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REVIEWS OF Two Little Red Hens IN New York

Marla Krukowski

This place has hands down the best cupcakes/cake I have ever had in my life. They are always fresh and made to perfection. Their icing is amazing- not too sweet. The cookies and crumb cake are also great. I have ordered 2 birthday cakes now from them in advance and everyone loved it.

Ridley Tom

Wow, Two little red hens is phenomenal! I ordered the banana cake for Father's day for my whole family....the whole 8in sheet was demolished by us the within the first hour we cut into it. Literally everyone kept going back for more. The cake itself was super fluffy and moist with tons of flavor from the bananas. The icing was delicious as well - fluffy, tasty and complimented the banana cake perfectly. thanks guys :)

Nicola Bertone

Very delicious Pumpkin harvest 4" cake. I really enjoyed it on Monday November 23rd, 2015. Around 12:30... They were nice enough to cut me a corner of my cake and I enjoyed it on the spot with a large coffee. Better than having a cupcake. I encourage all to ask to have a piece of their cake cut in order to enjoy it at the bakery. They will be more than happy to do it. The cake was great the service better, thanks guys!!!

Allie King

My favourite bakery in the UES. Red hens is my local bakery and I’ve never had anything ‘bad’ from them. They’re not expensive at all and everything always tastes fresh. The only downside is sometimes the staff can be slightly dismissive but I would assume that they’re just stressed out as the store can get very busy.

Kathlyn Moyer

When I visited, there were two super nice and friendly guys. Sadly they were out of their key lime pie as we came late in evening, but we had delicious pecan pie. Definitely met my southern high standards. Super cute decour. Love that you can enjoy your pastry or pie there too.

Michelle Yee

Incredible cupcakes - best ones I've had in NYC without a doubt. Cake and icing combinations were absolutely scrumptious!

Jason Westerkon

The line is often out the door for a reason, the cupcakes here are fantastic. Wait around, pick your favorite, and enjoy.

Heena Ahmed

Love this amazing place! Best cupcakes in manhattan ❤️ not too sugary, absolutely fresh, and available in all sizes. Try the carrot cake. This is their specialty! We order from here for all our events - birthdays, anniversaries, get togethers

Raquel F

Such a cute, amazing bake shop filled with delicious homemade and refreshing recipes! You can tell their cupcakes and are pies are fresh because they melt right in your mouth and they don’t taste processed like most cupcakerys in the city. Red velvet, blackout, swirl, sweet potatoes pie and cheesecake are phenomenal and will light up your taste buds with a little

Martin Campbell

I don't typically like cake and when I do I strongly dislike frosting but this bakery had the best cupcakes I've ever eaten. The marble cupcake was delicious I would definitely return again

Wei Ju Chen

One of the best in the neighborhood. Amazing cheese cake and cup cakes. Little pricy but totally worth it.

Omri Abarbanel

Simply the best cupcakes in NY! Don't get fooled by the popularity of Magnolia, this is the real deal. The cupcakes themselves are soft and moist and the icing, although a bit on the heavy side, is delicious. The cupcakes are really big and a couple can share one with no problem. I also tried the chocolate mousse which was also delicious, but really heavy - even 3 people can share it and be satisfied. Take the Brooklyn Blackout, you won't regret it. It's chocolate cupcakes filled with chocolate mousse with chocolate icing on top. What can go wrong? :)

Vincent Semidei

Winning combo : bad service, bad taste and high price. Well done Champ’.

Michelle Varkey

Very delicious. Nothing was overly sweet. Just the right amount.

Jayyy Possible

Greats cakes latifah was the person who helped me I am more then satisfied for her service ❤️

Lee Kathy

My children loves their Brooklyn Blackout cupcakes or cakes.

Patricia Grande

The bakery items are very good especially the cheesecake. The customer service leaves so much to be desired. When you call to place an order they require THREE DAYS NOTICE for a birthday cake. But first you have to listen to an interminable message of all the things they DON'T do - no delivery, no same day orders even for a few cupcakes, no, no, no. Whoever owns or manages this place really needs to learn about service. It certainly doesn't hurt their business, a lot of which is tourist trade. I live in the area and often walk out because they are not very welcoming, are often out of things (not necessarily a bad thing because at least you know the stuff is fresh), the cupcake icing is pretty but can be greasy and not at all buttery. Often the cake under the cupcake is dry and not very tasty. I order cakes for my office birthdays - we have 42 people and when someone requests a cake from here, I try to dissuade them because they are so very difficult to deal with. There are so many great bakeries in the city now that have delicious baked goods and also know how to treat their customers that there is little reason to come here.

