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REVIEWS OF Yeh's Bakery IN New York

Ashley Rose Wheeler

I love this place been eating there cakes since I was a little girl

Mean cat

Mike Zhang

Excellent Chinese Bakery.

Antonina Farina

Karen R

Best cakes with light frosting. Cakes are made fresh.

Abdelazim Wahdan

Very delicious Fluffy cake.

Daniel Sicurello

Cake taste mad good Son

Gary Li

best Boston cream pie.

Jonathan Mase

Yeh's Bakery in Flushing, NY was possibly the best cake that Jonathan Mase ever had, and Jonathan Mase knows cake!

tmb chamonix

Their green-tea cake is to die for! It will be less sweet than your typical variety, and the liberal use of matcha powder ensures a nice, bitter note to every bite. Fluffy sponge cake (reminiscent of classic chinese bakeries) is the base layer, with whipped cream as the "frosting."

Rohit Chowdhary

One of the best cakes! Especially, if you like light, fluffy, fruity and not too sweet cakes. Cash only.

Ryan Grey

Good food bar

Jenny Ho

Bought it for my boyfriend and now he gets it on a weekly basis. He loves the boston cream.

elena Abreu

Albert Ma

Their Boston cream pie is surprisingly amazing. Light, fluffy with a not-too-sweet cream in the middle. They come by the slice or as a whole cake. Besides that they also have green tea and other flavors of sheet cake. They open early so you can come here for breakfast. Besides the called there are also delicious Chinese savory pastries.

Gordon Aberbach

Ryan T.

James Lee

very good to shop....

shenyan zhen

Ronald Chan

Best Bakery ever. The Boston creme is so light that I could eat 5 of them in one sitting(haven't done it yet but I could) Their other cake uses the same creme and it very light and not overly sweet.

Edward Mao

Fresh cakes, not that sweet, taste is always consistent.


The $13 Boston pie is amazing. The cream is light and fluffy. The sponge cake is bake in perfect timing. This is great choice for dessert after group dinner (definitely a perfect ending).

Daniel da costa

Boston cream pie i like it!

Amy Wong

Cash only but so worth it. They have some really great Asian baked goods. Would highly recommend it if you're looking to try some Chinese cakes.

jo rosa

Best Boston Cream Pie ever!!!

Steve Chang

Love the strawberry cake

Simon Ng

Kai Teng Chi

Francis Wang

Jenny Lin

Chris Tall

Their cakes are classic. I've been getting the strawberry cake for years!

hi, hello

Love love the boston cream pie!! Definitely worth the drive for it in my opinion. It's so moist and fluffy and the cream, which I normally don't eat, was delciious. I tried the curry puff, chicken roll, vanilla cake roll, and scallion bun but I wouldn't get any of that again except the scallion roll, which was also delicious! It's super salty and also has egg in it. Yum!

Nicole Wilson

Looooove. Cakes

Jennifurr C

Loved the roll cakes!!

Yi Li

evan lin

(Translated by Google) Eat mung bean cake, remember the taste of childhood, delicious (Original) 吃绿豆饼 回忆小时候的味道 好吃

Nelson Chin

Nahum Chiu

Mainly come here for the cakes. They also have a few pastries here as well. No buns, sandwiches or coffee. Perfectly baked and doesn't taste artificial or overly sweet. Cakes taste better than its Asian competitors.


Been using this place for birthday cakes since the early 90's and it is still king.. I should get a royalties for all the friends I have sent them and are dedicated customers too!!!

Pan Ruby

Their Boston pie is really good, price olny $15, butter is very creamy, you can try it, but I think is not my favorite cake store , but I think it's good .

Dennis D

I first tasted their cakes back when I was a little freshman in college. That got me hooked!! I personally cannot stand overly sweet pastries. The concentrated amounts of sugar over powers the actual taste of said pastries. Their cakes are a perfectly balanced perfection of flavor, sweetness and fluffy-ness (made up a word there). I personally like their green tea cakes. Back in the day (late 90s/early 2000s), I vaguely remember an 8" cake being $15 or so. On my recent trip to Flushing, I picked up two 8" cakes for $19 each. Not bad at all!!! I've paid well over $80 for an 8" cake in the UES that tasted only marginally better. Their storefront is unassuming and bland. Almost a hole in the wall establishment. But don't let that fool you! Never judge an eatery by its awning! They clearly spend much less money on ambiance, but compensated by investing more on their chefs and ingredients. I'm telling you, this is where you will get the best bang for your buck if you're looking for Asian style cake!

