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205 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002, United States

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REVIEWS OF Katz's Delicatessen IN New York

Anthony Marquez

This was the first time my wife and I have tried pastrami and it was AMAZING!!!!! Life changing experience. Kudos to the cutters. Although, not an entirely thankless job, as the may just make about $40/hour in tips alone... They are the the heart and soul of this place and keep it running efficiently and deliciously.


I love everything about this place but second to the food is their people. The have the sweetest staff. I love them all. I feel welcomed by all!!

Leonard Corsaro

I haven't been there in years but it still is the BEST pastrami Rubin that I ever ate. Service was top notch as always and can't wait to get a chance to go back again

Jessica Christmas

Well worth the wait for delicious classic delicatessen food. Luckily we got there ahead of the crowd and only had a fifteen minute wait. We loved the lox platter, the Reuben sandwiches, and a classic chocolate egg cream.

Aleixar Novros

I heard Katz's for my boss, she said that it's a good place where the sandwiches are the best. So, I tried and she was right. Pastrami sandwich is juicy and more than delicious, also I tried the hot dog, ufff excellent. But the fact hat I really liked more was that all the food is kosher. Recommended!!!

Greg Knoke

Famous NYC deli with a lot of history. Huge portions, especially the classic pastrami or corned beef sandwiches (which are the main attraction). A full sandwich can easily serve two adults. House-made pickles are amazing.

H0ney c

I cant fully explain the pure joy eating here has done for me. The staff was very sweet, helpful, and nice. The food... i cant fet over it, just super tasty.

Joe Zuccarelli

Best deli food in NYC. Traditional deli with friendly but surly staff. Brisket, corn beef and pastrami are delicious. Whether you get it to go, eat in or use waiter service you won't be disappointed. A sandwich big enough to share will cost about $22. Online orders get free shipping when you order $100.

Conrad Cheung

Amazing! I"ve heard about this place both in blogs and the food network. I love the offerings in Jewish delis so I was excited to try this place out. Although the ordering process was chaotic, that adds to the charm. There is an "easy" option with waitstaff If you don't want to fight the crowds. The pastrami on rye with mustard was everything I hoped it would be. Juicy, tender, with tons of flavor. Easily and by a large margin, that was the best pastrami I've had anywhere. Although the price was steep, you get a lot of food as 1 sandwich can potentially feed 2. Plus, this is New York City where prices are high due to high rents and high cost of living.

Timothy Forbush

Absolutely loved it! Been wanting to go for years! Wildly expensive if you're from the midwest...but absolutely worth it! Splurge! I love my pastrami w peppercorns but this had less peppercorns but the depth of flavor was the best ever. Awesome. Try the celery soda!

Eric C. Hinderberger

Absolutely Incredible, I will order 1lb of pastrami next time. Not a drop out of place. Highly recommend.


Simply the best deli meat in the nation. Katz service is direct and to the point. The ticket system works. The servers are quite stoic, but I think they're only rude if you're rude. I've been in here on two occasions as a special treat, on account of the deserved high price the restaurant commands (~$20 for a sandwich). They'll readily give out samples sliced however thin or thick you want it, and the many choices of Dr. Brown's soda each serve as a great pairing. It's such a joy to eat here. Be advised, you will want to bring home the meat that you can't eat.

Fabian Schnyder

Food is good, no doubt. Value not so much though. 23 $ for a sandwich. They exploit the hype.

Sandi Spielvogel

From New York, now live in Florida. Have had Katz's delivery by ordering online many times. Has instructions with every item so food tastes just like you are there. Great job

Henry Nguyen

Nothing special, overrated, overpriced. Not worth the money. We ordered Pastrami and Brisket, and fried. All were below expectation. Brisket is much better at Rudy's in Texas. Pastrami compared to smoked meat in Quebec Canada is nothing. Fried: McDonald's has better fries. Trust me, save your money and spend on something else.

Chris Hsin

This is the best sandwich you'll ever have. My god, the MEAT is so juicy and succulent it's obscene. Tip for more samples, don't knock the tip cup over. Don't lose the ticket. Pay cash at the front, card at the back. WORTH.

