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REVIEWS OF Schmackary's IN New York

Josh M.

While an insanely small spot that is super congested often time, it definitely has a wide variety of sweets and drinks to try with a staff that is super friendly and relatable! While the place is very welcoming keep on eye on when to go as it can develop a lot of foot traffic and be a uncomfortable spot to eat but also everyday there's new cookies to try to definitely frequent because you dont know what you might wanna try next!


Friendly Staff and Amazing cookies!! I was recommended the Maple Bacon and it blew my mind!!! Will be back for more

Melanie Jean-Louis

The cookies-- especially when they're fresh out the oven, are amazing. My favorite one is Chocolate Duet.

Grace Soong

I ordered the kitchen sink bar for $3.50. It is very reasonably priced and quite a generous slice. Unfortunately, I found it too sweet. The multiple ingredients were not discernible from all that sugar

David Saperstein

Schmackary's and Insomnia Cookies are often grouped together as the "cookie places" of NYC, but they really shouldn't be. Schmackary's should be in its own league. Each cookie is unique, large, and insanely good. Reasonably priced as well. Highly recommended.

Tracy Crystal

Absolutely delicious and at a good price 6 for $15 including tax so we tried them all !

brigett r

Cute spot, big cookies. More so a dry, crumbly cookie versus soft and moist. Must try again.

Philip Etienne

Best damn cookies anywhere! A phenomenal and differentiated bakery - Zach the owner is dynamic and very good at dealing with everyone's food allergiies - a must stop when in mid-town - very bespoke for this part of town!!!

Mel J

Creative flavours like cookies and cream, smores, dulce de leche and traditionals like choc chip. The cookies are delicious, rich and generously sized. Like anything good in this city, expect a queue but it is worth it!

Rodrigo Caldera

This place is so popular you might have to wait in line. Cookies are worth it, though!

Sonya LaPlante

Amazing cookies and some of the friendliest people in NYC!

Arthur de Wolf

What just happened? One minute I’m waiting for the traffic light, the next I’m holding a box of cookies. The location and marketing of this place is incredible. You can’t help but notice this shop when you’re waiting for the light to change and others around us were talking about it too. There was a line out the door. Cookies look and taste great. Would accidentally buy a box of cookies again.

David Lenehan

Probably the best cookies I have ever eaten.


Oh!!! Fantastic cookies... Must visit place in NYC.

Joan Jenkins

Busy but line moved fast great cookies

Alex Dake

The anticipation of indulging in a baked,warm, gooey cookie was the best part. The cookies were good, but not fresh. Save your money 2 for six more like 2 for sick

Eric Wood

I stopped by this place because of the line it had on the way to the hotel. I figured anything with the line that long had to be pretty good. Well after a 15-minute wait I got my cookie and indeed was a good cookie. However what I learned is that the place is a little overrated and getting Morehead desert. Not that it's not good I just wouldn't wait 15 minutes for a pretty good cookie

Young Pharaoh

To die for.... Start your day with maple bacon cookies. It's a real breakfast treat... Sort

Larisa H.

Amazing cookies! Wonderful, friendly service. Did I mention the cookies? Carrot Cake, oatmeal scotches, chocolate chip... all excellent. Only negative is that I had to drive for 200 miles to get them!

Shajib Azad

End up hitting this place up a few times a year. They always have a changing menu of cookies. My latest favorite was the choconut. Always expect a line going to this place.

Lili Ivanova

Amazing cookies and sweets,they're just out of this world! Not too sweet,with many distinct tastes. The staff is very helpful, friendly and talkative,in a good way. Definitely a must if you're in NY, the best American cookies in town.

Joseph Davis

Unbelievable baked goods. Excellent selection. Excellent Service. Excellent Quality

Andrew Rousselle

If you want the best cookie on the planet then this is your place. Was visiting New York and had a few minutes to kill before lunch. Was a nice treat before lunch and again after. Not only is it great but the prices are great as well.

Joseph Aceto

Damn good delicious cookies! Great price, especially for NYC!

