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94 Demarest Mill Rd, Nanuet, NY 10954, United States

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REVIEWS OF Rockland Bakery IN New York

Roland Waitszies

Very nice bakery and many tasty pastries

mo rum

Never thought I'd enjoy picking out bread but I do, the sweets were enjoyable as well.

Thomas Russo

Rockland Bakery is the best bakery around, period. It is truly a historical local treasure. They make everything there fresh daily. People come from all over to buy their bread. Their cakes and pastries are also very good. This place used to always be jam packed around the holidays because of the quality of their breads and pastries but with there recent upgrades and renovations to the outside, it's not nearly as bad as it used to be. Their retail operation runs much more efficiently because of it. They also have a commercial division where they supply bread throughout the east coast.

Mike D

Obviously I have heard of Rockland Bakery but hadn't visited it till recently. The bread, from bagels to specialty loaves, to dinner rolls were all hot and fresh. I literally mean hot and fresh because you actually go into the baking area , put on gloves and pick and bag whatever you want. They have a deli with true Italian specialties and everything else also. The pastries we bought were excellent and the best part was the very , very , reasonable prices. So I will be driving the hour it takes me to definitely visit again in the future .

Rich Herman

Simply the best for fresh breads of all types and rolls .. they come off the line out of the ovens too hot to touch. They also have pastries and pies and cakes of all types with varying quality. Deli on site if you need fixings for the breads ☺️

Christine Ladas

Best bakery we have ever been to.

Amanda Rummel

Its essentially williy wonkas chocolate factory for adults.

Maria Corona

Omg...was the best. We went at 7pm and their bread was still fresh. Was so good plus great price. And the dessert was so delicious. Would recommed you go and try it out.

George Andrew

We live close so we visit a few times a week. Highly recommend for everything you need or want from a bakery. Bread, rolls, pastries, bagels.

Walter Goldman

Best bakery in Rockland. Go for the black and white cookies.

Herman H.

Best bakery in Rockland County, staff could be a bit more efficient when taking retail phone orders. Otherwise the products are excellent.

Kevin Bishop

Love the smell of fresh baked bread. Dont go there hungry!!!

Zori Diaz

The best bakery ever! Fresh fresh fresh breads and the yummiest sweets ever ! Highly reccomend. You must get the bagels coming off the conveyer belts ! The also have a deli shop ! Yummo ! Best hamburger and hot dog buns too!

Mindy Pang

Full bakery on site so everything is fresh. We purchased a selection of bread, bagels, and pastries. Bread and bagels are always fantastic. Really enjoyed the filling in the lobster tails which was light but the dough was ok. We did not like the elephant ears which were doughy. The blueberry pie was great.

Michael p

Everything is so fresh here you can go in and literally pick up bagels that are still got comming off the line. Wide variety of bread and desert foods such as cookies and cakes. Prices are so low it's unbelievable you can walk out with two big shopping bags and not even be up to $20. Recommend to anyone that loves fresh baked goods.

anita sado

Love! Great staff

Wendy WWilliams

MOST FUN AND AMAZING BAKERY EVER! The baked goods are good....but you go for the experience! Walk in grab a plastic glove and a paper bag.....walk the racks of bread & bagels and toss what you want in your bag. At least 1-2 items are hot and rolling out of the oven so you can just grab them while they're hot! Then you go to the register in a room FULL of nothing but sweets! And its all amazing nothing is not great. My personal favs are the cranberry raisin bread (oh and they will slice any loaf for you for free at check out) the salted pretzels, croissants and rugelach (any flavor but raspberry OMG!)

Best bread and bagels. They have all sorts of breads to choose from. I buy breads here every weekend. [Edit] My mother and I come here every week to to buy bread for sandwiches and croissants for drinks. We also get some donuts and cinnamon rolls, but a worker told my mother and I that there were no croissants and they don’t make ANY MORE CINNAMON ROLLS! Why don’t they make them anymore? I don’t know so just to tell you that they don’t make any more cinnamon rolls. That really sucks because I love the cinnamon rolls that they sold here. But overall, the aroma of the place is really good and, like others said, is a unique experience to be there. The factory is really cool as well when it is in motion.

Anthony Rodriguez

It's a experience and food awesome ...


