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REVIEWS OF Yonah Schimmel's Knish IN New York

Jefe Birkner

Amazing knishes and the latkes came out hot and sizzling straight from the oil (not reheated in an oven to lukewarm, like Ben's in midtown). Place is small and they are a stop for walking tours in the neighborhood, so it isn't unusual to find them out of a few things listed on the menu. Stuff is made fresh, every day. I'd rather that they run out than have too much would would either be used the next day, or thrown away (which would raise the prices).

Dino Rodriguez

Other than the deliciously prepared variety of Knishes, this place is definitely worth a visit. Nostalgic and historic is what you feel as soon as you walk through the doors. Visitors looking for a truly historic Jewish New Yorker experience will find it here. Knishes taste fresh and are prepared by the hour. Plenty of seating and great to go with friends.

TrainStopReads TokensForAllTheStationsInYourLIfe

Such an iconic place the guy was so friendly historic you need to go in there and look at the pictures on the walls and please buy a knish so good

J Kowaleski

Excellent knish's! The place itself is kind of dingy and the owner was on her phone shouting for a solid 10 minutes.

Fatima Shaw

On a couple of occasions, I stopped in to get coffee and a plain croissant. The croissant is unbelievably good--try it!

John Caprario

Good knishes. But that about it. Almost all the other foods are gone

Vanessa Rodriguez Montero

I just had a terrible experience at this place. Never coming back. The knish was salty, I could not eat it. The guy at the counter was very rude and made me feel like my questions were an inconvenience to him. I've never been at the store before, so I asked standard questions about prices and selection. Then he threw my purchase into a bag like it was dog food.

Leslie C

Favorite knishes include spinach, mushroom, and onion. I'll buy a couple extra because keep really well in the freezer for whenever you have a hankering of awesome knishes. Mustard on everything!

Paul Nixey

No trip to NYC is complete without a visit to Yonah Schimmel. The place hasn't changed in years, and the food is always excellent.


A must try potato knish awwwww so good. They have all kinds of knishes and wish we were hungry to try other flavors but the potato was so soft and well seasoned.

Tanuki Suki

I initially came in in a bad mood with someone, and you know how when you're in a bad mood everything is terrible? Well I tried this, and even with my terrible awful mood I could not for the life of me find anything to complain about. The opposite; in fact. It was so absolutely delicious I couldn't help but eat every bite with a huge smile on my face. Thanks for taking away my bad mood and making me a happier person today. Yonah Schimmel, your knish is magical!

Peter Buckingham

Amazing knishes. Great size, very affordable, good service. The space inside is a fantastic throwback that makes the whole experience fun. We got an assortment of knishes and split them amongst a few friends. Try a few varieties!

Shaun Skura

THE authority on knishes. A crazy variety of the classics - potato, kasha, mushroom, spinach, cabbage, sweet potato or the garlic and onion. They also have sweet cheese variety’s with apple, cherry, blueberry or chocolate. It’s been around forever and a New York institution. Day or night this place is always the spot. Long live Schimmel’s!

Sagit Amar

Nice food, bad service - but that's just seems to be the thing here. The knishes were reheated and the soup was cold.

Efi Rodik

This is literally a journey back in time to old Lower East Side Manhattan. The owners kept most things almost as they used to be since the beginning. For me, any business serving food for more than a year is good, more than 5 years is really good, and more than a decade is a miracle. This place has been in business since 1910. Now that's impressive! Once you go in you feel like you traveled through time to the good old days of NYC. Pictures and news clips from decades ago. But the real treat us the knishes themselves. Oh man I can indulge in them forever. I tried most of the flavors over the years and none of them every disappointed. The fact the place was visited and is favored by the likes of Barbara Streisand, Woody Allen, Larry David and more, must be doing something right. If you've never been, this place is a must! P.S. this is the original knish. Everything else is cheap imitation.

Nico Rensch

I noticed it while a food tour. The knishes tasted very good!

Donald Kaplan

I died and went to heaven

Mary Bolf

Yummy old-fashioned baked goods at a place full of rich family history (it has been around since 1910)! This a great, underrated and affordable place in NYC. Martha Stewart and Barbara Streisand have even eaten here!

