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REVIEWS OF La Gran Via Bakery IN New York

Maria Moya


Saylin Palaguachi


Jane I

The Second Time I Have Brought These Desserts It Tasted Horrible And I Am Not Coming Back! Mui orrible los postres

Kira Caraballo

Cheese cake was ok!


Server had an attitude because I asked to replace cheddar cheese with queso blanco. Apparently she can't be bothered with such "demands". She had a face the whole take a took 20 min. Just to make 2 bacon egg and cheese wraps. Smh. I guess that's why they make u pay before hand, so you don't walk out. Wont be buying food here anymore.

Alejandro Torres

Ordered and pre paid for our wedding cake 2 weeks in advance, and also requested to be delivered but to our surprise the cake never arrived. I contacted them and the person who answered did not have an idea of what happened to my order. After numerous attempts to reach the manager and one hour wasted on the phone while the party was on, I finally got thru her(manager) she did not knw why my cake was never baked. Very disappointed at the lack of professionalism.

Sonia Monserrate

Great place

Kassandra Hernandez

Definitely went downhill compared to years back.

Danielle Mendez

So good!

Nadiea Khan

I have been ordering cakes with you guys for over 10yrs. I ordered my wedding cake & baby shower caker as well on July 6th was my daughter's first birthday party the cake was delivered and the woman who was setting the cake up messed the cake up and there was a huge dent in the cake. I've been trying to contact someone the voicemail is always full so you can't leave a message. We had to turn the cake sideways so the photographer wouldn't get the dent but you could still see it. Unfortunately I will be looking for another bakery because no one contacted me to even apologize for the cake. I felt that something should have been done and it was unprofessional.

I'll find u N open U up

They don't know what is the meaning of fresh. If you don't believe me just try to buy from here a slice of regular cheesecake.

Ashish Singh

Service was good but the cake was average.

Danny Hernandez

Very very Poor service, food n desserts lost their touch. The bakery fell off.. I'm no longer going back. The girl haggled me when u asked for extra napkins and refused to give me a plastic box for my sandwich, since i wanted to eat it in the car. "You have to order a combo to get a box" - smh The cookies tasted like refrigerator anyways . Im never coming back here again. Its a shame... $16.50 and you cant give me a plastic box. Haha

Mizzle Starchild

Love the cakes and the food here . I get cakes for all occasions made here .

Esmeralda C

Don't support racism

Arshad Bacchus

Good bakery. Good price. Many options.

Ralph Ramos

La Gran Via Family owned and when you show up you are part of the family .

Zoraida Pichardo

They made a sesame street cake for my baby's first birthday and it looked great and tasted great! Placing the order and picking it up was super simple! Will definitely use for future events.

Tiera Mason

Great cakes

Lydia Blas

The Owners have been a stature of the community. I have friends who come from within and out of the 5 boroughs to purchase their cakes as well as their pastries

Jose Fernandez

Nice small location

Arlene Valentin

Everything here is delicious even the hot coffee.

Otilio Brana

The best bakery in Brooklyn.


That's my favorite place for food and especially the cakes wonderful

jose miranda

Great coffee but dont order anything if you're in a rush.

ashley adams

I got my baby shower cake from here and I was amazing.

Shalisa Marie

Always quick and speedy service. Been coming here for years. The girls are always friendly and the food is great. The prices are amazing though. No other bakery in Brooklyn can beat their prices for such good pastries and birthday cakes

angelina germosen

I've been buying cakes from here since I was so young! All time favorite bakery ever! I am always satisfied with the outcome.

Alan Rodriguez

i ordered a cake from the location in corona for my daughters bday and it tasted terrible it was very salty the frosting and the pastelitos gave everyone a stomachache very dissapointed

Alberto Nova

No star at all. The services so bad girl may be tire a this time

Michael Perez

Its 4am and you want a Cuban Sandwich on fresh baked bread - where do you go? HERE!! thats where.

Adelina Jones

Excellent customer service the manager is very polite & friendly have a great smile I will definitely recommended this bakery to my family & friends

Arlene De Jesus

The best cake and best price

Orlando Muniz

The pastries are left too long on the shelf, all three visits.

Keeki Dsilva

Royd , Betsy and the entire team at this bakery are incredible people who love their job and know the importance of cakes . They made a custom chess shaped cake for my son and husband's b'day today and the turnaround from ordering to execution was painless . I tried 4 different bakeries who could care less to help me out and get creative. These guys made this cake within the budget and ON TIME !

