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REVIEWS OF Berlin Natural Bakery IN Ohio

Elmar Palma

I have IBS, and Berlin's old fashioned spelt bread is the only bread I can eat that I can find in my area. I've driven 2hr+ round trip to buy this before. You can usually find this frozen, which helps keep it longer. Since it does not have preservatives (mentioned on the bag) it can go bad quickly depending on the weather. During the cold days, I have no problem finishing a bag before it goes bad after I leave it out to defrost on the counter. During the warmer days I'll probably have to keep it in the fridge. Moisture condensation during defrosting can cause mold to form quicker, so be aware of that. This bread is at its best when it develops a slight toast. It usually takes the high setting on my toaster to achieve this. I'd much rather eat this bread and feel great than eat a fluffy bread filled with preservatives and other IBS triggers and not feel well. The bread may be expensive as other reviews mention, but it is well worth every penny. Thank you to Berlin Natural Bakery for providing such a life saver to the IBS community. Update: Nicole, thank you for the note. I'm now keeping the loaf in the freezer, and pull out the slices I need for the day, and keep in a topper. Not sure why I hadn't thought of this! I tried the regular whole grain loaf and I was surprised by it's softness compared to the old fashioned loaf, but I have to say the heartiness of the old fashioned loaf is still my favorite. I haven't been able to tell the difference between the old fashioned and the sprouted grain loaf, but I enjoy them both. The raisin loaf is also a nice treat.

Victoria Hinton

I bought a loaf out of the freezer at whole foods in Fresno, California, brought it home, had a slice with butter, then a tomato sandwich, then butter, repeat. This is real bread like I used to make. It actually has flavor and a wonderful texture without breaking your teeth chewing it. Wonderful, can't wait to get a loaf hot out of the oven when I get to Berlin OH. Road Trip!

Lynn Noble

I've been a customer of Berlin Natural Bakery for a few years, and purchase whole and white spelt flour from them, as well as the occasional spelt noodles and cookies! The high quality of their products, plus the excellent customer service, makes ordering from them a joy. It is so great to know there is a trustworthy source of GMO-free spelt flour for those of us who can't tolerate commercial wheat products. Thanks so much!

Kenneth Crawford

I ordered numerous items from Berlin Bakery and have not returned subsequently. Their pound cake was good, but expensive. The bread was hard and cardboard-like. Worst, the pizza dough were both moldy and were garbage straight from the wrapper.

Cody Franchetti

I have been purchasing Berlin Bakery's Sourdough Spelt Bread for for over a decade. In addition to the most healthful ingredients, and excellent nutritional value (carbohydrate to fiber ratio, high protein), this outstanding bread has a taste that is incomparable to all others I have tasted—even smaller more expensive brands. I highly recommend Berlin Bakery's Sourdough Spelt Bread to anyone who desires to eat healthfully and pleasurably.

Irene Begelfer

samantha coblentz

Leslie Macpherson

Whole Grain Spelt Bread is a winner! I was swayed by the package claim; "Don't be fooled by the light texture of this bread..." Light texture? Well now, that was persuasive! My prejudice? All frozen breads are alike, all uniformly horrible with a cardboard texture. I carefully toasted a couple slices, topped with butter and was energized and uplifted to new heights! Thanks for demonstrating your care and concern for quality grains. You won me over.

Clay Olson

Their sourdough spelt bread is one of the top 3 breads I've every eaten. Hard to find a bread I call "delicious"!

Carol Scott

I have been on a plant based diet for a little over two months now. So, I have been ordering the Spelt products from BNB since then. I was initially afraid to eat the bread because of a fear of carbs. However, I have lost 14 pounds so far. I am so delighted that I can eat the Spelt products from BNB. The high fiber in the bread products are helping me to lost weight. I am so excited. I have ordered the Raisin bread (Its my favorite. I ordered like 2-3 and freeze and then order more when I am running low.) I have also ordered the zucchini and pumkin bread as well as the ginger cookies (heaven) and the oreo looking cookies. (heaven) I eat them like nothing and I am still losing weight. I have tried so many diets (KETO, no carb, you name it. The only thing that works is the plant based diet. My cholesterol dropped from 271 to 200 in three months and I only go to the gym 1-2 days per week. This lets me know that I need to keep doing what I am doing. BNB only uses plant based ingredients and the products are fresh and homemade without the use of additives and junk. Everything that I have ordered is SO GOOD!


Best sourdough bread that I have ever eaten. I keep it frozen and take out slices as i need them. Taste by itself is incredible, outstanding with home made ghee:) I purchase several loaves at a time from our whole foods store nearby. This bread is a facilitator to my stomach!! Thanks so much Berlin Natural Bakery!

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