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REVIEWS OF Bakers Dozen IN North Dakota

Heather Hall

Lisa Anderson

Great salad bar at noon. I got there a little late and they ran out of the hot food. I would definitely stop here again.

Susan Hawn

Lots of.good stuff and a great staff with wonderful service. I highly recommend this business.

jerry valdivia

Letitia Mankowski

Amazing donuts and staff

Adam Bostrom

I have always loved their fresh donuts and other baked goods. When I lived closer we would go fairly frequently. I just wished they were open longer hours each day.

Maigz P

Soooooo good. Nuff said!

Reed Haight

I came in towards closing and they still tasted fresh. The staff were attentive to everyone who came in and incredibly nice.

Yusy Aval

Great selection of donuts. Very good!!!

Michael Lund

John Bauer

Fantastic selection of highly tasty donut things.

Andrew Stevens

Great donuts, but not too happy about their recent price increase. Used to be $10 out the door with a nice variety. When I asked the associate where the $10 box was on the menu board, the response I got was "We had a slight increase in pricing due to some of our ingredient costs rising"......She rang me up at just over $13......A slight increase eh? I highly doubt ingredient costs went up 30%.

Craig Checketts

Best donuts in town. Get there early!

Bernie Lies

Carson Lybbert

Doughnut were pretty good. I will definitely come back.

Cal Smith

Love their doughnuts. Great selection

Brent Good

Always great donuts. Never the frozen stuff you get from the grocery stores

Devin Bowman

Awesome unique flavors mixed with all the old school faves! And you can't beat the prices! Make this your Saturday routine!

Rebecca Koenig

Yum! My first time. Great, friendly service, my sandwich was delicious and reasonably priced, and I got a donut! I'll be back!

Nathan Burke

The donuts here are amazing, they also have great customer service.

Collin Hanson

Good food and good service.

Jacob Dawson

Donuts are freshly made each day and there so soft and,fluffy.

Liz White

Best donuts in town!!

Duke Turner

Delicious doughnuts, great staff

Maryann Waagen

Only place I will get doughnuts. Plus they have cronuts.

Robert England

Great selection, great price, fantastic donuts!

Kevin Malcom

The Best Donuts In Town! Get there early for best selection. Sandwiches are a very good option and a big suprise. I think they must make the hoggie rolls for 3/4 of the sandwich shops in town.

Gaius Arroyo

celica diaz

Fresh Doughnuts.... Nothing better

Doug Kinoshita

Best Bakery in the region! Hands down the best period. Everything was fresh and the selection always great. If you need one or one dozen and then some you can't go wrong here. A must stop at period! Very friendly staff and super helpful.

Amanda Fandrich

Mikael Thelin

Loved it! Best donuts I've ever had. Will stop again anytime coming through Idaho Falls.

Roger Hunt

The best in town hands down!!

Sabrina gonzales

The website says soups and sandwichs. I was extremely dissatisfied when I came in and the girl told me there was no soup and they don't make sandwiches much anymore. So the supplies for them was limited.

Eric Darrington

Good donuts and baked goods. Fast freindly service.

Kyle Van

Simply put, the best flavor and quality (consistently) for a very reasonable price. Nothing around town beats their doughnuts. I go frequently when I have a sweet tooth...and now after writing this I can't stop thinking about them. Off for some sweetness everybody!

Dallin Higgins

Honestly, these are the best donuts I've had in my entire life. Every specialty is amazing, get the Oreo, s'mores and peanut butter and jelly kinds. You will not regret it.

Barton Weaver

These are some goooood donuts. If you want a real treat, on Friday and Saturday they make an Oreo cream filled donut. You can get it in white or chocolate cream. If they are out of it up front, ask if they have any fresh ones in the back. The picture is the Oreo white cream filled. I live 1/2 mile from Bakers dozen and I couldn't wait to get home to take a bite.

Troys messy jams G

Best donuts in town! Milk is a bit pricey to get with your donut though.

Hailee Guymon

The donuts taste delicious and the owner is super nice!

Brian Wilding


Dylan Richins

They have the best donuts and quick friendly service.

