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REVIEWS OF The City Bakery IN New York

Bill Fergus

Friend recommended the Pretzel did not disappoint! Salty and chewey on the outside, slightly sweet and fluffy on the inside. Friendly staff, fast service and lots of seating. Looking forward to coming back for another pretzel crossiant....if I ever get tired of those, the Mac & Cheese looked tasty.

Julio Heredia

I only go to this place for the hot chocolate, which is the best hot chocolate I've had in my life. This place has a lot of seating and a very comfy second floor with booth/couch like seats. If you go in the winter you can get a seasonal marshmallow that they make along with your hot chocolate, which is amazing. Just try the hot chocolate; you won't regret it

Sarah Litwin

Best Chocolate Croissants on the planet. They melt in your mouth and make me want to run out of work to go get more. I'll be back for more soon.

Steve Weiner

Very tasty food overall. The $15 lunch special in the back is really good.

Thomas Lelu

Good food . Friendly service. Light could be improve with more warm yellow color

Jacque T

I was so excited to try their famous popular hot chocolate but I was so disappointed when I tasted it!! If you want to make yourself throw up then this is the hot chocolate for you!

Jennifer Miller

I have been going here for over 20 years and it is my favorite place to eat in the city! The absolute best.

Jenny Chan

Pretzel croissant was great. Hot chocolate is overrated. Apparently marshmallows are "out of season" right now so none came with my drink. Bathrooms are not the cleanest.

Ketsia Amazan

The place was pretty crouded and for good reason. Even with so many customers, the staff had a efficent system and the line moved quickly. Had their regular hot chocolate. It was divine: thick and creamy with the right amount of sweet. I would advise just getting the shot or getting the size small to share because it is so rich.

Susan Grubman

A quaint place with an eclectic smorgasbord. Perfect to go to when it's between lunch and dinner hour. We couldn't find a decent restaurant between the hours of 4 & 5pm, luckily the person we were with, knew about this charming spot. Had the most extraordinarily delicious butternut squash with hazelnuts that screamed freshness--the nuts were incredibly sweet and tasty. The cauliflower with ginger was nicely balanced, the breaded fish, although not warm, was cooked well and had a nice firm mouth-feel. The only complaint were the lines. May I suggest that they have 2 seperate lines: 1 for coffee/drinks, dessert, and plate weigh and then an "express line" for just weighing plates with nothing else?!?

Jerome Espinosa Baladad

The best hot chocolate I have tasted to-date in the city. I like the huge space, and I just enjoyed being there on a weekday just before the rush hour. You just have to be careful crossing the street, as some drivers like to own the whole street (I almost got hit on my way to this fabulous bakery).

Shaun Skura

Absolute best cookie downtown! This insane bakery and cafe serves the best in healthy salads like the lemon, chicken and kale with raw corn or a terrific cold noodle salad. Their famous pretzel croissants are not to be missed however the melted chocolate cookies may take center stage amongst near food perfection. Long live city bakery!!! Their soho location is worth a stop with a more limited menu but worth it for coffee and a snack pizza! Flaky perfection

Jinsoku Mizu

Great service and choices, a little crowding during the brunch hours

charles suarez

Used to be amazing, coffee was mediocre at best. Threw it away. Lack of options too it seemed.

Wladimir Coutinho Mesquita

Every time I go to NYC I pass by just to buy the delicious Bakers’ Muffin but very difficult to be found! Go in the morning you’ll find it! Love it!

Leonard Stokes

looking forward to coming back with my friends. bring your hunger - portions are generous. food is like a restaurant in jacksonville i loved.

Vuong Nguyen

Interior scene is pretty awkward. But gotta love the edible contents.

geraldine yang

Best hot chocolate in the city and the pretzel croissant! Yummm

Michel Lavache

$12.50 lunch box is the best deal in flatiron

Ethan Anderson

Friendly, quick staff. Nice ambience. Good coffee, great hot chocolate, and the pastries are excellent, expertly made. We had a chocolate croissant and a berry scone, both were flaky and freshly made on-site; no factory goods here. Hot chocolate could be hotter, but that's a minor point.

Joseph Henry Huppert

Expensive, but fabulous. Parking is very tough, best bet is to go with at least two in the car, in case you have to go in separately .

