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REVIEWS OF Happy Chicks Bakery IN Ohio


So delicious! We are so glad we went with Happy Chicks for our wedding cake! It all began with our delicious tasting appointment and we immediately knew we found the perfect place for our wedding cake. Jana embodied the name of the bakery and you could tell she really loves what she does. They offered so many unique and delicious flavors and design options. Thank you Happy Chicks for making our wedding day so sweet!

Erica S

Cookies so good

Madison Worman

Great place for vegan brunch!!

Wallace D. Robinson Sr.

Awesome place for pastries !

Anna Conover

Snobby Bakers. Weird cake flavors. Would not do what I wanted for a small wedding. Overpriced by 150$ For the same cake.

Melvia Hodges

Cupcakes where amazing, and salad was great too.. I really like the Green goddess dressing

Yvonne Kain

Thank you Happy Chicks for satisfying my craving...soooo good!

John Gardner

Delicious vegan baked goods, sandwiches, etc.

Carolyn Browne

Wonderful!!! No excuse for anyone to support the cruelest industries ( eggs and dairy) with all the yummy options here!!!!

Cecilia Royce

abby ellis


Superb!! Happy Chicks made quiche and pastry for our wedding morning brunch and wedding cake. Everything was delicious! The team was a joy to work with and the food was amazing! We had multiple wedding cakes, and not a slice left afterwards! We were so happy with the service and quality of food!

Phyliss Flanagan-Cox

Expensive and tastes like the fridge. My husband and I only took one bite of them then tossed.


Happy Chicks Bakery is a shining Vegan star in a city with almost no exclusively Vegan options. They have amazing cupcakes, delicious pastries, and they even do lunch items like their gourmet PB&J! My personal favorite is the breakfast sandwich on one of their crispy croissants. This place is awesome and it's all Vegan!

Eve Smallwood

Such a sweet little place! The decor is adorable with big windows and lots of plants. The service is helpful and friendly. The food is simple, vegan, and yummy! Their vegan desserts are awesome.

Melissa Alexander

I'm not vegan, but I had some excellent food from Happy Chicks. The quiche would have fooled me, and the cupcake was great! Top it all off, the service was excellent and the ladies wrote down warming instructions since I was taking my quiche home. Thanks Happy Chicks!

Richard Bryant

Everything was delicious. I had the ginger lime cupcake which has outstanding flavor and incredible texture, moist and dense but not too heavy.

J Webb

Happy chicks was the first wedding vendor we settled on before we even tasted their creations. The process was incredibly smooth from booking a tasting to eating the cake. The product itself was delicious and I don't think any guests had an inclination that their was anything 'different' about the cake just because it was vegan, which we considered a plus. The pricing was more than reasonable given the quality and amount of cake we had. Jessica was very helpful with keeping us on track for final changes and selecting flavors. The only 'complaint' we have may have just been a misunderstanding, but we expected to have a layer of chocolate cake with the bourbon cherry filling. The cake itself, however, was white, not chocolate. Everyone still found it to be delicious. Highly recommend Happy Chicks Bakery and the grapefruit poppy seed flavor ;).

Roberta Nuckels

We love Happy Chicks! Such a cool bakery!

Joe Mirus

Hard to believe it is vegan food.

Robby Carter

Sooo good and the thought that everything here is vegan makes me so grateful. I was just looking at a video of cows who cry for days after their babies were taken from them for veal so that humans could steal their milk and I said a big thank you to the awesome staff at Happy Chicks for their amazing cruelty free baked goods Nothing missing here ( well except said cruelty)

Hillary Phillips

The cupcakes are the best ever!!!!

Derrick Walker

I was looking for something vegan or gluten-free and I came across your bakery online. I've gotten your Date Night, Orange Hibiscus and Orange Ginger cupcakes. I came into town from Tennessee to celebrate my birthday and I have fallen in love with your cupcakes. Love them and not a lot of icing on top.

Jessica Crihfield

Nick Cipriani

Had an amazing time. The staff was super friendly and helpful and the food was wonderful! They have donuts on Saturdays, and Friday night if you look on their social media you can see what flavors they will have. Will definitely be returning!

