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1000 Old Red Trail, Mandan, ND 58554, United States

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REVIEWS OF Walmart Supercenter IN North Dakota

Hannah Salvin

Great store. But they always have the slowest cashier on the fast lane. I stan din line longer than I shop

Laura Weis

Wow! They not only seem to carry everything but plenty of it! We could not get over the choices we had in that store. We had very good help when we needed it at the self checkout, too.

Shanteisha Austin

I go into this store a lot, on many days the employees energy is off. The employees are lazy. You see them stand around chit chatting while self checkout line gets long. Many of the employees of European descent are racist. On more than one occasion I've been disrespected. Employees need more training. If you don't want to work then don't. Stay at home and save the drama for y'all mama. So tired of their nasty attitude faces but I live right down the street so it's much more convenient to get my items from this location. Train these people, give them more training. I understand I'm living in a state that haven't seen much copper color people in real life, but we are here now get over your self because we bleed the same!!!!

Hailey Smith

Best experience I have ever had at a Walmart! I am from out of state and just needed a few things. All the employees were so kind, clean, and talkative! I would certainly go back and recommend!!

MariLynn Herman

This is a really good Walmart because of the staff. They are always so helpful and pleasant. They assist without asking. The Mandan Walmart is my favorite!

LakLust SeaUrchins

Has a variety of a lot of stuff that's good quality.


The mandan Walmart is a decent place to shop if you are in the area. They usually have the necessities stocked, but nothing extra. It's suited for getting general groceries, health and beauty items, and baked goods. The employees are sometimes hard to find, but they are friendly. The location is a bit out of the way if you live in the general Mandan area, but it's less travel than going to a Bismarck location.

Matt Erickson

I dont understand why when you do a pick up order it takes all day to pick up 2 item off the shelf. Does Walmart in mandan only have 1 person shopping. Put my order in at 11:30 we arrived at 1:30 was told give us another 2 hrs really NO cancel my order ran in quick and pick it up took me less the 2min never again will I use pick up app again

Rick Riccardi

Great customer service

Matthew Barney

Worst employees I’ve ever delt with I never write bad reviews but this place deserves it two days later and I still can’t get ahold of a manager to tell them about one if there especially bad workers

Elaine Lane

We didn't have to wait in line and it had everything we need! Only problem is the major isle are too narrow.

Curtis Anderson

Everything you need and more

Katherine Baumert

Overnight parking ok with other managers. But not day manager could be asked to leave 6 am. We will go else where. And our shopping list. Not friendly to motor homes at this time

Latasha Western

This is a great store that offers a wide variety of stuff from food, to electronics, to auto car, and house hold appliances you will find it all here. It has everything you are looking for and if they are missing something from the inventory or that you are looking for, then you can go online to a Walmart website and have the product sent to the Walmart near you and not have to pay for shipping.. It's awesome, they also have very helpful staff that will help you find what you are looking for just in case you are not sure we're to find it. They have great customer service and clean bathroom.

Peter Schultz

not your average walmart...a friendly store where the employees are helpful

Daniel Rough

Wish there were better deals on food and I miss the door greeters. Other then that the overall experience is pretty good. Make sure when you order tires for a vehicle you only get what manufacturers recommend. New company policy. They set me up an appointment that I took time off work for only to tell me they wouldn't put the tires on that I was there to get put on. Pretty disappointed that they could've told me this when I was asking the day before. Make sure they look up your vehicle so you dont waste time

Kaela Surface

Out of the three Wal-Mart's in the area this one is the best and the cleanest. Most employees I've interacted with are friendly and helpful.

Bryce Sparks

Waited in line for 30 minutes because they refuse to pay cashiers to run the registers all self check were closed one open lane four customers 30+ minute wait... 9 times out 10 I'm stopped at the front door being accused of theft they pay someone to stand at the front door & check receipts but refuse to pay cashiers to run registers... Walmart is trash.

Emily White

For what it is, this walmart does pretty well. My only complaint is that the employees seem to be in bad moods all the time. Maintenance could also be improved, since things are often out of stock.

Chalky Master

Customer service blows but they have lots of stuff so it's nice to be able to get what we need. To bad all the staff always seem pissed off.

Kevin Whipple

It's Walmart, what can I say? Clean and friendly... there, you happy now? No, fine, let's see, it took a little while to find the pharmacy cuz I'm use to seeing it by the food section now. Used the app's map to find it and I was like, duh that's where they use to always be...

Cindy Fleming

Since remodel items are harder to find

Destiny Pavlicek

It was good we got everything we were looking for

Daniel Hall

Every person I asked the same question to were unable to give me an answer and were either unwilling or unable to try to find it for me. I asked 5 workers. It was very frustrating, I'll be sure to try and avoid shopping at this location again.

Sharla Jensen

We had a great cashier. Very friendly.

Scrub Guy

Very good, much shelf!


The nail salon makes it smell terrible now. If you must go, avoid the market side door at all costs!! Or bring a gas mask. I think I’m going to stop going here because I’m afraid I’ll get a migraine. I’ve got a headache from the nail salon fumes this time. It’s not worth it.

Carolina C

Bad service. I am not a demanding customer, but if I ask someone a question, I expect the dignity of a respectful response. You don’t get that at Walmart.

Charlene Craghead

Great products! Good customer service

Kathleen Nix-Obert

Clean, not super busy, employees are helpful and usually upbeat and pleasant to deal with.

Deborah Binstock

Didn't have what was looking for but nice big store.

Lauren Clark

Best, most impressive Wal-Mart I've ever been to. Perfectly clean. Helpful and friendly staff. Even the bathroom was amazing. There were so many cash registers open. It was easily the best Wal-Mart ever.

Herman Carstens

There's not enough open cashiers!

Vicki Carter

They had everything I was looking for. Friendly service people. Fast and convenient checkout.

Kayla Huntington

Clean, friendly staff (for the most part), and pretty well organized. This is the Walmart I go to most of the time, and I'm not angry about that. They dont have everything sometimes, and I need to head to Bismarck, but that doesnt bother me a bit!