John Sagami

The atmosphere and staff met expectations and hype. The washroom has a lot to be desired. You can always tell what an establishment thinks about the customers and the customers' health by the cleanliness of the washrooms. The pastrami was bland. $20+ for a bland pastrami sandwich is not a good buy. It's like buying a new refrigerator that doesn't cool food.

Patti P

There is a three meat sandwich one must try. Ours were roast beef, pastrami and corn beef so juicy and tender. Must check it out

Leah Nelson

Their set up needs improvement. The line breaks into smaller lines, but the smaller lines goes straight into the seating area, making it hard to get to the lines further down and find seats.Verdict: It's good, but I don't know if I'd go back. Like it's good to try, but it's not something I'd crave or anything. And their sandwiches are pretty pricey, $22 for a pastrami. I know meat can be expensive and they give you a good amount, but that's probably the most expensive sandwich I've had before.

Brooke Young

Along with the Second Avenue Deli, Katz's dominates the New York Jewish deli scene. The formula at Katz's is slightly different, providing diners with tickets that facilitate counter ordering (there is still plenty of tabletop seating). In the end, the products are equally delicious and you can't go wrong with either. The pastrami on rye will melt your brain and bring you back to the 1880s when Katz's first opened. Prices, of course, are solidly in the 21st century -- but well worth it for the best (along with 2nd Ave) pastrami in NYC. Get yourself a cream soda and a square knish and you're back in Old New York.

May Bresler Herzog

We went for a pastrami and a corned beef sandwich. Our advice - skip the corned beef (was a little chewy) and go with pastrami all the way. It is delicious, and a huge portion. The assortment of pickles is really great, too.

Jesús Pimentel

Very authentic old fashion New York, Deli. A bit expensive but totally worth it. Famous for their pastrami sandwich (Really good!) Favorite of Meg Ryan on "When Harry meets Sally" the famous 80's Rom Com

Noah Farris

Katz Deli is awesome. Great experience and the pastrami is good to match. I've been here twice and I'll come here every time I'm in NYC.

Louis Farias

Incredible sandwiches! My idea of what NY is like in one small busy place. Can't go wrong with this spot! I will be many times.

Hernan Sanchez

Truly an iconic place that takes you back in time. I try to visit this famous deli at least once a year. I always get the pastrami sandwich and sometimes also an egg cream. Then while I eat, I spend some time looking at the pictures on the wall of all the famous people who've also eaten here: from presidents to actors, athletes to movie directors. I prefer the table service rather than having to go to the counter and wait in line to order my food. You are in New York City, but feel as if you went back in time.

Rob Gamage

What a great experience! This place is awesome! Hold on to your ticket! You gotta go If you find yourself near the lower east side.

Volodymyr Nesin

I try to stop by here every time I’m in New York. I honestly in love with the quality of the meat, selection of soups and size of those portions. It seems to be a bit pricy, but only if you decide to go for a full portion in one time, otherwise it’s very reasonable for the experience. They also have half size portions. It’s iconic, it’s a must to visit. It’s spacious and from the moment you get a food until you finish it, it’s a seamless joy with lots of things to see or order. It could be food or global sausages delivery as a gift. Very nice! Let the history last forever.

Silvia Ingegno

I think this is one of the places that got so popular with no reason. Yes, the sandwiches are enormous but they are over priced and you don't have much choice. When you enter you feel confused, they give you a ticket saying that you have to bring it back at the end. I still don't know why. The ordering system is confusing, we asked to the staff but they weren't nice at all. The air conditioning is too much we were freezing. It's a very famous place, but it's nothing special overall.

Kr Pr

Wow! Can't say enough about how fabulous the food is. We got there at around 9:30am so there was no wait. Ordered the 1/2 corned beef sandwich with a bowl of matzo ball soup and my husband got a steak and cheese sandwich. First off I did the right thing by ordering a 1/2 sandwich. It was piled high and the corned beef was superb- great flavor with hardly any fat but extremely tender. The matzo was super soft and the chicken soup was just right for your soul. The philly cheesesteak sandwich was better than the ones you get in Philly. This is a must stop when you are in NYC!

