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REVIEWS OF Minot's Daily Bread IN North Dakota

Maureen Murphy

Found this gem while visiting Dad in trinity hospital. I've been coming every day since I'm here. The sandwiches are superb. I had chicken pesto one day and caprese today. The scones are buttery and delish, the almond choc. Croissant was amazing. truly great quality. Highly recommend if you are picky like me and want quality food. Service is also excellent.

Alicia Waters

Was blown away by the quality!!! Everything was delicious and made with love. The employees were incredibly friendly as well. Very welcoming!

Mike Krysinski

The Nutella Banana Crepe was delicious

Layla S

Nikki Sims

Second day in a row that I've eaten here and I will continue to come here for all of the delicious homemade goodies. The staff and owners were very friendly and helpful. Great atmosphere!! You can't find this anywhere else in Minot!!


Great addition to Minot. Awesome food. Crepes were wonderfully fluffy and very well priced. Coffe is exceptional and overall belongs in a big city We are glad to have it here

Feliciana Castaneda

Absolutely love this place! The food is just amazing!

Carol Boen

Bread is delicious now i need to try lunch. Welcome new businees to Minot.

Svitlana Hoff

Nice place

Eric Thompson

It never disappoints. Always fresh and tasty.

Joe G

Amazing food and experience


Good food and good service. My cold brew was kind of sour tho.

Brittani Wilson

Ellen Parker

Eric Connors

The quality here reminds me of Europe, absolutely excellent!! I'm thankful I do not live closer or I would eat here far too often.

Tom tarelton

Its just awesome. Croissants are delightful and coffe is just superb. Sandwiches are always great and the owner is just an amazing women. Great food, great people. Awesome quality that would rival any boulangerie in Europe.

Dawn S.

Very expensive but tasty. Kinda like Starbucks. Need lower prices.

Wesley Mason

Awesome sandwiches, selection varies day to day. Try the baguette, it's amazing.

Michael Gaughan

Absolutely superb coffee! If you are a fan of premium/third wave coffee then this is the place to go! I have tried lattes and cold brew and both are so far beyond anything else that is offered in Minot. Lattes are incredibly well balanced with a natural sweetness that makes adding any flavoring completely unnecessary. Or order it with a bit of honey and it is heaven in a cup! Cold brew with cream is unlike any I have tried before. Great, sweet coffee flavor that cuts through but doesn’t at all over power. I have only tried one bread product and it was fantastic as well. If I could add one thing, it would be to have a gluten free menu. This isn’t a negative toward the business at all, just a personal preference. Overall this has become my favorite business in Minot. Anyone that complains about the price obviously doesn’t understand the value of skill and craftsmanship involved here nor the cost of quality ingredients.

Allison Padilla

Now that I am leaving Minot gets a place of this caliber. Great food and great service. What can I say. I will miss the croissants and the crepes

Kara Winters

So amazing! The coconut strawberry Nutella crepe is to die for. My husband loved the sandwhiches. Plus the olive sourgough bread...*drool*

Lannie Pierce

Great bread. Had the sourdough with gruyere cheese. It is real classy shop, presentation and love thier bags Also had the monkey bread. It was awesome

Marco Martino

Alexei Russanof

Great food and great quality. Worth every penny. You can taste quality and attention to detail on every loaf of bread or pastry that I have bought.

Susana Amundarain

Sridhar naidu

Amazing pastries . Excellent staff

Ricky Alexander

Lisa Morman

I’ve had their croissants and they are amazing. The almond one is out of this world. They are starting to add gluten free items to their menu, very good. The decor is beautiful. Always have had good service.

Sam Beaudoin

Minot Daily Bread is always amazing. Everything I have tried has been delightful.

Cherie Petersen

Robert Evans

Todd Young

Great French bakery, very reasonable prices. Well worth the stop.

