory pies to offer, but they are worth the trip!

Kenneth Lumpkins

Jessie Stafford

Oh my goodness, their Boston cream pie is so delicious! It was hard to share with my coworkers. Definitely will be back for more!

Thomas Bonse

Beverlee Keels

A favorite place to shop. OH YUM

Cynthia Collmar Obrien

Love this place.

christina meade

I’ve looked everywhere for rhubarb pie for my mom. She said it is PERFECT and made the traditional way! Thank you!


Soooo good!

Robert Crabtree

With this name your pies have to be great and Just Pies exceeded every lofty expectation. The full assortment was available even on a late Sunday afternoon. Pies were fresh and very reasonably priced. If you demand quality with high value this has to be on your dessert list.

Theodora Cowans

Love the pies, but don't like the drive all the way over to Northfield Rd. Gahanna was closer to me.

Darryl Thompson

Ron Gibson. Like this

Would have been five stars but when I found a long black hair in the meringue of my butter scotch pie had to stop at four

Kim R

The pies are just amazing.

Brandon Smith

Dave Hively

Best pies ever

Thomas Kolda

Angela Napier

Best pies

Ran Tao

brian curtis

Loved this place. Best pies in Columbus Ohio

Drew Dowling

Very friendly people and delicious pies!! I LOVE the Reese's PB cup pie that they have as a pie of the month occasionally, but they will also make it for you if you take a bag of RPB cup minis and pay a bit extra...well worth it! All of the pies I've tried there are very good and they have 3 different sizes. Reasonably priced a

Amanda Kerber

Fabulous pies and so much variety!

Saul Bleaeck

Your certain 5-star pie place! Many varieties/flavors, great crusts - all amazingly executed and delicious.

Allison Avery

Best pies in Columbus

Leonard Hudson

malissa crawford

Michael Perry

Timothy Stiffler

Cherry and Buckeye Pie is to die for

Heather Aleshire

Went in to buy a lemon meringue pie, the lady asked me what size I wanted it and I did not know what the sizes entailed so the lady kindly went over that with me. Then I noticed they had a table of cookies for sale, so I bought a bag, which contained 3 chocolate chip cookies. The lemon meringue pie was delicious and the cookies were still moist and chocolatey that evening!

Doris Sponsler

Excellent pies and good value and flavors for your money . We had apple streusel and blackberry pies. Excellent!

Tanja Davis

Great pies and great people.

Christopher Stefancik

jamel chamberlain

Omg the Bannanna cream pie

Erin Kapps

Mrs Lindsey

Great pies small med and large


Justan Dazey

I'm glad this place isnt any closer to my house because my diet would surely have failed. Their pies are insane. The chocolate mudslide dream whatever pie is incredible. It's like the best chocolate pudding you've ever had times 5 topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips. The pies come in three sizes and I ate an entire small in one sitting and felt like dying a little but I've never lived like I lived that day. Their blueberry pie was awesome too. The crust is contrasting to the sweet filling. Salty, buttery, and flaky to the Gods. Whew! Sorry Grandma but these pies are fire.

Alex Corelis

Best pies in town, my wife and I can't get enough.

The Byzantian Prince

Robert Dorton

The only down side is there isn't one closer to my house!!! Their pies are always phenomenal!!

Matthew Buehler

Kelly T

David Patterson

Mike Miele

Just pies but now pot pies too

Marsha McCaulla

Outstanding pies

Sharon Seward

Love their pies. The best

Gib Bickel

One my favorite places to shop!

Karen Gauthier

Great pies, and a great place to work.

Ron Southall

Chris B


Same great pies for years.

Rebecca DeLugish

Great pies! Love that their pies come in 3 sizes depending on how many folks will be sharing the pie. Got the French silk recently and it was delicious! If you want a pie around the holidays, best to order ahead.

Dustin Brentlinger

Probably the best pies in Columbus. They have lots of varieties and offer lots of samples. I could live here.

harvey hodak

Quality pies and great service.


Ohhhh ... Love the pies!!

Ginny Spohn

Their pies are so delicious! We recently tried their pot pies and they are so flavorful!

Doug Lemire

Just discovered this place a few weeks ago and this place is dessert heaven, before finding this I have never eaten a store bought pie but mom no offense but they are as tasty or better than yours and I can get one of many flavones almost any time I want and the price well better than buying a dozen doughnuts Thank you "just pies"

Lauren Sheppard

I got the Lemon Meringue pie and was kind of nervous because some places don't have the right balance of sweet and tart, but I was pleasantly surprised. The lady working there was very friendly and sociable. I would love to try their other pies!

Bruce Binnig

Joe Jorgenson

Just Pies is incredible! The banana split pie and cookie pie are worth the visit alone!

Maggie Daizy

Jason Woltja

Kym Preston

Julie Sneller

Literally the most delicious pies I’ve ever had. Staff is always sweet and helpful. We love the daily samples! Also, they have delicious home made pot pies- even a veggie pot pie! A great choice for an easy dinner and dessert!

Robert Reaper

tina brewah

Really friendly love the pies

Zachary Whinnie

Mary Hart

Always excellent pot pies,pies and service

Hannah Mielke

Just Pies provided our dessert for our wedding, and boy, we can’t recommend them enough! We ordered 17 pies for our wedding reception—all different types—and at the end of the night, we had no more than 10 slices left. Our guests were RAVING about these pies and all of the options ALL NIGHT. Just Pies was amazing to work with from start to finish. At our sampling, we loved spending time with and getting to know Pam! She is an absolute treasure. They made payment and pickup easy, and we just about dropped dead when we saw the final cost of the pies—we couldn’t imagine a more delicious and cost-effective way of providing wonderful treats for our wedding guests. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen for us! We will be customers for life! Also, hi Pam!