Paul Ergh

Summary: Nice people, good food, nice space, but for our visit it was understaffed and we got little to no service. Details: My family of 4 vegans dropped in here for a Saturday breakfast during an overnight stay. All the tables were taken so we sat at the bar. We had the emily sandwhich, breakfast sandwhich, the breakfast sandwhich on a croissant, the greens sandwhich, chick nuggets, pudlas, cherry and almond donuts, and coffee. The prices are reasonable but the portions are also fairly small to match the price. Convenient parking across the street, cute place, friendly staff, a nice but not huge selection of tasty baked goods, sandwhiches ranged from excellent (emily) to ok (beakfast), the chick nuggets were a bit crumbly and just ok, the pudlas were tasty but dry and there wasn't enough of the fantastic chutney to compensate, and the coffee was good. When we arrived at 10:45a the line was 2 people and before we ordered it was 10 deep The service we did get was ok, but the busy-ness of the place made it impossible to get any additional service. My daughter never got her tea (that could have been ordering confusion though as it seems beverages were all self serve), nobody told us about the self serve water so we went without water, I was told about the self serve coffee when I ordered, so I was able to get got my coffee. I think if there was another person on staff our vist would have been fantastic.

Miriam Holtzman

We purchased our wedding cake from Happy Chicks and it was a huge hit for all guests! They didn't even know it was vegan but gobbled it up! The catering staff told us they'd never seen a wedding cake go so fast! Usually they need to throw out extras, but we had absolutely nothing left! Absolutely delicious!! And working with the bakery staff was a total breeze. I'd recommend this bakery for any type of event!

Michael Cline

Top notch veg and vegan bakery.

Jennifer Sauter

Happy Chicks rocks! They have awesome cakes and the food served in the cafe is really good too. We have had the Chunky Monkey Cake and the OTR Cake. They were both amazing! My husband's entire family tried his Chunky Monkey Cake and they really enjoyed it, they thought there was going to be broccoli and avocado sticking out of it because it's vegan! We also ate in the cafe and had the breakfast sandwich and quiche. I recommend the breakfast sandwich on the vegan biscuit. The quiche was good too.

Lauren Hesler

Love this place! The breakfast sandwich is the best. Everyone is super friendly and the atmosphere is warm and inviting.

Jennifer Litmer

This is the best baked vegan goods and lunch/breakfast place in town

Virginia Long

Meat eaters and milk drinkers, do not let the Vegan menu discourage you, Tasty food does reside in this small quaint bakery and cafe. I came for a wedding cake tasting and was oh so pleasantly surprised. While I was there I tried one of their vegan quiches I could barely tell that it wasn't egg. After trying out 10 other bakeries no one could compare to the taste and affordability of Happy Chicks. I am glad to say that this location has won me as a patron, I hope you give them the chance to do the same for you.


Not only are they the nicest people I've ever met. I just ate the best Danish I ever had in my whole entire life

David Johnsons

Really really good. Tad pricey but worth it

naturally rachida

I love that everything is vegan and delicious

Anna Malicka

Great hole in the wall place with character. The sandwiches were fantastic.

Breezy Redden

One of the best cupcakes I've ever had, and I had no idea they were vegan!!!!!

Boomer Colmar

Little disappointed in variety

Pam Sweet

Delicious and charming.


This is the place for me and my wife whenever we want a sweet fix. They have made my wife's birthday cake 3 years in a row now. Last year they were busy 7 days out bit still found a way to squeeze my order in and make my wife happy.

Brittanny Coliadis

Always such a joy to see the staff, not to mention such pride and hard work behind every baked good placed on a plate. They truly pride in the essence of vegan sweet treats. Always the first bakery I refer, because who doesn't want to eat cruelty free?

Ben Jones

Marianne McGoron

Michelle Furman

Breakfast croissant with spinach frittata was delicious! Thank you!


creative take on cupcakes, but wish there was a way to taste options before diving into completely unknown flavors

Jacques Ellis

J Alexander Bill

Stopped in to pick up cupcakes for a vegan co-worker's birthday. Service was super friendly and helpful, cannot overstate how pleasant it was. Cupcakes wowed everyone at the office, vegan or otherwise. Earned a bunch of "are you sure this is vegan?” from the meat-eaters among us, myself included.

