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REVIEWS OF Gibson's Food Mart & Bakery IN Ohio

Trinity Jackson

Exceptional service and selection. They do NOT have a racist bone in their bodies; just stop this. When my mother in law who is black goes there, they ask how she’s doing and have a nice chat. When she was sick they delivered a basket of goodies to her apartment. To Oberlin and all, please, end the madness.


excellent place for lunch however there seems to be grime from the pro-crime local university (oberlin) flowing through that neighborhood. outside of oberlin university supporting lawlessness and harassing people whom aren't supporting it, it is a good place to shop! i will prolly use their online store from now on however! that college with its pro black on white hostility is making oberlin ohio a violent unsafe place!

Sharon Haydn

Delicious pastries as well as friendly staff. Came in from Lagrange in support for this long time establishment that is being targeted by under informed and overzealous students exercising their civil liberties at the expense of those who actually run businesses and pay taxes.

Jeanmarie Lally

Wonderful place, friendly staff, great service!

David Foxx

Wonderful quality delicatessens. Awesome staff.

Adam Phillips

My mother just received some cookies for the holidays. The packaging is of the highest quality and same goes for the fine butter cookie I am eating right now. Yum!


I've never been here but I'm watching something on CBS about this place. Keep up your good fight.

Cynthia Bartee

I knew this place as a small child then as a 17-18 yr old. This business has been around for ages!!!! Fantastic Dougnuts and Coffee and the Owner and employees salt of the earth!!!!!! Two thumbs Up and 5 Gold Stars!!!!! Great Business!

Grant Huling

I recently returned to Oberlin 11 years after graduation and was happy to see that Gibson's has the same great ice cream and fascinating selection of obscure pastries and weird colored breads. This "controversy" makes me feel embarrassed to be an alum of the college. I can attest that when I was an undergrad, Gibson's was a store that indeed had a problem with being a shoplifting target. Like any college town bodega with tall shelves and tight corridors that prevent the owners from keeping an eye on customers, we would be asked to check our backpacks before moving into the back of the store. I repeat: Like with any bodega.

Jo Schuster

We stand with you.. Honesty.

Peter Osselaer

Love this place!! Fair, honest and a great family business. They need to expand.

John Norris

Try the delicious cinnamon rolls that satisfy your hunger for something sweet.

James Kimmel

Great family owned business

Ailsa Swijter

Delicious baked goods and great chocolate selection. Also it is consistant, it has been years since I have been here but it is as good as I remember it.

stephanie Draudt

Family-owned and operated, and can frequently find a Gibson around the store. A deli, bakery, ice cream shop, coffe house, grocery store and beer. Great for the local college community. Average price range of a non-Chain store. I stop in for quick, minimal-item shopping trips and quick snacks/desserts. If I were going to buy a large amount of items, I might make the trip to the larger grocery store. Almost forgot! the main draw back is that this is a CASH ONLY store. ATMS are located down the block but it can be inconvenient

Michael Rae

Quality bakery products and family run business that takes pride in its product and service to its customers.

Carl Kocon

Nice honest employees. Great treats.

Collin Larker

Greatest bakery on earth. It has liberal mind melting delights that your mouth wont be able to get enough of. Fantastic job guys, keep it up


Fantastic food and better service

Connor Mccleery

Good on you for standing up to 'Liberal' bullies, you fight for your right to maintain your business and you don't let sensitives get in your way. Wish you all the luck in the future


congrats on the verdict. Was so happy when I read the verdict, that college deserves it for their arrogance and ignorance. God bless u guys

Salvatore Daniele

Wonderful Experience! Great service. Will continue to patron. Recommend.

Dave Tribbett

The best in the area...

Alex Aven

Love this place!

Jerry Tsui

Justice never tasted so rich, sweet and delicious. Almost as delicious as the chocolates and fine baked goods at Gibson’s, an Oberlin and Ohio institution. The food and treats here are as comforting as a safe space for a snow flake, woke, social justice warrior.

Cynthia Kurpely

Always one of my favorites! Great goodies and hometown feel!

James Liu

Great bakery.

Robert Jabs

Great family run business. Friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend.

Bill Blessing

Wow. Great baked goods. Favorites of mine are apple fritters. Absolutely huge. Pecan rolls, chocolate covered creamsticks, cookies, chocolate candies galore...even chocolate coated bacon! Had a deli sandwich for lunch and a hand dipped chocolate ice cream cone after. Sat out front and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Friendly and courteous service; pastries are excellent. Well worth the time it took to get there.

