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25 Murray Street, New York, NY 10007, United States

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REVIEWS OF Takahachi Bakery IN New York

Kevin Lin

Japanese inspired baked goods and food. Tasty and interesting. Good spot to grab a quick bite.

Guoxin L

Place is good. Some goods are better than others. Finding which one is an adventure.

Kat F

I bought pretty much one of every pastry and will be returning the matcha crepe was amazing and everything is so pretty

Maxim Tumenev

Great bakery! But alas don’t accept AMEX

Kelsey D'Souza

Cheese bun!! And a very matcha-y, very soft matcha roll. The red bean bun and toasts are also great, though the cheese bun and matcha roll most memorable from my visits. Pleasant interior and service, with a bonus window into the kitchen where you can watch them bake. :) Whenever I walk by I always leave with a treat!

Emile Gervais

Nicest Asian bakery that I have found. It reminds me a lot of what I had in Japan.

Dohyeon Kim

I came here to taste their matcha red bean roll, but was a little bit disappointed by that. However, I am giving this place five stars because other dessert, mocha roll and sandwiches here were really delicious. I strongly recommend their California sandwich. Also, they had beautiful chalk art! (Picture)

Gabriel S

Five stars across the board, which is rare! This place has excellent pastries and breakfast sandwiches that keep me coming back for more.

Amber Cartwright

The food, beverages and service are impeccable. Favorite place in the area to have a honey yuzu tea and chat with a friend.

Giovanna Barletta

Yummy and special drinks plus authentic Japanese flavors. Go there if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth and you will not get disappointed: plenty of delicious bakery goods and soft cake slices Japanese style. Try their Calpico drink and pick the most good looking sweet (spoiler: it is hard to choose only one!)

Bernard K

Really enjoy the pastries here. Freshly made. You can actually see them making them. Also, super helpful staff. Helped me get into the store, as I needed some assistance due to some mobility challenges.

AmirReza Oghbaee

Great bakieres with soft and smooth japanese style desserts; I have eaten 10+ of their items and they were all great. My personal favorite is coffee roll and matcha latte

Sharon Man

Reasonable prices for baked goods, especially for the area. Tried the weekend mini buns this time (includes melon pan, red bean bun, hot dog buns, chocolate croissant, regular croissant), matcha roll (pleasantly strong matcha and red bean flavors), and miso almond cookie (kind of mushy and greasy). They accept credit and are reasonably efficient.

Emi Kitajima

Best Japanese bakery in New York City! Almost like Japan!

Grisel Olivo

I love this place. They make the best sweet cheese puff bread. I've never been to Japan to compare but my Japanese friends come here all the time when feeling nostalgic. Guess that means that the food is pretty decent by Japanese standards. If you go, also try the sweet bean bun and melon pan. These are baked to perfection.

Kirsten T

This bakery is one of my favorite japanese places! The breads are baked fresh every morning - meaning, you can actually get a hot bun if you go early enough! The prices are competitive compared to what everyone else in the area offers. The breads are also filling so, youd only need 1 or 2. Lastly, i love their coffee! Its hard to find good coffee that doesnt taste watered down. This place has a nice, bold blend. Pictured below is my current favorite: choco melon pan.

Jessica Lewis

Delicious Japanese bakery. A slam dunk for lunch to go.

Marie Baker Lee

Delicious food, exceptional baked goods, great service.

Tim J

My favorite Japanese bakery in NY! It's not quite up to what you would find in Japan, but it's the best in NY by far.

Joel Keller

They have a good selection of coffee-related drinks and teas. You could come here for just that and hang out for a bit, or you could try one of their pastries or baked goods. They have quite a large selection in the showcase. The staff all speak Japanese which is interesting and relatively rare even in New York city. It's a nice change of pace and reflects the name of the store.

Zach Golan

Yummy! Cheap!

Petra Winkler

Love their Matcha Latte and all the other Matcha infused sweets.

Jodi Apryl

Very reasonable prices. Delicious food, ambiance is nice and cozy!

Sa Rs

Love this neighborhood gem. Pastries are amazing and there is so much variety to choose from both sweet and savory... Its such a treat to watch the chefs work through the back panel window, they are meticulous and perfectionists.

Fang H

Nice space. But the matcha cake tasted incredibly dry, so did the butter roll. Croissants were NOT flaky at all.


