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REVIEWS OF Evans Bakery Inc IN Ohio

Casandra Rambo

They're so friendly and the pastries and Donuts are to die for! Make sure to try a Cream Horn!

Nathan Robison

brandon T

Kathy Robinson

Evans bakery is family owned and operated. Its been around for years. The donuts and other products are amazing. They are very helpful and friendly. They do alot of things outside of yhe bakery for the neighborhood and vommunity.

David Ellis

Kind and ready to please


Great pastries and doughnuts, and free coffee friday.

Robin Chinn

Always delicious!


The food Is good and the staff is very kind

Ellen Finke-McCarthy

Evan's has great food, from cookies to bread to cakes to donuts. Love the serious seed and parmesan peppercorn bread. Favorite donut is peanut butter filled with chocolate icing! You can't go wrong here!

Matthew Arnold

I Love It

Michael Lindenmuth

best ever. I grew up eating here and will continue for ever. when I found out they were reopening. words can not describe how happy I was nor can the describe how much I love this place.

Ben Dykes

Used to come here as a child with my Grandma... They have some delicious Keto Bread... Can't find it very many places...

Karen Mackay

Best place ever! Love the handmade deserts! Yummy cookies and danish!

Olga Benavidez

The baked goods we bought were delicious. Would highly recommend this bakery to those going to/through Dayton or Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. The owner gave us specific instructions on keeping our "buckeyes" fresh to last longer.

Martha Rodriguez

I live this bakery. It always smells so amazing. Everything the make is delicious. It's the perfect spot for a quick sweet treat.

Sharon Fowler

Yummy goodies! And the only place around here that knows how to make cream horns!

Marvin Fowler

I love Evens , Jennifer makes best creamhorns in the USA. Go try them and you will agree.

Kevin Cancino

A Hidden Gem. I must have driven by this place a hundred times over the years and finally decided to stop in. I'm glad I did the service was great the clients were friendly and the donuts were terrific.

GRC Trees

Jazmine Cottrell

Judith Livingston

I love there cream horns and Danish. I have been going to this bakery for the longest time. They as well make great

victoria Johnson

Love this place fresh stuff always

C Samms

Amazing place one of the best around

Kelli Hamilton

Best bakery in the Dayton area! Butterscotch cookies were amazing!

Sandra Kanak

Their cakes are the best!!

Thomas Adkins

Violet. Purple

Rick Christopher

Great cookies

Pablo Montenegro

Donna Hatton

My favorite donuts since I was a kid

James Brown

Evans is the greatest bakery on planet earth!!!! I've been to many over the years, and wish that the powers that be (whoever goes to Bills donuts and rates them the 2nd best in the USA) go and try Evans... Far superior to Bill's, without question. Bill's is very good but Evans they are not.... Don't take my word for it, get over to Evans ASAP and give this family a try. Hands down the BEST donuts, and cakes around. I highly recommend this true Dayton, Ohio staple that's been around for a gazillion years, and just as good as the first time I had these wonderful donuts almost 40 years ago now.


Delicious baked goods, yummy coffee, friendly service.

Shawna Hernandez

Joe Gill

Great bakery items. Great staff. Easy access.

brian Mullen

Great doughnuts

Suprina Washington

I love there Donuts and you get free coffee on Friday and they is a good people and service you with respect and a big smile on their face

Shelia Owens

CJ Collins

Great donuts

Adam Alex

Alexander Mingus

Jamar Brown

The best doughnuts in the city

Christopher Rice

Love Evans Bakery. Grew up in this neighborhood, me and my friends walked to and from school we would stop in and getfresh baked treats! Brings back great memories for me!

Rene mf phelps

Sherry Marshall

Clifford Butts

Friendly and courteous service oh definitely recommend this place to everyone everything is great there they've been around for years and hope they stay around for many more years

Mike Venys

I went in to get a couple of their gingerbread men (cookies) for the grandkids. Ended up also getting some pecan rolls and their last loaf of Rye bread. Everything was great - the flavors seemed to be as good or better than they were 30+ years ago!

Lindsey Davidson

Grew up with Evans and was ecstatic when they reopened. Wonderful turnovers, rolls, danishes, muffins. And they make the most adorable, individually-sized decorated cakes

Harley Shepherd

Paul Kourt

Donuts we got a little on stale side.

