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9465 Corona Ave, Flushing, NY 11373, United States

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You will be able to see the information of real people like you who are consuming the services of Rio De La Plata Bakery Shop (Bakery) in the area close to the state of New York.

Nowadays this firm has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 and this score is based on 188 reviews.

As you can read, it has an average rating is high, and it's based on a very large number of feddbacks, so we may say that the evaluation is quite credible. If many people have bothered to evaluate when they are pleased, is that it works.

You know that we don't usually stop to give tatings when they are positive and we usually do it only if we have had a problem or incidence...

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REVIEWS OF Rio De La Plata Bakery Shop IN New York

Juan Pablo Gómez

Francisco Vivas

Excelente facturas y cafe ,poco espacio pero muu rico.

Damian Benitez

(Translated by Google) I wish there was a bakery like you are closer to the east end long island. Always rich. Never inrico. (Original) Ojalá hubiese una panadería como estas más cerca del east end long island. Siempre rico. Nunca inrico.

luis gimenez

(Translated by Google) Cool (Original) Genial

Carlos Osorio Sordelli

Best confiteria in NYC. It's like being in Buenos Aires. Highly most highly recomend it.

Oscar Russi

Excelente food and attention, thank you


Maurice Crawford

Support local delicious small business!

Carla Farina

I've been going to this place for the sandwiches de miga and pastelitos.

Shashikant Warik

Truly one of the best bakeries in Queens, you can enjoy the mini pastries for 75 cents each or grab an empanada for a dollar. Friendly service with heart of gold.

Liliana Lagarde

I love that place

Sandra Gonzalez

Chris Rodriguez

Erick Molina

Muy deliciosos los moños100% deliciosos

Galia Gumeniuk

For those who knows what cooked condensed milk is and also thinks that it is the best sweet thing ever! I thought that cakes and pastries with cooked condensed milk can be found only in Russian districts, but it was a nice surprise to know that argentinian sweets mostly the same. So, if you love it, go for it to this place. It's cheap, there are lots of different pastries, rolls, cakes and breads there, from tiny bites to full sized pastries. Napoleon with cooked condensed milk is the biggest yum! Try it! And coffee with milk was also really nice. Don't look at the place itself, it's quite simple and more like a deli, but those treats worth to try!

Jose Lopez

Muy auténtico Argentino. 5 estrellas. Precios perfectos.

Miguel Lemos

Mar Gut

I bought a slice of the 'flan' displayed to go just to find out a vinegary and fungus taste at the 1st bite due to the white fungus underneath I discovered at turning it out. It had probably been sitting in there for several days out of the fridge. The worst one I've ever had.

Monica Vera Lucero

Maria Rodriguez

Matias Oliva

Karina Vazquez

Love the coffee and the dulce media Lunas.

Mariano Valencia

(Translated by Google) Excellent service. No matter how far I am from Long Island, the quality of food never fails (Original) Servicio excelente. No importa lo lejos que estoy desde Long Island nunca falla no la calidad de comida

brokhrzz R

Breads & pastries here.

Julio Javier

Cristy Castillo

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy bueno

Claudio Ryzio

Vincent Laucella

Baked beef Empanada was incredible. Very clean and courteous atmosphere

luis mosquera

Great pastries and breads good prices

Carmen Alvarado

Great bread!

viviana leon

dafini Cepin

Brianna Espinoza

Lovely pastries especially their sweet bread! Everything is reasonably priced.

Uvaldo Naula

Steve R

Great place for coffee, and traditional Argentine baked goods. Great place to sip some coffee and munch on a palmetto in the open cafe at this cash-only bakery. They have incredible choices of yummy, unique, delicate, and beautifully made pastries with dulce de leche, cream, or chocolate. You must take home one of their Argentine cakes. They are very moist and amazingly delicious. I've never had anything like them at another bakery.

André François

Matambre loco!

Nic Slayer

Food was mediocre at best...The manager with the tattoos smelled like marihuana when he was stocking the fridge. it was disgusting! And the workers at the register were nasty when taking my order. The entire time, i can hear the manager and the female employees using profanity and repulsive language. It not a good time there. I would give 0 stars if i could. I can’t believe there’s good reviews!

