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REVIEWS OF Mille-Feuille Bakery IN New York

Maria Jimenez


(Translated by Google) Very good address, the pastries are delicious and the cafes super good (Original) Très bonne adresse, les pâtisseries sont délicieuses et les cafés super bons

Tem alassiry

Anastasiia Kirilik

Tasty,good coffee, but i mever understand how a coffee shop with seating for people doesnt have a restroom. Thus two stars.


Pricey, but yummy pastries and their service is nice. They also offer Macaron Classes (posted a pic of the ones I made :))

Ben Gillman

Incredible staff, baked goods and atmosphere!

Peter Gates

This cute patisserie/coffee shop was recently part of nyc macaron day and apparently gave out free macarons to its customers. Not that I was there for it, I had visited the week prior after having made an extensive trek around lower Manhattan looking for these sugary delights as a gift for someone. Whilst there I indulged in an espresso which was a smooth and satisfying pick me up for my trek home. I did get to try the macaroons in the end and was a little disappointed that they were super sweet. I don't know if that is something common to all macaroons made in New York or if it's just at Mille-Feuille though. A box of 21 macarons stretches to £35 but don't worry, they accept all major credit cards... #NYCSpringCleaning

Bogdan Sieriebriennikov

Tasty pastries, good coffee, friendly service. Make sure to try the mille feuille pastry!

Diane Richmond

Jasmina Tomic

Harry Frey

Yuanjun Song

Jaclyn Fusaro

The pastries were stale and unimpressive. You can do much better elsewhere in NYC.

Emily Lau

Paul Gaglioti III

I go here all the time. It’s amazing. You can’t have a bad pastry here also they have very. Ppl cooking classes.

amit mehta

A cute little place to grab some interesting desserts and sit outside on a nice day!

leo Hirsch

Lovely atmosphere, the pastries were fresh and the staff made me feel as though they at least took pride in there jobs which is a rarity. If you’re looking for a good bakery look no further.

Wenyi Zhou

Nice French bakery. Pro Tip: I stopped by 30 minutes before closing and they had everything on one shelf 50% off. I bought a few items for my friends and they said the pastries were very good. I’d visit again.

rash aroskar

Macaroons were good and mille-feuille was good too. It also has some lunch special offering that seemed reasonable. Will definitely recommend visiting there and I will visit again as well.

Abdel Tata

best mille feuille in town


almond croissant is really almond

Diego Garber

I got macaroons and loved them!

Katie Wong

Thalia Ivonne

The pastries and tea are amazing and the staff was just as sweet. I will definatly be back soon

Robert Filip

I've been going there for years, delicious coffee and pastries. 5 stars.

Manas Rachh

Sherry Walters

Their pastries are flaky and delicious. Get the kouign amann with chocolate, the banana croissant, and the chocolate chip cookie. The girl who helped us was really nice and made us the kouign amann fresh so the chocolate was hot!! And she also got me a fresh baked cookie with extra chocolate. Got a chipped plate though :(

Fang H

Used to be my fav spot when it first opened several years ago. Quality has significantly gone down though. Would recommend apple pie. Croissants and macaroons are not impressive.

Anthony Casabianca

Macarons are the best for their price and the bakery itself is relaxed and comfortable. Very nice stop-in if your walking with a date.


narcy waimin

delicioussss and great service

Y. Lu

Having spent almost a year in Paris in addition to multiple summers, I came back to the US craving French pastries. Years ago I said: there is no proper croissant in the US. This bakery just affirmed my belief. Great that you use Valrhona chocolate and Kusmi, but good ingredients are but the first step in the making of good pastries. I’ve tasted pastries made in Ritz Paris, gosh they are good and worth their double-digit price. But honestly, if I compare Ritz pastry to Cadillac, then I can’t even rank yours above the cheapest Honda. Your quality is similar to that of the popular Korean bakery Paris Baguette (i.e. not bad, above average outside France). However, I won’t pay more than one euro for your fancy croissant in Paris, as it fails to live up to the level of some premium supermarket bakeries in Paris. I can’t believe I paid 4-5 times Parisien price for the pastries chez Mille-Feuille. But I do applaud the good service. This shop will not be able to survive French competition even at the level of a small town— yet for the regrettably unsophisticated taste here and driven by some pompous marketing, it perhaps will survive and thrive, just as Starbucks dominates the world with its mediocre coffee... Je doute que votre expérience à Ritz soit vraie. Je devrai continuer à chercher la meilleure boulangerie à New York en vous souhaitant « bonne chance ».

andrew Daren

Great croissant cooking class


Great selection of pastries (I had the cinnamon roll) and tasty little pizzas.

c Qiang

This place was a very cute shop in a pleasant part of La Guardia. It offered authentic French treats and few places to sit.