Megan Thiel

It was your typical Walmart store!


Love the place

Shawn Okeefe

Excellant as always

Lorin Lords

Very helpful place. The only problem is that they run out of things. And you go to get your item and you see the spaces empty.

Lenny eyy

Amazing store after the remodel. Very friendly helpers i asked where fly swatters were located and got shown exactly where! Best walmart by far in utah.


It's okay but they hardly stock things, fr. They can do better

Sarah Brodersen

A good store but hard to navigate and the workers are mostly people who you might not want to walk up to since I've never seen any smile.


If you have seen one walmart you have seen them all

Diana Pahl

Out of a product I've stopped for 3 times. Just bought alternative

Randal Eggleston

Big store. Groceries, clothing, household goods, tv's. They have it all.

Jacob Sailing

Only has one employee work deli on Wednesday Thursday

Amelia Woodward

Two young men in the electronics dept were a tremendous help, and checked on & explained some computer printer information that was so helpful. This was about 3:30 on Wed. the 18th.

Daniel Ferrie

Best store besides ebay

Zakk Hann

Nicest Walmart location that I've seen in all of North Dakota. Very clean and organized much better than the other Walmarts I've seen.

Shelly Frances

I always have to come here to get almost everything!!! I really like it.

Lexi Gacha youtube

I've heard from a lot of people that Some Walmarts treat there employees bad and I don't like that so I over all won't go to Walmart unless I need to

Angelique Horne

I had a really bad experience there, I cannot believe they would not let me do an exchange after midnight I do not live there there is no Walmart where I am living

Graham Oxborrow

The Pickup staff was kind and quick. I had a good experience.

Kyle Bowen

This is the closet Walmart to our house, and they are great. It's clean. We have done grocery pick up here several times, and they are accurate and prompt. Great prices and selection.

Taylor Farrell94

Love this place

Andrew Arrington

Pretty good place for a quick in and out shopping trip. Really would not recommend if you are in a hurry or have lots of items. They never have enough registers open, so lines are long and slow. Never really been impressed by their fresh produce. It is often under our over ripe. Overall, really just a good Wal-Mart. I shop here quite often.

Erika Hager

Good place to go shopping at friendly customers low prices on items love it


Employees are always super nice, quality of products is what you'd expect from a Walmart. I haven't had good luck with any of their produce, rotten potatoes after a week and fruit is always near the end of it's shelf life. Freezer and fridge sections always seem to be reasonably well stocked though

Brandon Carbee

It's Walmart. They have most of what you need. However, the service is severely lacking for the most part. I have been shopping at Walmart my whole life and it is a good place to get decent prices on ammunition. Though the prices are good for ammo (usually) I have ALWAYS had to hunt down someone to help me get ammo that is locked up. I have to talk to at lease 3 different workers and I have even had to call them on the phone while I'm walking in, to save 10 min of waiting. I usually have to wait about 20 min every time I go get ammo. I'd go somewhere else but prices are higher. It's almost worth it.

John Decoteau

Cheap prices the checkout was a breeze.

Brittany Hansen

They always have what you need!


Great prices but need to be by lingo so you can ask for help

Terri Conrad

Was easy to get in and out. However there is no pharmacy in this Wal-Mart.

Hunter Miller

My favorite walmart in the area.

Rodrigo Marques

It's good

Matthew Tippen

Ok fast

Wesley Jordan

This is a really busy store most of the time, especially around midnight on Saturday. I've never had a problem there except for long checkout lines & not enough registers open. They have a lot of self checkout registers but they close them at night for some reason, so you have to wait for a cashier. They keep the place clean & the employees I've interacted with were all nice.

Linda Mitchell

I love these stores, if you can't find it there you may not need it.

Camille O'Kara Hann

Excellent variety in clearance sections.

Jannell c

Actually very nice.. Great staff

Elizabeth Thomas

No help what so ever in the customer service money area. Sat around almost falling sleep while waiting for one lady to get off her "break" just to get my money order denied. Then she asked another person and quickly said no. But it guess it is what it is. One star. Maybe if they tried harder I would give them more stars. Hope they can get better people who are more knowledgeable in this area. Anyway my rating. Doesn't mean everything else sucks. This was just my experience.

Casey Smith

Went to walmart asked for a flash drive boy showed me qhere it was then took off .what kind of techo guy is that.

Ella's Toy Time

Very nice place to shop. I always shop there. Also glad they fixed the problem with the self check out where if you don't put the object into the bag soon enough, it calls an employee. Love it!

Mimi Parkins

The auto department was extremely helpful in doing my oil change and helping me look at tires. Thank you so much!

Corey Embry

About the same as any Walmart shopping experience.

Breyanna LeMay

The cake sitting out where the customers can see on the high top shelve, that has grey flowers and a white bottom is gross. Looks like it's growing mold. If it's actually green at the bottom and not mold it's still ugly choice and has been sitting there for months.

Torey E

I enjoy shopping their need to be customer friendly and available when you have questions or need assistance

Jason Bjorndahl

If I could I would give it negative stars. Everything was empty no bread, 2 gallons of milk, eggs were minimal ... when I went into the liquor store at 5 to 10 I was told it was ten o'clock clearly my phone knows what time it was ... when I said it was 5 to I was rudely corrected. Upon check out I asked for Marlboro ice, the lady produced Marlboro lights when I said no... ice she told me I said lights turned around mumbling under her breath ... if I can help it I will NEVER shop at your store again .... when I told a customer service member this she shrugged her shoulders

mrrendar88 .

This place has made a lot of improvements over the years. I worked here a few years ago and it was a joke. It's still a Walmart, but better than before.

