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116 E 13th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, United States

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REVIEWS OF Brown Bear Bakery IN Ohio

Melanie Breen

Great little place and super friendly staff! Check it out!

Julie Basile

I thought everything was amazing. Only reason I gave it 4 stars was because it was kind of small and just hard to find a place to sit bc it was SO busy (which is a good sign). It would've been easier if it was summer time because then I would have taken my cinnamon bun and walked and shopped. But, since it was cold, I wasn't too inclined to do that. The food though gets 5 stars. Instagram @EATPLAYCINCY for more cincy reviews and favorites.

Maggie Curtis

Everything here is amazing. The staff is amazing. I crave Brown Bear all the time. I’d tell you all to go here but I want all the goodies for myself.

Angela Kaiser

Oh my I have not been to a bakery this good in such a long time! Keep up the delicious baking!

Isaac Smith

I had a delicious pastry paired with a really great cup of coffee. Brown Bear Bakery also has what so many places in Cincinnati lack: ample outdoor seating along the sidewalk. Sitting outside with a pastry and a coffee made for a great afternoon. Prices were on the high end of reasonable, but I will still return.

David A

The overall 4.9 rating is pretty impressive. Very nice owner/manager (I think) who greets and thanks everyone!

Atticus Dill

The people there are so kind! and the food is DELICIOUS!

Stefan Kyntchev

Darrin Keller

WOW!!! Very inventive cookies. I had a shortbread cookie with rosemary. Well done! I’ll be going back.

Craig Bock

Great local spot with delicious and inventive creations. The staff is always friendly and accommodating.

Phillip Gill

This is hands down the best bakery in Cincinnati. The items are varied and offer a unique take. If you want classic, their coffee cake is delicious. They are known for their cinnamon rolls, which are delicious and offer something different with a hint of citrus. I am a big fan of their cheddar and cheddar and chive scone, as well as their savory brioche. Every cookie I have had from here has been really tasty as well. I always look forward to going to Brown Bear.

Robin Simon

I have tried almost everything on the menu, I have to say you can't possibly make a bad choice. The chocolate chip cookies are the best I have EVER had, the lemon lavender bars are almost as equally incredible. The staff is friendly and out going. I have to say that I have never been to an establishment that was so appreciative of your patronage. I LOVE this bakery!

Catherine Carey

Any one who gave less than 5 stars is out of their mind. You pay for the quality of ingredients and the talent of the bakers. If I'm being honest I would pay a whole lot more than 5 dollars for the cinnamon roll ;)

Cortez Gatewood

All the food was gone

Rebecca Austin

This place was great! It was slightly pricey, but most bakeries are. I thought it was worth every penny! First off, the people working there were extremely nice and friendly. Not to mention, the food was amazing! The cinnamon roll was the best one I've ever had, and the kale and parmesan scone was soo good! Also, if you're a tea fan, you have to try the jasmine green tea! I enjoyed everything there.

Jillian Kreissl

Always different and incredible

J Brown

Deborah Spangler

Great treats

Kassie Jensen

One of my favorite all time bakeries eva!

Lou Hunter

Wonderful atmosphere with superb bake goods!

Praneeta Lakkapragada

A bakery shop in the OTR area of Cincinnati. It's a family owned business and has some really unique baked goodies. I had their lemon poppy hibiscus cake and it was fresh and delicious. The ambience is good too.

To'Nia Ruby

Soooooooo good. Makes you realize how over saturated with fake ingredients everything else is. Loved it!!!

Joseph Crea

Cinnamon rolls... Mmmmm

Gina Jack

Excellent pastries and professional service! I will be back!!

Joseph Norris


Hayley Born

Awesome! Such an adorable ambience and the owner is extremely friendly and charming. Each item is beautifully prepared and displayed. So far have had one of the oreo-cookie-like desserts and the tomato, goat cheese, basil tart. Both were the perfect balance of flavors, not too sweet, salty, dry or rich. Prices are fair for the product quality. Just got internet today so looking forward to working with a cup of coffee and a tasty treat in the future.