Wayne Ye


Maggie Li

Evan Chen

Michelle Chung

With Natural ingredients

Danny Kaw

very small place that make very good cakes .. you got to try one for your BIRTHDAY...They have some cookies and pastries but not alot all the stuff is very good and tasty but kinda EXPENSIVE.. I do like the cream cake

zhou joe


Yeh's Bakery is absolutely delicious! Their cakes have always been consistent throughout the years--fluffy, not overly sweet, fresh, and oh so tasty!!! It's a Taiwanese bakery and brings back a lot of good memories when I was in my teens till now celebrating someone's special day or birthday. Although their cakes and Boston cream pies are staple items, I'm a big fan of the $8.00 per lb cookies in the display case. Every now and then when I head back to Queens to visit loved ones, I always make it a point to stop at Yeh's to pick up some of those amazing cookies!! I love the strawberry and almond ones. The chocolate ones are just as amazing! The lines move surprisingly FAST. I had three people in front of me and before I knew it, I was a young woman asked me what I wanted. That was quick! I'm surprised Yeh's never branched out to other locations around the city..but then it might lose the quality of what it's known to consistently deliver all these years. It's a hidden gem in Flushing! Highly recommended!! A+++


James Moo

The cake is unbelievable. It will revolutionize your cakeview.

Sarah Chen

All cakes are classic and tasty. I highly recommend Boston cream pie.

Madi A

Ebony Lemay

Nasty place, employees don't wash hands!

Kyorae Telecom

Was amazinamazing! Had so many delicious traditional treats!


Family bakery that's been in business for 10+ years. Very cheap and very good cakes that isn't like traditional cakes where it's loaded with icing and sugar. There special is the chestnut cake

D minaa

Good cakes

Jin Chan

Amazing sponge cakes that are soft and not overly sweet. You can order it in different flavors in advance.

Nathan Chang

Authentic Taiwanese bakery that offers regular Asian baked goods plus traditional desserts those hard to find even at Flushing. 蛋黃酥 yolk pastry and 綠豆凸 green bean pastry are two among best sellers here. Different kinds of 月餅 moon cakes and famous Boston pie.



mohit kumar

Best cake ever. My fav green tea cake

N Chu

It's used be a very good bakery, but their new front saleperson teenage girl just simply doesn't know what she is doing.

Nancy Peng

Helen K

Ashram Harryginsingh

The best cakes, they are so light and fluffy.

LuLu J

Cakes are delicious

XuYing Qin

Francis Suh

Gotten their boston cream pie twice and it was great! There was no wait to get them, but parking in the area was a little difficult. If possible, have a passenger so you can send them in for the pie while you drive around the block.

Sharan H.

Love their fruit cake! Light cakes, delicious!


I love this bakery! The cakes are always what you expect,and all of them are just delicious. Would highly recommend for any sweet tooths.

Christine Liang

They have the best sponge cake ever.

Delphia Lee

Ordered my wedding layer cake from here for 800 in 2003. Always Strawberry with mixed fruit inside. Started in 2001and never stopped. Amazing !!! Soft, moist and not as sweet as the American cakes. Best cakes for the elders with no teeth and they have green tea flavor as well.

Travis Stowe

Lynn Lan

Soft, moist, subtle, and wonderful green tea cake roll. I was sold after my neighbor presented this wonderful creation to my parents as a thank-you gift. Upon seeing the name of the store, I insisted that we get another one for ourselves after finishing the first roll, a day and a half later. I always get the green tea cake roll. And green tea birthday cakes. (Can you tell that I like green tea flavored desserts?) The birthday cake, at ~$25 is much cheaper than a cake of similar size from a fancy Korean bakery (I forget the exact size). And it's always been great. The texture is perfectly fluffy and spongy, and the flavor light and refreshing. Though I wouldn't mind them putting more matcha powder to enhance the green tea flavor. My younger brother doesn't have a big sweet tooth (yea not sure where he came from..) but would accept their chocolate cake roll as bribe. I mean, gift. The texture does become less than perfect after a couple of days in the fridge, so it's best to consume within a couple of days. What a great excuse to just eat the whole thing by yourself? It's for the cake

Sandy Song

Their cakes were okay. Tastes about the same from other places that are a bit cheaper. Granted, I've only ordered one item which was the vanilla cake with fruit. The place is very small and a bit dirty as well and it's pretty dark inside. It's definitely more a buy and go type of place.