Aladar Borsic

Good coffee

Summy Salem

got my bridal cake from here 2 years ago n it was beautiful n taste amazing. . my family members still bring it up till this day

rene Milam


Maria Rojas

This place does not deserve any stars at all. I’m very disappointed!!!!! I did not get the cake i had ordered! I was expecting a cake of tres leches instead all I received was a dry cake!!! No flavor at all. When i called the bakery to let them know, all i was REALLY expecting was a sincere APOLOGY. Because the damage was already done! instead i get someone on the phone who gets upset at me for being upset. I have the RIGHT as a paying customer to be upset. If i pay $140.00 of my harworking money and i deserve to get what I ORDERED! All the girl on the phone kept telling me was to bring a piece of the cake so they can see it for themselves and see what happened. But that is definitely not going to take back the DISAPPOINTMENT that i have of this bakery!! And is surely not going to take away the disappointment that my Loved one had on her birthday expecting a 3 leches cake!!! If you buy a cake from here beware you might end up with the wrong order! My suggestion, is to try the new bakery CAPY on 56th and 5th, their 3 leches cakes are delicious! .....And as to La gran via bakery NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Kaher Ahmad

This place goes by 100 different names to capitalize on ubereats, seamless and grub hub. It's such a scam. They go by the name BKLYN Burger House, you think you're getting burgers from a genuine burger joint but in reality you're getting it from here, where you can spot roaches runnning all over and the floors and tables have not been cleaned in ages.

Adrianne Colon

I ordered a cake saturday night around 7 and had it picked up by my brother by 10 while it was ready by 8:30. The cake was amazing!! They will be getting more cake orders from me.

Robert Aguilar

Went in to order a cake for my son's birthday. I had heard great things about this place so I wanted to give them a try. The place wasn't busy so I was happy with my timing. The girl at the counter was not helpful at all, I told her I needed a cake for 20 people, she seemed annoyed as if my order was too small. She said she would get someone to help me. I didn't understand why she couldn't take my order as I was the only customer in the bakery at this time. She then came back and said Roy the owner was going to help me. Roy came out but was on the phone, by then 20 minutes had passed by. I then asked the girl how much longer was this going to take. She walked over to the owner and he was annoyed that the she was interrupting his phone call, he waves her off rudely and turned his back to her. At that point I was annoyed and left. Not sure if I'll ever be back.

Diana Lopez

Always order my cakes from there. Really good service and there cakes are awesome

Jay M

My favorite place to buy cake in Brooklyn.

Nelly Deida

My comment is really based not on the owner but the employees that work there excluding a girl named Stephanie. The rest has a nasty attitude.I asked this heavy set Dominican lady what kind of cake was the one she had in hand and her replied was is a cake


They cakes r delicious


No vayan dos veces me dañaron el pastel . Me queje pero como ellos son racista no hicieron nada. Please don't go to this bakery not only they are racist they messed up my cake twice , I found out they were racist when I heard the owner white puertorican that Mexicans live like rats all in one place .

Martha Diaz

Tres Leche cake is the best, slow service, don't set high expectations when ordering a custom cake unless it's Roy doing it.

Wael Awada

Ordered the cake online. It was a really good cake

luis colon

Pillar and institution of the neighborhood. Wonderful food, cakes and traditional Latin desserts. My wife and I commissioned our wedding cake here, of our own modest simple design. They worked really nicely with us to design a cake my wife wanted and it came out beautiful and delicious. I still say the best wedding cake I've ever had.

Jesus Santiago

Great place for any thing

Maria Jimenez

Good food

Selena Mercado

Excellent cake. Delicious n fresh. Any picture u want on cake.

Ghost justin yt

Two times that I buy a cake it tastes very bad and I am never coming back

Alicia Soto

Nice selection of baked goods, sandwiches, coffees.

Alex Cordero

If you're looking for a cake for a special occasion this is the place to get it. Great pastries and service, you can't go wrong with LGV. Been coming here since I was a kid.

Elsa Vicent

Thank you La Gran Via Bakery as alway on point excellent service She loved her cake a Beautiful and tasty cake

Aishia Perry

Love this Bakery over 10yrs servicing me!