Olander Wilson

Chocolate chip cookie is hands down thee best flavor in nyc. The sea salt and dark coco combo. WOW. Always treated with respect and such kind workers. Mvp status.

Marcia Moraes

Best cookies, fun flavors, delicious coffee and cold milk. Friendly! No restrooms or place to wash your hands. Take your hand sanitizer.

Brian Darnell

Best cookies ever. A must go

David Valls

Really great place for dessert. We got there late and we got half price cookies which was amazing. So much variety of cookies with great friendly staff working. The cookies and cream cookies were amazing and the traditional chocolate chip cookies. Sooooo good!!! I highly encourage you to try it.


Had a cookie... It was good!

Gladys Tole

If this is your first time tasting New York pizza I recommend it the pizza is so good and they warm it for you it’s a fast food joint but the taste is home made and very fresh ingredients


My Lawd! This is what cookies are suppose to taste like

Steven Gong

After a quick remodel, they have re-opened as of Feb 8th. I wouldn’t say the remodel was an improvement because now the counter takes up more than half of the already small space... also they raised their prices from $2.75 to $3.25 per cookie. I enjoy their cookies but I think its now too expensive for their flat cookies. They are cashing in on their popularly and proximity to Times Square.

Niv Pai

Oh my god!!! They have some of the best cookies ever. Pros: Warm , delicious and finger licking good cookies. Reasonable prices. Welcoming and friendly staff. Quick service. Great location and they are open until midnight Cons: Can't think of any, I am busy devouring the last of the cookies I got. Personal favorites : The Carrot cake and The Choconut chip

Tierra Jorgensen

First time they were out of what I wanted late at night and second time I waited 15 minutes but SO WORTH THE WAIT!!! The best cookie in NY or any other states I've been in. Going back for the third time in 2 days!

Neha Somani

Simple yet full of flavor. Cookies so fresh and warm. A small place but worth a visit on a cold winter evening. The ginger cookie will keep you warm on a snow day

Daphne Seligmann

Theh have very good teas

Keith Hubert

Great and friendly staff! Love the location and the environment! The cookies are great! I couldn’t choose between two and after I chose two the guy through in the other for free! Great service especially because the one I chose wasn’t nearly as good as the one he gave me for free! I chose the cookies and creme and he gave the chocolate monster which was so soft and amazing! Highly recommend! Also a bottle of milk to be cliche. My wife got the cinnamon one. She gave it 4 stars and it was just so much cookie for her she couldn’t finish the cinnamon swirls were a bit much to her. The apple cider was sooooo good! Had a nice creamy taste to it! Nicely done!

Christie McClung

Not super impressed. Several people recommended them to me, but I was not a fan of their cookies. Staff was friendly and cafe was clean.

Katie Dio

Yummy cookie, however the ice cream sandwich melts way too fast!! Pre-freezing the ice cream into scoops could help the sandwich keep it's form, rather than turning into wet cookie with ice cream soup.

Farrah Khan

Good but not great. I got a Funfetti cookie and a regular chocolate chip. Both cookies were loaded with butter - masking the taste of the cookie. The crumb of the cookie is good - it does have the nice crispy edge with the gooey inside. The chocolate chips were chewy - it was rather odd for the chocolate chip cookie. Frosting on the funfetti was VERY sweet - I almost only tasted that on that cookie. I'd say, try this if you REALLY need a cookie but not worth an extra stop.

Lia Bowers

The service was exceptional and the cookies were really good

Tommy Leo

Schmackary’s is AMAZING. Despite being a New Yorker, I only found out about this spot a few months ago and I go every chance I get. The cookies are out of this world and the staff is so nice! I’ve had to wait on line every time I’ve gone, but it goes by quick and it’s *so* worth it!

DeAnna Rose

fast service, friendly workers, delicious cookies! The funfetti is so good!

Dionis Fernandez

Love the cookies. Omg!

livie girl 18

It has great cookies they are delicious

Dan Callahan

Always a must-stop when I'm in the city. Sometimes each day!

alyssa mechler

This place has some serious cookies. So delicious, I think I drooled over them. Staff was awesome and helpful! Worth the short wait in line!

