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268 N Main St, Centerville, OH 45459, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bill's Donut Shop IN Ohio

Roberto Caceres

Best doughnuts ever...don't miss out, please!


Giving only 2 stars for the delicious and fair priced donuts they have But the customer service & cleanliness deserves 0 stars, I don’t think the employees are too fond with P.O.C (people of color) customers I get extremely racist vibes coming into this establishment! They only care about your money And I feel like they have one kid of color for a cover up but that kid is the only employee who gives exceptional service & even wears gloves for the donuts! they seem un-eased sometimes I wonder if the other employees be making their job hard! Poor kid needs a new job where they feel comfortable & more diverse area. I probably will not patronize this place anymore!

Connie Wehmeyer

Great selection and quick service!

Cassandra Gray

Friendly staff and the best donuts in town.

Jamie Stahler

A local favorite, they make donuts 24/7. This is a classic shop with amazing smells when you walk through the door. They are always busy with long lines but they move quickly. They are very efficient getting you taken care of without rushing you. The donuts are excellent and the coffee is hot. Highly recommended. If you're in the Dayton area, this is a must-stop spot.

N Hodge

Was told it is the best, guess a lot of people think so as it was busy. I was not real impressed but my friend liked it. I will stick with the Donut Shop in Lebanon, OH. Fresh, simple and not backed up out the door.

Ken Pfaff

Love the donuts, good service! Get the peanut butter donut, can't go wrong.

Mandi Kingrey

Bill’s is the best! The donuts are to die for and I have never had anything better. I have gone there since I was a little kid and I have never been disappointed in one of their products. I definitely recommend.

Monaca Wallace

Amazing!!! My son goes to college near here and when we visited him one weekend he said we needed to try this Bills Doughnut shop that they had the best in town. He goes here often to get his favorite treat. It was very busy the day we went in....people standing in line all the way to the back door and still standing outside waiting. If you have not had their sweet treats....well...your missing out!!!

Lee Huffman

Awesome donuts! Sour cream cake donut and peanut butter cream filled stick. Wow

andrew putnam

Best donuts in Ohio, gotta a problem with that opinion? If you have a problem with that opinion you haven't had them yet. Great competitive pricing and nice service people. Dont even get me started on the donuts. I usually cant just by 1 variety of donut ever but this places regular glazed the just perfected!

Lily Russell

Bill's Donuts is a great place to go for a midnight snack run. My roommate and I love to come here when we want a snack adventure. I really like their sour cream donut, the blueberry donut, and when they have it, the pumpkin donut.

Juliana Mix

Drove from Northridge to troy to get a break from the Tornado aftermath and ended up driving to Bill's instead for the best donuts. Nice day for a drive. This will be the perfect treat after no power for 4 days!

kathy fast

$8.40 for a dozen doughnuts!! And they are wonderful. The long line moved quickly; they have plenty of friendly staff to wait on everyone.

Lisa Daly

Best donuts ever! Even though the line was out into the parking lot, it only took 10 minutes! They had boxes stacked up on the counter for the pre orders and doordash orders.

Paige Welch

The only donut shop I recommend in Dayton area. The make fresh donuts around the clock. The donuts are a great price. The have all the flavors you could want. The glaze and iced jelly is our fav!

Ryan Hasselbach

Absolutely delicious donuts friendly staff quick service!!! 24 hours a day so many varieties of delicious fresh made donuts (especially their peanut butter donuts), it's a match made in heaven!!

Once Occupied

Saturday morning tradition. Hard to beat the sour cream donuts. Life altering!

Larz Weber

Best donuts I've had in years. Cream cheese danishes should come with a delicious warning. You cant just be selling food that amazing without a heads up.

Douglas Lyle

Fantastic doughnuts! A bit pricey though. They are always busy.

Nicole Ingram

A must visit for me when I'm in town(and when Prego). Love the cream horns(best tasting cream EVER) and butter twists! You really cannot go wrong. Prices are exceptional!

Patrick Kyle

Everything you could want in a donut shop with a small town feel. Everything is always delicious.