Andrew G

Best. Cupcakes. In. The. Universe. Unreal. Dream-haunting. Ruins you on all other cupcakes, which you can forget about anyway (except maybe Molly's Cupcakes). I want to swear, but one must not use profanity among the Cupcakes. Oh, and the service is good, except that they need a better system for boxing cupcakes. The cupcakes often end up smashed by the time you open the box at home. Also, the line can get really long. Expect a 20+ minute wait.

Loughlin Rodd

This is my favorite bakery. Period. End of sentence. The cakes are amazing, the cookies are fantastic. Days when I can’t have a piece of cake from here don’t feel complete. The yellow fudge cake and m&m cookies are fire.

Shea Walker

My office loves when I pick up the birthday cakes because I always come here. I love their coconut cake and I have turned my whole office into coconut cake lovers too lol

Ronni Berke

Fantastic vanilla/vanilla cake, cheesecake, red velvet. Also these whole wheat maple scones that are only available something like one month out of the year. Highly recommend!

Brian Takacs

Great place for your morning coffee or after-dinner treat. Small & cozy, always warm and welcoming. Highly recommend stopping in.

Galia Gumeniuk

Wonderful New York Cheesecake!!! Big love! Absolutely freshly soft cheesy layer & bottom with a pinch of caramel flavor. Yum! If any of my friends will come to New York in search of the high quality old classy NY cheesecake - I'll bring them here. Definitely. And place itself so peaceful & cute - tiny tables surrounded with all kinds of hens & not loud (I would call this level of noise perfect) sounds of old music are the moodmakers. Even in rainy days like today. Get in for warm & cozy atmosphere.


Really good cupcakes and cookies

Annie Winkelman

Small shop (understandably, as it is in NYC), but adorable place. The service was fantastic- patient, kind, and helpful. I only had the cheesecake, but it was definitely the best I have ever had and all the other treats looked fabulous. If you have a chance to go, I would definitely recommend you stop in :)

Emmanuel De Jesus

The scones, the pies, the customer service..... All of it amazing! Props to them for being so professional and keeping their cool while dealing with the UES entitled clients.

Tina Liu

Amazing cheesecakes!

Larissa Aquanti

Whenever I come here they always have a beautiful display of cakes and sweets. Made-to-order cakes are always 5 Star! I really love their creme cheese topped Red Velvet, Sour-Cherry topped Cheese, and Carrot Cakes. The lines can get very hectic; but the wait isn't that bad. Good to see they survived the 2nd Avenue Line construction. I wish the shoppe was bigger.

Pavneet Tak

Over priced for the quality. Have had better cakes and pastries for a better price. I guess they sell their name more than bakery items. I have been there more than once before I decided to write the review.

Keith Smith

Friendly service, cute little place. Pies, cakes and cupcakes all look delicious. Biscuits are on point and big enough to beat whales to death.

Joe Ferrari

Perfect Brooklyn Blackout cupcake. Chocolate cake with chocolate filling and chocolate frosting. Not too sweet. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Erin Walsh

The best flippen' cake I have ever had.

Geraldine HEIN

Deplorable service , very unfriendly staff !!! the saleswoman told us that they didn‘t have any flavoured cheesecakes, but the second we paid for the plain cheesecake (since at 10:16 am there was nothing else), she put a plate with flavoured cheesecakes in the shop window. Of course, any exchange was impossible. The $3.50 Cappuccino was half full and in the end the cheesecake had a burnt taste. The worst $20 ever invested.

Simon H

I came here a few years ago and I am so glad that I did! I absolutely love their Brooklyn Blackout cake, their carrot cake, and their cheesecake! I would drive all the way here just to get myself some dessert. I definitely recommend this place if you need a cake for an occasion or if you're just in the mood for sweets.


The best cheesecake in the world as long as you don’t have any questions or want anything else. If you happen to be there ten minutes to close then you will see that the meanest bouncer at any club in NYC ain’t got nothing on the girls that work at this super cute little bakery. They will throw you out in the sidewalk quicker than you can say pumpkin cheesecake.

Frances Illa

My favorite bakery in NYC. The chocolate pecan pie is life changing!! Cupcakes are amazing, too. And the staff is just the best!

Kelly Fox

If I could give this place 10 stars, I would. Best cupcakes I've ever had. The Brooklyn Blackout will change your life. One of the few places where the wait is truly worth it.

Rachel Morgnar

Really good small (4") cakes available in the stores if you're only celebrating with less than 3 people! I got the Brooklyn Blackout and it is so creamy and moist, it had a sort of fluffy feel to it! I believe the prices were also pretty cheap. The cupcakes were good but definitely not as yummy as the cakes.

