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Where is Lloyd's Carrot Cake?

REVIEWS OF Lloyd's Carrot Cake IN New York

mohammed saleh

carrot cake always delicious, stay away from them in the holidays.

Marisol Diaz

This is a really popular place and for good reason. You want the best carrot cake in the city, this is your place. Keep in mind they are extremely busy during the holiday season. Lines can be long, out the door and down the block. Just bring you patience, a good book, and a smile. The wait is worth it!

Angus Jelinek

Great carrot cake. Great after a run in Van Cortlandt park.


If you enjoy carrot cake, this is your place.

Karen Morris

Fun work you have here.

jen mcmanus


Euwan Kim

My cross country team gets carrot cake here after every race. So simple but so good! I could eat an entire cake myself

jim may

Cake is delicious

Frank Cooper

Realy delicious cakes coconut is awesome

Alejandro Castro

The best carrot cake you can buy in NYC.

Stephen Zubrycky

Typically I'm not big on carrot cake, but Lloyds is a triumph of carrotian proportions

nelson veras

Landmark. That's all I can say. Carrot cake recipe of the Gods. All that's missing is Ambrosia served in a challis.

Patricia McKnight

Carrot cake delish

Russell Harding

The best carrot cake I have ever had, one bite will say it all.☺️

issan rodriguez

Carrot cake has never been my favorite type of cake to eat, but Lloyd's Carrot Cake is on ANOTHER LEVEL!! ! Lloyd's is hands down the best carrot cake I have ever tasted. The light cake filling, the smooth creamy icing, the delicious carrot taste, all combine to create an ICON unlike any other! People come from all over the city to eat at Lloyd's and I understand why! Stop in and grab yourself a bite!! With or without the fruits and nuts, you will not be disappointed!!

Yolanda Carley

Best carrot cake in the world! Has two locations, one in Harlem and the other on Broadway in the Bronx across from Van Corlandt park before you reach the 242nd St. train stations. Definitely worth the trip! They also have other cake available for purchase. This place is a favorite of staff from Oprah magazine.

darren jones

I love this cake place; all their products are awesomely flavored.If you're in the area it's a must try.Buy by the whole cake with three different sizes and prices,cup cake by order and not just carrot cake!Go get some, you won't be disappointed

Orlando De Jesus

best carrot cake!

Kevin Angeles

Awesome freaking cake you cannot get a better one.......soft and moist

Alanda Williams

I love the carrot cake, I would recommend that you try the cake with nuts, you won't be disappointed.

Steve Catechis

best carrot cake EVER!!!

Mara Rose

I reward myself every chance I get. This is real carrot cake. Not spice cake.

FmmL Anmbe

Best carrot cake in the world.

Donald Mcgeary

The best carrot cake in the world

Bridget B

Really great tasting carrot cakes sold here.


The cakes here are amazing! They are moist and fantastic. I have now called three times and experienced the WORST customer service from a bakery. For someone who has eaten these cakes for years with friends - my loyalty is now gone. I will never order from this bakery or buy their products because of the horrendous experiences I have had via phone to try to give them business. Don't mess with your fan base.


Great cakes. Terrible service. They don't take orders over the phone. And their availability varies greatly to get a fresh cake. Most times they are rude, and they tell you to come back when they have cakes available a few hours later, only to return, and they are not available. Seems like the Bronx location only services business deliveries or prioritizes their Manhattan location. Such a shame for what was once a great cake bakery.

Christina Jean-Louis

Moist yummy carrot goodness. Simple and delicious

Adams Mandiata

The best cake ever

Lionel Domond

Packed the line was outside the door.


I went for a slice of Carrot Cake with Walnut’s & Raisins Homemade, Fresh, Light, Really Tasty With gorgeous frosting thats not to over sweet, compliments the cake so well Bakery next door, so you see them being made and the lovely smells. Guy who served me was really friendly and helpful Huge slice for $3.25 which is a bargain, could not finish all in one sitting Van Cortlandt Park directly opposite, so a great place to chill out and eat cake :)

Jesus Romano

If you want sure fire, delicious, satisfying, happy dance inducing carrot cake this is the place.

Niya Mitchell

Awesome !! Never was a carrot cake person until my friend brought my first slice from here.