Tally Pun

The famous hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows is very rich. We liked it, especially the marshmallow. We also had their little bite, cheesecake brownie and peanut butter cookie. They also have hot dishes provided. It is a good place to hang out

Tim Ryan

That was nice... Enjoyed our visit!

Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Great place to get breakfast on the go, though I recommend not going around 11 am, during transition from breakfast to lunch (I got the dregs of the eggs - they were still yummy, though). I was never asked if I wanted food to go or to stay, was assumed to go. Friendly, helpful staff. Love the table spaces on the second floor. Wonderful pastries!

Lina Belalcazar

City bakery is #1 for hot chocolate + light lunch + croissants and pastries !!! I feel at home here. Love this place!

Karl Frigan

Was a nice place for a meeting, the espresso was a bit mild for my taste, but nonetheless enjoyable. Next time I will try the hot chocolate with fresh marshmallows!

Robert Williams

Hit chocolate!!!

Keisha Joly

Honestly it met my expectations. Wish the chocolate wasn't as thick as it was, but it's rich and amazing. Also, a little tip for the 'to go' people don't get the marshmallow unless your taking the whole thing home. The marshmallow doesn't melt and will kinda just sit there as you drink your warm (maybe that's why it doesn't melt) chocolate. But all in all, 10/10 will do it again.

Anita Ratnam

Great hot chocolate and fresh salads. Sandwiches and easy city vibe

Mirelys Perez

The pretzel croissant is just insane. I wish I lived in New York just so I could eat this everyday. The hot chocolate is very decadent, tastes sinful. Please do yourself a favor and definitely try it, if only for the giant marshmallow.


Rich Hot chocolate is an understatement. I love chocolate but this is on another level. Far too expensive for what it is. But worth a trip if you really want to go.

gloria dalama

This is a mixed review. I had the chocolate chip cookie, which was good but not the best I've had. I prefer a little more gooey and fresh. I also had the hot chocolate, which was terrible. It's so thick and rich that it's inedible. I had literally 2 sips and couldn't finish it; It's gross and I sent it back. Also, the service wasn't as friendly and welcoming as I'd hoped as I was very excited coming here from Florida and felt very rushed.

Ana Paula Marchetti

Worst bagel ever. Cold coffee. Poor service.


Fantastic hot chocolate and bakery items A must visit when in the city

Abhilash Mohanty

It looked pretty good from the outside but was a little underwhelming when you get inside. It was a little dark and gloomy. Didn't actually try their coffee, but didn't feel like my one either.

Steven Pucci

Such a cool bakery and coffee shop. Plenty of comfortable seating, and friendly staff. The bakery items are delicious! Very nice atmosphere.

Mei-Ly Chua

Rich homemade hot chocolate and marshmallow! Delicious!

Alma Q.

After having two hot chocolates, i told my sister that i was feeling nauseous, and she said she was feeling the exact same way! I think there is something wrong with their chocolate is just too heavy yuck

Sarah Kirker

Great stop for breakfast before heading to the office. The scrambled eggs were amazing

Colleen Flett

I come hear every year for the hot chocolate festival. During February they have a different flavor every day and I have yet to encounter a bad one. They also make their own marshmallows. Make sure you save space for one of their pretzel croissants - they are where both pretzels and croissants go when they die. Just be prepared for a wait to get your food and hope you get lucky enough to get a seat. Only once have I gone when the place is not packed and that was on a weekday half an hour before they closed.

Tsadik Kaplan

Incredible hot chocolate, the best I've had that was not in a fancy restaurant that costs $10 a cup. Arguably the best chocolate chip cookie in NYC. In my top three. Nice staff.

renae belthrop

Woderful place anytime of the Day tho the spinach eggs are too die for. Frankly speaking IIdc how many calories are in the HOT CHOCOLATE it is a MUST have and yes get the Marshmallow with that

Brandon Johnson

Been coming here since the last three years always have a really good experience there big goods is fresh very friendly people

Pieter Sommen

Coffee meh! Pastries meh! I don't eat food there, it might be good. Also it is served buffet-style, so you choose!

Paula Regan

We stopped by around 10am on a Saturday morning. It was busy but there was still plenty of seats. If you sit upstairs at the bar you can look down over the whole bakery and out the windows to the street. We ordered the hot chocolate with marshmallow, coffee and two pastries; chocolate croissant and mixed berry scone for $22.00. Everything was delicious.

