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REVIEWS OF Coffee & Bagels IN North Dakota


The place is clean and the cashier is nice. I like going there because they have highchairs and couches, so my kids stay safe during the meals. The coffee is good (but expensive, as Starbucks). They are fast. As a foreigner, my only problem is to understand the menu, which is on the wall. Today, I ordered a bagel with egg and cheese, even though there was nothing like that displayed.

jetta bear

Spectacular! I have been coming to this caribou for forever and I have to say, Jon and the team are just great. Jon is a literal ray of sunshine, walking in and greeting him is just an altogether great experience. Upbeat, polite, hardworking guy who deserves a lot of credit for bringing the energy to the mornings. Love how careful the staff is about getting orders right and the bagels are to die for!

Heather Hebert

The employees here are the sweetest. I love coffee shops in general and I've been to all of them in Grand Forks, and I definitely have had the best customer service experiences here at Caribou/Einsteins. I especially have enjoyed interacting with Jess, every time I come in she's got a huge smile and her positive energy is infectious.

Jennifer Hicks

Just okay tonight Maybe better next time Nice service Eager to make me happy Tea was bitter

Bogdan Nechepurenko

Awesome and fast service, delicious food

Russell Knipp

I was dreading my trip to North Dakota. Everyone told me it is a baron wasteland. They were wrong. I found this shop while driving around and I'm so pleased I stopped for a bite and coffee. Amazing service!!

Lorna Thronsedt

I feel they purposely made my drink wrong. I paid a lot for that and i should be able to get it made right.

Rachelle Williams

Jackie Lafountain

Adam Bernhardson

Good food and drinks but the wait on a weekend morning is very long. Drive thru is very slow.

peggy dunn

Great food, however was greeted by a very rude employee when picking up over $200 worth of goodies to bring to work. Yes, I ordered the food to be ready at 6:30 (last time I had to wait-so wanted a cushion) I picked up after 7:00 and could not believe the anger directed at me by this one employee. What a way to start the day!!

Mason Johnson

Latoya Rutledge

I go regularly! amazing

Janel P

They have tables as well as about 6 comfy chairs to enjoy a nice coffee date. Also love to bring my own coffee mug for a discount and less waste!

Annette Rieder

Good food!

Rebecca Burandt

Good bagels. Pretty expensive but worth the splurge now and again

Bryant Galeana

Fast, Good, unique breakfast items for the general area.

tamara cadieux

The food is very good and the service was terrific. 10/10 would recommend

natalia Steen

Jenny Ray-Mitchell

PaP 'd

It felt comfy. very nice place!

Tim Lunsford

Great coffee and bagels. The Nova salmon is delicious.

William Woods

Great bagels and excellent coffee.

Connie Shirek


Trisha Stromsodt

Love the schmearfuls! Especially french toast.

Sara Hanson

Heather Abar

Favorite place to walk to, always great service. Drive thru also usually quick! Bagels are amazing!!

Rick Vos-Wiebe

Best different flavour lattes, forget Starbucks... Caribou is King!

Kel Madison

Delicious food, coffee drinks excellent & super staff - just a bit costly so we make it a treat.


Slower than normal but great coffee nonetheless.

Liam Young

Friendly staff and helpful wish they had more sugar free items


I'm giving another review. I think that mobile orders should be able to be picked up through the drive thru. Some people, for example, might be in a hurry to get to work. So they mobile order quick, and then run through the drive thru and pick it up. I can understand that if the drive thru is busy it would be a little pointless, but I see the drive thru empty more than I see it full. But even Starbucks does the drive thru pickup and they almost always have a long line.

Lolita FloresM

nice coffee

Molly Holtman

Great fresh is way overpriced though.

Renee Ellis

Yummy toasted Bagels!

Mike Anderson

Nice atmosphere

Miranda Eckert

Usually great experience. Seems like when they are slower they take longer though, a lot of talking and not so much working. When they are busy, they are fast and efficient.

Heidi Lamb Castle

Nice calm seating area.

Max Takacs

Sometimes they are out of some stuff, but most of their bagels are much better than other Einstein locations, and the caribou is also above average.