Lisa Hahn

Oh why cant this place be closer to me? Soooo good. Its been years since I had a knish like this. Sweet potatoe was great, and traditional potatoe does not disappoint, wish I had brought home more

Domenico M

One World, One taste, One knish! Only one?! I really love this bakery! Stop and taste the original Yonah Schimmel Knishes! This is the Jewish street food snacks! In this historic bakery I had the flavour of the amazing sweet blueberry jam knishes, the best I have ever tasted! So good, really fantastic! This's genuine and authentic food, and I think no place makes better knishes! Salt or sweet, potato knish is the classic way.

Teresa Baldwin

The best food you have ever put into your mouth!!!!

Cassie Shamey

A bit bland and pricy compared to what I've had elsewhere.

Marie Kühne

Took a bit longer but the spinach knich was so worth it. Food that you don't really know before making a food tour.

Scott Wisotsky

Walking into Yonah Schimmel’s is like walking into a time machine. It is a New York City Classic, a relic of what the Jewish History of the Lower East Side. Food is authentic And delicious!

MickMick NYC

A kinsh a day keeps the doctor away. I’m not sure it’s true but it sure is delicious. We brought some of the sweet knishes to a party and everyone enjoyed them. It’s a small store so make sure you don’t miss it when you visit the neighborhood.

Donna Hoover

Excellent Knish! Historic spot! Still family operated over 100 years!

Carmen Sze

The original potato knish was good. Coffee was meh.

Renat Z.

Great hefty-size knishes. My only wish they used other ways to warm them up than microwave before serving for eat-in customers. However, I was told that the best time to get them got out of the oven is Sundays between 11am to noon.

Allan Wang

Classic knishes, and some variants, done the old fashion way. Fresh fresh fresh cheap cheap cheap! Only place I've been in NYC and eaten a meal on a weekday without a crowd!

Mitchell G

This place was recommended to me by quite a few people while I was visiting nyc. I have to say that it was Actually really pretty good but really was nothing special. It’s a hole in the wall type place not too far from the subway and there are a bunch of knishes to choose from. It’s actually cheaper to take them out vs to dine in so that’s what we did. I think the classic potato was the best but we tried a few of them. This is something that’s hard to make properly in your own kitchen so I’d probably go back

Beda Warrick

By far the best knishes I’ve ever had!! Try both the savory and the desert knishes as all are heavenly!!!

Lisa Host

I had been here years ago and was super excited to take my son to have the “knishery experience”. Knishes were so so (mostly potato taste despite ordering flavours and heated in a microwave) but we were charged twice! The guy claims we didn’t pay - he starts going through an old till receipt to prove his point. My advice, ask for a receipt right after you pay (that way, they actually have to ring it in and you’ll have proof of payment should it be your word against his/theirs). Super bummed and honestly, it was the worst customer service that we'd encountered while in New York. I really loved this place the first time around and actually started to wonder if the place had recently changed hands?

Mike K

Love this place...great knishes! Great service, People!

Chris C.

I love this place. Love the history, love the decor, love the authenticity. Love the idea of the food. The ACTUAL food, as in knishes? They're not so easy to love. A little overpriced, a little dry. Get one anyway just so you can check the place out. If you're feeling a little more demanding food-wise and not quite as interested in history or decor, though, keep walking.

Drew Grim

This place is a must stop for us every time we stop in NYC. I'm only giving it three stars because it's going down since last time I've been there. Hopefully Yonah turns it back around.

Jeanette Emmarco

$4.25 for a knish. Mostly filled with potato but nice.

Tara Murray

The best knishes in town. I been coming here for years. This place has history. My favorite knishes are Sweet Potato, Mushroom and Spinach.

Hai Ngo

Didn't know what a Kanish was when my friend and I stopped in. Seemed like a nice, cute place. They said there's even vegan Kanish options. Overall a fun spot worth checking out. Not sure if I love Kanishs though

Kenneth Karan

This is the GENUINE ARTICLE !! It's like being transported back in time to the Lower East Side of the 1900s. You can get a filling (albeit carb laden) meal cheaply that will satisfy you like nothing else can. This is the acme of Jewish soul food. Go, fress, and kvell. Or take out for an easy home cocktail hour that will impress your friends like nothing else.

