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Alexis Ramos

Las sillas son algo mincómodas, pero esta bien para algo de pasada porque se encuentra en la estación del metro y entonces fácilmente se puede pedir comida para llevar,

Vicki morales

Very rude staff and limited choices. For example they did not have skin milk or low cream cheese or whitefish salad. They also did not have flagels. I think that's pretty silly considering that it is a bagel franchise. Other issue is that they are located in Fulton Center so its pretty hard to find. Positives were good pricing and good taste. However I would recommend skipping this place!

Jenny Jimenez

I've order bagel with butter. Must of the time is waaaayyy too much butter even after I ask for less. Despite that, they DEFINITELY DO NOT OPEN at 7AM!

Arsalan Haroon

I ordered a sausage egg and cheese on an everything bagel. The egg was microwaved, the sausage was microwaved, the cheese was microwaved, and even the "toasted" bagel was microwaved. Also the ketchup packets they use aren't Heinz or Hunt's, it tastes a little smokey, weird. Skip this place.

Azucena Sahagun

super tasty

Pebbles4red Jackson

Bagel is very good. If they were selling my favorite popi seed Bagel and other flavored Bagel choices then they would definitely get a 5 star and a recommendation.

MOT Mark

Decent bagel's. They're fresh and well prepared. Conveniently located in the Fulton Center this place offers corporate party packages as well as a nice selection sandwiches and salads. The staff could be a bit more friendly. The facilities are clean and well maintained. There's some outside of the store seating too. Quick and easy service. This place is worth checking out.

Christopher Brandimarte

Is one star even too much? Probably. Apparently ordering a Bagel and a coffee is too much for these guys. This place should have closed before it even opened. The server forgot to turn around and pour me a coffee. I was asked multiple times what spread I wanted and they still got it wrong. The bagels are no better than the bread on the subway tracks. MTA, you should find a better tenant. Maybe one that doesn't back talk to customers.

Suruchi KV

Chelsea Clark

The price is ok, but you're paying for a lukewarm bagel with so little cream cheese on it Its a joke that they charge you a dollar extra.

Auxanne Riaguas

(Translated by Google) Super good (Original) Super bon

Armando Nicolas PJ

Mayra Zapata


Was out of lox and turkey when I ordered lunch around 1 PM. Had to settle for an OK Cuban sandwich. They just microwaved the sandwich, didn't even use a panini press. Also, one of the staff seemed really annoyed when he had to explain to some French tourists what a bagel was.

Raquel Peralta

(Translated by Google) Excellent!!!!! (Original) Excelent!!!!!

Mari. A

For the love of Animals

staff hates their job. food is edible.

Yoav Erez

Awful bagel. Soggy & sad. They use pre-made eggs which is just gross and nothing about this place feels high quality. Real shame we don't have a good bagel spot here anymore


Rude customer service. Was talking poorly about the customer to another employee in front of the customer. She skipped our turn after pointing out that we were waiting. They should SHUT DOWN the place.

Kelsie W

Reeaaaaallllyyy great.

Andrew Kosykh

(Translated by Google) Sucks (Original) Отстой

Erik Witzel

Bagel place wasn’t open at 7:30 and they couldn’t tell me when it would be...

Wiz Koulikov

What bagel place opens at 10? Good luck finding a seat, it's usually filled with people eating sushi from Wasabi next door. The bagels taste more like pretzel dough. I don't know why it's so hard to find a good bagel in FiDi.

Priscilla Rodriguez

10 minute wait. One person making bagels. Bagels don’t look freshly baked. Walked out before I even ordered.

Subject 2 Agenda

--DO NOT GO HERE --Depressing little spot, lox was stale and the onions were definitely kept from the day before (health violation af). Grew up in NY over 20 years and never had a displeasing iced coffee till I went there. Im seeing such positive reviews popping up and Id conclude this is based on staff and stock. The crew there when I went looked miserable as my breakfast.

Nicole Gibson

Karen Oliver

Whenever I want a soft plain bagel (soft enough to eat without anything on it without scratching up the roof of my mouth) I stop here. I like my bagels cooked lightly, if it's too dark then I dont want it. TGAB never disappoints me in the quality and taste of their bagels. I'm only reviewing the bagels, never had any of their sandwiches or other offerings. As far as the service goes...I've had different experiences with different servers/cashiers and no one has ever been rude to me. I believe the managerial staff is responsible for the sometimes somber mood of the employees as I've witnessed a manager "hawk" an employee when she was preparing a bagel for me. Micromanagers can bring out the worst in anyone. Bottom line: If you want a delicious bagel, this is a convenient spot to get one. I'd recommend their bagels over DD any day. Show up with realistic expectations, it's a bagel spot, not the Russian Tea Room.

jennifer cordovavalle


Always friendly and quick

Syble Barreto

OhRee Zee

They asked me 3 times what kind of bagel I wanted. The guy keep saying the wrong kind of cream-cheese. I waited 10mins to pay for a bagel that they officially got wrong. I ended up paying for a bagel with the WRONG cream cheese. The worse customer service I have ever experienced. The cashier seemed new, so I could cut him a break, the but the guy taking the orders, he cannot get the orders right. I could have left without paying, because no one knew why I was still standing there, but I'm a good citizen and I told him I am just waiting to pay. They charged me for what I told them I ordered, when I got to work IT WAS THE WRONG ORDER.... please do not try it...