Mark Monreal

Bitty Solberg

Love the fact there's a membership system attached with your number. The asiago bagel with garlic smear on it toasted is my go to! Coffees are great too with many choices

Andrew Heidt

Excellent Caribou Coffee

Caleb Fricke

Kavita Rami

Good choice of bagels and good service.


Andy Anderson

The Strawberry Banana Smoothie was Wonderful

Joe Reynolds

Excellent service and great products. Had them cater for a holiday party at work and I will have them cater again in the future.

Meg Row

Leah Maureen

Jon is so friendly! Nice how he jokes around with customers and so efficient making sure he gets the orders right!

Cicely Lacrosse

The coffee is always delicious and the bagels are amazing!! The staff members are always awesome, my boyfriend and I went the other day and there were only two working. They kicked butt and still had smiles on their faces as they were serving customers. This is my favorite place to go for coffee!

mamdooh sabagh

The best spot for breakfast in town

Chris Gaule

A great cafe close to the hospital.

Keelee Colleen

This is where I get my coffee fix, the employees are so sweet and the coffee/bagels are amazing.

Chris Griggs

Anthony Stautz

Good place

Christa Schneider

Always friendly staff and quick service. I just had the most amazing Cherry Chia seed ham & swiss breakfast sandwich. I hope this stays on the menu, it is by far my new favorite!

Jim & Rachel Endrizzi

Lukewarm breakfast sandwich and coffee was absolutely full of sugar-free vanilla (I asked for 1.5 pump not 1.5 times the amount). Brought it back in saying it wasn't good, and had to pay for the new one.

Joel Treat

Fresh eats and quaint place!

kevin reitmeier

Love this place, the French toast bagel is awesome.

Amanda Braseth

Nickala Squire

Friendly, good coffee, and refreshingly organized.

Stephanie Ulrich

Very friendly cashier great coffee and bagels

AJ Callina

Fast friendly service everytime! I have never had a problem that the manager didn't take care of as soon as possible. The staff is knowledgable and even fun to talk to. I would recommend this place to anyone in the Grand forks area.

Megan Leonard-Bisenius

One of my favorite places for a coffee and bagel! Asiago bagel is my favorite, but I also love the jalapeno cheddar. Bit pricey, but always tastes great and good service.

Scott Boekhoff

Always consistent with flavor and quality

Isabel Hofstad

It's honestly always a hit or miss with this place. Either you get what you asked for or you get nothing close to it. I've asked if they could make a london fog and it was spot on. Came in another time, asked for the same thing and I got a black coffee? This has happened on multiple occasions with different drinks. Their menu is also very boring and not much choice. Drinks are way too sugary. I would find a starbucks instead.

Elli Bock

Alicia Greenwood

Really awesome food and drinks but lately the wait at their drive thru is really long. Maybe they're short staffed? Earlier this week I waited at least 5 min just to order while i was at speaker to order. I ordered a berry white mocha w coconut milk at the drive thru. She told me I had a free upgrade so I got the large. When I got up to pay she forgot my upgrade so I was charged full price and I was told it'll be on there to redeem later. Ok. Drive off and took a drink. I recieved a white mocha with no berry in it and reg milk. The entire experience was not impressive. I wasn't going to complain but I returned today and asked for my upgrade which was not there. I was not given any type of discount for being misinformed last time after explaining my earlier experience. Kind of disappointed.

Sagan Gotberg

Great atmosphere. This place is crazy popular with the college crowd.


Great combo of Java and carbs

Dave Smith

Tiffany Neiss

It is a very nice place to eat!

Hong Xu

Chris Miller

green girl

Love it!

Nicolee Loewen

Went here with a big group and after making all our drinks they asked if they had made any wrong!! Really impressive I thought! Only one was wrong tho!...

Dane Fischer

Extremely slow service, way slower Tuesday then stores in Duluth NM. Duluth stores in and out. This store I had time to smoke a cigarette and roll 4 cigarettes. The product was great and the same offered at any location.

Jeff B

Out of coffee at 8:28AM!? Barista has to walk to the corner of the store to get black coffee. I think an efficiency study is in order.

Duane Anderson

Nice place. Easy access. Great coffee.