Kylie Ivory

I was dying to get here and finally did today. Disappointed. The cookies did not taste fresh and wasn't as many to choose from as I thought. I have been here now and will not need to come again.

Troy Flake

Meh. Overpriced but decently tasty. My wife liked the Nutella snicker doodle

Katie Rosenberg

Great place to grab a treat if you're in Hell's Kitchen. The Kitchen Sink bar does not disappoint and the funfetti cookie was appropriately celebratory.

Shamoon Mian

Excellent dessert available here. Brownies are very good portions and are rich in flavor. Employees are very friendly and helpful. This is a small place with a nice atmosphere and variety of sweets with generous prices. Highly recommend

Russell Holloway

just go. great cookies. pricey but good. went several times.

Duane Delos Santos

I knew a kid named Jon Schmackary back in grade school. He always said he'd open his cookie shop in nyc one day. So I walk in here and I ask to see Jon Schmackary....they told me there's no one there by that name. My heart cried a little. What are the odds there'd be a cookie spot in NYC named Schmackary's but it's not my old friend's cookie spot? Mmmmm..... cookies

Travis Copeland

Excellent cookies in an inventive variety.

Eric Mason

Try their carrot cake cookie!!! This place is great!!!

Claudia Rivero

It's ok. Cookies are super sweet

Phan Reed

Everything but the kitchen sink is a fantastic cookie. You can just buy one thing.

Nico Smith

Surprisingly scrumptious. Worth the line.

Nayan Jain

I waited in line for a while, once I reached the counter I was told I can only order cookies that were in front of me, pressured to pick from the leftovers. The random lottery seems unfair, had I known I would have stepped back and let others go ahead until the new batches left the oven. The problem is easily solved with a better ordering system -- have an employee take orders in line so that by the time a customer is at the counter their order is ready. Alternatively pause the line so customers can choose from a fair assortment.

Ruby Cubez

Definitely one of the best cookie spots in NYC. Hummingbird cookie is amazing. The employees are friendly and down to earth. You gotta try it!

Monica E

Omg! Schmackary’s is beyond delicious! We stop every Wednesday on the way to my daughter’s theater class. Try the cornbread cookie. You’ll thank me!

aaron tapia

Yummy cookies but better as an ice cream sandwich !

Julie Seibold

The hummingbird cookie was fabulous! All cookies were really good. My only issue is that the staff don't know how to count. We ordered 12 cookies and only got 9. We didnt notice until we got back to hotel and opened the box. We should have paid closer attention when she was putting cookies in our box.

Kimberly King

The cookies are obviously amazing but today when I went and asked for cider and the guy gave me attitude cuz they didn't carry it... then why the heck is it on your menu board!?!?!

Michael Csercsics

Really enjoyed their mint mojito cookie

Miche Palmer

The best GF matcha cookie ever.

Shirly Niego

Really tasty cookies! Good price.

Jennette Ritchie

Very good selection of cookies amsee coffee!

Nicky Cheng

The yoga bare tastes very peanut and the maple bacon tastes amazingly! It’s salty and sweet at the same time and the bacon is crunchy which is perfect! Try this flavor when you come by!

Shay Shwartz

מאפייה מאוד מומלצת, עוגיות טעימות ומיוחדות ב2 וחצי דולר. I ordered 1 chocolate chips and 1 maple bacon. The chocolate chips was great. Good flavor and good texture. The maple bacon was interesting and tasty for the first 2 bits. After that it was to salty and unbalanced in my opinion. As a fan of sweet bacon things I highly recommend other flavors.

Vivek Goberdhan

Decent place for cookies. Love the blueberry lavender tea!

loui G

A giant cookie for this giant baby! He couldn’t stop raving on about this place so we had to come back the next day! Such a big cookie that was delicious but too much for me to eat. When we are in New York again we will be sure to come back (I don’t think I have a choice in the matter).

Leah Cinman

Cookies, lots and lots of cookies. All kinds and of the ones my daughter and I got were extremely good. We went twice in a month, it's not t bg at far from port authority, and worth the line. They also have a special and hour before closing, I think it was buy one get one free. This place really has wonderful cookies and is worth the wait to get into it.

