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Really good homemade pies and desserts! They even make sugar-free Apple Pie :) Their Mississippi Mud Pie is decadently delicious. It's a shame that the place is so small and the staff aren't very nice. Best time to go is not during peak hours (unless the craving is so bad that you don't mind making a line and finding somewhere else to sit :))

Brie Koyanagi

Away delicious.

Bianca Joseph

Went there on pi day and everything was sold out. I guess it was my fault for going on that specific day. Wasted time in line to get nothing on my first visit. I may visit again but I’m not feeling like I will

Jules D.

Awesome neighborhood spot comfortable little cozy feel to it aswell!! Different and regular menu also great around Hollidays ahhh any day!! Go and Enjoy!!!

Lloyd DeLeon

I've been coming here for the past 25 years and the quality has never suffered. The best pies in New York. The staff is always friendly and helpful with a smile. Every chance I get to come here this is where I go for pies

Nancy Mako

Delicious! The little pies are just the right size for individuals. Expensive, but definitely worth it! Inside is clean and there is a little seating area.

Cynthia Hazan

Good place for pies, especially during their end of day sale.

Thomas Amore

Great place to pick up something sweet or not sweet for tonight right before bedtime. May your sweet tooth thank you.

MOT Mark

This place is exceptional. Some of the most delicious baked items in the city. And, yes they make it all on site. Fresh, fresh, fresh! Open regularly and really busy during the holidays. The Mississippi mud pie is delightful. The Apple pies are also amazing. There's a small counter seating area and a few small tables. If you're visiting NYC you won't be sorry you stopped by here.


Always Delicious!! Not a lot of sitting space BUT you will want to take this goodness home, or visiting! Just any place you want to bring a sweet (or sugarless!) treat & a SMILE!

Gilbert Cruz

Always delish.. One can get a whole pie or a slice.. Or other pastries.. Plenty of seating..

Jim Romanshek

Obviously the pies... but that carrot cake is the best ever and the cheesecake should not be ignored!

Dirty Souf Yankee

SoOoOoOoOo delicious!!! OMG, everything they have here is incredible. I'm well on my way to having tried everything they offer at least once, lol. Pico bakes the best pies! And Jess always has a smile when I see her. Great desserts and great customer service. Oh, and don't forget the half off section! It's a steal

Bartłomiej Pokojski

Fantastic, the most iconic America apple Pie was exactly what we've expected! Marvelous!

Ron Wilson

3 berry pie sinfully good

Chad the goat maxwell

Love this bakery from chicken pot pie to apple pie without all the sugar

David Blaut

Some of the best pies in the city and the story about the owner opening the shop is extremely interesting. A must try!!

Jo Ann Pate

Whike their pies and cakes are delicious, their customer service and attention to detail were definitely lacking. They left me very disappointed with a cake I preordered & they just wrote on a cake they had in their case. Left me very frustrated.

Matt Manderos

This place is amazing


I am going to be in the minority on this review. They only had 3 pies that could be served as a slice which is small for a pie shop. They heated up my slice of apple sour cream pie in a microwave, which caused it to be mushy. The price was only $5 something. There are better places to get pie.

Georgia Brown

Love the brownie with walnuts, yum! Cakes are great as well!

Kelly Varley

The line was so long last night and they were so swamped after waiting for a good 15 min. I gave up :(.

j s

Get the pie they're known for. It's so good. Walnut and apple amazingness.

alex dewitt

All the pies are good except the strawberry rhubarb. That is pretty awful.

David Sloane

Great pies

Stephanie Potter

Tried the chicken pot pie and the Apple Walnut pie. Both were good. They microwaved both to heat them up which left the crusts a little soggy and I think detracted from the texture and potential of the pies. The chicken pot pie has a nice creamy inside and had plenty of meat. The apple pie also had great flavor. They should use a different method for heating.

Kevin Watts

Good pies and cakes

Stephanie Israelson

The best pie I have ever had! They have a great selection of pies and baked goods. Also, they have a cute sitting area where you can enjoy your pie and some coffee or hot chocolate! Wonderful local spot!

