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4214 Linden Ave, Dayton, OH 45432, United States

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REVIEWS OF American Classic Donuts IN Ohio


Great variety of yummy donuts!

carrie e f h

Julie Steadman

DoraLynn Coffee

(Translated by Google) Best apple fries (Original) Best apple fridders

Ken Reeves

Best donuts I have ever tasted.

Peyton Hussong

I am a fan of jelly filled doughnuts and these are perfect

Alisha Cox

Ordered 16 dozen donuts for work on National Donut Day and the staff loved them. Thanks for the great service and delicious donuts!

Mike Smith

Nice family owned local place with great donuts.

Sara Gunther

Joshua Carson

Gerry Banks

Didn't get a good vibe when I walked in so I walked out. Maybe they were having a bad day.

Chelsea Walling

Our secret donut shop. Delicious and great price.

Wendy Ford

Dive donut place but my son is OBSESSED!

M' Kay

Best donuts ever. Friendly staff.

Ericka Carter

They had none of the normal donuts (glazed, twists, sprinkles, filled, etc) at 9:30 am to sell. It wasn't 2 in the afternoon or 5pm it was 9:30 am. I asked would there be any coming out soon, he said on Thursday! This was a Tuesday. Costumer service was painful. Felt a bit racist to me. I walked in every costumer sitting left, and I got glared at. Needless to say, I won't be wasting my gas again. Hope you don't either.

Drew Wichterman

Scott Isaacs

J Brown

Steven Kelbley

Best donut shop in the area. Highly recommend the sour cream donuts, blueberry donuts, and apple fritters.


The cinnamon roll with caramel icing is the best donut I’ve ever had!! Hands down this IS the best donut shop in Dayton!!

Becky P.

Amazing little place. Customer service is better here than Bill's or Stan's. Delicious, fresh and perfect variety. Met Gloria and the donut maker on my last trip there. Both are super friendly and do a tremendous job. Thanks for the great customer service and product! Carry on!!

Aaron Long

Norma Adair

crazy gaming holl

Sean Cotterman

Absolutely fresh and amazing every single time. The owners are very nice and helpful. Highly recommend this donut shop.

Lashanna Murray

maria thiede

The donuts were very delicious and fresh. Only take cash or check. Not a big selection. Over 10 bucks for a dozen. Need to remodel. I would go back because the product was very good and good location for me.


Open 7 days a week. On Saturday and Sunday 6am to 6pm

Lu H

Jon Miller

Cash & check only here. The donuts are fantastic. Not a big selection though.

Caprice Kline

Best doughnuts in Dayton

Josh Boone

Like a place out of Twin Peaks, this little hole in the wall is like entering another time. Great donuts, made by people who are sincere in both their service and their craft.

Micheal Massoud

Solid selection, open early. Classic donut place. Friendly staff behind the counter.

Dad Hunt101

First time in...hard to find in the dark, but WOW! GREAT SELECTION AND FLAVOR! Nearby teachers using their donuts to celebrate with the students, gotta be great if high schoolers love 'em!

Grace Carr

I would compare their donuts to Bills. Excellent.

Jason Mitchell

The old fashion donuts are literally the best in Ohio! I sincerely recommend you try them. Go... GO NOW!!

Shawn Harding

Delicious doughnuts! My family and I visited in the early afternoon, which is usually one of the worst times to visit a doughnut shop, but the doughnuts still tasted fresh. The prices were very reasonable. The young lady who assisted us was very friendly and helpful with her recommendations. She also advised us to come before 9am on our next visit for a wider selection. This was our first visit, and my family and I will be returning.

Barbara Robinson

Apple Fritters melt in your mouth

Amber Burton

Manuel Fonseca

Good coffee and service. Doughnuts are yummy.

Gary Flanagin

Very good nice people

Miranda Bucholz

Jordan Gantt

Really good small shop

Barbara Jozefowicz

Best coffee and donuts anywhere

Joe Schmidt

Samantha Lake

Great donuts, grumpy service

Craig Burnham

Only there to buy a pop

Peggy Graham

The selection is awesome & so is the taste...... I give it

Sam Turner

Kelly K

Very fresh great tasting donuts. I got a huge variety and all were great. Like any donut shop you must go early to get the freshest and best selection. The help was friendly and fast. Must try!

G. Scott McG

Doesn't accept credit or debit cards, only cash or check. Unfriendly.