Chari Pitts

Holy taste buds! I BAKE FOR A LIVING! These guys have nailed the cookie game. We bought one of everything and each tried a piece of the heaven that is a cookie. Cozy, super friendly shop, very quick service and even gave my little girl a scoop of ice cream just because. Definitely a must stop in NYC. I WILL be ordering online in the future!

Paul McLean

Super rich, creative cookie concoctions--very much worth trying.

Ally Kwun

A little too sweet for my tastes, but classic cookies.

Heidi Gardner

The best souvenir to take home to friends...cookies!

Agatha Cabrera

Definitely the best cookies in New York City by far!! Love coming to Schmackary’s. Every time I go there they have new cookie flavors. This place is amazing 10/10. I highly recommend!!!

Bill Flagg

Good lip schmackin cookies, but always a line..

Mike B

The pictures show a lot of pastries and baked goods but they only sell cookies.

miranda hintze

Friendly workers and amazing cookies flavors that change every day. stop in for a memorable and delicious treat along with coffee or tea, within walking distance of Broadway hotels

Yegor Rabets

Came here for a cookie and got sideswiped by the salted caramel brownie. It did not disappoint! A moist, well priced piece of heaven. And the blueberry lavender tea was a great match.

Jason Tiearney

Really great large cookies and a location close to Times Square but far enough to not be overcrowded. There was a line but it moved quickly. Check back regularly because the flavors are different. Highly recommend!

Jason Winkler

Awesome creative cookie shop. Fun exciting combinations of flavor, they have coffee and other drinks also. Great space.

Jordan Matt

These cookies are worth the trip to NYC by themselves! You need to get yourself some right now! #Funfetti

Yashaswi P

Hot and fresh cookies. Wow they have different varieties of cookies everytime I visit. I can't say which of them is my favourite. Each is very yummy and must try all. They are open till 12am. It makes it a nice dessert at the end of the day. They have some beverages that can be picked along with the cookies. Needless to say expect long queues over weekend and best if you take it to go.

Sarvenaz Myslicki

This place is always delicious and has something new and unique to try.

Alexander Rizsk

It's schmacking good !!

kate dubitski

It's a small caffe with a huge cookie selection. I enjoyed my hot chocolate. In the evening it can get a bit busy with people coming to buy cookies. The place does not have a bathroom for customers.

Mauro Izquierdo

Delicious cookies, probably the best ones in Manhattan!

Christine Allado

Holy moley them cookies!!! Possibly the best I've had in my life. Had the special Beetlejuice cookies and they were to die for!

Melanie Tam

I’m don’t really eat sweets but these cookies were really good. The trick is to take them home, and pop it in the oven for a few minutes. It comes out with a soft center and slightly crispy edges. Pair that with some vanilla ice cream and it’s the perfect dessert. Since there were four of us and we each wanted to try different cookies, we did the 6 for $15 deal. We got the classic chocolate chip, funfetti, strawberries and cream, blueberry cobbler, piña colada, and white macadamia. My favorite was definitely the funfetti. It was a little sweeter than I would normally care for because of the icing on top, but nothing a glass of milk can’t fix. A close second was the blueberry cobbler, which reminded me of a blueberry muffin. I wasn’t a huge fan of the strawberries and cream. It reminded me of a strawberry nutri-grain bar. I wouldn't mind swinging by to pick up a few cookies if I'm in the neighborhood, but I wouldn't go out of my way to do so (again, not really a sweets person so that's part of the reason).

Oguzhan B

Its like cookie that suppose to be. I did not see anything rare or unique. Its not worth it to wait line. For $3 not bad.

Christina Wang

There was a line out the door but it moved pretty quickly. I got three cookies that came out to about $13. The chocolate chip and apple crisp were so good!

Alex Koronec

Excellent cookies, light are great for lunch. Did I mention about the carrot cake, apple crumbs and coconut cookies which goes great with coffee.service is great and the line moves quickly

Juan Revelo

I have never regrAtted one cookie or the extra pounds I gotten from this place because it is so good. I think it sounds crazy but I really enjoy what seems the balance of salt and sugar with every bite.


