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REVIEWS OF Ole & Steen IN New York

Jawa Shalo

Delicious sweets and baked goods.

mimi tran

this looks dangerous!!! ♥️

Christian Madsen

Mattias Bilger

Great pastry, coffee and personal


A decent European bakery has just opened in the city! Their pastries and buns are flavorful yet sugary so watch out your sugar level. Their chairs and tables are so Danish that you may want to equip them in your apartment. Bathrooms are available on the ground floor and in the basement.

Oh M

looks better than it tastes..dry baked goods without flavor. nice friendly service. very clean and comfortable seating at banquet and stool seating. nice vibe.

Jonathan Watts

The sandwiches are to die for. Unfortunately their supper offerings were temporarily unavailable

Alex Levine

Definitely not a destination. If you are in the area and in the mood for baked goods you wont be too disappointed. However confusion is abound as there is very little information about what is in each item. Most of the display is actually in the window to the street however there isnt even any signs which identify what you are looking at. When you do get a title of something, that is all you get, no description of what is contained on the inside of the pastry.

Stu StuartS

Love to support my Norwegian family, waiting a long time and had to walk 1.5 to get her and it was worth it. Great food and great service!

Alejandro Ponce de Leon

Wendy Adam



(Translated by Google) The best coffee in New York. Also excellent service and ... crystal glasses, very clean bathroom. Everything EXTRAORDINARY (Original) El mejor café de Nueva York. Además atención excelente y...vasos de cristal, cuarto de baño muy limpio. Todo EXTRAORDINARIO

Westley Rachko

Eli Levy

Nice place for a break

joanne sinovoi

delicious food- I had the delicata squash sandwich= delicious

Andres Rangel

Coffee, pastry, and staff were all great!

Ditte Madsen

Zlata Z

Great bakery with ample seating upstairs and downstairs and I just discovered their focaccia sandwiches are delicious! I had the chicken pesto one... yum!

Sharon Man

Tasty, convenient location, friendly staff. They even offered my fussy toddler some bread to calm her down. Will be back to try other pastries. Credit cards only.

Matthew Stromer

way too expensive buts its nyc.

eden brachot

This is a delicious taste of Denmark. Authentic food, fresh scrumptious pastries. It's just delicious and delightful! And the staff is so friendly!

Omar Ramirez Lamelas

Not only their pastries and beverages are exquisite, but the space, the furniture, it all calls for spending time with friends, colleges or your significant other to stay for hours talking and relaxing.

Tugrul Topaloglu

It may be the only place to find the original Danish Rugbrød in the city. Skip the coffee, go for one of the simple and delicious pastries, or their signature sandwiches.

Bich-Ha Henriette Rieffel

This is the only place where I could buy real authentic “bread from Vienna”, a “ danish” breakfast pastry. They have the most exquisite selection of Danish breads from any bread store I have ever been to in the States. To add to the authenticity, wonderful danish staff that would help you with the bread selection and pastries. Just like I am in Copenhagen!!!!

Susanna Danieli

Eater Ny, why do you put this coffee joint among the must-go places to have lunch in nyc? It is nothing different from an average Starbucks, not special nor cozy like many others craft Swedish konditori scattered throughout the city. Just Ordinary


OMG. I devoured that social bun.

Daniel Nyiri

Everything tasted amaZing! Check them out

Lars-Åke Bilger

(Translated by Google) Quickly get a little to eat (Original) Snabbt å få sig lite å äta


A genuine Danish experience! The bread and pastries are as wonderful as from any bakery, so if you want to try a little slice of Denmark, this is the place to go! I only wish I lived closer - I bought extra rye bread to take home with me to South Carolina, and I dread the day I run out! I feel so lucky that this place had opened in time for my first - but not last - visit to New York!

Pachkuale Pestrini

Very good place.

Kyuwon Lee

What a delightful and peaceful stop for properly-made breads and desserts in the middle of the hectic area. The spacious seatings downstairs are definitely worth check out. And above all, don’t miss their chocolate cinnamon roll; it gives you a pure pleasure with a cup of black coffee.

