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REVIEWS OF Melt Bakery IN New York

Daniel Castanho

Nathan Landau

Best ice cream sandwiches but you need to wait a few minutes to eat them if you don't want a brain freeze

Robert N.

There is so much incredible stuff in New York that you don't have to go out of the way to find greatness. That said, I'd travel miles for a couple of Melt Bakery's ice cream sandwiches. The selection isn't huge and the flavors are rather plain, but the quality is high, the price is right, and honestly, is there anything better than an ice cream sandwich?

Janelle Unknown

The cookie was nice and soft in the ice cream was it too cold for my teeth to bite into it was beautiful

Ahmed Zainal

Tanika Williams

Franklin Bonilla

Melt Bakery is a simple ice cream shop & they only make one thing: ice cream sandwiches. But they make them right! The store is very small where you'll find the counter and all of the different flavored ice cream sandwiches displayed on top it. Pick the one you want & leave because there's no place to sit ( or barely stand if there's a handful of people waiting to order). The the ice cream & cookies are made fresh daily & you'll be able to tell by the quality of it. It's neither soft or completely frozen, it's just right that you can eat it at your own pace & you'll want to savor the ice cream sandwich. Well worth the $4.

Zoheb Chirammal

Michael Glennon

James Knox

good but expensive

Dirty Souf Yankee

Really disappointed in this place. I had heard rave reviews and came in excited for something delicious and what I got was a freezer burned ice cream sandwich. The cookies were hard and the ice-cream had ice crystals on it. Definitely not worth $5. Super disappointing

Pursuitofchyna :/

Irena Savchenko

Great service and interesting choice of ice-cream sandwiches at $5 each. Their Mocha flavoured ice-cream sandwich was amazing, however the Cinnamax was too sweet and overpowered with cinnamon for my taste and I could not finish it unfortunately. Very limited seating inside.

a s

Shazam!!! These sandwiches are ridiculous. Try the red velvet, the cookie is soft and chewy and the ice cream tastes remarkably like cream cheese frosting.


$5 for an ice cream sandwich is a bit much, but it is NYC. Other than that, it's a tasty treat made with some good cookies!

Nick Lee

It was fine. Not wow'd.

Maya Amir

Jacob M

ice cream sandwiches melt in your mouth, i loved the snickerdoodle one

Przemek Peron

Great, tasty ice sandwiches.

Eric Kim

I had this place as a place I wanted to visit, but didn't know about it until I walked past it randomly once. Their ice cream sandwiches are great! I probably got judged going at this while walking to the subway station, but it was that good! Not a lot of dedicated ice cream sandwich places in the city. I'd recommend this place!

Alicia Jack

Lila Johnson

Terrible, awful place. The ice cream sandwiches are digusting and overpriced. You're better off taking your money to a real ice cream place like Ample Hills or Morgenstern's.

Joanna Mattsson


Not exactly what I was expecting, I thought there would be a little more creativity involved in making your ice cream sandwich, instead the cookies and ice cream flavor are already selected and the sandwiches are already made and just in a freezer. There also isn't any place to sit down inside the store and standing on the street in the LES isn't exactly the most enjoyable way to eat a messy ice cream sandwich. But, it was good, although the chocolate cookies with chocolate ice cream was a bit much (no water either) I would go back and just be more prepared to hunt for a comfy place to enjoy the treat.

David Nicholas

Loved my ice cream sandwich.

Charles Wierzbicki

Raphael Rivas

Loved my ice cream sandwich.

Aaron Taylor

The founder here, Julian, is a phony.

Nicolas El-Hage

Ricardo Alves

Best ice cream sandwich I've ever tried! By far!

Natalia Zurkowska

brownie with peanut butter! :) yumi!

Greg Rogers

Bland ice cream sandwich and pretty pitiful storefront as well.

Nathaniel Gustafson

Great snacks

omar Paden

Paola Naoum

Muy ricos, muy buena textura y sabor, la atencion también era muy buena

Zain M

Ashely Rudolph


Alice Lin Glover

Get the peppermint mini!

charlie katsu

delicious ice cream sandwiches!! but awkward FOH staff (at least during night shifts)

Mei Tam

The ice cream sandwiches were okay. It did not wow me. At $5 a sandwich, I expected a little more

Kristina Robles

Best ice cream sandwich I've ever had. It was fabulously called the Morticia, I think.

steven porrttee

best ice cream sandwiches in NYC

Javi Ulloa

Haunted Blouse

The red velvet is the best. My fave every time.

Nicoletta Amendola

Delicious, easy, quick, not overwhelmed with options.

kenneshea allums


Jenn Marie



If you want an ice cream sandwich, this is the place to go!

chris morgan

if you hate ice cream sandwiches, then i'd highly recommend staying away from melt. if, on the other hand, you find ice cream sandwiches to be tasty, then melt should be on your list of places to stop asap. fresh, incredibly tasty.

