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28-05 Steinway St, Astoria, NY 11102, United States

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REVIEWS OF Vaccaro's Bakery & Cafe IN New York

John Phillips

Not only did he mess up what I told him unwanted but when he did he said he would offer me a free birthday cake. It's now July, a week away from my birthday and I have been back to the shop, called him 13 times and texted him and he is AVOIDING me! So much for honoring what you promised. If anyone wants a cake do NOT go here.

Joe Palazzolo

Amazing pastries hands down.

Ron Lai

This place simply didn't have it all together. I normally love Italian pastries and they seemed to have an abundance of it in their display, perhaps to the point of being overwhelming. I picked a chocolate cigar and a coffee, and the lady behind the counter was running around frantically all over the place doing more than she could handle. The baked good was unfulfilling and dry, and the coffee was standard. I hope they improve but this may be one place you ought to skip.

Peter Montalvo

Have been here a few times and the place is great. I have had the donnolis which are amazing! You need to experience them! Just be sure to call ahead of time to make sure they are available. I have gotten other pastries and relaxed at the place. Don’t think you can really get a bette bakery experience. It is great all the way around.

Ava-Mare Moya


Vaccarros is a great bakery with a twist. They have the famous danolli! A donut filled with canolli. I bought several items for a birthday party and all the cakes and pastry were a hit. They were delicious. The coffee was good too. Service was fast and friendly. The prices were comparable to other bakeries.

Liz Perez

Great baked goods

Daniel Molloy

This place is simply heaven (not to be confused with the "meeting and greeting establishment" actually named "Heaven" across the street)! Spectacular pastries, cakes, coffee, and all Italian favorites.

Amy Granda

I went to try the donnoli's, they were really good

Gabriel Awan

Great people. Old school Queens to the fullest. *WARNING* the Oreo Cannoli Donut is crack!!!!!

Kristina Briz

The red velvet and the cheesecake taste nothing like the regular. The red velvet had a whipped cream frosting which is not what I’m expecting. The cheesecake does not taste like cheesecake at all. It has a texture of a cheesecake but the taste is like the regular, frosted cake. I’m very disappointed. They also got my order wrong. Gave me a lb. of biscottis instead of (2) large chocolate chips. I was really looking forward for the dessert but the taste and the service was very disappointing.

adrian bolkun

Great place and only place to get a Donnoli!

Sandra Martinez

Mike B

I saw this place while driving up Steinway. I enjoyed the vanilla cake.

Shelby Palmer

Donut cannolis are amazing! A little expensive but worth it!

Miguel Reay

To be honest I was expecting to much about this coffee shop I saw many videos on different places then I dicede to go but I got a disappointed for many reasons First the service the counter girl was super nice at us but look like she was new we tried to be patient she give us our donollis that were ok and good but for our drinks she took for ever people come in and out but our drinks no sign of them after that she come to us just to tell us she forget if are hot or cold, then she made it and give us something really bad but its ok we said then we try the cupcakes and surprise they weren't fresh my daughter had a sweet taste and almost eat everything but those cupcakes werent fresh at all. We ask for the price and another surprise $35 for 3 donollis 2 cupcakes 1 tropicana lemonade and 2 iced coffee thats expensive Sorry there are better places to get something really good for less price over rated place

Roman Grinblat

Great neighborhood bakery with some things you wouldn't expect.

Maryland Mensch

Sorin Petrica

Ben Estep

Robin Lee

Home of the DONNOLI!! (Half donut, half cannoli, ALL awesome.) Fantastic pastries and friendly staff.

robert barreira

The breads are fresh every day, pastries you have a wide variety, and they just started baking pizzas.

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Dario Lazarevic

Ordered a blueberry chocolate cake it was delicious !

Dayana Luque

I ordered a grilled cheese a fruit tart and a tres leches cake. The food arrived an hour and a half late. I called the restaurant and the guy hung up on me. The sandwich arrived cold and soggy it clearly had been prepared long time ago. I did not received the fruit tart or the tres leches instead I got two pieces of random old cake slices chocolate and strawberry. They probably they wanted to get rid of them. If I could give them zero starts I would. Disrespectful a waste of money and time.

Nikolaos Drakopoulos

Donnolis are the best! A must try!

Sai Hawkins

My mom got me this cake for my 17th birthday. My cake was a layered strawberry filled cake. It was falling apart, and the packaging was poorly done. Box is all beaten up and the cake is ruined. Im extremely disappointed, especially since it advertises food network on the buisness card.

Irini Zenuni

Sara Gill

Happened onto the doughnut cannoli at the street fair on the Avenues of the Americas last Saturday. The cookies and cream doughnut cannoli is just another reason to love NYC. It was super satisfying and delicious without being overly sweet or heavy on a hot summer’s day. This is going on the must eat list for every trip to NYC.

geo guadagno

KhalilLee Thee Artist

Brett D

Laurie Oconnor

Emmanuel Alberto

This place is closed

Ny Fish

ian ambrose

The donolis are absolutely fresh and amazing

M. Brant Olson

Nice bakery. Friendly staff.