Ludvik Blahut

We've decided to try this place after so many praising reviews. I must say our experience was rather mixed. The place is crowded,pretty much all of the employees will give you feeling they would be rather if you won't be there. As you enter,the girl moving the crowds was constantly yelling......if you loose your ticket,you automatically pay $50 regardless of how much was the cost of your food . Meat cutter was complaining of people not moving ahead.....????? There was rather confusion, people didn't know,where they should move. After you order and get your food,good luck to find the empty chair to sit down. We ended up eating standing by the counter but were told we can't do that.Eventually we found 2 chairs available, sat down and began to eat, just to be told by waiter 5min later ,that we can't sit there,because that's waiter's served section. With half way eaten meal,we had to get up and look again for another empty chair in this chaotic place.The meat was delicious, but not sure if the sandwich was worthy 25$ Considering we've spent over 100$ there and were not able to at least enjoy the food,I dont think this place is worth the visit. They clearly need some business management improvements there.Not sure exactly what they would need to do to improve, but considering the amount of money they're making there,I am sure there is some solution to make this place better then it is right now.

James Stewart

definitely my favorite deli. Generous amounts of meat on their sandwiches. I had the half pastrami sandwich. The best I've had.

Babs Learoyd

I researched for the best eats in NYC a year ago, and Katz was a must. Absolutely fantastic hot pastrami sandwich, was stuffed after eating, the staff were lovely and device quick. You gotta visit here at least once.

Hery Diaz

This place could be very overwhelming for a newcomer but it’s simple. Get your ticket. Get in a line, order, eat, then pay. They accept cash and credit card. The people are very nice and let you try the meat. You are entertained by all the pictures on the wall. But let me tell you that you will be eating most of the time. These sandwiches are big! Get a side of fries and a drink and you are set. It’s isn’t cheap by no means. But we considered it an experience. Enjoy!

Charles Shapiro

A New York tradition. The food here is unbelievable. I had the pastrami Reuben and a side of matzo ball soup. The pastrami was tender and delicious, the matzo ball was lite and fluffy and the broth was so flavorful. The crowds can be overwhelming but worth the wait. The only downside is the prices are a bit steep even though the portions are generous.

Jeffrey Greeson

1st time visit to legendary Katz's, where "Harry Met Sally!" Dining here, you'll be screaming with delight, too. ;) A throwback in time, once you wait in line outside (don't worry, it moves fast!), you're ushered into a cacophony of the most delicious, quintessential Jewish deli sights, sounds & smells. Order your classic hot pastrami sandwich from the "Cutters", and if you want a knish order from counter #1! While you eat, you can stop talking to your party, and fully immerse yourself in the culinary experience and gastronomical delights. Or, join in the buzz and controlled chaos of the busyness and chatter all around you. Peruse pictures of celebrities on the wood paneled walls, which help explain why Katz's has been around 135-YEARS! And, when you're done, you'll be full for 24-hrs!! Guaranteed. (And, it's open 24-hrs on Fri & Sat.)

James A

Delicious sandwiches and crustless cheesecakes in a vintage diner that has existed for over 130 years. Table service optional, order at the counter or at the table. With ticketed entry and ticketed exit, don’t lose your ticket—apparently it’ll cost you. Our waiter seemed half asleep or half-baked. We couldn’t tell. They accept credit/debit cards now! Welcome to the 21st century.

Brittany Goh

Pastrami sandwich was very tasty, the reuben was huge. Why is there so much meat in the sandwiches, lol. It was a bit confusing at first with the lines and the ticket numbers, but they are very nice and friendly and help you through. They also let you taste the ingredients as they make the sandwich, which was cute. Enjoyed this experience, recommended to all.

TOG Traveler

A true classic. Don’t be put off by the crowds or crazy systems of ordering and proof of payment in order to leave. Pastrami and corned beef were outstanding. Hand cut on demand. The combo sandwich had both meats and was perfect. Open super late, great decor of photos of all the famous (and infamous) who have dined there.

Jhon Makalister

PHENOMENAL!!!!!!! This was absolutely the best meal I've eaten in a restaurant in this year yet because the food was delectably tasty. I had the steak dinner which was truly delicious. The price is right, the decor is good, and the staff is friendly!

Maureen Harvey

Not much taste far to expensive for what it was not the cleanest of places or friendly felt like rush hour... We could not all be seated together 6 in our party would not recommend or go again disappointed with whole experience

Mariel A. Santos

Crazy crowded but some people are very friendly. Huge tourist attraction. Worth it for sure when you taste everything is perfect. The best super soft pastrami on rye. Warm soups. Best matzo ball soup in city.