Ana-Michy Edelweiss


Devin Holmes

My Daughter and I went there for the first time today for our Fancy Father Daughter Date and the Daily Bread did not disappoint! The employees were so helpful and kind, they made the whole experience fantastic. The smell alone was worth a visit. I was surprised by the variety and homie feel of the whole establishment. I can not wait to go back. My Daughter said, “we should go there every day!”

Robert Lopez

A different offering of bread every time we go is very nice. I have never been disappointed

Antonio Pellerano

Great little patisserie shop. Why in Minot? Never mind that. It’s a true French style pattierie shop. It one of the best I have been to and I have traveled the world and lived everywhere in Europe. Can’t say enough good things. Must try it for anyone that lives or is traveling through this area

Michael Mindt

It is a great place and Alaska crepe is my favorite. Picked up a sourdough with Kallamata olives. Worth every penny. Olives were fresh, juicy and lots of them. I enjoyed it very much and will be back for more

Sam I

Best food in Minot, hands down.

Eric Kelley

Not a bad new little place. It looks like the sandwich menu changes daily, coffee was good, and the muffins was also good.

Rose D

Minor's Daily Bread is a treasure! Delicious crepes and fresh squeezed oj, everything is prepared fresh! Both savory and sweet crepes are awesome!

john ulrich

Great food great service have the London Fog Earl Grey tea drink it is terrific

Michelle Antonson

Very disappointing... Not much bread to choose from. The jalapeno cheddar bread barely had either ingredients visible. We had a hard time tasting those ingredients as well.

Rob Thomas

High-end boulangerie comes to Minot. Flaky, buttery croissants made in-house. Amazing pecan rolls that are the ideal accompaniment to a perfect cup of espresso. Don’t get me started on the Valrhona chocolate scones. Stop by and be delighted.

Loreen Aldeman

Great addition to Minot Great breads, great food and only the best can taste the quality in every bite. Scones are not too sweet and always flaky and never oily. Can tell there is no margarine or any oil but only butter Croissants are divine and the ham and cheese is a favorite. Sourdough is perfectly made and awesome Great place to have here

Isaiah Dykeman

The coffee is decent but the crepes are amazing. Thay have different types all the time and the specials are good. With the nice yummy bread makes it even better. Plus that have sandwiches. So I would go and get a french vanilla latte and a nutella with coconut crepe and chill out.

Amanda Zsuzsics

Daniel Matson

Love it. Have been there every week and love it. Crepes are awesome, coffe perfect bread is just yummy . San Francisco sour dough is hard to make and the lady there hit it right out of the park on every loaf that I have had. Read a complain about price. How can you complain about price? If you like it you buy it. If not you walk away? But I guess some people know only Panera and have never been anywhere but McDonald’s and with google around fancy themselves as good enough to be critics

Shirlena Keisler

We always go for the nutella/banana crepes when we're looking for a treat.

Pamela Thorpe


Holte richard

I usually don't do reviews. Just saw someone that had reviewed this wonderful bread shop and figured I would set the record straight. If you compare this to Panera your food review rights should be taken away. Have been there more than 4 times and the food is excellent. pastries are straight out of a European fairytale. Bread is my favorite part. Crunch and delicious. to complaint hat sourdough is too crunch is moronic. What can I say. I love their breads, pastries and food.

l e e n a l i n a

Adedayo Adeleke

Awesome place.

Greg Tonini

Incredibly fresh food and not your standard breakfast selection of bagels and scones. And the fresh orange juice is amazing!

Kimberly Benedict

Karissa Zeltinger

Awesome customer service! The best I saw in Minot in awhile!

Shawn Arndt

Nate Weller

Beautiful food and friendly staff

B Plummer

Miguel Lopez Luis

Great place, great environment, great food!

Jessica Sullivan

So delicious, it's a little taste of Italy!

Nick Schrader

Kimberly Ramirez

I’ve had their croissants and conchas both absolutely delicious! Living in MD we were really surprised seeing conchas and were unsure wether they would taste as good as the ones we bought in MX, they definitely passed the test!

