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380 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10003, United States

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REVIEWS OF Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery IN New York

Eric Satz

Delicious. Not cheap

Nicolaj S

Very good food and service. I like the standard French bistro ambiance. Great location. I ordered the mussels and they were quite good. Everyone in our 4 person party was complimentary anout the food. The wine list was pretty standard, which is to say it was good. I would certainly go back next time I'm in the neighbourhood.

Danny Kiko

Great place to have a romantic dinner . Perfect get away place and the food is amazing. Definitely , nice look and vintage smell

Oh M

excellent french onion soup, risotto and brisket burger. Everything was a bit too salty but was quality and well done. All were friendly and very attentive. Lively and loud place but comfortable seating in this huge restaurant where you are not seating on top of each other. Good for groups or for two. Snag the banquette seatings.

Gregory Correa

I have no idea I never went in there

aashish takkala

The wait here is not too bad and they also honor opentable reservations for brunch. My go to if I have a large group with me

Gabor K.

First thing I visited on my birthday! Excellent service, with incredible amazing food! We tried the French toast and I have to be honest it was AMAZING!! The waiter who served us was extremely friendly, took great care of us! If we are back to NYC we gonna visit this place again!

mixay s

While the food and ambience was good. Service was all over the place. We sat down next to 2 tables. Both which we sat first. They had their check and we were still waiting for our entree. We had to wait over 15 minutes for our drinks. Bread wasnt given like other 2 tables until we asked. Given bill was $120 for lunch. Not sure if i would recommend.

Haneen AlQunaibit

My forever favorite spot! Whether Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner! I love it! Even passing by for dessert and coffee! The burger, salad, eggs Benedict, french toast! You name it! Service has been always great!

Fernando Arias

The best beef tartar in New york

John Burnley

Great coffee and cakes.

Eric Shiu

Great food, good service but a bit noisy Good place for brunch and group gathering

Russell Craddock

10/10 first class.

Anastasios Kotinas

I have visited this place for an afternoon coffee and a quick bite... Huge portions of food and really good drinks!!!! The service was excellent and the atmosphere was nice... french cafe!!!!!

Khaled Shuwail

Simply, AMAZING! I had a brunch here and it was amazing, I highly recommend it and for sure I’ll come back here again. We had 1- omelet 9/10 the complimentary bread that comes with it is super! 2- lemon pancakes 100/10 the best pancakes I ever had!!

Noah Khan

Amazing place... favorite restaurant of NYC. I have been to this place a multitude of times, seldom have I been disappointed. Their seasonal menu allows you to experience different flavors of a dish. Their dessert is wonderful. The atmosphere is warm and service is so cordial. The price point is good to for dinner for 2 you can spend about $150. I strongly recommend this restaurant for anyone visiting NYC.

Ben Slivka

Very busy, very loud, prompt service, good food. If I ran the joint, I would not play music, as it is plenty loud enough with people talking.

Ron Latz

Weekend brunch is on point and also kid friendly. Could do a better job managing reservations and seating people.

Katie Starkie

My party of 3 went here at 3pm for lunch but they were (still, at 3pm) only serving brunch. We were told the lunch menu wasn't available until 3:30 and was even more limited, with only the addition of onion soup. I ordered a croque madame which comes with fries, my party order a brisket burger with fries and a salad. All of which were $24-$28... 4 glasses of wine at $16 a glass and a $16 cheese plate. Total, with 20% tip was $200. For freaking brunch. The burger was delicious, and fries were surprisingly good. I didn't have any of the cheese plate, but the rest was nothing to write home about. Won't be going back unless someone else is treating...

Anastasiia Ofitserova

Food is good, service is good, but the noise level is insane! I went there for brunch and barely could hear my friend. P.s. if they make tables shorter but wider maybe people wouldn't have to shout in case to hear each other

Paul Greenberg

Terrific food and great service. Love this place.

Matthew Hanson

Solid brunch spot with airy atmosphere. Great corner

Pragya Chandra

Absolutely amazing brunch - I had the Salmon Benedict - soft, smooth, perfectly cooked. And then we packed the dessert to go - one of the best chocolate flourless cakes ever

Dmitry Berezhnoy

Coffee was just ok, high acidity dark roast. Berry Bash pleasantly surprised me a bit. Eclair was just right on the sweetness and just a hair too small. Croissant of the day was... interesting.