Don Badsha

Everything is fresh! Great staff! A must visit place in New York City

Elvira Lynch

Best croissants in the world! $5.95 each and so worth it. Ham and cheese and chocolate almond flavors are the best!

Henry Drobbin

High price and good food

Sangini Shah

Hot chocolate was delicious! Very rich and chocolatey, like drinking melted cocoa. Also tried the double chocolate chip cookie, which was very good as well.

Deanna Hoffman

Entered near nine, it wasn't busy. I had a brother come into town and he asked me to go back here. The bill was well within reason for the quality.

byulaa yoo

Great baked goods and yummy hot chocolate!

Maria Alejandra Sierra

Very nice place to drink coffee and eat a snack. I ate a delicious berry cake. Coming back again!

Ziad Iskandar

Great place to grab a coffee and pastries however they also had these great looking mini pizza with eggplants

Sam Molik

The only reason this isnt 5 stars is because Im personally getting tired of thr scandinavian minimalist style that seems to have taken over the majority of retail spaces in NY. Scandinavian Minimalism does not make for a comfortable place to sit. But then again that is the point.

Juliana Sara

Nice place, the chocolate cookie is amazing!!!! I expected a little bit more from the famous hot chocolate with marshmallow. Although it’s far from bad, it’s good.

Jane Chiaia

The hot chocolate was served sloppy. It should be served in a bigger container when served with the marshmallow. Way to sweet for my tates for $8.00 a cup I should have gotten a bagel and lox spread..

Nikhil Panchal

Not as Cosy and cute as the pics show. Was expecting a wide array of cookies and pastries but there was no more than 4-5. Chocolate chip cookie was $5 which I thought was over priced

Mary Pratt

Hot cocoa. :) wish they had some glutenfree food options!

Olivia Jay

Great quality food and the sitting space takes up two floors. Clean bathrooms with dim light. Hot food bar and coffee available. A bit on the pricey side but it's a cute place to meet up for a quick coffee date !

Sydney McNulty

I love coming here because there is so much seating I can always get a coffee and work for a couple hours. All of the food is delicious! They have a lunch buffet which is about 9.50 per half pound. Everything is very fresh. The baked goods here are so good, but watch out! The sweets are very sugary. They have decaf on drip - another perk for me since a lot of places only offer decaf espresso which is usually double the price of drip.

Changsoo Kim

Good coffee

Chad Lutz

Super tasty. Certainly worth going back to. Bring your appetite because portions are large. Feels similar to a cafe in Chicago I loved.

Julianna Bautista

Amazing hot chocolate! Such good sweets as well. Ughhhhhhhhhh. Really do love this place. Also there is so much seating for the upper deck. The whole place is pretty cool and very aesthetically pleasing. Would recommend for the winter. It's pretty chill.

Phenix Hall

What’s not to love about City Bakery? he prices are what one would expect to pay in NYC, the food is beyond decent. In fact mos tot the pastries are pretty damn good considering that they still use butter in their products. Service is also great and that’s where this shop excels. Because while you are in line waiting for your turn to come you find that its not really a line because someone always takes your order before you reach the cashier. The hot chocolate is the draw here, with the marshmallows that are house made. Can’t say I have ever had either but they do seem to be popular. The croissants are flaky and a pretty close approximation of what you would find in the tourist areas of France so you can’t complain. The scones are dry which gives them a following. Basically all of their food items are close approximations of what you think you should be given. Will I return. Yes, again and again.

Kristian Romero

It's always chaotic in here because of their poor setup but its great coffee and awesome baked goods. It's also right off 5th so its generally pretty busy. Not an ideal spot to sit and work but definitely great for a quick pitstop.

Xiao Hui Lee

Pretzel croissant is a MUST try. Light crispy outside with slightly soft salty inside makes it a delicious all day snack! Thick hot chocolate with a giant floating marshmallow is such a treat. Will be back to try other food/lunch!

Nicolás Ortiz

The hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows is the best one that I’ve ever had so far. I also tasted a berry scone that was delicious. The staff is very kind and there are many tables.

Stefan De Clercq

This isn't really a bakery as much as it is a destination for some of New York's most delicious cookies as well as a hot chocolate so decadent it's best combined with a pretzel croissant to be used as dip. Salads and sandwiches are also offered during lunch time but note that the cookies are not available in the morning.

Pouyan Momen

Overrated. Absolutely nothing special about it. Few options of pastry. One type of hot chocolate and a noisy shop !