Jeremy Luedtke

Donuts were delicious and even though they were super busy the service was quick and friendly. They have a huge selection of any kind of donut imaginable. Coffee was also tastey. 3 donuts and 2 coffees for the road for just over 5 bucks. Good deal!

Amanda Hennemann

I love this place so much I drive over an hour to get doughnuts

Gina Lastrapes

The absolute best donuts in Ohio, and everywhere else I've been, are the simple glazed donuts that line their wall (everything else they serve is delicious as well, applesauce donuts are melt in your mouth). It doesn't matter if the line is out the door, you'll be served in minutes as the staff is amazing.

lovely aries

Bills is by far, THE best donut shop in the Dayton area! I drive from Xenia to Centerville to get their donuts. 5 stars isnt high enough of a rating for this fantastic sugary delight!

Mighty Gungnir

Best donuts in the area. Hands down. Next time I go in, I'd like to hang around and have a cup of coffee with my donut. Couldn't get one last time cause I was still out and about running errands. But anyway, like I said before, they have the absolute best donuts in the area. Their prices aren't too bad either

Moochie Larsen

Best "old school" donut shop! One of my favorite childhood memories is sitting at the local donut shop with my daddy. Well, my dad is gone, the donut shop is gone, and I have moved a couple hundred miles away. The first time I walked into Bill's I almost cried. The smell of fresh coffee, yeasty confections, and classic booths took my breath away and transported me back to 10y.o. sitting next to my dad at the counter. Taking that first taste of donut made me a fan for life! When friends visit from out of town, Bill's is ALWAYS on my sightseeing tour and everyone is amazed how wonderful it is.

Cory Miskowiec

Amazing local donut shop at an unbelievable price point. Friendly staff serving each customer like they are special. Open 24/7 with donuts ready. I don't think there is a bad donut there!

Pill Jr.

Best donuts east of the Pacific Ocean!

Rianna Greene

I like the donuts but the customer service was bad. I waited to be helped and all I could see behind the counter were upset people for whatever reason. Also, Donut Palace is so much better and worth the price.

kyle kreiner

Hands down the best donuts in Dayton. I've been at wildly different times throughout the day and they are always fresh.

Google User

Delicious....a dozen for $10...Just take my money!

Dan Allman

Never fails to amaze me. Any time of day, any time of year. This place is a gem.

Josh Richards

Great donuts and people that work there.

Debb D.

I love going to Bill's, no matter how long my day is or how stressful it's always a delight to go to Bill's. All of the employees are so kind and even when they have a long line they never tried to rush you and they always go above and beyond to make sure that you have everything that you want and need. Plus the donuts are amazing

Brandon Mcintyre

Best donuts around. Definitely need to try if your visiting or just want some delicious donuts

Zach Lippoldt

Bill's has the best donuts in the country. Hands down. Show me a better donut, and I'll humbly retract this claim. It's a 24 hour donut shop with unreal donuts recently voted the second best in the country.

Alexis Tompkins

scott stone

A crazy scene (big crowd) for a donut shop after 9pm on a weekend. I think great donuts are why they can be open 24 hours. There was a large selection of pastries at prices you would expect. There is a dining area to enjoy these very tasty treats. A smaller parking lot with on-street parking available.

Caleb Hoyt

Very solid self owned doughnut shop. Worth the 10mile detour to grab good doughnuts on the cheap. Their blueberry cake was excellent

jim farmer

Great tasting donuts. Always busy but always quick service as well. Take out or eat in. Smalltown atmosphere.

Charles Watson

I love their donuts. The best in town.

Joshua Davison

Oh my, oh my! Everything I can dream of that a donut shop should be! Open 24 hours and fresh donuts! The outside of the building looks like a small doctor's office and they need all that space. At least twice the size of your average donut shop. Line out the door. Parking lot is the right size for the building, but still not enough space. I can't speak to the coffee because I am not a coffee drinker and so didn't have any. We had a dozen all different kinds and the worst thing that can be said was my wife thought the cream on one was too sweet. Perfect in my opinion. This place is perfect!