Udayan Singh

Love this place.... the mud pie is like heaven on earth!! Warm it for a few secs before eating

Zineb & Younès IGROUCHE

Very much overrated. service is good but the cheesecakes are really not good!

James Demoruelle

The absolute best cheesecake I've had in my life. It tastes like it had real cream in it. The cupcakes are good as well.

Lin W.

Tasty cupcakes

Christian von Howard

Sweet little pie shop.

Jean Mumper

A delightful little gem on the Upper West Side. Fresh, delicious baked goods and fresh coffee. It has a few small tables and an old-fashioned counter with swivel stools. Wonderful for take out as well...the perfect gift to take to someone's home... cakes, pies, muffins, and coffee cakes-- all delicious and made with quality, fresh Ingredients.

Ivette Davila-Richards

Their Sour Cream Apple Walnut pie is to die for!! Just so darn good. I try to only buy it every 3 months or so. It's addictive. Haha

maria Gentile

OMG are you kidding me???...THE BEST OF THE BEST..My all time fav is the KEY LIme Pie , not avail for every season, but boy when it is , im there...the apple walnut is my second fav...Order ahead for the holidays and pick up is very easy.

Guido Imperiali

I’m not a lover of American cakes, but this looks like a family business, cakes are good and there is a nice atmosphere among the workers (that is key to enjoy a place to eat and a sign of decent management). I recommend it for those who look for something else than the big chains. Most of the cakes are to take away, but you can have a sit and sip a coffee eating a nice muffin. There is an open view on the oven and you can tell what they do. No tourist while I sit for a cake breakfast. Only locals.

Leonardo Torres

Their pies are fresh. They also serve Bassett's Ice Cream.

Kevin Singh

I was in the mood for a milkshake. I asked what flavors they had because it wasn’t listed. The lady said vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. All milkshakes were labeled as $8. She told me about a pie milkshake which I ended up ordering. She didn’t tell me it was $12. I was expecting to pay $8 as listed. Also all she did was make a vanilla milkshake and put a pastry on top. If I wanted a vanilla milkshake I would have ordered one. Nobody orders a milkshake to eat. I expected it to be blended into the drink. It was unpleasant to eat. Very dissatisfied

Kleberson Leite

One of the best pie that I have ever tried

Amanda Stoneall

Cute little bakery in Hell's Kitchen. You can buy any of their pies by the slice, but I think it's more fun (and easier for picnics and transportation) to get one of their mini pies for $10. The Sour Cream Apple Pie is probably the best apple pie in the city. Bring it home and melt some cheddar on top. Their old-fashioned chocolate cake is also stellar.

Marcus Volta

Excellent service and really delicious pastries.

Eithan Sapir

Great food

Patricia Greaves Greaves

Sour cream coffee cake is everything

Jean Spivak

Everything is delicious. Staff is extremely polite and knowledgeable about their products

Pamela Lockhart

Great pie....

Maíra Saul

Best pies I’ve ever had in NYC (as a brazillian I have to disclose that my homeland’s pie game is strong AF)! Tried the chicken pot pie and the mississipi mudpie. Just wonderful. It’s pricey but totes worth it. Staff is kind and attentive.


Great desserts!

Noemi N

The most delicious and most addictive pies in NYC. There is no way to walk pass by this store and not falling in the mood for pie. My favorite is Key Lime Pie, but the pecan is awesome too. The rest I have not got a chance to try as I keep buying the ones I love. I am sure all the others are delicious! :)

Jeri Simpson

Tried the Sour Cream Apple Pie. $8 Is a bit high for a small pie, but I guess it could be considered 2 slices? Hmmmm... I took mine to-go. There was warm up instructions to heat in the oven for 10 minutes. I didn't realize that until it was heated in the microwave oven. Still. It was pretty good. I'd like to try other pies. Maybe I'll check out the 7p-8p reduced price pies. Cashier was not friendly, but she wasn't rude either. Just going through the motions. There was no line, but she rushed through the process as if there was 100 people behind us. To be honest, we would have been sold on purchasing a couple more pie options, but she just 'assumed' we wanted only 1 pie and didn't give us a chance to inquire about other options. I felt rushed and didn't want to waste my time talking to an employee that just wanted me to leave.