Erin Slonaker

Solid brunch. Great people-watching if you sit outside.

Gary Walker

Charming place for afternoon glass of wine or coffee and desserts. Comforts and excellent friendly service. The lunch and dinner menus look great, as well.

JoAnn Banks

The French onion soup has chunks of braised beef in it! Almost a meal by itself! Absolutely delicious!

alba broullon

My first negative review but I couldn’t let this pass by... AVOID IF YOU’RE GOING WITH A GROUP. To summarize after exchanging emails with them for 2 days, the day of the event arrived and I hadn’t received yet the menu (as they proposed) as we wanted to have our food pre order as we were in a tight schedule. I had the call them 3 (!) times and they passed me from one person to the other (total 50 mins!!) and I had to repeat everything again and again to different people because “we are not sitting in the same building”. Finally on the last call they told me they could not find my reservation or emails


We had coffee, tea and dessert. We also enjoyed the magnificent macaroons featuring deliciously unique flavors including the "Lafayette." The chocolate, coconut, banana croissants will even make the French jealous! All of this can be enjoyed in Lafayette's elegant atmosphere.

Cherie Bonbon

Delicious. Iconic location. Green Apple group does it again!

Hugo Swanson

I tried this place already with a friend and I am obsessed since then. I love the good vibes and fresh food and drinks. 5 stars from me.

Srikant Movva

Went to Lafayette for an amazing dinner. The ambiance was loud yet refined. We were seated in the vestibule near the entrance, and whenever new guests arrived we were met with a chill. Tldr: get the dry aged duck if available Onto the food: Steak Tartare: was good, not memorable. And for the first time in our tartare experience, we were left with more bread than tartare. Risotto Basquaise: the first couple bites were delicious, but as we kept eating, it tasted more like a fancy pizza sauce with risotto and shrimp. The Serrano ham just tasted like crispy bacon. Would not order again. Black Macaroni: This was spectacular, we absolutely destroyed the dish. The macorni was on point, the lobster and cuttlefish were prefectly accented with crushed tomatoes and garlic sauce. At this point we were stuffed, but here come the entrees. Grilled local trout: The trout was cooked perfectly and accompanied by coco beans and sauce that was not memorable. Dry Aged Duck: THIS STOLE THE SHOW. We were absolutely stuffed, but one bite into the crispy skin and we couldn't stop. It was a perfectly cooked medium rare duck breast with a touch of melt-in-your-mouth duck fat....OMFG. It was accompanied by a delicious butternut squash puree and Foie Gra jus that took the dish to the next level - at this point we just ignored the trout and cleaned the plate. Simply wow.

Nathan Levy

Fantastic steak tartare!! And the desserts are just fabulous!!

Armen O

Awesome food, personnel and service! The best breakfast experience in Manhattan! Highly recommended!

Melis Heerens

Crispy and fluffy croissants. Brunch is great, though expensive. Large outdoor seating.

Liz Centeno

This place is great, been here before..had the salmon with spicy was just right!

David Willner

Very good place for breakfast early in the morning

Gavin Cowie

It's a fancy establishment. Just this side of the server/servant divide thankfully. The prices are similarly fancy, I enjoyed the salads and the lobster risotto. Would enjoy being taken out for dinner here again :)

Norma Garbo

Great outdoor seating, wonderful service!

Cele Bello

Had an awesome breakfast, loved everything we ate. Chris was so kind and friendly! Can’t miss this spot for a special decadent breakfast/brunch.

Philippe De Backer

Decent French style brasserie but large and loud which for a brunch creates a rather harsh awakening. Prefer Pastis

Alexandra Gordon

Great place for happy hour if you don't mind dealing with a somewhat prickly bartender. There are always 2 so you have a 50/50 shot.

Connie Gold

Great food and service. The restaurant has a good vibe, busy but spacious so good for groups as well.

sulay restrepo

The food was cold and salty, very very salty. The service was poor, they. Not coming back!

Zachary Wright

Everything we had was excellent especially the desserts. Best duck I've had in a long time. We had a great time celebrating my gfs birthday in the outdoor seating area.