Федя Бенз

Gary Lincoln

Mr Mysterion

donald carsner

Great donuts Great customer service

stephanie johnson

The best donuts around town.

Cindie Gilpin

karen douglass

We decorated cookies and took them home and a portion of the 7.77 we paid went to a food sharing non profit of our choice. Good pastries, cakes, and cookies!Thank you Evans'!

Jackie Pietrzak

This is an iconic Bakery that has been a stable of Old North Dayton for many many years. They have a wide variety of options. And different options at different times of the year. Delicious pastries and baked goods. Do yourself a favor and go. If you don't see what you are looking for ask them you never know.

Zach Frey

Geri Purvis

Nathan Martin

Edith Philbeck


Edward Dysart

Best donuts in Dayton. I love to support local business and they make it oh so easy.


Best donuts in the Dayton area!


Delicious doughnuts and cookies


Delicious n fresh food

Summer Davis

The baked good are very tasty. It is a very quiet neighborhood spot.

LaDawn Gurley

Glazed donuts are light and very tasty! However, the donuts needed more glaze on them. The ones I purchased weren't completely covered.

Reba Barrett

Nice working people. Good food

Peter Guido

Donuts we're delicious. Great selection, great service.

Lisa Gerrard

Wonderful bakery!

Jeffrey Dawson

Every dessert available here is delicious. I especially like the donuts. Bread available here is freshly baked. The service was awesome and the place was nice, neat and clean.

Richael Berk

Awesome. Everything is fresh daily and delicious. Also, clean.

Jeff Herman

Matthew Binkowski

Good doughnut and coffee. Owners seem OK, too

Dick Kunz

I am glad Bill got his family involved that the way it should be. And the great taste of everything with his touch is back to Old North Dayton. Thanks.

Angel Geiger

Alex George

Greg Gibson

Friendly staff and delicious cakes, cookies, and other treats.

Ajay Johnson

I went in this morning for first time. Very nice people and great tasting:)

Gail Robison

Evan’s bakery is a hidden treasure. The Hungarian Club of Dayton only orders bread from Evans for all our Events! They never disappoint as all their baked goods are delicious and I can personally attest to this from my own experiences. I have eaten more than I should.

David Plunket

Best in the land

Brittany Carter

Grew up walking here as a kid to get donuts...and 10 years later, it's still amazing.

Kate Good

Best bakery in town

T J Pfahler

The whole crew was polite and ready to help the customers - very efficient and I will be back soon. Donuts were very tasty too.

Smoke Cuzz420$

Jeffrey Henderson

Got my 1st grandchilds baby shower cake there and now I'm getting my 1st great grandchilds baby shower cake there

Karl Hombaker

Great pastrys

Adam Habig


Timothy Porter

Kathleen McNeily

Love this place! Everything is wonderful...but there special order cakes are just amazingly delicious!

Bryon Black

Got a tiny little individual cake for my wife for her birthday here, and we also got a couple donuts. Love this place!

Aaron Kemp

Just incredible...down to the last eclair.

kenny larrison

Very friendly staff and great pastry.

wally eva

Rob Petkus

Back to its former glory

Dorothy Massey

Fabulous donut shop!! Get there now!!

John Porterfield

Great service

John Nothaft

I walked in, delighted by the smells. Evan knows what he was doing when he made my croissant. Ham was nice cheese was Swiss I prefer gruyere but okay with me hehe gave a nice tip and received a nice welcome appreciated that. Would recommend when your in this town. This is good for lunch and breakfast but NOT for dinner. Good selection of drinks and fruit especially fresh when I was there but could have used a few more napkins from cashier but I think you should give it a try if you can and like baked goods

Krista Burke

Wonderful local bakery. A must for anyone who likes baked goods. All homemade, fresh, and delicious!!!!

Theodore Fahrer

Best donuts in dayton.

Deanna Slone

Love love love Evans! Been going here for years. I won't eat donuts from anywhere else. If you haven't been yet, you're missing out!

Mike Coppock

Rich Cox

Donuts are just the right size and very tasty... You can tell these are NOT mass produced factory pastries. A very fun staff to make your visit complete!

Misty Proctor

Been going to Evans since I was a little kid, still the best place to donuts cakes and bread!