If you've never been to a Japanese bakery- get to this one. Quintessential Japanese style baked goods, everything made fresh on the premises, everything I've had is outstanding here.

Mankynd Wilson

It looked nice. Our trick was parked right outside for half of the day.

James Korge

Great variety of delicious options. The sandwiches and salads make for a perfect lunch. The pastries are all amazing. The mango custard bun is one of the best sweet treats I've ever had

Anna Yu

Went here for lunch following jury duty. I got the green tea crepe, which I'd read was supposed to be good on the yelp reviews, but it was actually a little too creamy for my taste. I think I would have enjoyed just the crepe without the creme. What is really good here is the sliced pullman bread. It's light and airy and cut at just the right thickness for sandwiches! Better than the version at most Asian bakeries.

Chris C

Place is pretty nice. Bought the green tea mousse cake and it's very good.. not very sweet but very smooth and you can taste the matcha

Melis Heerens

They make multiple kinds of fluffy bread, some of which is only available on certain days of the week.

Sarah Sayavong

Although not as trendy as other Japanese bakeries in the city, Takahachi has really good products, from lunch salads and sandwiches to breads to cakes. I've often picked up a few things to make my own lunch set. The soft bread loaves are also good to have on hand at the office for a last-minute breakfast or snack. Cakes are easy to pick up on the day of, and they're happy to write a message on a rectangle of chocolate to put on the cake.

Jennifer Stoloff

Had a small salad and some baked goods. Very fresh and tasty. Nice variety. A little seating. Pleasant atmosphere.

Tiffany Lee

This is a Japanese bakery right by TriBeCa. I've had several things from their extensive menu and most of it is quite good. The chestnut mousse cake is wondderful -- nice nutty, sweet flavor that isn't too overpowering. The salads, salmon and tuna, are delicious, fresh, with a wonderful little dressing. The seaweed salad isn't as good and I struggled to finish that bland, kinda slimy side. The milk bread wasn't as soft and moist as I would hope, but maybe that's because I bought it from the discount basket so it has already been left out for a while. I believe I had the peach green tea. The green tea is brewed fresh so there's a tiny wait, and the peach syrup was sweet and peachy, so no complaints at the combination. Things are a little expensive here (at least the cakes are towards the higher spectrum), but it's definitely pretty good and I would love to come back and try more.

Pavel Asanov

Really authentic experience. You can stop here to grab sandwich for a quick lunch or get amazing foam cheese cake. Great selection of pastries.

Celeste Ma

I tried the strawberry short cake and was a bit disappointed. The cream was tasty, but the cake was somewhat dry. I guess the cake had been out for a few days. The matcha roll was a bit spicy which I thought was very weird. Cute store, nice staff, below average pastries.

Marie Pesce

Dare I say it, the best Japanese bakery in the United States. If you want to see how Japanese eat and make bread and pastries, check this place out.

Jimmy Jen

This is my first time there. It's a bakery that makes Japanese style bread, since is my 1st time there, I can only try so much - I tried one in the store and brought five home. I enjoyed all of them except one (a dark-color-walnut bread) was too plain because it didn't have any flavor. I also have a fried mackerel sandwich which was just so-so.

Bea xd

Good quality food for affordable prices 100% recommended

Naoko Nakamura

Great for families too. We each found what we wanted. Kids loved their breads and cake as well. Matcha crepe was just what I was missing. I already miss their cake...:(. Eat fresh if you can. Next day, their breads do not taste the same. Their coffee could taste better. Anyway, we liked the atmosphere as well.

HK Bonbon

Omg so super good! The buns were exactly like those we have had in Japan which we missed so much! we had the melon pan (soft fluffy buns with sweet crispy top), matcha an pan (bun with red bean paste and mochi filling), custard bun, and chocolate danish. Oh and also a soba salad (with sesame dressing) as take away for lunch later that day - it did not disappoint!

saki yamamuro

Great bakery. It’s a typical Japanese bakery which I love. The price is cheap, and the taste is great!

Yue Gong

Strongly recommend Matcha Crepe.

Sam Haselkorn

Love the random they have here every day

Zoe Bresnick

This is the best Japanese bakery in NYC, and realistically on the East Coast. If you want to try high quality Japanese baked goods, which are quite different from Western baked products, I highly recommend this place.

Christelle Tan

A nice, quiet little Japanese bakery in Tribeca. The matcha crepe we got was very unique and delicious - there were red beans inside, which was a nice touch. The service was also friendly and fast. There is a small seating area at the back for customers.