Eletha K

Omg!! Amazingly delicious! Wonderful employees. Good place to grab what ya need or jus to sit & enjoy some sweet treats.

Im_Pickle_ Rick

Always a delight to get their Butter Twists.

Sam Croarkin

As far as donuts go, these are very tasty. They are definitely on the cake-y side, which is not a bad thing. They seemed pretty well stocked for the weekends. The atmosphere was very classic donut shop with an unironic retro air. The sour cream donut was good. While not the best sour cream donut ever, it was well priced. The donut holes were awesome. They were dense and sweet. The apple fritter was okay. The price was good, and the fritter waa fluffy (despite the cake-like nature of the other donuts). Overall a very middle of the road fritter.

Scott Berger

Great donuts but they need to up their coffee game. I say make it self service with assorted flavored creams. Would be 5 stars if not for that. Like i said though.... donuts are on point. But coffee is my first love and Bills place is lacking.

Mike Pleska

Want to impress your date, gain your coworkers approval, apologize properly, or be the life if the party? Bills is the place. Grab a dozen or ten and live your best life!

Toni Douthitt

This is the best donut shop in SW Ohio. Always open, always fresh, and a great selection. Friendly, helpful employees.

jeremy combs

Some of the best donuts in the country. Beware, there is almost always a long line, but these people know what they are doing and it moves quickly. Don't let the line dissuade you. It is well worth it.

Randomly Chosen

Donuts are Amazingly good! Not too expensive. Open 24 hours as well!

Tiger Mama

Love these donuts, especially the peanut butter filled ones! Really liked the rope line today, great for the long lines, always well worth the wait.

Tylor Foley

Great doughnuts. Busier than Jim's.

Sandi Amburgy

My first visit. This is a great place to get the freshest, most tasty doughnuts! The service was also wonderful.

Anne Schuster -Mann

Delicious! Also nice people packing up the deliciousness.

Robert Talbott

This place is amazing hands down. If u never had Bill's I highly recommend it there delicious and well worth it. Just make sure u go at a good time because it can be really busy at times. But this place gets a perfect 5 stars from me

Megan Steele

Local landmark. Fantastic donuts worth the wait in line. A huge variety of options from cake to yeast donuts. Nice selection of beverages to go with coffee too.

Tom Johnson

What more can be said for the best donuts in Ohio? Excellent and friendly staff with all your favorite donuts. The best donut holes and the best prices. The Butter twists are my personal favorite and they always have a great selection of them and the pretzels.

Tina Osborne

Love there donut holes

Joe Robbins

Classical donut shop. Good selection of classic donuts. Delicious and fresh

Meikaline Woods

Long line....No worries you get delicious donuts as a reward for waiting. The folks working there are super friendly. Ask what just came out fresh. If you sneak one on the way home don't forget to shake off the powered sugar before going in to your family and acting like you just brought the donuts for them.

Samorila Jlom

The customer service was quite lacking, but I was happy to see there wasn't a line out the door. I have only been once before (and experienced the ridiculously long line) and everyone I know that goes says there is always a wait. Today I got lucky I guess. The food is good, but the workers behind the counter weren't welcoming in any way.

Jesper Jensen

Great doughnuts definitely want to come back. Nice service.


Very friendly and fast service to go along with the softest doughnut I've ever eaten. Not too sweet or too bland. I will definitely be back for more.

Timothy Barner

Always a long line here, but well worth it.


First time, fantastic doughnuts. Best we've ever had. Thank goodness we don't live close to this place!


Everything is always fresh & Delicious!

Jason Ward

Donuts were amazing! Been wanting to go there and today me and the wife finally caved in and went. It was like heaven for donuts! Will definitely go back!

Patricia Pritchard

Best donut shop in these United States of America! Wide array of muffins, Glazed,jelly donuts cream horns, donut holes,peruvians and so much more. Trust me when I tell you that the wait doesn't make any difference because you're trying to decide what you want they have that much variety.