Long-Mei Ren

Very nice and clean. Spacious with additional seating downstairs. Quick lunch place. Solid coffee


Amazing scandanavian bakery w what seems to be the perfect marriage of hearty scandanavian snacks and NYC fast casual sensibility. Filling, flavorful, and healthy(er).

kishan gutta

I always wanted to try out authentic Denmark baking and now I have a chance. Could not get enough of it. It is brilliant. Definitely recommend a trip to experience the unique food and ambience.


First time here after passing this place numerous times over. Long overdue to be honest. This place is amazing. Had the slow-braised beef focaccia, chocolate chip bun and raspberry slice shortbread with a friend. Everything was so super fresh and tasty we were both blown away by it. It is card only there which was a surprise, but considering that no one like cash anymore it's ok.

Francesca B

Very cute cafe with delicious baked goods! We tried one of the small pound cakes and the smoked salmon bun, and both were delicious. Everything else looked equally scrumptious!



Zenah Surani

The cinnamon social is a must try

Christina Solazzo

Great spot by Union Square for a quick breakfast! All their toasted sandwiches have been excellent. Their pastries are tasty. Their drink selection has been fun to try. Definitely worth popping by and trying.

Byron Navajo

Brett Weinstock

Incredible pastries, great Danish design, highly recommend the cinnamon ‘social’. Amazing coffee too.

Gaming With Dragons

One of the best bakeries we've been to in such a while. We passed by seeing their pastries in the window....unlike others we have passed by, this one made us stop, and we were happy we did. They had things I had to look up...what's a "truffle log" I asked? Cream, marzipan, chocolate...I wanted it. I then asked for a suggestion and was informed that this raspberry thing ($5 -sorry I forgot the name, but you'll know it when you see it) is a big hit. It was. It's layers of shortbread cookie dough with rasberry jam filling in between the layers and this yummy light icing on top. It was pretty perfect. We also tried the chocolate swirl pastry, which was a mix of marzipan, chocolate, with the lightest dough, that had a bite and a slight crunch to it ($4) It was so unbelievably good. Both desserts were. I love when desserts look even better than they taste. Denmark knows how to make sweets. :) We wanted to go back and try 10 more things, yet we had taken those two items to go. We were willing to walk quite a bit to go back. The customer service is excellent. The woman I spoke with may as well have been the owner, she was kind, knowledgeable about their pastries, and passionate about their baked goods. Although we didn't stay, the ambience is inviting and also looks super clean and had seating in the back. This is on our list now of places to recommend to our family and friends when they come to the city.

Emil Broni

Lauren A

Unique scandinavian pastry and deli. A true Valhalla for scandinavian food and pastry lovers. If they would only serve mead

Cameron Best

Superb Pastries along with excellent service and good coffee. The space is quite large and it's a very nice place to get some work done, or enjoy a coffee and pastry. I love their pastries!

Hunter McMillian

A new authentic treasure in Flatiron. The pastries are high quality, the coffee is very good, the ambience is A+ and the staff are friendly and helpful. What else could you want?

Anne Chen

Andrew Gallichan

Nice sandwiches and cakes but slowest coffee in town

Ryan Flora

Awesome ****** business and HQ (high-quality) food. Would definitely recommend to a fellow lad.

Sabrina Sophia

People are nice but its overpriced and it's just ok. $5 for a marshmallow puff and $4.50 for a dry cinnamon swirl pastry

Smychagin Alexey

Bad service.

Mickey Revenaugh


Cotter D. Christian

Austin Howd

the cashier lady that works there has the worst attitude they don’t take cash and they don’t let you put your own milk in your own coffee much better places in the area , I haven’t tried the food but it looks really dry

David Marcus

Solid coffee and baked goods

Tsadik Kaplan

Extremely friendly and helpful staff. Had some pastries and breads, nothing was incredible, but all very good. Loved the minimalist interior.

Nicholas Gangloff

Very friendly and a great area to hang out and relax. Very spacious. The food is very tasty and fresh. Their chocolate swirl is very very tasty.