Edwin Soto

Really love this place. 1st off, everyone make sure you say hi to Randy, the owner. Very nice guy. They do have fresh doughnuts everyday, except Sundays and Mondays. They are closed those days. Hands down, NO ONE CAN BEAT BAKERS DOZENS (RANDY'S) DOUGHNUTS!!! They also offer fresh baked breads and dinner rolls and specialty breads as well. I'm not sure if they still do bagels but they are awesome. They even do party sandwiches. I believe up to 6 feet. Sorry it's been awhile since working there years ago. Lol Great environment, great people and great food.

Jared Pfeiffer

Best donuts I've ever had!

Rich Tatham

Warning! This place may become habit forming!

LeeAnna Guyett

We try to stop in here every time we're in Idaho falls early enough on a Saturday. It's almost a two hour drive from where we live, but they are kind enough to put aside a delicious assortment of donuts for us if we call and ask them while we're in route. Their donuts are baked fresh daily, you can taste the quality ingredients, and the price is just right. The staff is always friendly and helpful, I've never eaten a bad donut from this shop, it's worth the drive for sure.

Tyler Perkins

Best donuts in town. A must if you have a sweet tooth.


Best donuts in town!!! But they go fast so you have to get there early ♡♡♡♡

Growmeister Smith

John Haderlie

Fresh made in store. Yummmm

David Doyle

Excellent product and a friendly satff

Danielle Dexter

We love the bread they made for our restaurant. Thank you again for everything.

Carmen Centore

Best donuts in SE Idaho

Jared Hurst

Great service and awesome donuts!

Callie Jackson

Love this place. The owner is so friendly with everyone

michael huston

By far, best donuts in town, although Carstons' are really close, but BD has WAY more variety. The S'more is a favorite, but the fruit and cream cheese bars are addictive. We get donuts for our work at least 4 times a month. I recommend getting there early as they do run out of the popular stuff quickly. The only bad thing is they are closed on Monday.../sigh.

A Notto

Best donuts around. You need to try these. I missed this bakery for years, now it is the only place I buy donuts. I drive out of my way to share these with friends!

Rosemary Shugar

Great apple fritters! Got to go early in day and closes early afternoon though.

Evelyn Stowers

Best donuts in town?!!

John Hyland

Good place for bakery items.

Ryan Farnsworth

Donuts are amazing. Best donut in town. Rolls are also fantastic.

Edna Hill

Very good donuts

David A

Donuts are always delicious and fresh, top notch quality, great prices!

Eugene Engmann

Some of the best doughnuts you would ever taste!

Adan Luna Beltran

These donuts are the best! Better than crispy donuts in California. Great service and the girls were very helpful and friendly...

Ben Gillmore

Delicious donuts. Best in town by far.

Mark Hall

So we went there for our first time and they gave us all free donuts. So you can basically say they bribed us for good reviews. Uh. Well it worked.

Jennifer Todd Jones

Good donuts. But, you should watch your language while you are serving customers. NOT professional! And, your slogan "Things done the old fashion way" has a fault - 'fashion' should be spelled 'fashioned' with an 'ed' on the end.

Elise Durtschi


Marcos Kinnison

The Spudnuts are amazing. Try the pastery with the chocolate moose center

Darren Haller

Best doughnuts.

RaNae Gough

Yes everybody should know about baker's dozen on Woodruff in Idaho Falls because he does such an excellent job his Donuts are good

scott hanson

This establishment has the most delicious and creative doughnuts that I have had in years! Their staff is always eager to explain what the fillings are and help to create a most delicious and varied 'bakers dozen' box.

Patrick VanOrden

Great opotions on doughnuts. Great taste

Alex the Hun

Very delicious donuts

Jodi Petersen

There doghnut are the bes

John Parker

Love this family run business. Great donuts to carryout, eating in a little lacking and coffee is via keurig.

Daniel Ricks

These are some of the best donuts I've ever had. And it's run by this nice old guy who gives you your first donut for free. I'd definitely go back, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place to everyone ever.

sleepy photon

Delicious donuts and pleasant people, what more could anyone want?