Brian Suter

Jeff Friesen

Roger Quinn

I really like the food and the drinks, but it is so so so so slow! Every time almost a 20 minute wait in line.

Taylor Storley

Love the food and drink but wish they didn't close at 7. It's too early

Brandon Wittmayer

I will not be going back. I ordered 4 drinks and I only received 3. When I asked about it I was just told that she only had 3 listed. I was in a bit of a hurry so I didn't fight.

Conor McEvoy

Food is consistently good and drinks are incredibly refreshing whether it’s hot or freezing outside. My one only con for this location is the insane amount of times I’ve been stuck in their drive thru for 10 sometimes 15+ minutes. Quicker drive thru times and this place is an easy 5 stars. Since this was posted, I went to the store for lunch at 1:00 pm and I didn’t leave the drive thru until 1:20 pm. (2 items ordered)

Dane Currier-Carlson

Daniella Steyn

kevin bailly

Delicious coffee good prices

Mark E

Wide variety of excellent bagels, a wonderful staff and Caribou Coffee. What else to say? It's a bit noisy for conversation and seating fills quickly during the school Year. However it's a good place to eat, great parking and easy access

Nanci Wilson

My favorite addiction. It's a great day for a great cup of coffee and this is where you will find it.

Kristal Hudson

AAAAAMMMMMAAAAAAZZZZIIIIINNNNNGGGGG COFFEE!!!!! Rewards are super sweet and the employees are always happy and extremely nice. Great place to study and eat yummy bagels.

Robert Jacobs

Lox and bagel were great

Ashley Moen

Always tastes amazing!!!!!

Ron Ligsay

My wife loves the coffee from Caribou Coffee and I like the salmon lox they serve here.

gabe flores

Very precise and prompt service!

Dallas Chambers

I like the bagels not the coffee

Ashley Victory

MacKenzie Malloy

Amommy Riddle

Love it! Very nice and friendly staff.

Emily Q

Great food and drinks! Service is always friendly and smiling, I'm never disappointed when we come here.

Jacob Swenson

Marcus Mccoy

I wish I could open a business and set up a time to close at 7:00pm. Then when a customer pulls up before 7:00 I'll just tell them that I can't make anything because we shut down our machines for the night. Come on caribou your acting like McDonald's does with there shake machine. Personally I feel that if you close at 7:00 then you DON'T shut the machines down till after 7:00 pm

Christy Berry

Beast boy

I work right across the street. So I love to run over on my breaks and grab a coffee to get me thru the remainder of my shift. Typically a good experience. BUT today they messed up my drink. No big deal. Wasted most of my break waiting for them to fix it. Then they throw it on the counter and SLAM the old one in the trash like they were mad at ME for their mess up!! Oh and NEVER GOT AN APOLOGY! Did I also mention how they got the second order WRONG TOO!! So I payed for a drink that I never got. I refuse to drink the disgusting whatever that I ended up with. So thanks Caribou for basically stealing my money...

Jorden Steinsberger

Ron Madison

The long lines are because they're really that good, not because they're slow. Don't be fooled with the long line it'll move quickly.

Eric B

Just opened but extremely slow and inefficient

Alyssa Buchin

Coffee, bagels, cozy atmosphere. The drive thru typically runs smoothly and they have never gotten my order wrong. High quality coffee and delicious food.

Dan Koller

Great coffee and friendly staff.

Judy Neste

JoJo B

Very, very good bagels and coffee!!!

Blake Evert

7:10 on Sunday Morning, fully staffed, no customers. I walked in, was not greeted or waited on, so I left. Sorry for your loss

Drew Jaeger

Brianna Wolff

My fav. Coffee

Ren P

My wife and I went there for breakfast and the service was awesome we tried a sandwich there called the farmhouse. Oh my it was delicious I ratatouilled it (closed my eyes and the let the flavors dance in my mouth) We will definitely be going back again.

Ken Althoff

Alex Erbeck

Coffee is excellent for a chain restaurant. Decent bagels- surely the best in GF. Service is always incredibly friendly and helpful! Store is always very clean. Atmosphere is really positive, great for studying. I go with a friend one morning each week and it's our favorite place to talk about deep things! :)

Sergei Nechaev

Emily Hemmelgarn

We go here for breakfast often, service and food is great.