Alexander Gammeter

excellent. a lot of space.

Noel Pennington

Food was good especially liked the burger I had for lunch. Would definitely recommend if you're in the area.

Joyce Van Netta

Beautiful atmosphere, absolutely delicious food and a great wine list. Service was impeccable and they were conscientious of our timing to make it to the Public theater on time

Deniss Zolotoj

Great place to impress your loved ones

Robin Harris

Superb restaurant! Some of the best french fries I have ever had!

Marie Thelusma

Love this restaurant. They also have an awesome private room, which incidentally is where my husband and I had our post city hall lunch celebration! Love it ..

Daniel Donnelly

The tartare is to die-for, especially when paired with some Ommegang. The venue is well-lit, and the staff quite personable. Lots of windows cheerily illuminate the interior. The bathrooms are stylish and clean. Definitely a place to visit if you are in that neck of the woods!

Mihail Sirotenko

Did and service was good but it was so hot here. I was sweating and wishing to get into air conditioned car asap

Greg Knudsen

Good bistro fare. Have always been for brunch and that's not really a fair judge of a restaurant. That being said, if you can get a decent table, it is a lovely brunch.

Jacob Miller

Great bakery, we decided that the Bouchon has better croissants tho.

James Mittelmark

Great food! Great services. Yes you absolutely do want them to bring you some of today's fresh bread.

Charles Douglas Wingate

I had a late lunch (4 pm) here after a Sunday matinee at The Public across the street. Nice that it's open nonstop between lunch and dinner! There's a terrific on-site French bakery and cafe which is what caught my attention first. Sitting down for a light bite in the lovely high-ceiling and romantic restaurant, I discovered their excellent lunch salads, sandwiches and such were actually quite ample (leaving me with a delicious take away box for later). I had the rotisserie chicken salad and an excellent order of thin and crispy frites. The salad was perfect, also with grains, candled walnuts and more, with a yogurt house dressing. So well-conceived that no other spicing, even salt and pepper, was needed at the table. The staff was gracious and attentive. I tried a specialty cocktail that draws on local geography, called their GREAT JONES SPRITZ, comprising dry London gin, Byyrh, grapefruit, lemon and Crémant de Limoux, that was swell. I'd return in a heartbeat for all of it!

Leon Lin

Tried the set lunch menu, choosing the French onion soup, bistro steak, and lemon meringue tart. Took a while for servers to seat and take my order. Bread was decent with a moist interior and crunchy crust, and the butter was great, creamy and salty. Soup was rich, flavorful, and great for a rainy day. Bistro steak was cooked to the perfect done ness, but I'd personally have preferred a seat. Meat was juicy and tender but didn't have enough flavor for me, even when mixing with the sauce. Lemon meringue tart was good. Overall a good place to check out for the lunch set, not sure if I'd pay full price.

Reese Moffett

Just went there. Never been before. From connecticut and dont know the area and glad i chose this place. Best place ever! Service was great! The food was great! They have a great manager Omar that was very professional. Bartender i might have miss heard his name but started with love, helped me to choose and test the right drink. Looking forward to coming back here again! Thank you!

Harris Moreida

Excellent decor and eats. Perfect spot for a lazy lunch on a rainy Saturday. Bonus excellent mixed pastry and bread basket - the croquette sandwich was outta sight.

Dongin Shin

Love this place. Wonderful bakeries and great fresh juices. Main entrée is good but not great. Salad part can be much better.

Helen Wheels

Quick stop for a drink. This place was hopping. Super cute atmosphere. Service was quick and efficient. Outdoor seating was nice.

Rachel K

Service is excellent, wine was wonderful and their tuna tartar is fantastic. Also, nice ambiance, good location.


Definitely a must visit! "I shall return...mark my word!

Derek Chase

This place used to serve really delicious food and have lots of people in it. The past two times we've been, the dishes were quite oily and salty. The service was excellent though and they have some really great pastries. Unfortunately the main dishes are not worth eating.

Jaime Puchuela

It's good place

Lisa Ringer

The atmosphere, the food ... ahhh-mazing! I had the bananas foster french toast, super yummy!!

