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1028 Ridge St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States

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REVIEWS OF Dan the Baker - Toast Bar IN Ohio

Patrick Pingault

Nathan Kaufman

Jonathan Koppenhofer

Aaron Petry

Great pastries. Selection varies daily. If you get a chance to get the Spice rolls, do it.

Jacob Prystowsky

Dan is masterful maker and a gem of Ohio's food scene.

Michael George

Fresh and delicious baked goods for the sweet or savory tastes.

Bonnie Stump

I am glad I live 30 miles away! Dan the Baker has the most delicious chocolate croissant and the flakiest that I ever saw! Devoured it before taking s picture. Sorry!

larry mullins


They have decreased their hours/days and are mostly a carry out shop front now. That being said they make some yummy bread!

Tom Oliver

JT Fussy

Small, but like they say bug things come in small packages. Their olive polenta loaf is the perfect salty pop. Their toast flights are packed full of the best local ingredients you can find and the staff is always top notch. Well worth stopping by a market or trying to find the shop.

Jessica Kuhn

I'm so glad this is a hidden gem in one of my favorite neighborhoods! I went in and dropped $30 on an array of their Sunday offerings... I had an amazing amount of food for the money I spent, had a sublime cup of coffee and if we went through each delectable treat I sampled we would be reading all day. A must try for a weekend gnosh or light brunch!

Jillian Maruskin

Everything here is delicious. The new interior setup made more room to sit and eat, but it is a smaller place. I've taken both my ten year old and my infant son here with no problem. Breast-feeding was welcome!

Joel Becktell

Excellent baked goods, really friendly and helpful staff, funky feel. And you can watch the kitchen through a big window while you enjoy your toast or pastry. One of those places that just makes you happy to be there.

Joyce Zhang

A flight of toast (3 slices of bread and 3 jams) is $5.50, pastries are $3.50 for a cookie or $5 for a scone or croissant, and an iced latte is $4.50, so a bit pricey, although it was pretty good. The lemon spread and spouted einkorn bread are delicious, but the Asiago garlic bread was flavorless. The cashier was very patient and friendly while we ordered. I don't like giving bad reviews, but the reason I was on the border of 2-3 stars was because I saw the girl kneading the dough through the glass window drop a ball of dough on the ground, then just pick it back up and start kneading it again. I know it gets baked...but sorry that's not cool.


Jesse Sweat


Karla Bishop

Justin Rooney

Jan Janette

Magic bread. I thought I had a favorite (Country sour) until I arrived late on a Saturday and bought the very last loaf in the place (olive and polenta). So delicious! Garlic asiago is fabulous too. They don't accompany a meal for me -- they are the meal. I believe all of the breads have a sourdough starter. They are unlike anything else abake in Columbus.

Lindsey Witcosky

Tony Fabiano

Delicious pastries and friendly service. Clearly a lot of love and care goes into these little gems. They are no longer serving "menu items" such as eggs or toasts so they can focus on the pastries and breads.

John Z

Dan's bread are always amazing. His european-influenced, sweet and savory pastries are varied and, if anything, may surpass the breads in their consistent quality and balance of textures/flavors. The work of a true Artisan. New menu looks intriguing. Hope the Shop's wonderful, over-all quality holds up to the new, expanded hours.

Gene King

Delicious, out of the norm, very friendly spot for breakfast. Don't forget to get a loaf to take home.

Alex Greene

They're always great and the food is awesome!

tim schultz

Hannah Rinehardt

M Ott

We love toast and bread so this was a most try. The croissants are wonderful my two-year-old and four loved the chocolate croissant. Our family of 6 split 2 bread flights, two croissants, and one croffin (croissant dough in muffin form with cream filling)

Frank Brownfield

Ali Matisko


Patty Fout

Delicious, pricey, small inside so i got it to go.

Deanna Dawson

I had the pleasure of stopping by and this place is very interesting to stay the least!!! This one cruffin was like $6.35 (I believe) and it wasn’t bad at all... it was a Mexican type of favor so it had a kick to it but nothing too bad.

Grace McIlwain

Jennifer Williams

Fresh and delicious

Stacie Klein

Jaimee Bible

This place never disappoints!! My favorite thing to order is a toast flight but have also really enjoyed both the savory and sweet pastries.

Brent Kevanigh

Just yuck

Alexi Roccos

Amazing bread. Crafted with love. Ham and Cheese croissant was YUMMY!!!

Kim Sycks

Delicious and friendly!!!

Louisa Tsuchida

Hands down, the best bread I've had anywhere, ever. Personal faves are the Olive polenta or the garlic asiago.

Adam Yoho


patricia burke

This is "real" bread. Hand made batch by batch

Dustin L

Kyle Beckwith

One of the best breakfast stops in Columbus. The croissants are incredible, and the toast flights are great. Good coffee and chai, too.

Ralph Greco

Stacie Nagirnyak

Delicious breads & pastries! They also serve Intelligencia coffee - yum!