Kaeli Stone

The photo center at this store is the absolute worst thing ever! I put together a honeymoon book, back in August and I sent it into Walmart photo center here, it said it would be ready the next day. Thinking it was a big project I thought “no way” but the next day I got a message saying it was ready. So I went into the store to pick it up and they said to me “oh sorry we don’t have the materials to make the book so it’s not ready” I just looked at them in shock and said “then why did I get an email” they told me “it’s automated” first of all that shouldn’t be something that is automated...just saying. But, I thought fine I’ll wait a few more days, 2 weeks later I still had not heard anything. I tried calling the photo center and nobody awnsered, I was a little fed up so I called customer service and asked to just be refunded my money, they said I would need to go into the store to do this, so I was like ok fine. So the next day I go into the store and ask them about it and after they looked for it for over 20 minutes they said to me “I don’t think you ordered it from us” ) so I showed them an email that showed that I purchased them online and sent it here over two weeks ago. The guy just didn’t even know what to say, so I said “can I just please be refunded” the guy then told me I had to call customer service to do which I replied “customer service on the phone said I needed to come here, please give me my money back” this guy kept insisting I needed to call customer service, so I got upset, and said “give me back my money now” at this point his supervisor came over and looked at the situation and got me my money back finally, this took almost an hour at the store. That one star is for the supervisor that actually helped. Also as I was leaving I I saw the printed pages of my book on the back tableThe rest of the photo department is useless! I would never recommend them! Worst experience ever!

Stephanie Park

If you go after 9pm prepare to check yourself out as noone will come to a register to check you out. Worst stocked Walmart I've ever been to nothing is where it's supposed to be they have two aisles of snacks and then a whole aisle of non snacks and that's where you will find fruit snacks. The aisles are poorly labeled the employees help a little

Barb Jewell

I go here often. My last visit, I just had foot surgery and was in need of a cane or walker. A store employee stopped stalking shelves and walked me over to the section I needed. I picked out a walker that was in a big box. She not only carried it to checkout but helped put it together. Another store employee and the greeter guy all chipped in to assemble it for me. I was/am so grateful, overwhelmed with appreciation. I will get their names and commend them for going above and beyond for me.

Jt Garcia

They have good things and good service

Nadya Martinez

I used to visit this place and I've never had any problems

Don Dieckman

It's Walmart.


I bought 6 items, including a 1 gallon jug of water. The cashier put the other small items - a bag of carrots, three beets, a small box of raspberries, bananas, and a box of pickling salt in three bags. I managed to forget the bag of pickling salt and drove all the way home before I realized it. I live ten miles out of town so I didn't want to drive back right away so I called in to figure it out. The first time I called they put me on hold and I remained on hold for over 24 minutes. I hung up and called back, and the customer service person simply told me to come in with my receipt tomorrow and they'd give me another box. Couldn't the first person have told me this without putting me on hold in the first place?

Cheryl Hettich

I always shop here.

Holly May

Everything is easy to find and the staff are really nice!

Ryan Brent

Wouldn't fill a prescription because of a new guideline.

Melissa Egert

The best

Cheryl Montgomery

I'm worried someone I know will see me here, but it's the closest place to buy certain things

Gwenna Terry

This store was clean, well laid out, except that the fitting rooms are by ladies under garments, and I didn't have to go into a closed off area to buy my lotion like I have to do at the Lindon Walmart. The staff was friendly and helpful, and there were actually staff around being helpful. I wish I could move this store closer to my house. I will definitely be going back as often as I can.

Kevin Toth

Sucks all hatians not speakin. Whatever shud put our x president there he sucked too

Missouri River Clay Target League

If you're a fly angler for many of the sleeper trout lakes within 45 minutes of Bis-Man, you need to know that the Mandan Wal-Mart has an incredible selection of flies, leaders, lines and gear. I'd be willing to wager there's not a better option west of the Missouri River until you hit Montana stream country.

Debbie Bowen

Always friendly and I shop there all the time.

kassandra bleu

Store is always clean and neat. Employees are helpful and cheerful.

Alex Fenderson

Several months ago they had remodeled the store and it took a while to restock most of the shelves to full capacity. This is a fairly large Walmart with the pharmacy in the middle of the store instead of on the sides. I'm always able to get in and out quite quickly and there's no issues with parking

Wanda Hansen

Great service and very reasonably priced! Will definitely buy our beer here for the 4th of July!!

Hadlee Jennings


Theresa White Lightning



Helpful staff and clean

Sherman Bond

Since Walmart gave their workers (those who were left) a raise, Wally thinned the checkers to only a few. It takes forever to get checked out. If you only have a few items you can use the electronic self check-out. Otherwise it's the forever check-out line with a real checker.

Tom Hannig

It's Walmart it doesn't get any better

Daniella Hilditch-Ralph

My favorite Wal-Mart in SLC...employees are super nice and it's a white suburban area. Love it!

MD Davis

All the items I needed in one place

Roberta Batchelor

Got in and out quickly no lines

McKenna Patterson

Ok, I freaking love Walmart. But I called looking to see if they carried eyelets because the Walmart near me is quite small and didn't. So, before I wasted gas, I called to see if they carried them. After waiting half an hour for someone to answer I was redirected 4 times, each time taking maybe 10 min for someone to pick up. The last time I was redirected I waited about 15 more minutes and was hung up on :/ Sooooo, benefit of the doubt, called again and after 20 min got hung up on... I understand that working in retail is busy, I do too, but it's Sunday. It shouldn't be that bad... Crossing my fingers for attempt number 3 Update: Only got redirected twice this time before being hung up on.... I just want to know if they carry eyelets... 2nd Update: Redirected once before being hung up on.... let's go call number 5..... 3rd update: It worked!!! JD was a saint and helped me out!! They don't have the ones I'm looking for, but this guy rocks and deserves some praise for helping me out even though it wasn't his department!

Leighann Thomas

Did some upgrades and renovations. Good clean shopping fun!

Michael Braun

It is a super store. They should have everything you would need. If they don't just ask one of the staff. And they are more than willing to assist with any of your needs.

John Benediktson

Limited stock on shelves, but active restocking always underway.

JuLann Wiseman

Cleanest Walmart I have ever seen--and I have seen quite a few in different states! Friendly helpful staff. Highly recommend shopping here-I will be back even tho it is out of the way!