Najla Syed

They make the best cake I ever had! If you don't like cakes that are too sweet and taste light, fluffy and delicious you have to try their whipped cream cake! Owner you need to open up other locations! My best friend introduced me to this bakery and I have been going there ever since! Sometimes I try to make an excuse to buy their cake! Reminds me when I was going to college! Wow the great memories!

eric ho


great variety and good pricing friendly staff and the stuff there is tasty as heck

xing yun

This is an updated review cos since ive learned abt Yehs Bakery and had their boston creme pie, ive gone back to try more of their stuff! The Lunar New Year was approachin so my sis and i was searching for cakes. My mom did keep mentioning the green tea cake we got her from here was delicious. So we saw other yelpers talk abt the strawberry, so we decided to order both! And of course i had to add my boston creme pie onto that order. Placing the order was easy! Staff spoke english and jus tell them what size, what writing u want on it and pick up date and time! We picked up the cakes on Friday and they provided excellent customer service from the minute my sis walked in. They showed her the cakes prior to boxing them and wrote on the boxes so she know which is which, and bagged it up nicely. My sis got me a hot coffee to try and it was so good!!! It totally made my day better cos that morning traffic was no joke lol Our friends and family enjoyed the 3 flavored cakes we ordered. Killed the boston creme pie literally the next morning! And now only down to 1 pc of strawberry and 3 pcs of green tea left. Cant wait to try more flavors!!!

Pei-Ching Lee

Mildred Ross

The cakes are lite, delicious and addicting. You can get them in vanilla, strawberry or chocolate flavor with a fresh whipped cream frosting. The cake also has fruit on top. I've purchased more than 30 cakes over the years.

watorloo lee

Anna Mai

Very good cake and prices are fair too.

Valmik K. Vyas

James Lyons

Vanilla cake

lily lin

Yeh's Bakery is absolutely delicious! Their cakes have always been consistent throughout the years--fluffy, not overly sweet, fresh, and oh so tasty!!! It's a Taiwanese bakery and brings back a lot of good memories when I was in my teens till now celebrating someone's special day or birthday.

Len Scott

Toby Li

Love their chicken wrap and cookies

Adore Neko

I come here for their cake rolls (taro filling and green tea with cream filling) and you should too. The cake is soft, moist and has just the right amount of sweetness. Prices are reasonable for the quality. If you get the cake roll with its generous amount of taro filling make sure to keep it in a cool place. The cream filling in the green tea roll is light and sweet. Small bakery. Highly recommend to others.

Juan Gonzalez

Love the strawberry and chocolate rolls

william yen

Awesome fresh bake goods green tea cake outta this world

Krist Lime

I went there tonight to have my dinner by myself and I had a good time. The waitress was very nice but also not obtrusive, so I had my time to think about all I wanted to think, one of those nights! The place wasn't too crowded and the ambiance is really nice. The steak and frites were very nice, a little overcooked since I ordered Medium and it came out medium-well, but it tasted great anyway, frites were ridiculously good in my opinion! Tried their Pinot Noir "on tap" and the Malbec they offer by the glass with my entree... Both were worth their value. Good experience!!! Will likely go back :D

Tony Wolf

Alex Liang

Teddy Koo

Abul Rahad

Joseph Rodríguez


Mei Ly

I love their Boston cream pie, green tea and chestnut cake. I love everything. It is not too sweet, but it is so moist. Their cakes are very simple but delicious. Very simple Asian decoration. I usually reserve early in the morning just to make sure I get one. The bakery is small but the staffs are quick to serve you. They can write on your cake if needed. The staffs are nice.

Fredswqa 190

Madeline Seto

Excellent local bakery, and the prices are great. The quality of their cake is great especially for the price - classic light airy moist sponge with fresh cream and fruit. I called to place an order for a cake 2 days in advance and they were very accommodating and straightforward, telling me the price if added extra stuff, etc. I called on Thursday and picked up on Saturday :) I got the heart shaped cake with extra fruit, vanilla sponge. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the cake! My total was $35 including the extra fruit and heart shape which costs extra. Remember that it is cash only and the cake needs to be refrigerated. Very happy with the cake and glad I chose Yehs!

amelia lee

I'm giving them a five star rating solely for their Boston cream cake. It's so delicious, fluffy and light. I once ate a whole cake by myself in one day. No joke.