C. Eric Scott

I grew up in Centerville and we used to get donuts from here every Sunday and I always loved the donuts from there. Years later, I was amazed when I saw Bill's on a list for best donuts in Ohio, but I wasn't surprised. On a recent trip back to Centerville, I knew I just had to stop by and see if they were still as good as I had remembered. Well, I can say that even after 26 years, they were, indeed, every bit as good and definitely worth the trip, anytime you find yourself in the Dayton area.

Ozan Sevimli

Great selection of donuts and other pastries.

Scott Linne

Bill's is great. I went here since I was a kid. It's a great donut shop. The service is always great...very friendly employees.

Doug Ruyle

I didn't think it could get any better than the Boston Cream donuts until I tried the glazed twists. The sour cream ones are great too!

Rhonda Fellows

We love the friendly, smiling staff! The variety of donuts is amazing! We are still trying out new ones every week! They are delicious! We highly recommend Bill's Donuts.

Jason Lewis

They were busy at 10pm on a Wednesday. Great donuts!

Bret P

Bills donuts are fabulous and have such a wide selection. We live well over an hour away. We like to buy them in bulk and freeze them and heat them up later. Bills is one of my favorite donut shops there is.

Sebastian Boyd

Great selection and quality. Plenty of staff so that even when they're busy, you don't have to wait for too long.

Eric Knapke

Iconic donut shop that's well-known all over the greater Dayton area. Fresh donuts being made all day and there is a reason they always have a line of customers. If you're a donut fan, this place should definitely be on your list.

Debra Boekel

The best doughnuts I ever tasted

M Haase

you cannot go to Dayton and miss this donoughnut shop. I like the sour cream delights and cream horns. you cannot go wrong with the food.

Pauline Newman

Excellent as usual. I love Bill's Donuts!!

Hannah Ledford

Delicious, cheap donuts and always friendly service. A truly great group of people and always a fun place to bring my mom during her Keto cheat day. This place has bonded us more than anywhere else. So small and simple, but perfect.

Rosa Rodriguez

Great prices , good customer service and they are delicious

Britnie Koon

Open 24 hours, and without a doubt, Bill's is absolutely the BEST DONUT place of life, EVERRRR!

A. Woodruff

Always busy no matter the time, but they move fast. Always fresh..I grew up in Centerville and had my 1st Bills donut when I was 5yrs old now I take my kid to Bills. Point being its awesome to have this hometown joint that hasn't franchised and brings back memories while creating new ones..

Mark M

3 words - OMG Best doughnuts on the planet, cream horns, cakes, brownies... way too many things to choose from. You have to stop bye often because you can't eat everything in one stop.

Jar L

Great donut shop! Their donuts are fresh and delicious! I love that they are open 24 hrs. They can get extremely busy and the line can get super long but it does move quickly. They also have the best hot chocolate anywhere. I only wish the coffee was better, it’s much too weak with mediocre flavor.

Lisa Norton

Good place to get unglazed pumpkin donuts in the fall. But they are very often out of butter twists and lemon filled donuts. They tell you to come back later in the day. Who has time to do that? Out of sour cream donuts today too!!!

Stephen Howell

Been eating their donuts for a few years, and finally went to the store last week! The employees couldn't have been nicer, and the donut selection is off the chain! And such good prices! I highly recommend the huge pretzel donuts that are only $1!

Jeffrey Sellers

Unsanitary restrooms/kitchen (key needed to enter and VERY disgusting), long lines (10 minute minimum most days) no WiFi, but AMAZING donuts! Definitely worth the health risk and time for me. Now you can DoorDash it.

robert lausin

Wow. What is this I found. It’s like God rained down heavenly sprinkles upon this doughnut shop. I had made a review on the “Donut Shop” in Amarillo, which blew my mind with their pastry perfection, this is Ohio’s version. I would love to compare the two side by side! But this one is on Bills and if I ever meet bill I’m going to hug that man! They had peanut butter cream ! They had caramel frosted cinnamon twists! Just a couple doughnuts became a meal for this endless pit of a man. The line was long, very long( which tells you how good it is!). But this line moved quickly with ample employees taking orders. Had a kind elderly lady take my order, great service. Grab a couple chocolate milks and sit in your car or in the shop and devours this cake version of crack!