Patrick Mead

Very tasty mud pie, was even better the second day.

Ramon Gonzalez

This place is amazing. I stopped by one day because of how good it smelled. I actually don’t like pies but quickly noticed they had blueberry muffins. Well, I stopped for one almost every day after that for over four months. I moved after that. But I am Back visiting NYC and honestly this was one of the top reasons I was excited to visit. Took my family and friends and everything we had was delicious. Finally tasted a pie, the pecan pie, and of course had a delicious muffin. Plan on going back a few times before we leave. Lastly, the service has always been great, and the prices extremely good.

Richardo Charles

Ask for their best selling /signature

Sharon Stubblefield

Omg they are still the best. I love their carrot cake with cream cheese frosting it will leave you wanting more ( and this is from a person who really don't like carrot cake lol ). Give them a go and you'll never want your cake from anywhere else.

Teng Sherpa

Great place to have a sweet pie, I liked the flavor of the cheese cake the most. The pies were kind of More sweet than I could handle. Overall I say it is a good place.

Jen Romano

Great homemade tasting pies and a good end of day sale.

Dennis Garrett

New York favorite dessert shop. Pies and more pies. Small eat in area serving coffee, ice cream, juices, water plus the baked cooks.

marci redmond

The pies are great, a little high for the large but worth it. The service is good but will take a long time if you order a shake. The machine is outdated and needs to be replaced with a machine that makes shakes not egg cream.

SalsaRadio 54fm

Great place always friendly and great people around.

Mark Gwyn

The pies and other treats are great. Come take a visit. And you could meet a celebrity.

Blake Russell

Great little bakery with an awesome half-price discount program near the end of the day.

Justin So

Delicious banana coconut cream pie! It's not too sweet and the banana chunks are not too soft. I basically devoured it.

MFR Falls Church

Amazing pie bakery located in Hells Kitchen. Such a wonderful find during my brief visit to NYC. They bake these delicious small pies on site. There’s a small indoor seating area. Not sure about outdoor seating since my visit was during a cool, rainy day. Although the pies are small, they are quite filling. Best to share or take leftovers to go. The sour cream apple walnut pie was scrumptious. The apples are sliced extremely thin. The cinnamon crumbles and crust are crispy with just the right amount of sweetness. I recommend asking for a dollop of homemade whipped cream on top.

Paweł Biernacki

Wonderful! I loved my cheesecake!

Charles Crutchfield

5 *'s from my perspective. A whole lotta taste good desserts. So good you have to restrain yourself.

Fabiana Zembrzuski

VERY GOOD. The apple pie is the best i ate


The best pie I have ever eaten! I had the key lime pie and pecan pie they were incredible.

Kat Finnigan

the smell in this place is so good! Obviously get the apple pie! Go home and put vanilla ice cream on that baby!

Natasha Figueroa


Salua Kamerow

This is part of our traditional visit to NYC. In fact, when tourists ask me where to go in NY, I always suggest the Little Pie Company. This bakery has been in the market for at least 30 years. The best chicken pot pie is found here. Moreover, if it’s about dessert, my favorite one is the sour cream apple walnut. It is also a coffee shop; pie or cupcake with no coffee? Of course not. So, you find cappuccinos, latte, affogato, etc. Recommended: sour cream apple walnut pie and tree berry pie.