Barrett Villiers

Not gonna lie, Baker's Dozen will set you back a few more bucks than the supermarket or other shops in town...but it is worth EVERY cent. The selection here is fun, the staff is kind, & the donuts/pastries are AMAZING!!!

sheri Martin

Christa McGrane

My kids and I go in every Friday for their weekly treat. They love the donuts and I love the friendly service! My only negative experience is the communication with whoever runs their Facebook page.

Christopher White

Great homemade sandwiches and friendly customer service. Bread is extra fresh.

Paul Orr

In my opinion it is the best donut shop in town. You can't beat the fritters, they are excellent. I would reccomend this place to anyone. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 6am to 2:30pm.

James Cook

Awesome doughnuts.

Cesar Vazquez

Best donuts in town no doubt

Joshua Samson

Great donuts

Dana Stoddard

Always good. Staff is always friendly. I did wish they were open longer

Kimberly Capson

The donuts are delicious and fresh. They even give you a donut of your choice if you go in on your birthday. Super quick and friendly. We will definitely continue to come and enjoy their many varieties of donuts.

Kenny Cortinas

The best freshly baked donuts in town!!

Denise Smith

Dangerously delicious place. So many yummy treats to choose from. The 'oreo' donut was divine. The pastry creme filled donuts amazing. We'll be back!

Liza Juarez


Paul Rossow

They know how to bake that's fo sho

Daniel Naylor

Stopped in on a long road trip from Missouri and was greeted by the best owner and staff ever, not to mention the donuts are AMAZING! If you're in the area you must stop! Heck, if you're not in the area, it's worth the trip!!!

Leah Lunde

Michelle Taylor


Jason Record

Best donuts in town. Made fresh every day.

Jeana Waldron

Average doughnut shop with friendly service

Mark Flatland

My go to place for sinful delights!

K Fleming

anijanette delahoyde

Excellent doughnuts. Little higher cost than most.

Dee Ann Little Young Man

Absolutely delicious

Susan McCorkle

Misty Ririe

Great doughnuts!!! Best cake doughnuts I’ve ever had!!

Candice Christensen

Really yummy donuts. My husband got an apple fritter and a peach that were fantastic!

Kenneth Gilbert

I'd go there more often but because everything is SO GOOD I'd easily put on weight! Never been disappointed.

Elizabeth Adejorin

The donuts are so good and excellently priced. My kids love coming in and sitting down and eating donuts

Kenneth M. Geraci

Decent donut. Price was ok. Fast service

Tim Vickery

These donuts/ pasties are amazing!

Jason Harp

Great donuts, wish they would open on Sunday and make chocolate cake donuts.

Micah Nicolai

jason rollene

Best donuts in Idaho Falls!

Jorge Jacinto

Great service, really friendly people, but most important, great food, love this place, and I plan on going for a long time

Tolman Family

Apple fritters! This bakery absolutely has the best donuts in Idaho Falls. The staff is also fabulous. They just catered to my need to have a hot fresh fritter. Made. My. Day! One thing I’d like the owner and bakers to know...I’d pay extra to have that apple fritter with double the apple and triple the cinnamon. I’m not kidding. I’m a serious fritter addict who needs more cinnamon in her life.

Sandra Romo

Amazing... Called checking to see if a particular donut was available it was sold out for the day. Surprising enough he said come by within a hour I will have them ready

Jim Black

I always thought donuts were donuts until I had Bakers Dozen donuts. Not only do they have the traditional donuts you're familiar with, but they have incredible specialty donuts as well. All the donuts are amazing but you better get there early because they go quick and they close early.

Harold Heydt

It sells cookies but they arent really special

Chelsea Johnson

Best donuts we've ever had! We lived in IF for a year, and since then have lived in three other states. We have yet to find a donut place we love as much as Baker's Dozen! They have such a great variety of donuts and there's something for everyone! We especially love the raspberry fritters and the Oreo donuts! We visit every time we come back to town (even if we're only there for a day or two) because it's worth it every time!

Kent Satterfield

Great doughnuts! Best place around

Naomi Ockerman

I love the donuts here so much =3

Sam Bluemel

Always fast and friendly customer service. Great prices and great tasting donuts!