Gerhard R.

Guter Kaffee, für amerikanische Verhältnisse sehr gute Tarts und Kuchen. Klimatisiert, Achtung keine Toilette!

Simona Spinelli

Ordered a Mille Feuile cake for my cousin’s 50th Bday. They expressed want a French Mille Feuille. I picked the cake up and it is not presentable. The powder sugar is all over the place. They showed me on the cakes’ book a picture that …

Ahmin Thornhill

Their croissants were to die for. They were perfectly flaky, buttery and oh so delicious. What fell short was the macarons that I had. I had been very excited for their macarons.The biggest heartbreak was walking down the block, diving into the macaron and finding it severely undercooked. There was no crunchy shell, it was basically very malleable in my hand.... Needless to say, I was very disappointed. This place got lucky that I also bought a croissant, as well.

Sarah Ben

A thick black hair in the baguette. As disgusting as it seems.

Nick Muller

Urs M

For them to dare mention the Mille Feuille as their signature patisserie! As Greta would say "How dare you?!" It is easily the worst ever Mille Feuille I have had in my life. The pastry was hard, the cream was full of gelatine. The vanilla …

Ait larbi Mohand said

Matt Rohr

Tarana Lalwani

Cute place to get a quick coffee

Nadia Ashour

Best bakery ever

Eduardo Dominguez

alana gayle

Wonderful croissants.

Emily Klann

Quaint little place with amazing pastries!

Ameen Al-Khafaji

Xtina Marie


Kaycee B.

Had a tasting today with some of my colleagues for an upcoming event: the only adjective i can use is DISAPPOINTING! I travelled to France many times and this is by far , far, very far the most unpalatable .pastries i have tasted. The tart has this hard thick paste layered on a hard dough with rasberries that have mold, the fluffy choux is nothing like it supposed to be ( light and tasty) , the iconic french flan tasted more like it was made by an american baker learning how to make the flan...i can go on and on. My colleagues were all disappointed and some of us didnt even had the courage to taste the rest of the pastries. DISAPPOINTING. better stick with Kayser, not the best but seems to be the closest to what you can get in france

Laura Manterola

David Purdy

This is a fantastic place! I love everything about it ... It makes the neighborhood sing ... in French!


Pierre Asselin

This place is really great. All the pastries are really delicious including the macaroons. They use high quality ingredients and everything is really fresh. My wife and I took a macaroons class there and it was so much fun and informative. They has some of the little things like measuring the ingredients taken care of but you did everything else. They kept a close eye on you to be sure what you would make was great. I would highly recommend not just enjoying the food but taking a class.


Anush Tserunyan

John Henderson

Quite possibly the best croissants in NYC.

Tang Hanpei

Friendly staff. Ordered one Mille-Feuille. Nicely made puff pastry and custard within, but caramel is slightly over-caramelized hence a little burnt flavor. Otherwise good, good environment


Love their macaroons. Many flavor to the try and average prices. Cozy and helpful staff.

Victoria Rosner

I love this bakery! I have taken three classes here, one macaron and two croissant, with friends and on my own, and they have been my most favorite of any cooking/baking classes that I have taken. The classes are small and organized, and the instructors are fantastic (and French!). I've also stopped in for coffee, pastries, and quiche. Everything at the bakery is fresh and delicious and the staff are kind and friendly. It's a gem!

Michael Lawlor

One of my neighborhood go-to’s for coffee and pastries.

Bento Vidal

(Translated by Google) Too good (Original) BOM DEMAIS

Victoria Tuliano

Absolutely delicious!

Cheryl Hung

The praline mille feuille may be the best pastry I've had in NYC so far. Crisp, sweet, creamy and nutty, and big enough to share between two.

Ami Grady

Thao Tran

Pastries are ok. Customer service needs a bit of work.

Ivan Joukov

The macarons are delicious but one of the staff members was very rude. Given the price point I expect better service than a McDonald's.


I love the French macarons here! Even though it's very out of the way for me (I don't live or work anywhere around here nor do I travel through), I come here every couple of months for them and get a big box. Wish there was a location in Midtown.

Massooma Pirbhai

This place is perfection. Definitely try the pain aux raisins. Will definitely come again.

LaTasha Barnes

One word. Yuumm!

Adam P

Natasha Kung

Great coffee, pastries, and staff. I come here at least a couple times a week!

Mandy C


Amanda F

Friendly staff. Good macarons.

Isabella Bailey

Ismail Mamedov

Awesome place for breakfast and just to try desserts!