Nikhil Panchal

The place is nice and Cosy. The cheese cake is out of this world but the other stuff like 3 berry pie, cookies and cream cup cake and latte is ok. They don’t offer WiFi access, which in today’s day and age seems

suhad alslail

The staff is not welcoming at all. The mini apple pie cost more than $10 and when I asked to warm it they did but in the microwave. First the pie is not sweet ,the crust is for salty recipes.second the heating process on the microwave made the pie doughy and wet. I had to call the staff three times to get her turn her back and look at me. Very bad experience

FT Wreckless

The best pies in Hell's Kitchen

Tony Lara

Very tasty, yummy mini cakes as well as full size ones. Good seating, can't beat the location.

Kim Paolucci

Omg it smells so good inside! It's like pie heaven! We got a mini pecan pie and triple berry pie. They were both delicious. They heat them up for you and deliver them to the table your sitting at. The pies arent cheap... around $10.50 each... but they are yummy. We didnt finish them while sitting there so we brought them back to our hotel and even cold they were good!

Alex Price

All great pies, all the time!! The only hard choice is which pie not to get! Nice little small spot located just a few minutes walk from time square. Try the apple pie! Its amazing.

Ana Crespo

So good! Really good prices. We tried the keylime pie, pumpkin and pecan. Really good coffee and service.

Antonio H Ono

Really good pies. They have cute really small individual pies. Love their rhubarb strawberry and key lime. A must for Thanksgiving pumpkin pie!

Doris Thomas

So friggin delicious, that it hurts!!!!! They make they're food so well to the point of keeping you amazed (the same way you were when u were curious..)and more..Best pie I ever tasted..The Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie with ice cream is definitely a must try for all! So enjoy it if u dare!!

Ubaid Bandukra

Great old school pie shop, awesome pies, no preservatives so you gotta eat them quick. Reasonable prices for the city.

Sofia Lugo

Great end of day sales! I love the pecan and the chocolate pies.

Barbara Fisher

I love the little pies here, especially the sale items that they have every day after 6pm.

Alex Koronec

Have the best cake for the season. Love there carrot cake..However I came back for a friend who wanted a slice of apple pie. This warmed by chef Mike (microwave) which tends to give a somewhat soggy texture. When asked about this. You don't get a reply.

Michael Epstein

I'm surprised, as I really expected to love this place. Bought a cherry 8" and a peach 10" and took home, a 20 minute drive. These pies taste like and appear to have been made a few days ago. They're too sweet and the overall feeling is: not fresh. What a shame, as they're also not very inexpensive. The people in the shop were very nice.

Brooklyn Simmons

Ughhhh I had the Mississippi mud pie from here and heated it up in the microwave like they suggested and it changed my LIFE. I’m telling you if you like pie, you should definitely make a stop here. They have a variety of options and it would make a great hostess gift to a party. Everyone will love it!!

Jelmer Dijkstra

The pie we got was a banana coconut cream pie. I really enjoyed it. The pie wasn't too sweet allowing for individual flavors to be tasted. The coffee was pretty good for American standards.

Cesar R

The sour cream apple pie is awesome!

Chris B

I love the pumpkin pie, it's awesome. There pie is the best thing since the 4 slice toaster. But I still can't believe that the Seahawks didn't run the ball in the SuperBowl, but yeah, their pies are friggin' awesome.

David Gurley

I love the end of day sale they have here. Good bargains to be had.

Lena Wu

The selection is so large, and the menu is available online. Great for sharing to try a few. Highly recommend asking the staff what’s good for the day. The apple pie is tall from air rather than filling, unfortunately. However, it was still delicious, even without warming up. The pecan pie and pumpkin pie were both delicious.

Mark E

The apple sour cream walnut pie here is a must have. We always bring one to all our holiday gatherings. It is always a hit. Of course we always get 2, one for them and one for us.

Joe Hill

Great pies! Excellent service and really cool packaging of the pies!

Cicely Robinson

I didn't like the cashier.

Caroline Henry

Best pies ever !


Great selection of sweet and savory pies

Kailen Clayson

Great little place to go for their end of day sale, when you can get some good deals.

Masako Nomoto

Their banana coconut pie is sooo yummy! Can't wait for the next visit!