Greg Knudsen

Fantastic sandwiches and love the smokey tomato soup! And great pastries and bread to boot! Wish there was one closer to my apartment

Steph Wu

You can’t walk past the store without stopping to gawk and drool over their window display of pastries. Literally all of their pastries can be seen through their gigantic glass window. I, of course, had to go in and try a few of their pastries. You order by looking at the giant display of pastries by the window. Sometimes it take a while until it’s your turn to order because people end up asking what is in each pastry. The display only has the name of the dessert and not the description of what it is. I got the dark chocolate covered marshmallow, the coconut and dark chocolate covered marshmallow, and the raspberry slice (fancy raspberry pop tart with incredible layers).

Courtney Cooper


They just opened last week... Tried their coffee and I was not disappointed. Overall the seem to have good selection of bakery goods...

Sima Karshenas

Nice place and good bakery!

Kendall Moses

The place was very crowded, but I did get to taste 2 of the time I will try their bread


Danish bakery which uses high quality ingredients. Everything is super delicious! They have great sandwiches as well as pasties. Definitely try the raspberry tart. @traveleen_gurl

Merissa Kochanski

It's ok! I liked the cinnamon social, I'd give it a 7 I wasn't blown away it's kinda boring, maybe add nuts and it's huge I wish it was smaller and a lil cheaper. The chocolate rye lump was different and good for being a bread thing.

Julie Lee

The line is very confusing but after a little while it becomes apparent. All the baked goods is next to the window which is blocked off so it’s hard to see the name of what you want to buy. I asked a worker there to help explain to me what’s in one of the items and she did not know then walked off to get a manger who also didn’t know what was in the item!! The customer service is bad and the food is not worth the price that they are selling. I went there another time to try something else and the size was not the same as the day before and staff does not look happy. Although the place does look decent and seating is nice but still not worth it. This place is not worth coming to. Sad to say but even Starbucks is better.

Tommy Chen

Danish bakery with very tasty artisanal breads, cakes and pastries. The space is very open and there’s a decent amount of seats.

Erica Chan

Soft opening today and right by one of the offices I worked from. Love the decor and the display of bread and pastry. The food menu includes sandwich, grain bowl (healthy and tasted so good), and hot entree filled with fresh ingredients. Comfortable seating and a few people enjoying the space with their laptop. Very friendly staff and drink prices is very reasonable. So glad they open in the neighbourhood!

Roberto Monserrate

Myra Orgain

Tried these amazing pastries at vice smorgasburg night market. The caramel puff is magical. Please bring more Nordic, mazipan filled pastries to NYC.

Gabriel Sorgi

grace chou

I don’t normally write reviews but the bread from this bakery is amazing! It’s the closest bread I can get here that compares to ones in Europe.

Macarena Araneda-Agurto

I am particularly fond of the sandwiches and raspberry squares. Consistently fresh and delicious. The only thing better than the food here is the service! Everyone is always super nice and efficient without making me feel rushed. Shout out to Jeff, who was especially kind and warm to me on my most recent visit despite me being a bit out of sorts! If you're reading this, Jeff, I hope you and your team are having a lovely day. <3 Also as a note: I've not noticed a tip jar when I've been here. Either I'm missing it, or it isn't an option at the moment, but I would love to know how to tip here to commend the excellent service, if anyone can get back to me!

Max Z

Incredible pastries and good sandwiches for a light lunch. The Cinnamon Social is out of this world! Good amount of relatively comfy seating upstairs and downstairs and 2 clean bathrooms.

Jacqueline Emerson

Phenix Hall

For years when I wanted a decent dessert (one made using real butter not industrial butter) I would stop by maison up the street but then they went from heavy cream to half and half and the croissants started tasting the same as the street vendors For three times the vendors price. So I found myself heading further north . The distance helped my waist line but still?? Ole has broken the mold. The flavors blend well, the food taste like food you would purchase at a grocery store in season (not the industrial red tomato that taste like a dull red Pantone sheet of paper). The service was great, I love the black guy who for lack of a better word is “queeny.” He’s so friendly and so cheerful that the chaos that you are greeted with upon entering the store is forgotten because the true star is this guy behind the counter. How pray tell can you be irritated when his hand rises mid air in a partial vogue and says , can I help you?’ You can’t stay irritated. in fact you begin to smile. As I said the food is good. Service is great but the display area is jacked. That definitely needs attention. I had no clue where the line began because you can’t see the names of the desserts from the cashier line. And if you are like me, even after seeing the names I couldn’t pronounce them so I still had to go back and point. Here’s a suggestion Ole, on the tag have the name of dessert, pronunciation underneath the name, and then a number underneath . We can the. use the number or letter to order. Will they see me again? Absolutely.