Amazing place! As you enter, the smell.of fresh bread overwhelms the other senses. Turn left. You can get back to the cookies cakes, and specialty items later) As you head into the baking area, grab a paper bag and a plastic glove. On the right when we visited, fresh bagels were rolling out of the oven They are really hot so be careful if you grab some. On the left are almost endless racks of rolls , breads, baguettes, etc. They are labeled e.g. marble rye, pumppernickle etc When your are done, head back to the area where you came in. The sweet stuff is here: Cookies, cakes,Danish, biscotti, canolis. Yup, you name it. The cashiers will ring up your purchase A 10 percent senior citizen discount is available, just ask. Once you step out of the store, the hardest part is not eating your goods before you get home! Prices are very reasonable . Bagels for example were 60 cents and they were large![

G Lawrence

They have a great deli area. Best shrimp salad I've had in a long time. They use huge Gulf shrimp which is unusual for a deli, normally it's bay shrimp. They have an excellent turkey salad and a very good chicken salad. And of course their bread is always on point.

Curly Willow

Love Rockland bakery, they have all kinds of bagels, breads, & desserts, try their fruit tarts they're very good. They also have cold cuts & make sandwiches & coffee..

Bridget B

Always has amazing baked goods. The bagels and Kaiser rolls are among some.of the freshest Ive ever had in my life.

Michaela Carpenter

I love the bagels here. MY LEPRECHAUN MADE MY BAGELS GREEN, but they taste the same.

Rich McC

Outstanding ... been going for years. Grew up in Queens ... had 3 bakeries in walking distance. Babouska, crumb cake, Italian bread and rolls. Never disappointed.

Susan Knipper

This place is one of a kind. Where else can you get such a variety of breads and baked goods all at insanely good prices. Oh, and getting hot bread, bagels, and rolls literally out of the oven, picked yourself, the best experience ever! Great quality too. This place is always super busy for a reason.

Josh Alley

Rockland Bakery is hands down the best bakery I've ever been to, and I'm not sure they can ever be topped. In the back is the self-serve bread/bagel/roll section and it's huge! Everywhere you turn will be fresh, delicious bread products, including a conveyor belt that is constantly churning out the softest bagels literally fresh out of the oven. In the next section over is the deli that has Boar's Head, some good Italian cured meats and the rest of your deli goods. The third section is heaven on Earth. Nothing but amazing baked goods everywhere you turn. By now I've tried their brownies, tarts, rainbow cookies, rainbow bars, cupcakes, b/w cookies, a few different cakes, a bunch of cookies, and more stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting. Every last thing I've had was totally on point. Their brownies are still the best I've ever had. The rainbow bars are possibly my favorite dessert ever, anywhere. And the best part is you won't pay an arm and a leg going there. Only downside is the pain of getting in and out of the always busy parking lot. That's a price worth paying.

t lo

Great selection. Wonderful aroma

Abtsam Farooq

Superb... Everything is fresh people come from all over the places.

Valine Decosta

I like Rockland Bakery, that they have many kinds of baked breads and make the best marble cakes. And still have savings in at hand for everyone


The best fresh baked breads and rolls anywhere, love the onion board. And you puck your own. Excellent retail bakery


Bread!!!! The best...hours are awesome....

Gerson Rivera

I I love it. 100% recommended

Jimmy Ching

Best place always has the variety of bread, pastries and deli sandwiches just amazing too. Nice see Baker on site pick your own bread enjoy aromas of wheat, rye, garlic, pumpernickel and more

Joseph Morales

Lots of fresh and great tasting baked goods

Naomi C

Love this one of a kind bakery. You can pick your own fresh bread. Love their deli. Great staff. And food delicious.

Timothy Weldon

Can't get any fresher for bread then this. Try getting a bagel of the line and have them make you a breakfast sandwich. Great sandwich and good deal.

MaryAnn King

Omg... The BEST bakery!! Make ot a destination!!!

Triston Li

Fantastic bakery famous for their fresh bread! The iconic bagel dispenser and the room full of freshly baked bread is no joke. After eating bread from here, you might not want to buy bread anywhere else. The baked goods are pretty tasty as well. The staff is friendly and coming here is always really enjoyable.

Stef Fetcho

This place has been a staple in Rockland county forever Love walking through and picking My own baked goods.brings back memories

Jus Dre'

Best bakery ever, food is always good.

Zoltan Dorogi

A brilliant place to purchase any bakery products. Very fresh and open all day. Friebdly peoole. In case you happened to purchase food from the deli department is is very tasteful. Price is according to the quality of the food.