Lawrence Cosentino

Oh My God! The smells are amazing if you arent hungry you will be. Ths staff is so friendly and welcoming. There is a small counter area and a few tables. Its completely open so you can watch the process. Definitely a place to check out.

Sheryl Smith

Delicious Carrot Cake

Rosie Garcia

Awesome bakery, was just walking by but the delicious aroma stopped me. Many flavors to choose from. Friendly and attentive staff.

Neil P McGuinness

The key lime pie tart was excellent. The staff was very friendly.

Chris Lee

Walking by this place in the morning is a bit tortuous because of how good everything smells. They do sales off of their unsold stuff in the later hours of the day, but bought out of discount or normal the pies have always been delicious. Strawberry rhubarb is in right now. Definitely better heated up but good either way.

James Kafka

Three words: incredible, intoxicating and divine.

Ryan Rasmason

Fantastic shop with great pies. You can get small or large pies and cakes. Chicken pot pies are great as well. Always smells amazing. I pick up all my holiday desserts there. If you need to order your pies do it early. They stop taking holiday orders 2 weeks before the holiday.


Wow..... fabulous dessert.. My only Pie Company, you must go there!

Maria Coleman

As the name suggests, great mini (as well as regular) sized pies and other assorted baked items. I particularly like the chocolate pie which they have as a special sometimes.

Juan Mena

A new spin on sweets

Mary Antonini

I’m obsessed with this place. The seasonal strawberry rhubarb pie is to die for, their signature sour cream apple pie is out of this world too but the winner for me is the applesauce carrot cake. I will have it for my wedding cake. All the food from this place is homemade and you can taste the real, fresh, High quality ingredients. You can taste that it was made by a person. Absolute favourite.

Patrick Staso

Sour cream Apple Walnut was like no pie I've ever eaten!

Matthew Carnino

Great sweets!

Eva Foster

It's really too bad the wait is so long. The croissants are so flaky and the pastries just melt in your mouth. The trick is to go to the line in the back of the restaurant (no seating, just grab and go) and take it back home. That line only takes 30 min.


This place has the best pies and cakes in NYC! Great service.

Carlos Perez

Love Their Pies!!! Especially the Sour Cream Apple Walnut and Chicken Pot Pie

Nonie Merritt

My favorite bakery in NYC. Been coming here since 80"s. Holiday time best to call in order to ensure they won't run out! Goods sell like 'hot cakes"

Karina Toropchyna

Been googling for places with tasty pumpkin pies, this one totally scored!) got the small pie and an almond milk latte, turned out as a delicious perfect treat) About the pie itself- not too sweet, just enough for a smooth texture of pumpkin puree. And one more thing, before visiting- go to the restroom ( nearest is Starbucks’), cause they don’t have one in the place. Will come again!

jorgerolandin barraza

Well what can i say of the best kept secret of NYC? I will say something! Go try the apple walnut sour cream out of this world.the combination of granny smith tarty acidness combined with the swertened cream and the incredible cinnamon crust will leave you mesmerized and asking for more! Take this pie to a party and you will be the hero!!

Thomas Speyerer

Great pie shop. they offer all kinds of seasonal options as well as a core menu that never gets old. My company uses them every year to send out to vendors around christmas and they are always asking where to get more.

Karina Ibarra

Delicious pies with a great end of day sale everyday!

Liz Milizio

Great pies that rotate seasonally (check the website), and good customer service.


A good, albeit small bakery specializing in, you guessed it, pies. You can have your choice of a wide variety of pies including Key Lime, apple, pecan as well as muffins, brownies, etc. etc. Only negative is the cost--about $35 for a 10" pie. Had comparable quality and taste for significantly less

Tristan Parker

The cakes are great but talk about service without a smile. Everytime I go in and there are no more red velvet cup cakes (my favorite) the girls act like the walk to the back to get more is like they're walking to the electric chair.

