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REVIEWS OF Zaro's Family Bakery IN New York

Ralf Rotten

(Translated by Google) Delicious! everything, try everything! (Original) Deliciosas!!! todo, proba todo!!!

Claire Irene

I work only a block away and frequently stop here for bagels or pastries. Today, I ordered a muffin and after already having handed the cashier my card, dozens of flies dispersed as my muffin was picked up and handed to me. It being the city, I understand that conditions aren't always pristine. Still, this seemed excessive.

Jing Sha

Had their almond croissants and coffee so far. The croissants were warmed to have a thin crispy crust and soft and warm marzipan fillings. Not the healthiest but surely tasty!

Anna Mary Hudock

I would give the Grand Central Terminal’s Zaro’s NO stars if that were possible. I made the mistake of trying to patronize this Zaro’s even though the last time I was at a Zaro’s I found a cockroach in my cafe latte. I was chatting with a (male) clerk. It was Sunday evening and there was NO ONE at this tiny Zaro’s except myself, the clerk, and the manager for at least 20 minutes. I had not yet given my order. A second, female, clerk checked in. Then a customer arrived and, very politely, the clerk with whom I was speaking excused himself. I had one last thing to say, and politely said so, whereupon the manager pointed at the female clerk and said “She is working!” I tried to speak again. Then, in an abrupt, rude, tone, the manager told me “Take your business outside!” As I have indicated, there was a second clerk available, and after all, the manger himself could have helped the new customer. I asked the manager’s name, which he gave as something like “Musum.” (I am not necessarily reporting his name accurately because Musum is not a name in any of the 3 languages I speak well. My apologies.). Then he ordered me, again, to take my business outside. This person is clearly NOT from a culture where it is important to to treat a potential customer, or at least a female customer, politely. After all, he could have said, in a polite tone, “Excuse me, but we’re busy now.” With 3 staff members for one customer that would have been a lie, but at least it would have sounded polite. I would hate to see what that place is like at rush hour! So don’t count on being treated politely there. What this manager wants you to do is give your order, hand over the payment, and scram. That may be reasonable at rush hour, but not under the above circumstances. So I would warn people away from Zaro’s. There are at least a dozen other places for a quick snack in GCT, without exposing yourself to rudeness (and cockroaches).

Bilal Muhammad Rafiq

Best bagels

Jesse C

Ordered a egg and cheese ona bagel this afternoon at 5 pm est only to get on train and find out sandwich and egg was freezing cold and uncooked. Highly suggest staying away from this location in the lower level of GCT.

Liz M

Great fresh ingredients as alternative to all the heavy food choices of Grand Central. Bread is wonderful, meat is fresh.



J Russell

So disappointed...

Jim Martorano

Always fast and always good.

jeanette Campbell

They are very rude, they don’t give you a receipt, nor do they tell you your overall total when purchasing multiple things. Very unorganized!

Carl Allen

Cold coffee, burnt breakfast sandwich and slow service. Will not be eating breakfast here again!

Marek Marantz

Very slow Ignoring costumers Don't dare buy cheese danish at cash register They won't get you pastry but definitely will keep you waiting till they finish therir conversation

Roger Thestrup

This is a retro rating, I used to work for Metro-North RR, and I would get Bagels every morning before starting work @ 7 am. Best Bagels in NYC, I grew up in NYC , and lived there till my retirement, a few years ago, So I know a good bagel!! Lol Only down side to Zaro's was it was so busy! I'm sure many folks missed trains because of the wait, and I'm sure Zaro's lost customers because they got off line to catch a train!!

David Blaut

All the food Zaro's offers is fresh and the staff moves quick knowing everyone is in a hurry. Prices are a bit high, but I would guess the rent is high too, since they are located inside Grand Central.

Erina Maki

I ordered one bagel, not toast, just one bagel. I had to pay $1.90. But bagel is $1.10!! I can’t believe it, The store employee was not good.

Simon P

Went to Zaro Bakery by Track 103. Dumb ass cashier with long fingernails charge me $26.65 when total is suppose to be $14.69. Took 2 other cashiers to fix her mistake and no manager on site to help them. Manager wasnt picking up His/her phone when they was calling to learn how to use the PoS system. Almost missed my train cause of this. Never again will I buy food from this place. these poor reviews you see dont lie.