Luke Nelson

Amazing food

Shane Flickinger

Angela Jack

Great food and great patisserie. Reminds me of my days in Germany. I can taste the flavors. Highly recommend the pain au chocolat( chocolate croissant). It is an awesome store. Marzipan is to die for . Monkey bread, and madaleines are also amazing. Caramel Frappe is the best i have ever had.


I never write reviews, but this place was wayyyyy to good not to. The ham, cheese and arugula sandwich was the best sandwich in Minot. My wife loved her cheesecake crepé! The iced coffee was amazing and the place is extremely clean and family friendly! Owners were super friendly and cared for us as soon as we walked through the door! If you haven’t tried this place you need to. It’ll be your go to place when you’re not sure where to go!

samuel fry

Rj Rude

Best bread and pastries on this side of Paris

Adam Thomas

Surprisingly good latte and cheesecake. Sandwiches are delicious and served up in a very European style (ie. they are pre-put together and on display). Be aware this place is quite expensive, but its worth at least one trip just to see it and then judge for yourself. I'm giving this place five stars with some caveats because I realize they are a new business: Sandwiches and Bread Loafs have no pricing anywhere to be seen. Also there are no signs with full descriptions of either the sandwiches or what types of breads they are selling that day. Seriously, 95% of the delays in ordering (and it was a lengthy line when I was there) were because of these things. Standing in a 10 person line while 6 people ask the cashier what types of bread loafs those are on the shelf is maddening. They seem to be fond of the chalk-board menu, get another chalk board. Put on there what breads you are selling that day and cross out the stuff once it gets sold out. It would go a long way!

Baby Rhino

Great food at a reasonable price!

Julie Eagle

Austin Henderson

Arthur Oliver

Awesome. Great, clean and homemade. Got the chance to see how the baker rolls her croissants and chocolate ones. Every single one done by hand. Sour dough was even better than my German grandmothers(sorry grandma). Home roasted beef with cheddar and baby spinach and au jus to die for. Great addition to Minot

Jefrey Wozznen

Superb quality. I have lived and traveled extensively in Europe especially France. The croissants and pain au chocolat are amazingly good. Perfect size, crumb and texture. Chocolat bars used in pain au chocolat must be of great quality. They retain shape and crunch after baking. Worth every penny. Drip and espresso were tasty and truly flavorful. Crepes were delicate, fluffy and light. Nutella and banana crepe was just what I needed around 2 pm with optional whipped cream. What can I say. I have been there 5 times in the last 2 weeks and love it See you tomorrow Minots Daily Bread

Adam Calderon

Melissa Eggleston

Awesome coffee and food!!

Justin Ciak

Amazing food! Great place. Only down side for me is that some of the employees don’t have good moods and aren’t that nice. Others are fantastic, but some just are not.

Stefan Kettelkamp

Good coffee great baked goods

Tammy Marto

Maria Sertario

Great place. Flavors that are true. No glazing or additives to cover up flavorless food. Sandwiches have always been great. Crepes are also amazing. Coffe is always great and no burned taste. My new favorite place. It reminds me of New York.

Daniel Jones

Excellent food and service! Digging on the Alaskan salmon and cream cheese crepe.

Blerim Dibra

Great addition to Minot's community. I had the opportunity to try some samples of their breads, sandwiches and espresso. Absolutely delicious!! Interior design is very stylish making it a great pleasant environment to eat among friends and family. Will definitively come back again for more.

Belgarde Lillian

Great place. As European as it can get here anywhere.I have had the Parisian crepe and it was amazing. Croissants were just amazing and you could taste the quality of ingredients . Monkey bread were also amazing. Today i tried their croissants filled with creme of passion fruit. Yummy yummy. Great place and great service

kathy Perih

Michael D. Nash

Not what I was expecting. My wife said it's just not my kind of food.

Jonathan Grullon

Chad Dion

Danielle Osborne

Friendly staff, delicious food. The tiramisu was fantastic!! And their coffee drinks are very tasty.

Sarah Burgess

Best place in town hands down. Fresh stuff made daily. Made from scratch in house, not brought in frozen and baked. You can really taste the quality of ingredients.