Great coffee and delicious cookies, totally recommended!

Tracey Becker

What a fun place to stop in. The traditional chocolate chip could not be beat. That said, needs to be a little more rugged to hold up an ice cream sandwich. Everyone loved everything they had

william flatley

The best cookies I have ever had! I would personally recommend the s'mores, cookies and cream, and the funfetti. You won't be disappointed. Also the cookies stay fresh for a few days so I would suggest getting the half dozen at a minimum


Randomly found this place. Love their cookies.

Ram Kumar

I was recommended by a friend to try their cookies. So, I stopped by to pick up some. My takeout order was for a Schmackerdoodle, Peanut Gallery, Choconut Chip and a Golden Ticket Bar. I liked the cookies but, the Golden Ticket Bar wasn't my thing. This place was crowded during my visit. Their staff were polite and their service was fast. If you're looking to get high on sweetness, this is the spot!

Nadeem Ramjan

Had the cookies and creme cookie but it was a bit too crispy and didn't have a buttery enough flavor to it.

Douglas Leland

Coffee was bitter and pastry was dried out as if it was left over from yesterday... Surprised.. .they are usually so fresh and good

Elizabeth Munn

Mehhh. Over rated and over priced. The funfetti tastes like play-doh with frosting. I got the box of 6 and they were all dry and not fresh. Extremely disappointing. Much rather go to Levain!

Jenna Vallejo

I walked by and saw that it was pretty busy so we figured we would give it a try. The cookies are a good size and they have a good variety of flavors to choose from. The funfetti is a little to sweet for my taste but I think that’s to be expected with that particular flavor. The cookies are very moist and come packaged nicely! If you’re in the area give this place a try!

Edward Zarkowski

Good. Good. Good. Good!! Best cookies in Hell's Kitchen, if not all of NYC.

Lisa Hall

We had the absolute pleasure of actually meeting Zachary, who is the owner. Such a wonderful person. The cookies were out of this world. The staff was pleasant and helpful. We were excited to find out that they ship their cookies!!! We even bought their tee shirts. Thank you Zachary for taking time out of your busy day to chat with us!! We will be back again!

Ethan C

Fantastic cookies, and a staff that can handle a rush like no other. Every time I've come the line has been out the door, yet the person at the cash register always takes their time to make sure all my orders are correct as well as double checking before I move on. They somehow do this for everyone yet keep the line moving at a brisk pace. The rotating variety of cookies is awesome as well, so make sure to be a repeat customer and check them out.

Monica Sansi

Not too many options, esp for icereams or shakes. The cookies are great though, and ambience is lively.

Kailen Clayson

Tasty cookies with interesting flavors! Worth the wait.


Best cookies I’ve ever had

E. B. M.

This is the perfect after-theater stop. Unfortunately, everyone else thinks so, too. Still, if you have an extra 15 minutes after a show, grab a cookie for the road and/or subway.

Noelle Teagno

Best cookies in NYC!

Elizabeth Henderson

Fresh cookies. Fast service. The cookies have the right mix of softness and that little crunch on the outside of the cookie. The frosting is not overwhelming. The rice Krispy is very gooey. Definitely have to take bigger bites. Everything taste amazing.

Justin Goodman

Good cookie, got one fresh as it was coming out and it was notably better. A bit pricy feeling, but given a fresh one in the flavor you want, it hits the spot.

shaheen kapadia

Yummy!! We ordered the chocolate duet and Maple bacon. You can buy one cookie, 2 for $5, or by the dozen. Highly recommend trying

Richard Cacace

The cookies were amazing I loved maple bacon that wasn't really impressed with the maple bacon cookie but the s'mores cookie with the toasted marshmallow all over the top with out of this world. All of the other cookies there looked really amazing and let me tell you for something that's in the Theater District and you can get to massive cookies for only $5 that is an amazing deal especially when the cookies are fantastic but the place is crowded so be prepared

Rokos Basilisk

It's really true what they say- anyone who deals in sweet treats are masters of sorcery and the dark arts. I was heading in my usual direction (SOUTH) when I came across this fine establishment.You can’t help but notice this shop when you’re waiting for the light to change and others around us were talking about it too. There was a line out the door. Cookies look and taste great. Would accidentally buy a box of cookies again. If you know about this place and don't do everything in your power to support it, i sense something bad might happen. ALSO AI Overlords man.