Rudest, most unprofessional people I have ever met. Pure ghetto employee who caused me to leave with no Cale after driving for 2 hrs to get there. Not worth the hassle or poor customer appreciation...

christine doolan

Most amazing carrot cake. The Only carrot cake I will eat! So moist! Icing is amazing.

Carlos Quintero

Extremely delicious the best carrot's cake on planet!!

Paul Siegel

By far the best carrot cake in NYC. I was also surprised at how low cost each cake is. I can't eat a while cake and so I freeze it...and it makes for a fantastic treat.

Keyairea Whu

Thank you lloyds Carrot Cake! the cakes here speaks for its self they offer German chocolate cake,Strawberry coconut cake, plain chocolate cake and their famous carrot cake with the options of nuts and raisins, or plain, when you come to the shop they make it very easy for the consumer to purchase and go , the cakes come ready made for the day under special circumstances, you can customize your oder for a little more wait time.

Mari Gerena

The best carrot cake in the bronx!

Christopher Balbuena

The best

Marilyn Olivero

Lloyd's has the best cakes!

Mohammad Ziaullah

very delicious cake ,you have to eat it and get the taste out of this world.

Shanks Tonia

The great taste of those famous cake are still a hit every time. Pies, muffins, or cakes they all are great for any home who appreciate straight from the oven taste. Sorry about not having a photo .


Google says they open at 10....12 and still not open. Please update.


Best carrot cake in New York City. Period. I've been getting carrot cakes from here for over 20 years for special occasions. The other cakes are ok, but the carrot cake truly stands out.

Ryan C

Its a chill spot but the cake is overhyped.

Anna Mayu

Very moist, delicious and yummy!!!

Ms. J Ford

Love this spot. Best carrot cake, PERIOD!

Marangely Medina

The most moist carrot cake I've ever had. DELICIOUS!

Ms Lawon W

I go for the Red Velvet, which isn't always available. Lloyd's cakes are made with the perfect texture to dip it in the mind blowing frosting! THE FROSTING MAKES AND TAKES THE CAKE!! I'm not a carrot cake person but I tried Lloyd's and can say that it's awesome because there aren't any weird bite combinations like other carrot cakes I've tried. There is a distinct flavor, kind of like the molasses in a ginger cookie or something to their carrot cake and the carrot texture blends right in to the moistness of the rest of the cake. I'm still all about that red velvet though ;-) Small place, but call and place an order for a whole cake if you're looking for anything other than carrot. Comes with and without nuts and raisins. Neighborhood gem!

Robin Nelson

The carrot cake is absolutely delicious. I also really like their coconut pineapple cake. Not one to eat a lot of sweets. This place is totally worth stopping in to.

Jeanie Jee

Went to pick up two carrot large cakes with nuts & raisins to share with family and friends over the weekend. So glad they weren't sold out today. They're absolutely delicious and soooo fresh !

Karim Cabrera

Brest carrot cake in city. Worth the Wait!

Mehroj A

Best carrot cakes in the area

Joselyn Espinosa

I have been a regular customer since I was a kid! They are the absolute best!

Patrick Mc Donnell


Joe Conte

By far some of the nicest people working there, and by far, the best carrot cake.

Sandra Hare

The young lady selling the cake was not friendly at all.

James S

awesome carrot cake. also the icing is really good... tasted homemade


Best carrot cake ever. Always stop by to pick one up. Made from scratch great flavor ! Going to get some now

miriam gomez

I happen to live in Riverdale and frequent Lloyd often. I'm very disappointed that you no longer take prepaid orders and have to stand on ridiculous long line before holidays. While I was standing on line in extremely cold for thanksgiving (Tuesday ) I couldn't take it any longer and started to leave. I noticed 5 other customers also leaving. You grew your store but now need a better system. Hope you remediate this soon. Very disappointed. 11/22/16

J. Hollingsworth

Best carrot cake in the universe!!!

Maria Flores

Love it best carrot cake ever. :)

Don Daedalus

Classic establishment. Family owned and operated

mr Prince

One of the best cake you can get.

Beya Ffe

Really good carrot cake, but the line is insanely long. Set aside 20 minutes to wait in line to buy anything.