Felicity Seraph Chow

Delicious beef pastrami sandwich - we got the club sandwich bread versus the usual rye. The meat is absolutely juicy. It’s a crowded restaurant so we preferred to take away. Definitely worth the wait!

Félix Langevin Harnois

Nice deli with local roots and history. The cold cuts are very good. The only downside to this place is the chaos one must face before ordering. There are many lines of "Cutlers" and you must pick one and wait in line. Since the place is pretty crowded, people cut the line and the waiting times are very unequal between cutlers. My wife and I waited about 30 minutes in line for two sandwiches which is a lot in this crowded space. Otherwise nice place.

Chris Allan

The food is out of this world. The lines are immense. But is it worth it? Yes!

John Vanella

Best sandwich I have ever had. Extremely expensive. Strange way to place an order. They must be doing something right they have been around since 1899. Large large portions. One order of fries are enough for three people. Hand sliced corn beef and pastrami are out of this world.

Cat M

Worth the wait. Everything tastes amazing and they move you through very quickly. A must visit

Seth Grossman

If you are looking for an authentic NY deli, this is the place to go! The atmosphere is enough of a reason to stop by, but the food is also great. They are known for their pastrami, but personally I love their Turkey sandwich. The meat is always moist and tender and perfect! Get the half sandwich and so combo. Their chicken noodle or matzoh ball soups are a great way to start things off, and a half sandwich is stuffed high enough that you won't leave hungry! And make sure you order a Dr. Brown's Cream Soda to wash it down! And yes. This is the infamous deli featured in When Harry Met Sally - they even have a sign posted over the table where Meg Ryan gave one of her greatest performances!

Mark Drucker

What a place. If you want the REAL DEAL this is where you must go. Pastrami better than anywhere else. The atmosphere is pure New York which is perfect a deli.


Thick meaty sandwiches! You might say, "$20 for a sandwich!?" Let me tell you, that these are thick, thick sandwiches full of some of the best, slow roasted meats I've ever tasted. Not to mention that we just fed a family of four on only two sandwiches. Yes, they have a wider menu than that, but the sandwiches are their signature. Go on, take a ticket, order, eat the sample cuts the slicer gives you, pay, and give your ticket back. And enjoy the pack of pickles they throw in as a bonus!

Samanta Rogers

The best pastrami I have ever had! It's very nice but it's very pricey! Mostly tourists but quite crowded during lunchtime. Really nice location, few blocks away from subway 7! I highly recommend the pastrami! Can't go wrong with it. This legendary gem is a must try. You will not be disappointed.

Bernard Værnes

Amazing pastrami (the meat is so tender and fresh, not too much spices, just enough to enhance the flavor of the meat). The bread is fresh and good, the pickles are really good (take that from a guy living in Poland and who's been to Germany many times), and the fries are so huge, crispy on the outside with a thick soft inside. Perfection.

Frank Bruno

I took my grandchildren here just to enjoy a nice meal and oh my! Place was absolutely wonderful, my grandchildren loved everything about it! 5 stars

raj sharma

Amazing sandwiches!! we tried Turkey, roast beef, chicken salad and pastrami sandwiches! I liked pastrami the most!! excellent service too! you just to have little patience as they are really really busy!!!

Jeffrey Zheng

Easily one of the best pastrami sandwiches I’ve ever had. definitely make this a stop when you’re in town Seems pricey at first ($22) but it’s enough meat to feed 2 people so it’s well worth it. The lines can take a while as each sandwich is made to order. I stood in line for 15-20 minutes before I was able to order. Even with multiple lines this can take a while. I really like how they give you a sample of the meat before they make your sandwich. The pastrami is cut to order and they slab some mustard on the bread and there you go. I don’t think it’s possible to eat the sandwich without half of the meat falling out but it’s fun to try. It’s a lively interior with a lot of people. I didn’t have too much trouble finding a seat for 1, but seating was scarce.

Bertram Christoffersen

Cozy spot with a diner-like atmosphere. Had a sandwich with Danish cheese and chicken. So much cheese. Overwhelming. I’ll recommend sticking to the classics.