Allison Landoll

Staci Linley-Bates

Amazing!! Loved it all.. can't wait to try more. Not many places like this around here! It's definitely hidden... but a hidden little gem

Diane Stephens

This nice little bakery is hidden away down a side street off Dublin Road across from Gerber Collision, a little hard to find, but worth the effort. First time there I had the chocolate croissant and for lunch another time I had the lentil soup. Nice! Good place to stop for coffee on your way downtown if you are not taking the highway! Looking forward to trying the Pizza toast (it looks like Pizza toast).

Timothy Hale

Awesome!... simply awesome bread and cinnamon roll

Susan Deerr

Emese Bedrosian

Mary Dewey's all I can say it's about the bread. The products are pricey but the croissants are twice as big as anywhere else and really, really excellent. My herbal tea was brewed fresh, not just a tea bag and cup of hot water. We purchased a loaf of olive bread to take home which was the best we've ever had. Like I said it isn't cheap but definitely so much better than anywhere else. Its a little tricky to find as Ridge Street runs parallel to Dublin but turn on the street that that is across from Modo Yoga and it one block in - sign in window says Toast. The guy at the counter was very friendly and willing to talk about the baking process and the products. Only drawback is dining space but most business seemed to be carryout.

mads char

Beautiful bread and pastries. Best I've had in Columbus for sure. Can't beat the crumb of the country sour. And the pastries I've had have a awesome balance of flavors; never too sweet. I was weary of the buckeye cruffin but it was of course delicious. I made the best dressing ever with their bag of bread crumbs. Look out for their holiday specials! And the springerle cookies by belles kitchen are works of art

Hussein Saab

Amazinf selection of bread and toast. I'm a bread fantatic and this is one of the best bakeries I've been to in my entire life.

Sarai Hasegawa

karen leonard

Katherine Magnuson

Great bread and friendly staff!

Justin Massy

Edwin Wilson

Great avocado toast !!!!

Kelly S

Got a loaf for all the special moms in my life for mother’s day, olive polenta, country and sesame. All were SO good. The olive was so flavorful as was the sesame. My dad ate most of my moms sesame loaf so guess I’ll be back next weekend to restock! Sorry mom!

Dan Truitt

The best croissants I’ve ever had

Christopher King

Jordan Rammel

Joseph Search

Very nice and enrgetic gals at the counter. The place is off the beaten path but easy to find. Try it you'll like it. Good Vibes Galore.

Pimdara Siaram

Amazing treats!

Allison Beecher

Dan the Baker is hands down the best bakery in Columbus for bread. His sourdoughs have a gorgeous open crumb structure and are absolute perfection. His croissants are flakey, light and buttery, and the lemon squares are a massive zesty treat. The shop is tucked a little ways back from the main road, but its not too hard to find. The earlier you go, the more selection you will have to choose from. If you go an hour or two before close they might be sold out of some or all of their breads. Early bird gets the worm!

Allen Parsons

Layne Murphy

Todd Chaney

Incredible bread made with very high quality ingredients. Stopped in for breakfast with a client and took a loaf home.

Felicia MB

Caitlin Clifford

Ryan Adamic

Jeff Madden

Scott Germann

Sam Kaplan-Goland

Baked goods are extremely good. Tried both cruffins and was blown away. Was initially a little hard to find, but well worth it.

Noelle McLure

A Columbus hidden Jen. The bread and pastries are amazing

Adrienne Moser

Nellie Wilbers

What an amazing part of Columbus's rich food scene. Great people and great food!! I love to visit them at the Worthington Farmers Market too, such a friendly group :)

M Dillehay

Fine baked goods and beverages, all delicious. We had sweet and savory, difficult to pick my favorite. These are some of the most beautiful baked goods I have had the pleasure to consume! The staff is very friendly and welcoming, snug space so carryout may be your preference although we enjoyed observing the bakers preparing new goodies to be enjoyed by future customers. These folks know baked goods!

Will Haas

Fantastic for baked goods and coffee! Small location, so grab it to go.


It was the best bread I had with Columbus. Croissant is delicious with enough French butter and bread texture is alive. Sourdough bread is the taste I've been looking for. It's my favorite place in Columbus.

Cody Phillips

Cookies bigger than your head and pastries that are super flaky

Bill young

I could not suggest this more highly to anybody I know who can eat bread. Only down side is it not open all the time.

Alexis Dzubak

Matthew Osborne

Dan the baker more like Dan the man! These baked goods are more than worth the trip.

Joseph Marchand

James Johnson

Toast and jams are spot on!

Rhonda Wright

I have not been there yet, but was blessed with a loaf of his raisin, pecan bread, and made some of my special batter for French toast and it is a match sent from heavenm

Damayanti Sen

Such great baked goodies. Loved their almond croissant. The must try is their "cruffin". It has a croissant crust with cream cheese filling and looks like a muffin.

Sandra Licorish

Try the ham and cheese croissant!

Joseph Owens

John Scherer

Violita Kovchegov

Michael Dzakovich

Profoundly disappointed that they took their menu/decor away from their storefront location. Still great (albeit expensive) breads and pastries, but the selection was extremely limited and the interior now feels cold and unwelcoming. Please bring back the toast flights and specialty items!