Robbie Collett

I avoid Walmart at all costs, but occasionally I have no choice, or I forget how awful of a shopping experience it is, and I venture back. Every time I'm reminded why I avoid it. They never have enough registers open, and the ones that are open are crazy slow. The self-checkout system is weird and people struggle with it, making it just as slow.

Heather Marie

Store and employees always seem to be frazzled. Never have much of a stock of anything and very dirty. Definitely gone downhill. I go to the Saratoga store whenever possible. Much cleaner and friendlier.

Michael Muniz

Great service.

Melody P

Excellent service!

Joe Kukowski

Why is this Wal-Mart backwards from every other Wal-Mart? Staff is pretty nice though and they have the best selection of yarn out of the 3 in biz-man.

Leah Jurgensen

Waited 15 minutes and finally left after no service even after hitting call button twice

Steve Dickerson

Wasn't as clean as I would like it

Thomas Cryer

For pickup: I was told my order that was scheduled for 6-7pm wasnt ready, it wouldn't be ready until AFTER 7. At 7 I call and they said they couldn't find my order, when they found it, it was under my wife's maiden name. When I asked why they told me it wasnt ready when they couldn't find my my order in the first place I was told, 'well we were busy' ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

mpc player

Do not order anything and have it shipped to this store worst customer service ever !!! 2 different times I was told sent a text to go pick up my order both times I had to wait for them to go find my order first time I sat there 20 min for them to find it when it was supposed to be in their pick up box second time exact same thing happened and waited over 25 min for them to tell me they couldn't find my order every person I talked to was so rude and their service counter employee just rude I hate going to this Walmart anymore because of their customer service!!!!

Faafetai Palu

They took forever to get my tires on. I tried talking to the manager about a discount but he was very rude.

Ben Wilson

Got kicked out

Keakealani Leula-Williams

We don't have one in Hawaii a Supercenter Walmart

Cindy Schafer

I love this Walmart! It's clean, organized and very peaceful to shop there!

Jenessa Miles Sturgell

Pretty disappointed in Wal-mart after today. I stayed up late last night after my child went to bed to make an order that I could pick up while she napped the next day. I don’t have much free time because I work full time and I work on top of it. I show up at my assigned time to pick up my groceries and called the number to tell them I had arrived. After waiting 20 minutes I called again to see what the wait was. They told me someone else had taken my order. I asked them why someone else would do that, and they made it sound like the other customer told them he was my husband and stole my order. I was upset and crying about how someone would do something like that. They told me I could get $20 off and a refund if I went and got my own groceries, or I could wait around while they went and got them again. It seemed lame to wait for them to pick it up, so I went inside. I asked to speak with the manager because I was so confused about how someone could have had my name to come and steal my groceries. She explained to me that it wasn’t a theft, but a mix-up. She gave me $20 off my order and went and picked up the groceries for me herself. I feel like the manager did the right thing, but it’s almost too late. I felt like I wasn’t treated right in the first place, and the $20 off doesn’t change the fact that I wasted hours of my time away from my child that I don’t get to see often, and the distress caused by telling me someone stole from me. I definitely will never do the pickup again, and I don’t know that I want to shop at Walmart anymore after this. Update: I never received the gift card, and items from my order are missing.

Carla Culver

Good shopping. All in one shopping place.

Shelbie Kolan

The store itself is amazing, but the tire department is seriously the worst. Me and my boyfriend have come here four times in a row to get his tires changed and every time they say their too busy and can service us, even when they have three hours left in the day. He had to walk up after waiting for 20 minutes to talk to the service employee and they said that they can't accept anymore. Told him it was our fourth attempt to get his tires taken care of and he just said "sorry guy" and walked away

Justin Adamson

The associates in the store are extremely rude. They don’t know how to use their own self-checkouts and have clearly never used or know anything about the Walmart app and Walmart pay! I like Walmart, but will take my business elsewhere!

Daryl Huff

They have most of my money. Love Walmart

Cassy Gutierrez

It's good the only place for everything we need

Elena Call

The store itself is fine enough. Grocery pickup though I have had a lot of problems, from food being in stock online but out of stock when you go to pick things up, to things from other orders spilled onto my groceries. I like being able to pick up my groceries, but this particular Walmart has made it problematic enough that I'll either pick up from a different Walmart or a different store entirely

Amanda Jarrett

When you call it has an option to connect to the pharmacy, but there is no pharmacy here. Very irritating..

Cindy Tervort

I was so disappointed with it. Couldn't find anything . Just walked out of there.

Robyn Madsen

Walmart is Walmart. They always have good prices, but not necessarily the best customer service and/or product.

Laurali P.


Tommy 385 Salazar 801

Really great prices and always better to stop at one store that has almost everything under one roof!

C Thomas Halversen

Lov3ly American labels made in China - hmmm, Faded Glory.low stàff, low stock

William J. Kelley

Super sexy supermodels in every asile!

Brad Zook

I mean, it's Walmart. Tons of items out of stock, everything's a mess, people are generally very rude. but, we all keep coming back because of the prices.

David James

I got my questions answered and was satisfied. Walmart has always had excellent workers. I went to order sim cards.

Jeremy Valdez

Clean store.

Micah Welch

Always stocked full. Very clean

Brock Brown

Acceptable customer service, acceptable inventory.

Bobbi Krack

I live in Washington state and have missed the selection in Utah Walmarts.the craft section is about four times the size as the one back home. very grateful to have some variety in different states.

McKenna Williamson

I've been very frustrated with the grocery pickup service at this store lately. I've been using the pickup service for over 6 months now and have never had a problem until the past 2 weeks. For the last 2 pickups, I've had the exact same negative experience. I've "checked-in" with the app, showed up, and then ALL of the of designated pickup parking spots were full for 10 mins+. Once I finally got a spot, I waited for 20 minutes. Multiple employees would come by my window and ask for my order name. After I told them they would say "Oh, I don't have your order, sorry." I eventually called the grocery pickup line and no one picked up. I had to flag down an employee and say, "I have an appointment I need to be at and need to leave in 5 minutes." They finally went to the back and got my groceries and loaded them in the car, but this process took 10 minutes. I've been late to 2 appointments in the past 2 weeks because of grocery pick up. I'm not sure if it's due to the app crashing, staffing issues, etc. but PLEASE fix this problem. I've really enjoyed using the pickup service in the past but I've been considering taking my business elsewhere because I can't stand waiting 30-40 minutes to pick up my pre-ordered groceries.