Ana Thrasher

Great place to visit

Melissa jones

I'm from San Francisco and I've never been to this bakery but I hope to make a pilgrimage there someday. The owners exhibited real courage and dignity when they stood up to inflamed group-think student crusaders led by some unjust, misanthropic faculty and administrators from Oberlin. I am also impressed by the locals who stood up and supported the store during the years of threat and strife. There's a great story within the walls of this family-run store.

John Feldmen

Such a great family run business.May God Bless your family, the store and our justice system! Congratulations!

James Zhang

Over 100 years of amazing food, a historic bakery that I remember my Grandpa taking me to because his Grandpa took him and I hope to one day bring my Grandchildren to one day

Kurt Zimmerman

Used to walk from my grandmothers on W Vine when I was 4 years old to get donuts and penny candy. My parents are both from Oberlin and Dad had 8 brothers and sisters raised at the W Vine house. My 50 plus cousins stop by Gibson’s any time they visit. Have been in several times over the years. Going to make a special trip in support of the Gibson’s today or tomorrow!

Cynthia Myers

This is a wonderful place, Patriots!!! get over here and help this family bussiness.

Rachel Brooke

Stale bread and racists

marc joseph

Love this place great service great baked goods a must go place

Andrei Hogas

Very good artisanal chocolate!!!


Love Gibson's. Every time I'm in oberlin I make sure to stop in even if I don't need anything haha. It's pretty much a tradition at this point.

Adam Powers

I've never been to a better bakery in Oberlin.

Jonathan Wickham

I occasionally drive from Akron to buy their house made products. Gibson’s is one of the best bakeries in Ohio. I definitely recommend stopping by. Make sure to check out the chocolates!


I have never been there, however, I did see the story on Sunday morning and listened with both ears. I hope you get the large settlement for the liable case. A confessed thief with college supprt, should not bring down a business. If you do not like the the atmosphere, don't go there.

Leslee Wax

Good for you guys fight for your right

Christopher Graham

A truly delightful shopping experience.

renee ibos

Good chocolate and fresh breads. A bit expensive but enjoyable.

Steve Wurtz

Thank you for great service! Always fresh and delicious.

Steve X

Whether you're into history, wine, baked goods, or chocolate treats... there is probably something here to make you smile. I drive over from the west side of Cleveland every now and then just to get a box of their salted chocolate caramels. They've been in business since 1885, and in this location since 1905.

Magdalen Whitesel

The owners are the most difficult people I have ever encountered. Awfully rude to staff and costumers, everything is overpriced, the 1 star is just for the bakery they order in. I wish more quality people ran this lovely location.

Fred Courtright

Nice place friendly staff but very pricey. A dozen donuts were over $17.00

Kathy Williams

Customer service was great but food items were terrible in my opinion.


Never been but I hear their baked goods are make with Love, dedication and Justice. If I’m EVER within a 200 mile radius I vow to make a detour. God Bless.

Becky Karpinski

Gibsons absolutely yummy!

Mr Kittums

This place was great. The chocolates and bakery items were really wonderful. Also be sure to check out the candle shop next door.

matt bates

Great food coffee and donuts friendly staff

Michael Trimble

Stopped in Gibson Bakery today for some fresh donuts. Amazing selection of handmade chocolates, candy and donuts. Warm & friendly atmosphere.

Chris Hooper

Local business with long tradition among Oberlin students and local community going back to the beginning of 20th century! Employs local members of all races. Unfortunately, the subject of boycott by students due to misplaced anger from confirmed shoplifting incident. The resulting boycott may have occurred out of frustration with result of presidential election that happened a day before. Great baked goods and right in heart of town on Tappan Square. Give it a try. Think for yourself! Edit: Not sure it is worth $35MM. Good example of attorneys going after deep pockets and the legal system allowing large settlements. The public ultimately pays for it. Complicated issue.....

Jesus Ramirez


Mike Elmore

Best pies around i drive 30 minutes to shop there . cool little store.

Andy Cristofaro

I can't physically be there to support you, but rest assured, I will stand behind you and any other merchant in America that arrests shoplifters regardless of race, religion or color. This will be posted to my FB page. Best wishes, Andy

brado jacko

Awesome. Gwgb.

James Anderton

Old fashioned atmosphere. Delicious chocolates and donuts. Very fresh.

Mike McDonald

Dave and staff - keep up the good fight and keep your hearts in the right place as always. Thanks for all your support through the years. Signed, a particularly liberal yet particularly unruly ex-teenager.