Keith Schomaker

Absolutely lovely little neighborhood bakery with delightful pastries and coffee and the friendliest staff!

Carl Miller

Love this place but it seems to be incredibly difficult to GUESS their hours. It would be great if the team could make their opening hours transparent. This is the second weekend in the last month I've walked up outside and they were closed during "normal" hours.

Sandi Sumerfield

Beautiful handmade artisan goodies! Unique blends, incredible flavors! Super friendly people!

Luke Burkholder

I tried the big ‘ol salted Carmel chocolate monstrosity cookie on the advice of a close friend and wife. It was a good cookie, but it turns out, not quite my speed. Luckily for me I also got (to go) a turmeric sugar cookie and a lavender sugar cookie. They were stunningly good. Like: I-didn’t-know-cookies-could-be-this-good good. And to top it off, the staff is literally the most polite they could be. To be more polite than this would be rude.

Ed Paff Jr.

If you haven't yet tried anything from the Brown Bear Bakery in Over-the-Rhine you need to head there right away. Well don't do it today as they aren't open on Tuesdays, but get there before weeks end. While there are plenty of great bakeries in Cincinnati, Brown Bear is on another level. My wife and I grabbed a quick bite as a late breakfast and quickly decided to split the cinnamon roll and the savory brioche (both $5 each). The cinnamon roll is what brought us there in the first place, but the brioche stole the show! The gooey cinnamon rolls are served with plenty of icing on top as well as orange zest to kick it up a notch. This was a delicious offering, but once I tried the savory brioche I had an immediate favorite. The light and fluffy bread is covered with goat cheese, spices, and topped with pepitas. It is the perfect combination of flavors and left me wanting more!

Justin Carabello

Uh... AMAZING! I finally got my hands on some of their cinnamon rolls and they are to die for. The owner Blair is extremely talented and really has honed her craft. It definite Bakery to visit if you're in town visiting Cincinnati. Get there early as day close once they sell out.

Anthony Reese Schneider

Gorgeous space, delicious treats, and beautiful people behind the counter. Definitely a must-stop in Cincinnati.

Ginter Rhoades

Love this place. They have a wide variety of unique desserts from around the world. Always something new to try. Friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere. I always make time to stop by when visiting the area

Stefan Soder

My girlfriend and I just saw this bakery online this morning, and after some dissapointing experiences at another OtR bakery, we decided to give Brown Bear a shot. We WILL be coming back. I got the cinnamon roll, and I think it was the best cinnamon roll I've ever had. My girlfriend had the savory brioche, and it was the perfect pastry for someone who doesn't have a sweet tooth (or is vegetarian!! All of their pastries are). Will absolutely be recommending this to friends in the area, and coming back many times. Edit (07-01-2018): well, it's been six months and Brown Bear has become a staple in our weekend routine. They are always trying something new, the cinnamt rolls are just as good as that first visit, and the folks running the place are so incredibly friendly. I cantc recommend this place enough!!!!

Mark Mattimore

Simply fantastic in every way!

Terrence Burke

Excellent baked goods and very friendly service is a winning combination! Our family enjoyed our visit to this fantastic little bakery. I particularly enjoyed the oat chocolate chip cookies.

Kyle Schwieterman

Fantastic service, amazing food, and a pleasant atmosphere. The employees are great and will help you pick any treat and will help you with any questions. I had a six hour drive to go home and an employee checked with a baker to make sure my dessert would make the trip. Highly recommend!!!!! A definite must try.

Madison Tucker

Went to Brown Bear Bakery for the first time this week and it is incredible. Amazing service, every worker is super nice and friendly, as well as truely love making delicious treats.

Michael Robertson

Savory brioche is amazing

Gabe Adams

Flew all the way from Colorado to try this place and it was amazing! Reminded me of some of the good bakeries I have been to over in Europe. Highly recommend!!