Lou Krueger

Disappointing,we arrived at 10.30 am Sun.not much to choose from,seating almost non existing,i miss read the write up in newspaper evidently.A little pricy for the quanity.

Richard Breeden

Exceptional breads. Nice variety of pastries. Always friendly service.

Drew W

We came to try the cruffin. We also had the ham and cheese crossaint. Both were good. The location is a little obscure but the food is worth it. The people seemed really nice. Will try again!

David Smith

We discovered this place kinda by accident when we had some of their toast served at Stauf's, but we're glad we did. Their croissants are outstanding and don't miss their 2x sesame bread.

Russell Leonard

Kyle Sexton

Exceptional bread and beverages that are overall ruined by a very rude female employee. We will not return.

Greg Lindsey

Moe Battota

The best pastery in the USA, their croissants are just out of this world, compared to French and German quality they should be at the top!!!

Shannon Hollars

Jojo Escusa

Toast. 'Nuff said.

Claudia Gaby

Best pastry around. Try their cured yolk danish! Or their avocado toast. Or their toast flights. Or anything really.

Nick D'Amato

Best bread in Columbus and delicious ala carte treats and breakfast offerings. They specialize in long-rise sourdough breads. They're only open a couple of days per week (varies around holidays) so check the schedule.

sarah tillett

Daniel Counts

Dan the Baker is my go to breakfast on the weekends! Their quality of fresh baked bread is amazing. Be sure to get a toast flight so you can try 3 breads and 3 spreads. It doesn't matter if you like sweet or savory food in the morning, they have something for you!

Patrick Dwyer

Brought my daughter in for a toast flight...simply amazing! Hard to find, but worth the search. Best bread in Columbus. Beware the Ham and cheese croissants...they are out of this world! Get in early before they run out of your favorite treat!

Aaron Todd

Love this place.

Nancy Alkire

Tumeric chai!

Donna Raines-Bond

eric harden

Excellent bread, the best in the city. Olive Polenta loaf is a must try.

Scott McMaken

Lisa Lavelle

Love the European style bread...wish it was open more often.


Very good, high quality bread.

Larry Reams

Simply put this is world-class bread and an unexpected delight in Cowtown. Their country bread is $11 for a loaf, which may cause the jaw to drop. But while the mouth is open and the bread is inserted, once you start chewing it then you find that the cost is entirely justified by the flavor and texture as well as the aromas that exude from the superbly well-crafted product. Obviously Dan's passionate and professional skill are an important aspect, but you also find that he wisely utilizes finest ingredients as that truly does matter. So don't be worried about the out-of-the-way location or sticker shock compared to other businesses. Spend a little more and have a truly magnificent gustatory experience. No need to travel to Paris for the finest!

Adria Rovnyak

The avocado toast with pickled onions and micro greens was amazing! I also had the honey vanilla latte which had real vanilla bean in it which was very tasty. I got a cruffin to go and I can't wait to try it!

maxwell posival

To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect. The food, BOMB. You need to go off of the beaten path to enjoy the bounty of this place.

Benjamin Roberts

Panchita Phuwamongkolwiwat

One of the best artisan bakery in Columbus, staffs are friendly and very helpful ❤️

lisa spring

Angel O

It was everything I was hoping for since I saw that it had opened. Amazing bread and pastries to die for. Customer service was wonderful.

Jon Stevenson

Erik Thiem

Summer Hamilton

Jamie Minor

quality, creative, delicious

Jess Shoup

So so yummy. Love the croissants both chocolate and almond.


Gluten rich awesomeness!!

Emily Ishmael

Awesome little spot for breakfast and for fresh baked bread.

Keri Riddle

My son (he only makes the bread) recently started working for Dan the Baker so I had to try the Toast Bar when I was in town. WOW, was I impressed! My son has sent me bread, which was delicious but I hadn't had the opportunity to try their pastries until I got to town. I had a cinnamon something (I can't remember the name) and it was delicious! Because I couldn't decide, I bought two different things and took the other one home. It was just as tasty! The coffee was great, the pastries were delicious and the venue was quaint. I know they are looking to expand and based on what I saw they need too. The Toast Bar was constantly busy with people coming in and buying pastries and bread, the tiny tables were packed the entire time we were there and I am confident more people would have stayed longer if they had a place to sit. Currently they are a little off the beaten path, but well worth the visit.


Mary Deak

Jake Dunn

Courtney Wiggins

Immediately greeted with a smile and a friendly face. The food was divine, as was the coffee.

Ben Wallace


Pavel Prusakov

Nate Helser

Best bread hands down, fell in love at the Clintonville farmers market in '12 and have been a fan since.

Cory Ciccone

ajay siva

Audrey Schriver

Tim Eckenrode

Jessica Higdon

Anastasia Cloud

Great bakery items just hard to actually sit and enjoy them there.

Brian Baker

The best croissants in Columbus. I just wish they had better hours.

Ed Chang

The granola is dope! Sorry to hear they’re not doing a full today bar menu anymore. Great bakery and available at local farmers markets

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