Fernando Samper

Found it by accident, and enjoyed my very first knish. Will definitely try again when in NYC. Try the potato knish and blueberry cheese pastry thing is amazing. From what I read, folklore says no politician in NYC has won an election without eating here! ;)

Robin Lee

A New York City institution. Old school (or just old), Yonah Schimmel makes incredible knishes- simple and perfect.

Jared Thomson

Feels like old New York... or what I imagine that would be. Good food. I got the potato option. I should have gone with something else. I could tell the outside was great, but the inside was just potato... that's on me.


Classic old school LES knish shop, great selection, good value, great staff, eat in or take out.

Paula Silverman

You never had a KNISH if you haven't had one at YONAH SCHIMMEL'S! The CHEESE KNISHES are BEYOND! OMG! Try to grab it HOT

Jessica Mendez Jeffers

Best knish! Grab a seat, get a coffee, and take in the history. Sweet and savory options. The red cabbage is my favorite.

Richard Alicea

Very Delicious

Gary Brant

Amazimg hand made knishes and the best apple strudel I've ever tasted!

Carol Ann Battersby

Oh, how I have missed the best knishes. Great staff and atmosphere. Real old New York.

Edward Delfino

Another place I really wanted to like, but didn’t. It’s a knish bakery, so why do you microwave the knishes? Cold in the center, too hot outside, just like you expect from a microwave. The place itself is sloppy and seems dirty. Also, I had the worst egg cream ever made. How is that possible?

Shirley Haider

Sooooo good!

Qiu Yi Khut

Perfect snack on a cold NYC afternoon. Comfort food at it's best! Honest, no frills institution


Best knishes in NY (objectively), potato and cheese. We, as tourists, specifically took the Metro to get out there because it was specifically mentioned as an example of the best knishes in the world. Really tasty, decently priced, near other delis to pick up other delicacies too.

Tykhonova Olga

The one with potatoes andmushroom was very filling and tasty, as if my own granny has made it.

Jennifer MacFarlane

Oh the sweet potato knish with mustard followed by the cherry cheese blintz and a egg cream is the definition of heaven. The Spanish guy who works there makes the best egg cream in New York City

Eric Soss

Always amazing

Trisha Anderson

Delish Knish. Have the mushroom. You pay more to sit and eat, but do it.

Michael Oakes

Hasn't changed in 100 years. Definitely worth a stop for a real. NY knish.

Kathryn Broze

First time having a knish and it was SO GOOD! I had the a spinach and a cream cheese knish. Kind server that took care of all customers. One interesting thing that happened was a homeless person sat at the table behind us and waited until we were done eating to take the food we left on our plates. Not a bad thing, but just haven't had that happen to me before. I hope he enjoyed our food and I wish I could have bought him something before he left. :/

Stefania Desideri

The products were good but the assistant very very unpolite..not caring at all..

Matt Meyer

Still the best knish in town: for taste, for atmosphere, for selection...and for all that history packed into a small space and a bountiful culinary package. And if you don't understand what a "knish" is or what this history is: start at Yonah Schimmel's for a quintessential New York story!

Christopher Hogben

Living history. The knish is delish.

Daniel Rothman

I went in really wanting to love this, but it was a little weird when there was no one else in the place. Unfortunately it seems like this shop isn’t fresh anymore. The man behind the counter heated my knish in a microwave. It was soggy, expensive, cold in the middle, and disappointing. I wound suspect the original owners no longer work in the shop and the standards are not kept up to what they once were. Very sad. This is a very old establishment that will likely disappear if these problems aren’t addressed.

Takako Asaka

It was good. I ordered potato knish and spinach knish. The price was reasonable with that quantity.

Ida Leung

Didn't want to wait 40 minutes for an egg cream at Russian n Daughter cafe on Orchard St, so found Yonnah Shimmel's. Excellent egg cream. My friend says I must try their knishes -a good one is flaky like croissants. I've only had the doughy streetcar ones.