Patricia Lippe

I've not been to this establishment, but I saw a segment on it on CBS Sunday Morning. I am from Montréal, Canada. I should also mention, I am not racist. I always stand up for the "underdog " this case, I truly hope this School and its students will do the right thing and help restore the wrongly tarnished reputation of Gibson's Food Mart and all its family members. WHEN YOU'RE WRONG...YOURE WRONG!

Natosha Halling

This is the sort of family-run small business that I would definitely visit if in the area. After seeing the CBS story, I went to the store’s website and ordered a t-shirt. It’s very soft & comfy with a nice print in a pretty color blue. Received confirmation email quickly, another message when the item shipped, and it arrived in a padded envelope two days later. Pleased with the product and more importantly, felt good giving Gibson’s my business. Hope to visit someday!

Larry Gonzalez

Do not believe the fake news. They are the most nicest people I have ever met. Support this company and fight against fake racism

Jim McLeod

You guys rock! Keep up the good work!

leeona gibbs

I love it! Has a lot of Goodies but it is pricey. 1 scoop ice cream in a cup is $2.99 you can buy a gallon for almost that.

Lawrence Hankinson

I used to go there as a kid after an appointment at the Oberlin Clinic. Tonight I took my 5 year old daughter there to continue the memories.

Phillip Avery

Great job with our customer order. Short notice too!

joe street

Stay strong your family has been in business a long time here, I think it’s time the community sends a message to the college that they need a new Dean she must go!!! she is part of the problem at the college.

Marshall Spoon

Just rating it five stars because some liberal arts pansy college couldn't take them down. Enjoy you're eleven million dollar settlement, doubt the lil snowflakes can even pay it out.

Robert Krane

If you are in northeast Ohio, Gibson’s is a must stop!

Ana Cotto

Nice people and grate candy shop


Outstanding service. They really helped me out during a stressful time. Thank you so much.

Chad Smith

Great place to get a quick snack

Craig Rothgeb

Great little store... Chocolate is amazing but expensive!!!

James Taber

Wonderful store, great treats and very friendly family.

Joseph McHugh

friendly, family owned place, FANTASTIC apple fritters! The candy selection is awesome. Highly recommended.

ed neugebauer

Got some donuts and apple fritters and both were fabulous. I cannot believe I've worked a few miles down the road for over 20 years, and never knew about this place until now. Very nice staff too.

Wallace Johnson

Gibson is a century family owned business providing anything imaginable for our community and visitors. The bakery is fresh daily and the endless types of pastries and candies are fantastic. The counter clerks are friendly courteous efficient and knowledgeable. It's cozy. The selections of tea are innumerable as are the carryout beverages. A definite "little store with more " experience.

The Big Ragu

Nice bakery run by decent honest Americans.

Isai azen

A filthy place with very little respect for the customers. Racist employees. Besides that the food is fine with acception taste.

Steve C 032

I've never been here, but want to congratulate you with your legal win. I hope to God your punitive damages are awarded at the max. That horrible hippy-granola, worthless excuse of a college deserves to lose as much money as possible.

Steven Kiel

I can't tell if they read these reviews or not. Some of the complaints I had in my last review were addressed, but they are bringing in a new wave of rude. I'm developing a habit of Aladdins, then Gibsons for ice cream. They do have a good selection of healthful desserts, and a lot of stuff crammed into the store. They addressed some of the cleaning issues that were present before, but these people are so rude. Walked in, three people behind counters. The cashier just glares, the ice cream person doesn't acknowledge, and the third person by the candy doesn't even notice someone walked in. Getting to the register after selecting our items, the cashier literally says nothing but the price. She asks the other person ignoring us how to do it (how I infer she is new), rings it up, and says the price. I asked for a receipt to get the name but their 1978 register doesn't include that. Every time I am here, these people seem to get ruder, hate their jobs more, and further go out of their way to disregard the customer. If I had ANY other choice in service, I would go there. Heck, I may start pilgrimaging to Walmart to avoid this place.

Greg Valico

Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products. Will definitely be back again!


The best bakery on this planet! Very nice owners and friendly staff. Very inclusive and respectful to everyone. I can't wait to go back!!

Chuck Stephens

Best cookies I have ever had! I will order all my Christmas cookies from this place. Service was unbelievably good! Their online service was great...

Scott A. H. Phillips

If you don't love Gibson's, you have no business in Lorain County and should leave. BEST. STORE. EVER.


The food is really tasty. The secret recipe surely must include Liberal tears.

Brian Danser

WE support you so. WE wish you peace, justice, and all good things! Praise the Lord!

