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REVIEWS OF Utica Bakery IN North Carolina

Claudia Z Morales

Skitz Npt

A REAL taste of upstate NY,if you want great quality true ny baked goods and pastries this is the only place to go. Super friendly staff family owned and operated and a taste unmatched by any other bakery around. I could go broke buying their cookies alone!

Mike Rundle

Great pastries just like from Upstate NY! I grew up in Utica, NY and now live in Apex and just visited Utica Bakery. Even though they're just starting and getting everything set up, the pastries we got were delicious and I had a great time talking with the owner about Utica. If you've never had authentic Italian and Polish pastries before you really need to go. There's no other bakery like it in the entire Apex-Cary-Raleigh area.


We live in Durham 30 minutes away and this was totally worth the drive. We tried the lobster claw, eclair, cannolis, bread, and pizza dough. Everything was AMAZING!!! They really take pride in their food and the quality and it shows. Next time we go (which will be soon) we are going to try to cookies and cheesecake. Overall, I was extremely impressed and will definitely make this bakery a staple while we live in the area. Highly recommend!

Maggie Pasnak

Daniel Leinbach

Delicious pastries and bread. A welcome taste of upstate NY delicacies here in the 919. Half moons and so much more!

Eric Sopp

Great people and even greater treats! Call ahead!

Matthew Hoffman

Easy to miss as you're driving down to the place. It's kind of hidden behind a tractor trailer. Great baked goods a d friendly staff. The cookies are particularly good.


Bobbie Neubauer


Janice Stolzenberg

Karen Bennett

Everything we have tried is delicious!

Mark S

Outstanding bakery.

Wayne Sproehnle


Bret Hurtt

All I can day is YUM, YUM, YUM

Marie Federico

Finally an awesome locally owned Italian bakery. Only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Rudy Curatolo

Very impressed with the quality and attention to detail. I grew up in Staten Island and Brooklyn NYC, and this type of bakery was a staple in Italian American culture. These dear folks are doing it right with no compromise. I have not had Italian Pastries any better in the Triangle area since moving in early '95. Bravo, excellent work. The lobster tails & Sfogliatelle, my goodness......

Greg Wilkinson

Stopped in on Friday for a Halfmoon and some cookies. Grabbed a tomato pie as well. Everything was great. It was like being back home.

Adil Boussetta

L Ryan

Seriously YUM!

Annamarie Gallo

Joseph Salvini

Guy Light

Cannolis are the Bomb!

Kay Gallagher

Mark Steele

Authentic Italian bakery, beautifully crafted delights and breads

Candice Trnjanin

So good it should be illegal. Great pastries and great customer service!

Janna Sondermann

High quality bakery. Awesome tomato pies.

Peter Whalen

My Mother and I just went here this morning and what can I say, I got transported back to my childhood days in the North End of Boston MA. As soon as we walked in the smells wafting through air were exceptional, we knew this would be pure gold! The half moons brought me right back to wonderful memories of delicious buttercream and fudge. (dare I say it was actually better than those memories, haha!) There were so many great things to choose from it was difficult to pick any one scrumptious treat. Do yourself a favor and make a trip to this wonderful bakery for plenty of smiles and delicious treats! (The 2 gentleman working were very pleasant and helpful)

Beka T.

justin mitchell

Michael Kidd

Awesome !!

Joseph Palumbo

If you haven't been to the Utica Bakery, you're missing out on some amazing bread, pastries and desserts.

Joe D

Has really fresh pastries and taste great . Worth the 25 minute drive .

Jennifer Clark

Great selection, delicious treats and friendly staff

Sam Mingolelli

Kyle Gorczynski

Great small bakery. Has a perfect selection of deserts and other pasteries as well as loafs and bread.

William Licamele

Joe Tavano

Great Italian bakery products and service.

Joseph H. Spine

A Treasure in pastries & bread in our own backyard. AAA+

Polymath NC

The round sliced loaf of bread was exactly what I wanted! It smelled right, the crust was perfect, the flavor throughout was delicious. The texture was dense, not fluffy. I'm looking forward to having slices with sandwiches, toasted with soup, and just straight from the bag. The sfogliatelle was amazing! Such delicate layers of pastry, the filling was perfect. Just like back home in Yonkers, NY. If you have trouble pronouncing it, practice the "sf" sound and think of the "gli" as a "y", and you'll be close enough. Mom loved her eclair, filled with pastry creme. Other options for filling were whipped cream or cannoli cream. It was huge, easily 2-3 times the size of the eclairs I remember from back home. I spoke with them about their half-moon cookies, which are similar to the black and white cookies that I love. They gave me a sample. The basic cookie is chocolate. It is topped half with chocolate icing, half with a thick vanilla frosting. Very tasty! I'll definitely get one soon. They are currently (Feb '19) open just Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They have plans to build a brick-and-mortar store on the same site.

Ed Revugh

Fun bakery truck

Jacob Lee

I’ve come by every weekend since November, never been disappointed! Great service too!!