Jorge Flores

Aviaris NYC

Tiny cozy and Good prices

Susana Correa

Marilyn Molina

Everything is over sweet to the extreme that is not good ,because u dont found no flavor on their bake only taste like water with sugar I love pastry and I know perfectly when is something good

John Moreno

Yazmin Aviles

Saul Revatta

The food empanadas were expired when I bought them there was fungus inside the meat. I vomited after trying them. Must avoid

Gabriel F

Good place to get Argentinian goodies

Mirko P

Pilu gadda

Es solo cash ! No aceptan debit ni credit card

George Quintero

Jorge Morales

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy bueno

Gisselle Gomez

El servicio fue bueno, la chicas saben atender, PERO los pastelitos

Gustavo Putzulu

Delicious sweet dessert and Argentinean bakery

Lisseth L

If I could live off bread I would without a second thought about it and it's because of places like this. I've tried all their bread at some point or another and they are all yummy in my tummy. Sometimes I've gotten lucky and I'll come when they have just taken out a fresh batch from the back (no matter what kinda bread it ends up being I'll always end up picking some up). I've never had the empanadas but I can say the masa they have in the freezer to make your own empanadas are the best things ever. The only ones I ever use. Tried the alfajor and wasn't a fan. It was kinda stale. I figured I'd stop there and not try any more of their sweets. I stick to the bread cause they never disappoint.

Zhi-Wei Lin

Skirt steak was wonderful.

Angelica Carchi

love their fresh breads!! especially croissants

Jose Antonio Gallegos Beltran

(Translated by Google) Excellent. (Original) Exelente.

Menajem Peretz

This is the closes bakery to what a Argentinian bakery should be. I am from Argentina and this took me back to my childhood. If you are really for sweet, well this is the place, also all sorts of food, empanadas, sandwiches de miga. But the pastry are out of this world, you must try this place, they also have a few tables just in case you want to try something right away

Isaac Escobar

Simon Eapen

Jofre Avila

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Buena


awesome !!!!!

skiller.darkko b


Gadi Glogowski

This is our go to place for empanadas and pastries (facturas). Well priced and authentic Argentinean.

Jackson Zambrano

Love the coffee

Ray G

Nubia Soledad Zazzini

Queens best Argentine food

Dora Parker

Best Argentian bakery! You've got to try facturas!

Beatriz Salvatierra

Brother Mouzone

Worst experience ever. Place is dirty, employees disrespectful, manager neglectful. The 2 blonde girls Natalia and Natalie tried to argue about giving me the correct change when it was actually 5$ short. They were extremely unprofessional and disrespectful. The manager (name is Christian i believe) then came to take the 2 girls’ side and at that point, I walked out. During the wait for my order i also noticed the manager groaping both of the girls without their consent and clearly they were avoiding him. Complete pervert. Don’t recommend this place. There was an older woman who was very sweet but that’s about the only thing sweet in this bakery.

Vanessa A

Sofia Matos

The service excellent I will come back with my family .I recommend

Merardo Cárdenas

Oscar Rada

Yudith Bastidas

(Translated by Google) Excellent meat (Original) Excelente carne

Juan Fernandez

El café exelente , pero se les quemo el pan

Liz Cerati

Grace Mejia

Best pastriesin queens, can't get enough of them. Only thing is that they only accept cash only but other than that their service and coffee is really great.

Maximo Vera

(Translated by Google) Good dulce de leche cakes (Original) Buenos pastelitos de dulce de leche

Dirk Soloman

I have to say i won’t be coming here anymore. Been a customer here several times a week for the past year every morning for a coffee and treat.. I decided to come here with my wife in the evening and was greeted with distain and disrespect by the employees for no reason. I tried to get in contact with the owner but he was not there. The owners son was.. and that’s were things got worse... seemingly high on something, he told me “if you don’t like it, too bad” in response to a complaint about a moldy and stale alfajor. We argued shortly after and my wife and I left with a bad taste in our mouth, metaphorically and literally. Can’t believe the experience i had. I feel bad for the owner.

candy mendez

Delicioso lo más rico es el vigilante de crema uffff es el postre más rico que he probado en mi vida

Maribel Jimenez

Expensive but I love there bred.

El Piojo Chuecopiojoso98

(Translated by Google) Very good, brings us closer to our country, same flavors and many top quality products (Original) Buenisimo , nos acerca a nuestro país , mismos sabores y muchos productos de primera calidad

Irving Nievas

Las empleadas no tienen idea donde estan paradas ,malisima atencion al publico ! La panaderia un asco , todo sucio y la calidad lo peor.. estamos en el 2018 y no aceptan tarjetas! "Cash only" Nos dijieron que era la mejor panaderia Argentina y NO es asi!. ES LA PEOR !

Sergio Fanchiotti

Simply great! If you like dulce de leche that is...


Michelle Castanon

Maximo Rivas

Oscar Laca

Best argentinian desserts and bakery

Hernan Alvero

Been going there for years,since I was a kid..great food great owners.

