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7612 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209, United States

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REVIEWS OF Leske's Bakery IN New York

Robert Morale

Great stuff

Jennifer Jimenez

Frank Feliciano


Rizan Mohammed

Daniel Hetteix

A classic Bay Ridge institution serving a variety of common and hard-to-find delicacies. Try a traditional Danish Kringle to connect with the past... or go modern with my guilty pleasure, a peanut-butter-and-jelly doughnut. Another plus: the entire block smells like fresh-baked bread if you get up early enough.

Esther Mena

Sandra Luna

(Translated by Google) It has a lot of variety of things to try and eat (Original) Tiene mucha variedad de cosas para probar y comer

Caitlin O'Connell

I grew up in Bay Ridge, and some of my fondest childhood memories involve a dessert from Leske's. I've so happy the bakery has reopened and my all my favorites are back, particularly the seven layer cake. Now that I'm old enough to choose my pastries unassisted, I opt for a black and white cookie every visit.

Face Kicker

Kevin O'Neil

Lucien Van Elsen

Kringles to make a Wisconsin native happy.

Abdul M.

Tony Santoro

Luisa Piedrahita

Chris Sisley

Leskes is a fantastic bakery in the heart of Bay Ridge. Their donuts are fantastic. The cookies are delicate and delicious. The bread can be smelled baking around the corner. It's a true treat to have a bakery of this caliber in my neighborhood.

Joe Messina

Nice bakery that's been in the neighborhood a long time.

Robert Sepe

The best danishes in all of NYC. I bring them to all of my clients throughout the greater New York area and they rave about them.

Larissa Norman

Pam T

The sale young ladies were helpful, professional, and personable. The prices reasonable and the cake Delicious!!! Thank you.

andy mataragas

Love this place there twist bread is too die for and there pastries and donuts on the money

Melissa Hernandez

Raja Albahri

Irene Juhasz

The best bread, rolls, baked goods, ever! Fresh, fresh, fresh. And sweet counter help. (Don't enter if you're on a diet.)

Daniel Molloy

Nasro Kaouadji

Yevgeniy Rodin

This place ALWAYS smells divine. Their bread is fantastic.

Raymond Stensholt

Awesome cakes. Have to get there early.

Jeannette Knowles

If you think you are getting the quality, freshness and deliciousness of the original Leske's Bakery you will be sorely disappointed!

Jan Boguslawski

Excellent breads and pastry

Del DeVries

Black and White cookies, which are wonderfully cake like and amazing, were our objective. But the smell of fresh baked buns was amazing as well!!

Donald S

Freshly made cookies

Alfr Bevilac

This bakery has been baking bread for so long people have grownup rating there black white cookies with all there other delicious baked goods for over 50 years. The bakery was closed for awhile but was reopened with new owners and kept the old tradition going as good as he could. The only setback sometimes is the service is not as friendly as we remember but the women before was there for years and really loved talking to people. Not that the people now are unfriendly but if you were a regular customer the women would know your name. The traditional bakery this is not this place bakes cookies, cakes that will blow your socks off.

Megan Klingle

Joe Dodd

Delicious baked goods at a reasonable price!

Esmaily Pichardo

Michael Tennesen

ordered 11 loaves of different kinds of bread and week before my St. Patrick's day party paid for it, when I went to pick up my order, they didn't have it ready. They had to use what they had on the shelves. Two types of bread I ordered they did not have! when one for the counter girls asked the manager what to do, she replied, " forget him". What kind of business does that to a paying customer???? Especially when they had a whole week to have order prepared. This is totally UNEXCEPABL!!!

Hernan Sanchez

I took a chance once and went to Leske's to see if they had croissants. My regular place (Jean Danet) had run out of them for the day and I had a real craving for them. I figured that it would not hurt to see if Leske's had them and they are located just half a block away. They only have one person behind the counter and she was multitasking, so I had to wait to get her attention. They had two croissants left in the glass display case. They didn't look as nice or big as the ones from my regular place but decided to take them. They cost the same as the ones from Jean Danet. They were not as tasty either but they fulfilled a need. Leske's seems to concentrate mostly on supplying bread to stores and supermarkets. Everytime I go by I see racks loaded with bread that's being cooled off. I also see bread trucks parked outside this bakery being loaded constantly. They don't seem to concentrate as much on the retail sales from their location, as they make most of their money as a commercial bakery.

Jacek R

I'm in love with your cheesecake

Joel Friedman

Everything they bake is excellent. People working there are a pleasure, with Brooklyn personalities. You can't go wrong at Leskes!!!

David Lincoln

Great PBJ and Boston cream donuts. Can't beat the price either.