Chintan Desai

Delicious treats at this bakery


Great little bakery near city hall. Pastries are reasonable and delicious. The chefs working on the other side of the glass are fun to watch!

Ally Liu

Japanese bakery suits Asians appetite for dessert.

Haw Kor

Great little Japanese bakery in Tribeca. Love the Japanese Cheesecake!

Patricia Trujillo

I had my first matcha crepe here and I loved it. Great cafe vibe and friendly staff.

Lee Miller

Fresh, delicious, not too crowded and priced well. A+

Gregor J. Rothfuss

Plenty of delicious Japanese pastries to choose from. You can also see the bakers at work.

Ellen Ciuba Parkhurst

I've loved everything I've eaten so far at this place

Christy V

This is a nice cozy spot that made me miss Tokyo! The workers there are super friendly too

Leon Lin

Had the matcha crepe and the mochi an pan. Both were averagely priced, the crepe was 5.50 and the an pan 2.50. I thought the texture of the crepe was good, and the red bean was interesting, but it had a bit to much cream for me and not enough flavor. Liked the an pan more which had the chewy mochi filling together with the red bean.

Vivienne Van Do

This place is special. I assumed it’s just an asian bakery until I gave it another chance. After reading reviews it seems I’m not alone in that assumption. They do have the typical Asian bakery goods and they have real food. They also have the special stuff like “miso almond butter cookies” which probably win their customers like crazy because it’s sold out when I was there. They have free water. :) They have coffee and a standing bar to eat quickly. Atmosphere: it’s casual and friendly. Wood interior translates to a cozy and relaxing environment to eat. You will find tons of people sitting there for hours with one drink and texting on their phones. Service: fast, poignant, friendly. They’re all great to you. It’s a busy place and I’ve never seen any of the staff act inappropriate. Food: so good. I wouldn’t eat the croissants nor some of the breaded stuff. It’s so obvious you should have croissants from an Asian bakery when the French bakery is two blocks away. Common sense. So eat what makes sense like the asian baked goods and you will save yourself disappointment. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Peter Cuce

The best Japanese bakery in New York City, Takahachi also has good sandwiches. Their Gimme! Coffee gets the job done but nothing special. If you want a cake for a special event you can't do better than the green tea mousse.

Alex Vasilescu

Very delicious Asian bakery with good things for lunch and for sweets.

Gillian Applegate

My favorite bakery in New York, catering to both western and Japanese tastes. I have never seen so many amazing uses of matcha, and everything is reasonably priced. Highly recommend.

K. Allen

Delicious pastries that are not too sweet and a pleasant place to enjoy them. They also have espresso drinks, matcha lattes, and Japanese style breads and savory items. My only gripe is how often they are sold out of my favorite things when I go (cotton cheesecake is my favorite, and rarely available late in the day).

Kylene Yen

Super charming Japanese bakery with a wide variety of uniquely flavored pastries. There's a sale basket where you can snag some nice surprises at discount. Recommed the honey yuzu tea and miso almond cookies!

Jinwoo Jeon

Another disappointing place. I should have gone to other korean bakeries instead...

Bianca S

Love this bakery, they have a nice variety of not only bake goods but quick bites. I loved the cold soba noodle salad and the seaweed salad. They also have a teas and coffee drinks. Everything is reasonably priced and the service is kind as well.


Japanese style bakery. The bakery is designed nice and cozy, not too big and the lights are just bright enough to make the atmosphere very welcoming. The pastries are displayed nice and clean. The coffee is freshly brewed and if you go please try their matcha crepe wrap, really refreshing. The matcha powder covered on the outside of the crepe is really authentic. If go with kids, their strawberry shortcake or cream puff is a thumbs-up.

Vance Yan

Had questions regarding the products. The pink haired worker had to keep asking her coworker to get the answer. Don't see why it's necessary to hire a worker to act as a middleman for other workers. That being said, I had the matcha crepe which was solid. 4 star product. Minus one star for unhelpful worker and minus another for having a baking schedule and not putting that information up on the website

jeff lee

Japanese coffee shop selling some delicious looking deserts and tasty sandwiches. The service is fast and friendly. Just wish I was in the area more often.

So YouThinkYouCanSkate

Nice cozy seating. Starbucks like atmosphere. A little pricey for my budget.