Jennifer Walter

I have finally found what I have been looking for since moving to NC from upstate NY 10 years ago! Tomatoe pie, AMAZING. Eclairs, outstanding! Last but certainly not least, half moons, I have been searching for a REAL half moon cookie for years, found them at Utica Bakery today! Absolutely perfect, I think I finished it before leaving the parking lot! Thank you Utica Bakery, you made my day! See you again soon.

Tracey Law

We need this in Apex! Breads and pastries are made with TLC New York Family Style!!! Support this business....they truly love what they do!!

Joseph Crowe

The canolis and half moons reminded of the mohawk valley bakerys

Mary W.

Paul Gallo

Thank God I can finally get italian pastry and bread. The owner is a wonderful person. Go when ever I can. Can't wait till the building is built. Thanks from a Brooklyn boy you made very happy.

Anthony Scialdone

I'm originally from Utica, New York and have lived in NC for about 16 years... and my only complaint about the area was I couldn't find the goodies I grew up with... and Utica Bakery has solved that problem! Magnificent pastries and killer tomato pie! I'm getting hungry just typing about it.

Lynn Willard

Everyone so helpful and polite. I am from Utica and remember the great bakeries there like Hemstroughs and their half moon cookies. The bread here is delicious and looking forward to the desserts I got.

Ray Bassignana

Amazing service, delicious goodies and tomato pie!!!

Barbara Graham

From New Hartford, NY. Plan on taking a trip to Apex for a taste of Utica pastries, we took got granted the Italian pastries in the Utica, NY area. Yummy Greens and Chicken Riggies, canoli, pusty, so many more. .

Andrew molina

I went this magical fairyland of a food truck. It is located in a corner of a forest. They have baked goods, pastry’s, bread, dough balls, etc. the bread was decent and had tasty herbs on the top. The lobster tail was DELICIOUS and was well worth the cost. You get to have the pastry’s with your choice of filling. They sell dough balls so you may make stuff at home. They rotate the pastry’s / savory choices daily. Very awesome place and have to visit if you can!!

Addison Latham _ Student - ApexFriendshipHS

Love this place. Totally recommend

Renata Ralston

chris supry

Jimmy Board

Easy to pass right by, it's in the house right next to 540. Everything we've gotten from here has been amazing. Definitely worth a visit.

Eric Colburn

Do yourself a favor and check this place out best chocolate hazelnut I've ever tasted

Chris C

The best bakery around, authentic Italian pastries and breads, only open Fri,Sat,Sun so you have to get your goodies when they are open. Well worth the drive from anywhere. They guys that run it and work there are great!!

David Singer

Awesome neighborhood bakery. I go in every chance I get. my kids know the whole menu.

Jim Miller

Andrew Cleveland

Amazing work by local artisan bakers! Great spot for cookies, pastries, and bread. Don't forget the cheesecake!

Merri Beth Alkin

Dosnt get any better. From pastry, cookies, to bread.

S Mehalic

Really delicious, really authentic, and really fresh. Husband is from Utica, and Im from Boston, and we love having good Italian pastry available here in NC. If you've only ever had sad, dry, grocery store style European desserts, do yourself a favor and stop in!

Christian Nilsen

What a great bakery.

Learned Wilson

Frank Mittin

Great bakery, great people.

Keith Boucher

Wife was looking for a cannoli... she searched it up and we were directed to Utica. Oh my goodness. The cannoli was amazing... the moon pie was out of this world and the tiramisu... it was unexpected (amazingly delicious). Only gripe about the tiramisu: it should come with a warning that it is too much for a single adult. I ate the whole thing... no room for dinner now. Looking forward to the next time I pass by Utica, you can bet I will be stopping by. Thanks guys for the excellent pastries!

Katherine Lelito

Yum. Cannoli, lobster tails, half moons. A little hard to find because it looks like a house but make sure to go!

Dale Andrews

Leashia Pope

Everything is fabulous and we get to support a local small business!!

Peppermint Elf

Cannolis and lobster tails were good. Cookies were left to be desired. Didn't have much flavor. Will try again and taste the bread.

Suganiya Rajoo

The hazelnut cream mini puffs were sooo good! The filling was yummy! Moon cookie was tasty too but a little too sweet for me. The staff who served us was so friendly and warm. Looking forward to their cafe!

Charles Arestia

Phil DeSimone

Dawn Chapman

Such an incredible bakery! Stop by and you won't regret it!

Steve Maygar

Really good little bakery with a nice selection of assorted pastries. Chocolate, hazelnut puff is really good. Little chocolate and blueberry pies are nice kids size servings also. A couple of unique filled pastries that I couldn't even spell or pronounce but sort of a semi sweet cheese filling also. Cake size box full of pastries for under $20. Definitely worth the stop.

John Kiehm

Alexander Atkinson

Great service! Friendly staff and delicious pastries. Delivery service was on point!