Dylan Stern

Animemaxed Live

I love the baked goods and the food was amazing! Service was also excellent and knew about the food they sold!

Aksha John

I've went vegan a little over a week ago and stopped by after work for a snack...or two for the drive home. I got a croissant and an empanada which was so good that I pulled over to eat it properly. I devoured the croissant while the empanada was warming up. I also have a chocolate orange cupcake that I can't wait to dive into with some hot tea later today- thank you!! I highly recommend this place and will be coming back often.

Katie Shroyer

Vanessa Olbrecht

Our wedding cake was beautiful! Jana and her team captured everything we wanted with our cake and we LOVED it! Even better than how great it looked was how great it tasted! We received so many complements on how good our cake was ... and the best complement of all? It was all gone! Thank you Jana and Happy Chicks Bakery!

Diane Douglass

Took a friend who has difficulty walking. Perfect access at this restaurant. Delicious lunch also.

Abb Dabbles


Vegan paradise!

Doris Rodier

This is the best place ever. I went for brunch and could not stop going back. My husband is allergic to eggs, so I was able to get him the first birthday cake here that he had in years! We loved it so much they did our wedding cake. Their cafe is bright and beautiful.

Jon Parsons

My favorite place in Cincinnati. The baked goods are amazing, but the sandwiches, quiche, and empanadas are lifechange-ingly good. Yes, everything is vegan.. This freaks people out for some reason, but I'm telling you - the food here is better than any non-vegan food I've had. Not hyperbole. The service is top notch as well!


Great group of gals! Wonderful atmosphere!

Sheila Bailey

I barely finished my meal before I started writing this review. The interior is cute and casual. But, oh my goodness, the food is excellent. I had "The Breakfast" sandwich, but on the croissant instead of the biscuit. The croissant was light, flaky, and fresh. It was so warm and toasty it must have come fresh from the oven. I also had the spicy tomato soup, and while it wasn't too spicy, it was warm and filling. Perfect meal for a cold day. I also ordered an Italian empanada, but I was too full from the sandwich and the soup, so I'm bringing it home. The staff was lovely and helpful. Can't wait to come back and try more of the menu.

Julie Showler

Omg so amazing! The croissants are killer!

Amie Duncan

Amazing vegan brunch a d gluten free options!

Crane Training and Certification of the Midwest

Love love love love this place! So good!!! =)

Danielle Cummings

Sooooo good. All vegan spot

Sierra Long

We used Happy Chicks Bakery for our wedding cakes and they were completely perfect! When we first met with the owners for a tasting, they made sure to make us feel comfortable and allowed us to try as many flavors as we wanted so that were able to get exactly what we wanted for our wedding. The cakes were absolutely delicious, and beautiful. It was great that we were able to have cakes at our wedding that everyone could enjoy (vegans and meat-eaters alike). Thank you so much for adding something special to our wedding day!

Heather Cameron-Johnson

We always have a wonderful time and eat delicious food at Happy Chicks Bakery! The atmosphere is so friendly and warm, too.

Summer Webster

Amazing!!! They have a ton of delicious baked goods as well as actual food options. The atmosphere is also very cute at mom's inviting. The strawberry lemonade cupcake is the best!


James DesRochers

Jennifer Lee

I loved the gluten free brownie and the cheerful women working there!

Victoria Jones

A bit overpriced but fresh and delicious. A great space with unique, interesting options. I'd love to go back for a couple hours by myself to read or journal

Michelle Cox

Visited this cute bakery at noon on a Saturday and they had great, unique selections. I definitely recommend the stolen slices and the snow queen donut. Great flavors and unlike anything I've tried before. Very friendly chicks as well! :)

Joshua Lisec

Our favorite vegan breakfast spot in Cincinnati

Natalie Adler

Delicious and great customer service! I can't wait to work with them on our wedding cake!

Alanna Maloney

Nyan Kitty

Lovely food and pastries

robin ellington

Absolutely Flavorful! Will go back again and again!

Ben Roll

Cozy atmosphere and delicious food

John Wyman

Loved it. Vegan baked goods are not so easy to find.

Jo Schmidt

Great food and service!