Another positive review for you. Old-fashioned oven baked bread, reminds me of my uncles bread bakery when I was a kid. They made the best bread in the area at the time. I used to work there so I know a lot about quality. Thumbs up RB, keep up the good work.

Mary Ferlauto

Loved going in the back and taking the freshly baked rolls of the shelf they come out on.

German Brugal

You love bread, you'll love this place

Jared Erickson

Best deli, bakery and fresh bread you can find anywhere

Vishwendra Patel

Best Bakery and cake factory. You can go inside and pick your bread while it is coming out on the conveyor belt. Awesome pastries and cakes too!

Dekel Drotman

Love their bagels especially when they just come out of the oven

George Rozycki

I have been coming here for years and always very satisfied. I had 2 Italian combos and a pickle, very good and a bargain. But I did think the sodas at $2.10 was expensive for the 20 oz. The half gallon of milk was $2.89 high. Otherwise I would have given them 4 and a half. I think you have to be really exceptional to be a 5.

T Mae

Everything is sooooo goood.

Kate Torres

Amazing! Everything is mouthwatering! So much fun for kids to see the breads and bagels coming off the conveyor belts. An exciting and delicious experience!

Sharon N

This isn’t just a bakery it is an experience. It provides everything under one roof and the freedom to overdose on carbs to your heart’s content! Great for picking up a dozen rolls for Sunday dinner or pulling together a box of treats from the biggest selection of cakes and pastries in the county. Everything is fresh. Always. And with prices to keep everyone coming back for more.

tara spellman

Love this ❤️ place warm breads right off the machine been going here since I was a kid

Lynn Feliziani

What can I say other than I love this place. Great fresh bread, a great deli, and a wonderful fine bakery in the front of the store. Because of it's popularity, it will be crowded, but the lines move fast. So, if you want real fresh baked bread, bagels and a lot more ... this is THE place to stop. You may want to grab a salted pretzel for the road before you leave!

trevor ladas

Great food and great bakery a must stop in the area

Ben Echt

Edit: I have traveled all over the U.S.A. as well as Israel, and I cannot say that anywhere else can make Challah that comes remotely close to Rockland Bakery.

Martin Kipp

Be ready, it's a mob scene in there. . . Because it's awesome. Best cheesecake, and really best of everything else we have tried.

Jon Preciado

While it’s a bit of a drive, this place offers some of the best bread around - best of all, you can hand select it right from the bakery itself. I love getting hot rolls fresh off the conveyor belt. Typically get their Rye, Semolina and Heath breads but occasionally get the fruit and nut ones too. All are delicious - and they have great baked goods!

Tricia Matero

Love this place. Fresh rolls, bagels, and bread. Also a great backery.


The amount of different breads, rolls and cakes is staggering. Everything we bought was fresh and yummy.

Elizabeth Veronique Bubika Hoka

I dream of this place. The fresh breads, bagels and pastries are what people honestly come for. I love how some flavors just pop with different breads that are available. The smell of a bakery is also why people come back. Sometimes food is associated with feel good memories. And Rockland bakery does that for me. Great atmosphere, its clean, pleasant staff, great customer service and the breads taste amazing. The aroma permeats the air and it makes my stomach hungry. It shows that there is love in what this bakery does. And I've fallen in love with this bakery's goods! Thank you for making everything taste so good. See you soon.

Ryan Trockel

Finally got to see the place work in action. It is an amazing place everything is done on premises.

Charles Hull

Hot fresh bread and pastries and great pricing. Dont plan on sticking to your diet if you visit this awfully delicious place

Kenneth Arroyo

Excellent variety; good value.

William Montalvo

Good selection and tasty desserts


Place is awesome but the girls need to wear a hair net and change the gloves when handling the goods

Wayne Brett

Breads are fresh and excellent. Nothing like a warm fresh bread and pastries. Don't go in with the munchies!!


Great bakery

david bradley

Great desserts staff seem to be untrained

Jeanette Jones

Very good haven't been in a while.

Kimberly Creel

Love Rockland Bakery it's got so many fresh items to choose from

Martha Patierno

Fresh bread, Willy Wonka style. The back is a must see.

Nunook 55

You can smell the baked goods halfway down the road as you approach the place. Fresh baked breads, pies, cakes and cookies and fruit tarts - mini and regular size. They even have a deli section. The only drawback is parking space is limited. Go early in morning (except on holidays, it will be busy, so plan accordingly or order ahead) or later in the evening and you shouldn't have a problem.


You just have to go, as good as everyone says and better!!