Raymond Martin

I've never had any problems returning stuff at Walmart and they pretty much have everything that the big city Walmart's have that some of it they don't have dog specialty items you'd have to have them pre-ordered

Alison Christiansen

This store has improved alot! They refinished the floors!

bob owens

Best wallmart in Bismarck, Mandan area.

John Hudson

A lot of workers but no one helps you out go to cash cashier and you have to wait in line for half hour to an hour when there's 20 Tails open but no one there two ladies on a two and express is open but sometimes you needed to you have four or five people standing by the Tails talking with no one can run further down is five or six more talking no work but still no one will help you and they all parked in front of the store will you have to Parkway in the back

Jonathon Schutt


Marlin McKinney

Good prices. Good products.

Danny Graham

The store is really quiet this time at night, and the people are really nice! The cashier was very social and sweet! I just do not like that they close all but one register this time of night.. If they are going to do that they should at least have one self scan open..

tanya gooden

Love mandan walmart, it's always clean and not always packed with people

Tim Fischer

Wouldn't allow me to purchase Dayquil because I didn't have my ID. I am well over the age of 18 and look it too. Will not shop here again.

MaryAnne Forsythe

No one there seems capable of answering the phone. It rings for several minutes and if the call is picked up, it's dropped back down ending the call with No one saying a word. You obviously don't care about this as I see the same complaint going back months but nothing has changed. Staff must know this isn't a priority because the behavior continues. Update your hours by dept. to include Customer Service hours (the whole reason I was trying to call). Maybe you think because your prices are low that you don't have to provide decent CS but I will pay more and shop somewhere they value their customers rather than put up with this. .

Mark Jones

We all need Walmart at some time. People who shop at Walmart are just like the rest of us, which makes them easy to like. Walmart stores are always clean and well lit and most of us know our local Walmart by heart. We may even know the people by name.

Veronica Riepl

Is good store but somethings are more expensive than others stores


Good and nice Walmart as usual. We stopped on our Roadtrip from Boston to Los Angeles. Greets from Switzerland

Karen Daniels

Bryan in the electronics department was amazing. He went the extra mile to find the DVD that was hiding behind others. He was not put out, he was enthusiastic. If this type of employee is in all of your departments at Walmart stores everyone would go there and no where else!

Kori Neuby

I sound young on the phone so every time we call they always think my questions are jokes

Torger Soma

Small, quiet store. Much less crowded than the larger stores.

Deborah Hegney

Nice store that is we'll stocked, compared to many other WalMarts, I've been to.

Jamie Christensen

It's Walmart. I love their grocery pickup. At first I was disappointed with the produce, but when I tried a paid grocery pickup from a different store, the quality of the produce I received was the same, so I went back to Walmart that has better prices and free pick up. My expectations of Walmart aren't very high, but they have such low prices that I definitely use them, and I have been pleasantly surprised by the attentiveness of a manager when I left a less than great review about trying to pick something up from them once. Overall, it's a good store.

Jobelle Anna

Had Clean Fast And Friendly Staffs ! Well Stocked everyday. Have a lot of Choices. They had a very good customer service I would totally come back to this store ! Have excellent customer service!! I totally recommend this store!!!

Xina Niles

Never has what I need. Across the board. That is all wal mart I visit.

Kathryn Ware

Eye center agent was so helpful helping me choose frames! Was there till closing.

Joe Williams

Very unhelpful, hard to get anyone to answer their phone. The greater was the most helpful person and bre was good. Going to a different Walmart from now on. I will completely avoid ordering anything online and ship to this store

Sheldon Johnson

Pretty clean. Employees helpful.

your real dad

Fruit and vegetables are sub par, the shelves are rarely stocked, the registers have 2 people working and 8 people in line. Their new warranty plans for electronics are absolutely horrible.

Sam H

I could have restocked all the shelves in the whole store in the time I’ve been waiting for my grocery pickups lately. I’m about done with this new system. I regularly wait over 30 minutes now.

Annette Bergstrom

Well, it is a Walmart Supercenter. It's big and very confusing. The help is not very friendly. And they really don't have a very good selection for clothing and in the underwear department. I couldn't find the shoes I was looking for. It is just not the best Walmart I've been in.

Matt Cooper

I've been to allot if wal-mart's this one is the cleanest and very friendly and helpful staff.

patrick ross

ALL the smoked salmon, ALl of it, in the meat department is expired. Expired by over a month

Bruce Jenkins

They have narrowed the isles to the point two people can't hardly pass. Main isles are very narrow. Hard time getting around in the store.

ben jessop

Wasnt very happy with how my mom was treated. It isnt the first time it has happened to her. Today I had to wait for my mom so i went into the burger king they had there while waiting, this was after they had scanned me and everything. After being there for a bit my mom pulled up and when i walked out she was stopped and accused of stealing the cat food i had in my cart. I ended up having to pull out my reciept again. Not one person had walked out may i add between these two. While dealing with our situation, nearly seven other customers walked out right passed us. I have seen it multiple times where the employee in charge of scanning has been talking to other customers. If he is going to talk to others he at least needs to pay attention, cause someone could have easily walked past us and stolen something during our situation. My advice... if you are going to have someone check on the customers make sure they do their job properly and not sit and talk to others inattentively. We are about ready to never return to this place because of this, whether or not a cousin is working there or not.

carl huff

I was pleasantly surprised. 1st Wal-Mart where all the employees were polite and helpful. I'll be back to this Wal-Mart.

Gabe Gurney

Really great service at lube center.