Matt Thomas

Overpriced underwhelming turkey sandwich. $10.75 for six bites of one slice of turkey, one slice of cheese, two small slices of tomato and a tiny bit of lettuce.

Nick Tengri

I used to go almost every morning before jumping on the train to work. I am officially done with this place... WARNING: USE CASH only IF YOU CAN. they move so fast in the morning once they gave me a bagel with no lox and charged me for lox. Didnt know until got on the train. Talked to a Manager at night when I got back and he said make sure to find him in the morning and he will give me free bagel. I never saw that liar again but luckily next morning the person who made my food remembered me and didnt charge me. I thought they redeemed themselves but only a few weeks later I noticed my card has been charged for the wrong/more expensive item. My co worker had the same problem... So I officially boycott. Just be careful when it is super busy if you will continue to eat here. I suggest asking for receipt no matter how busy it is or just pay in CASH... Too many other good options in Grand Central...


(Translated by Google) The combination of juicy sausages and soft bread is great! (Original) ジューシーなソーセージと、柔らかいパンのコンビネーションは最高です!

Aniko Magyar

Zaro’s Bread Basket is an American family-owned bakery chain, operating in the New York City metropolitan area. This shop is easily accessible from Grand Central Terminal. Lines are always long here due to the bakery’s popularity and central location. The baked goods taste homemade, and are presented very attractively. The great taste soundly justifies the higher prices. Packaging here is also artistic. Friendly staff.


Quick, typical NYC bakery with that NYC charm.

Cheryl M

Pastries are delicious, but the bread is unbelievable! During six and a half years of commuting into the City from New Haven I would pick up my weekly loaf of bread from Zaro's. Relocating to Texas and not finding a decent bakery (they only have sweets!), Zaro's is at the top of the list of things I miss from home.

Dian Yustisiana

Their breads always an eye catching at Grand Central.

Joshua Marks

Been getting same combo for a year it's always $6.98. Tonight cashier on lower level rang me up for $9.57. I repeated my order very clearly after she took my $20 and tried to give me $10 back. The she did the math on the fly and gave me $3.75 back and was going to keep the $10 until I complained. Not sure who manages this but if you are buying from Zaro's watch your change. No apologies from cashier just a dirty look because I didn't want to be robbed!!

Matt Sepulveda

There were flies on the food. Probably should do something about that.

Justin C

I like the bread here, even though it's overpriced. For anything other than bread i would go to another bakery in grand central. On a recent visit I was charged for a water I didn't ask for or receive and when I brought it to the managers attention, with a receipt, on my next visit he refused to help me... insisting the the price on the receipt was wrong.

Sam Del Toro

Best black and white cookies

Maria J. Navarrete

Amazing carrot cake, scones and challah but the service isn't great... I would still recommend you try their food though.

Nohelia Florez

Very nasty cashiers.

Miriam Martinez

They speak to customers in a rude way!

Seval Aydogan

Super leckere Croissant zum Beispiel mit Spinat & Käse

Kathryn Martinez

Great cakes but service is really hit and miss

Sean Hurley

It deserves 0 stars! Again, where the F... do they hire these employees???? Avoid at all costs. Attitude and the worst customer service!

Jennie Ramirez

There are two Zaros in grand central-this is for the small stand that's right next to a train entrance. I love Zaros coffee but recently they got more expensive than even Starbucks and the staff here is completely uncoordinated. Rush hour times are busy but the customers are good about waiting in line. The staff all shout over each other and the ordering/payment/pickup process is a mess. There is no sense of process or coordination.

Michael Grant

I am from The Bronx and live in Texas now. My wife, daughter, and myself went to Grand Central Station to look around a few weeks ago. I remembered seeing an episode on The travel channel featuring Zaro's Bakery. Went to the one at Grand Central for a black and white cookie and a bagel. Met the the gentleman who was on the show. Great experience, it's a place you must visit to taste authentic New York bakery goods. A wonderful taste of home.