Benjamin Macdonald

Good but pricey. Kinda worth it. Only kinda. Amazing food don't get me wrong, but is it worth 5 dollars a cookie......................... Maybe once in a while.

Steven Aguilar

I worked here for like one day... what a mess this place is. All the bakers looked at me like I didn’t belong there. As I was grabbing a sheet pan full of pastries to be delivered one of those bakers asked why am I grabbing something that’s not mine. Are you kidding me it’s my first day and definitely my last. I just walked out

Cindy Carissa

Suggested by a friend who lives in town that this is a serious and proper bakery famous with the pretzel croissant, big one for a snack for me, and yes, i love it so much. Crusty buttery sesame crispy combination of pretzel and croissant has an amazing taste. With a cup of coffee or tea at around 4 p.m., can make me survive without dinner. The location is considered in the heart of the city, huge, with a friendly and efficient service, make this place a good hide from the cold for a while. I would love to go back here again for another pretzel.

Lauren Brown

The Hot Chocolate Festival is great!! I enjoyed a delicious cocoa with an amazing twist! Great people, great location! Simply put, I highly recommend!!

David Luchino

Coffee there was especially good yesterday. Nice place to sit down and catch your breath when in the neighborhood. Bathrooms now in the back on the first floor. During the week, check out the extensve food selections further back in the store. This place will never shake the reputation it got, featured in Sex and the City, ridiculed for its high prices. For the quality of the offerings, it is worth it!

Sinthia Cepeda

Overpriced hot choclate, it was $5.50 and completely gross. Its very heavy and over powered by chocolate. The hot choclate is thick. The cookie is overrated and not worth the price. Starbucks is better.

Athens Glance

Liked the place, the pretzel croissant is amazing try it :)

Shashank Suryanarayanan

Their hot chocolate is super good. Very creamy and rich mouth feel.

Raul hincapie

Absolutely phenomenal. Food prices are a tad up there but for the quality you're receiving, definitely worth every cent. Would recommend without a doubt.

Berta Canaleta

I'm international and I love hot chocolate but I've never liked it in NYC. The hot chocalate in this place is mind blowing. The local is nice and cozy and everything looked tasty. I will def. come back! It was a great suggestion from a great friend!

Joseph Le

A while back, I tried their famous hot chocolate, it was too rich and dark, and the marshmallow was hard to eat, it causes you to awkwardly pick it up at the end and eat it with your hand. Today, I decided to give this place a second chance. I can’t judge the whole bakery based on one thing. From Alvin Zhou I’ve heard that their cookies were good, with the dough aged in the fridge. I walked in, with the place almost empty. I walk around and pass the pastries, and the assorted cookies. The cookies were piled in 4 stacks, a bit unorganized, I couldn’t tell which cookie was which flavor. I order the one that seemed like a regular chocolate chip cookie. The total came out at $4. I sat down, opened the small brown bag that it came in and started eating it. Immediately I can tell that it’s stale, and crunchy. It wasn’t chewy, and I can taste the grains of sugar. It was clear that they didn’t whip the butter and sugar enough. I can only taste the oatmeal and grains of sugar. I can’t taste the chocolate or the flaky sea salt. For me, it was too sweet, and it seemed like they left it out for a few days. Overall it tastes terrible and Chips Ahoy ranks higher on my list than these cookies. The reason why I give this place 2 stars rather than 1 is because the ambiance was pleasant with nice modern and clean decor.

Rochile Khan

Walked by and recognized City Bakery from an article that raved about the hot chocolate. Tried it myself for the first time. Actually was DELICIOUS. Honestly, so decadent. I'm probably going to go out of my way in the winter just to have this again. Worth checking out!

Soeun Lee

Terrible coffee but good chocolate. Ordered americano and it was undrinkable.. i asked to switch it to regular coffee and it was also pretty bad. Their breads and chocolate are on point so maybe it was a bad batch of beans. But people who works there didn’t seem to care anyway

Satya Chandrasekar

Amazing hot chocolate and cookies! Must try

Ashlyn Davis

Dangerously chocolatey hot chocolate and dreamy giant marshmallows for any winters day, fresh salads in Summer and hot take-away bowls of scrambled eggs or pastries for the morning rush. This feels like stepping into a Woody Allen’s New York bakery - old worldly charm and style with sweet music and the chattering of locals in the background. Easy to spend hours in until you run out of battery and struggle to find a socket, but that might actually be a plus.