Tyler Argyle

Just moved from Denver where doughnut chains like Vodoo doughnuts and shops like Wooden Spoon have been featured on the Food Network for having such excellent doughnuts but I have to say this place is even better! I don't know what their process is but somehow every bit of the doughnut is delicious and without waxy textures or relatively flavorless embellishments. Literally the whole doughnut from start to finish is amazing. Even filled doughnuts, (which are usually my last choice because the filling is just cold, gelatinous, flavorless mayo-custard) taste homemade and delicious. The doughnuts are also surprisingly inexpensive and the selection leaves nothing to be desired. Can't believe a little town like Idaho Falls has the better doughnuts than metro Denver but there it is! Do yourself a favor and try it out!

Sara Martinez

Best. Donuts. Ever. Glazed, jelly filled, cream cheese, cake donuts, blueberry, coconut, maple, chocolate, white icing, Smores donuts and ones filled with chocolate mousse-like cream. The best apple fritters. Different options on different days. Get here early, the good ones sell out fast.

Candace W

Great service, amazing donuts, and the shop is cute.

Dottie Ausmus

Best donuts of anywhere. Better than voodoo donuts in Portland Oregon. Seriously. Randy helped us today. We walked in to find a long line, but were still through in 5 minutes. Randy was so nice and helpful! My favorite today was the s'mores donut. So yummy! They don't skimp on toppings or fillings. Try it!!

Becky Buddenbohm

Best donuts in town!! Staff always helpful and friendly. If you want a tasty, yummy donut this is the place!!!

Bradford Huntsman

Best donuts in Idaho. And WAY better than Blue Star in Portland.

Zach Bechtel

Best donuts I've ever had! Really like the apple fritters and the smores donuts.

Bron Spencer

It's a big step up from grocery store doughnuts.

Flo Lund

Great place to meet friends, budget friendly, good coffee & donuts. All their baked goods are wonderful!

Craig Kjellerson

Old time Mom and Pop Bakery. Only in small town North Dakota can a gem like this be found.

Jodi Hirchert

Absolutely love everything about the Bakery!!

John Peters


Chris Obay

Amazing donuts!! Best I've ever tasted

Food Critic

I ordered over 140 doughnuts from the Baker's Dozen for an event I was hosting, and the doughnuts were a total hit. I had many people say how much they enjoyed them and that they were so much better than the run of the mill doughnuts from other places. Wonderful service also when I picked them up, and it was just a positive experience all the way around. If you need to order doughnuts for events or just for a treat, then I would say this is the place.

Rebecca Dyorich

Best Donuts EVER!!! Even the basic "plain" donuts are better than anywhere, but in addition they offer a wide variety of fillings, toppings, shapes, types. Totally worth every cent!

maggie pallan

Tasty doughnuts and really nice owners

Megan Ash

Finally someone who knows how to make a Bavarian cream donut! We moved here recently and have found nothing but disgusting curdly Bavarian cream with too-sweet chocolate frosting. These were really yummy and we’ll definitely be coming back.

Tina Garner

Great place for donuts. The donuts are fresh and delicious! The owners are local and care about providing an affordable and quality product. If you want the BEST donuts, gontobbakers dozen. They will treat you right.

Adrienne Woods

An amazing bakery with fresh, made daily donuts and breads. Best donuts in town.

Nicole Stosich

The absolute BEST donuts in town. The staff is always friendly.

Jason Walleser

The best doughnuts this side of the Mississippi that I've had.

Sara Ball

Such yumminess, & wonderful customer service!!

Jake Gallup

Fantastic donuts with people that match the positively perfect pastries!

Clark Jones

Great donuts....great service.

Wanda Swigert

Love their stuff & the people there !

Heaven Holt

Awesome donuts awesome service amazing local place all must visit! I highly recommend the blueberry cake with frosting and the apple fritters... so good!

Nick Robinson

Pretty much the best doughnuts in idaho!

Matt Balderree

Best donuts in town have down! Great customer service as well, very friendly and patient!

Russell Hall

Caleb Sauer

Holy crapola those doughnuts with raspberry and creme cheese aare amazing


Best donuts in Idaho falls by far! Boston creme is top notch! Prices are good. Service is great!