Fernanda Perez

This location has a disadvantage of being in a rushed atmosphere- but that’s what they signed up for, isn’t it? The spinach croissants are good, but too greasy for a spinach croissant. The bread is good- not the best. The customer service is fine, nothing special, everyone is always rushing in GCT so this place is always hustling to get their orders filled. If I ever have someone scream at me or say something rude I’ll be sure to update this. Recently ordered a chocolate mousse cake for Daniela’s birthday (her favorite kind of cake) and when we opened it they misspelled her name “Danielle” AND when the birthday girl tried the cake she said “why didn’t you guys get chocolate mousse instead of chocolate”. Poor kid had expectations for her big 1-0 Zaro’s let her down hard. My mother agreed that it did not have any chocolate mousse in it, and the cake was dry and flavorless- do y’all buy cake mix from stop n shop and pass it off as a $50 cake? Oh, right the cake was $50, 4 in. In diameter, flavorless, and didn’t even spell her name right. Terrible way to celebrate a kiddo’s double digits. Highly disappointed, never again.

Shareen Sukhram

It's was a top bakery excellent past try and bread

Jeff Schreiber

The thinnest smear of cream cheese I’ve ever seen. My friend had same experience earlier today. Unacceptable.

Godefroy Jerphanion

unfriendly and not good

Elizabeth Tam

Zaro has good cookies and bread. I would recommend the black and white cookies!



Jon dorsi

I work in Grand Central. Today was the first time I ever went to the Zaro's location in the lower level dining concourse. I have NEVER been impressed with ANY Zaro's if we are being honest, especially from a Customer Service standpoint. However, the lower level one is by far the worst experience I have ever had. There was one older lady that was polite, the rest of the employees are flat out snarky and rude. There I am standing on line when i get up to the counter I am texting, a proper welcoming would be "Hello, can I help you?" instead this lady yells at me "what do you want?" and when i didn't look up, because well seriously who thinks that is the way some one is trying to take you order, she became more rude and loud. I literally told her to calm down, I was that taken back by her terrible service. I looked for a name tag to put a name to this post. Unfortunately I guess they aren't required to have name tags. The Bacon Egg and Cheese on a bagel that I got, was mediocre at best. the egg was definitely premade, it didn't even fit on the bagel it was so small. Certainly not worth the almost $7 for it. Do yourself a favor and walk out to Lexington ave and cross the street you'll get a fresh made breakfast sandwich for 3 dollars cheaper and 100% better customer service.

Susan Swezey

Wonderful pediatrician. So lucky to have her take care of my children.

Mei Tam

Love the black and white cookies!!!! Baked goodies are delicious!

Jinrui Xu

Monica Sharp

Rude staff. I almost broke my teeth biting the almond horn. It was so tough that I couldn't even cut with a knife.

Crissi Beth

The location is why I keep going back (inside Grand Central). Easy place to grab a bagel on the way to your train. Maybe it's because I typically get one in the afternoon / evening, but the bagels are generally pretty stale. Service is quick if not friendly. Set your expectations accordingly and you will be fine.

Fred Bogin

They have absolutely the best seeded rye bread I have ever eaten and I have tried many! Best crust, greatest number of seeds, all-around terrific!

John montano-801

I train to Manhattan X2 monthly. I buy my breads from Zaro's since the 1980s. I honestly feel to me they have excellent items. The employees cannot do enough to help and serve me. I have a two hour ride each way. To me, this is worth the trip. I visit the city or stay inside to shop. I rate the bakery 5 stars! Most satisfied customer.

Alan Zhao

Awful experience. Paid 15 dollars for a tiny wrap and a juice.

Ely Junior

This place has the worst customer service. This is my second time going there and my second time walking out with empty hands. The reason is because they do not pay attention to you when you are making your order, they are rude, they do not care about the customer! Today March 4th 2018 around 6:35pm the guy in the register did not want to help me because he was too busy listening to music on his headphones. Their display was also empty and when I asked about something all he said was “this is what we got” with a tone on his voice which was not very friendly! In conclusion to all my complaint I will not go back to this place and I bet that I am not the only one since the place had no customers. Best of luck and one star is too good for this place!

Rick O'Connor

Went here at midnight for a coffee and they were cleaning up and said they were closed. Their site says 2am it closes.

danielle showstack

A mediocre bagel at best, along with an impatient staff.

Brian Ellis

Even by the standards of Grand Central, they're really rude, lazy, and pretty consistent about getting orders wrong.

Pei Lee

Bad attitude but food is okay

Daniele Busciantella Ricci

The worst cheesecake of ever! in addition, surly personnel.

Kathy Valyi

Had a spinach and cheese croissant for a lunch on the go and it was disgustingly soggy — it wasn’t fit to give away, much less sell at a high price. Further, the folks behind the counter were so engrossed in their chatter that I couldn’t get their attention without the help of the cashier. There are vastly superior options in GCT; don’t make my mistake in picking this spot!