Buddy Sharpe

The food is fantastic. It's very busy and a little tricky to figure it out and not feel a little anxiety. It's pretty easy but at first I was concerned. But once we got our food it was all worth it.

dalia pan

5 stars are way less for this legendary place! The food is simple & amazing! I’m sure it’s as authentic as it was 131 years ago when it was opened. I’m not a New Yorker, but can visit this busy city just to eat at Katz’s! I also recommend the drink - New York Egg Cream so refreshing and yummy!

Markos Moreno

This place is one of a kind. I order the pastrami on rye with a side of pickles and boy, did they bring the meat! The pastrami was tender, juicy, and delicious, and was amazed by how much they provided. I tipped my sandwich maker, which I hear is recommended, so it seems like he gave me a little bit extra (and I got it from a fresh piece of meat to boot). The price ($22.95) can be a little scary, but each sandwich is enough for about two people, which can ease the cost a little bit. I enjoyed the ambiance, but it can be a little difficult finding seating if you don't want to be waited on. I ended up sharing a table with a nice couple, so be prepared to meet some new people. And like everyone else stated: don't lose your green ticket. You will need when you are leaving, and although I did not lose mine, I imagine it will not be a good time for the person who does. In conclusion: go get your sandwich on at this quintessential New York deli and you won't regret it.

Paul Turzio

No better place for deli. Been coming here 45 years and it is still the one and only. Send a salami to your boy in the army. Enjoy your $24 pastrami sandwich.

michelle zicarelli

Awesome Pastrami. Lots of people, but everyone is very efficient. Lines moved quickly.

Rosario Ortoli

The best pastrami ever. I visit every time I'm in town. Can't mess with traditions. This place is always consistent and love the atmosphere. The cutters are the 2nd best part of this place. Love them

Tammy Liu

Love the pastrami sandwich, fantastic flavors, not too lean, not too far. The cole slaw was also delicious, perfectly complimented the sandwich. The soup was average. Most customers self served which had long lines. Or, you could choose to wait for table service. Very crowded and hectic. But, great food!

Etai W

Unbelievable flavor. People had told me it was good, but I always thought there would be a limit to the flavors/appeal of a simple sandwich like pastrami on rye. The pastrami is delicious. Steaming hot, piled high between two sliced of tender rye bread, it's soft (I could barely pick it up it kept wanting to fall apart), salty, sweet from the caramelized fat on the outside (it's got a literal crust), and incredibly moist. With some mustard, and two pickles on the side, I was stuffed. I paid around 30 bucks pre tax for the sandwich and a beer which as a Californian felt like a lot, but it's a NY restaurant, and for the quality it was worth it. If I lived here I would try everything on the menu.

Yolanda Crandoll

The sandwich is still very much tasty as I remember. I've been going for years and I will continue to go. Highly recommend. Bring your wallet sandwiches start at $22. Worth every penny

Jack Bairamian

As a historical spot this is definitely worth going to once. The hot pastrami is their specialty and they slice it fresh and make it everyday. Once of the best hot pastrami sandwiches you will have. Nothing fancy. You get to stand a counter while the sandwich maker makes it in front of you while you get to sample a small amount of the meat. Definitely worth going once. There can be a long line at times but it moves fast. Credit card accepted at end of line. Quite pricey for a $20 sandwich but you can taste the quality and easily can be split in 2 but can be finished on a hungry appetite especially goes well with a cold beer.

mike costa

Authentic old school NYC joint! Cornbeef piled on fresh rye. Fresh pickles. Community seating and counter service is fastest. Wait service was about an hour wait.

Kittikoon Pakdeekaew

Queues to cutters are crowded. We ordered Pastrami and Corn beefs, both are good but a little bit too salty for me. Staffs are cool ! They will give you sample of meats between your waiting time.

Chris Miller

Waited a longtime to finally eat here and it did not disappoint me at all! Got the Pastrami Sandwich and it was delicious! Great Matzo soup and Turkey Sandwich is awesome as well! Must stop if you are in the right part of NYC! I will be back!

Karen Baumgarten

So nice. It is like to step into a time warp. Great food. Very friendly staff.

Stephanie Visvardis

Epic. It's perfect. Literally the best pastrami on the entire planet! They care and it shows. Great staff, fast service and clean tables. And did I mention the pastrami??? Sweet Jesus!

Milton Reyes González

A classic place in Manhattan. Always delivering a tradition of excellence in each of their preparations. Very good level of service !!!