Sanka Illangakoon

A classic cafe serving delicacies rich in classic flavours and also offers lunch and dinner services. Visited today for tea and was very impressed with the ferrero roche cake which was tasty! The pricing was reasonable compared with the tastes on offer and would recommend a visit.

Bruce Gillespie

Wonderful late lunch, executed perfectly.

Warren A

The food was really, really good. Went there for restaurant week. Every option from the appetizer to the main course to the dessert was very tasty. There is also a bakery inside which has some pretty good pastries as well. Overall this place was great

Vincent James

Excellent food and service

Alberto Sanchez

Great place! Aida is amazing!

Rachel Jones

Opened their bar early for celebratory mimosas


Very cool restaurant. Had a nice cup of tea with a friend and enjoyed the atmosphere. Friendly staff.

Veronica Pizor

It was fantastic. Great atmosphere. I dat at the bar and ordered the beef tartare. It was even better than expected. Bar tenders really knew what they were doing. great service. Will definitely go again and reccomend to friends.

Valerie Robinson

Beautiful restaurant, food perfectly seasoned. The presentation was perfect.

Olivier Manhattan

I just love this place. The staff is friendly and professional. The classic French bistro setting is pleasant, in particular because the main room is divided in smaller intimate and quiet spaces. The food is great, including their pastries that you can take out.

John O'Neill

I like this place. Ut dknr order the pasta.

Jessica Hubacher

The bartender was fun to talk to and made great cocktails! He talked me through a cocktail of what I was in the mood for and sprung it on me. It was delicious. Will need to go back and try the food!

Patricia Patlewicz

The Som was very knowledgeable in suggesting a wine that would suit both our meals and preferences

Eileen Pabon

I started off with buttered bread which was sooo good. A crunchy but not hard crust that was soft in the middle. Next was a french onion soup which was delicious and full of onions in tasty broth. The cheese was great and cut easily. My entree was the roast prime rib sandwich on a pretzel roll. The roll was suprsing delicous and tasted like a real pretzel. The prime rib was tender, jiucy and flavorful. I would definitely go back. Atmospherevwas fun and relaxed. Service was good.

Brigitte Armon

Delicious French bistro.

Paula Caravelli

Delicious food though quite rich. Highlights of Restaurant Week 2019 (Lunch) are the Tomato Soup gougeres, raclette and the Duck Leg Confit, cassoulet of beans. Winter Salad was just OK, and the Spaghetti Nicoise was good but light on tuna. Their whole grain bread is always wonderful and can be purchased in their bakery.

Jim Bowe

Very attentive staff. French bistro classics done well. Pleasant dining room.

Jason Rupp

Great service here.

Miles Tran

Excellent scene for french food. Filled me up in no time. The service was very friendly and attentive. It has a cool feel to it. Ambience reminds me of Colorado Springs area.

Derek Woods

Stopped in to kill some time and had an incredible lunch. From the fresh bread, through cold corn soup to the rotisserie chicken salad everything was simply incredible. Maybe coming back tonight for dinner.

Saif Abraham

This place is so wonderful. The staff is very friendly and the food is very DELICIOUS. When you find yourself in SOHO and you feel hungry then this is your place. Thank you very much guys and keep up the great service.

Kim Gearns

Awesome lemon pancakes!

Luca Rensi

Fantastic hosts and hostesses, attentive wait staff and great menu. Outdoor seating I'd magical in nice weather.

Stefano Cataldi

Great for brunch. Staff very friendly

Beth Hearn

Delicious food as usual. Our table had the soft scrambled eggs, lemon pancakes and granola. Great atmosphere with French cafe music playing. Nice macaroons available to go. Service was pretty awful today which is unusual. We waited almost 10 minutes after being seated to be greeted, waited another 10 minutes for beverages. Food did come quickly.

basma elmogy

If you ever have guests in town that’s the place you should take them too! Amazing service, delicious food, nice location and beautiful atmosphere Very consistent. Always my choice for a fancy breakfast

Yaniv Haddad

Very good food!

ariel morgan

If everything went smooth I would’ve given this place 5 stars. Overall the food was so delicious- great place for a date night. I had a fish entree with coconut flavored rice- if that’s still on the menu I highly recommend. The food took a little longer than expected, so they comped my bf and I a glass of wine, which was very nice. Other than waiting a little longer than normal it was overall great experience !