Great and hard working staff!

A Google User

Nice place to visit

Harry Miller

I wasn't expecting anything special but my Cuban panini on whole wheat bread with a chai tea latte yesterday afternoon were really delicious, and the people working there were very polite and friendly. Very reasonably priced too. If I'm down that way I will visit them again. Thank you!

Nazim Quraishi

Like any New Yorker I know bagels, this place has one of the freshest and soft bagels. Enjoy the place before it becomes too popular and it becomes difficult to find a seat.

Karen Diemer

I wish I could rate the bagels. However, after standing there for almost five minutes waiting to be served, the person behind the counter helped a woman who came in after me. I actually said "do you see me standing here?" and he stared at me like he didn't understand English. So, I left. If I could give them zero stars, I would.

fabia andolfo

Ciambelle il top

Phil Bongard

staff take a long time to ask to take your order even when they aren't busy, and seem to put in minimal effort. slow and unresponsive.

Federico Marino

Nos atendió una chica muy simpática. Por los precios q hay en Manhattan está bastante bien!

Samuel Akinin

I got the Cuban sandwich and had to pay extra to get the included chips of choice. Which was a bit annoying. The sand which was great though.

Getchapaypa Boy Hancock

Cinnamon bagel. Scrumdiddlyumptious.

William Bogart

I eat there

Tay Ochoa-Doylet

So soft, delicious and great at any time must go !!!

Abdulaziz Mohammad

Had “Chicken Pesto Panini”, the chicken wasn’t fully cooked, not chewable, as you can see the pinkish tinge in the meat. I had to remove the chicken and eat my panini without it. The staff was nice and that’s why I’m giving it a star.

Greg T

Wasn’t expecting a Peter Lugers steak but holy moly. Obviously I was expecting high prices (Long Island/airport) but are you kidding me? How are they serving this stuff? I just bit into a premade, rubbery, soggy and steaming hot “egg sandwhich” that’s been microwaved and thrown in a steamer. Who knows when it was actually made? Not only was the sandwhich disgusting but the bagels are so bland and tasteless. I wouldn’t feed it to my dog. What an utter embarrassment. We live on Long Island and one of the things we should take pride in is our bagels/egg sandwiches. Is that a way to to send our visitors off? Luckily for this place, they have no competition. Thank god South West has peanuts and fingers crossed, there are no peanut allergies on this flight. I’m starving! Knew I should have just stuck to a cliff bar....

Linet Michel

Felipe Sanhueza

Miguel Reyes

(Translated by Google) This is quite the price and the food, in terms of the portion is just for the price, I recommend it if you are looking not to spend a lot on food and want to get the calories you need to continue your day in Manhattan. (Original) Esta bastante el precio y la comida, en cuanto a la porción es lo justo por el precio, lo recomiendo si buscas no gastar mucho en comidas y quieres obtener las calorías que necesitas para continuar con tu día en Manhattan.

Josh G

Awesome Blueberry bagel like thing that was so yummy! They certainly need help with staff and the customer experience but quality of food always wins! You have to experience this place for yourself

Maria Mercedes Martinez

Believe it or not, I'm walkin' on air, I never thought I could feel so free; Flyin' away on a wing and a pray'r, Who could it be? Believe it or not, it's just a bagel.

Ajoke Badru

Gosh the Chicken breast sandwich on an Asiago is the bomb, I was kinda skeptical at first but the lady(Natalie) recommended the bread and it was worth the money; Ps you might be tempted to order one more just like I did. Thank me later(you’re welcome in arrears)

Polina Sorokina

Really tasty Cuban panini.

Dennisse Riollano

Friendly staff

Mark Mannino

Will Torrez

I was eating a sandwich there and they told me that I had a purchase something for me to sit down and eat there outside store tables at Fulton Street this is pathetic I hope the manager gets fired and works at a Walmart

Andrei Iacob

Nicolas B

I would not recommend going there. Tastes like airport food.


Seth Fishman

Calling this a good bagel place is a shame on real bagel places. This place was so bad that the bagel got hard after an hour sitting in m bag on my way to work, and yes not exactly the friendliest or most attentive workers at all. avoid this like the plague and go someplace else for bagels.

Aaron Canter-Mason

Bagels were just ok, cream cheese was blah.

Tri Tang

The boss is rude to the customers and the workers. I showed up for a bagel and the girl who was making my bagel had to stop because the manager was giving her a hard time.

Carter Milan

Turkey club panini was disappointing and the bread seemed almost stale. Don't expect much from the menu.

Rafael Siqueira

Tozammel Miah

steph Psrd

(Translated by Google) A bit expensive but it's fresh. (Original) Un peu chere mais cest frais.

Eduardo Salles

Provei um chessecake que acabava de ficar pronto que estava incrível.