I was actually on my way home when this pastry in particular caught my eye. I believe it’s called a ‘Raspberry Slice Tart’ and it was SO good! Worth every penny, someone actually said it’s like a ‘gourmet pop tart’ lol. The people were nice & very helpful, & food was great.

Ludovit Gondkovsky

Wayne Brokke

James Hyam

Delicious chocolate bun and cinnamon swirl. We didn’t realise it was a cashless place and didn’t have a card (tourists) but the lovely server gave us it on the house.

Andy Ng

Large spacious bakery by way of Denmark, with shelves and displays of breads, pastries, and sandwiches to entice even the street passerby. Good combination of both Scandinavian and non-Scandinavian offerings. Choose a pastry or two, a coffee to accompany, and take a seat in the back and enjoy!

Alex Koronec

Great to see the changes of pastry ,cinnamon bread and strawberry cream tarts with chocolate. And the toasted sandwich was delicious

Camille Hashimi

I used to come here 3-4 times a week but I've come less and less. I believe that they are opening new stores and this store might not be as much of a priority anymore. I don't know if they reuse some of their pastries but the carrot bun I received was really dry. No consistency in their customer service and management always sitting on their laptops.

Jan Juel Hansen

Flemming Sløk

Coming from Danish ancestry and visiting every summer, I was super excited to hear that "Lagkage Huset" was opening a location in New York. All the food was delicious and completely genuine and I felt as though I was back in Copenhagen. The place was really clean, and "Hyggeligt".

Danielle Agaloos

I discovered this place by just walking around Union SQ . It's a cool Scandinavian (Danish to be exact) cafe in the heart of the city. They're desserts are eye-watering. Most of the pastries and dishes they serve are common in Denmark. I'd spend a whole day reading here.

Eric Reddy

Best pastries in the city for my money.


very nice and professional service Focaccias and and coffees very tasty! We will be come back again for sure!

Ray Shah

I wish they had a bread slicer. Otherwise good

Wendy Lopez

Such a great workspace downstairs!!

Joseph P

Mouth watering pastries. Quick service (was there on a Sat.).

Sam Clark

Normally I'll have a muffin or a scone, but when I walked into this bakery for the first time my nasal passages immediately opened up, reacting to the cinnamon-spiced air. My attention quickly turned to the source -- numerous trays of this decadent pastry. The Cinnamon Social. It was really good.

Linas Zajankauskas

So what goes into those nicely looking breads?! they have no ingredient lists

Leonardo Espín

Delicious, unusual breads

Xela Zepol

Natali Arco

Listen. I got a chocolate roll thing from here 2 weeks ago and I’ve thought about it every day since. This is no exaggeration. Every-single-day. It’s a thing of dreams. Also staff was incredibly pleasant! I’m gonna go out of my way to get another one of these delicious pastries very soon. UPDATE: Went back! STILL A THING OF DREAMS. Can’t wait till my next visit.

Asa Johnson

Lots of food options. Strong coffee. Love the design. But they only take credit cards so only 3 stars.

SHAY Wills

That Cinnamon square thingy that captured my attention from the glass was sooooo delish!!!! Fresh soft doughy. I need to go back only $4.50 but a huge treat for your buck! Cant remember the exact name but it was AMAZING!!!!!!! So much so I have been dreaming about it once I get off my fast I am going back!!!!