Cristiana Vespucci

I just had the most delightful scone of my life. I am still in a haze of buttery, crumbly goodness! I enjoyed the the kale and parmesan scone on a wonderful Tuesday morning. When you walk in it smells like love in the form of bakery. I could sit in there all day and eat everything they have! I also bought a vegan chocolate silk bar! I am so pumped to try it. I hope they get more vegan options. The salted chocolate chip cookie is next on my list when I come back! The smell alone is a great reason to go check this place out! One of the best bakeries in Cinci for sure!

Amanda Abplanalp

Legit AMAZINGGGGG!!! You can't go wrong with anything here. SO dang good! Thank you for bringing such delicious treats to OTR

Liz Ceddia

Everyone should visit this bakery.

Ira Hamilton

Love the savory dishes

Cara O'Brien

Very good. Had the chocolate chip cookie and a goat cheese pastry. Both were fantastic. Lots more looked great. Can't wait to come back

Joe Wehry

We tried the savory brioche and cheddar scones and both were excellent. Saved room for the awesome cinnamon rolls, matcha tea slices and a cup of dark roast coffee. The welcoming staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

Patrick Carr

Best new bakery downtown. Try the cinnamon roll if you can get your hands on one!

Jessica Durham

Lovely place for sweet treats

Getsemani Music

Awesome pastry and great coffee!

Randal Moss

Good coffee and delicious honest baked goods

Timothy Ochmann

Everything you buy will make you feel happy inside

mckenzie mandich

the sourdough focaccia was inspirational

Veronica Polinedrio

This place is phenomenal

Theresia Gordnier

Palanikumar Manoharan

"Friday only " breakfast burger was unique and yummy!!! Variety of cookies and pastries I have never tasted in Cincinnati

Mark Hageman

Always amazing treats and goodies here! Very friendly service!

Erin Krusee

Absolutely 100% the BEST bakery you will ever set foot in. Everything is made with so much love and care you can taste it in every bite. Perfectly balanced sweetness. Unique flavors and ideas, baked with live by the kindest people you will ever meet.

Michael Mann

Amazing little bakery

alison burns

Delicious, elevated, sweet and/or savory pastries, cakes, muffins, cookies and more.

Julia S

The pastries were cooked with such outstanding consideration for quality and flavor. Fresh, "made at home" feel, and loveley atmosphere. Worth traveling for !

cody gunningham

This spot is a great addition to Over The Rhine . It is perfectly placed right between walnut and main and the store is a very comfortable light filled space . This helps because you can see if they are super busy - which they almost always are. For good reason ! They have the best treats in Cincinnati hands down . Personally I’m more of a savory guy , so I go for the muffins . However if you have a sweet tooth this place could be your down fall . The classic cinnamon roll is a staple , and a must have for your first visit . They also have some good coffee too.

Christina Cohn

Extremely friendly and helpful staff, not to mention delicious pastries

Mardee Sherman

Incredible pastries!!! Love this place!

William Browning

Went for the cinnamon bun, fell in love with the lemon bar.

Calvin McDaniel

This place is incredible. The pastries are delicious, the staff are so pleasant, warm and kindhearted and the locations is prime. You have to try this place. I love their herb sugar cookies, and cake varieties.

Niklas Paul

great sweets!


Everything was delicious, and the owner is lovely and kind. Will be returning!

Adam Wannemacher

Blair has been creating fantastic baked goods for years, so to see her forge her very own space in which to make these wonderful treats makes me deliriously happy! I've eaten at many other bakeries in Cincinnati, and Brown Bear still continues to consistently impress me. The salted chocolate chip cookies are love and comfort given physical form! The cakes Blair and Sami dream up are beautiful to look at, and even better to eat. Beareos are what Oreos wish they could be when they grow up. Nothing is overly sweet; you know you're eating a treat, but the sugar never overwhelms. Savory scones are a lovely way to start your day, if sweets are not your thing. The flavor profiles are sophisticated, making even simple treats something you linger on, long after you've finished the last crumb. Everything I've eaten from Brown Bear has put a smile on my face! If you are near downtown in Cincinnati, you would be remiss if you did not stop by to see what delights are there.

Jenny Hilgefort

A must hit while in OTR. No matter you get, you can't go wrong. Partial to the cinnamon rolls myself. Skilled bakers making beautiful, tasty treats.