Judith Khaled

Isaac Markow

Very underwhelmed by the jam donut, which is what I came for. Looked like they had a good selection otherwise and other intriguing baked goods beyond donuts.

Peter Karounos

Love their donuts, especially the peanut butter and jelly!

William B

tiempo libre

Kirk Philippou

Best DONUTS in Brooklyn

Luis Montes

marilyn velez

Omar Ammar

hesham abouzid

Very good products always fresh

Carmela Morales

I love everyrhing in you bakery ❤❤❤

Carolyn De Melo

Decent pastries, horrible customer service. Basically if you want anything special like a maple bacon donut, you have to arrive when they open because they run out quickly. The doughnuts were a standard level of sweetness and softness, but nothing amazing. The woman at a counter was apathetic and unhelpful.

Noor Ghazali

Louis Colucci

Love their homemade dounuts especially the powdered jelly ones my favorite. They put Dunkin Donuts to shame. Maybe they should take some lessons from them on donut making.

Stephy Lm

The fresh bread tastes amazing

MyBrooklyn Com

Amal Elarab

I found my preferred bread only in this store The taste of all breads in it is delicious

jose reyes

Jay C

A neighborhood staple for decades. When in the area make it your business to stop in and have anything. You won't be disappointed.

Mohammed Haque

Black and white cookies are decent to good. Too many flies flying around their food case. Kinda turned me off from going here.

Shirley Don

Found my happy place! This donuts shop has an incredible selection and each one of their creation is an oeuvre d'art. The woman who served me was extremely m helpful and friendly and the place is very clean. I will definitely visit them again.

John wick718

Mirian Cardoso

(Translated by Google) Very kind (Original) Muy amables

Lady Winter

It can get busy and at times they are short staff but it is worth the extra wait. Best french cruller, black & whites, almond daniah ring, jelly donuts, chocolate donuts, butter cookies, Napoleons etc. Always get my bd cakes here

Anas Mansour

Rude Staff

Stephanie Rojas

My family has been going to this bakery in Bay Ridge for years, and boy are they happy that it has finally re-opened. The seven layer cake is absolutely amazing. There is just something about the chocolate frosting that cannot be replicated anywhere else. They also have the best Napoleons. If you haven't tried either of those items from Leske's you're missing out.

Edward Mcloughlin

Great baked goods at reasonable prices.

Christos Kouretsos

I'm a native brooklyn boy. If you believe that this is the same bakery of 1980 think again. You are beter off going to Jean Danet 50 steps away its beter fresher cheaper.

Tom G

Today, October 16, 2013, I purchased the following at Leske's: 1 apricot kringle, 3 crumb buns and a loaf of white bread. All stale! Not just stale but two-three days stale. I would respectfully warn people in the Bay Ridge area not to spend their good money at Leske's. This once cherished bakery is going straight downhill, AGAIN! The manager and salesgirl, incidentally, were completely disengaged and much more interested in chatting with eachother than in taking care of the customers. They give you a rather indifferent, rude impression. Not at all welcoming. It's really too bad. But as they say, "fool me twice, shame on me". I won't be back.

christina caruso pagan

Best peanut butter and jelly donuts


John Murray

I am 60 years old and I have been going to Leske's Bakery since I was a child , its always a pleasure and the quality is always excellent.

Nadya Fuentes

(Translated by Google) Good! (Original) Bueno!

Rodolfo Aranda

Josephine Connors

Bake good are good when they are fresh.

James M. Keane

I order Diabetic cakes here for events, they do a good job. Wait staff is friendly and accommodating, prices are good, work done on time.

Debra Cirotti

Fred Alluso

For an old and established business you’d expect them to have better customer service. I’m also very turned off by seeing boxes filled with breads and pastries on the sidewalk outside the store.

Frank Lucarelli

Great bakery delicious stuff

Dulcesita De La Cruz

robert mcgee

Used to be the best bakery in Bay Ridge back in the day

Alexis Fan

My simple coconut cake order was supposed to be ready by 5PM. Makes sense if a bakery has it ready around 4 - 430PM. Don't they usually bake in the morning? Anyway I got here at 6PM. Staff tells me 5 minutes. 30 minutes later, I'm still waiting for my cake! Obviously they forgot to make it and currently making it now. Never again. If you have a cake need...DO NOT order from them. Especially if it's for a special occasion and time is of the essence and trust. Oh yea, they can't even issue a refund unless the manager is there.

Meg B

All of their donuts are amazing, especially the Boston creme. I'd suggest getting there earlier on weekends so they don't run out!

Geo P

John Mcloughlin


Matthew Carrozza

Always delicious.