Roberta Strenka

Best challahs ever!

Jin Chan

Jon Stockford

The bakery was open on Thanksgiving but shouldn't have been. Orders were a mess, with staff losing track of them and having no clear system in place, and I ended up reminding a staff member of my order (BEC in a bagel). The receipt said BEC in a croissant but I made clear when ordering that I asked for a bagel (and repeated this to the lady who picked up my order). She worked on my order, returned with it in a bag, and I walked off. When I opened it, it was a BEC in a croissant, of which, the BEC part of the sandwich was cold.

Steven Cusumano

Too expensive. I think anyone, local or vacationer will agree that $9.40 for 6 bagels is just outrageous. First and last time visiting Zaro's....I hope others follow suit.

Jill Goldstein

The decaf was lukewarm & watery. They've clearly downgraded the decaf & aren't making fresh pots. It's hard to get good decaf, and Zaro's was my go-to in Grand Central. Not anymore. I'm very disappointed. I've a fan for 25- years. Dear owner: Not sure how to actually respond to your offer to stop by. Thank you. I got my coffee on the way to Westchester. Stopped back on my way back & asked for a manager. Was told no one was in, but was directed to a man - a senior worker, perhaps? He did offer me a cup on the house (which I turned down at 7-8 PM). He advised that "everyone makes the coffee differently." That tells me you have no sort of quality control, if your coffee portions are not standardized. If they are standardized, then your product is subpar or you are using so little that it makes a watery pot. The decaf has been going downhill for some time. The last time I got a black & white it was so stale I couldn't eat it, but I did not review it. There are plenty of other places in GCT. You've had more than enough chances. Your ratings tell the story. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll take my business elsewhere.

Lisa wu


Mzbeekay K

I've been getting a bagel and coffee here every morning for almost a year. The coffee is good and the bagels are always fresh but the staff is just plain rude. I've always ignored it considering they're really busy and want to get everyone in and out but today was IT for me. The woman in front of me was given the wrong change by the new woman at the register and when she brought it to their attention the short Indian woman who might be the manager because she's always so bossy to the other workers got so nasty and yelled at the woman on the register and the customer returning 11 cents. I missed the order but they all agreed her order was $5 she gave them a $20 and should have received $15 change where any cents was involved in not sure. The customer was so annoyed she just left the 11 cents there and the nasty worker said fine don't take it I don't care. Unfortunately I had to speak to this nasty employee for my order after she didn't even let me finish my order before yelling at another employee for checking to see if they had a certain tea a customer was asking about. I just can't deal with the constant rudeness and not to mention charging me different prices from day to day. The only polite workers I've encountered were the tall white guy who basically oversees things and the younger black woman working at the bagel prep station... Today is the last time I order at Zaro's.


Whoever makes their salt bagels has clearly never eaten one. They contain an inedible amount of salt. Also asked for light sugar in the coffee and it was anything but.

Alexandra Miller

Just stopped at Zaros( one downstairs in terminal) while waiting for my phone at apple. The place is fully stocked and everything looks so fresh and delicious I want it all! Three extremely hard working woman behind the counter. They were running the show and were so sweet and kind. Props to Zaros family for running such a successful shop in a very busy area.

Francesca Alexandra

Naomi Morgenstern

The sweetest staff. I forgott my wallet at home and before realizing picked out a water bottel and cupcake, when realized i had no money on me i told them embarassingly and the women helping me just said i can keep the cupcake and pay another time. When i came back the next day to pay they refused to take my money and instead offered for me to buy another cupcake instead. This Warmed my heart turning an embarrasing story into a sweet one. ♡♡♡

Anise LeAnn

one of the best black &white cookies in the city.

Joyful Day

Good bread

Maha Yogi Pradeep Ullal

Love the bagels here. Pure delight of home baked taste.

Daniel Costanza

Cold Brew is actually just iced coffee. Was there around 8:45am.

Tina Fabila

Was NOT open until 2am, walked here with high hopes to get a Black & White cookie. It was only 10:15 pm when I got there.

Adam Kornick

Average food. Bad service

Jayde Moulton

On holiday in New York from Manchester UK. My friend and I stopped for a coffee and bite to eat. I tried their Pecan mudslide cookie and it is without doubt the best cookie I have ever had in my life. Perfect balance of chocolate, nut and gooey. Definitely reccomend!