Helen Wang

Average dessert. Nice as a hang out place with friends.

Kristine wolf

Very Large variety of excellent, flaky pastries with fresh fruit fillings and not-too-sweet sweet rolls, and reasonably priced, fresh from the ovens every morning. My favorite is the cinnamon raisin roll: flaky pastry, not those huge soft bread-y things you get elsewhere. Also lunch pastries, like sausage rolls, mini-pizzas, same great quality. Some of the pastries are Asian-style buns.

Steve Beck

Great cakes. The macha mousse and marron (chestnut cream) cakes were excellent and not too sweet. Seating area was relaxing like a traditional coffee shop.

Andrei Ordine

In-house baking!

Wenjing Sun

Would always stop by and grape breads from here! Highly recommend if you find this place either by accident or by purpose.

Mindy Lai

Come here for yumminess! It can get crazy during lunch but manageable if you like variety in what you eat! Lots of things to pick up and take to go that are warm and cold! Best part is most of them come in half or full size, so if you can’t make up your mind or if you’re like me and want it all! Dreams come true here! I LOVE the miso almond cookie! Not too sweet and has a little bit of salty vibes from the miso! They slice their bread super thin, which is great and it’s very chewy. Great texture and flavor options! Not as many as most Asian bakeries but they have the staples. Try all the matcha fun things! I have yet to try this matcha looking roll or wrap... I never have time! And don’t know what it is on the menu! I see someone having it each time I come though!

Hansen Mildred

Solid Japanese-style bakery offering a great selection of traditional breads, pastries, and cakes with delectable Japanese flavors. Come here also to grab the discounted items from the previous day. Staff are nice and there is plenty of comfortable seating. The chalkboard art wall adds a nice touch too!

Sisi Chen

Popped in for some icecream and I tried their yuzu flavour. It was just a satisfying mixture of sweet, tart and provided a pure refreshing feeling. After devouring that, I bought their matcha cream cone and another matcha pastry which was braided in a flower shape. The food here all looked so intricately made. There is also a bread schedule so I cannot wait to try their breads the next time I visit.

Nolan Orgel

I havent been down this way very often lately but this is a cute little pastry and dessert shop. Lots of tasty sweet and savory items to buy and eat while strolling thru downtown or buy to take home for after dinner dessert.

Ian Jenkins

Delicious Japanese bakery with all kinds of interesting breads and flavors. Not expensive at all.

Rica-Marie Garcia

Cute Japanese Cafe and bakery. You can tell to the bakery goods are homemade.

Bradley Cain

Delicious! Bought a loaf of milk bread for the week. Nice staff and beautiful pastries.

Camille King

Everything looks soooooooo delicious. The bread is so good!

Leyla Sasunova

Very pleasant place! It's like a small hidden pieceful place. Very clean and food very delicious.

arun loitongbam

Pretty expensive and not entirely authentic.. but not many competition around so I end up going there pretty frequently for lunch and snacks


Wonderful little Japanese bakery. Delicious pastries, cooked meals, and decent coffee. You can watch the baker's work on fresh baked goods through a large window. Bathroom is clean and we'll kept. Not a lot of seating, maybe a dozen people at most. The scaffolding outside makes it easy to miss. Handicap accessible entrance is a nice touch.

Andy Ng

Solid Japanese-style bakery offering a great selection of traditional breads, pastries, and cakes with delectable Japanese flavors. Come here also to grab the discounted items from the previous day. Staff are nice and there is plenty of comfortable seating. The chalkboard art wall adds a nice touch too!

Maria Manong

Cakes were so good...try it...

Greg Van Gelderen

Excellent Japanese bakery with delicious sweet and savory breads done in a Japanese style.

Shelly Wakefield

One star somehow posted in error! This little Japanese-French café is great! Watch the bakers make (all) homemade breads, rolls, pastries via clear wall to kitchen while dining on fusion delights.. always fresh and delicious .. and very reasonably priced. Staff all very friendly.


This place is great. We stumbled upon this small pastry and lunch shop down the street from the world trade center. There was a large variety of pastries, sandwiches, egg dishes, and soup! The service was friendly, fast and efficient and dining area was clean.