Leon Lin

Large knish that tastes pretty good, though not that cheap. Had the potato knish, would be interested in trying the sweet ones.

J Dubz

The mushroom Knish could use more mushrooms. Texture was like a mashed potato

Laurel Kniskern

A filling snack to eat in the park down the street. Party of four had four different kinds. All we're good with cabbage and kasha being favorites.

Charlie Calderin

Very good Knishes! Old school bakery dating back to 1910. Hope this remains here for another 100 years.


Great place for knishes. A must visit when in NYC.

Gary Roth

Not as good, like everything's constantly changing! & stillthe quality's there! The place still looks the same! After over 100 years, there's no need to upgrade the outside, when what really matters is the quality! LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE! Gary Roth(Dr Lafter)

Jeffrey Macklis

First class know her of all sorts. Otherwise a small hole--on-wall with no redeeming features except their knishes.

Adiel Nissanian

It feels like it hadn't changed since the very beginning of time.


Absolute best knishes!

Matthew Ardill

Great food with a terrific atmosphere.

Patricia Thomas

My go to place for knishes it's the best !

Ronald Cotton

Old school Knishes simply the best

Jakob Rubin

The BEST place to get a truly authentic Knish. I love this place, because it's so small and personal. You can really tell that it's been using the exact same recipe for a century, being made by the same people.

Nolan Orgel

Been coming here for years...great knish variety...sweet and savory.

Ethan Cohen

A century of fine knishes and outstanding egg creams.

Shawn Hoefer

My first knish, and thanks to Jonah Schimmel, not my last. Delish!

Jeff Heitner


Edward Eigerman

If you like knishes you can not miss this place. Even if you just want to find out what a knish is, this is the place.


Made a special trip to get these knishes and it was so worth it. They were great tasting and extremely filling. If you're near by stop in and get some.

nelli latypova

Once, I was passing by Yonah Schimmel and noticed a crowd next to the venue. I got interested and dropped into the cafe. I bought a Knish and had a bite. In fact, it is not a bite, I can compare it with a substantial meal. It was very tasty and nutritious. I also love their sweet knishes with cherry. It is a nice authentic place that serves tasty and plain food and places you in a history flow of New York.

Miriam Goodman

Best knishes ever.

Eli Williams

Outstanding new York staple , always come back when I'm in town. Get em hot!

Dan Held

Tragically un-knish-like the last 10 years or so. I'm a kasha knish lover and I first ate mushroom knishes here at Yonah Schimmel's around 10-12 years ago and enjoyed 'em; my wife loves the standard potato knishes. That said the knishes absolutely suck and are seriously overpriced at $4.25 a pop. I was born and raised a few blocks east of Yonah Schimmel's on Clinton and Houston where I enjoyed so many of the Jewish joints. But this relic here that still goes by the name of Yonah Schimmel's is shamefully unauthentic. This so-called business deserves no stars.

Robert K. Chin

Old school eatery, and decor that's frozen in time. Their knishes however are not frozen. They sell real the real thing, fresh round shaped knishes, not those square things found in a supermarket freezer. If you want gravy on your knish, you have to go to BH dairy a few blocks away, and pay more.

James Cadell

I thought the knish was alright, but enjoyed it more with mustard.

Alan Bemben

A true NY institution! Generations of my family have been going here. These are real knishes and not those square whatever the hells sold on hotdog carts. Prepare to share if not a big eater. Unfortunately the jalepeno & cheddar was taken off the menu but there are a dozen knishes left to try. Just bought a dozen. Yum!

E Hernandez-Rosa

Delicious. Will be back to try other Knishes.

Heidi Garton

Woah! Best knish i've ever had! Jalapeno mozzarella! Real old school place!

Elvis Jimenez

Very nice nostalgic place, good tasting knishes and kugel

Menachem Danishefsky

A bit overrated. Savory knishes were all really potato knishes - kind of bland. Definitely worth trying. A fun stop for a LES visit though.

Tori Jonathan

Very good knish potato and cream cheese. Chocolate cheese is outstanding.