Rodrigo Padilla

Great brunch menu. Very energetic place.

Emereson H

Great baked goods

Chiung-Yin Chung

Delicious food for both brunch and dinner. The atmosphere is open and airy. Definitely a good place for a special occasion dinner. There is also a wine cellar that can be rented for private events.

John Legelis

Just fantastic - very authentic, great staff in a beautiful space.

Edgar Luna

We had brunch at Lafayette and we were delighted with the tasty food we had. The bananas foster French toast is excellent, I would highly recommend. The place itself has a very nice decor, typical French bistro :). Would highly recommend brunch overall.

Julie Sloane

All I had was coffee, but it was good coffee, served promptly.

Soeske Hartjes

Wonderful place! Great croissants, pain de campagne toast, coffee, eggs and the granola yoghurt I still dream about. Nice cafe area. For the restaurant area very traditionally french, knowing the maître d def helps! Also, terrace in summer is amazing.

Shaya Klechevsky

Love the French touches! In-house bakery makes everything fresh. The baguettes are particularly exceptional. Helpful staff, intimate ambiance and great location. Highly recommend.

Rahul Rana

Professional and friendly service. Supererb food. Tried the oysters and nicoise salad. Both excellent. But the pancakes were absolutely amazing. I'd come back just for them!

Lynn Narvaez

Beautiful place & great food

Alexandra di Guglielmo

I’ve only had stuff from the bakery, but this is seriously my favorite bakery in NY. Best cookie and brownie I’ve ever had!!!

Tim O.

I've been here a few times for brunch. Its pricey for bunch, but usually very good food. Today was sadly the exception, maybe because of the holiday they didnt have their usual kitchen staff...but how you can burn French toast and then serve charred and black it like that in a high end place is beyond me. That's not a 'oh, mistake, send it back' type problem, it's a careless kitchen that should know better. The problem was right in front of them to fix before the food even went out.

Pauline DeMairo

I had a disappointing birthday dinner at Lafayette in October and wrote a review about it. I am happy to say that I had another opportunity to have dinner at Lafayette and it was a totally different experience. Since there were five of us at dinner, listing the 15 dishes we ordered would not be productive but I can say that each was perfectly prepared, presented and served. Some highlights were the Frisee Salad, the Escargot, the Trout, the Oxtail Bourguignon Ravioli, the Aged Duck and an exquisite pear dessert. We were warmly greeted by Crandell and Tamika. Luis was a very attentive and professional server. Melissa served us dessert and was especially attentive to my grandson. I would definitely recommend Lafayette for gracious and delicious dining! October review: The food is no better than fair....the ambiance lovely, portion and quality lacking...overpriced for what is served....the desserts uninspired

Bernard Thomas Cunningham II

A Great brassiere.. Spacious. Ever changing menu in the Patisserie! Worth the trip!

Ean Murphy

Went for Sunday dinner. Waitstaff was friendly & attentive. Food was amazing. Atmosphere was nice - spacious. Feels roomy even when full of people.

Crysta Regina

Great architecture, and amazing service. I loved how rich the food melted in my mouth. A bit pricey but was worth the experience, especially because of who served us—very welcoming and made the experience memorable. I would recommend this place.

David Wilson

Beautiful looking restaurant, but I really wasn’t overly impressed. When I first walked in I thought to myself why have I never been to this beautiful restaurant? We sat down and I ordered the Nicoise (without anchovies), and I have no idea why but it had the fishiest taste to it. I was with friends and didn’t want to make a fuss and was just going to leave the tuna and eat everything else, but then I thought how stupid that was — to pay $30 for a green salad. When I tried to quietly explain that there was something up with the salad, I got a passive aggressive lecture from a waiter, in extremely docile calming tones, about how there was nothing wrong with the salad. He eventually took it away. Then the waitress who had been serving us came back with the salad, again telling me there was nothing wrong with it. In the end I had to say, “I don’t want the salad! Take it away!” I ended up ordering a burger which was OK. Wouldn’t go again.

Lizette Roberson

Classy place to have delicious brunch. We shared the french toast and omelette; both were delicious! I've been before and had the chocolate croissant and oatmeal we came back because those were so good. The staff is very pleasant and attentive. They surprised my daughter with a sparklers on a cake and some macaroons for her birthday.