Reverend Joe

My pre teaching yoga breakfast each week. Always a remarkable taste experience

Cortnee Wilson

Great cupcakes! I had the green cupcake with anise and chocolate frosting. I'd love to go back for lunch.

Benjamin Cochran

Vincent Mitchell

I love this place. Food is delicious, employees are great, good tunes on the radio. They make a variety of baked goods, and also serve salads and sandwiches for lunch.

Amy Waddell

I stopped here twice just passing through Cincinnati and its really good, fresh food. I got the Greens sandwich and a side salad with green goddess dressing (YUM!!!) and it all just tastes like fresh picked produce straight from the garden... so good. The girls are so nice and the decorations are super cute, with wildflowers and orchids everywhere. Also took some baked goods with us, lemon tea cake was the best cake ever!!! I don't even live here but I'll still stop by every time i go visit my family down south and pass through. Loved it :)

Jason Maudlin

My new Wife and I used Happy Chicks for our wedding cake and cupcakes. From the initial sit down consultation to the final product it was absolutely amazing and it was easy! Our guests loved all the desserts and the display they created for us. We can’t thank the staff at Happy Chicks enough for getting everything all set up for us during our hectic wedding day. We have used Happy Chicks for our special events in the past and will continue using them in the future!

Gary Holiday

Elizabeth Guerra Dominguez

Great vegan food and desserts!

Robert Roseberry

We tried this place for the first time last Sunday, and what a gem. A very welcoming setting centered on Hamilton in Northside, Happy Chicks Bakery is a 100% vegan restaurant offering a full vegan menu that will please even the pickiest if eaters (myself included). The Orange Coconut Rum Cinnamon Rolls are a fantastic way to finish my off any breakfast. I ordered the Vegan Goetta and I have to say, it was just as good, if not better than most Goetta. My girlfriend had the spinach frittata biscuit sandwich and it was delicious. If you're looking for a nice quiet setting without the fuss of figuring out what is vegan friendly, this is the place for you.

Emily Mackie

The lavender frosting.... OMG!

Alf James

Kristin Cannon

Crazy good different vegan food at a great price! I can tell they take allergies very seriously. And the owner is so nice. I would highly recommend to everyone, even my nonallergy nonvegan friend was delighted (especially by the crazy cupcake flavors).

Alfred Pato


Bryana Herzog

Benjamin Robinson

Delicious food and friendly people! I am new to the city so I struck up a conversation with someone who worked here and after I got my food they gave me a list of all their favorite vegan places in the city! So cool. And the biscuits are incredible.

Charity Bonapfel

went for Brunch on a weekend and was very delighted but how tasty the food was. Bummed that I have been missing out on this amazing place for so long. Tons of vegan and allergen friendly options!

Ronald La Niear

Imperfect Vegan

tom meinhardt

For those of us who do not want to support the cruelty in the dairy and egg industries, but still love good food, a huge shout out to Happy Chicks! Exciting to have options like donuts and quiches again, and congratulations on the great Enquirer review

Alison Hoffman

Great pastries. Amazing vegetarian and gluten free food options.

Zach Sprinkle


Christy Hardwick

I LOVE their cupcakes and atmosphere! They are always so kind and friendly and they make great food too!! :)

Diana Rininger

Very good and Fancy

Lauren Smith

My favorite place in Cincinnati to eat. I have dreams about the breakfast sandwich at least every night. I moved into a house because it was closer to this restaurant! I walk here almost every weekend. Love doesn't describe.

Michelle Frasier

I was confused this place was great, enjoyed the biscuit sandwich, and the croissants was mouth watering delicious. A true vegan bakery

Lesley Vaught

I absolutely love Happy Chicks. I order everything they have in the case every time I go. It's so hard to find great vegan desserts and theirs are so delicious. I haven't tried any of their cafe food but I will next time I go for sure.

Charlie McClure

I'm not a vegan or even a vegetarian but I will say that this bakery has amazing food, all the pastries I've had from them were 10/10. And they have a beautifully decorated shop and top notch customer service. Cincinnati shops are generally lacking in the customer service department but Happy Chicks Bakery is very obviously staffed by some real happy chicks. 10/10 will go back many times.