Marcello Sciarrino

Terresa Ling

I discovered this hidden gem when I signed up for TableHoppingNY and we got a weekly sweet treat at Melt Bakery for FREE!! It's a cute little store with rotating flavors. The ice cream sandwiches come in mini and a larger size. They also have a cart up on the High Line, right under the Standard Hotel passage. The best thing is you can take your time to savor the ice cream and cookie because they are kept at a temperature that it won't melt all over you in 5 seconds if you don't swallow it whole. I liked the snickerdoodle and cinnamon ice cream sandwich, as well as the Sugar cookie with strawberry icecream - not too sweet! I'm looking forward to trying the ginger cookies and green tea ice cream and the molasses cookie with pumpkin pie ice cream as it was not available during that week.

Yo ssi


sam wilson

Delicious, fresh ice cream sandwiches. The classic with chocolate chip and walnut cookies and vanilla ice cream was particularly good.


Swift and thorough service for a tiny business serving variety ice cream sandwiches. Outstanding product. I wish the menu were bigger.

Georgia Christakis

Katherine W

Kriti Chaudhary

Adam Horowitz

This place just sells ice cream sandwiches. Never thought I would get an "artisanal" ice cream sandwich , but it was fantastic. I think ice cream sandwiches were $5, and they had about 10 varieties including the specials.

Ajay Punjabi

$5 for a small ice cream sandwich. its pretty good. but id rather spend $7 at mikey likes it for a lot more. red velvet was good dont think id get the other items.

Nicholas Paldino

Michelle Kaewchandee

First tried it at a food festival & fell in love with their red velvet melts! Great in the summer time. There aren't many ice cream sandwich shops in NY this one is great!

Aristotle Stathatos

Their presence in Hester Street Fair last year brought many of fans, and their ice cream sandwiches did not disappoint at all. PHENOMENAL sandwiches with varieties of flavors and incredible, savory sandwiches for only four dollars (!?!). YES, it's true! Was a repeat customer of their sandwiches last summer and they never cease to amaze me with their new recipes of flavors plus ingredients. Took a friend over to try their Elvis Presley (double chocolate covers+Peanut butter ice cream), and to quote him: "It was to DROOL for!". Will definitely recommend this bakery to the finest sweet tooth eaters out there. Best beware- one sandwich won't satisfy your craving for ice cream. You're gonna need at least three to four to say you're done. A wonderful place to enjoy and chill overall. Will be there once the temperature's a little- wait, what am I saying!? I enjoy it when it's freezing outside! Who DOESN'T love ice cream in any weather!? And Melt Bakery's where it's at!

Nate Chung

Joshua Martinez

Chris Ellis

NST Pictures

Love this place! It's perfect for when you're looking for a sweet treat! The combos of cookies and ice cream are to die for--my faves are the thick mint and the cinemax but I never had one I didn't like. The key is to hold yourself off (it's so hard) for 5 minutes so the ice cream gets a bit melty and the cookie gets chewy. I actually worked here a long time ago and the owners were awesome people who really care about their business and their customers. We have seen their mini ice cream sandwiches show up in our wedding films and the guests gobble them up! Keep up the good work! xo, Lindsay from NST Pictures

Steffany Malarik

Their ice cream sandwiches are AMAZING.



Floranny Zambrano Castillo

Benjamen Cavell

Maybe a tad expensive but the flavours were delicious. We came back a few times.

James Um

Greg Whipple

What's not to like? Quick service ice cream sandwiches. Sucker for snickdoodles

Aria Ni

They were okay. Chocolate chip is my fave

Angela Carder

It’s all about the classic! Chocolate chip walnut cookies and vanilla ice cream!

Ejaz Habib

Jo Parker

Happened upon one of their carts while visiting NYC and got the best ice cream sandwich of my life. I went for the classic (my daughter chose the chocolate-chocolate). The cookies were GREAT cookies. Definitely not one-dimensional sweet. That set up for a terrific ice cream sandwich. I wish I'd had room for more. Will definitely be back.

Simon Bromberg

John Angarano

The ice cream sandwiches are delicious. Well made, substantial for the price - overall worth the visit!

Fong Kwok

Karen Kittrell

Donna Liang

Adrienne Gao

Wear Ostrich

Robert Falk

What I wanted: Wanted ice cream. Wanted it fresh (or fairly fresh, squished out of some chrome nozzle). Wanted it to be priced accordingly. What I got: Old STALE ice cream (didn't know that was even a possibility) that ironically did NOT "melt." The red-velvet cookie that sandwiched the inedible cream was tasteless. The ice-cream sandwich was very small and cost $5. I should've went to Baskin Robbins or Carvel for far superior quality ice cream (and yes, I understand that BB & Carvel are laughable in quality compared to spots like Van Leeuwen ... but that's exactly how crumby Melt is).