Anna Yano

Loved this place! We came for a business brunch and everything was amazing. The lemon pancakes were delicious! The bacon, muffins and omelette were also delicious.

Joseph NewYork

It used to be good. We've been here six times, and left happy. Our waitress was polite, But Sadly Their Food Quality Really Dropped. The dishes we selected came nicely plated, but they were so highly salted we couldn't believe it. Is there a new chef or new owner? We don't need to come back here since there are so many other places to go.

Wu Jim

Good cafe or brunch space.

Christopher Anderson

20 minutes for menus after we hailed our waiter,45 minutes for oysters, 65 minutes for a glass of wine. Great oysters, service is a joke. We didn't even order food because we have work tomorrow and want to make it in on time

Paulette Gillies

Lisa was great. She was extremely helpful with the menu. Atmosphere relaxing and welcoming. Will recommend

Leslie Teng

The hot chocolate is the best I've had in recent memory; it was rich and creamy. It had the amazing consistency of melted chocolate, rather than "heated milk with added chocolate." The oatmeal was lightly sweet with nuts and fruit. The lemon pancakes were fluffy and delicious. Only complaint was that I wish the pain au chocolat had more chocolate than the measly sliver in an otherwise buttery and flaky pastry. For dinner, get the burger. Simply delicious.

Alberto Bassi

Very good restaurant with a french vibe. Most of the menu is inspired by the French cuisine. It’s a little bit expensive but worth it because the ingredients and the dishes are really good. The place is quite big, relaxed environment, and there is an outdoor space on the sidewalk during the summer. Efficient and polite staff.

Scott Dailey

Gatsby-inspired decor surrounds you. Upon walking in, I was immediately taking stock of the 48 years I spent not knowing about this elegant and quirky eatery. I had breakfast here, and while my meal selection didn't split the atom (yogurt, granola and fresh fruit), my companion had their Soft Scramble Eggs, chèvre, leeks and truffle vinaigrette. It was literally a gently-dressed salad with aptly named scrambled eggs. The eggs were so fluffy, I they were at risk of taking flight like dandelion puffs. The tile floors, wood and twisted artisan metal molding and railings made this restaurant worthy of whatever my bill cost me. Go for soft eggs, stay for the transportation to a forgotten style of living and dining.


One of the MUST-GO resto when you are in nyc. Both dining area, and cafe space at the bakery corner give you very pleasant time!

Yulia Zamriy

3 out of 4 at our table ordered burger from the brunch menu because it looked good. It tasted better. But this place is expensive! Lettuce with avocado and some cheese shavings was $19. It was delicious, but not sure if it was worth that much. I guess New Yorkers don't care about those prices because there was always a wait to get in.

Jasmine Nouravi

Gorgeous patio in the spring/ summer, great brunch

Marlou PeY

Nice ambiance and friendly, attentive servers. I had the brisket burger and it was deliciously moist even though I requested it cooked well done. The lemon pancakes with the added berries and syrup was too sweet for our taste though.

Brittany Blass

I have been to this restaurant several times and had an amazing experience. Unfortunately last night when I took several out of town guests it was a complete disaster. From sitting a pre made reservation near the bathroom, to slow service, 1.5 hr wait for food not to mention uncooked fish, over salted pasta and cold mussels. It wasn’t until we overly complained that someone stepped in, but honestly it was too late and at 10:30 ( for an 8:30 resi) we weren’t willing to wait for things to be recooked. While we didn’t pay for the meal, overall the condescending nature of the staff made us feel bad for complaining. What a shame, this used to be an amazing place, but unfortunately I won’t be bringing my business there again.

Miguel Enrique Rodriguez

Good food, good ambiance and good service. Always good to sit outside during summer.

Jonathan Lucas

This was a fun place and also good for solo dining. I was there for brunch, which was excellent. The thick Maple bacon was there highlight of my meal.

Seva Soloviov

Great restaurant for lunch or dinner. They are famous for their french desserts. Their food is very typical of French cuisine so the portions reflect that style. Interior is amazing and very well designed with wood, tile and copper elements coming together in a wide open space with high ceilings. Well sound insulated space. Altogether good vibe and a nice place to catch up with someone since it's not too loud in the dining hall.