Bret Heilemann

People are friendly. Place is clean. They make great sandwiches / cakes / pastries... you name it. Hot soft Pretzels cooling off just waiting to be eaten. We absolutely love this place!

John Hufnagel

A great experience to watch the breads and bagels bring made. Delicious pastries, cookies and cakes too. The kids loved it.

Michael Wasserman

There's reason I drive 200 miles to come to this place by far the best bakery anywhere. Most people think it's to visit my daughter but it's about the bakery...

ron calabria

Amazing place if you haven't been there you'll have to check it out old school Bakery you can get the hot rolls in the bagels right out of the oven it's amazing

Cathleen Markland

This is an adventure. All products baked on site. Grab a bag and fill it with fresh rolls and bagels. Love all the pastries. Rugalah yummy. So fun, bring people here from out of town

Sandra Howard

The freshest bagel I've ever eaten! Awesome place to visit!!!

Okechukwu Ogori

Very nice confectioneries at moderate prices ,neat environment easy to locate and good customer service reports

Ariel Bautista

This place is near and dear to my heart. We've been blessed that we have family in Nanuet because we always stop by at the Rockland Bakery before we head back home to LA. The smell of bread and pastries permeates everything and as long as you're not on a low carb diet, it's practically Heaven. We usually get a few bags of Kaiser rolls, dinner rolls and challah bread since we take them onto the plane and hope they dont get too crushed. While were getting breads you can eat some of the freshly baked breads to tide you over and they just melt in your mouth. This place is like Disneyland for carb lovers and it's a staple whenever I visit family in New York

Rose DeLuca

What a great place. We took the grandkids there had breakfast then picked our own rolls and bagels. And bought some sweet goodies. Kids had a ball watching the bagels come down the conveyor belt.

John S.

Can't be beat...fresh, delicious and plenty of selection! A favorite any time of the day

Jane Sailor

Freshly baked bread. It's all made on site. Cakes, cookies, and pastries to be had also. I've never had a complaint.


Wow, just amazing. All the breads and pastries I had were amazing! Definitely coming back!

Rebecca Castellanos

Friendly staff smelled great because the bread is literally being baked on the premises! You can go to the back pick out your own loads of bread and watch as fresh bagels drop out of the oven! Great variety I personally love their rainbow cookies they are very moist!

Schuyler Hecht

Its Rockland bakery, its my childhood memory...nothing bad to say about fresh rolls off a belt and into your stomach.

kevin pena

People are always pleased to help when you need. The prices are really good and the food fantastic.

Cynthia Caraballo-Archetti

If you're on a Diet.. avoid this place!! The aroma alone puts weight on. Absolutely the best place on earth for their home made FRESH bread and desserts!! You can chose the bagels as they come out the ovens ...HOT off the press!! A must experience ... you wont regret it.

John Stewart

Wow. It doesn't get fresher than this. Prices are very good. Hard to walk out of there without an harmful of wonderful bread.

nani torres

All the ladies are very nice and attentive. Service was fast.

Steve Bergon

Walk into the Bakery.. take a whiff.. and you will understand

holly loblanco

beautiful fresh bread of all kinds. Pastries not to be believed. Bagels too, all hot and fresh. DELISH

Abby Ellsworth

This is a great local secret. The bakery typically supplies local restaurants and other bakeries with common baked goods, but they also allow the general public to hand select fresh breads right off the shelves, baked goods are in cases ready to be selected. It does not get fresher then this!

N dacosta

There's nowhere better to get yourself fresh bread upstate. The place has parking, the prices are ok, the staff is nice.

michelle s

Okay. Exciting for kids because you can pick your bread off of a conveyor belt. Breads are good, bagels just okay.

Devan Patadia

Great bakery except the bagels are not crusty enough

Xavier Vaughan

Great food shopping experience, see and smell bread made fresh. Can't wait to taste.

Charlie Williams

Nothing like fresh bagels!

Lisa Tirino

More than a bakery- total experience destination. You may pick your own from inside the production area! Excellent bagels and breads that you can smell a mile down the road. Inexpensive and quality sweets. Deli inside is a nice addition.

Mark Alvarado

Cookies, cakes n pies oh my!!! Pastries n breads galore!!!! You love bread you love sweets this is the place 2 hit. The cashier that attended us was very very nice. Goodies n good customer service wat more can u ask 4.

Tina Chrestman

Love! Love! Love this place. Great rolls, breads and bakery items. The deli is terrific with wonderful people behind all counters.