Tim Long

Oh my great pie

Josie Greco

Cassie Glassford

Best pies ever

Ralph LeVan

The best pecan pie I've ever had! I've tried just about everything, including their frozen meat pies and been happy every time!

Lisa Panzica

The pies are really tasty. The selection is good and the staff is friendly.

Teresa Walsh

I love the chocolate pie, but wish it was meringue not the whip topping.

Becca Hampton

Best homemade pies EVER!

Todd Piper

Steve Thayer

Strawberry and Pecan pies were amazing

Robert Moots

Absolutely, the best pies for any occasion.

Issa Ahmed

It's beautiful.

Veronica Dixon

Nancy Hensley

graciela gastelu

This location is the best. In all have the same tastiest pies but here they have the best staff

Grampa Caligula

The high water mark for cherry pies!

Ohio Horse Trainers Assoc

Yum. That’s all that matters

Christine Falsetto

Great pies, the Buckeye one is my favorite!!

Jason Peeler

The ultimate pie place here in Westerville, OH! Had a Buckeye Cream pie at half time for the OSU game. A lot of other locals had the same idea!

Archana Dhimate

Eric Kozelka

Best pies and friendly service!

jeff haynes

These are the best! Always new ideas and a pie of the month. Multiple sizes available.

Ian Seeds III

Great pie for sure

alison masters

Kimberly Race

Lillian Slate

Curt Felton

Normally I love everything I get from Just Pies. But for Thanksgiving i got an apple pie and a pumpkin pie. The 2 star rating is just for this occasion. My apple crum was great just like normal. The pumpkin pie was tasteless. I talked this place up to my family and friends and I get a tasteless pie. Everyone ate the pumpkin pie from Kroger instead. After tasting that pie they didnt even want to try the apple which was great. That pie was what 16 18 dollars. Needless to say disappointed. I've been going to Just pies for years. Would love to get a pie in exchange

Tanya Bruce

Delicious pies! Bonus points for always being so kind to my kids - they love coming here and being offered a cookie to try.

Tara Johnston

The best pies! These are homemade with REAL ingredients. Delicious- just like Grandma made!! Highly recommend it

Pat Cook-Marshall

Lisa huelskamp

Excellent product with great variety. Had them do our wedding pie table!

Erin Woltja

Rob O'Brien


They got Pie!!!!

Angela Young

Lovely people staffing the place, really good pies, good selection, various sizes. Just a little pricey, not bad for an occasional splurge.

Rhonda Willis

Candice Turner

Bought my first pie today it was an apple crumble LOVED IT!!! will be buying again

Dan Whitaker

Dan Spafford

Ruby Upreti

Debra Massey

They did not have our favorits, but otherwise it was excellent.

Carla Luke Fleee

This store has great tasting pies. They also have bake cookies and pot pies. The taste are amazing

Kelly Pinnell &Bradley Thacker

Their pies are delicious

Tracy Salyer

Bradley Frank

Wow! Lot of pies to choose from. I am going to gain weight now. Will not be disappointed!!

Gerry Zaebst

Adam Jackman

Just Pies is a dangerous place. I ate a whole pie by myself in two days. We ordered 75 pies and they had everything perfect and ready for pickup on time!

Daniel DeLong

Best selection of pies that all taste great.

Greg Munsey

Great pies that's all you need to say.

Michelle Collins

Jim PC

Fantastic crusts (the true key to a perfect pie)!!!!

Danielle Davis

My company (the Neptune Cremation Society in Hilliard) purchased apple pies from this fantastic company to distribute to area emergency rooms on the 4th of July. I was beyond impressed with the customer service (everyone at the Westerville location was incredibly kind and helpful) and the pies were absolutely delicious! I will definitely be buying from Just Pies again for all my future personal and business needs.

Kenneth Smothers

Check out took way too long due to land line conditions. Pies are Great!!!

Keith Greer

Oh my, this place has the very best homemade pies, and quite a selection too. I swear I think they have my dear old grandma working in the back.

Breana Higgins

The best pies I’ve ever tasted! My favorite is the red raspberry pie! I love love love it! I like to just get pie on occasion to have for dessert with my family. If you haven’t had their pies yet, you should. You won’t be disappointed

Terri Hess

There are no bad choices at Just Pies! Every pie we have purchased was delicious.

Ashley Smith

I have been a fan of Just Pies for years! This order was apple, cherry, and German chocolate pecan. It is a good thing I called in the order because to stand in the shop and decide would be impossible! They have a great selection of pies - traditional and more updated versions. Pies were a big hit and I can't wait to return to pick up a Veggie Pot Pie! Go and browse but be prepared to be sad that you can't take one of everything with you!

Holly Hendrickson


Pam Zych

Great pie and only pie.

Jalal Dababseh

Shannon Caruthers

Peter DiGravio

My go to for quality pie.

Bret Williamson

Incredible service and incredible pies

Georgia Marlowe

Love, love their pies. We get them every holiday and special occasion. Everyone raves how delicious and fresh they are.

Elizabeth Vasselo

Shelly Sterk

Jessica Willett

Lots of variety, reasonably priced and very tasty.

Keith Allen

Virtually any pie you could ever want is available here. They are absolutely amazing. Worth the trip from 2 hours away.

R Bid

We recently purchased one of their strawberry-rhubarb pies at Weiland's. This was, without a doubt, the best strawberry-rhubarb pie we have ever eaten (not counting our own home-made). We have tried all types over the years and this is the best! Can't wait to get back to C-bus and buy another!

kevin carter

Beth Marsh

The pies are so yummy.

Joe Pruchnicki

Best pies ever. Peach Riot and Buckeye Pie a personal favorite. Thanks. Genuinely warm and friendly staff. Oh, try the new chicken pot pie! !

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