Bill Szenher

The King Cake was so unbelievable good

Elsa Lagache

Absolutely delicious True French taste I'm a huge fan

Zuzan Mda

Bestest macaroons ever


Paul Naughton

I'm afraid I don't get it: cramped, service was nice, cute place, surprisingly little on offer. A large portion of the menu wasn't fresh — the nice guys behind the counter kept going back and forth between the fridge and the toaster oven for nearly everyone served. Seems more atmosphere than substance, personally. I really have yet to find an outstanding bakery in NYC compared to even an average one in Paris but maybe I'm off here? Le shrug.


Overpriced and tight .

Jeanne Dorsey

My favorite spot in the Village for coffee. Pastries are wonderful and my favorite breakfast is the croque monsieur with an almond latte. Roshi, Matthew and the staff is lovely.


Carl Flatei

Not French. Not good. No history of real French pastries. The cake slices are too big with no flavor. Pastries are weak. Plus the pastries and breads by the cashier need to be covered because it is a heath violation to have people talking over (spitting while talking) your product.

Bruno Lovisi


Hannah B

Average macaroons, delicious lemon tart

Andrew Barth

Matthew Kleban

Great bakery - friendly staff and the pastries are the best in the neighborhood. I've been coming here regularly since it opened and the quality has never gone down.

Ashley Moon

Can't go wrong with the macarons! Felt like I was back in Paris.

Monty Essid

Melanie Wahl

Elderflower lemonade. Lemon valhrona chocolate mousse. Yummy.

Amine Bendjelloul


Roseli Pacheco

Best croissant ever tasted.


Ayame Sakurai

Stopped by here desperately cause my group needed to use the bathroom. We all made purchased here since it was "customers only." The door doesn't lock completely for the bathroom. I feel like the employees could've been more friendly. They were about to close and they kept telling my group that they're closing, even though we were all putting on our coats. Their food items are very sweet, so if that's your thing... Lattes are a little under, not strong at all. Very watered down.

Cecilia Gurgo

Oh .......

Nadav Segev

Very nice pastry and variety. A little costly


We went to Mille-feuille for some macarons after our French waiter at a nearby restaurant (Le Midi Bistro) recommended it. I was not disappointed in any way. The chocolate macaron, while a simple flavor, was so good. It was not overly sweet, but not bitter either. The macaroons are crunchy and delicate on the outside, but remain a little chewy on the inside which combine for the perfect texture. Go for a macaron or five, worth it.


A bakery with stuffed air, uninviting vibes, and with mediocre pastries.

Arun Mattappallil

The French macaroon baking class is incredible! The nuances in preparation provided by the pastry chef are eye opening. Would highly recommend.

Olivier Dessyn

Victoria Young

They had one of the cutest macarons for Macaron Day. It looked like an chocolate lolipop. But when I ate it, it was filled with caramel. One of the best I ever tasted. I will definitely go back and try more of their macaron and will recommend everybody else to try as well.

Naomi O

Amazing! Went for a nice breakfast of croissant and mocha with a friend. So nice.

Alexis Mullen

Andrea Joseph

Yummy French baked goods and polite staff

Raoni Lourenço

Avi Lichtschein

An ideal place to get macarons in NYC. Located right next to NYU, when you step into this shop you'll feel like you're in Paris. Great decor, friendly staff, and well worth checking out.


They make great espresso drinks and one of my favorite almond croissants. They used to have a raspberry almond croissant that was amazing; but last time I went there they switched to a blueberry almond croissant - need to try it next time! Also, best sourdough baguette in the city

luc compagnon

Awesome french bakery in NY. Great place. I went there almost everyday when i was in NY.

Isabel Bazan

Took a croissant class at Mille-feuille and we had the most amazing time. The process of scheduling the class was easy, the bakery was very accomodating to our needs, and our teacher, Pascal, was amazing! It felt truly parisian with Pascal's accent, the music, and the delicious croissants. It was more than i expected and i highly recommend it!

Adriana Castellanos

Reg Here

Visited this place on Macaron Day! Tried the rose macaron which had a very very subtle hint of rose. Maybe I should have tried something else. But overall, staff was friendly and quick, place was clean and neat with a sit down area in the back. I'd go back to try something else.

Igor Pozdeev

Baguettes are fine, but French onion soup without bread (!) And cheese on top (!!) are not comme Il faut.

Pauline W

Pastry is good. A little too sweet but customer service needs a lot of work unfortunately.