Debbie Edison

It was convenient to the highway. I was traveling and I needed things that, of course, Wal-Mart has. Store was clean and staff were all friendly and sincerely willing to help with a smile on their faces.

Ashley Welker

I'm almost always able to find what l need at a great price. Very convenient.

Natalie Archuleta

They are in the process of a remodel so its kind of a mess right now but it is sure going yo be nice when it is done

Dale McCrea

Endured a 50 (fifty) minute wait in the checkout line. Lack of qualified cashier's, not a Manager in sight.

Wendy Williams

Not busy right now!!

Sandra Clinger

Walmarts Walmart animal food and plenty of entertainment

Joshua Hall

Good location

Fin Mcmurder

They always move their stuff around but I can't complain because their employees are always very helpful.

Rua Anonphish

One of the nicer Walmart stores I've been in. A bit smaller with less inventory and selection than most supercenters but not as crazy and reasonably priced.

Makenzie Hippen

Nice environment and fast paced checkout

Tom Larson

I know it's late. But at least have some way to page employees that are required to help you open up a case in electronics or any other place that one would need a case to be open. Thank you.

Tracey Walker

I dislike that I have to stand in 2 lines to return things I have my receipt! So ridiculous makes me think twice about buying anything at Walmart!

Janna Lynn

This has got to be the most clean and organized little Wal-Mart I've ever been to.

Tiffany Austin

I was able to find everything I needed. Only thing that bugged me was that at 11 pm there was not one regular cashier. I usually use self checkoutbut there are times I need or want a cashier. This was one of those times and ended up having to do self checkout. If I had needed not wanted I would have really been frustrated. Not sure why there was not one person cashiering. Otherwise it was a fine experience.

Matt Eyre

This Walmart location is the same as most Walmarts. However, at this location I often find produce low on stock and the majority of times I look for the large Gatorade powder canister, they are out. I find that the inventory in general is often unreliable. The employees are always helpful though and do their jobs well

Travis Barke

Worst walmart I have ever been too. Bad service and none of there shelfs are stocked

sara scherr

Really like shopping at walmart always find things for great prices.

bill misslin

Long checkout lines only two checkers

Michael K Mwihia

Nice place to shop

Rachael Lynch

The deli clerk was amazing

Rex Scott

Very rude place. Bad vibe. Used to be nice here. IDK. Linden is closer anyway.

Alexander Roberts

Busy store but self service checkout was quick. Ran out of ingredients for "Funeral Potatoes ". All around good experience. Pea soup deli brand was good.

Nick Semerikoff

Hey it was great.


Awesome prices. Bad locations

Zachary Johnson

I dont think this walmart was consitant with the others, everything was in a different aisle than im used to. Associates werent helpful, i was there probably thirty minutes more because of both of these factors and to top it all off they only had great value milk. Yuck.

Hannah Knott

They are stalking a lot of new products. But the organization needs work.

trl home

Dirty store, unfriendly employees. Not enjoyable.

Keith Halterman

Don't go here around 10, they close all the self serve lines. Two registers open for the whole store, the line took half an hour.

Floyd Jones

Delicious mashed potatoes, spicy chicken (hot..beware if you don't care for hot food) and green beans. A nourishing meal gotten at the deli (friendly workers). We grabbed a few cold drinks close to the registers, paid and were on our way.

Kelly Urbanec

Seems to be less stocked then other Walmart's in the area.

Juanita Wadsworth

Nice baby sale

Donnie Jaa

Fast checkout for Christmas time. Thank You

Jim sondrol

I think I like the Mandan store more than the Bimarck stores??

Johnny Chingaz

Man oh man. Ray the “greeter” what a disrespectful old man. Out of 8 ppl in front of me exiting the store he stopped me a colored man and asked for my receipt. I asked him why he’s asking me for it out of all the ppl leaving after reaching in my pocket to grab the receipt he tells me to “get the ***** out” what kind of greeter is this. Should get a different job if he doesn’t know how to treat ppl. Gabe a great day Ray

Amandas Pandas

Great place, has everything you need at usually the best prices. Since there are 3 Wal-Mart's in a relatively short distance form each other and not enough customers, there are often extreme clearances on end of season clothes. Only negative is there are no cash register lanes open at night, only self check out.

Brian Bate

Good experience.

holly lynn

3 items I always bought are no longer put on shelves. With in last 3 months. Items are always on top shelf and can't reach when 1 or 2 are missing.

Anjel Kuhn

Better selection of stuff compared to Bismarcks Wal-Mart's

Haleigh Herkimer

Everyone has always been very helpful and in a very good mood here at this walmart.

Jordan Y

Its Walmart and unfortunately its undergoing a remodel. It makes a little hard to find things till they are done.


Good stuufd

Harley Mama

At my oil changed and they forgot to close the hood of my vehicle so when I drove off the hood of my vehicle flew up not very happy

Nicole Fernandez

I like this Walmart because it has great fresh vegetables and fruits. It seems as if they are always stocked up. However, I am giving only two stars because of the employees. They are rude and obnoxious. Don't even get me started on the people working the Customer service center. UGH! So rude. But oh well. I try to always get in and go out.

Michael Liegakos

Very helpful staff was looking for Pharmacy. North Dakots doesn't let Walmart have pharmacy's. There was one across the street and they allowed me to park my tractor trailer. Very friendly! Thanks Walmart!

Zac Carpenter

Visiting from out of state and sales clerk refused to sell me a box of 17. Hmr ammo (for rabbit hunting) because I grew a beard and don’t look exactly like my picture on my drivers license.

Sean Banks

Great choice if Bismarck walmarts run out of something

Carol Thompson

The associates are very helpful and I'm happy to see options that address not just affordable but also better quality. I would still use other stores for specialties but Walmart's becoming better. I even found grass fed beef jerky which wasn't there before. Thank you for the experience, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Mark Black

Went this store 3 times in the last 3 days to buy a youth model Tristar shotgun for my daughter. The store has a clearly posted sign at the gun counter that says. "Fire Arm sales Monday thru Saturday 9:00 Am - 7:00 PM. All three of my visits were inside these hours but all three times I was told that there was no one certified to sell shotguns there that day. Three wasted trips and time wasted. The same gun is at Sportsman's Wearhouse for $50.00 more. Pay the $50.00 and save yourself the headache

Leon Smith

They didn't have the tired I ordered a week ago after saying they did and I drove a he so it sucked

Jerry Campbell

A step up from all the other Walmarts

Daddy H

Way too many gang stalkers

Amber Rose Salazar

Awful! People follow you around and are rude!