A quality bakery with tasty pastries, excellent coffee, warm service, spacious sitting area, and very relaxing vibes when it first opened. The service quality has deteriorated throughout the time. Visited in Oct 2019 and was surprised that two sandwiches were placed on the same plate before being reminded to place them on separate plates. The person took the order had to wash the utensils and dry them before completing the plates ordered, which created unnecessary waiting time for the customers. The self-service water fountain also has been reomved from the counter. Wish the service quality could be restored to its previous high standard some day.

Jordan Korn

I love it here! I cannot get enough of the cinnamon social or the rye bread.

Travis Newsome

I work here! Come in and try one of our pastries and beverages!

teodoro poppovic

Neil Talbot

Special pastry you must taste to believe.

Karfee lye

Got a piece of their smoke salmon toast, price tag listed $6, but they charged $8. Asked why the difference, the staff said “I have no idea.” Ermm, okay.

Michael Howard

Went to this place religiously in Copenhagen and am so glad that it’s finally crossed the Atlantic! Delicious pastries, fantastic open faced sandwiches, great bread, lovely coffee - don’t miss this! Get the cinnamon social pastry 0:)

Sung Cho

Taste yummy BUT... I asked for butter and she said "no". Then she told me to get my bread. She can only butter my bread herself. I don't understand why she couldn't just give me a tablespoon of butter on my plate... All workers were bit unfriendly. CHARGED extra dollar for putting butter on my bread and told me that "we are not allowed to do this". Not allow to do what?! Serve butter at the bakery?!?!

Kayla Fedeson

If I didn't look outside, this place could be in Denmark. The food, the staff, and the design is all great, plus it's the closest thing to true European coffee I've been able to find in this city for years.

Carol Koronec

Happy to it here. Know it from London

Victoria H

Agradable para tomar un café en un entorno tranquilo. En el subsuelo hay más mesas.

Jessica Emory

Yum! Lots of pleasant seating downstairs

Mark Loadholt

Sherman Chen

LaTonya McPherson

Friendly staff. Great pastries. As first timers, they allowed us to sample a few items!

Dianna Chou

Sweet -Spandauer - Tried the custard one (they also have raspberry filling). It has a nice and airy crust. The custard one is okay, and I would try fruit next time. I personally like things toasted, so I might see if they can toast the pastries too. - Cinnamon social slice - sweet but not to sweet or gooey The sweet pastries are pricer than typical, but the portions are pretty large. Savory - Ham and cheese Toastie - has a bit of mustard, a very nice balance of flavors. The flat bread is light, airy, and moist, and the sandwich is warm and toasty. Good sized portion. Drinks - They use a stronger roast for their espresso, and the Latte is a good strength. Capp is good too. Slightly pricier than typical. ($4 for capp, 4.75 for latte) - The staff by the coffee bar will add more milk to cup if you ask. - They have a water tap and glasses at the area where they bring out the coffee/espresso beverages. Ambiance - The front of shop is rather chaotic and crowded (the place just opened though, so this might even out over time). - There's a lot of seating and restrooms on the main floor, and in the basement. - Nice relaxed atmosphere, and they have a mix of regular tables, communal table, and low seating.

Timothy Hutto

Ole & Steen is a hip outpost in union square offering a slice of Danish coffee culture with minimalist decor. One of the best places to get pastry and coffee in union square without much fuss. They offer great sandwiches and alcoholic drinks if you're interested in something more substantial to eat. Go there the next time you have a lunch time meeting for the right atmosphere.

Bo Young Choi

Top bakery, little expensive

Kristie Woods

Bread chaos. In a good way. (which one??) Go here and eat their bread. As you figure out to go through the black belt guides the bread is in yr face. The employees will guide you through everything. So many rye breads. Mine- I bought the loaf to take home and is great with butter, jam, or a deli meat. Imagine Wegmans Marathon bread- but denser and foreign.

Cecilie Lopez-Jensen

Awesome that they made their way to NYC. The layout is nice, but the fact that most of the goodies are near the window means people will be gawking from the line or gandering in the space between the line and the window. Wish they had some more treats like snegl/romsnegl or kartoffelkage, but there is a good variety.

Emma Soules

Great, quiet place to complete work. Rich coffee.