Richard Mellott

You can't go wrong at Bill's. Great selection of tasty donuts. The line was to the back door and we had no problem getting in and out in under 15 minutes. Service is Spectacular. Look out for the older woman that licks her fingers.

Josh Moore

Excellent selection of fresh donuts, available 24/7


Let me start by saying the donuts are very good. But as far as sanitary wise its not good. I have seen employees coughing around donuts they try and put there arm up to block the cough but it doesn't work. Most of the employees have long hair no one wears a hair net. They try and take the paper donut sheets to grab your donuts but most of their dirty hands are on your donuts. This is the truth. Just last week I saw a employee wipe a donut sheet on the counter and pick up a lady donuts with the same sheet. I was shocked no one else saw him do it. I do not understand how this business pass a health inspection, thats if it gets inspected. I'm going back to Dunkin donuts

Chris Malmstrom

If you haven't had Bill's, where have you been? Get over there right now, it's open. It's simply the standard everyone compares donuts to in this area. And there's plenty of reasons it's so popular. Consistent, plenty of options, fresh, tasty, been around forever. What else could you ask for? Hope they are still there 50 years from now.

Wendy Martin

Everyone raves about Bill's, but the donuts are not any better than a several other independent donut places near by. They also have a wide variety of donuts, but they never have everything. Every time I've gone in, they have tons of cake donuts but filled or fritters are always out. I'll go to Bill's if it's on my way, but I'm not driving 49 minutes out of my way when I can go to Stan's less than 10.

Lilli Dunn

This place had the IT factor! It had Great service, Great doughnuts, and reasonable prices! On a scale of 1-10 this place was an A+.

Chris Striley

They have the best donuts you will ever have. They don't have to be gimmicky with oddball donuts to draw in customers. They make the type of donuts you grew up eating, only better. They're open 24 hours a day and only close for a few weeks each year around the holidays.

Stacy Klug

Don't visit Dayton without going to Bills! They are amazing!

Ford McElroy

Very good donuts and other treats. This place is always busy, surprisingly and especially late at night. Overall, it’s a fun experience- more than just picking up good donuts. Make sure to try the applesauce or sour cream donuts.

David Wagner

This is a one-of-a-kind donut experience. So many donuts and so many other decadent treats. The staff is excellent. The young lady working there, Shanice ,was so helpful tonight in helping pick the perfect donuts to complement my coffee. An institution for a reason, check it out.

Daniel Caron

This place is awesome! Terrific variety at anytime (they are open 24 hours) always fresh product. Even tho they are usually busy, the staff is efficient. Well worth going out of your way for these donuts muffins s and pastries

Liz Anderson

So many varieties of fresh donuts 24 hours a day! Love the sour cream glazed.

Stewart Brown

For 30 years it has always been a great stop no matter what time of day

Amanda Weston

My family and I are from Tennessee, we are in Ohio visiting family and wanted donuts for breakfast. A Google search showed Bill's first, I read the reviews and figured it would be a good place to try. When I arrived the line was long so I knew it had to be a good place if it was busy. I bought a dozen donuts, got back to my aunt and uncle's house and they immediately were excited we had chosen Bill's! The donuts are so good. My kids enjoyed the coconut cake and sprinkle ones. We will definitely be back on our visits here!

Andy Ritter

Donuts we're fresh and delicious at 10pm

Eric Barton

Best donuts in the area.I have frequented this shop since 1982. They have a great selection and great price.

Big Dob

Great location. Open 24hr is a plus. The customer service was really fast on a busy night at 1am. And the donuts were amazing. I recommend the applesauce donut.

Nicole Buchanan

Love this local donut shop. Always get in n out pretty quick even with a long line. Donuts are always fresh n worth it. Tons of selection! Personal favs are the Boston creme n the dbl chocolate. Love that they're 24 hrs too. Very courteous employees too!