Carmen Kath

I have never eaten a better more delicious cookie. The entire menu- let me say it again... the whole entire menu is delicious. Service is fast and always good! And... I just found out they opened at Cooper Square which is very close to me. I will definitely be going there soon!

Mac A

I really liked this place! I got a cookie sandwich with two funfetti cookies. The line was pretty long, but the servers are very efficient and moved the line very quickly. I wouldn’t be turned away by a long line, because it won’t take a lot of time. The employees here are also very friendly, and give off a good vibe. It felt like everybody there, both customers and employees, was in a good mood. I really want to go back and try some more cookies!

Cindy C

The line for this place is always long even when it's close to midnight. We came here on a weekend night looking for a midnight snack. we ended up getting the classic chocolate chip and cookies and cream cookies. The cookies were so large! My favorite one is the classic chocolate chip. The salt sprinkled on tasted perfectly with the cookie. Definitely a great place for a snack at any time of the day.

Carol Koronec

Always a nice place to go to have a different kind of cookie. Look forward to there new store in lower east side.

Oskar Eriksson

Best cookies I've ever had without a shadow of a doubt!

Amber Meleskie

Best cookies ever. This is my favorite bakery to get cookies in North America. Definitely try their funfetti cookie!

DeCarlos Moore

Really loved the cookies here. Chocolate chip is always a winner and the maple bacon cookie is out of this world!!

Gigi T

This place hits the spot. The s’more and cookie and cream are my favorite. Really don’t care much for the drippings (just my preference) but my nieces love it. Love this place for cookies w so many flavors

Farooq Akbar

Its ok, too sweet to taste real cookie

Robyn Franceen Evans

Cookie was crispy on edges, soft in the middle and served warm. Very good. Plus I like the taste of salt in my chocolate chip cookie. If you don't, ask questions before you choose.

Frank Bottino

rat tooth found in cookie! do not go here __________ In response to the owner’s comment below - yes seriously. Review sites like this provide transparency so customers can make informed decisions before making purchases. The feedback also allows business to find out their strengths and weaknesses and hopefully make improvements where they fall short. I actually made a decision to go here based on all of the good online reviews. It’s disappointing to have had such a poor experience from not only finding a rodent tooth in my cookie, but also from your dismissive personal email response assuming it was a shell fragment, and furthermore, your response to this post telling me to “just stop” rather than using it as an opportunity to tell the public how you can improve.


Lined up at 2AM for these bad boys. Worth every bite.

Erwin Tan

Definitely surprised by their cookies. I'm not a cookie guy and think that paying 3 dollars for a cookie is ridiculous but these cookies are worth it. I also like the fact that this isn't a pretentious bakery or the opposite, a totally hipster bakery. The cookies are classics slightly updated but not to the point that you're not familiar with the taste. The service is quick despite a line out the door. Definitely a place to check out if you're in the area.

Jillian Claremont

Delicious cookies! You can’t help but notice this shop when you’re waiting for the light to change and others around us were talking about it too. There was a line out the door. Cookies look and taste great. Would accidentally buy a box of cookies again

Sam Strauch

This place was a quality cookie experience that was good and enjoyable. The location and marketing of this place is incredible. You can’t help but notice this shop when you’re waiting for the light to change and others around us were talking about it too. There was a line out the door. Cookies look and taste great. Would accidentally buy a box of cookies again


I liked it the staff nice and friendly some of cookies

Michael Castellano

Outstanding cookies. Line moved rather quickly. Would love to return and try them all.

Emily Evans Burggraf

By far, the best cookies I've ever had. Sugar galore. I had the funfetti... Lip Schmakin good.