Dabbin Dad

What can I say you pick your bread right as they come out of the oven, literally!!! So many different kinds, shapes, sizes, don't even get me started on the pastry, cookies, etc.

Jesse Honigberg

This is an awesome place to visit with a small kid as well as some place that has unbelievable baked goods. It's incredible that they let you go into the back of the facility and get the freshest bread that you can imagine. I recently went there and had a pretzel as it was literally coming out of their massive ovens. Additionally, they have a great Deli that makes awesome sandwiches that are fairly priced. Check out the Italian combo!

Lawrence Menten

Amazing! Awesome breads and baked goods. Watch the bagels bring baked! Like a French boulangerie on steroids. A famous place for breads, cookies, pasteries, ...

Matthew Grossbauer

Best place in Rockland a must go

Jose Santiago

Excellent bakery, fresh breads and pastries, highly recommended.

Elizabeth Guevara

Fresh baked goods, efficient lines.

Patti Ursel

LOVE. Unique experience to go pick your own bread, rolls and HOT bagels.

Malkie Brandler

Fresh rolls. You go into the actual bakery and pick your own bakery goods!

Vincent 59

This is a must see for all! See the bread being made from beginning to end. Pick your own loaf of bread hot off the rack.

Joe Carney

Best seeded rye bread you can get. Just brought our granddaughter here for her first time. Another generation learns about the best bakery ever.

Aaron Day

Love that place especially when you get fresh and hot

philip lucca

Amazing bakery! So many fresh breads, bagels and out standing sandwiches! Cool operation where you get to see everything backed before your eyes!

Harry Vanatta

Best choice of all Breads you could possibly want! Self service, pick your own!! All freshly baked on premises. Wide choice of holiday and every day desserts!

Ebby MK

Always good food what ever you get

I Cam

Wonderful customer service and even more wonderful bakery! Worth the trip! (It was a 3 hr round trip ) Awesome selection and fresh! Would totally reccomend this bakery! Thanks!

Sean Cronin

Why are less stars an option? I mean, I guess they could improve on parking since they are so popular and busy...but that is nit picking. The smell of this place alone sends me into a shark week style feeding frenzy. LACE CANNOLIS: Before you die, you must eat these. Either go on the weekend when they make them or order them special during the week. Worth it, I promise.

J. B.

Love Rockland bakery! Reasonable priced cakes, pastries and baked goods. My favorite is being able to go into the bakery and picking fresh baked bread!

Zarya Dance Company

I absolutely love Rockland Bakery but I have to say that the staff is untrained and unprofessional. I literally witnessed one of the staff bullying a trainee today. I’ve been coming to this bakery for years but the staff doesn’t hold up to its value. I hope that changes.

Jared Umlas

Bread so fresh its like you got it right off the oven conveyor belt... Wait, you did! And it's hot, cheap, and Delicious.

Elizabeth Amabile

I like Rockland Bakery because you come in, put on some plastic gloves, grab a paper bag and go into the room where racks and racks of bread are cooling off and waiting for you to chose them. It's fun to go there. So many choices, French breads, Italian breads, Irish Soda bread, loaves, dinner rolls, Kaiser rolls, Olive bread, Bagels, Challah bread, cookies, pastries, etc. It's all very affordable and cheaper than grocery stores. Go there, you will like it.

Bob Lyons

One of the best bakeries around

Michael Ganesh

Love their fresh bagels

Todd Moore

So many fresh choices and discounted prices

Lynn Leitte

Fabulous place. Wonderful breads, bagels, and pastry. Always crowded! Go early morning or after dinner if you want to a avoid the crowds.

lisa jessup

Wonderful fresh breads, rolls,cakes, cookies, bagels ,etc. Straight from their ovens to their cooling racks, to you .


Unique experience, fantastic bread. Love coming here - just recently discovered the deli. Super fresh high quality deli options for your just baked bread.

Joseph Rezza

Tried calling. Answering service had me hang up and call again with the extension. It rang, no one answered. I’ll go somewhere else. Bad business.

Brian Sinclair

Going to this bakery was a real experience. You walk in and are given plastic bags and a paper bag. You then enter a room with the freshest bread you've ever had. The bagels are literally coming out of the machine as you walk in. The bread is dirt cheap and you can even hand pick your own roll for the bakery next door.

Volt Speed

Best bakery ever!! Fresh bread, great desserts and fast service!