Mike Cherry

william goffinet

I've been going here for years. In my opnion best donuts in dayton. :) They accept debit and credit cards as of 7-4-17

Titania Merchant

12/17/2016 I will say, this is the best donut shop I have ever been to. I'm in love with the apple fritters. Nothing like them hands down! Thank you American donut shop. In fact ill be coming from Cincinnati Ohio just get some donuts today!

Jessy Vincent

So sad it took me so long to try it!!!!! So nice and so yummy

Cindy Lamb

Chet McAninch

The best donuts in Dayton. They are equal to or better than Bills Donuts.

Steve Swallow

My first trip here. Great Donuts! Got a dozen selected. They were fresh and tasty. Building has a quaint hole-in-the-wall appearance, clean, eclectic. Friendly staff. Early morning they had a full selection. Paid by debit card. This is a great little neighborhood shop. I will go back!

john schauer

Joni Payton

Jay Graphix

These guys have the best donuts I have ever had. Very Fresh, NO frozen dough stuff ... EXCELLENT!! The staff is not very delightful, and act as if you are an inconvenience or as if you are interrupting them. If you can overlook that, then you will be stoked about how great there product is. Also ... they need to do a bit of cleaning in the seating area as well as the public milk refrigerator. It smelled of spilled sour milk. The seating area is a bit cluttered. This could be an all around great place, but someone has lost the passion.

GRich77 77

Always fresh and delicious. The lady that works there is so nice and patient. Love it and would never do the big name shop that gets their doughnuts shipped in from factory.

Keylon Petty

I feel right at home! Very welcoming

Lisa Marie Perry


When we walked in they acted as if we were an inconvenience. The woman behind the counter didn't care to answer any questions. There was hardly any choice of doughnuts to choose from. All of the old men inside eating looked at us like we walked into a mafia meeting. All of the reviews below seem like they were written by the owner/workers since they're basically tv commercials with how they're worded. To be honest, it seems like a front for a drug operation.

Jim Wilson

Best Donuts around, friendly, good service and family owned.

The Mighty Leon

What kind of donut place doesn't have glazed donuts? That's something they should never run out of lol. The staff was rude to begin with and she seemed like she didn't want to help me as soon as I walked in.

Dwayne Heeter

Great donuts & coffee. Friendly Service!

Terry Toney

They have donuts

Jacqueline Erwin

I’ve gotten donuts here a couple of times, and was highly impressed both occasions. Fantastic donuts!

Charles Masden

Best donut shop around. Just a quick tip though they only accept cash or check.

richard parrish

Good donuts.prices a little high.

Tom Barstow

Good doughnuts-- go early. Great selection at 7:30am. No complaints from the IT crowd.

Doc R

Don't let the slightly disheveled appearance fool you; this little shop is one of the best kept secrets in Dayton. Everyone raves about Bill's Donuts . . . to be sure, they are very good . . . IMHO, these are even better. As others have noted, you must go early to get the best selection.

Kalamarty HD

It's 2016 take credit cards! Probably why they'll be put out of business by Duncan Donuts.

Kenneth Lloyd

Easily the best donuts in the Dayton area!

Andrew Suttles

Love the donuts. All baked fresh daily. It's just a little hard to find place. But highly recommend if your craving donuts.

Ryan Kinsey

Dirty, don't accept debt or credit cards, donuts are old and stale.

Pamela Sams

Cathy Esterline

John Moore

By far the best donuts in town and always friendly service. We love these donuts so much we scrapped the cake at the wedding and towered these high. This donut shop gives me that old time feel from when I was a kid, it is nice to be taken back to memory lane these days.

Paul Roddy

Good donuts and service!

Foregone Conclusion

Nice little find. Amazing donuts....especially the custard filled. WOW

B Martinez

OMGish!!!! The glaze donuts are yummy!!!! VERY addicting...wonder what is in this donut....doesn't taste like a ordinary glaze donut. I'm flying back to Tucson and taking some of these baked goodies back for the family! What ever they are doing KEEP IT UP!!!

Betty Quigley

Love the donuts at American Classic Donuts and Gloria is amazing. Thanks for all your help in donations in the past few years. You guys are amazing

Jessica Abernathy

Love their donuts, so fresh!

Daniel Moore

Best bakery in the state

Patrick Bittner

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