Eliana Belenky

I live in Washington and dream about having their cupcakes delivered, they are that good. It has been a favorite of my family since we found it, and my friends when I bring cupcakes back home with me. (Best carry-on ever)

Philip Asaro

One of the best bakeries I've ever been to and certainly the best on the UES. We like their cakes so much that we ordered a number of their marble cakes in assorted sizes and created our own wedding cake/dessert section! Keep up the excellent work!

Michael Kells

Cheesecake is delicious!

Sara Kamal

This is literally heaven on earth. I will never get enough of this place. I drive hours in traffic from BK just to come get a few cupcakes and it’s worth every second of my drive. Wish they had more locations

Kevin Kleist

This place is hands-down the best bakery I’ve ever been to. Everything is fresh and delicious. The cupcakes and the cheesecake are amazing. This place is what I picture when someone says something about a bakery in New York City. On the next visit to New York City I will be staying in the neighborhood just so that I am close to this bakery. Thank you for the excellent service while we were in the city. Look forward to our next visit.

Alex M

Everything here is delicious but the Brooklyn Blackout cake is something really special! Amazing bakery with wonderful staff!

Kesha B

The harvest cake is amazing so sad its seasonal, the red velvet is amazing, and the brooklyn black is great and even better for those who like chocolate pudding. The coffee is good as well. The place is small and crowed but worth the wait and visit. 4/5 because when you call its hard to get through, they don't allow phone orders even with payment, customer service can be shakey but they are always busy and sometime dealing with people in general is draining and can impact your attitude.

Brittany Castano

So good cant wait to return

David Gehm

I went in one day to place an order for a birthday cake. I was told they do not take preorders, but they are always making the cake that I wanted, and to call the next week so that they can write the message on it before I pick it up. I called early in the morning to be informed that they are out of the cakes, and that they would not be making any more. It is possible that they may make more the following day, but I could not put an order in for one.

Steph A

My boyfriend and I love this place! Their Brooklyn blackout and red velvet are amazing! Molly helped me this time around and she did an amazing job with decorating the cake I was getting for my Boyfriend's birthday. All the ladies in there were SO nice and friendly. Very easy to get to, they are right off the Q train at 86th and 2nd. Definitely our go to sweets spot!

Aylin Efendigil

I love cupcakes from this bakery. They are pretty good. Last week I ordered a 10" birthday cake for my son's birthday party and paid plenty of money for it ($100+). I'm so disappointed!! It has 2 layers of 2 inch tall each ,old crumpy cakes and usual chocolate cream in the middle. The cake was literally not fresh like it was left outside for days. Nobody could eat it! It was crumbling into pieces. What a shame!

Ali Ezzati

Great little place for a coffee and cake! I'm generally not a big fan of cupcakes (which is why they are famous, but tried other stuff including cheesecake and Boston cream and they were amazing.

Angelleya Rose

My morning snack was a piece of NY Style Cheesecake from Two Little Red Hens. I can't tell you how happy I am that this great little bakery has survived the 2nd Avenue Subway construction! I had no problem at 10-10:15 AM getting a seat so I could enjoy my cheesecake. I am a Cheesecake Factory Fanatic but I have to say this is the best NY Cheesecake in the city! I enjoyed looking at all the goodies before I made my decision. There are scones, cookies, cupcakes, pies, and cherry cheesecake too. The service was very fast and pleasant employees. The place is clean and well stocked with napkins and anything else you need to enjoy your desert. If it wasn't for my health I'd be here every day for a different treat. I do plan to return soon for the Peanut Butter Cupcake. They were huge! You definitely owe it to yourself to stop by for a treat when you're in the neighborhood!

Elodie G.D

Delicious ! Nice cosy little bakery shop with a great cake selection. The carrot cupcake and Mew York Cheesecake are particularly yummy. Prices are reasonable.

peter prest

The staff lied to me about availability of cakes and the manager is a complete A..Hole. Please be prepared to be treated like S.

William Ragetté

Best almond scone ever

Jennifer DeJesus

The staff are incredibly rude, the seating is practically nonexistent, the place is always over crowded and a disorganized zoo. The baked goods are comparable to any other shop in the city. I would rather go any place else in the city than be yelled at for not going to a totally different counter than the one I ordered from to pay - either get a sign, or treat your customers with courtesy and respect.

Yuval Refua

Best baked anything in the city. Brooklyn Blackout cake is magical

Nicole Quilliam

This is such a quaint cute little bakery. They have all kinds of incredible cake and cupcake flavors you could imagine - PB, blackout chocolate, coconut, carrot cake, banana walnut and more. They are also known for their cheesecake! The line could get long, but it always moves quickly. Everything is so tasty. Large cupcakes are $3-4, mini cupcakes are $1.75 each. I highly recommend the peanut butter chocolate cupcake!!