Rhonda Nicoletta

I am so excited to find a bakery with authentic pastries from Utica. Stopped in today for my first time and had a hard time not buying every pastry they had to offer! When I got a chance to try a cookie, I was brought back to my childhood. Can't wait to try their fresh breads and tomato pie! I only wish you'll eventually open in a bigger location. This won't be my last visit


First time visit to their current mobile unit store. They’re extremely friendly. We bought a bunch of different baked goods- Cannoli, eclairs, cheesecake, Italian bread, cookies, Sfogliatella etc. we enjoyed that their baked goods are very fresh and not so sweet as well. They’re very rich in flavor though! Definitely will come back again!

Christina Dwivedi


Michael J. Bambuch

This place makes life in Apex so much more magical. Get fat, go here.

Ciara Grace

Amazing service! I needed a full cheesecake and they had it completely ready to go for me last minute. And it looked beautiful!

julie dvorznak

Yummy...But PRICEY

Robert Kim

I ordered a lobster tail pastry filled with pastry cream, and was truly blown away!! It wasn’t overly sweet and the pastry was flaky and crisp. Absolutely delicious, and the price was only $4 or $5 (my wife ordered a different item, and the two items totaled $8). I will be back to sample all of their delicious food!

Jeff Gardner

I am originally from Utica I still visit there every July and get my half moons from Holland Farms and my tomato pie and sausage roll form ROMA's on Bleecker St. I will check it this place out this week and see if it passes the Utica Bakery Test. :)

tsa m

AWESOME bakery. The food is simply AMAZING

Adam Luther

Great food, great people. Can't say enough about this place!


Delicious...worth the stop !!!

Carolyn Cirasole

Delicious bakery!!!

Kevin Grant

Super nice people. Get there early for tomato pie. Have great Utica pastries and dishes.

Ashley Hutchinson


Josie Teckemeyer

Bobby Paine

Hands down the most amazing cookies I have ever tasted in my life. The butter ball and almond paste cookies are the greatest thing you’ll ever put in your mouth. You’ll miss it driving by, it’s on the side of a house just before the highway

Christopher Bendz

Unbelievable! Best pastries & bread I've had in years

John Boyle

They have a big variety of desserts and friendly service. The half moon cookies were great. Also loved the crisp pastry and delicious pastry cream of the Lobster Tail.

Chuck Cordell

Mikhail Bykau

I really enjoy visiting this place: good choice of cookies and pastries, delicious bread. I need to mention people who work there: I have many talks with Vincent and his colleagues - they are very friendly and helpful guys, positive and bright. All of this complete picture of the place where you want to return. I wish you open cafe sometime in the future. Looking forward to upcoming online ordering feature on your website. Thank you!

josephg72 9

Aoi Bubos Abanto

Diane Kroupa

Melissa Ann

Loved their cannolis! Nothing like them anywhere in NC! Took me back to my bakeries in NY!

yanina chicas

everything i tried is delicious, great quality. Also, the staff is super friendly. They are so worthy of your time to check them out.

Anthony Khashman

Allysa Thomas

Amazing tomato pie and baked goods. Great service and fair pricing. Moved from New York to North Carolina, so this bakery is a godsend.

Kristi W

Phillip Rathke

Carol Argentes

Wonderful pastries. This was our first time here (accidentally saw the sign on Williams/Rt 55 - so glad we did). Got a few pastries and cookies, all were amazing. High calorie, but worth it as a treat. We look forward to trying their bread and pizza. Suggestion: maybe some crunchy biscotti, less sweet than your cookies? As an Italian, we tend to like things a bit less sweet, to go with our strong coffee.

Cassandra Occhipinti

The Sfogliatelle was amazing, I would have taken a picture but it was half gone before I left the parking lot. I only wish I had visited earlier in the day as they were out of a few things when I visited so late in the day, which makes sense if everything is as delicious as the pastries I had. Everything is made fresh daily and the guys running the bakery are so friendly. I can't wait to visit again and try some of their other items.

Liam Redden

Awesome tomatoe pie and half moons

Allison G

The taste of home!

Heather Chandler

Utica Bakery has the most delicious Italian pastries I've ever had. I am fortunate they are so close to me, as I am able to visit them a few times a week when they are open on Friday - Sunday. They always carry their stand-bys: Lobster Tails (which your choice of filling, piped in fresh when you order), Cream Puffs (also filled when you order), cookies, bread, quiche. They also offer new treats here and there - for example a Blueberry Pusty (hand-pie), breads with greens (something popular in Utica). The best part is chatting with Phil and his crew while waiting for your order. They are super nice and genuinely interested in what's going on with you, they feel like family.

Tim Jones

Outstanding and authentic!!

thomson mathew

First time visitor - excellent customer service ! Will definitely visit again !! My Kid loved the rainbow cake and I loved the cocunut half-moon cake :)

Jerry Gode

Tara Sandford

Nani lovescakes


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