Joseph Lamendola

Solo Flyer

I went to a foodie like Meetup specifically for the #Donolli. This place is heaven if you have a sweet tooth. The donolli was good. You Only need 1, buy some others for family and friends to go. The bakery is very clean, and sell what appears to Italian chocolate like pinatas (don't know the proper name) for Easter. There is a decent amount of seating but the bakery is still a bit tight. We stayed for approximately 30 minutes to enjoy the heavenly goodness of the Donnoli. Vaccaro's also sells hot/ice coffee, hot chocolate, & tea. The French Vanilla Ice Coffee is way better than any thing from Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. You don't need any sugar. There is another counter further in that sells breakfast items like egg sandwiches. I would say you interested in various Donolli's come at around 12pm. That's when they started putting the ones with various (Nutella, Oreo, etc.) toppings out. Vaccaro's Bakery has warm local feeling, not the dead sterility of chain coffee shops. We definitely be visiting again.

Clara Isabel Romero

Pablo Gonzalez

Pastries are absolutely no good. Giant size, full of chocolate, Not Italian at all. Staff was very friendly BTW.

Trevor Dallier

Walked in to get some brownies, wasn't greeted. Then the person standing behind the counter said something I couldn't hear. Then he insisted whatever it was he said. When I asked him what he said, he forcefully asked if I wanted cookies. I asked if he could answer some questions, which he answered: he told me that the brownies and cakes were at least a day old. Then he literally could not tell me the difference between two cookies other than that they were chocolate and different. It seemed like there may have been a language barrier, but this establishment might want to employ an English speaker as the main attendant. I'd much rather walk far out of my way to go to Martha's on Ditmars than struggle to order here. On a side note, there was a cat living there, which did not seem too sanitary to me.


They don't take cake orders over the phone for fresh baked goods and rude crew , very paranoid people

Sheila Parra

Went to Avenue of the America fair Saturday with my family and bought 6 donnolis($40). when we arrived home we wanted to enjoy them with a cold glass of milk...they were horrible. I think since it was so hot out and they were not on ice, they spoiled. Very disappointed.


Best Cali style breakfast burrito I've found in Brooklyn!

Patricia Can Den Ende

Cathy Mccarthy

Michal Segal

2 words. Donut cannolis. Donnolis. Go get some.

Sotiris Dimitropoulos

Josh De La Rosa

Nicholas Spanos

Vanessa Jammal

Fantastic cannoli doughnuts!!!!

Samia Ait-Ouaret

The ladies behind the counter are lovely :)

Mohammad Zahir

Had the worse service . Waited for 15 minutes still no one was there

Dan Skinner

I saw a facebook video about the donnolis... definitely worth the visit!

Angeli Rafio

Aracely Arbaiza

Kawang Wong

Kema Star

Customer service is okay but dont lie to make a sale. Im.not much of a coffee lover so this my opinion a special drink was made for me after I said I wanted my coffee sweet. The coffee I got was no where near to sweet .the cashier was very sweet as well as there pastries and cakes . If your coming for an occasion this is not the place . Its bland !!!I wouldn't come back or go out of my way to come here. Just for a quick snack if your around stop by ;nothing special about it.

Khalif Fardan

Great service and great pastries


Joshuell Alberto

Bilal Fatouh


Staff is rude, no signage on cake display and the cakes itself doesnt really show what flavor it can be. They are known for their donnolis (dougnut cannolis) so stray away from their cakes as they are not so great...

Karol Markowski

walles mez

cheech 1150

Juan Rodriguez

They have the best mexican food!

Vicky Wynne

David Restrepo

Very good


Wonderful tastes and good prices!!! They have great donolis (a Mix of donuts and Italian Canolis) and cakes are really good! Chocolate is my favorite.

Yeshii Garcia


Pauljames Bekanich

Angela Alverson

This place is amazing! Fantastic desserts and lovely, friendly staff. It's a neighborhood gem.

Zainab Alaaly

Sweet cupcakes and not too expensive. You can find a fresh Orange juice, Coffee and pastries.

Andre Asmara

Home of the infamous donnoli = donut-conolli hybrid. Love their Oreo options

Bandar Alrashdi

(Translated by Google) good (Original) جيد

wendy werner

Never had anyrhing really good. Currently closed and will be relocating. There are much better bakeries all over Astoria.

Teri Gottfried

Great time there with friends. The staff and owner were very friendly and made us feel right at home. The donnolis were awesome! Will definitely go again!

Carlos Llorens

(Translated by Google) Very good cakes (Original) Tortas muy buenas

Ben Mason LISTO

I've never waited so long for a hot cocoa in my life. What a you doing back there milking the cow?

Benedetto Cangialosi

Fellipe Cardoso

Asked for a Tres leches cake with chocolate cover, no icing. I got literally nothing I asked for and paid $28. No manager to talk to. Second bad experience from this place. Don't buy from here.

Ahmed Allam

Nice staff with good bakery products and they also serve delicious fresh juices

Amiee Andrews

Orsolya Solya

Jackie Chong

They were at a street fair on sunday in NYC. Awsome brownie!

John Mastorakis


Leyla Mesic

I bought a pie (Saturday) yesterday and ate from it, only to discover today in the daylight that it's full of fungus. I had asked when the pie was baked and they said Friday....not going there anymore

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