Cartoon toy

I went and bought some bread and they didn't have a big bread so i asked for two small which usually cost $2.50 but instead a lady said it was $3.50 each which is $7 total.They are continuesly changing their prices.They do this every single time!!!! I really do not know how much does one small or one big bread cost but what i know is that it really isn't worth it to spend $7 or more on bread!!!!

Roxanne Warrick

Pamela Nocerino

Nicole Kasbar

Allan Reid

Good bakery

Lenore Kerl

The best

Liz Torres

Yummy freshly baked bread can be found here every morning.

R Loria

Top quality bakery everything is great tasting.

Charles Liou

Marek Czajkowski

Mark Humble

Leske's is awesome. Old school bakery, high quality pastries, cookies, cakes and bread. I always get birthday cakes here.


Worst bakery in Brooklyn .

Charlie Podgurski

Luis Bajana

Great bread

Arturo Cordova

Bagels and rolls are what I go to this place for.freshly made and ready. The staff is very attentive and prices are reasonable

Linda Nassar

Change the name. No comparison to the fabulous Danish cakes and pastries of previous owner. Huge disappointment.

Yelena Sverdlova

Sherry Jarrett

Anthony Williams

Awesome old school no frills bakery. Try the multigrain loaf

hiker ponc

The chocolate cake was mediocre. The texture was good and moist but I didn't really like the taste.

Kathleen Longo

Tasty desserts

Ted Pavlounis

David Lee

This is our favorite bakery anywhere. The best Black and White cookies in NYC!

Adelaid Rosario

Thanks so much I really like the The Bread and Pastry Go to the store and Buy Something

Maria Saenz

Always great service.

daniel light

Not as good as the old owners

Richard Saviano

Delicious doughnuts & coffee. Service was the best.

thx for god

Hjalmar Samuelsson

Love there baked goods

Joe LaFata

Michael Mark

The bread is the best in NYC. Always fresh and I have always been very happy with anything I have eaten from here.

Charles Sandy II

Good people and good baked goods. Will order from them whenever I am in Brooklyn again.

Kenneth Scott Burke

Carol Nagi

Place is amazing and they have crazy selection of donuts bacon maple, peanut butter and jelly. Made me a fresh pot of coffee the last time I went in there, aweosme. My husband loves the cinnamon rolls and cheese danishes. I ordered the croissant, a lil heavy but the flavor is spot on. And they have many flavors. Place is a gem. Dinner rolls and fresh breads. I bought a brioche loaf it was sliced like texas toast, I made stuffed french toast and with the other half made garlic bread. Place is good a must try if you are in the area. Credit card accepted

Paul McKenzie

Mary D

Came back after moving back to.Brooklyn and they are better than ever especially the donuts!

Ray Williams

Armando Soler

Traci Cappiello

A visit to Leske's requires a black and white cookie (or ten). The black and white cookies come with an inch of frosting on each side and the giant chocolate chip cookies have the perfect amount of butter.

Ramon Frias

Delicious baked goods and service

Justin Acker

Alan Madden

Michele Tvedt

Best Bakery in Bay Ridge! Love love love it! Always Fresh breads & cakes! People r wonderful!

Jessica Jimenez

The linzer tarts and black and white cookies are out of this world!

Kevin Wong

Custom ordered cake turned out horrible. Waited 45 minutes even though had promise pickup time. Will never go back.

youcef bouziane


Karenlisa DePanfilis

Love all the bake items. Only reason I am given them four stars is because they do not Gluten free products. Can eat something you love so much when you become Gluten Sensitive.. They have a great customer services base and great black and whites... Love Leske..

Emme Shah

Victoria Umanskiy

Inga Laurina Aponte

Peter DeVincenzo

Go early, get fresh. The breads and pastries are GREAT.

Sapa Space

Local bakery. Basic good bread

Kevin McNeil

Among the best bakeries in Bay Ridge. Overall style is predominantly Italian. Good selection of freshly baked breads made on site. Could be more expansive in terms of styles offered and it would be nice if heartier/healthier options were available. Excellent cakes and as a plus for parents they can make nicely decorated birthday cakes same day. They also offer delectable hand made donuts and have a nice selection of cookies with seasonal themes.

Minsun Yu

Christian Bonilla

Bob Thomas

Absolutely Delicious

Frank Watson

These guys deserve 5 stars as the prices are great and their baked goods always please - with Thanksgiving almost here grab one of their pies to bring to dinner and you will be a hit - banana cream and chocolate cream pies are excellent. Everything you choose here comes from the long tradition of the Leske's - the German husband and Italian wife who started this bakery handed down their recipes. The food includes all the basics - breads, cakes and pastries.



Steven Tobar

Abdo Seidi

Like the Italian bread

Moe Thanks

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