Gloria Otavo

Chocolate Mousse are good, customer service HORRIBLE, they act like they're doing a favor!!

Michael Cooper

Best black and white cookies in NYC.

Naomi Rosales

It was mid morning and they were already out of pumpkin bagels. They did not have a great selection to chose from, but I did get a raisin bagel and it was really good, but nothing special. I was really looking for something better. Not impressed.

Joe Criscuolo

Thanks for the cream cheese


Hot dog is really good, and the staff is very polite!

Shaked I

horrible food, expired! nasty service. times are not correct and r not updated

Philip Highway

Fantastic family bakery counter in the dining concourse ocgrand Central station which itself is well worth a visit. Great food and coffee, friendly service, good price.lots of competition but they seem to do well probably due to quality of food- try the almond croissant!!

Gayathri Kannepalli

They charged me $7.00 for a $2.49 popcorn and wouldn't even refund. Jerks!!

Adriana Popa

The products are ok, nothing special, but the staff lack professionalism. My server was "Rouna", according to the receipt, an older lady with an attitude that proved she didn't want to be in that job. Fine, but that's not my problem. No hello, no thank you, no polite words. I also asked if they took mobile pay (Android pay, etc), and she growled at me that they didn't. Considering I had just bought something from another bakery 2 steps down, I suggested to her that she should tell the manager to get it installed, for the benefit of the customers. She threw a "that's their job, not mine. I don't tell them what to do!" (never heard of a front-desk rep in any business not wanting to relay customer feedback to management), and walked away. I will never buy from here again, they need to train their staff and update their payment software/hardware.

yep that anna

Food was good.


A long line moves fast with efficient service. Its coffee is good and inexpensive at Grand Central and with very friendly service.

Cheryl Poccia

How does a tea and croissant cost over $12?????

Vee Mashensky

Absolutely delicious rye bread. RECEIVeD ITVAS A GIFT... it was wonderful. I want more. However, when I requested to have somd shipped to me at my home, paying fkr the poduct plus shi]oping, they refused me. Found that very selfish. But I have a friend in NYC, who will accommodate me, so nah nah.

Reuel Enerio

Cashier was rude. BLT didn't have Tomato and was pricey. Only one of the staff was nice.

Justin Roberts

The bagels we ordered were very good. What was strange was that ordering and waiting in line was very confusing. My wife ordered her bagel twice and still didn't get it.

Valerie Cosgriff

Extremely stale, tasteless bagel, not to mention overpriced. Save yourself the disappointment.

Richard Aitro

Great bagels

Cristhiane Francisquelli Petzold

Isso foi a 4 anos, foi maravilhoso, fiquei encantada com a decoração de natal nos doces. E o local é incrível, histórico e muito bonito pois está dentro da Estação Grand Central.

Lou Salzano

Had a grilled chicken and pepper sandwich. The chicken tasted burnt. It was horrible.

Carl Beltran

Hotdog with caramelized onions is actually good.

iftekhar Chowdhury

I simply love Zaro's.

Noah Langford

Great place to grab coffee or a dessert item or breakfast if you’re in a rush to catch a Metro-North train or the subway either during the morning rush hour commute or late in the evening and you need something to eat and drink for the long ride home

Dan Steif

Lovely bagels!

Esli Bravo

On our trip to NYC We stopped at zaros on the run the first night and fell in love with their bagels and cream cheese . we hated to leave NYC without another dose of those bagels. It was on the run again since we were about to miss our train out of grand central. Service was always was great!!! They were very friendly and quick to fill our order and have us on our way.


(Translated by Google) It's sweet, but for some reason it becomes a habit;) (Original) 甘いけど、何故かクセになる;)

Dianna Chou

They have pretty good chocolate croissants - flaky pastry. I went to the upstairs location, it was busy but service was fine.

Madeline Abbott

More than any other establishment at GC, Zaro’s understands that it serves people who are trying to make trains. I appreciate the hustle of Zaro’s staff, who have never made me miss a train, even when I’m cutting it really close. They always get me in and out of there within 2 minutes. Thank you Zaro’s!!

Angelica Sanchez

Zaros lower level. This people sometimes are so lovely but most of the time they are so disgusting. They ignored you even if you are in front of them. They always looks so angry maybe they are under paid and have too much work. I think they totally forgot that any business depends if they have costumers or not so at least tried to be a little bit more nice.