James Walker


Avi Lichtschein

The best ice cream sandwich you will ever taste. Small shop and the service is great. The ice cream here is so delicious that I could eat it until I Split Open and Melt!


They make ice cream sandwiches! They are about 8 different options, each with a different type of cookie and ice cream flavor. You can't mix and match which is the down side and they are a little small but they taste great. I got chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream and my girlfriend got the double chocolate chip cookie with espresso ice cream. I'm looking forward to going back.

Albert Min

Good cookie ice cream combos.

Benjamin Pham

Shirley G

Hae Jun

Erik Goyenechea

Stephanie Woo

I've had the Thick Mint and The Classic... I didn't think The Classic was anything special, but I did really enjoy Thick Mint (very minty ice cream, and very chocolatey cookies)! Just as an FYI, I had to visit Melt at least 3 times before they had Thick Mint in stock... so if you have your heart set on that flavor, maybe try calling ahead before heading over!

Raffi Asdourian

It's hard to walk by Melt Bakery, the quaint little ice cream sandwich shop in LES, without the urge to grab a sweet treat like my favorite combo 'The Elvis', two peanut butter cookie squashed between a large helping of banana flavored ice cream. That said, the urge to devour these tasty treats diminishes quickly after having a few. Sure, they are sizeable and delicious but a tad overpriced and a bit stale compared to other amazing ice cream options in NYC. Bottom Line: If you have that specific urge on a hot summer day, Melt can save your life but on most other days, you'll most likely just walk by,

Marlena Cooper

The double chocolate evil twin is my Favorite! It really is much better if you do as they say and wait for it to melt some before eating.

Elizabeth Logsdon

I love this place! Always has creative and original ice cream sandwiches. Cleassic is still my favorite. The staff is always kind and well informed. Ask for Dwight; he is particularly awesome!

Candace Wade

Ashley Evans

Rob Yu

Creative and delicious ice cream sandwiches! I tried the variation with snicker doodle and cinnamon ice cream--it tasted like Cinnamon Toast Crunch in ice cream sandwich form! Also the red velvet one is tasty too, the cream cheese ice cream is lighter than I expected. $5 / sandwich. Looking forward to next visit..they have seasonal variations.

Josh Klein

Kevin Chan

Been to several of their carts in the city. Wonderful full of flavor and the cookies are crisp and match well with the flavors of ice cream. Not sure how they keep everything so frozen but these sandwiches keep their texture and don't melt readily. A huge plus in the summer. Favorites are the double chocolate sandwich. chocolate ice cream and salted sugar chocolate cookie and the cinnamon ice cream sugar cookie. Yum. I did have one time the seasonal peach almond which was great too. Always a great snack.

Jon Paradiso

roland schambach

Jada boone

carlos gabrie

Ina Joshi

Always delicious Chewy cookie texture

Peter Flanagan

Love coming here after a run or while rollerblading. The shop is small and the ice cream sandwiches are already ready so you can just step in and they’ll hand them to you.

Paulina Leja

Bryan Rice

John Delfino

It's fine. It was quick and easy and the ice cream was fine. Not a negative experience but not wow'd.

Juan Lopez

The Lovelet sandwich is the best!

jason li

Josh Woodward

Zoe Martina Siegel

Susan Rosenthal

What a yummy treat! Delicious ice cream sandwiches (they have a gluten free ice cream sandwich too!) Only reason not a 5 Star is because I’m truly picky about giving those out and lack of seating made it more a grab and go dessert. If I were running a conference I’d also consider hiring them to supply the afternoon snack for the group. Fun!

Stephanie Ubiera

So good. A must if you love ice cream sandwiches. Double chocolate was so good. The cookies they use! I could eat that alone and it'd be worth it.


Porus Vimadalal

Cute little place for ice cream sandwiches. They have limited flavours and combinations but they are all really good! Definitely worth a try.

Mansur Rasulov

Julia Uchnast

Luca Wehrstedt

Chr Kaplan

Francisco Contreras

Aaron Hunt

I tried to come here on Saturday at 3:35, but it was closed. It’s odd to see for a shop like this... it was a large group of us wanting to try their ice cream sandwiches.

Robert Sheardown

Sulaiman Chisholm

I really love the Lovelet, Morticia and the Snickerdoodle ice cream sandwiches.

Phillip Garner

Refreshing ice cream sandwiches. Simple concepts and flavors. Every now and then a special item is on the menu and worth trying.

Jun Woo Shin

Gordon Thompson

The cinnamax is outstanding. Get one. And pay with bitcoin if you're adventurous.

Ryan Pointer

Asha and I really liked the chocolate sandwich we had at GoogaMooga. It was delicious and we LOVED the cookie part.

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