Warveen Mosa

Everything tastes amazing. I try something different every time I visit

Rocco Lombardi

Very nice little bakery

Lillian powers

My sister took me here for a birthday celebration brunch and the lovely employees overheard us talking about my birthday and they brought over a sweet lemon bar of some sort!! It was delicious and so very nice of them! Thank you guys!!!

Angelo Girardi

Great breakfast pastries and deserts. Owners are friendly, but be aware it’s s bit pricey

Megan Murphy-Campbell

Amazing local bakery! Everything I have tasted has been perfect. Very nice, helpful staff. Best cinnamon roll ever. Also love the iced molasses cookie.

Kelly Nestor

One of my favorite places in the city. Tastiest pastries I’ve found here! I dream about the brioche!

Edward Budo

Beth Szymanski

Cinnamon bun and cheese&chive scone are scrumptious!

Weston Bonczek

Delicious treats! The lemon bar made me melt. Went about 90 minutes before close and the choices were limited so go early to get all of that day's options. They were also out of most drinks but had a great recommendation to a cafe down the street.

Katie M

Amazing!!!!!! Have tried about everything in here and not a bad baked good item in the bunch. Love the cinnamon rolls and coffee cake.

Sarah Bowden

Vegan options too!

Tonice Gray

Oh my Goodness if you want something good fresh and organic this is the place ask for their cinnamon bun

Shannon Marie Johnson

Amazingly good bakery. Best cinnamon roll I have ever had! Everything is delicious, including the coffee. The service is super friendly, charming really (even to me, a mother with three little mess-making children in tow!) It's delightful to walk in, to be greeted by friendly employees and fresh baked goods. It's pricey though, so be warned. But I think it's worth it. It's lovely but also very small. Only a few tables--you could sit awhile, but more polite not too, since someone could be waiting for a chance to sit down. (I always wait for a spot to sit with my kids, and tables turn over quickly.) I imagine that everyone is hoping they will magically expand. Wishing they had more seating so I really could sit there all day! Also, it's just drip coffee--not a coffee bar, no fancy coffee options, just coffee, but as I said, really good coffee. This is an awesome spot, well worth the visit, even if it's out of your way! Note days/times they are open--I think closed Monday/Tues as of this writing, and closes other days in the afternoon. But definitely go here. It's fabulous. Feels like Christmas.

Mai Nguyen

A cute bakery with decently good baked goods, with vegan options as well. The cookies are delicious though. Service is really nice as well.

Tony Barkley

High quality bakery! Excellent staff!

Chris Lohr

Very very delicious, the cinnamon roll was the best I've had

Lauren Thompson

One of the best, if not the best, bakeries in town! I love having this place in the neighborhood, and always bring friends and family when they visit. Everyone always has glowing reviews :)

Eric Knapke

Wonderful addition to OTR. Creative flavors that aren't overly sugary and sweet.

Josh Newkirk

Marc Findling

Olivia Hill

Ask anyone who knows me, they'll tell you I'm a baking nut. I'm fascinated by the science of it. So when I say this is the best baked goods I have ever had, I mean serious business. The crumb on the Earl grey slice was so perfect that I spent minutes staring in awe, trying to learn it's secrets. Every bite and I regailed my boyfriend with commentary on what I suspected they must have done to get such perfectly moist and firm texture and the wonderfully bright citrus notes. The cinnamon roll blows every other homemade cinnamon roll out of the water, hands down. It's exactly what I want cinnamon sugar yeast twist doughnuts to be and never are. Go here. Try everything. Have your life changed.

Alex Habib

Brioche and cinnamon rolls were delicious, and staff was very friendly!

Ben Roll

Delicious food and nice atmosphere

Tim Engle

Good stuff. Good vibe.

Trent Lobdell

Vegan options!

Eric Lamont

Wonderful food! A very cute place with tasty food. Excited to try all of their options. A seasonal scone: yum! This is what I always want scones to taste like. Chocolate chip cookie: well done! A delicious cookie.