Kfir Ohana

Awesome cheesecake, Cousy little place and service with a smile.

Andrea Mohan

Best Cupcakes❣️

Hannah Moyers

The cakes, cupcakes, and pies here are always on point. Brooklyn Blackout is definitely a crowd pleaser. But if you're more than just a chocolate lover... Make a run for the coconut cream filled cupcake. Superb.

Lucas Santana

Best Boston Cream cupcake I’ve ever had! Hands down. Perfection.

Leon Lin

Cheesecake was really good, at a regular nyc price. Apple pie was good too. Friendly service.

Nicol GM

Amazing! Cheesecake is not overpriced , very nice ladies too

Princess Bagares

Rude sales lady & rude cashier. Poor service. Dont ever dare to visit the 86/2nd ave. Location. BOO!

Boon Howe Tan

One of the best cupcakes I've had. Frosting is not overly sweet like Magnolia's, and the cupcakes are light and fluffy. You can preorder online few days in advance and pick them up. They are quite popular so some flavours do get sold out.

Ashley Hernández

I go to Two Little Red Hens on a weekly basis just for their scones which are wonderful. I recommend this bakery to anyone who's looking for a delicious treat! Just last week they had a ginger/rhubarb scone and it was delicious. Besides scones they make cupcakes, pies, cookies and a fantastic banana bread. I've tried their pecan pie (wonderful), Key-Lime cupcake (my favorite) with the best key-lime filling, cherry pie, cookies and cakes. I will say one negative was that their red velvet cake was nowhere near as moist as their red velvet cupcake.

Ernest Perez

I went for tea and cheesecake with my wife one evening in December and it was wonderful. We had cherry and pumpkin cheesecake slices. The portions were large and the taste was perfect. Very rich and creamy and definitely worth the slightly higher price.

Agnese Grimaldi

I am so glad I've been able to try the New York Cheesecake and the Brooklyn blackout cupcake. Delicious! One of the best cheesecake I ever had. Plus the shop is very cute!

Tere GB

Tried one of their cupcakes. It wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t memorable. Just wanted to check it out and see what people are talking about.

Marketa Novakova

When I visited, there were two super nice and friendly guys. Sadly they were out of their key lime pie as we came late in evening, but we had delicious pecan pie. Definitely met my southern high standards. Super cute decour. Love that you can enjoy your pastry or pie there too.

Katie Harman

Boy, do I love this bakery. I've heard plenty of hype from this little spot and since they're known for their cupcakes, of course I had to go and see for myself! Inside in cozy, quaint and very welcoming. They have chalkboard signs and handwritten labels... my kind of bakery. Everything about this place makes you want to smile. The obvious choices had to be the Red Velvet and their Brooklyn Blackout cupcakes. They are a fan favorite and I can see why. They're moist, cake-y with the most creamy frosting on top. I can't choose between the two. They were both that good. Don't let the $3-4 scare you.... it's worth every penny!

Davey Singleton

I arrived to pick it up on a Friday afternoon and saw that the bakery was packed! The whole time I was waiting, the line remained the same length. There's a few seats for people to grab coffee and sit down with a dessert but it felt very crowded with the line.I saw on their website that if you want to order a cake it's best to schedule a few days before. Looks like they have already made 8 in and 4 in cakes but if you want anything bigger than that, looks like you'll have to call and plan ahead. They also have mini 1 in cupcakes for sale which were super cute!

Alexandria Lee

The cupcakes are good but the service here is terrible. Really rude staff and I went three times in one week. It was consistently bad.

Riham Al Khalaf

Cake at the « Two little Red Hens » is simply delicious. 6 years ago I ordered a cake for my husband birthday and few years later and went back to a visit to Manhattan and visited it and ate their cakes again, it was as yammy as the first time. Keep making the best cakes

Adam Russman

Tried the Brooklyn Blackout. Incredibly moist and flavorful. I wish I had bought two. Worth every penny.

B.P. A.

The cupcakes and cookies are awesome. The simple vanilla cake with chocolate frosting is possibly the best cake I ever had!

Ingrid Mitchell

So delicious! Black out cake was moist and rich!

Bob Lou

It is a small cute space that offers quality cupcakes among other things. I tried the red velvet and black forest cupcake. The icing was rich and laid on generously. Cupcakes were soft and moist. Black forest was filled with a chocolate pudding. Very indulgent cupcakes, but also very heavy.

Theresa Marko

There is only 1 two little red hens, literally and figuratively! Ive had alot of cupcakes in my life, this place is the BEST. The cake is moist, but not too moist. The frosting is light and whipped and perfectly creamy without being too sweet. The Brooklyn Blackout is my fave: chocolate cake with chocolate pudding in the middle, fudge frosting. Eat it and prepare for the butterflies. The marble cupcake is so simple but divine. Anything from here is amazing. Inside feels like a country place, away from the bustle of the city.