Fred Alluso

Located in the heart of Sunset Park, the brother and sister team that operate this bakery have some mighty big shoes to fill. The business was first started by their parents and has been serving generations of New Yorkers with their wonderful breads and cakes. I have had their Tres Leches cake and it is without a doubt the best I’ve had in the NYC area. If you need a custom cake (round or sheet) La Gran Via delivers consistent quality, with a super-fast turnaround at very reasonable prices. The only downside to this place is that they don’t take orders over the phone and they don’t take orders online either. Bonus Tip: La Gran Via is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Mikki Piccoli

Tacos are good

kathy franceschini

My favorite bakery

Rafael Yau

Super chill spot to get a quick bite or enjoy their many desserts. Staffs are friendly and attentive. Warning some of the staffs there don't speak english but usually there is at least one person there that speaks and understand English. I ordered the Philly cheese steak sandwich that was pretty good I definitely recommend getting the Cinco leche cake one of my favorite desserts to get. Usually if their busy the wait time for a sandwich is more then normal. Overall love this bakery will be returning soon.

Nicholas Martinez


Kristy Guzman

The dessert taste old, idk how this place is still around

Michelle Grisom

Great bakery! I have been buying custom specialty cakes from LGV for many years, even after I moved out of the neighborhood. The cakes always look beautiful and taste good. The bakery is kept clean and the staff is polite and friendly. I have never had an issue with them.

Ellie Mendez

Amazing service and they were able to deliver exactly what I was asking for. My cake was delicious and everything they have is delicious. I have no complaints and I would(and have)recommended this place to many ppl.

Angel Carde

Their cake. Is awesome

dirty Sanchez

Everyone should try a "B2" its 2 burgers w french fries and a can of soda. Better than McDonald's.

Veronica Ramos

I had to give a star, but if it was up to me I would’ve given a 0’ I have had a bad experience buying cakes

P1. Dvnny

Usually good-ish food but some workers are better than others paid 5.25 for a grilled chicken wrap plain as shiit the size of a twinkie

Kate Santos

Cheesecake is amaaazing!! Prices are great!


Ordered my cake 2 years ago with those little pastry and the cake filling wasn't what I ordered and the pastry was so greasy taste like we was eating grease balls I called the store but as we all no they don't no nothing the cakes don't taste like they use to

Sandra Gonzalez

All cakes are the bomb here. Special orders always amazing. Owners super nice. Staff very productive.

Kirsty Kirsty

Always open and Great Customer service

Cynthia Morera

I give this bakery 3 stars reason why is I been ordering cakes from here for years now I know a lot of friends and family who also have been ordering cakes from here for a long time and never had issues BUT lately the last few occasions that cakes were ordered was not ready when we went to pick it up for my sister’s engagement party I ordered a cake pick up time was for 2pm! I got there at 5pm and the cake was still not ready and I still had to wait like 45 min for the cake I usually order and put a time but go like an hour later to give them time and that way I’m in and out quick but damn almost 3 hours after my cake was suppose to be ready and it wasn’t not good, Last Saturday was my baby shower my sister in law placed the order long in advanced and pick up time was for 5pm when they went to get the cake at 6:30pm it was not ready ! When asked how much longer they couldn’t give us a time, we requested the cake to be delivered since we still had to go to the party hall and attend to our guest it was 8pm and still NO CAKE I called them and they said the cake just left and I was truly upset because we rented a location and we only had like 2 more hours there and still NO CAKE, 8:40 pm still no cake I called very upset and asked where is my cake mind you our party hall was like a few blocks away from the bakery so it don’t take 40 mins to get there the lady couldn’t get in contact with the person delivering the cake we finally got the cake a little after 9pm and my party ended not long after I was truly disappointed with the service the cake was nice and all but that shouldn’t have happened at all.

Xiao-fang Ruan

Super amazing tres leches. My co-workers all loved it . I think the price was pretty reasonable and they have a myriad of designs to choose from. Make sure to order in advance if you want a custom designed cake.

Brooklyn Bloom

I wanted something sweet in my neighborhood so thought I’d stop by this place. When I walked in both workers glared at me and proceeded to ignore me while I tried to order. I asked a question about one of the items and the worker gave me attitude. I ended up getting a few cupcakes and was hoping they’d make up for how poorly I had been treated. The chocolate one tasted sour, was quite dry and also stale. The others were about the same. Stale and dry. I wish my experience had been better as I would have returned weekly for a treat. But on the account of the rudeness and bland sweets, I will not be back.

Isha Greaves

My Husband and I have been buying cakes from La Gran Via for the last 5 years for every occasion in our family. We have never been disappointed. The flavor is always delicious and the quality of the design is always A1. Thank you La Gran Via. You have a lifetime customer in me.

Ann decoteau

Love everything here

Auri So Nice

Going to this bakery for over 25 yesrs. Best coffee in town.

alice soto

Nice selection.