Poonam Rai

Finally got the chance to try their carrot cake

Brian Kelly

The absolute best carrot cake bar none.

J.A. Strub

good place for carrotcake by van cort park.

Denise Jarvis

I have been eating his cake for years and always looking for his compition and still haven't found one. The icing is delicious and the cakes are always moist

Bree Fowler

I love this place. Another one of those things that makes their neighborhood special. The carrot cake is tops, with a nice spice to it, but could use a layer of frosting in the middle. I like how you can choose between plain and raisins and nuts.

Jack Bayron

The best carrot cake I have ever had. The perfect blend of ingredients. The frosting is also just as amazing and goes well with the other assortment of cakes. My favorite is the walnut and rasin carrot cake.

Horatio Gonzalez

The best!

Jerry The Great

The best carrot cake out there , I'm getting it for my birthday again

Sang W. Lee

The Best Carrot Cake!!!

Ana María Anderson

I love your carrot cake but you need a better system for the holidays. They know this - it gets crazy every year, people get frustrated on line. Come on! Get it together - the day before Thanksgiving is your busiest - spend all year preparing for this day!!!!!


Best carrot cake in NY. You won't be disappointed.

Ernie R

Awesone carrot cake and it smells so good!!

Fatm Prelvu

Best Carrot cake w nuts and raisins.

Robert Cox

The cakes are delicious wonderful owner great staff and a friendly environment I'm hooked

Carolina Liriano

The BEST carrot cake!

Shenell Ali

It was very good

Bahir Mustafa

Excellent delicious carrot cakes.

Jason KL

Cake is good but not worth the terrible customer service. The last time I visited, I was pretty much scolded for paying with a $20 and not having a smaller bill. Ugh.

Wayne Piper

The carrot cake and the red velvet are delicious. A must to try.

mickey B

Lloyd's has the best carrot cake in NYC!!! So of course a visit to the store can be frustrating because they almost always run out of Carrot cake, sometime before noon and especially the day before a holiday. Ordering cakes a day or two ahead is my recommendation. If it's a special occasion, I would call a week or two in advance find out what their policy is how long it would take to make your special order cake. If you wait until the last minute you maybe disappointed. All that said, Lloyd's carrot cake is worth the trouble.

Michelle Cornish

Delicious cakes, and great customer service keeps us coming back for more. My mother cannot get enough of these cakes! After my aunt had a slice, she is now addicted to Lloyd's carrot cakes.

Cee Jay

My family purchased the coconut cake with the strawberry filling for my birthday. The cake was definitely delicious! Moist and taste homemade style just the way I like it. Prices are reasonable especially for a 12 inch cake.

Lena Wu

Affordable and amazing carrot cake. It is so moist that it lasts a while in the fridge (at least 1.5 weeks) as long as you try to keep the frosting coating covering most surfaces.

Mariah Mckenzie

Best carrot cake ever! You just try their carrot cake. It's so moist and flavorful!

Donna Davis

Yummy carrot cake and great customer service!

D Underwood

Brooklyn needs a Lloyds Carrot cake, Juniors will quickly take the number 2 spot if Lloyds expands to Brooklyn

Steven Nelligar

Lloyd's Carrot Cake...another great reason for living in the Bronx.

James Seo

Same terrible customer service experience. Cakes are good but just not worth the aggravation for me anymore.


The best carrot cake. ❤️

Beverly Dobere

The atmosphere is very president and welcoming customer service is on point and I love the fact it's a family-owned business so you going to get personal attention and customer service. My favorite of course is carrot cake but I recently fell in love with the carrot muffin which is amazing amazing amazing