Julia Rose

Two Little Red Hens has the most amazing pastries and cupcakes. Their muffins and scones are simply wonderful and a great way to start the day. The coffee is your standard fair, nothing spectacular.

Faisal Chaudhry

Great bakery, but not their cupcakes. They only have a few varieties, and they're nowhere near the caliber of Molly's or even Magnolia. You're better off getting a cake or any of their other pastries.

carl Wiseman

Perfect cupcakes. Great service and coffee. Super fresh and silky smooth texture.

Migili MZ

This is a great local bakery. It was on the top of my list during my visit to NYC. I tried the Cherry Pie and Cheesecake. The taste blew your mind. The sweetest things I have ever eaten. The quality of the cheese used in the cheesecake was amazing. So fresh and balanced flavor. The cherry pie was awesome as well. Have not seen any pie tastier than this one. If you visit NYC or live there, you MUST go to this incredible bakery.

Xiao-Long Chang

Right next to the Q train. I always go for the marble cake but their coffee cakes and cheesecakes are good too

Rebekah Philpotts

Haven't been there but my coworker brings the little Cupcakes with the chocolate filling inside and for my birthday, she brought me a birthday cake to which I and the whole office enjoyed and I couldn't thank her more. Hope to stop by one day.

Brooklyn Simmons

I wanted to find the best cupcakes in Manhattan and I do believe this place is it! I went in and ordered a few of the mini cupcakes and was very satisfied! A little pricey but you get what you pay for-magic. I will be back! I have a big sweet tooth and this hit the spot. Very very rich!

Valérie Clerc

I read in a review that their cheesecake is one of the best in New I definitely had to taste it. I went there on a late sunday evening and had to wait about 30-40 minutes to get my slice cause the bakery was full (was a good sign to me). The wait was worth it...that cheesecake was the sweetest thing I ever ate. Nice and creamy, the crust was one of a kind.

Shani Verbel Davis

The Best Cupcakes in town! Guaranteed ! Once in a while I try other places but always comes back to them as they have a secret receipt that keep you coming back for more. My favorites Are the red velvet and banana cupcakes but no matter what you choose u will jot be disappointed!

Michael Cooper

Best bakery on the Upper Eastside

Keybi 81

Paradise on earth! Coffe was very good. I taken one ny cheesecake and two cinnamon roll... wow!!! people who served me was very polite and professional. Good place to make breakfast

Laura Peruchi

Can't recommend this place enough. For me, they have the BEST NYC CHEESCAKE. I remember when I bring a cheesecake from Two Little Red Hens to a party and another friend bring one from the Cheesecake factory. Do I need to tell you which one was the favorite of the night? The crust is the thing abou the cheesecake and it is not super sweet. The cupcakes are also my favorites - especially the red velvet. But if you are a chocolate lover, try the Brooklyn Cupcake. (I don't like the cakes from here, but this is my average opinion about all the cakes in the USA, since I'm Brazilian and sorry guys, but cakes in Brazil are much better lol.)

Melissa Young

Delicious cupcakes! This small but busy bakery sells cupcakes, small cakes, and assorted pies and other baked goods. They also do larger cakes and custom orders. Small seating area. Good service. Prices are pretty reasonable for a New York bakery; two large cupcakes cost less than $9.


This review is for their Red Velvet Cupcake. I got it to-go. It's ok. Not as good as Agata & Valentina but I hear Two Little Red Hens make some great scones and NY Cheesecake, so I definitely return to try those!

Ting-yu Huang

Definitely best cupcake for me in the city~~~~~ red velvet and brooklyn flavors are my favorite ~~must try

Wei Liu

I was amazed by their cheesecake and cupcakes! It seems they put a little caramel into the base of the cheesecake which makes it so special than others! Definitely a must to try!

Jeff Luk

Very good cupcakes. It’s a rather small shop so expect to take out instead of eating in. There is always a line but don’t worry, staffs are efficient and you won’t have to wait too long.

Sandra Novaes

Nice place. Delicious cupcakes.

Ashley Murphree Tran

Wow, their cupcakes are to die for. They’re dense, huge, and delicious. They also have the minis but we wanted the regular big size. Their first 2 batches doesn’t come out until 11 am. It’s their 2 most popular, Brooklyn Blackout and dark chocolate peanut butter. After 11 am, 1 flavor comes out at a time every 30 minutes, I believe. Wish they had better coffee though but guess no one goes there for that.