Kent Rath

It's great as long as you have a couple hours to wait for a register.

Lorena Allred

Out of everything I needed

Tom Cole

They have every thing I need

Dayna Sorensen

It had a lot of stock. The employees at 9 pm werent as friendly as Im used to and the store was in disarray and the bathroom was a mess. I may have caught them at a bad time admittedly.

Debra Olson

Very help ful

Lynn Quilan Beltran

Great experience at this Walmart compared to the one back home.

Joby Wahl

Besides the hour I spent waiting for them to sort out the issue their machine was having with my gift card (issued by the same store two days prior), and the fact they can't track down the order of prints I bought thru their app, after hearing by word of mouth that a particular store welcomed overnight parking for trailers and campers, I parked a camper in a far corner of their lot, out of the way and towards the lot exit. Someone tagged the camper with spray paint, and the cops let me know to remove it from Walmart property shortly after. Thanks. Oddly no cameras were able to view this particular corner of the lot and thus no one was caught. Plus everytime I go in any store their secret shoppers and LP are always super obvious. As if I didn't have enough reasons to not do business with Walmart, unless it's to shoplift I suppose.

Lance Devon

What to say that has not been said

Lysandra Moore

Perfect place for cheap writing supplies.

Andrew Moody

Worst Walmart I have ever gone to. We waited 20mins to get help with getting headphones off a locked shelf. Finally found someone who said they didn't have the key and sent us to a guy in photos. Then we waited in line for another 30mins while they guy was on the phone. Finally he got off his phone to tell us he handed the key to another person. We asked him were he was he said he didn't know were the guy was with the keys and then proceeded to get back on the phone. Horrible customer service.

Millow Mallow

When I was at the store me and my sister and my boyfriend went and got a my life doll set, but when we went to the electronic section we wanted a skull candy headphone set. It was $50, but we waited in line for 35 minutes and everyone that we went to said the other person had the key to unlock it so we went to another Walmart. But im now not a fan of going her after moving around and waiting for so long.

Erik Patterson

Great prices but less than average service. Expect long waits to checkout. I won't scan my products unless they give me a discount. They Often run out of items. Bad inventory forecasting. Also they often stand and check receipts of people leaving - really. What a waste of time.

Alex Eck

Clean, secure, friendly and helpful. I looked at an item in a locked case and within a minute had a employee next to me. I will be going here more;downside it's at the top of the hill and only a 60% superstore. North Walmart more stocked up. Awesome garden center.

Sean Bell

Has pretty much anything you could hope for. Does get pretty crowded, but open 24/7. Has low quality and high quality products, so just be aware if its super cheap, there is usually a reason

Mitch Lunceford

You know what to expect.

Sergio Smith

Smaller than most other which makes it easier to navigate the aisles.

Jennifer LeFevre

They struggle to have an up to date in stock system and it's very frustrating. Also when you ask for help from an employee the answer is always a shrug and "I don't know"

Kristi Townsend

I have just loved this pick up service!! Thank you Walmart

Marc Barbezat

They're renovating. The store needed a face lift. It'll look great when it's done.

April Wilkie

Had a very great experience no lines. Very fast in and out. Just like that when it takes me to ever usually

Kimball Larsen

Looking for a white shirt for my daughter was a frustrating exercise at this Walmart. We found four styles that could work, but they were sold out of the size (small) that she needed in all four styles, and they were missing the next size (M) in a couple of key styles. It seems like software now days could help them see how certain sizes sell out more quickly so they could order many more of that size. Partly, this was more stressful because nothing else was open so early in the morning, and we couldn't wait until later.

Melinda Harring

Clean, polite service

Bob Peterson

Great place to get things on the cheap, and fast too.

Steven Bell

Angela helped me out with a money order earlier today. My bank isn’t in the state and had to get a check for a new apartment I was moving into. She made sure that I wasn’t mailing the check for fraud, she made sure that I knew what a money order was and for someone who never really goes to a place besides a bank to get money it was really informative and helpful. You can tell she’s the manager for a reason and deserves great praise. She was polite, funny, relatable, all the above. Really cares about the customer to this day despite having worked there for 10 years already. She deserves a huge round of applause. I would take her as a manager to entrust with hundreds of customers any day. Your lucky to have her.

Jason Christopher Botelho

I miss the days of price matching. I know, a lot of people abused it. It was great however, example? Are cucumbers are always close to $0.70 each and WinCo sells them for $0.33! Man, I do like WinCo over Walmart. Anyone agree?

Kent Kautzman

Mandan Walmart is very short of employees.. They are also very short of food in the meat dept... it feels like mandan Walmart is getting worse... They cannot keep employees, I have heard everytime I go thru the line, some employees do not like it there. They have gone thru Many Many managers.since they open. All this info is from present employees working there.

Marti Peterson

Better of all the area Walmart stores. Clean and manager/assistant manager are always visible and acknowledge your visit.

Bearggalo 0

Staff wasnt the happiest. Aside from that well stocked and clean.

Alexander Gonzalez

The best place for chopping

Jason Pickering

Best staff. Really helpful.

Serenity Cochran

love walmart

Lacey Roemmich

I'm 35 years old and showed my ID to buy a rated R movie but they stated their policy said that my boyfriend had to show his ID as well. Really walmart

Brenda Bodwin

It's a big store, usually pretty busy. Open 24 hours so that nice. Great customer service.

Darrell Bunker

Quick stop for a movie (blue ray)


They need more human cashiers open instead of having to use self checkouts.