David Zheng

Right away I felt welcomed by the interior design of the store. Plus I felt even more welcomed by the very kind and friendly staff. And it didn’t stop there for me. The pastries looked lovely while also tasting amazing. And while the store was quite small I felt like there was a wide selection of pastries to choose from. Just make sure you show up to the bakery because they sell out of items quickly. Overall, I absolutely loved bakery and it was definitely worth the 30 minute drive from my house to get there.

Mark Alexander

The best coffee cake.

Kristen Mangus

Hope Schroer

Fantastic quality and service.

Griffin Fruge

If you only have one Saturday morning in Cincinnati, you need to go to Brown Bear Bakery. Amazing cinnamon rolls. Super friendly staff. Really good drip coffee (it's Ruby beans for all you coffee snobs out there). Because it's so tasty, there's almost always a line. And it's worth the wait every time. Enjoy!

Chuck Darling

I loved it and my grandson loved it.

Becca Manolov

Love this place! The cinnamon rolls are to die for and my hubs enjoyed the savory brioche. We sat outside and took in the neighborhood vibe. A lemon bar and iced spice cookie made it in a bag for the road trip home to Indy.

Kortni Beeson

Such a warm & welcoming honey almond cake

Tom Parrish

What a wonderful place, everything is fantastic!

Hillary Fox

This is our go to place in Cincinnati. Everything is amazing and the service is outstanding.

Nan Lin

Their chocolate chip cookies are so good !!! One of the best that I've ever had. The little crunches of salt on them really hit the sweet spot. They also have really good savory items like the goat cheese brioche and the cheddar sconea. I'm not a huge fan of the matcha cake as it runs too sweet but my friends like them. They also have amazing service and the staff are really great. Nice spot to grab a bite and just relax.

Jung Hee

I came here after reading all the great reviews and now I know why. The place is small and cozy. Their freshly backed cinnamon bun and scone was all I could think about for the rest of my week. Highly recommended!!

Tasha Judson

So so good! I got 4 cinnamon rolls (1 for me 3 for the fam) so ooey gooey and delicious, their signature orange zest is an incredible addition to a cinnamon roll! If you haven't been yet you have got to try them out! Also tried their chive and cheese scone, was very buttery and flaky not a dense scone like I'm used to getting. Will definitely be back!

Briner Ellis

Excellence in action. Copious rotating options. Eager staff. A neighborhood gem go be sought out and savored!

Yums Will

Awesome pastry shop. They have great scones, savory broiche, and cinnamon rolls. Some of the best in the city. Great place to pick up baked good in the morning or even have a dessert. The have coffee and hot chocolate. The cocoa is super rich and decadent.

Louis Novy

First Last

Whatever you are in the mood for, sweet, savory, they have it. With unique twists on even the most mundane treats, Blair's infinite passion comes out in the treats. Blair and Chaske have created a wonderful establishment, sure to be there for years to come if that is what they desire. Highly recommend to anyone.

Mary Lutz

Wonderful local bakery!


Amazing business with top quality treats! Staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Love the "cute little bakery" feel.

Kirk Strasser

This is hands down the best bakery I’ve been to in Cincinnati. The cinnamon rolls are top notch; they even let you pick if you want a corner piece or not. My girlfriend and I go here for a sweet breakfast probably once every other week. Recently, they added a savory option: the breakfast sandwich. This sandwich is everything I ever wanted, but never knew I wanted it. They put loads of different pickled veggies and cheese on it. This is one of those place that I cant describe in detail what goes on every food item, but you trust them because everything is five star delicious!

Eric Hornung

Quintin Coppola

It's good, I'll give it that. The lemon bar wasn't too sweet and had good lemon flavor, with just a touch of lavender. The chocolate chip cookie had plenty of large chocolate morsels, a good crisp outer with a soft inner, and a touch of salt. My only gripe would be cost. $4 for a cookie? $20 for pumpkin bread? $5 for a cinnamon roll? I'm all for paying what items are worth, but I've never paid $4 for a cookie. I live in Indianapolis and I find the same quality goods, at a place like Amelia's downtown, for almost half the cost. So I recommend trying this place once to let you formulate your own decision on whether the cost is worth it.