Sean M

My wife and I were walking down 43rd St when something caught our attention. It was a smell. Not like most of the smells we experienced in NYC, this was a good smell. I would even say it was a heavenly smell. We followed our noses to this little bakery. After looking at the choices they had in the display and discussing what sounded best, we asked the girl behind the counter for suggestions. She made recommendations and we ended up getting the salted caramel apple and the peach. So far we've only eaten the salted caramel apple, but OMG it was the best pie I've had in my life!


Small shop with a rustic flair but don't let that fool you. The cheesecake is simply amazing Cheesecake! To be honest the best I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. If you are close by it is worth taking a small detour.

the 725

Heavenly pie place. Perfect pecan pie. Awesome espressos. Highly recommended

Matt Hayes

Tasty pies and a good closing sale every day.

Issac Cox

Little unknown secret..... They make THE BEST RED VELVET CAKE in NYC, seriously! I'm from the South so I know Red Velvet. They have other beautiful items on their menu, but I can't get beyond that to try anything else.

Kyle C

Possibly the best pies in the whole world. I eat something from here on at least a monthly basis. It'd be daily if I weren't afraid of getting fat!

Michelle Jones

The Mississippi mud and sour cream apple walnut pies are awesome.

Flora Learned

Had a piece of cherry pie, ask for it to be warmed up!

Zhi Li

Great little pie place. Had the Three berry pie and it was a great desert after our dinner in the area. The staff were very pleasant and service was quick. Would definitely recommend if you're in the area to see a show or waiting for your bus at Port Authority

Mickey Dunne

I have purchased pies here over the years, mostly for holiday get togethers and they always go over well. The banana cream pies are especially good.

Danyel Brown

This place is pricey but the pie is delicious . Worth the money

Mary DC

Great bakery with sweet and savoury pies. Sold by the slice, mini pies or larger. Good selection. Some other items available (cheesecake, muffins, cafe). There is also a day old window with half price pies! Get a full pie for $17. Super nice staff. Only issue: no receipt provided when paid in cash...

Elio Moreira

Great dasit

Nick Vargo

Awesome little pies. Check the seasonal selection!

Rosanna Green

It was marvelous food and we had plenty of it.


I first had a slice of their pie in the early 90’s. I had just graduated HS and was a young, eager, acting student in NYC. I ate at a restaurant that was next door to them at that time, and served their Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie as one of their desserts. I instantly fell in Love with that pie! I’ve never Loved apple pie, always just liked it. This was a whole new level of apple pie. I would go through life forever being unsatisfied by any apple pie because of how amazing that pie was. Over 15 years later a friend of mine had a birthday party for me and asked me what my favorite dessert was ever. After a little thinking, my mind was reminded of that pie. Granted, I have some deserts I find truly amazing and Love in their own way, but for some reason I thought of that pie. Even though I live an hour outside of NYC, at that point, I didn’t know if the Little Pie Company was still there. I was ecstatic on my birthday when I was surprised with that pie! I’ve since returned to their shop many times. I’ve tried so many of their assortment of pies and desserts. Everything delivers consistent satisfaction with no flaws! As for that Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie, it is truly one of a kind and amazing in every way! The apples slice so thin, and super crisp, with sour cream layering them, and wonderful notes of cinnamon. The crumble top with walnuts and brown sugar, is perfection. The entire pie is perfection! Also, their Key Lime pie is only comparable to the Key Lime Pies I’ve had in the Florida keys. Soooo many places mess up Key Lime Pie. The Little Pie Company has got it nailed down to exactly how it should taste and look! Creamy, no overpowering lime or lime zest flavors, but subtle key lime flavor, and never, ever, should Key Lime pie be green or topped with some atrocious whipped topping. They’ve definitely nailed it! If you’re gonna be in NYC, even if it’s on the other end of town, I HIGHLY recommend The Little Pie Company as a MUST TRY during your visit! For those of you that live there, I’m jealous that you have such an amazing resource for wonderful desserts right on your doorstep!

Gretchen Taylor

What a find!!! Amazing bakery items. End of the day even have some half price goodies!!