Tara von Rosenberg

dugu wudi

Grand champions

R. B.

The interior is cute, chic, and relaxing. Thr staff is very friendly and informative. Love that it is an 100% vegan establishment. I've tried their Black Velvet Cupcake and Croissant. Absolutely delicious. I will be back, very soon.

Judy Shaw

So delicious!!!!!!!

B Shroyer

Michael Leenellett

Very accommodating to different diets and delicious!!

Brice McQuiniff

I tried a couple baked goods and they were delicious, as was the veggie sandwich. It's a cute store, but nothing that stands out amongst many other similar gentrification stores. My sandwich took 25+ minutes for no apparent reason. The few people in the store before me already had their orders and only a couple of people came in after me. And two of the three people working started decorating. Free up your day before coming here.

Brianna Kenney

Happy chicks is nothing short of amazing. It's a must stop in Cincinnati wether you're vegan or not and they're allergy friendly! Their croissant sandwiches and cupcakes are so delicious. The sweet and tart, chocolate lavender and ginger chai are my favorites. The service is wonderful and the staff is very patient and polite. The interior is charming and cute. Can't say enough good things I've loved this place for years! Q


Unknown Unknown

Always a wonderful experience at happy chicks, and the best food anywhere! The croissants are amazing, and my favorite cupcake is blueberry lemon!

Carla Sessions

This vegan bakery is awesome, coming from a meat loving not so vegan patron. The Emily breakfast sandwich plus hummus is scrumptious. Cool ambience. Good place to chill and enjoy good food.

Tamara Moore

Delicious cakes! Great atmosphere!

Sylvia Sanchez

It is always a pleasure to come here. The ladies are always so nice and the food is always delicious. It's so nice to know that whatever I order, it comes without cruelty and full of love.

Diana Riggs

So many yummy treats here! Keep checking for seasonal and daily specials!#

Kadori Ngirabakunzi

One of my favorite Nothside gems! Reay good food, excellent customer service and very welcoming atmosphere. Everything is vegan so no trying to figure out what you can eat. The breakfast and empanadas are my favorites! Also love the orange cupcakes with lavender icing. #yum

Ryan Wesley

Food is very good but a little pricey. The staff are really friendly and knowledgeable. Will definitely be a return customer.

Thomas Edney

Their cupcakes are excellent! The staff is always friendly and their cupcake selection is great. Perfect place for a meeting or break during the day.

Tamatha Boecher

Meat eaters and milk drinkers, do not let the Vegan menu discourage you, Tasty food does reside in this small quaint bakery and cafe. I came for a wedding cake tasting and was oh so pleasantly surprised. While I was there I tried one of their vegan quiches I could barely tell that it wasn't egg. After trying out 10 other bakeries no one could compare to the taste and affordability of Happy Chicks. I am glad to say that this location has won me as a patron, I hope you give them the chance to do the same for you.

Gabe Robinson

I loved my Breakfast sammy, will def be coming back and ordering some vegan donuts ahead of time

Jonathan McKinney

The Metal Prom at Happy Chick's was amazing!

Dylan Neu


Happy Chicks Bakery is my happy place! The best vegan cupcakes ever and the coolest chicks.

Anna G

Happy Chicks is the cutest bakery. They use high quality ingredients and are always friendly. I love their empanadas and 'chick' nuggets.

Carri Kopec

The biscuit sandwich, broccoli spinach quiche, and chick nuggets were all great! Highly recommend the biscuit breakfast sandwich!! This place is super cure and homey with the boho vibe I love so much! Lots of live plants near the windows, cute seating, friendly people!

Bret Baker

The best bakery in Cincinnati! They focus on flavor and building the best baked culinary experience & food possible. Highly recommend.

Iris Vane

Not overly expensive. Friendly staff. Delicious cupcakesnand donuts. They also have popovers, quiche, empanadas, and so much more. All vegan. Bring your own coffee cup. The coffee is good, they offer oatmilk creamer and agave syrup besides just sugar. The creamy piatao soup is delightful, the "chicken" nuggets are made in house and delightful, much better than store bought. I would highly recommend stopping by if you are in the area.

Nia Billings

Dustin Atwood

Lovely little Cafe that serves vegan fare. Changing menu options that are very tasty. The staffed is very friendly as well. I'll be visiting more often!