Terry Dannehl

Good Donuts are you like their donuts

Charlene Hess

This place is absolutely fantastic! Among the best donuts I've ever had. Light and fluffy and flavorful but still have a great texture, which is important to a donut. Spudnuts for the WIN!!!

Joshua Mahon

Great doughnuts, totally worth the price! Best doughnuts in Idaho Falls!

Courtney Haueter

Pretty tasty! I was kind of surprised by the quality/freshness of the ones we chose. Especially the maple bar.

Matthew Orme

Definitely worth the visit. The donuts were delicious and the service was quick and homey. Wanted to see if it would be a good place to bring friends and family and it did not disappoint.

Kalli Hill

Fantastic donuts!!! Good variety. Something for everyone! Discount if it’s your first time. Great employees!

abbreyell Jessup

Most friendly group of people I've ever encountered!

nicole simmons

I absolutely love the enthusiasm and their donuts. Amazing national donut day.

KC Nebeker

Great Customer Service! :)

Jeff Caldwell

Best donuts and donut shop in town and it's not even close. We regularly take the kids and let them all pick their own and the staff is beyond helpful and patient with small kids pressing their nose on the glass. The selections is incredible with some unique creations you don't see all over (my kids love the s'mores donut). I always walk out feeling like I paid less than I expected. The older gentleman who seems to be there most of the time is so kind and likes to joke with the kids. My daughter wanted donuts for her birthday and when we showed up and told him that, he took us in the back room to show her everything she could chose from and even made her a special donut. Way beyond what he needed to do on a busy morning and I've made sure to come back here every time because of it. Oh yeah, and the donuts are the best you'll get in town, period.

Vanessa Castiglia

Great doughnuts & friendly staff. Every dozen you buy is a bakers dozen (13 doughnuts, not 12). If the doughnuts you pick for your dozen, don't fit into one of there packages (bakers dozen packages), you pay for each individual doughnut, but at least the most expensive one of your 13 is free. I don't know of anywhere where you get the most expensive one of anything free. If I had to complain about anything, I guess their only down fall is they don't make cherry fritters, but I was told I could special order them.

Maddie Sorenson

Their donuts are some of our favorites. Lots of options, but get there earlier in the morning to have the best selection. You can also order in bulk ahead of time.

Kristi Eldridge

This is the BEST doughnut shop in Idaho falls

Susan Mason

Great variety, good atmosphere. Little pricy, but very tasty!

Russell Elswick

Best gd donut ive had between here and the coast. Prices are what your expect from a specialty mom and pop shop, but well worth it. Donuts are delicious, service prompt, and its always nice to support a local store.

David Johnston

This place is amazing!! Doughnuts are ed fabulous and the staff is extremely helpful!! Highly recommend this place!!

Penny Sanders

Wow the best donut

Shea Cook

Thank you so much for your swift personalized order right before you closed! I appreciate your creativity, kindness and above all delicious donuts! Establishment is very clean, friendly staff and a variety of quality pastries!

Emily Brown

By far some of the best donuts around. The prices are more than a grocery store or maybe even another shops glazed donuts but believe me these donuts are worth every penny. The only point of improvement I would suggest is opening their hours to the evening a couple days a week.

Yon Scott

Bakers Dozens, Good donuts,We use to get two to three dozen a week. But with the price increase. We will have to cut back.

Garret Schuster

Christine Taylor

They have the BEST DONUTS in this area..for sure.....super yummy

Dana Bucher

We had heard from multiple people that the doughnuts from Bakers dozen were hands down, the best around. In my opinion they were just ok. They didn't live up to the hype, but I do plan to give them a try another time in hopes to experience these fantastic doughnuts!

Troy Lish

This is the best place in town for donuts!!! My favorite is the Fritters!!!!! Must try!!

John Godak

Best donuts in town. Super friendly and helpful staff. I just wish they were open an hour earlier so site workers could get in on the sugary goodness before heading out there. So... I take a star. :-(

Sheila Pula

They made sure I had 5 exact donuts for my grandsons. Bakers Dozen is awesome.

Ginger Durbin

They make their donuts from potato flour like Huntsmans use to. There the best in S. E Idaho.

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