Ki-Hon Lin

Great food and our server was fantastic

Fotis Vlaxakis

Nice place, kind personel, enjoyed the chocolate brownie with walnuts and salt

Sarah Vakili

Went to brunch with a group of four on Saturday -- was seated right on time and experienced excellent service. While the brunch prices might seem expensive, the quality of the food is excellent and the portions were enormous. I ordered the soft scrambled eggs, which seriously comes with 10 eggs... I barely finished half. I highly recommend the Croque Madame, Salmon Gravalax Benedict, and the Bacon Masion.

Ian Jindal

Pleasant brasserie dinner for 6. Nice booth, very good food. Waiter was ok, but sommelier was superb. I’ve been before for brunch and sat in the window. Underwhelmed that time with ambience and service. However for an informal dinner amongst friends, sat in a cozy booth, the venue really gelled. Would go again for dinner.


Super excellent place. Nice staff, quick service. Tiramisu and almond croissant were exceptional!! The environment was great and so were the prices. Loved the experience!

Austin Tierney

While the atmosphere, ambiance, and service of Lafayette Grand Café was lovely, the food did not leave a lasting impression. The gravlox eggs benedict were nothing to write home about. The poached eggs were still wet, leading to a soggy bottom of the serving dish and partially moist toast. It could have been I missed a specialty (the french toast on other tables did look delectable from afar) that impacted my opinion, but I'd currently suggest another venue if you're in search of a top NYC brunch.

Jenn Lackey

Great food and service with delicious Bloody Marie's. Cozy atmosphere for a pretty large place and a coffee bar!!

ryan henry

Beautiful space and to notch food

Gary Krakow

Try the Moules Frites. Best in NYC.

Austin Smith

Went for brunch and got the banana fosters French toast, which was delicious. Fun vibe, too: a bit upscale but with some quirky twists. Definitely recommend, especially if you're going to see something at The Public (a block away).

Edna Banks

Opportunity presented itself last night and we walked into Lafayette unannounced. A very pleasant front desk -check. Service was a bit slow, but given the 9pm hour and the full capacity on the ouside deck, it may be tollerated. The menu is somewhat limited which is explained in the web pages of the place as a homage to certain regions of France - ok, I guess.A glass of Rose Chataux Pradeaux is $19? Hm. This wine is a 30 dollar bottle that the restaurant sell for 76 or something along those lines. Serious? Please understand, this is a very nice, pleasant wine, but give me a break!

namrata patel

loved their bakery sweets not the food

Ben Jacoby

The service here has menomenal. No matter if it is a fork you drop on the ground or your napkin that is a bit dirty, the staff will make sure to replace it and no more than 20 seconds. I really like the food even though it was very fatty but what can you expect from our friend restaurant. I walked around before my food came just to get a glance arounf anf beyond and I was very pleased to see the interior room for special events. Ek0297

Fabulous French cuisine. Happened on it by chance. What a find. We had limited time and the staff was great in being attentive e and getting us done.

Oleg Parubin

The small nice spot in the front it is the best place here. They sell very good coffee (really one of the best in the city) and those deserts... cheesecakes with thats the perfection...macaroons are good too but i feel them like candies.... Also they sell here very very good bread as Balthazar and bagettes and so on. Visit this place and you will come here again and again. I took this pic of my cheesecake with the blackberries a bit was so so so good I would give for the coffee shop and deserts and bread 6 stars

Nate Beatty

Great reliable brunch. They're open a little earlier than lots of other brunch places in the area and you can reliably get a table if you hustle over before 10a.

Nicholas Galiardi

Wonderful restaurant for weekday breakfast or Sunday brunch. The staff is professional and knowledgeable. The interior is light and open perfect for formal or informal meetings.

Bartek Shaarani

A superb French bistro and bakery. While you can visit at just about any time of day, I'd highly recommend weekend brunch. It's a rung up the ladder from the weekday options. The baked goods, including the bread, are delicious. The frisee salad is very good. The pancakes and eggs are also very tasty.

Jeremiah Juson

The scrambled eggs, crispy bacon & french toast was really good in this restaurant. The service was super good too!!

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