Kathleen Reckling

The hot chocolate and pretzel croissants are as delicious as it gets. An NYC mainstay.

Cyd Zeigler

The 5-star rating is for the hot chocolate alone, which is literally the best I've ever had in the world. Everywhere I go I track down the city's best hot chocolate, and this is the best I've found. The baked goods are also fantastic. And the salad bar has lots of selections, many of which are super tasty. The staff always has a smile. If there's a complaint it's that there is not enough seating during the busy times. But that reflects just how good this spot it.


Bad pastry, muggy air, and subpar cleanliness. This used to be my go-to place for pastries and brunch in Chelsea, but the quality of both service and food continue to deteriorate from bad to worse for the past few years. Just visited again today, and was shocked to see how bad the place has turned out. Coffee was served in a chipped and dirty mug, chocolate croissant completely has no buttery aroma at all, the temperature at sitting area was over 90, and the toilet at men's room is seriously clogged with strong odor. What a big disappointment.

Marc Starvaggi

Been here a few times. Good pastries, great hot chocolate in the winter!

Hollis Axelrod

Pretzel croissant...amazing

Haley Lundberg

Loved the vibe of this place and the options for pastries. I got a chocolate crinkle cookie that was perfectly rich and fudgy. Lots of seating, I came in on a rainy Saturday and still didn’t have a problem finding a seat. Minus one star for not having true alternative milk options for the hot chocolate. (The barista said she could cut it with non-dairy milk, but the chocolate mixture is still made with regular milk.) I’ve had non-dairy hot chocolate at other places so I’d love it if City Bakery could make this possible!

George Wood

good place to hang and eat some good food. had a friend come into town and she asked me to take her here again. i see why this place has so many good reviews.

Naren Santayana

This is a New York City Classic. An establishment that must live on for as long as possible, because they're probably the best bakery north of Houston (minus Levain, but Levain is primarily cookies, right?). I think that the best bet would be to visit in February when they have a different featured Hot Chocolate every single day of the month! Be aware, it will DEFINITELY be too rich and you may need a glass of milk along side it. The cookies? To die for. They're incredibly buttery, full of flavor and full of texture. There are no regrets to the amount of calories you'll eat here. They have a pretzel croissant, which is essentially a buttery croissant that is made with Pretzel dough. The texture is much more dense and hefty than a normal fluffy croissant, but that's what's beautiful about it. It gives the heftiness that you would want. The chew, the bite, the flavor, all perfect. Lastly? The home made marshmallows are incredible! They melt in your mouth!

Crystal Williamson

Great iced coffee and excellent variety of cuisine.

Julia Swanson

Been to the City Bakery twice and had mixed experiences. First time I was there, got a chocolate chip cookie and hot chocolate, and I swear it was one of the best chocolate chip cookies I've had in my life! I recently dragged my friends over there for another cookie, and it was a good cookie, but nothing great. I'll have to try it again sometime and give it another chance.

David DiAngelo

Best Mac n cheese and chocolate chip cookies around

Sofia Herrero

Nice healthy buffet selection: the kale salad and catfish were wonderful. The cookies looked very appetizing but ended up not being very good, skip the cookies.

Kong X.

I didn't check the time when the first time I went there (around 10 p.m.), it was closed. So I went there again the second day. I arrived there exactly at 6 p.m., when they were just about to close. The employees let me in and made me a large hot chocolate with home made marshmallow on top!!! It was great!!! The thickest hot chocolate I ever had! I ordered some snacks as well...As I was taking pictures, they packed some snacks that were not in good shape anymore but still fresh and sooooo tasty! For free!!! I was so lucky that day. Thank you so much!!! I would definitely recommend here! I will go there again when next time I go to New York City!

Norm Wilson

Great baked goods but very pricey.

Haralambos Patsalidis

Best hot chocolate you can get!! Nice environment and great background music

Noor S.

I had heard a lot about the hot chocolate and house made marshmallows at this place (mostly from tourists, to be honest!) so my expectations were pretty high, yet I wasn't disappointed! The hot chocolate was really rich (a bit too much for me, would have been better sharing this) and chocolatey, very delicious. But the marshmallow is what I would go back for, so good! It's a bit pricey for a simple hot chocolate, but a nice holiday treat if you're around Union Square on a cold day.