Theresa H

Nothing can beat pulling up to Richland Bakery and being able to smell the fresh bread from the moment you open your door. The bread is so fresh you can walk right up to the bakery ovens and grab the rolls or bagels as they are coming right out. They have just about every traditional bread imaginable with many artisan breads and rolls being added to the selections. Breads, bagels, pretzels, muffins, rolls, pies, cakes, cookies, pastries, and a fully stocked deli with hot and cold choices and Boars Head cold cuts. They supply the bags, plastic gloves and baked goods but you need to bring the appetite because you're going to be eating a just out of the oven roll or bagel on the way home.

Michael Stern

Great bread and desserts!


Love their irish soda bread. They have a full deli which is what I come for. Their breakfast sandwiches are fabulous, and no matter how busy it is they move customers through quickly and always get your order right

Nyk A

You can smell the Quality and they back it up. Great Bakery, real quality Cakes, pies, cookies etc... Without the supermarket taste. There is nothing like tasting fresh bread literally right out (Their oven) the oven . The best part imo, such quality products for very reasonable (some pretty cheap) prices. They also have a small deli like store inside should you need some coffee/tea, sandwiches, even cold cuts Def a place you wouldn't want to visit only once

Dominque Cohen

This place is just alright. They offer a lot of options from pies, bagels sandwiches and potato salad but everything tastes mediocre. I’ll give it that is fresh but just meh

Vikramaditya Bagri

The finest variety of bread, cakes and pastries that you can find fresh. Reasonably priced, clean factory, friendly workers and superb taste of goods makes this place a must visit in Rockland county. Treat yourself self. Come to Rockland Bakery.

Rafael Abreu

Simply put. The best bakery in Rockland county.

B Gates

Don't visit if you have a weakness for fresh-baked breads! Wear a gas mask and blindfold so you don't end up with every type of bread imaginable. Wish I could go there today.

Adam Arnold

I love Rockland Bakery! Amazing assortment of breads no and desserts. The staff is always friendly and the smells oh the smells.

Tess LeAnne

I love this place so much! I always go out of my way to stop by when I'm in the area. You can pick up fresh breads from the back (not something you see often in upstate NY.) The prices for the breads and treats are cheap. I picked up a huge bag of stuff for about $16! Try the twisted challah bread

harsh shah

Smell of freshness.. its amazing to visit this bakery and Manufacturing facility.. must visit if you are around


This place is AMAZING, I love getting bagels and there rainbow cake, it smells so good in there. The cakes for birthday party’s are amazing! The staff is nice! I love this place so much. This is the best bakery in the whole world! So please visit this place all the time and give this place a very good review if u love this place! Thanks very much for reading this!

Mikko Peltoniemi

Excellent price/quality ratio. However sometimes I feel that many of the different loaves are the same dough just shaped differently. There's not enough taste distinction for example between a sourdough and a baguette.

James Butler

Excellent breads. An actual commercial bakery that you can walk through and get fresh hot bread, bagels, large pretzels and a multitude of artisan breads. Large selection Excellent pastry shop as well.

Lauren Knowles

I make a stop here whenever I visit my grandpa. I love the industrial feel, the selection, and especially the prices. We buy bagels and bread and freeze them. The crumb cake also freezes well. The parking could be better.

Ari Gordon

Best cannoli and service I've had in a while!

Frank D'Amato

Best bakery in Rockland county. Great deli too!!

Adrienne GEE

Love the baked goods and bread (yummy)

Matt Donovan

Honestly, just the experience of walking in and grabbing your bagels hot from the machines is something special. But all the bagels and pastries are amazingly tasty too!!

BioRaptor 780

I loved all the defrent kind of bread and it was warm and we were gloves so if we pick up a piece of bread and we dont want it it want get dirty

gladis gomkez

great customer service, super nice people always ready to help. The bread is delicious, especially the garlic bread

Kelly McLean

I absolutely love this bakery! They have the best baked goods in the area. Once upon a time Aurther Ave was top dog and if you're still brainwashed into thinking that then I dare you to give Rockland bakery a try. You will not be disappointed. There is plenty of variety, the staff are super helpful and very nice, the prices are reasonable, and everything there is delicious.

scott simkin

Great place your one stop shop for baked goods amazing

Tom Wexler

Amazing bakery. Fresh breads straight off of the conveyor belt. Pastries and cakes are all excellent. Everything tastes great here.

Rich Jast

Fresh baked bread and pastry daily

C Hershoff

They're the best everyone knows it!

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