Cathy Rose

I’m a little confused as to what the rave is about. My first time trying this carrot cake and I’m a little disappointed. I was expecting a lot more, being that its New Year’s Eve and i had to wait on line for hours just to get the cake. So i called the place and asked if i can place an order in advance and they told me they dont do orders. (Strange) They said I’d have to come in, first come first serve. I came around 10:30 am and they told me to come back at 12. I came back at 12 and waited on line. The weird part is that what ever sells out, sells out. Even if you wait on line! The line goes out the door and down the block! So you can be waiting on line for no reason. Its ridiculous. They don’t have a number system or anything. It seems like they really dont care. The 2 guys behind the counter were very confusing, poor customer service. They were letting people purchase over 3 at a time and when we got closer they told us sorry we cannot allow more than 2 per person now. But they let the people ahead do it, that’s unfair.. you’re supposed to make an announcement to the entire line that you can now no longer purchase more than 2 and sorry for the inconvenience. The cake was fresh out of the oven; which was great. I just finally cut it and it’s nothing special. The cream cheese frosting tastes like regular generic brand frosting and the cake itself doesn’t have enough flavor it tastes a lot bland to me. Luckily i got nuts and raisins to give it some type of flavor. It is better than boxed cake obviously, but not enough to stand on line and wait hours and deal with unprofessional staff. My apologies!

Lamont Brackett

customer service was great 2 guys at the counter was professional and serve very quick. Great cake German chocolate my fav.thanks guys .

Freddyd Dominguez

There cakes are awesome and most of all the lady's from Elmhurst dairy loves them especially the chocolate German cake.

Jose Villa

Grrrrreat cakes!! Got there early and still had to wait in line, clearly everyone knows how good it is.

Gloria Patxot

Best carrot cake ever. Waiting on line is definitely worth it.


Carrot cake is one of my favorite cakes and this is one of the best places to go if you enjoy carrot cake the way I do. During the holidays, plan to stand in line during the wee hours just to buy one, but it's well worth it!

jackie herbert

The best I eat so far

Mikey singing A, B, Cs Simpson

Delicious cakes!!!

Ronald Hare

Absolutely the best carrot cakes in the state! You have to try them!

Omar A Morillo

The carrot cake with nuts and raisins is by far my favorite. It is just amazing. Kudos

Paula McKinley

Lloyd's carrot cake is simply one of the best I've ever had, and I'm comparing to other well known bakeries in upper Manhattan. The only reason I don't give 5 stars is that, in their round cakes, they don't add a layer of frosting in the middle of the cake, and I live for that frosting! The cake is less sweet than that at comparable bakeries, so the wonderful sweetness of the cream cheese frosting doesn't come across as cloying. Lloyd's isn't a secret to those of us who live near one of their locations but more New Yorkers should plan it as a destination stop after a good long run, walk or bike ride in Van Cortlandt Park!!

Ginger Cregier

Absolute BEST I’ve ever had !!!!!!!!!! Wish they would deliver to up state N.Y.

Eugene André Greene Jr.

I almost always bring a carrot cake when I visit family and friends. They love it almost as much as I do.

Floretta King

luv the carrot cake its amazing

ziggy wheezy

Their carrot cake is amazing and so are their other cakes!

Nilda Parejas

Love it!

Gary Eddey

Fabulous in every way!

Robyn Pena

Ordered a cake a day beforeand when I got there they told me they sold they my cake and then gave me a larger one without the writing or the price that I should have paid. Always have a horrible time when I got here. Will not be going back

Natalia Alvarez

The best carrot cake in NYC. It won’t disappoint you!

Dee Blue

Long line to buy a carrot cake on the 21 of November no cakes ready.

Partha Mittra

Best cake I have ever had! Their carrot cakes are nothing short of amazing

Jessica Salazar

Was looking forward to the caked I ordered few days ago for my husband and when I was ready to pick it up they tell me they made a wrong one and cant give me the cake. So disappointed! Was really excited surprising my husband.

Tanya Sellers

The first time I tasted Lloyds carrot cake I fell in love!. The best carrot cake hands down!.

Angel Quinones

I can smell the aroma from outside.

Carolyn Frasier

I am mobility impaired. drove to location...called them by phone while outside facility...told them what I wanted employee came out I paid for my purchase and then received my goods ordered..Customer satisfaction.

Mark Adams

Long wait on NYE as they didn't know how to deal with a queue some who wanted standard product and some who wanted bespoke. But that said the cake is delicious as always!

Lizzet Caban

Awesome carrot cake!

Keith Gardner

The best carrot cake in NYC!

Lisette Veras-Harley

One of the best bakeries I have ever been to. The carrot cake is their specialty. You have to make it all the way uptown to experience it.