Kayly Reinicke

They have the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had!!!!! The hot chocolate was delicious and very rich, you only need a little bit. And the pretzel croissants were amazing!! Will definitely be back!! Also, say yes to the marshmallow in the hot cocoa, you will not be disappointed.

Fauzi Lakhani

Love the hot chocolate festival with the variety of flavors. But would love it more if the prices weren't as high. Would try more of them.

google R Reviewer

LOVE their hot chocolate and home made Marshmallows!

Katie Davis

Delicious, super-rich hot chocolate!!

Zach White

Richest cup of hot chocolate in NYC.

Andres Toussaint

Location is clean, with wide open spaces. The watered down Americano and hit n miss pastries (scone ok, dark chocolate cookie great, choc chip cookie so so) make it just Okay.

Jonathan Bressler

City Bakery is a spacious space with plenty of nooks and tables to enjoy a drink either by yourself or with company. My SO and I arrived a few minutes before the store closed, but the staff was friendly and quick to dispatch the order. Be warned about the hot chocolate with giant marshmallow—this drink is SUPER sweet. Like, did-they-just-melt-a-chocolate-bar-and-added-a-marshmallow sweet. If I could do it over again, I would have gotten one hot chocolate to share with my SO. The pretzel croissant was delicious and warm, I definitely recommend this over their chocolate chip cookie. Lastly, just keep in mind that for two hot chocolates, a chocolate chip cookie, and a pretzel croissant we paid close to $25.

Johanna Kimura

A friend who lived nearby told me about this place and so when I was in the area I stopped by to get a chocolate chip cookie and coffee. The chocolate chip cookie was delicious with everything you'd want in a cookie - a bit of crunch and chewiness. There is also a lot of seating here which I was surprised to find. I enjoyed the upstairs seating area. It was the perfect spot for conversation.

Whitney Yang

This is a really nice place. There is a cool second floor that overlooks the bakery so while packed, not too hard to find seating. It does get a bit stuffy with the amount of people passing in and out. The hot chocolate is super delicious but is also incredibly rich. The homemade marshmallow was an absolute delight. I didn't understand why people were only getting basically shots of this but honestly that is all you need unless you are sharing because this cocoa is really almost too decadent.


Love the layout of the bakery. I come for their yummy chocolate chip cookie. Super friendly staff! And there’s a bathroom in the back

Tobi Jo LeBron

Not what it once was. The air inside was hot and smelled funky. Salad bar is twice the price of other places and didn’t seem clean at all.

Laura Gómez

Truly the best hot chocolate I’ve had in my life

Josephine Foong

With ample amount of seating, City Bakery's hot chocolate ($4) is just WOW. Add on their homemade marshmallow ($2) - would recommend sharing with another just cause of how thick the chocolate is! Their chocolate chip cookie was also amazing!

Jocelyn romero

The #hotchocolate is all hype! IT'S SO HEAVY. $5.50?? It's loud as well. There's no menu? I added water bc of how heavy it was and it actually tasted better, but it still is too much. (1st pic is mine after adding water and the 2nd pic is my friend's)

nicolette carbonetto

There famous “hot chocolate” had an awful taste to it and they have the nerve to charge $2 for there “homemade marshmallow” which was actually the only good thing about the funky and weird tasting hot chocolate. Defianatly was not a fan of this $8 hot chocolate. When I returned my mug full they said they were sorry and that was it, I was on my way out.

Miroslav Šokčić Shok

Best hot chocolate I have ever had.

William Alber

So happy. my favorite patty melt in NY so close to home. welcoming, friendly staff. menu has something for everyone. cost = quality will return and often.

Kateryna Starodub

Great hot chocolate! I’m super picky on this hot beverage and I’ve tried tons of different one in New York and for now The Ciry Bakery truly makes the most delicious hot chocolate! Plus you can add this huge marshmallow


Nothing special. This place has no menus nor price list. Ordered two of their " hot chocolates" and we still have the bad taste on our mouths. No proper disclosure on their ingredients worst money ever spent. The staff was ok Def regretting stopping by this place. City prices for poor taste. P

Mary DC

Giant marshmallow in your hot cocoa. Delivered as promised. The line was okay (5-10 minutes) but it wasn't met with best impression when an older employee started giving grief to a younger one for wanting to help putting the marshmallows in the hot cacao, saying he had been doing it for years... Maybe not fight this in front of customers when your employee is trying to help? Made the hot cocoa slightly bitter...

joanne french

Pretzel croissant and hot chocolate are a must not that everything else there looked great too.