Susan Schubert

Chocolate covered donuts are the best ever. Be prepared to buy some milk too!

Kaelah Moore

Some of the things are high. A scoop of ice cream, if I can recall is $2 if not close to it. But they are good and the donuts also


Went yesterday, insanely overpriced. I understand that college students are going to be ripped off because many don't have cars but it should be illegal how much they are charging for Arizona ice tea and many other things.

Der Visionär

Fantastic Baked Goods. This is probably one of the best establishments in Oberlin and an institution that's lasted for generations. And you can see why that is. The food is delicious. And the staff is very friendly. I will be coming back when I visit town to give them more of my money.

Thomas Pardee

Got chocolate covered coffee beans!!

Tamela Cunningham

My family has visited this store for the last 20 plus years. We bring our Grandchildren whom absolutely love the store, and ALL employees. We've enjoyed living in the Rural area and come to the amazing town. Park and walk EVERYWHERE, it's great.

Roger Varner

We stopped in to check out the bakery after viewing the broadcast on Sunday. We wanted to show our support for the owners. We found it to be more of a small town store with some bakery items in the front. We bought some of the bakery items and were not impressed. For instance, the loaf of Italian bread had a huge opening inside. Except for the ends, the bread was useless. The pastry with icing was put into a brown paper bag by its self. That was a mess. Maybe they have given up because the college and its students have given up on them because they check ID'S and stop shoplifting. IDK.

Michael H

Amazing scones. SUPER nice employees.

Mark Lewis

Food and sandwiches are good. Wish they had aa bette relationship with the college. Some refuse to visit this great store.

Thomas Holman

Never even been here. Dont even live in the state. Saw their story on sunday morning. I support this people and I believe those college kids who tried to tarnish this store are completely wrong. Plus, they look like they have good donuts.

Mtr Laux

Stopped in while visiting the music college. Great place, polite staff, good selection.

Melissa Henderson

Wishing you the best of luck!

Mike Harvey

Ordered candy online from Oregon to support these folks. Merry Christmas. They have an easy-to-use website!!

Tammy Tunison

They have a lot of great things, groceries, deli sandwiches, cheeses, candy, scooped ice cream, home made cookies, pies and chocolates, home made breads and sooo many more things. I love their home made items!!!! Also they are open very late so I think until 11pm. They now take credit cards, not just cash. GREAT STORE!!!!

Lori Andrews

Nice staff. Candy was disapointing. I tried 4 different candies and 2 were OK but other 2 were bad. The chocolate covered marshmallow was unedible as it tasted like it was mixed with fine gritty sand (not sugar). The rum cream candy crumbled when you bit into it, like it was old and dried out in the middle. I don't ever mind paying $24.99 lb. for candy but not when you can't finish eating it. On the up side the chocolate they dip the candies in was good, high quality chocolate. Next time I will try the bakery items, they looked amazing. Love the quaint downtown area location.

Brian W

Love this place. Keep fighting the good fight. Thank you standing up to shoplifting. Shoplifting makes prices go up for the law abiding respectful patrons.


Great treats! I admire long standing family businesses.

Israel Romero

Amazing! Historical and great selection.

Peter Burman

Awesome store! Great selection and wonderful service!

Sam Hyde

Best Bakery, repeal the 13th amendment.

David McCall

I too have never visited this place. I’m a Sunday morning viewer as well. However, I think it’s important we support hard working families with generations of support in a community. Come together people. Not apart. Apologies and friendship are the strength our communities need. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. Oberlin college should do a better job of supporting this small family owned business and the Gibson’s need to forgive Oberlin’s misgivings. In time things will mend but it takes forgiveness from everyone. We all need to take note from Oberlin and Gibson’s before we throw the first stone.

Kepler Mears

Overpriced and often close to experation (or expired) food and produce. Rude staff. I am pretty bummed because I was excited to support a very midwest style mom and pop store but was continually disapointed. There are also many unsettling stories about Gibsons meddling in town politics to prevent other businesses from competing. The donuts are fire though but there are plenty of other places around to get a good creamstick or fritter.

mynameis bob

I'm going here soon with my family. Giving 5 stars because Oberlin college is retarded.

Nona Wolfman

So happy for your win!!!!!

Stan Smith

Ordered some stuff for Grandma. Service was fast and friendly. We wlll be coming back again.

Ken Vargo

Nice family owned bakery

Matt Collins

Owners seemed nice.

Follow me .

Loved it

Scott Navarro

Place is awesome, very nice people. Only place to shop while at school.