Mike Daniels

Many of the items were moved to different rows. The in-store app sent you to a prior location. It took a lot longer to find things. Somethings I never found.

Catherine Shear

Good selection in store even after Christmas.

Nic Cullen

This place started off very well when it first opened, but has started to become the same old Walmart and lack of service/knowledge you get at all of the other walmarts. My main complaint goes to the Tire Lube Express - I went in for a rotate and balance. I told them that I had rotational tires TWICE and we also made sure that the rotation order was set correctly in their handheld. When I got home, I found that my tires were not rotated correctly so they were "backwards" and rotating opposite of what they should be. So I had to take off two wheels and place them in the correct position on the car. However, during this process, I noticed that my centering ring was missing on my wheel (see attached pic). So they either took it off during the R&B or they left it on and had two centering rings on one wheel, which sure enough happened. I went to the previous location of the wheel and saw a large gap between the hub and the wheel itself (see attached pic). The technician forced two centering rings together, and attempted to torque everything down, but if they knew anything about vehicles, they would have noticed the wheel was not seating right and there must be something wrong, I guess the techs at this location do not know much. So again, not only were the tires rotated incorrectly, they were also not seated correctly on my vehicle either. I had to take 3 wheels off my vehicle to fix their errors. So good job Walmart - 1 out of 4 correct!

Rebecca Stroup

A typical Walmart experience. Though I must say, I was not impressed that the employees were constantly speaking felt like I was not in a store in the U.S. English is the language we speak in America, people.

Kathy Thomas

Nice people for most part


very clean place!

Micheal Morlan

Somethings you just need to go

Brett Cutler

I stood in photos pushing a button for 15 minutes and no attendant showed up. Went to get watch battery changed but they wouldn't because I didn't buy the watch there!! They're so big they don't have to worry about losing customers anymore. I'll never go there again!!!

Eric Graff

Best place to get groceries and at the best prices!


The Auto Department is great. Overall customer service in the store is top-notch. It is my friendly neighborhood grocery and everything store!

Jeff Smith

Not a fan. Target is better.

Kristie Kulzer

Nice clean store for the most part. Staff can be somewhat unfriendly, but fortunately the cashiers are usually pretty polite. Little bit smaller of a store so they don't always have what I'm looking for. Safer environment than the Bismarck stores.... mostly ;-/

Josh Rogers

Low quality for low prices, a waste of your money

Robert Fix

Needed a battery replacement for my car. Great battery, great price, and fast service. Also excellent warranty.

Ashlie Cramer

A bit crowded but that's expected for christmas time. Great staff!!

familia Hard

My family and I were treated unkindly and with prejudice by 2 of the gold vested supervisors Ann and Paris. They apparently only check the receipts and purchases of Hispanic customers with the excuse that they can check anyone they want at random. When I confronted Ann she just turned around and walked away apparently covering her name badge. Paris was hesitant to give me her name which I'm not sure is correct or not. CONSUMERS BEWARE.


Your new gates are annoying.

D Selby

Nice store.

Anthon Mecham

I find what I need and get out quickly. Great place to shop. Also, there is a Burger King, spa, glasses store, etc. inside.

Vanessa Amoretti

Kansas, the manager, was fabulous. She took care of us immediately when we had a problem. She was fast and efficient in how she handled the problem. Very great customer service here!

Ann Schmidt

Usually have everything I need.. Also service dog friendly!

Trustin Gibby

This Walmart has been around for a while so there is the obvious wear and tear it is kept clean and organized. Sometimes it isn't completely stocked bit that is usually after Saturdays.

Curtis Brown

It's what you would expect a general-store to have. I found everything I needed and checked out in a timely manner. The cashier seemed slightly impatient and dead inside. While waiting in line, one employee was very loudly complaining about a customer to another employee. The store is good, but the experience could have been better.

Andrew Sisson

I had a good experience with a return I had to make today. Jason really did me a solid. I was really impressed with his over the top customer service. Way to go guys!

Brian Banks

Always busy on a Saturday afternoon, often with long checkout lines.

JustPassing Through

Not nearly as bad as Springville.... but their personnel are very uppity.... like they are better than everyone else. Hey... it's WALMART.... not Bloomingdale's.


Everyone was exceptionally friendly

John Delker

Like the location easy to get to freindly fast check out

Lauri Miller

Clean bathrooms, easy tp find good selection

Gary Steiger

Love Wally World

marites Wyson

Love it cheap here

Carole Strasburg

Beautiful store friendly associates. This store has a huge selection of clothing for the family. I wish #1887 had at least half of what this store has when it comes down to the selection of merchandise..

Jason Nipper

Love Walmart this one has great selection of bikes to begin with and looks like there doing some remodling the automotive department was very crowded to maneuver through the freight and customer's. Overall looks nicely stocked well maintained store.

Tarina Henderson

Apparently this walmart doesnt teach its associates federal law and allows its associates to deny service animals and allows the associates to hassle the handlers and think just a simple sorry will cut it. AND they accused us of beating our dog because me made him sit!!!!!! And it is the ASSISTANT MANAGER Ketty that broke federal law and accused a customer of being abusive and tried to say she was too busy to take a customers call.


Its walmart, what more can I say they have it all.

Jon Shain

Auto center was great they worked with me and got me the tires I needed at the price I could afford

Riley Wells

Pretty good Walmart, always have the things I need in stock, friendly customer service, and the lines aren’t terrible (I do self checkout anyways).

Jim Quinlan

Typical Walmart. Very big. Wide selection of everything. And actually workers available.

Nathan Crenshaw

They have taken to locking up ordinary items like flashlights and Tylenol. Even the $1 flashlights are locked up. You have to wait for a manager, and at least in my experience they don't make any efforts to be quick helping get stuff out of their locked cases. Walmart doesn't respect the time of its customers. I just can't keep coming back so long as walmart does this kind of stuff.

Nicole Lee

Great customer service, clean, fast, and shelves always stocked

Dallas Zastoupil

The store is very clean and organized. Products are not always in stock. Convenient location off of I - 94 in Mandan.

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