David Parker

If you like nice people, incredible food, and crowds so thick you can't move, then this is the place for you. Katz's has something for everyone, amazing pastrami, great hot dogs, and people who should be wearing shoes. At Katz's, you can find all your favorites - brisket, pickles, and rye. But don't take my word for it, go to Katz's, fight through the mob, and have one of the best NYC experiences of your life.

Ammye Venturella

Cool place. Was visiting NYC for a long weekend & went there late night & the deli was insanely busy. Well worth the wait as the food was amazing. Expensive but its NYC and the food was incredible. Not your typical deli that's for sure. You have to experience this place, unreal. The entire restaurant has cool pictures everywhere with famous visitors all autographed. You could spend hours just looking at the scenery. Oh coarse, "I'll have what she's having" is highlighted as the cool place to sit. Very cool place, go for food, stay for the fun!


Wow! Worth the wait and the price. Get the pastrami on rye (ask for half to go) - you wont regret it. It tastes just as good heated up the next day!

Mike Hensley

It was EVERYTHING its been hyped up to be! Legendary NY deli that offers huge food. Impossible to make better pastrami. Staff was friendly and accommodating. So glad we made this a part of our NY trip. The BEST.

Guy Gisser

One of the most packed places I ran into in NYC, meaning a ~45 minutes waiting till we got the first bite - but wow, was it worth it! An amazing pastrami sandwich (we ordered a half, which was HUGE), a lux sandwich which was very very good, potato salad with too much mayo and a super tasty peas soup. All in all, great experience, although very crowded.

Tom Brendon

Very well known spot with a lot of famous visitors. I had the Pastrami Sandwich which was quite tasty (and with tons of meat on it)! The doorman, who put a note in my hand saying "you need it to pay, better don't lose it", was not very friendly. I was overwhelmed at the beginning by the big hall, filled with lots of people and the long bar where you should order your food. The man at the counter where I ordered my pastrami sandwich was very nice and helped me a lot! Nice experience and I will go there again. love you review

benjamin humblot

If you want some NYC authenticity and experience you should definitely pay a visit ! Places is super crowded but that’s all part of the experience. Prices are high for a sandwich but it’s more than enough for two people to share and they do give plenty of meat ! You can look at the walls to find all the stars that popped by ! They do have free tap water. It’s a must go place when visiting NYC !


You absolutely cannot visit NYC without dropping by at Katz's. Its absolutely inconceivable that you did not bite into their delicious pastrami if you are in the city. You start with a ticket at the entrance and select your cutter. A sample will be given to you to taste when you order your pastrami. Don't forget to tip your cutter at this point. Hard to find a seat so try to come early or after the lunch crowd. If you can find Sally's seat then go for it. (When Harry Met Sally Movie) The sandwich portion is huge... good for 2 person so unless you got a giant appetite have the other half wrapped to go and the other half for dining in. Side dish of pickles for your meal. Present your ticket at the checkout counter on the way out. This is a food experience you do not want to miss if you happen to be in NYC.

Jacob Castillo

Went to Katz's after seeing it on TV and hearing from everyone you have to go there. My wife went in and shared a pastrami sandwich. It was very good with a simple presentation. The atmosphere and service was awesome. The only negative is we didn't have any other sandwiches.

Mike Landas

I will never not give this place 5 stars. If you don't live in the NYC area, you need to go. If you're planning to visit Manhattan, it needs to be on your bucket list. Pastrami on rye with some mustard. Chocolate egg cream. These pics are from 1am, and as you can see, it wasn't empty.

Anton Knight

Katz is a world class deli. The Reuben is absolutely delicious! Don't worry about the cost & the wait, it's totally worth it!

Marcel Rigo

Best Pastrami sandwich!! Don't expect a cheap sandwich, but the price is worth it - so much meat, so juicy. This place is all about expectations - an american deli with the best pastrami sandwich for a quite high price

Chris Gregory

Visiting the city first time looking for a good deli happened on Katz's. My wife and I loved the food. Very old world and the staff was happy enjoying their jobs. Read history & films were created here. Highly recommend. Food is excellent. Just what we looked for.

Andrea Kennard Richter

If I could give Katz's 12 stars I would. Don't mess with success, get a pastrami on rye with mustard and you will be in heaven. I also love the potato pancakes but the pastrami sandwich is to die for.