Gerardo Ramos

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy bueno

Daniel Massa

(Translated by Google) 100% recommended (Original) Recomendable 100%

Hernan Ortega

On Sunday 27 of May i blught a 6 meat empanadas. When i got home to eat them they were all bad.. they would taste to vinager. Since i ate before i decided to give another chance yesterday and ordered Sandwhiches de Miga. When i get to the car, decided to eat one and it was from a few days for sure. So i went back and ask them to please change it for another one fresh and she brought me a new on from the night before.. but also tasted old.. Also, as a note i spoke with them about the 6 empanadas and she only answered i will tell someone about it, but no attention or anything. Being an Argentinian place.. i am very dissapointed.. im sure the girls workinf there are not to blame but there was luck of judgement and management. I hope they get they s.. toguether .

super memmo

Products excellent, but be prepared to pay only cash...

Joseph Flores

I've been going to this bakery for a very long time. There like family . Very friendly staff. And the prices are excellent. Very clean and everything is fresh. The bread is to die for.

Al Bri

Leoyurt UrMOM2.4

Blanca Munoz

(Translated by Google) The bread is very expensive. And very small. (Original) Muy caro el pan. Y muy pequeno.

Lidia Campos

Muy buena atencion el pan riquisimo

Sandy Sand

use to like the food but Service is horrible! and they never give me my order right -.-


My family has been coming here for the last 20 years and have always bought the sandwich de miga here for the holidays, but this year it was a ripoff. The sandwich was 3 pieces of bread and a morsel of whatever filling it should have. I paid $48 for 4 dozen pieces of bread. Will be looking elsewhere for New Year’s sandwiches.

Ruby Arana

Boneless Tacos

Small bakery but great food. They have from bread to cakes to empanadas and its just overall great

Romulo Barrera

Adri Bobadilla

Sometimes it’s to crowded

Diego Lares

Rhys Riley

Great location and crew - 5 stars from me!

Ivonne Lara

Everything there is delicious, a piece of Argentina!

Gabo Blancas

La mejor panadería argentina con las mejores facturas para un buen mate. Una gran variedad de facturas o pastelitos . Lo recomiendo .

Sebastian Tissera

Gladis Tinta Torrez

jorge ramirez

(Translated by Google) More or less. (Original) Mas o menos.

Yoonju Kim

I know very little about Argentinian baking and have no basis of comparison for this place. However, I came here on a chase for medialunas (croissant like baked goods) and they did not disappoint. The seating area is cozy enough to sit around a while drinking coffee and munching down on medialunas.

Juan Carlos Rios

Cash only, a little bit over priced, they have almost everything like in any neighborhood bakery in Argentina !

Viir P

The employees has issues with simple math. The owner needs to take action. Suggestion: buy them calculators and teach them how to use it.

Joe Vigna

Has been around as long as I have. That's a long time 45 years

Hector Carrizo

Nice but expensive

Hector Mos

I have checked the place and it has completely changed from when my aunt and uncle who were the original founder's of it. But I still recommend the place.

Carlos Armasán

Friendly staff. Delicious food treats. Lines can be a bit long at times, but we'll worth the wait.

Omar P. Garcia

Ines de la Riva

Went with a friend from Bs As we have the worst empanadas! The corn empanada was dry tasteless and spinach had only boiled spinach inside. I was so embarrassed!!!

Argentina Marce

Buenisimo los pastries :) Especialmente los cakes de cumpleanos! . Me encanta la antencion de Cecilia y Lili :)

Juan Guarda

Good pastries if you're into that sort of thing.

Angelino G Meneces

(Translated by Google) I like coffee is very good. (Original) Me gusta el café es muy bueno.

Ryan McLarty

Esta panadería trae Argentina a la ciudad de Nueva York. La comida y el yerba mate son riquísimos, los empleos son amables, y los precios son razonables. Acá se sirven pasteles, empanadas, pan, y aún más. ¡Recomendaría que lo visite! This place is a little piece of Argentina in Queens. The food and yerba mate are delicious, the employees are very friendly, and the prices are reasonable. You can find anything from pastries to empanadas and other Argentine goods. Must go!

T Yan

Amazing pastries.. area parking is tough

Gabriel San

(Translated by Google) The best! (Original) Lo mejor!

David Canga

Un rincón Argentino en New York City. Ambiente cálido, pequeño,pero con todo lo que puedas extrañar. Faltan solo criollitos Cordobeses.

Himer Rodriguez

Nice people

carlos paredes

(Translated by Google) Excellent

Walter Miguel

Like Buenos Aires but in Queens

Ariel Alvarez

Dario Edid

Always fresh and delicious, nice attention...

Reinaldo Knauer


Vanessa Baigorria

I love it!!


(Translated by Google) delicious cupcakes (Original) Deliciosos pastelitos

Amanda Gonzalez

Mercy Votte

UN cálido lugar ,,el pan es rico excelente sabor y la atención es agradable

Angelica Puma

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