Ron P

Got a cake for the holidays, worth the wait. Great customer service and excellent tasting carrot cake.

Chuck Roberts

I love Lloyd’s Carrot Cake and I have felt this way for years. Hats off to the chef!

Carlos Rivera

Would give 5 stars if customer service was as good as thier cakes. Young man told me cakes would be ready in a hour, put my name on a list, came back an hour later and ask are cakes ready he says no, I asked how long he says he doesn't know maybe half an hour. Get it together. Worst part is they do not take online orders or phone orders, this may help you guys out. Hospitality classes are also available for unprofessional employees.

Renee Cai

Inexpensive and delicious carrot cake! $3 for a slice with nuts and raisins (not many), and $2.75 without. Pretty oily, but what do you expect from carrot cake? The cream cheese is excellent.

John D'Avanzo

Many years of fabulous cake as well people.

Elizabeth Cecala

Has great carrot cake, chocolate cake, red velvet cake. The frosting is a bit too sweet as I prefer more cream cheese in my frosting then sugar. Usually has very long lines

Lord Alexander

Went when it opened which was a horrible idea since barely anything is ready and it was packed with ppl picking up orders but carrot cake and red velvet were good

Julian Silverman

Picked up a carrot cake last minute for a birthday and everyone can’t stop talking about how good it is! Can’t wait to try the strawberry coconut one!

The Bronx Socialite

This is the only carrot cake I'll eat. It's really that good. You can just tell it's made with fresh ingredients. People line up around the holidays to snag some of this goodness, so plan accordingly. Service is also really friendly.

merrycarol rossoff-belfiglio

We’re new to the area & looking forward to trying Lloyd’s on Broadway. Amazing Carrot Cake!!! We are now regular customers. Thanks!

kathy Lawrence

Love Lloyd's carrot cake. Worth waiting in the cold rain for

Charly Itchy

Awesome carrot cake and pretty good yellow cake with chocolate frosting

Vic City

Love this place n carrot cake, owner seems nice never got a chance to talked to her..she handles Business

Diana Entien

This is the ONLY carrot cake that I eat. Prior to trying this cake I never liked carrot cakes. Try it and it will change your mind about carrot cakes. Delicious!

Dee Illest

Delicious. Had the German chocolate and of course, the carrot cake with icing.

angie carrion

Best carrot cake I've ever had

Edmundo Maceda

Best carrot cake in Nyc, unfortunally the new people who manage the sales are the worst can't preorder or call a day before with any request always they screw up . So becareful if you call ahead of time these people don't know how to handle orders or customers. Good Luck.

Michael Bushrod

The Cake is great and can't take from that at all. One of the best cakes I had in a while. The only problem I have with this location in the Bronx is that they are never on time with the orders at all when you make a order. They are so busy they can't keep up with all the orders for cakes.

Jack Murphy

This is the best carrot cake in New York City. It's moist and tasty and has become a Thanksgiving tradition

Kathy avila26

Omggg i love it

Roberto Mckinney

This is a really popular place and for good reason. The cakes here are amazing! Never was a carrot cake person until my friend bought my first slice from there.

JD Rivera

You must try it.

Jacinto Morel

Delicious. A++

James Cruz

They have the best carrot cake in the Bronx. Parking is a challenge. Almost impossible to get into on large holidays like thanksgiving etc.

Glenda Rodriguez

The carrot cake with nuts and raisins was divine! I walked in wanting to buy a small Chocolate cake, but I was told orders must be placed 2 days in advance, so sad. Next time I'll be sure to pre order! Definitely a must try. You won't be disappointed.

End Him Rightly

Best carrot cake ever.

Fernando Santana

Delicious cake

Noel Taylor

Best Carrot cake in NYC.....

Cathy Simon-Rivera

Amazing carrot cake and friendly staff!!!

VSGChannel XVO

When i say the BEST carrot cake i mean the BEST !! As for customer service not to great one young lady was on her phone as for the gentleman just stared at me, ask for 2 slices and gave it in a paper bag very carlesss love the cake but not the experience.


The staff is friendly and helpful.

Hannah daughter of sarah

Delicious fresh soft I tried the carrot cake and yellow cake with chocolate frosting out of this world I came all the way from NJ to try it and will definitely be back

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