Kelli F

Bill's has a large selection of traditional donuts and they are all wonderful!

Spencer Lowe

Going to Bill's is like an Ohioan right of passage, ranked #2 in the Nation but #1 in our hearts and stomachs. Bill's is local, friendly, and well worth the wait just to get one of the various types of pastries Bill's sells.

Christopher Volk

Donuts were good. Staff set a mixed environment. Owner was great. The young ladies were very rough and rude at times! Our cashier realized her attitude and changed it to a positive by the end of our purchase. Efficiency is great, but customer service cannot be poor in order to hurry the line. I believe if they put a picture menu in the hall while you wait then everyone will be set to order and not felt rushed or criticized for saying the wrong donut or making the person run back twice for another family member's order. We drove 30 min for this experience, not sure of the outcome. I highly recommend MILTON"s in Middletown.

Ethan Mohr

Great donuts. Retro atmosphere. Sour cream stix ftw!

Ron Harper

Wow! open all the time. Busy, but lots of inventory. Staff is helpful if you're undecided

anne richardson

What can you say! Yummy. ( how about gluten free, Bills?) I bet it'd be as awesome as the donuts ate!

Michael T. Davison

The best tasting donuts! Prices are phenomenal for what you get!

Dirty Orange Cup Adventures

Scientifically proven to be the best donuts in the world. They raised my mother from the dead and proceeded to make her Madonna. Coffee's a bit hot though.

Madison Bivins

I love Bill’s donuts and the employees. The prices can’t be beat (95 cents to $1.05 per donut is a STEAL) and the donuts are always fresh since they’re open 24 hours. The place itself could use a face lift, but the old flooring and paneled walls does add to the charm. My one complaint is that the donut sticks (aka long johns) could use a lot more icing. Only about 2/3 of the breading is iced, and I’d like to see icing in every bite. Other than that, 5 stars!

Matt Howitt

Best donuts in the midwest. If your lucky some times they have warm donuts holes, those soft warm pillows of goodness, according to my kids the best thing they have ever had for breakfast ever.

Jason Heys

Super fast service and fresh doughnuts at 6am

Tc Pettit

Great donuts. Be ready to wait in line a bit. Very good price by the dozen!

D. Moody

Crowded but plenty of Staff. Very friendly. Large donut select and all were delicious.

Rob Keller

A staple in South Dayton, however I think the donuts are average to above average at best. I will say though that the owners are great community members and really care. Can't go wrong with local businesses like that.

Rodello's Studio

Ahh yes. I just bit into my very first one. I've heard everything about these golden rings worthy of the most prestigious hedgehog, and son let me tell you...The stories are true. Glaze laced confections that are fluffier than a krispy kreme, the subtle yeasty mouth feel of heaven, which puts any other to shame. Yes my friend, the night lights shine brighter in the town, open 24/7, and ready to have your diets begging for doughy release.

Link Dub/Sub

Always open, always great. Fresh local donuts, lots of classic options and seasonal ones too, come here if you are in the area!

Will Katris

Great place long line but they are very good at service thecwait was very short and the donuts are awesome. And the price is right!!

Ronda Henry

They are great. Taking donations for the tornado victims of Dayton and delivering daily. Much love for these people.

Benjamin Wilkie

Best donuts around even open after the bars close. Yeast variety is my go-to.

Chad Ryan

The best donut shop! Been going here all my life.

Mats Bennett

The best donuts. Great people. Great price. Open 24 hours. What's not to love? Not a thing... Absolutely nothing.

Seth Andrews

Literally just go here, okay? Okay! Best donuts around AND not only are they the best but they are also open 24/7! No more being disappointed by other donut shops that close at like 8pm

Amy Jenkins

Best doughnuts ever! I love the glaze twists or pretzels. I like the classics. The shop is small and quaint. Great place to go and hang out and have a few and some coffee (or milk) any time of day. They are friendly and greet their customers. I recommend getting a dozen or so to go as well! Can't go wrong with Bill's.