Riverside Food Tours

Sometimes you can just tell by the outside of a place that it's going to be good and this was the case with Brown Bear Bakery, I walked past it several times in the evening while hosting food tours, but never got to visit it during the day until now. I ordered 3 different items and honestly every single one was the best. The brownie was rich and moist yet crunchy on the top. The cinnamon roll lived up to it's reputation. The last item was a savory brioche with cheese and Pepitas on top. It was flaky and buttery and so full of flavor and filling too. The brioche and a cup of their coffee would be the perfect lunch!

SweetMystique Wright

They atmosphere of this place is amazing! The aroma when you come in is uplifting and savory! They also have the best Snickerdoodles I ever had in my life!

Donna Ford

When you walk in the door, you are hit with the smell of pure butter. Like a kid in a candy store, you are going to want everything. Everything I had so far has been great. Everyone is super friendly, smiles across the board.

Kyle Stewart

We ordered 5 items, pumpkin cheesecake, almond cake, feta brioche, and a ginger drink, I forgot what the last thing was. All the pastries were yummy, almond cake was just soso, cheesecake people got into, and I personally really liked the feta brioche, and I DID NOT like the ginger drink

Kai Hülss

Eric Meister

The cinnamon rolls!

Mark Potzick

100% chance you'll love it!! Very friendly service and incredible offerings!!!

Samantha Kershaw

Drove over from Indianapolis to finally try this bakery and it definitely was worth the trip! The bakery staff was extremely friendly and helpful in answering questions and offering recommendations. I ended up getting a cinnamon roll, savory cheddar and chive scone, banana 5-seed spelt muffin to eat there (I split some of it, don’t judge me haha) and a coffee. The cinnamon roll was by far the BEST I have ever had!! Super light brioche dough, cream cheese frosting, and a bright orange zest. The bottom had a caramelized sugar thing going on, too, it was amazing. Overall it was so bright and delicious!! The scone was super fluffy, buttery, and not overly seasoned. And the banana muffin was packed with so much flavor with that spelt flour and was moist but crunchy. Super fun texture! The coffee was also fresh and delicious! I got a bunch of other items to go that were all amazing (but so much to review haha) I highly recommend coming here if you’re in cincy. The quality of the ingredients, time/effort, and love of the staff for what they do is reflected in the taste and look of the pastries. Absolutely gorgeous building as well and an amazing staff. Until they decide to expand to Indianapolis- I’m more than happy to make the drive

Matt Hannifin

I have never had a bad experience with brown bear they are conveniently located within walking distance of one of the best bread bakeries in town so you can get both delightful pastries and killer bread in a matter of minutes. The detail and thought that goes into these pastries makes them well worth the price whether it's the cheddar and chive scone, orange zest cinnamon roll, or one of the daily specials there is nothing that is not worth a try here. I am confident to give a full five stars to brown bear any day of the week except Mon&Tues as they are not open.

Melissa Aceves

SO delicious! Such a cute little bakery with an incredibly friendly staff. Everything looked so good, so we sampled a number of things. Highly recommend the cinnamon roll and matcha-doodle (even though it doesn’t taste much like matcha or a snickerdoodle). Their savory offerings are also super yummy. This will be a new “must try” whenever we have our-of-towners visit.

Russ Eckert

Their stuff is delicious. I'm mad that we can't go here anymore after they backed out of providing pies for a friend's wedding with only a month to find a replacement. I want to knock them more than 1 star for that, but seriously - their stuff is that good.

Sylvia Sanchez

Cute little bakery in OTR. Friendly service. Wish they offered more vegan options. The brownie I had though was incredible!