Mr Phil

I grew up in NY, but have lived in SC for the last few decades. Every time I go back (most every year) I make sure to go to Katz's. If I don't have time to stop and eat there, I'll get a whole 5 or 6lb pastrami to take with me (and some knishes). The pastrami is so good, it'll make you weak in the knees at the first taste. If I can't get to NY, I'll have it shipped to me in SC. Yeah - it's that good!

Frank Jiruska

Tremendous! Best pastrami ever. The half pastrami and matzo ball soup is a great combo. A little pricey, but worth it. Go early to avoid the crowds.

Jason Le

Very good sandwich. Staff are all pretty nice as well. The meat is very juicy and flavorful. It just fell apart in my mouth. I've seen pictures and thought I could easily finish it, but I was wrong. It was pretty fatty so I had to have a pop to help me with it, and i still didn't finish it. Never really had a pastrami sandwich, but this sets the bar high for me.

James Loo

Excellent heaping piles of hot pastrami on rye bread. Pastrami is especially tasty with the hot mustard. Pastrami is very tender and flavorful but a bit salty. Pickles are crispy and fresh. French fries were thickly cut and OK, not exceptional.

Kevin Lovingood

As always, Katz's represents the epitome of NYC with it's delicious sandwiches and dated interior filled with nostalgia. It's confusing when you walk in, but grab your ticket, don't lose it, fight your way up to one of the cutters (only if they're taking orders), order your sandwich, eat the samples they give you, and watch them load it up. Fight for a seat, get a drink, and then enjoy. Pay cash or card. There is free water near the back.

Arnetha Brown

Although it's famous, I went with the chili dog. The bun wasn't toasted and the chili was too salty for my liking. Still good though. They have this thing where when you enter they give you a ticket whether or not you are purchasing or not. It was standoffish in my opinion. What's the big whoop about... Luckily I'm a New Yorker and not fazed by that, but I can see as a tourist if you don't understand the custom as well as the ticket personnel were not that great, it can be ridiculous.


Pricey, but sooo worth it. I have tried pastrami from other locations in the past and never liked it. All other restaurants have been so bad I figured I just didn't like pastrami. My friend REALLY wanted to go try this place, but I was REALLY hesitant. I did not think I was going to fall in love with their food. I have to say... this is the only place I will ever get pastrami sandwiches from. I will travel all the way from California again just to have it. The food was AMAZING. It needs to be tried no matter what. Do not avoid this place! It is really busy and gets super packed. Prices are also more that what I typically am able to spend, but (again) I believe it's really worth the wait and price. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

paul paul

Meat quality is over the top. Perfect ratio of bread to meat. Cucumber are fresh and tangy. Still a little pricey with 23 dollars. But I will return.

Charles Naut

The pastrami sandwich here is the go to item to get! It is a bit pricey for a sandwich but the portion is large with a lot of meat. It also comes with pickles which are really good even though I don't like pickles.

Andrew Chen

Katz's is a must-try for anyone in New York. This humble deli is constantly packed with hungry patrons looking to experience over a hundred years of tradition. When you take the first bite into the expertly prepared sandwiches, everything begins to make sense as the few simple, but flavorful ingredients begin to sing their choir in your mouth. The meat is so tender, it will literally crumble if you're too rough with it. Unless you have a large appetite, one sandwich is probably good enough for two people. The sandwiches are packed so densely with meat, you'll be shocked at how quick you begin to experience the defeat of food coma. 10/10!

Michael Regier

A delicatessen/diner that must be experienced. The place was busy, but the service was timely, and friendly. The staff were helpful to clarify instructions and answer questions. We had a pastrami, a brisket, a turkey, and a corned beef sandwiches. They were excellent, and huge! The pickles remind me of my grandmother's - pickling cucumbers in pickling brine - perfection!

Susan Velez

Now I know why this place is so famous... I had the BEST Pastrami on Rye bread with pickles from here. The guy who served me was a pro! The sandwich was so good it's a must try. Very Happy Customer.

chris wesolowski

The pastrami sandwich was delicious, but ridiculously over-priced for the amount of meat received. It's just too damn expensive. If you bring another person, you're now talking about spending 60 bucks! And that's just for sandwiches. Add in a knish or a soup, maybe a couple of sodas, and you're in the $75 range. Ridiculous. That's just greed. Do yourself a favor and visit a diner. For 75 bucks, two people can get a huge meal.