Jess Berndt

Lovely Little Pie Company with many various pies and cakes to eat in or take out. They also serve many coffees. Come early as they sell out. Everything is made on the premisses in full view.

kjh lk

Do Not listen to any negativity. It is small because they specialize in quality, love and passion. A bigger staff would only hinder this fantastic place that has been in business for many years. I have been going here for 25 years. They hand ROLL, YES HAND ROLL every piece of crumb that goes into that wonderful pie. All of their products are TOP A quality. I am currently doing a sugar fasting and my first sweet will be their sour dough cream apple pie heated with a scoop of ice cream. Their applesauce carrot cake is AMAZING. I LOVE THIS PLACE. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

Elvis Pinargote

Great coffee, excellent snacks, and nice cozy intimate place. One of New Yorks hidden gems. When Im in the hell's kitchen area I try my best to visit #LPC any moment I get. Most definitely the place to be for the sugar rush. Stop by you will love it.

Jacob R.

Had a hot chocolate and warm brownie for a freezing afternoon. Kept me warm.

Beverly Wood

I ate between lunch and dinner at the bar (dining room was closed) and my experience was very good. The limited bar menu was available and I had the stone fruit with house made ricotta and a side of bread, and it was all excellent as was the service I got from the bartender. I'll have to try it here for a proper meal.

selena ortiz

Everything is amazing. The carrot cake and sour cream apple Walnut pie are amazing.

Michael Pretzsch

Great little pie place and affordable. Highly recommend the carrot cake.

Cordell Zalenski

This place took me back South with their pecan pie and vanilla ice cream! Perfect way to end the day!

Pierre Jambet

Overpriced and not good enough to justify the price.


10.21.17 - Bought the Old Fashioned Apple Pie and the Sour Cream & Walnut Apple Pie. Not bad pies overall, but it has to be warmed up to be good. I still prefer 4&20 Black Birds pies because they are great either way. They also have a variety of other sweets like cupcakes. Unfortunately nothing looked captivating to warrant a return, but if I find myself in the area again I might stop by to try another pie or cupcake.

Bozidar Stevanovic

The pecan and banana pie was amazing!

Carmen Kathryn

Love the pastries, don't love the lines... I would recommend not going on the weekends--parking is horrendous. I've only been for the brunch/pastries. Not dinner so can't speak to it.

Globetrotting With Sierra

The sour cream apple walnut pie is life :)

Avinash Salgam

Extremely friendly service and excellent baked treats. If you are looking for a cheap dessert at the end of a long work day be sure the swing by between 7-8 for their 50% off baked goods. Can't go wrong with any of their pies. Be sure to also try their coffee cakes. The venue is small so take out is your best bet. If you do get to sit in, they will gladly warm up any baked good you purchase.

Matthew Sells

Great pies and service.

Wade Trefethen

It's a little pie store that doesn't disappoint. They have so many options for delicious pies. They do have coffee and other items but I couldn't look away from the pies. I had a coconut / banana cream pie. Did I mention they have amazing pies?

Yuan Zhao

A little overpriced for poorly trained staff but they have a fantastic seasonal selection Late evening staff's a bit under trained and obviously unsupervised Maybe try hiring neighborhood staff for late evenings so they're not always in a rush to go home The late evening staff's demeanor is borderline rude Detracts from pies which are a great product just unfortunately represented poorly The late night evening female cashiers past years have been very bad

Rachel Scheck

Great pies. I love the Key Lime and the special chocolate one.

Marshall Shaffer

Had a very tasty piece of pie from here, although I wish there were an option to get something a little bigger. Arnold Palmer, advertised as the best in the city, was very refreshing - although I found it to be quite pulpy, but almost with the consistency of orange juice pulp.

Sherlyn Pesantez

The place is small but comforting, and always has the smell of delicious pies. Service and staff were nice but a little pricey. Overall very nice

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Bakery - New York


Duet Bakery and Restaurant
Duet Bakery and Restaurant
Bakery - New York

American restaurant

Cafe La Nueva
Cafe La Nueva
Bakery - New York