RB Kelly

This is a NYC landmark / hidden gem for authentic cheese knishes. Imagine a wonderful chunk of Juniors Cheesecake in the shape of an old fashioned street knish without potato. Very cheap too.

Neil Zielinski

OK, so I finally after all these years went here. It was a good knish. Would I make sure I told the world about it and have them Next Day ship two dozen of them to Florida? No. I have only eaten knishes this good on rare occasions outside of the city but honestly, I cant see the big hoopla to go out of the way. If you are nearby, OK. If you are nostalgic, OK. I am sure the knishes used to be the most amazing 20 years ago but like everything else in this country quality has gone to the wayside.

Glenn Wexo

yumm yumm sooooo worth the walk

Wade Gradia

The Sweet Potato knish was fresh out of the oven and so good. It hit the spot and size was perfect; didn’t feel stuffed.

Arlene Paul

Omg! A blast from the past. My favorite is the cabbage knishes, a mix of tangy red cabbage and potatoes.

Vicious Vaudeville

A historic nyc institution, I go here everytime I'm in the LES. cheap and delicious

Joseph P

Simple old school knishes.

Sandy gomez

Some of the most tasty and delicious knishes I’ve had in a long time. All hand made from scratch. I’ve tried the spinach (excellent) and the cheddar with jalapeño. So far that’s my favorite. If your looking for the real deal this is your spot. Now that I discovered this gem from the past it’s going to be a weekly thing. Mmmmm......❤️

Chris Cumpian

Amazing knish bakery! This place is legit! You know it's good when there's an older man working behind the counter and there's pictures of him on the wall working here when he was a young man. Get the potato and try it with mustard. Then try the blueberry with cheese! Both are amazing.

Stanley Wentworth

Very old place. The greatest.

Rahul Singhal

Just about the worst service I’ve ever had in NYC. The one guy at the counter completely ignored me for 10 minutes, without even acknowledging us, went to clean a table, ignored me when I asked for service, refused to take my $20 bill cos it was too large and then served me a cold knish. Completely arrogant and astonishingly rude

Carl Henar

Incredible knish and just as incredible the place has been around something like 100 years.

Joel Buchanan

Family owned and operated. We even got to meet the owner who was working the day we visited.

Maciel M.

You go here to sample a history lesson. Nostalgic.

Paul Lowth

Ok so you've got to try the knishes but to be honest they're not great - mashed potato with a bread surrounding. Heated in a microwave.

Kevin Costa

Value: Expensive for what you get. Credit card minimum. Food: The knishes tasted just ok. They weren’t bad but weren’t good either.

Douglas Nakamoto

Tasty knishes, both potato and cream cheese! Such a variety (especially of potato) knishes! An interesting, tasty, and unique flavor is the sweet potato knish! Medium small eat-in area, although comfortable; and a steady flow of take out customers. Classic NYC Jewish flavor in small, delicious packages!

Rob Daurio

A New York institution with amazing knishes and a time machine into the pre Eqinox, good old, mom and pop, Lower East Side of yesteryear

Mac A

Super cool place and great apple knish! Never would have noticed this place, but glad that I stopped by!

karen luna

The food is good but the service is so bad.

Dan Africk

Best knishes in the city, there's a good variety, most are vegan. for about $4 each. Fast and friendly service.

Rajapillai Pillai

Best knishes I've had. Just brace yourself for a line.

Claire B.

My great grandma was born in 1911 and my mother remembers her saying that on special occasions she got a yonah schimmel's knish! I had spinach but I took a bite of my friends kasha and the mushroom knish. I think my spinach knish was the best. I also had an apple and cheese knish and it was great I just wish it had more Apple.

Matthew S

Delicious homemade original knish. Been around for ages and is a staple to the community.

iskender DOE

Microwaved knish on 2018. Seems this place will be closing soon

Adam Harvey

Best knishes in Manhattan, but really anywhere. Red cabbage is their number 1 unique flavor, but literally any of their baked knishes (classic, kasha, etc.) could be the last knish you ever eat. Anything else will taste like eating pizza in the midwest after this.