Robert Paras

Red Hen's cupcakes blew my mind away with their flavor. They were on my radar from a previous trip, and I finally had the opportunity to check them out. The key lime, banana, and peanut butter cupcakes are super tasty. Service makes it easy to order and employees are helpful. Prices are really good for the quality.

Pranav Shanbhag

The cheesecake is really good. One of the best I’ve had in the city

Nidhi Satish

Have some great tarts and cakes here

Hafsa Kamal

Hands down, THE BEST cupcakes in NYC! we tried 4 flavors- chocolate yellow cupcake, marble cupcake, red velvet & key lime. We also wanted to try the cheese cake and the pies but they were sold out (really want to try them next time). Did not like the Brooklyn blackout cake.


I absolutely the cinammon rolls sooo goood. That cherry pie has something special on the crust it's addictive lol

Yessica R.

I absolutely love this place! Cozy atmosphere and amazing dessert! Must try the Brooklyn blackout cupcake and the cheesecake.

Sophie T

Two Little Red Hens is definitely one of the best bakeries in New York City! Since I moved to upper east side, I come to this place at least once a month. They have a wide variety of cakes and cupcakes, and my personal favorite is their Brooklyn Blackout Cake. It’s moist and rich. Expect a line here though.

Annie Ng

While most would go for the red velvet cupcake, I prefer the key lime cupcake. It's light and a little sweet. The pies are great too!

Amy Araya

Absolutely fantastic cupcakes, well worth being able to feel your blood sugar rise. The regular cupcakes are actually quite large, which was a pleasant surprise. Highly recommend the peanut butter fudge cupcake!

Sol Fried

Cupcakes are delicious but the staff are incredibly rude and obnoxious!

Kat A

*Best cupcakes in NYC (Key Lime and Coconut Cream are especially YUM) and delicious fluffy cheesecake. *Always worth the long line (it moves fast). *Prices are very reasonable considering the quality. *The staff are beyond nice!

Jeremy Patterson

Delightful. A bit cramped for seating which is an issue when school lets out. Totally worth the trip for exquisitely decorated mini cakes and cupcakes. Excellent cheesecake. The Boston cream cupcakes are wonderful.


Chocolate chip banana muffins and chocolate peanut butter tiny cupcakes are my favorites. The line can be long, but with it.

Nay Coats

Best cupcakes feeashest in nyc omg the redvelet is everything

Tallulah Bell

I won't mention my favorite cupcake as they often sell out! I love everything about this place electic decor, staff, product,BUT LATELY THE BASS ON THEIR MUSIC IS SET TO MAXIMUM. So if don't enjoy feeling like someone is doing a drum solo atop you head, send them a message by withholding your patronage. It is more and more common for the music to serve the staff, not the customers.

John Pham

A true gem in Yorkville that I have visited countless times for cakes and pies. This is arguably the best place for red velvet cake in NYC. For my wedding, I served cakes from five bakeries, including the red velvet cake from Two Little Red Hens. Years later, some people from my wedding were still talking about that cake. A couple of guests even contacted me to learn more about where to buy that red velvet cake for themselves! The New York cheesecake and Brooklyn Blackout double chocolate cake are extremely good here as well. The chocolate pecan pie from this bakery is probably the best pie I have ever had, but pre-orders sell out very quickly for Thanksgiving. I don't drink coffee, but my wife comes here when she wants a good cup of coffee sometimes. We would probably go here even more often if the lines weren't so line and if there was more seating available.

Nilda Torres

This place is the best! Everything they have in there is fresh and worth the price. I cross the GW when I want real cheesecake, NO cheesecake compare to theirs. Red velvet and Brooklyn blackout are very satisfying. Anytime I go is a long line.

Mike Styckle

#1 spot in NYC for carrot cake. After trying countless places, this is the best carrot cake I've ever had. The cream cheese frosting is exquisite and the cake is always moist. They are a little pricey, but worth every single cent. For carrot cake, I recommend the small cake over the cupcakes because the proportion of frosting to cake is better.

GoGo Mamma

Aside from being one of the best bakeries in Manhattan, they are also one of the most considerate. They put little cups into the box to prevent the treats from shifting too much! Who does that?! Two little Ted Hens, that’s who!

Kaylee Lin

Great little place to grab a coffee and sweet snack! Their cupcakes are great, but I really come for the pies.

Scott Kinder

This place is great! Their food is delicious and very good quality. Likewise, the service is always excellent!