Jessica Borgen

Delicious food & coffee. The avocado bagel is worth trying.

Jordan Bremer

I go here all the time for breakfast and lunch. Its adequately priced, everything's always been clean and fast tastes great. My kids love it. I'd say my only problem is the coffee sometimes comes out far too hot, but its no big deal. I am also entertained by the business being named coffee and bagels instead of either of the franchises.

A Harasym

Wow what a cool atmosphere. Very polite and patient guy at the till! Very helpful for a couple of people who have never been there before. I had the onion bagel with herb and garlic. Wow what a combo! Will be back for sure! Next time I will try the breakfast bagel. Looks great! Thanks guys.

Cathy Smith

Great coffee and bagels yum

David F

Good food. Just opened so a bit clunky service getting you the food but it's good.

Jade Nelson

A few weeks ago I visited the Caribou on Columbia and I normally have no problem getting an ice water with my drink when I ask for it, but this time I was denied a water and I had to basically beg for an ice water in AMERICA even as a paying customer???? I come to this Caribou a lot and haven’t had another issue till today when I ordered my usual drink with blended chocolate chips in it (I have NEVER had this made incorrectly) and today they just sprinkled them on top, (super silly reason to return for them to remake the drink, I know..) I’m not mad because they got my drink SLIGHTLY incorrect, things happen. I’m mad because when I went back in with my untouched drink to tell them it was wrong and I would like what I ordered when I pay almost $6 for it, she refused to make it how I ordered it and have always ordered it. Again, the problem is not the chocolate chips. The problem is that the older lady on 9/20/19 with short brown hair wearing a pink/peach colored shirt told me I was wrong? What happened to customer is right? Especially when I order this drink at least 1-2 times a week and I knew it was wrong? I just feel like I will continue to have problems at this location and have never had these problems at Starbucks where they are more than willing to make sure you leave happy with your drink exactly how you ordered it :)

Jerry Weber


Eldwin Truong

Great bagels.

Wendi Smiley

Love it

Mitch Campion

Good bagels. What can else can I say

Brett Wysocki

Casey Hoffman

I really like their espresso taste, but I will say this store gets my order wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME. Very friendly, moderately fast in the mornings, but it's not that hard to put caramel in a drink, especially since you're charging me for it.

Monica Malof

Michael Ritland

Nice little coffee house. Great brew and service.

Craig Childers

Kassandra Suhr

Nick Carletta

Alan Alexeyev

Jon Ray Floyd

Expensive but it's worth it!

Wes Scholand

melissa m

Great coffee and they love dogs! As a dog person, to see them running to the window to give my dogs homemade bagel treats made my day turn around. Thanks :)

Veronica Vivier

Love this place, always have great service and awesome drinks.

Ali al saegh

Kaitlyn Rau

Sarah Barnard

Friendly and quick!

jesse thor


Half of their bagels were out. Doesnt make for much of a selection. Don't waste your time, go some where else.

Tara Lulla

Great place to relax or study.

Josh Kruszewski

The staff is always kind and very quick with your order. On top of that it is the best coffee you can find in the plains.

Jason G

Anastasia Andrianova

Amber Bouret

Everyone has always been nice and cheerful.

Alex Stroth

Michael Hanson

Always a good stop. Drinks can be a little heavy on the chocolate. Sandwiches are always delicious

Rhonda Klingler

This place is awesome. I love caribou coffee literally is the best coffee and the sandwiches are great too . If you see one stop,you wont be sad you did.

Corey Pederson

Clean and service was great, overpriced for what you get, but will return next time I need coffee in Forks.

Dan Suelzle

I have one of the most simple drink orders and this place gets it right about 20% of the time. The only complicated part of my order is "extra cream". Either they barely put any in, or they forget entirely, even AFTER confirming with me that I want extra cream. Rather frustrating for something so simple. Food is good, though, and so is the coffee when they get it right.

Nicole Smestad

Always have loved this place, good people, good food, great coffee. But, today I was helped by Jon, hands down the BEST customer service ever! The world needs more like him!

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