Vikki Bott

Dusty and keeps their pastries too long. Not very customer friendly.

steve herold

Amazing bakery. It’s a must if you are traveling through Oberlin. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed

t z

Congratulations on your victory against Oberlin college!!!!! Oberlin college's display of hateful behavior against this wonderful business is astonishing,shameful, and disappointing.

Jim Baldocchi

I placed a telephone order for chocolate cupcakes for my son's birthday. They delivered them to his dorm on time and the date I requested. They don't take credit cards but you can mail them a check.

Paul White

Great place, great people. I stop here every year after the Red Flannel ride.

Joel Worcester

Great selection of most things decadent

Councilman Les Wynan

Like their delicious desserts, Justice for Gibson's has been served. Congratulations to Gibson's. May Oberlin go broke and burn down.



Philip Chao

same family has owned the place since 1885! handmade chocolates, hand roasted coffee, good wine collection.

John Doe

I hope you succeed in your legal endeavors.

Danelle Hoover

Baked goods are alright. Service leaves much to be desired.

Ol' Boomstick

Ohio landmark and beautiful family business!

Chase Nuerge

Racist and violent. Also overpriced, but the first two are much more important.

Rachel Park

I've gone to this place since I was a kid. Hometown feel, great ice cream and fudge. Locally owned and operated

Aidan Lawrence

Wonderful bakery with amazing history. You need to try this place!

Christoph Dollis

What a fantastic business, ran by true baking masters, stalwart pillars of their community, and ultra winners in court!

Tim Shea

Best candy shop in Ohio. Great service great treats.

Lori Schafer

Best bakery in Ohio!!

Sheila Urlaub

Hang in there. I am in California and will be placing an online order!

paul metzger

Excellent market with outstanding owners and employees!

Taylor Huffman

love gibsons. great selection

Jason Reardon


Ron Riley

Nice people, great products and service.

Sharon Rauschenbach

The store is very old like you stop back in the 70s ice cream was good candy was good the shop needs to be cleaned up a little bit

Reed Alexander

I love Gobson's. The best baked goods and incredible customer service!

Carrie Shinsky

Great local business. Amazing selection.

Javier Oyola

Gibson's bakery is a monument that stands against the times. My salute to you from new jersey.

Jack Carlin

Love the cookies.

Armando Karutjaiva

This place has given me something no other place has, it reminds me of coming home from school and running to the bakery where my mom worked. Cookies and food are amazing and I really appreciate the patience that the staff has and the kindness they have shown me. Owner is kind and always wants to know how I am doing. Thank you

Benjamin Rapp

Gibson's is a fine establishment and every last one of these race baiting bad reviews, which are STILL being posted AFTER the courts have sided with Gibson's should be held accountable for libel, the same as Oberlin college has been held accountable. Those kind of reviews are only further fueling the division of our country.


Iconic bakery that successfully stood up against anti-white racist SJW liberals!

Terry Hart

Bravo Gibson's for standing up to the thugs and their liberal ideology. Will the last liberal to leave Oberlin College when they close please turn out the lights.

Tom T. Travis

A family and friend favorite for such a long time... Service is outstanding because Gibson's focus's on quality and friendliness. Not only are the smiles welcome, the chocolate is blissfully delicious. Love it, love it, love it. (I wish my waistline did too, lol.) I can't wait to go back, and hope they're hanging in there. The neighboring college has been giving them some problems I've heard, but Gibson's has been around so long, I'm sure they'll outlast this outrage culture phase some small schools are cycling through.

Rick Rod

A great family owned business invested in the community. I frequented Gibson's regularly as a student and make it a point to stop by whenever I'm in town. I have always found them friendly to and respectful of all their customers, as can be attested to by their longevity in Oberlin.

Judy Kirby

The same old place. Ok. It's grown in size but it still carries everything a college student needs.

Toni Baechtel

SO MUCH CANDY!!!!! The caramels are worth every penny!!! SO GOOD!!!

Cathy Rice

I am going to order from this bakery TOO!!!!!!!

Robert Brosky

My kids love Gibsons! Old fashion candy and ice cream place!!

JJ Hepp

I recommend the various bakery items - especially the doughnuts. They are delicious. They have a few staple grocery items as well, but boy are they expensive. I know it's a mom and pop shop that's locally owned, but when my brother-in-law was visiting from Manhattan, he noted that the milk was more expensive than it was at home. Stick with the baked goods and you will be very happy!

Bob Leff

You must get to this bakery! The best with great people.

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