Jose Ortiz

Dianna Chou

They have nice, single serve yellow sponge cakes for around 1.10. They're also known for green tea roll cakes.

Kay C

Muhammad Nabil Zuberi


Amazing cream cake, light as air

Efren Nunez

Bread is really nice and fresh ,friendly and fast customer service

Wellington Won

Harry Kow

john lim

Philip Chan

Very simple cakes but amazingly light and Aire. Try the Boston pie (every version).

Ling Yip


I like this place and the cake is very good the cream is special

Kaiwen Lin

Try their chestnut cake

Stanley Weinberg


Steven Lee

YEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ! Just had cake from this place on my birthday. Had the strawberry cake. Sooo soft, fluffy and moist. The cream is not too sweet and not too bland, it was perfect! Came in a no frills paper box. No printing or markings, except for the hand stamped logo and business info on top. Been passing this place on the bus to flushing numerous times, who knew a hole in the wall can punch out such awesome cakes.

Sidney Get

Mike Lam

Yan L

Tiffany Gong

Fannie Ho

We love their ice beverages. Made with the perfect amount of milk and sugar. Their pasties are also traditional and delicious. We always order the sponge cake for our little one and the curry beef puff - comes warm. Most places has it in a rotisserie machine but it's not warm in the inside like Yehs bakery. We also enjoy their authentic green bean and red bean cakes. Speaking of cakes you may not know but Yehs has the best cakes. Not too sweet, very moist and fresh.

Eric Yeh

nice Taiwanese bakery with my namesake.

Jason Lin

Didn't give us knife for our cake. Very bad attitude towards us when I ask for one. Over all bad experiences in this place.

yuan she kang

(Translated by Google) Cake dessert doing well! Taste good there will be better next needs renovation (Original) 蛋糕甜点做的很好! 味道不错 里面需要装修下会更好

Eva Claudia

The cream used at Yeh's Bakery is amazing. The cake is made with much love and care. You can tell as you put every bite into your mouth. I have been eating their Boston Pies for over 15 years and I am so glad that their quality has never changed. Love, love, love this bakery!!! I have lived in others corners of the United States, but every time, I go to NYC, I have to pay a visit to Yeh's Bakery!!! Keep up the great work!!!

chen mu

(Translated by Google) The taste is quite authentic, recommended for everyone, the price is not expensive! (Original) 味道蛮地道的,给大家推荐,价格也不贵哦!

Gamaliel Gonzales

Beatrix Bong

We trek far to come here (again and again). The best fluffiest cakes at super prices. My #1 choice cake for any occasion. You will tell friends and family, and they will tell their friends and family, and so on. If you don't want to go all out for a whole cake, buy a roll cake; it is perfect for bringing to a friend's house when you want to come bearing yummies. My favorite is the strawberry. They also have vanilla, chocolate, green tea, chestnut, taro. My friend loves their Boston cream pies. They've got other goodies (curry chicken puff, Chinese pastries). Street meter parking. If driving, helps to have two people; one waits in the car while the other picks up the goodies.

Victor liu

Come here just for the strawberry cake.

Double State




Christian Castaneda

Egg tarts are en pointe.

Richard Lin

Keith Chow

Hilda Kong

Cakes are always on point - cake is soft and moist. Best whip cream ever! Don't let the size and location fool you. Awesome bakery.

MinJun Chen

Get their green tea roll. It’s the best. I also like their red bean bun, but those sell out quickly

Olivia Liu

Cate Thai

The cakes here are out of this world. So incredibly fresh and moist. The flavors are vivid and mouth watering. I live in Manhattan but I do not mind the trip out to Yeh's. I do not go anywhere else to get my cakes. I often have dreams about their Strawberry Cake with Banana Creme filling. It is my regret that I am writing about it and not eating it right now.

uyguy yuyg

Eat green bean cake taste delicious memories of childhood

Erin Gresham

Grew up eating their cakes for everyone’s birthdays! They’re amazing

Sandip Ghai

Best cake ever anyone can find perfect in sweet and cream very light

Viola Cheung

Delicious cakes at a fair price


My grandma bought 2 cakes and they didn't even give her a knife OR plates. They made her pay extra for some plates. They weren't willing to give us a bag. Will never come back here.

Brandon Williams

The cakes are amazing

Umar Zaidi

Great cakes

Rita L

yummy cake!

Valerie Murdock

Great simple morning bakes

Tanese Wallace

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