Laura M Lorenzo

Cute bakery. The staff is amazing. In my opinion, it's the 2nd best NY style cheesecake

sadaf Elahy

The best cupcakes

Pam Cheung

Brooklyn blackout is the cupcake to get here

Luna G

Love this shop! Got their cheesecake, Brooklyn blackout cupcake(mini) and a slice of pie. The cupcake was good, very moist and yummy, but too sweet for me. Glad that I got the mini ones instead of the bigger size. As for the pie, it was not impressive. A little on the sweeter side, but good. I love their cheesecake! It was very unique: really dense and heavy, and is only slightly sweet. You can taste how well the cheese-flavor comes in this piece. Highly recommended! Love this place overall, would love to come back and try more.

Max P

Far and away my favorite bakery in the city. The Brooklyn Blackout, both in its cupcake and cake incarnations, is the undisputed winner in my book. Limited seating is available but I and the vast majority opt for takeaway. They also do holiday specials- the line for their Thanksgiving pie sales ran the entire block and that was even before the store had opened! #bakery

Margarita G.

Its ok Tonnie's Minnis is better to bad they moved to Jersey. I had the Brooklyn Chocolate and my husband had vanilla he did not like it.

Ali A

Small shop- get here early! Absolutely BEST chocolate blackout cake- tastes like childhood! Super moist, delicious and satisfying, all other treats are wonderful, best enjoyed the day you buy, not the same after you re-refrigerate - everything takes as it is named and has such flavor!

Arban Nichols

Cupcakes; heavenly. Cheescake; legendary. Plus delicious frosting that doesn't hurt my teeth from the sugar

Ebony Mallory-Patron

Here for an interview and it’s so cozy! And it smells wonderful. I’ve never been this comfy waiting for my fate!

D'Afrique Rousseau

I am convinced this bakery made a pact with Lucifer, Satan, the Prince of Darkness because everything they make is sinfully delicious.

Cal Vin

One of the best bakeries in NYC in my opinion (at least for cupcakes because that’s all I’ve every bought here). Moist, not too sweet, really well balanced. I got the peanut butter & chocolate cupcake which is amazing.


Really good small (4") cakes available in the stores if you're only celebrating with less than 3 people! I got the Brooklyn Blackout and it is so creamy and moist, it had a sort of fluffy feel to it! I believe the prices were also pretty cheap. The cupcakes were good but definitely not as yummy as the cakes.

Clare Bosco

Delicious cupcakes... I have tried most of the flavors and they all leave you in heaven after a single bite. They are moist and the icing is smooth and delicious. Very cosy and inviting

Mol Mol

It was really good but we came 2 times in a period of 3 days and they didn't have ripping for the classic cheesecake.. We came for vacation and we wanted to try the classic NY cheesecake and they didn't have it.. Disappointing!

Mariana N

amazing delicious cupcakes! on a Wednesday 2 pm there was no cheesecake left so I could try it and no place to eat

Jossie Rivera

My favorite cupcakes in NYC. Loved the Key Lime Pie.

Madelene Rabi Bernard

I'm so glad I found this spot! The cupcakes are so moist and the butter is so perfectly rich! Try the key lime cupcake - I was stunned at how brilliant it was! Definitely going back for more soon!

Alexis Rainery

VERY good cheesecake

Paul Wong

TLDR Service was fantastic, small cute place and price was okay. Long version: Had steady flow of customers. Selection was standard fare, and taste was good. Staff was fast to get orders filled. Cakes were not overly sweet but IMO Small Cakes had moister cakes. Great service, nice price and was tasty. I would return to try other flavors.


Can't praise the cupcakes enough ! Veryyyy delicious and fresh. The staff is very nice too.

Kai Demler

They have the worst most idiotic policy on order cancellations.

Orlando Trinidad

Two little red hens is a bakery that reminds you what pastries should taste like. I had a simple coconut custard cupcake and mist say it makes me delighted I walked in. I would recommend this if you are in New York, either visiting or living. I will say next time I must order their pie as I am always looking for a good slice. Thank you for a much needed smile.

Carlos Manoel Petto

I tried the red velvet and it’s not that good. It was dry and I expected more taste. And they only have the tradicional cheesecake without toppings.


The staffs are friendly and their cheesecakes are delicious! They are not too sweet and the bases of the cheesecakes are really good, especially when you eat them together. I will definitely come again.

Sonia Patel

The best cupcakes in NYC. Great price, great service, delicious baked goods. Don't miss it!

Luan Nguyen Minh

Best cheesecake I’ve ever eaten, so creamy on the inside, crust is thin and delicious on the outside, the cheese flavor is light, fresh, not overwhelming & like sex in your mouth. The cupcakes are alright, a bit too moist & sometimes oily for me. But most people love them.

arista grace

Most delicious cupcake ever! Recommend the mini cupcakes red velvet and the chocolate ones!