Monte Smith

Rainer Müller

Harper Murray


(Translated by Google) delicious (Original) 美味

Jeff Buswell

Elke Weide-Wegener

Mal- Kay

Sub par service. We stood there for 10 minutes, were told to wait because lady was cooking something on oven. Then she was done and told us to hurry because we only had a couple of minutes before said oven shuts down for the day. So we proceeded to place order. Couldn't guarantee what topings come in sandwich. We ordered hot but sandwiches still came out cold and with vegetables we specifically asked to not include. In the end, nothing special about these cold sandwiches. Skip unless you're really into those types of food.

Mitch Z

Food was great. But was unsettling to see that a boss was being racist to her employee for no reason

J Vanburen

Not the best but good. Follow me @Emperorkaioyus

Silvia Ceballos

Glad to see that I'm not the only one with a bad review for this bagel shop. It maybe American but is not great and the customer service is terrible. On Sunday Jan. 14, around 11.15 am we were the only customers and I ordered 1 sandwich, 1 bagel and 1 coffee. It took the two employees there like 20 mins. to deliver the food. When coffee was given to me the lid was not properly closed so I try to grab the cup and the lid pop out & my hand was burned when the coffee spilled, employee did nothing I asked for cold water and look at me like what?? I said I need to wash my hand immediately with cold water and literally push myself to the sink on the other side of the counter. After that I asked if they have like a burn cream of something, then he went and brought small box, searched inside and found a half empty sachet of cream that he gave it to me. All this time his emergency response was "cero" after I finished helping myself I said "you guys have to be more careful" and the employee dare to say to me "it's your fault because you squeezed the cup!!!!". OMG I couldn't believe him, I have never ever had this problem with my everyday cup of coffee at Starbucks! It is clear to me that at this bagel shop at Fulton Center they have no customer service, no disposition to help, no proper training. So my advice as a Google high reviewer, skip this place is not worth your money.

Aliana Belyi

Good bagles, less than enthusiastic employees at the Westfield location tho.

Ryan Rosales

Belinda Siciliano

Any topping u can think of

Small Child with Autism

Giovanni Coombs

Entertainment Tune in with Jenny

Best bagels in the city i don't care i don't care.m

Dylan Quigley

Long line. Slow staff. No bacon. Ham still cold and wet in sandwich.

Amy Liu

Lukas Wellens

No coffee, employees with worst attitude

David Domínguez Gómez


Had the Cuban Panini - basically gas station quality sandwich but they do have the courtesy to warm it up for you

Vanessa Vaughn

Its okay!

Massimiliano Tambaro

Tonya Fields.Green

Emil Luk

Roberto Cavallone

Allison Ross

Fresh bagles, great taste.

Jen Saith

Really yummy bagels, quick and polite service!

K-Mepa Productions

Personnel désagréable. Qualité du bagel mediocre!

Vialey Richards

Tasty stuff

Clare Charles

alexander aiken

Jojong Tanaka

(Translated by Google) The bread makes you full (Original) Rotinya bikin kenyang

Robert Drakes

They make a good Cuban panini.

J Leini

(Translated by Google) Everything good and ok (Original) Alles gut und ok

Dominic StarX

Nicole Isaacs

Dont like their food.

Albane Bocabeille

Very long and rude service good bagels but expensive

Royalty slay

Nice food I never had cheese bagels befor until I went there I didn't even know that existed.

Amit Dwivedi

María Luisa Vargas Martí

(Translated by Google) The salmon bagel and the Panini cuban are very good. (Original) El bagel de salmón y el cuban Panini están muy buenos.

C Baker

Delicious and quick

Vikas Aggarwal

Awful...tasted like old bagels. SO many better options around....definitely avoid.

Ays Akca


The sandwiches are not great big impression, what I liked the least was the service of one of the ones who took care of me is a thin woman I let her burn the bread twice, and I have to wait for a little for 15 minutes, because between her work colleague and she only passed body language, I do not know if they laughed at me or what? well I hope my comment will be useful for you. Guess better to hire for a good respect and enthusiastic people, bcs the place will broke with the rudeness of the employees.

Chris Bennett

Parker Hutchins

Hooman Vakil

Петър Стойчев

Not very polite staff.. Nor very fast.. Did not feel welcome at all.. Food is OKish though.

rafael rodriguez

Good bakery and service.



Nick_ Ninja

Victor Veytsman

Pretty good bagel for a pretty good price. Not much else to say.

Lue B

Madeline Roesch

It's just ok

Jenny Poppins

Toasted asiago Bagel every time I visit them. deliciously wonderful.

Erin Melfi

Wini Soto

Bagels are delicious!!!

Denise Arenella

Too expensive

Tom 456

Service was rude, very very long and unpolite and paninis were expensive and poor .... Very little choice of bagels. Not recommanded at all .....

Augustin AW

De bons bagels, certes. L'équipe n'est pas très efficace, parfois lente et/ou a côté de la plaque. Dans un environnement très mouvementé

Justus George

After trying for several months this fast food version of a bagel place with a twist is not as good as several mom and pop bagel restaurant I like. They have a version of bacon egg and cheese but everything is processed The eggs is shaped like a hockey puck in the middle of a big bagel service is OK. I stopped going. Cream cheese is bland. The bagels are good.

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