Donna Johnson

Love this place! We're required to bring several dozen donut holes with us to every Cincinnati family function. Unfortunately, the last 3 of 4 visits the pastry cases have been almost empty and we've walked out empty handed and disappointed. I hope they're able to fix the product shortage soon.

Kristi Miller

This is the only place I have given five stars to , best donuts that I have ever had. But it is very dated inside needs remodeled and updated

kerniec h

I can't even eat sugar or gluten but their donuts bring joy to others. I love how friendly they are, and they're always open!

William Pritchard

Always fresh, always in stock. Open when you get the hankerin' for a donut. Don't let the aged interior scare you off! You will miss out on some of the best donuts around! Try the apple fritters and donut holes! Or anything else for that matter.

Lindsay Lock

Wow! So many yummy selections of donuts and muffins. Great local place. Highly recommend!

Tammy Berry

Awsome doughnuts everyone should try and priced nicely a dozen for 8 bucks!

Cory Cook

If you live in the Dayton area and haven't had Bill's, you live under a rock! Open all day, every day. There's a line even at 3am. The donuts are that good.

Eric Wright

Best donuts in the entire city. I make regular trips here because they are worth the drive. We always get a some immediately and some for breakfast. You won't regret stopping here; even if you have to break your diet.

Jacob Higbee

I love this place. Fresh donuts. I mean. These are the best donuts you can get anywhere in the state.


Tried some of their most popular selections. I don't understand the fuss.... reminded me of the donuts at Dunkin. Good, but nothing to write home about.

Isaac Weintraub

An icon in the Dayton area! Open 24hours a day, they sell just about every kind of donut. From sprinkles to cream filled, Bills will have you set with whatever you need. Show up 15 minutes early because the lines can get long. I recommend getting something new every time you go in order to try out all the donuts. Get a cream horn and a chocolate milk, or a Boston creme and a coffee. Anything you’ll get will be good. Enjoy!

Kevin J Poole

Bill's is awesome. Always bring people from out of town here. The picture below of 17 (previously 18) donuts was only like $14...

Anthony Springer

The best donuts in America! The shop is the same as it was 20 years ago when I was in high school; although the smoke clouds are gone. I even saw the Timex Kid today! I highly recommend the blueberry, cinnamon sugar, and pumpkin donuts.

Anthony Hennemann

Always the best donuts anywhere around. I have drove from more than an hour away just get Bills donuts and I will do it again. Customer service is always outstanding.

Joseph Gengler

Best donuts you can get. Never disappointed with their service either

robert quinn

Amazing as always. Super friendly staff! Even though it was packed, my family and I got our donuts and seated fast.


All I can really say is go try for yourself! So good. Always! sour cream this time, but still 5 stars.

Miranda Tomb

Always delicious and reasonably priced. Friendly service too.


Friendly staff that work quickly to package up your goodies. I was amazed at the selection of pastries offered. One other thing that is simply great... Their very reasonable pricing. Hard to find a shop like this anymore, stop in for yourself.

Frank Bradford

people love fresh dounuts in the DYT

Zach Skerl

Bills is the #1 donut shop in the country. They're open 24/7 and charge super reasonable prices for their premium donuts. I love going to Bills and it's a point of pride for all Dayton residents.

Mary Duer

Great for donuts and coffee. Big variety, all delicious.


Donuts! I love them. Donut dislike this place. Often, the line is long. However, there are so many friendly associates and cashiers to get your order that it moves very quickly! A line going outside of the door is common, but you'll be at the front in no time! Then the donuts are delicious! Well priced, great taste! Serves as a great breakfast for big families, or 2 breakfasts for a smaller family.

Karen Phipps

W.O.W. These donuts, especially the double chocolate cake, taste like a memory from my childhood. The slightest bit of a crunch on the outside, tender on the inside, and the chocolate glaze was perfect. If I lived in Ohio, I would be in trouble! Keep up the good work, Bill, I'll be back!

Winston Crosby

Best place for donuts, 24/7

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