Edgar Itzol

It used to be good for my teens ages, but now they get too expensive for which I don’t really care if the service is good. I Uber eat they charge a lot and they gave me a bread from like 3 days ago and they forget my combo. Thanks to Uber I get a refund but from them I would guess a no no. I asked for a b2 with regular fries and the total was $28 for 2 orders... more than McDonald’s? More than a regular restaurante? Lol be honest

Joe Levasseur

Easily the best place to get a cake in the city. Delicious & good service

Mariela Colon

I'm so happy and elated with the service and the cake i received. The cake was a work of art, not only was it beautiful but it tasted so good! Haven't had good dominican cake like that in years. You guys really out did yourselves with decor and detail. Thank you so much, I am a customer for life.

Yaritza Cruz

The best bakery in Park Slope love them

Hell No How Dare You

one of my favorite bakeries, good products, good customer service, excellent food,

Margie Arroyosierra

Good bakery

Stephanie Rivas

If you don't research and find something similiar to what you want on their website, be prepared to get charged an arm and a leg.

Orlando Moronta

Nothing like la gran via bakery

Tiffany D

I live in PA, and all the places here were either rude or too expensive. I called these guys and they were curtious, professional, and accomodating. Really gave us the 5 star treatment and the cake/appetizers were a hit at my party. Thank you guys so much!

Andy Valentin

Very good soul food

Julio Cordova

Today was my first time. I bought a cake for my brother's birthday and everyone in my family like the cake. I would definitely go back again.

Sophia Salce

Excellent cakes and Desserts

Javier Amigon

Cheap and good

Greg Lublin

We have been getting our kids birthday cakes at La Gran Via thier entire lives. Thanks for all your hard work!!!

christopher rattray

Tasty treats!

Rafael Galarza

Best Spanish bakery on 5 ave

Felipe Luna

Very good cake's

Jose Maldonado

Tres leche cake was awesome

Mala Pabon

Delicious and great job our baby shower cake. Will definitely place another order.

Dustin Webster

We have been so pleasantly surprised by La Gran Via. My wife routinely buys cakes here for work events. The quality is good, the prices are fair, and the service is really friendly and nice. Stop buy around Christmas time for the life size animatronic Santa singing Christmas carols in Spanish out front!

William Velazquez

Been coming here for years and they have never failed me yet. Coffee con leche and the Guava pastries are so good. The fresh squeezed orange juice is always a nice treat.

Maria Estevez

Great food and Latin bakery goods.

Michael Jaikaran

This bakery has been baking the most wonderful cakes for my family for over 16 years. The flavor, designs and prices are all amazing. This place is very well kept and sanitary. If there ever is a problem with an order or cake they will either fix it or return you the money. Love this place.

Iris Bklady

Nice.. courteous workers and delicious pastry and food

Marilyn Guerrero

Best cakes love this place

RUTH Garcia

We ordered a cake for a church celebrations which was held yesterday, Sept.29th. When we received the cake it was the wrong cake.. I was devastated and emailed them at once. Not receiving a response we went on with our church activities- before the church service ended I get called into the back of the church because they said there was a delivery. It was the bakery bringing us the right cake. We were all so happy because the original cake was so beautiful. Words could never express how grateful we are to the bakery, I have never seen a baker come through in such a short time to correct their mistake. Their customer service and commitment to make sure they keep their end of the bargain is beyond what we usually see nowadays from companies. The cake was beautiful and delicious made our Pastor Appreciation Day a success. Thank you LGV Bakery.

Lizbeth Arce

I love this Bakery! The food is delicious, I swear by their Cuban sandwiches! Also I have ordered tons of cakes here for my family! Best tres & cinco leches cakes, and Dominican cakes. The staff is pretty friendly, but the owners of the bakery are the real deal. They are very hands on in the shop, taking cake orders making the cakes, delivering the cakes. To top it all off, THEIR 24HRS!! I highly recommend this bakery.

Arlene Petrano

Good cake. I love to buy from there. They are on time when I pick up. Get orders right. Good prices.

Joey Goya

Prices went up high after they started selling more, that's the only downside to it, but place sells great food.

Roy Leiva

I asked for a red velvet they charged me $ 190.00 and I got tinted dough,they used to be ok.

Tina Castro

I just celebrated my 60th Birthday and my theme was Marilyn Manroe. I purchased my cake from your bakery and I would like to say Thank You for such a beautiful job on my cake. Loved it and so did my guests I will recommend you to everyone who asks where I got my cake from Good Job

William Li

Great bakery for whole cakes. They are open 24/7 and always have extra whole Tres Leche cakes for last minute events. You can customize the cake too if you preorder ahead of time. Was able to order a "Dominican" style cake for coworkers and they said it taste authentic and good.