Coffee Time And Travel

We were in the City today and on the way back to Time Square we decided to stop by.. an ice latte, black coffee, two Pastries and $20 later all I can say is those pastries where worth every cent we spent on them. Delicious actually has to be one of the best we've had from a place like this in a long time. This place will definitely be on our Return to list.

sosovintage weslati

I’ve never been to this establishment before it looked clean from the outside so we took a chance, I had the arugula sandwich which was very yummy and 2 desserts, one was absolutely delicious, the other one was dry and not eatable

Matthew Lecours

I don't know how this place isn't always packed. Inexpensive for the high quality food. Friendly staff who seem really proud to share their passion and it shows in all aspects of this place.

Dalal T. alFouzan

Nick Jones

great bakery with top notch goodies and their coffee is pretty good too. atmosphere is why you come here though, tons of space and comfy seating

Maranna Breton

I didn't know this bakery-cafe is Danish!

Jason Rushin

Great pastries, good coffee, very friendly staff

Max M

They’re disorganized, took me 15 minutes to get a coffee to go. And it was $4. Just silly.

Enes Deumić

Peiwen Lee

Vlad Voloshin

Very nice place great coffee and tea..and water in real cups (none of that plastic paper stuff) also vegetarian options, for example mushroom and cheese sandwiches on rye bread. Staff is well trained and friendly

Bitun Banerjee

Excellent bakery. Try the rolls or the socials bakes. Chocolate social was my fave. Coffee is also excellent!

Taylor Canerday

Benjamin R

Allan Beaufour

Ebbo Gevers Leuven

Best dark Bread in the city so far!

Juan Calvo

I have been several times since opening. I found quality, service and cleanness going down quickly. Coffee unremarkable, pastry dry and tables dirty.

Christine Käser-Chen

Hands-down best almond Danish I have had! (Guess it shouldn't be a surprise?) Love their stonewares too, which on themselves deserve one extra star!!

Perks Advisor

This is a bakery that also has sandwiches with somewhat of a Danish theme. The pastries look delicious but I choose the sandwich. The sándwiches are not your typical lunch meat. Mine was chicken with cream cheese and I noticed they had salmon as well. My sandwich was flavorful and warmed. Pleasant visit worth a look.

Stine Redder Pedersen

So happy to have a piece of home here!

Aditya Jain

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef

Wow! There are a lots of pastries to choose from here that you've never had before. It's really hard to choose! Plus, they have all sorts of savory items as well. We had five pastries to share. Our favorite was the chocolate cake covered with caramel and peanuts and then chocolate. Really good! The raspberry layer cookie/cake was interesting. A little like a Pop-Tart but much tastier. The chocolate bun was interesting too. Not too sweet and the chocolate was a good quality. We tried the social with the cinnamon and custard. I was told it's called a social because in Denmark people buy the entire coffee cake and share it with friends. The yeast pastry is delicious. I found the custard to be a little off-putting because it made the pastry seem like it was uncooked in places rather than filled with custard. We had the cardamom bun. I love cardamom but there was way too much in the bun for my taste. Still there are many pastries to try and I look forward to going back again. The tea I had was very good. The place is really nicely styled as you expect from a Danish company. Also, there is a downstairs dining room where you can hide from the world and it has Wi-Fi power. I might move in there. Lol

Jaeyou Park

Stopped by for a coffee and some pastries while visiting from out of the country. Pros: - Wide baked goods selection - Clean establishment - Availability of few different dairy substitutes - Friendly staff (for the most part) Cons: - Busy & ineffective cash register layout - One barista seemed to be agitated when customers asked for coffee condiments

Jo A

I ordered a pastry which was very good and overnight oats which were tasteless and mushy. But what irked me was after I placed my order they informed me that they didn't take cash after I waited in line and waited for service. Cash is legal tender in the United States and I find it ridiculous and discriminatory against those who cannot get a credit card, when they refuse our currency. This issue is creeping up more and more. someone should challenge it in the courts

twentysix linx

Carrot buns!!!!!

Ruth L.

Sune Bertelsen

Liliam DeMacedo

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