Lani Shepard

This is a traditional Mom and Pop shop that's been around for generations. It has a great variety of sweet and savory knishes, plus there's bagels and a few other things. Yonah Shimmel's is also an inexpensive place to go when you're on a tight budget.

Luca Johnson

They are very rude which is part of the experience so just roll with it and dont ask questions. In my opinion, it is worth it because the knishes are great, especially the blueberry


Never knew they existed, till today! Changed my life........

Brandi Otieno

Fast service with a variety of flavored knishes include sweet cream cheese ones. Easy to find. I took several knishes to go and they kept well on my short flight returning to Minnesota the next day. I would like to go back some day and try them fresh.

Laura Friend Smythe

The best place for authentic knishes.


As a native New Yorker who enjoys various ethnic cuisines, I stopped by Yonah Schimmel's just because... The place has been in existence for over a century selling, you guessed it, knishes. The place itself looks like it hasn't been updated since it opened. In fact, it looks a little dirty. The food itself is Kosher. There are a variety of different knishes-from traditional to a variety of stuffings. The prices are reasonable but the owner is a little surly. What really killed it for me was the use of a microwave to heat up the food. So if you are an out-of-towner and want to tell people back home that you had "real New York food" then this is your place. But remember that there are better tasting knishes out there.


Amazing, delicious knishes! A variety of types are available - my favorite is the original. Super tasty comfort food, very affordable, and perfect fuel for exploring this historic neighborhood. They do have plenty of seating, if you'd like to take a load off and enjoy your knish to the fullest.

Amy Holland

Yummy Knish. Never tried one before. Also sad to hear this place is running when it's the only place in NYC that makes them in house rather than a factory. A must try to keep this place going.


as a tourist I cannot really understand the whole historical background, but having a look at all the old photographs and news articles I kinda understood that this place is of major importance. To me it is a very cute place, feels very familiar and cozy, just like you're and grandma's. I was alone at Yonah's and just watching the grandpa kneading his dough while eating a fresh Knish was awesome.

Gary Levenson-Palmer

Love love, love this place. Not much left of the old Jewish Lower East Side

Kris Caldwell

My first kinish! Great little place. Authentic food and atmosphere.


Best knish ever! Passed in front by accident and bought a blueberry cheese knish. $5. Huge and delicious. About 20 varieties of knishes! Yes

Stephanie Moretz

Amazing experience! great food, try the cheese blueberry KNISH!

Philip Brazina

Awesome knishes.

Deb Hoag

Loved every minute there and I had to to go back for cheese knish with blueberries.

Katie Devine

The Kasha(buckwheat) and Spinach are the best! This hole in the wall is not somewhere I'd really want to sit and eat but they are great to take home. They also reheat well.

Mike Baum

Very good

Kevin Davidson

Maybe I don’t know anything about a knish. I had the mushroom knish and it was bland. Salt helped a bit, but there was no earthy taste of mushrooms. However, the borscht more than made up for this! The vanilla egg cream was very good as well.

Amber Cockey

Real NYC, here. Inexpensive, REAL knishes. Best ever. Quirky site. Working dumbwaiter! Hilarious knish quotes and pics of locals & celebs alike throughout the space. Clean restrooms. Kind staff. Go, go, go!


10.21.17 - price has gone up A LOT since I was a kid, but they are still really good. Stop in and experience Old Lower East Side. Credit card accepted over $10, or $4 for non-sweet knish that are $4.50.


The knishes could make me kvell! So delicious!

Agnes Cruz

This place is great for dessert I had the Apple knish amazing my boyfriend had the chocolate he loved it definitely a neighborhood staple and it's also a landmark so you definitely have to go get a famous knish

Yuri Klarvit

Great knishes. But this a third time that I come and they mention at last moment that their credit card processing machine is down.

Shaya Bodansky

Amazing authentic Kosher Knishes. Its a great experience.

felix casillas

Delicious! What a gem of a place

Ron Ledford

Oh G d. Fabulous. Fabulous. Fabulous. You will never eat another frozen knish ever.

Geoff Mulligan

Wow good knish. but the service was not good. they opened late and not a word about it. don't arrive early.

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