Tazia Abdool

I had breakfast here. They serve delicious pastry style breakfast food. The pumpkin spice latte is wonderful- not too sweet. Friendly staff :)

John Kelley

Mark Harris

David Hoffman

Amazing bread, loved the pesto chicken sandwich


Poor quality of food

Dane Weathers

Sometimes takes a little time, but everything is fresh and delicious. Worth the wait!

Marlow Grubb

Christopher Liebel

Great selection of different items. Absolutely great food.

Erik Sonder

I don’t ever review places but I had to review this place Excellence and perfection. You get what you order. Chicken pesto was just that. Chicken breast shredded and mixed with pesto and Provolone cheese. No additives, no extra sodium. My kidd had a banana Nutella crepe that was made right in front of us. Batter was homemade( I asked). It was a great experience.

Brad Fettig

I’m totally in love with crepes now. The croissants are so delicious I dream about having more. Everything is so delicious and the owners and staff are super friendly. I will definitely be a frequent visitor.

Bruce Holl

Minot's Daily Bread has very expensive artisan bread...over $7 for a large sour-dough loaf...a bit too chewy crust for bread slicer for take home bread...I like to freeze sliced bread at home and take a slice or two out of the freezer when needed...Panera Bread's large sour-dough is $5.20 for a large loaf of sour-dough...Panera has a bread slicer for take home bread...I prefer Panera Bread...the Panera dough isn't frozen it's made fresh each and every visit to Minot's Daily Bread and I will not return there again...if Minot's Daily Bread donated the un-used bread at the end of each day to charity I'd say very good...that's daily bread for those in need...otherwise at over $7 a loaf I don't see the value.

D.J Diekevers

Edward Keller

Ivan Duque

Awesome experience. Traveling through North Dakota. Can’t belive this gem

Shane Smith

They make their bread daily from scratch and the customer service is unmatched. It is an amazing place to stop in and get fresh bread, coffee, crepes and sandwitches.

whater princess

Dan Lacrone

Been there 4 times. Never disappointed. Little piece of Europe here. Coffe is great. Not pretentious but just great cafe latte. Must try the almond croissant.

Adriana Genovese

Great place. Love the crepes and the pastries reminds me of Italy. Coffe is always great and sandwiches are non pretentious. Great ingredients that need no masking. Love their roast beef au jus. Worth every penny.

Sarah Müller

I have lived in Germany and Austria. Have been back her in Minot for about 4 years. What a place. What a place. Viennoiserie truly at its finest. Bread is crusty to perfection, crumb and texture is perfect Minot has a a boulangerie that can compete with big cities anytime. And also the crepes are fluffy and perfect Thanks Minot's daily Bread

Alicia Bodenstein

Minot Daily Bread is by far the best place to eat in Minot. I would give it 10 stars if I could! The food is always fresh, high quality and sooo delicious! We lived over in Europe for 4 years and their bread and pastries are just as good or better than any we ever had overseas. The owners are always so friendly. They even offered to make me a Caprese sandwich when I noticed that they did not have a meat free sandwich on the menu for the day. Now that is what I call service! I only wish we could get over there more often.

Kevin Drohan

Great people, great food

Ilija Pintač Soni

They are starting out and I want them to succeed, but 4.50 cents for miniature croissants with little to no chocolate is ridiculous.

Joseph Haddox

Awesome baked goods! Friendly staff! Get a cruffin. You will not regret it!

Jasmine Saby

Hi! Everyone I am from France! I knew well bakery! Honestly, I went to visit this morning Minot’s Daily Bread I was very happy with their bakery very fresh and tested well!

Anthony Thompson

Its been great every time. Food is outstanding . Coffee is amazing and pastries cant get any better. Best place in Minot

Jeff Smith

Food was great

John McGhee

Julieann Korner

Patrick Haye

Cory Goodwin

Sassy me

I enjoyed the cheesecake. Note on door says they are closed till January 13

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