Yury Tilis

Great bakery with both sweet and savory breakfast pastries, as well as sandwiches and salads for lunch. They bake all of their own breads in the back and have a window where you can see them making everything fresh. There's also a baking schedule posted so you know which days to get which types of loaves. They also have assorted iced teas, coffee, and juices. Plus, the sale basket toward the back on the left hand shelf has great deals on some of their less than perfect breads, or breads which haven't sold in a few days, but which are still delicious. Highly recommend at least getting a snack here.

Liwen Zhang

Great price for quality to-go food and bakeries. I would love to have this kind of shop in my neighborhood!

Cheryl P

Good food. Nice place.

Jenny Lee

Cute little cafe/bakery, delicious menu items

Jeannie C

Fresh and delicious pastries. Good sandwiches and salads. Refreshing housemade juices. Friendly staff. One of my favorite places to buy cakes, pastries, morning treat, afternoon treat and the occasional lunch.

Nelly Alib

a little pricey but every is fresh

Dena AlDabhani

Good variety

Komain S.

Matcha crepe FTW

David W

I had to try the Matcha Crepes after seeing everyone rave about it. It was pretty good, but a bit too sweet for me with all that cream. I'm not a fan of the Lady M's Crepe cake either so I guess they're kind of similar. There's lots of other desserts there and they're pretty pricey for me but once in a while it's ok.

Julie Shin

The people were great and kind but the taste of teas and drinks were horrible...I ordered iced Pple jasmin tea was no taste and now sweet and iced peach cappico were just too sweet

Adele H Rahte

Come to this hidden gem off the beaten path.

Sandra Brown

Great Japanese bakery, maybe the best example in the city. I love all the savory breads!

Cristiane Bastos

Very good and charmy place. Enjoyed a snack in a very nice and clean place.

Anna Zhu

The midori juice was so good!

Lisa Cox

Try the Japanese cream puff. It was delicious.

Wayne Chen

This is the best Japanese bakery in NYC, at least that I have tried. It’s in an out of the way spot near city hall, but it’s worth a trip if you want to see what Japanese bakeries are about.

Kaitlyn Greene

Awesome Japanese bakery. Best in NY I think. I love the green tea pastries, and the savory breads!

John RF

Wow! Fantastic bakery! If you enjoy Japanese bakeries this is a must visit. We bought some bread to stop and eat while on our trek across the Brooklyn Bridge and it was fantastic. Great Value! Good Coffee.

Chelsea Morrissey

Good tea and pastries.


Disappointing. The items don’t seem that fresh despite having come right when they opened. The cake and brioche we got were both dry. Also, bits of orange zest or marmalade in a matcha cake is an acquired taste...shouldn’t be in there without warning. The ham and cheese croissant had one small slice of ham and a very small amount of cheese. Lacked flavor or distinction. This place makes Japanese bakeries look bad.

Daphne C

Love the food, the katsu sandwich is awesome! One thing, there were a lot of fruit flys. I wanna go again, hope they would do something.

Katherine Lok

Food and service was awesome!!

Ting-Hsin Wang

Lovely Japanese bakery.

Johnny Runyan

Good quality food. Very nice.

Pujitha Vemuri

It was okay, not very good and much expensive for small piece of cake.

GoGo Mamma

Excellent! Unparalleled! Fresh and delicious every day. The Soba Salad is amazing and the Chocolate Pan is life changing! It tastes like an airy, puffy brownie with a sublime creamy center.

H Chan

Delicious pastries. Came here Saturday morning and it wasn't too crowded. I ordered the matcha crepe which was pre-made but fresh. It was filled just the right amount of cream and red bean paste. It wasn't too sweet. I also got the lemon custard filled bun and the drink of the month, strawberry white mocha latte. Both were surprisingly good. Recommend trying both!


Good food,friendly staff

Barry Heyman

Excellent, all around

John Gameroom

Pastry, bread and the matcha mousse cake were all on spot, solid japanese bakery! Not too sweet and over. Service was pleasant. Definitely a gem!

Muza A

I love this place

Alyssa Diodato

Excellent desserts and tea! Small but enough to sit down with a small group.

Corey C

Great local bakery. Really nice people working there and you can get a window seat of the baking which is always fun

Tessie Viola

Two words. Homemade Melon pan. Wait...that's three...! This place is a blessing. I've been a huge fan of melon pan since my preteen years. Sadly had to buy a lot of prepackaged imports from Japan. Not a huge deal, but the taste of FRESH melon pan is unbeatable. I loveeee treating myself to some in the morning.