Yuki Ishibashi

So many varieties of tasty cookies! Some classic, some with a twist. We left with a half dozen cookies, totally worth the line (it moves quickly). There are also tasty liquid refreshment options available for a good cookie-pairing, like milkshakes, coffee, hot chocolate, milk, whatever you want really. Go! Have tasty cookies.

Kimmy k

Their cinnamon toast crunch rice crispy is great but their cookies are a let down. Its just a chocolate chip cookie recipe with other ingredients. Different cookies use different recipes and you can tell. They are overly sweet and 100% do not need all that icing. I think its over hyped

Shaina Higgins

Stopped in here for the first time a few days ago for a post-theater dessert and was delighted. I ended up trying the Classic Chocolate Chip and the Schmakerdoodle; both were warm, chewy, and substantially sized. The Schmakerdoodle was generously spiced, and I have to give big bonus points for the fact that the chocolate chips in the Classic actually do go all gooey when you pull the cookie apart. I was so impressed that I stopped by on my way out of town to pick up more flavors. Next trip I’ll definitely have to try the milkshakes, which look thick and dreamy, but not necessarily suited to the dead of winter. I’m so glad I found this place; highly, highly recommend.

Rafael Ortiz Serafina

Great huge freshly baked cookies!!! It doesn’t get better than Schmackary’s the place has a line till closing almost every night and have a nice coffee too but it’s not as great as the cookies the cookies are amazing you have to understand people coming for the cookies

Judy Hahn

This place is the best. The people and the cookies are sweet. They have many creative flavors including vegan options. They also have brownies and shakes. And on a hot day a cool drink from the fridge works too. I am excited to get something delivered. You can order that online, in person & on the phone.

lydia powell

My favorite place!!!!! Cookies are so fresh and amazing! My favorite is the pina colors cookie but they just have it on Sunday and Monday. That’s my first stop every time I come to New York!!!! Love this place.

Sammy S.

This place has one of the best selection of cookies, don't forget your milk when you endulge in the chocolate cookies. It can make you thirsty so it's a great combo.

Susanna Willy

The location and marketing of this place is incredible. You can’t help but notice this shop when you’re waiting for the light to change and others around us were talking about it too. There was a line out the door. Cookies look and taste great. Would accidentally buy a box of cookies again.

Min Lee

Husband and I love the cookies! Good price. It was not like sugary cookies. Chewable lol

Christina Shepard

These are the best cookies I’ve ever had in my life! The best is the cookies and creme, but it pairs really well with the funfetti!

David W

Great cookies! Love the interesting flavors they come up with. Even their chocolate chip with a little bits of salt is a nice take on a classic cookie.

Jafar Mohammed

The people here are always so nice. Great desserts as well.

Vanessa Félix

The cookies are everything but wish there are more sits and maybe a AC inside!!?? Was insanity hot inside. Anyway the cookies are really the star and they know how to do them.

kira zemp

Great Cookies! Try the Sch‘mores flavour one

Trevor Glanville

We only can't give it a five because we hope cookies can still get better. But this is pretty dam close to perfect.

Gary Engelbrecht

Delicious cookies a bit pricey but worth it if you buy a dozen

Jas Bhachu

Interesting flavors of cookies, it's really a nice treat.

Connor Lyon

This place is addictive. The coffee is good and the servers are always cheerful and polite.

rosalyn janiszewski

Didn't have all the cookie flavors as advertised online but the employee was very nice and helpful.

dima lahlouh

Delicious little hole in the wall but a long line depending on when you go

Google User

Love their cookies!! They have decent deals on the cookies. I love their staff even more, they're so sweet, funny, and accommodating. Definitely give this place a try.


Huge huge cookies with long lines. Got the Maple Bacon cookie today and was unfortunately a bit disappointed. There was no discernible maple flavor and could have had more bacon bits. The edges were crispy and the inside slightly soft which is good. I will come back to try other flavors.

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Bakery - New York


Krumville bake shop
Krumville bake shop
Bakery - New York


The City Bakery
The City Bakery
Bakery - New York


Hamilton's Bakery
Hamilton's Bakery
Bakery - New York