Christina Roma

Projjol Banerji

Anthony Ptak

The best of Paris in New York City. Nobody has French pastry like this family owned and operated Greenwich Village bakery. Convenient to Washington Square Park area and NYU. Satisfying croissants, flavorful macaroons, and much much more. I like the eclair, and fondant cupcake as well. Also have weekend classes to learn your own French baking skills from a master baker. Manifique! C'est bonne. Friendly baristas, and pro tip, the password is 'delicious,' a bientot

Julius Kellinghusen

Wonderful little bakery, and super friendly staff

Dianna Chou

Good service They have half-off some pastry items after 5:30pm - Iberico Bread - chorizo and pepper baked into the roll. Very tasty, especially if you warm it up. - Baguette - crusty outside, and soft inside - Chocolate croissant - good

Eric Montgomery

Nice little French bakery. They used to have cronuts but I guess they discontinued them. Maybe a few more choices would be useful but they are literally across the street so I’ll keep coming back. Everything is great quality and tastes fresh, quality is legit.

Kazem Edmond

Caroline Lee

Highly recommend the raspberry lychee rose macaron!

john finn

The friendly staff recommend the brownie to my wife, while I chose the tiramisu. A few shots of fine espresso complimented the light, suttle layers of soaked sponge cake sandwiched between fluffy layers of creamy goodness. Wow, best tiramisu of my life. Thanks!


My friend and I purchased a Groupon class making macaroons. It was a small class and I like that we can all have chances to talk to the instructor and ask questions. It lasted around two hours. We really enjoyed the class and we loved the outcome. They looked good and so happy to be able to share that with my loved ones.

Ana Perez

Frenchman approved (not myself, the person I was with). Both of us would definitely go back to try more. Had the Ham & Cheese Croissant and French donut, both were very good. Nice little outdoor seating area.

Steven Nagle

An eclair should have cream filling, or there should be a big sign in all caps!

Joe Magee

David Tucker

Hila Stern

Had the best time making French Maccarons. Chef was informative, funny and helpful (and was trained at the Ritz in Paris). Place is small which I liked cause it kept the class small (8 people). Ingridients that were used were high end and amazing quality (the Vanila bean, the chocolate, etc). Got 24 gorgeous and delicious maccarons. Looking forward to doing another class there (croissants!)

Tatiana Herbert

I purchased a galette des rois, it was delicious! Matthew is so kind !!! she deserve a raise!

Michael Evans

Been going here almost daily for years now- I cannot recommend it enough. Not only are the coffee and espresso drinks amazing, but when I do treat myself to one of their many pastries I am always blown away by their quality- can definitely taste the pastry chef's talent and affinity for top shelf ingredients. The best aspect of Mille-feuille is the staff though, as they are some of the friendliest people I have met, always greeted with a smile and kind words.

Leslie Teng

Almond chocolate croissants. You'll thank me later.

Fiona T.

Pastries are all really tasty - you can't go wrong! I also took a macaron baking class here and it was a blast. Just the right balance of watching the instructor and hands-on baking. The macarons we made turned out great, and you can take home quite a few.

Tim Hermans

The bagette and croissant are too die for

Kristy Gretczko

romash r

Mille Feuille is ok. Croissants = baguettes dipped in butter and sugar = bad.

Altaf B

The workers are nice and the coffee and pastries are the best I ever had in NYC!

Ryan Tillotson

This and the Mille-feuille up in the UWS are two of our favorite bakeries in the city. Absolutely terrific almond croissants and their macarons are wonderful.

Kate Tomlinson

Zaeem Nazir

The croissants are really great and freshly made daily.

Mark Blutstein

One of my favorite French bakeries in the city. The sweets are always fresh and you can taste the high level of ingredients they use when you take a bite. Highly recommended their croissants and mille-feuille. I eneded up takeing their croissants bakeing class to try and learn the techniques. it was a great experince, I walked away with knowledge of how to make them myself but will probably end up buying them when I find myself in the area.

Hee C.

갓 나온 크로와상을 기대했건만..... 따뜻했다면 괜찮았을 듯..

Carlos Garcia

Visited Mille-feuille on Saturday morning. Overall it was ok. Fine place for coffe and pastry, but nothing stood out for us. The attendant was kind enough to warm the croissant for us.

Kateryna Hlynchuk

Had a great time at the Macaroon Baking class.

Megan Prieur

Love this place! They got amazing pastries! :)

Dmitry Olev

This place sounds much better on paper. Service is OK, they are trying to be nice but if you are looking to have good coffee and deserts, skip this place.

Mike Felice

Erica Gifford

LrGourmet Cleaning & Cooking

Brittney O'Neill

Tasty pastry, delicious chai latte made with a tea bag and steamed milk rather than the syrupy boxed variety, oh and the very friendliest of staff!

maria baptista

Great coffee and fresh very delicious pastries. Plus their customer service is 5 Star. The best French cafe in the neighborhood.

Mac Aguilar

I like the macarons...

Eunyoung Seo

Very kind and espresso macaron is nice

Teodora Moraca

Chad Rabinowitz

Awesome macarons!

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