Will V

great coffee, excellent pastries. loved it.

Zarina Abdurahmanova

This is my very first time ever trying something from La Gran Via. The cake was for a friend of mine, who asked me to get her a Tres Leches Cake for her bday. I decided to order from LGV, cause of the amount of good reviews. Placed the order on their website. Now I have to say, it was on the 4th of July and they did mention that they will have lot of orders for that day, when I asked if I could pick it up 2 hours earlier, than requested on the online order. Anyways, it is what it is, we picked the order up about 30 mins before the requested time, which was good. Cutting up the cake and here is the surprise, it's NOT tres leches?!?!? I saw the confused look on my friend's face, when she bit into the cake. Checked my confirmation email and made sure, my order read tres leches. Now this is not to say that the cake wasn't good and I realize mistakes happen, but I felt like a complete idiot, who couldn't even handle ordering a cake and it just wasn't what I ordered. I will give LGV one more try, but this time I will probably order in person and will reiterate, what cake I want specifically.

tHe E family

Pleace is not what it use to be.....things look old and taste old ! Cuban sandwish was my fav at this place as a kid ..came here last time and it wasnt the same as before! 1girl was very kind the others didn't seem to wanna be there! I found a hair in my cake too! My mother said things change since theres a new owner ....hes more into talking with friends then managing his staff...

monique marshall

Always a pleasure patronizing. Staff n Owners are so professionals.

Mayra Torres

The Jackson Heights location is excellent. They are all very friendly and make you feel welcome no matter how many times you visit them. The cakes, the desserts, the coffee; EVERYTHING IS DELICIOUS.. I hope they do well in the neighborhood.

Rodolfo Toledo

This place makes the best tres leches cake. Strawberry and mango cake is the best

Seefat Aman

Long wait other than that staff is very nice and organized

jacqueline lionel

Best cake ever!


Great iced coffee, on special on Fridays from 10a

Mr PePe

I have been ordering cakes for special occasions for 10 years plus. Their Cinco Leches cake is world class

Terry Roberson

I love it

Najih Ullah

This a 24 hour bakery that serves anything ranging from a sandwich all the way to a cinco leches cake. Thats amazing, and honestly the prices are very affordable

Wilfredo Soto

Great coffee

Big Lou

Love this place! We get all our cakes here. The tres leche cake is unbelievable! And the staff are always friendly.

Ariam Ramos

Stuff does not taste like it used to plus they don't accept EBT! Maxwell's bakery is much better I think!

maria bardina

This bakery is always on point as always what is asked from them they did exactly that..

Nyowa Santiago

I love this bakery. It's open 24/7 you can lunch n bring home fresh baked bread and flan. The birthday packages are awesome. The girls went the extra mile for my daughter birthday cake. Thank you so much.

Janet Epstein

Best pastries friendly staff love the coffee

ralph irizarry

I ordered 2 large coffees 12 pastelillos de Guayaba & 2 plain Cuban breads. They don’t have Cuban breads on the menu so you have to buy something if the equivalent and say in the notes that instead of corn bread which are $2 like Cuban bread you want bread. Well i bought 2 corn breads for $4 and they very disrespectfully said I only paid for 1 even though my receipt said 2 for $4. Then after arguing with 3 people who were very rude and for all practical purposes were calling me a liar it looks like they saw 2+ corn bread and they gave me 2 Cuban breads. When the order from Uber eats finally arrives the 2 16 ounce coffees were empty and in the bottom of the brown bag. The bag burst and the coffee spilled on floor and my wife’s clothes. Then I found out that the coffee soaked through the pastry box and ruined the pastry. When I called again very rudely they said it was not their fault even though they only put a lid on coffee no plastic wrap protection or anything. Do not order coffee to go on any delivery app from this place. They said contact Uber eats and they hung the phone on me.

Lucian Stone

Ok so I’ve been to so many bakery’s but this one got to be one of the best one there is in sunset park like the moment you walk in the environment is so cool and just so friendly, food is amazing and pastries is is always lit def. will recommend this place more and more to all local and international people wanting sweets.

hohmeyer marty

Te place is really nice and cozy


I ask for a tre leche cake. I ask the female twice if it was, she said yes. Took the cake to my girlfriend for her birthday and it wasn't. It was tre leche filling and strawberry filling. I was so disappointed. Couldn't return the cake because the journey was too far.

Kimberly Williams

I just walked out this bakery they are very racist with nasty cakes! Choose to make me wait because of my skin color and put their own kind before me!

Evelyn Solano

Yes the leches cake are delicious love this bakery has been our place for cakes since 2012.

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