Paisley Scott

ABSOLUTELY. TERRIBLE. I got my birthday cake from this bakery, and for $50, they gave me a cake that was as small as my hand!!! i also ordered raspberry icing, and it tastes like plain old store bought vanilla icing. if you only care about the way a cake looks, then this would be the place to go for your cake, but if you don’t want a sponge textured tasteless cake, you should go to a different bakery.

Shelly B-R

WOW I had given up on ever having a real CAKE, for my birthday, figured that I would just have to settle for "ice cream cakes " because they are the only cakes that do not have eggs. HAPPY CHICKS have given me back BIRTHDAY CAKES, not to mention croissants, quiche, cookies cupcakes and donuts. Their egg free vegan baked goods are moist, flavorful and absolutely delicious. Thank you Happy Chicks for giving me my birthday wish - a real birthday cake!

Jennifer Awick

Happy Chicks have great donuts and breakfast treats for a special weekend. The employees are so friendly and the food is tasty. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a different breakfast joint!

Michelle Albert

The chick nuggets are so good, and my 6-year-old even likes them! I love their salads and empanadas too. Their baked goods have very inventive flavors, so if you just want something plain like a chocolate chip cookie, this probably isn't for you. Everything here is vegan.


Their cupcakes and sweets are delicious

Evan Clippinger

Perry Wiggins

The food is very good. I haven't had a bad thing from them yet. The breakfast sandwich is my favorite. For a treat, you must try the ginger chai cupcakes. Delicious.

Chelsea S.

I love Happy Chicks. Their cupcakes and sweets are spectacular, and their savory dishes are fantastic, too. On top of the quality of the food, the place itself has a lovely atmosphere, and the staff are always friendly and welcoming. I can't recommend Happy Chicks highly enough.

Amy Annette Grant

Jessica Gordon

Favorite go to order is an Emily. Goetta for brunch. Pancakes are good but small. THEE CUPCAKES AND CINNAMON ROLLS!! Omg! The greatest

Vera Bowie

Darling place, delicious vegan pastries! Super helpful staff. Will have to stop back for breakfast.

Nancy Paraskevopoulos

I LOVE Happy Chicks! Everything is delicious and when I go on special diets they go out of their way to help me. And when I'm not on special diets, I love their pastries.

Hunt Pratt

They're making our wedding cake and they are super friendly and very willing to make changes as necessary.

Megan Adams

Samantha Hundemer

So many delicious options it was hard to choose! Have loved every breakfast item, pastry, and beverage from this cute little vegan establishment. They also offer local kombucha from Skinny Pig including seasonal flavors (the Pumpkin patch is delicious!). Support local while helping the planet with tasty plant based treats!

Matt Macy

Always friendly, always great flavors! We have breakfast here frequently and have ordered both wedding and baby shower cakes. I would recommend this place to anyone, even special dietary needs. They easily work with anything!

Claudia _

Did not like the food

Andrea Richardson

I had the spinach and broc quiche it was tasty. My sister and brother n law also enjoyed Emily and breakfast sandwiches...

Carla King

I adore this place! Cupcakes in creative flavors, pastries galore, and an awesome food menu. You can pre-order or pick up what's available that day, or eat in at the cozy cafe. And their wedding service is amazing! They provided about 200 cupcakes for my big day, and I couldn't have been happier with the quality and service. And, of course, the whole place is vegan. If you aren't vegan, I promise you'll never notice. If you are, I promise you'll never want to leave!

Gideon Smith

Vegan baked goods with incredible flavors

Emily Fultz

Brandy Moore

Great place to go for vegan treats and all the ladies are friendly. My favorite are the black raspberry chip cookies.

K Vogt

Happy chicks bakery is located in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Northside. They are a locally-owned independent bakery. They specialize in cakes and you can custom order one on their website. They also have cupcakes, brownies, pies, cheesecakes and bars. Their selection varies from day to day. It's also a great place for breakfast or lunch. On Saturdays they offer donuts. And they have daily lunch specials.Happy chicks bakery will not disappoint! It is worth the trip!

Tammy Blythe

This is an excellent place for great food and quiet atmosphere. The vegan cup cake are by far tge best and the Emily is what i get everyting is tastie and filling. The staff is always friendly and attive.

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