Karen N

Cool vibes but have you tried the hot chocolate here? It’s the sweetest thing on earth - I thought my teeth were going to literally fall off! Not the good kind of sweet is what I’m trying to say. I wouldn’t even call it drinkable. The staff are super friendly and the pretzel croissant give this place three stars. You can skip this place even though it looks so enticing from the outside.

Tom Barnett

Best hot chocolate in the city!

Sarah Tano

This bakery and coffee shop was so delicious! Everything was freshly made and smelled amazing and the staff was outstanding.

Hugh Ma

Scrambled eggs were good. But all the pastries were cold.

Pe Wa

Wonderful hot chocolate.

Shay Kostabi

My FAVORITE place in NYC. Everything is good here. The coffee has a chicory flavor, it’s not for everyone, but I really like it. Their pretzel croissants are famous, though I prefer the original or whole wheat. If you can get your hands on the pumpkin seed falafel flat bread thing at lunch, do it. It’s a little pricey but 120% worth it. I love having meetings here, sitting quietly to work or people watching while I snack. Try ALL the hot chocolate flavors in February.

ImJust Reesez

I love the space. Plenty of seating for a writer to work. The jazz is a nice touch. The girl at the counter was nice. The old man at the register was kind of rude, but he's lived long enough to be so...I guess. I ordered the hot chocolate of the day. The dark chocolate hot chocolate with a marshmallow. Almost $10. I got 25% into it and got nauseous. I couldn't even finish it. Good thing I had a bottled water in my bag, or they would have had to clean up more that the tray of mugs and plates. I probably won't be ordering the hot chocolate again, but I do like the space as a workplace. I got a lot done.

Joseph Brian Stanley

I want to give this place five stars because I do go there a lot. For lunch is great, consistent. My only gripe is when I go there for breakfast. The pre-cooked eggs have a tendency to be dry on the bottom as they have been sitting too long. One morning my eggs were green when I got to my office.

Jeff Yablon

OMG. Whatever you've heard about how good the hot chocolate is here... Isn't enough. And as my chef /son said : that may have been the best chocolate chip cookie I've ever had.

Suhasini Madidi

The food is extremely overpriced. Was in the neighborhood and was craving hot chocolate... and considering I have heard so much about this place, thought I'd give this place a shot. Goodness, the hot chocolate was more of a small cup of thick liquid chocolate. Where is the milk? And I decided to have it topped with marshmallow, ugh. I ended up having my hot chocolate with a spoon instead of sipping it. Got a cookie to go with it, decided to just get it home instead. More of a tourist trap where people are coming in to click and post or check in...

Mark S

The perfect winter hot chocolate can be found here at City Bakery where melted chocolate heaven meets a massive, soft marshmallow all in one cup. The food is delicious too as they prepare classic favorites like chicken parm and mac n cheese right in front of you as seen in the pics below! Worth a look and lots of seating for large groups!

Nate Beatty

If you want something sweet - sweet hot chocolate and a sweet cookie, this is the right spot. City Bakery has quickly become a Union Sq institution.

Junaid Channa

The best place for hot chocolate and other snacks. it’s extremely rich... but delicious.

Yoav Glidai

OMG. Try the pretzel croissant and the marshmallow. Everything is so good here.

dima lahlouh

Cool place. The hot chocolate is really thick and sweet. The pretzel croissant is delicious but the cookies are ok. Nice and clean interior.

Lisa C

A wonderful NYC mainstay. Breakfast pastry and coffees are superb. Lunch is amazing with a pay by the (expensive) pound offering super healthy, delicious options such as a medley of changing fish, salads, couscous, etc. But, the best part of City Bakery is the macaroni and cheese and fried chicken, offered daily. You must get a dessert cookie, pastry or Danish before leaving. Lastly, if you are here in winter, they have the city's best hot chocolate. Be sure to bring your kids! There's a cute small table area downstairs and more seating upstairs.

Stuart Spinner

The freshly-baked pretzel croissants are to die for! There for a Saturday lunch in August, everything on the buffet looked fresh and wonderful. I sampled the roasted eggplant with miso dressing, Napa cabbage chickpeas, braised okra with tomato, and catfish with cornmeal crust. Everything homemade and delicious. The desserts looked fabulous, but we didn't try them

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