Amrit Tuladhar

The food here is OK, but pretty unhealthy. The staff has been unnecessarily rude to me a couple of times (I didn’t hear them say “next customer” and they got mad at me) so I will not go back.

John Ealer

Rude staff. Definitely don't recommend.

Elizabeth Klein

The cashier waited on the woman in back of me first, then gave the wrong change. She insisted I gave her one denomination and totally ripped me off. I had no proof but I’m out fifteen dollars.

matthew cheng

Amazing hot dog. Itialiam and southern dog is a must

Yunshan Li

Horrible place. Incompetent staff, messy ordering system, rude. Expensive for it's awful quality. Worst pretzel I ever ate in my life, if only there was an option to give 0 stars.

Amauris Taveras

Muy bueno, aunque muy caro


Asked 3 times for plain cheese croissant. Counter guy acknowledges that he heard me and continues to service other customers. I pay and cashier gestures to him to give me a plain cheese croissant. He gestures back with an I know I know and says she gets a jalapeno something. I say to him no. I want a plain cheese croissant. He looks puzzled. Acts like he changes the bag and gives me this thing with what appeared to be spinach. I had to catch a train so couldn't return it.

William Church

Great baked goods. I buy a loaf of bread there three times a week. It is great bread. As to service, I can see how the out of town people have a problem. It is just typical New York. Only the strong get their order through. As to staff, they are always nice to me.


Good Service, but inconsistent with the service.

Elizabeth York

Just got coffee here. I asked for a small coffee. The woman from whom I ordered gave me an exasperated look and said "WITH"?? Jesus. And the coffee is awful- it was 9am and tasted like it has been sitting out all day.

Jon Schwartz

Since when does a NY bakery or whatever Zaro’s is totally screw their customers on cream cheese?! What a joke. They went to the trouble of toasting my bagel and then gave me less cream cheese than would cover a dime-sized bagel. No time to go back and show them because I was running to the train, but I will rip them a new one tomorrow and then never return. It was the one near track 18 FYI.

Marco Oleari

Worst attitude and worst coffe of the city

David Good

Coffee cup was too hot to handle--an unforgivable sin for a vendor in a bustling travel hub with on-the-go clientele. The gentleman who took my order put skim milk in my coffee even though I asked for soy milk. Turned out they didn't even have soy milk. Staff was unfriendly.

Logan Higby

I had purchased two cookies from this kitchen. I then grabbed an orange juice from the cooler in front of me, but then quickly put it back declaring to the cashier that I was instead getting a water. She then range me up and it came out to be $16.00 for two cookies and a water. I told her that can’t be right and reviewed my order. The rude cashier then began to blame me and give me incredible attitude for allegedly not telling her I had changed my order. After she was finished being rude to me, my price was $10 for two cookies and a water. What is wrong with this place:

Daniel Kelly

Hard to order or understand when employees on cell phones while interacting with you.

Stephen Wang

They sell some awesome dogs! Love the Texas dog!


Staff is rude I ordered a bagel and coffee, theirs a tip jar at the counter. I didnt put any money in it cause i was in a rush and the woman at the register threw my steaming coffee in my face then jumped over the counter and started pulling my hair. ALL FOR WHAT! Cause i aint put no money in their tip jar??? NEVER AGAIN !! F YOU ZAROS

Chris L

Everything is pre-made. From the sandwiches, to the eggs and bacon. Staff was not friendly and very argumentative with both each other and customers. They try to be efficient but they have no streamline processes. Its a mess.

anthony gopar

A big fan of their bread and pastries very friendly staff. And being in Grand Central Station many others shop like Apple Store and soon they will open Tiffany

Jacqueline Till

Not a fan of their bagels - wrong texture and too small.

Kiera Nenadov

I don't understand the reviews here. I thought the baked goods were lovely and the staff pleasantly nice. Wish to visit again on another trip.

José Angel Belinchon López

Un lugar emblemático, con muy buenos productos, las hot bagel excelentes, y las cookies (Chinese cookies) de muerte, el café bueno, pero eso sí algo caro

Alan Feldman

What has happened here? I got a bagel with lox and cream cheese and a seltzer and it was $16.50! And it sucked. What a disgrace to a place that used to be amazing. Run, don’t walk away from this rip off joint


Worst employees ever. Time to clean house and hire all new. Service so bad it was laughable. Avoid .

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