Karen Mcneily

Joni Payton

Loved it

Bora Bora

Wish I can attach pics but I got jelly donuts and jelly was squirted in a doughy donut half cooked. I won't visit here again!!

Marry Mckinley

Everybody was nice and friendly at Evans Bakery Inc. I would tell anybody to go there for there fresh baked donuts and etc....

Justin Gall

One of the many quality bakeries in Dayton. I'm a fan of the donuts and most of the other things I've gotten from them have been good. I just got an eclairs and was instantly transported to my childhood going to my hometown bakery for a treat.

Karrie Gentry

Everything they make or create is phenomenal. However, the young staff employee treated me as if I was plagued and taking up too much of his time. I guess everyone's entitled to a bad day. Overall, wonderful bakery.

Greg Colegate

Best glazed donuts in town

david plassenthal sr

Evans has always been my choice of donuts. Their always warm when you bite into them. Bill Evans you an Family keep up the good work.

John Woodman

Love this place! So happy to see them back in business! The proprietoress (sp?) is as sweet as the day is long and the pastries fresh and delicious.

Sabir L


My Teacher brings us Donuts everyday and they are Delicious.They are freshly baked and packed with lots of scrumptious flavors.

Marybeth Cassese-King

Amazing food and worker and very friendly people and of course i will come back there to get more of those foods

Carol Major

My daughter love doughnuts and this bakery have good quality doughnuts.

Bruce Menke

Phillip Fint

This place used to be amazing but like the world things change. The service is always friendly is about the best part anymore. They selection is slim and today the doughnuts weren't up to par. It's been a place weve stopped at for years and weve seen it go down hill. I hope they get things changed soon. It's a sad day.....

Brandon Gibson

Ray Wilburn

Shantelle Newport

Best Bake Goods ever. They have the worlds greatest doughnuts. I wish they was open on Sundays

Chris Kruse

Not great. The staff is very nice, the place is clean and pleasant but the baked goods aren't the best. The taste is a bit harsh and it gets worse in the after taste. The cream is really sugary if you like that. Bill's donuts is much better.

Rosemary Evans

Go in tomorrow thru Thursday for great Valentine treats

Gay Gauder

What a horrible experience! I ordered a simple cake around 11:30am and said that I needed it by 4:30. She told me it would be ready within 30 minutes. I asked for a cross on the cake with spring colors. What I got was an uneven cake with a crooked neon pink cross that was completely off center. The pink icing had bled into the white cake frosting. The flowers were sparse and poorly done. In short, it was a very home-made cheesy cake. But the worst of it was when I called to say something to them, I was met with complete hostility. Because I was representing my company, I was very deliberately nice when I began the call saying that the quality of this cake was not up to their reputation and that I wanted them to know. As I started to tell her about the cake, she interrupted me and said that it was my fault that she had to do the cake herself. She very nastily stated that she's sorry, but she can't have a decorator there all day. I said that I didn't think it was unreasonable for a professional bakery to have someone available when they were open, but she just got nastier and nastier. She obviously has no more talent for cake decorating than I do. Why wouldn't she tell me that when we ordered the cake? Was an $11 sale worth her losing my personal as well as my department's future business?

Dan Nihiser

Fresh coffee and great donut.

David Williams

Great bakery

John Knight



Laura Duda

Lovely people and amazing sugar raised donut!!! NOMNOMNOM!!! Definitely a Dayton must!

Lawren Williams

Great bread and pastries.

Raymond Kennedy

Nyianshar Riang

Shane Stewart

Awesome bakery! As real as it gets. Nice people and good donuts and bread!

Melissa Holton

So sweet!

Nick Scowden

Bratt Tasties

Disappointing want to place an extremely large order in could not accommodate


Chris Lee

Delicious donuts and will make bread to order over a few days for pickup. Not open Sundays would be great

Jeanne Herbers

Evans did my Wedding cake. It was beautiful and delicious. Unfortunately it snowed 4 to 6 inches the day and night of the wedding. And my wedding was in Cincinnati. But They came through got the cake delivered and it was wonderful. They were wonderful to work with through the entire process.



Ruth Wilson

Edward Syncere Houston

Billy Charles

Good place

Cindy Sicree

Great bakery

Mike King

Jim Mitchell

Stephanie Childress

john boone

Love it

Ernest Smith

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