Sofia Del Rio

Favorite cupcake place in NYC! Also for NY cheesecake. Always a line.

zi yan lim

The cheesecake could do better with a stronger cheese taste. The charred parts are really tasty! Wished I gotten the bigger cupcake though, the mini ones are really really tiny

Guang Shi

I dream about this pie. I love citrus desserts, but I usually have an issue with it not having enough lemon/lime flavor. Two little red hens got it just right. The pie is a perfect blend of sweet and tart, and was the best money I've ever spent on dessert. The mini key lime pie is a little pricey at $6.50, but well worth it. I think it's become my absolute favorite. The cheesecake is also very good, but the pie steals the show for me

Alyssa Zachary

I got a small red velvet cake and it was delicious!

Megan Mecca

Absolutely darling and delicious!!



Hyunjung Jung

Best cheesecake... Best Cupcake... Must visit here..

Marshall Shaffer

Delicious bakery. The lines might be a little out of proportion to quality, but everything I've had is quite delicious. Cheesecake was pleasantly soft - a lot in NYC tend to be a little chunkier, and you can kind of feel them like a rock in your stomach. This one is a bit lighter!

Shrader Tiffany

This bakery is absolutely AMAZING!! I can not stress this enough! I tried a decent amount of their cupcakes and I swear to you that my facial expressions were priceless after tasting each one!! I literally kept telling myself "Ok.. this one can't be better than the last one"... but I was wrong EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. !! Brooklyn Blackout Cupcake: chocolate cake, filled with chocolate pudding, topped with fudge frosting. This was the only one that I got as a full sized cupcake.. they were pretty big and since I had heard so many good things about this flavor, I decided to go with this one for the regular sized and have the rest as minis. Let me just tell you.. that the hype with this one is REAL!! I was a bit skeptical at first because I had heard so many good things about the Brooklyn Blackout cake at Ovenly and I did not like it at all.. but this one was AH-MA-ZEEENG! Boston Cream: I remember this is the first one that I tried! My face INSTANTLY lit up! It was a nice surprise because the mini bite of happiness was chilled.. so when I bit into the cream inside it was nice a chilly and delicious !! So good! Banana: What can I say that you haven't already heard? This one was also yummy! It's a banana cupcake with a delicious cream cheese frosting! It wasn't my favorite out of the seven cupcakes that I downed in one shot.. but it was still a 5 out of 5.. so you can imagine how darn good they are! Coconut cream: This was another cupcake that was chilled. Filled with coconut cream and topped with whipped cream and toasted coconut shavings. Another hit! Obviously. Like I said.. I kept thinking that the next one couldn't be as good as the last.. but they always were! Red velvet: This might be your typical red velvet description.. red velvet cake with a cream cheese frosting.. but it's faaaaaaar from your typical red velvet! If you thought you loved red velvet before.. then you'll definitely become obsessed with it after trying it from here! It's super moist! The cream cheese frosting is legit perfection (some of them are a bit heavy and can become a little nauseating when you have too much of it) and the taste was just mmmmmm!!! So yes! Two Little Red Hens nailed it once again! Carrot cake: with cream cheese frosting and walnuts. Now I'm pretty big on carrot cake so I've had quite a few in my life. But this one is hands down number one. These also come with that perfect cream cheese frosting, and the carrot cake is amazing! (I know I've used the word amazing a lot in this review.. but there's just no other way to describe the cakes here.. they have literally left me shocked) Last but most certainly not least! Peanut Butter Fudge Swirl: chocolate cake, PB buttercream filling, PB chocolate fudge frosting. Now while this might be the hardest decision I've made in my life... this one MIGHT HAVE been my favorite one ! (Maybe tied with Brooklyn Blackout) (Maybe tied with all the others) (I DONT KNOW!!) (I'll marry them all!) But this one really was Soooo good! It was the one I saved for last out of the minis and I was just in pure bliss! The peanut butter wasn't too thick! It was a light PB that didn't leave out ANY of the taste ! I would try and describe it in depth .. but my best advice is to just go and try it for yourself !!!

Leo Niak

I only tasted the pecan pie and a little Brooklyn blackout. I should have tried more cupcakes and bought the big Brooklyn blackout...because it was soooooooo good ! First time I ate a cupcake like that ! It was amazingly good. Really. I loved it.

Howard Tran

Love this bakery! The pies, the cakes, the cookies are all phenomenal! It gets very busy into the evening but waiting in line is totally worth it! Wow!

Adrian LM

I discovered Two Little Red Hens bakery years ago upon the recommendation of a close friend. Years later it’s still one of my favorite bakeries in the city! The cakes and pastries never disappoint. There is yet an item that I’ve tasted that I did not thoroughly enjoy. They make divine birthday cakes, cupcakes and pies! A must try! And while you wait, get a piece of the coffee crumb cake. YUM!!!

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