Luna G

Love their iced matcha latte! You can get the drink with some bakeries and sit inside, for a chill afternoon break with your friend. This place is really lovely for a small group of people to hang out. Most of their bakeries are good! So far I have tried their matcha Mille wrap, Choco rum filled pop cake and their coffee Swiss roll. I love their matcha Mille wrap the most. The coffee cake was a little bland. Their style is very Japanese, light on sugar and make use of good ingredients.

Matt Hayes

Awesome Japanese bakery near city hall. Great pastries and prepared lunches!

PandaDomo NYC

This is a nice Japanese bakery downtown that has cold and warm food items. There were warm cutlet sandwiches in the heated food area and a large variety of Japanese buns throughout the front area. They also have a nice hot drink selection. There is a small seating area and you can see a part of the bakery operations in the back. It has a cozy atmosphere and is pretty quiet. I wish they had the capacity to offer noodles with their soup.

Evelyn Anderson

Delicious and interesting bread items. Great for lunch.

Oleg Kurbatskiy

This is a very nice place to grab a quick bite not too far from the City Hall and the Fulton Center. They have great sandwiches, salads and desserts. There is room to sit down and enjoy your Matcha Crepe with a good cup of coffee.

Jeffrey Tobin

Nice little bakery, food and drink were both good.

Candice Sham

Very satisfied with this Japanese bakery in New York! The breads are warm and sooo tasty. Food is the thing I missed the most since I moved from Asia, so it just warms my heart when I know I can come here to transport me back if flying is not an option :) the picture below shows you a Mochi bread - with red bean, mochi and matcha powder on top.

Patty Trujillo

Amazing cakes, pastries and bread. The yummiest lattes in Manhattan. I love this place.l♡

Andrew Lee

Matcha crepe was good. As well as the iced apple Jasmine tea.

Thomas Tran

Did not have the dessert I wanted and the service was slow and forgot my drink order. I bought the weekend assortment which was fine but would go somewhere else that is more attentive.

Helen Turchin

Delicious Japanese bakery with the best Japanese curry pan I could find in NY. Everything they sell is good quality and better than what you find in other NY Japanese bakeries.

Ron Warda

Really delicious matcha mousse cake. I called ahead the day of to see which cakes were available. The lady was very helpful, she said that if I went in an hour, they could make the matcha mousse cake for me -- it was delicious and they birthday girl enjoyed it ! I'll be back to order the strawberry short cake next time. I thought the pricing was also reasonable for the city as well, I believe I paid 34 for the cake.

Aya Ogawa

Great selection of sweet and savory pastries baked on site. Also wonderful loaves of bread, sandwiches, coffee and matcha drinks, and cakes.

TS sci

Awesome little place. Food is inexpensive and delicious. We originally walked past it thinking it was another regular Asian bakery, but they have a great selection of other foods. Seared tuna salad and cream filled green tea crepes were particularly good.


Mocha roll cake and strawberry cake are perfect!

Angela Yeh

Extremely rude staff, giving you attitude for no reasons. Thanks for ruining my evening. Will not go again.

sharon w

Tuna tataki salad $6, choco cheese puff $2.75, coffee cake $3.75, iced matcha latte $5. Great prices and authentic Japanese tastes except that the cake slice was a bit too dry.

Jordan Galbraith

Wonderful little spot. Latte was on point and the matcha crepe was wicked. Light, fluffy, and perfectly constructed. Loved it. Will go again.

Jason Stevenson

Right place for confectionery goods. All goods are inexpensive and delicious. Great collection of pastries.

Rhea Wang

Super cute staff ( I meant Jo)

Arelis He

Great customer service and cozy place to have some baked goods and tea with friends. I typically come here to get their Yuzu tea drink as well as their Matcha crepe, it is a favorite of my friends' as well as mine.


The chef thinks about how the food actually tastes and this shows in the product. Prices are low $4 a half sandwich and pastries at $2.50 (so Dunkin Donuts prices but here you get quality and something that actually tastes good). I had two half sandwiches: (1) crispy cod in a bun (warm sandwich) with Asian flavored sauce (2) and cold crab avocado sandwich. They bread was not soggy from the sauce nor was it stale. The cucumbers inside gave it texture and crunch. So the ingredients were fresh and the flavors work. I'll be coming here regularly since the cook actually cares about the product.

Timothy Griffin

Very good food


The matcha crepe is AWESOME

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