Toyoai GE Lead

In that box is a matcha cookie, lemon bar, chocolate chocolate chip and salt cookie, lime pie, and muffin bread!!! Everything was deeeliiissshhhhhhh

Joshua Thompson

If you're buying a cinnamon roll anywhere else, you're making a mistake. If you get your wedding cake made anywhere else, you're making a mistake. If you buy a scone somewhere else, you're making a mistake. This is the only place to go for pastries and other baked goods (except bread). They have pretty good coffee available too, from Ruby Coffee Roasters. Seriously, if you haven't got my drift yet, don't go anywhere else.

Anne Kruse

Do yourself a favor and go here. I'm addicted, and I've tried so much, and it's all delicious. The lemon bars and the savory brioche are my very favorite things to get. I'm feeling just thinking about it.

Danielle Vuittonet

Cute place. Delicious cinnamon rolls. Not a lot of seating though.

Michelle Andersen

We have our company meeting there every Thursday and we always look forward to the lovely hospitality and phenomenal coffee and treats. The best!!

Dylan Neu

Paloma Colon

Amazing service, and DELICIOUS pastries!!!!!!

Christy McCarroll

Unique selection and great flavor. Staff is attentive and happy to help.

Glenn Mercer

Small place big taste!

Dean McHone

Always amazing. These guys are wizards of confectionery.

Lic. Angellia Sánchez Pascual

Best adventurous flavors!


Awesome little bakery. Just the write amount of options for sweet or savory pastries or desserts. Super friendly and helpful staff. I'll be back.

Seth Hershey

Smiling sincere service and heavenly baked goods!

William Stamper

This place is amazing - best baked goods in OTR if not the city. Great, clean environment and amazing service. The owners are always present and are nice as can be. Their cinnamon roles are insanely good - actually, everything I’ve tried here has been insanely good.

Ellen Bungenstock

Incredible. Cinnamon rolls are caramelized on the bottom, soft and fluffy inside, topped with a perfectly sweet and slightly tangy icing. Service is friendly, coffee is roasty, and the line out the door is worth the wait!!

Timothy Oliver

Locally owned and operated. Small batches of great looking and tasting pastries and baked goods. This is a great addition to the downtown and OTR area.

Heather Sturgill

One of the GREATEST bakeries EVER!!! Kind staff, super neat environment nestled in the heart of OTR❣❣

Melissa Goodall

Cute location, yummy treats, great coffee! We tried the savory pastry with goat cheese (can't remember what they called it), coffee cake, cinnamon roll, and lemon bar! All were very tasty!

Ria Matlib

Great pastries!

W Johnson

Remember in the horror flick Poltergeist when CarolAnn was asked to " Come into the light?" Once you have tasted the Cinnamon Roll ( the dough is...ah, not going to tell ya! Go an have an experience) or the Nibby Brownie, then you never return to the "darkness" of a vending machine or gas station snack rack again! If High Fructose Corn Syrup and Aspartame are on the ingredients list of your favorite indulgences, then you are not ready for Brown Bear. This bakery separates the pedigrees from the mutts.

Kelly Mullee

Amazing, amazing, amazing. Loved everything we have gotten from here so far. Bf and I went in and got one of everything and wish we would have gotten more lol. Great cinnamon rolls, and she had this killer coffee cake but didnt have it this past weekend, must have sold out. This is a great neighborhood gem! Keep up the great baking.

Glenn Durham

Great OTR bakery with delicious coffee and treats

Mark H.

This place is quite Amazing! The selection wasn't huge, but what they had was plenty! For a small Bakery, they have great food at reasonable prices. Not a chain, and grateful for it!! Love the homey feel and owners are Super Friendly! Best of all..... EXCELLENT FOOD! Best Chocolate Cookie in my life!! Cinnamon Rolls are perfect!

Linda Jacobs

Delightful staff, wonderful baked goods. 1 of a kind!

Lara Rumizen

Cozy atmosphere,great customer service,and some of the best baked goods I have ever eaten.

Joel Jones

Unbelievable. The salted chocolate chip cookie and cinnamon rolls are absolutely ridiculous.

Robin Baker

This is a great place for sweet and savory treats with unusual flavors.

Christy St Michael

I LOVE Brown Bear Bakery! It’s an absolute treasure for Cincinnati. The savory brioche is to die for!

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