Sara L

This place is amazing! It has been working since 1888 and it has kept the 18’s environment. The best dish is defenitely the pastrami sandwich. The reason why I’m giving it 4 stars is because the restrooms and the eating tables were a little dirty. The service is awesome, all the waiters and cooks are very kind and happy. Excellent place to eat hotdogs and pastrami!

Gregg Bloom

Come on... Where else do you go for the best Jewish deli staples? This place is the appropriate destination of a corned beef pilgrimage. Sure, it's nearly $25 for a sandwich, but that sandwich should be at least two meals worth of food. Just don't lose your tickets.


The food is without doubt the best! Their lemonade is homemade & smoooooooth! Service can be tricky as it is crowded. If you are in NYC & love beef, must go here. Be mentally prepared for long line but doesn’t happen always.

Catherine Jameson

Beautiful restaurant. Very elegant yet simple. The chef, how creative and talented. I am still dreaming of my wonderful dish.

Anelica B

This place is amazing, besides the food which was also great. Super LLAARRGGEE portion. Me and my daughter ordered their briskest hot sandwich, just one that we shared, was big enough for both of us, even as hungry as we were. And after that we got their New York cheesecake. Quite a marvel I’d say. I can’t take the taste out of my mind. The prices are very reasonable for the amount of food they serve- also being on the lower-east side. Huge store, and you can really get lost in there with all the crowd! The weird thing was that even with all the crowd the place brings a certain calm, I guess because of all the history behind it… and the Hollywood appeal to this place, sort’a like a museum, a passage through time. They have marked all the locations were famous movies were shot. So that also brings that certain appeal and charisma to this place. A must feel experience if you go out to visit Manhattan! Plus, you sure won't leave hungry :-)

Brayden Mora

We were at Essex Market on Sunday and decided to wander down to Katz’s Deli, not realising that it’s really busy on Sunday lunchtimes. We chose a Reuben sandwich and I went for the Pastrami on Rye and both were fabulous. There’s so much meat it’s no wonder they provide a knife and fork. I never knew Pastrami could be so good. Tender, succulent, tasty and melt in the mouth, it really was delicious. Our server was great and the whole experience was one I’d recommend. It’s not a cheap eat but it really was great. Two sandwiches (pickles come as standard) and two beers came to $67 excluding the tip.

Jaylens Daddy

Legendary spot in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. They ship food and sandwiches anywhere in the world. It's always best to arrive here early, because around noon each day it gets very crowded. They even let you sample some of the meat before you buy it. The walls are filled with pictures of celebrities who have eaten here before. World famous deli!!!

Michael Crawford

Best pastrami sandwich I've ever had in my life. I've ate at a lot of places, but I couldn't believe how incredible the meat was. Whenever I go to NY, this will always be a must.

Lawrence Morgenlander

Katz's Deli! What else is there to say hand cut Pastrami and Corned beef! Outstanding!!! Tip your sandwich maker enjoy the sample!

Khaled Mostafa

This place is amazing. The pastrami sandwich is full of flavors. Without any extra additional of condiments, the meat itself tasted great. I tried the brisket also, it was tender and juicy. I liked the pastrami more. There are different bread types and you can add extra cheese. The sandwich is little expensive, however the portion is big and makes you full. They offer tasting samples while preparing your sandwich. They sell their cooked meat selection by pound also. You can order a side of steak fries or potato salad, make it a shared palate as it is another big portion. I tried the blueberry cheese cake, i found it average. Great experience.

Adrian Roach

We had about a 15 minute wait to be seated but it was well worth it, the flavours of the meats they make has to be tasted to be believed. We tried many of the menu items and they were all very large servings and tasted amazing. The place was always busy, very busy but there were ample staff behind the counter and wait staff for the tables and nobody was neglected. There’s great memorabilia on the walls too. It was a great experience and well worth the trip

Jarrod Hunt

I started writing a five star review even before I are the sandwich

Carlos Sanchez

Definitely worth it. Love the pastrami sandwich. Once the process to order was explained i had fun ordering my food for the family.

Danny Nguyen

Food was great but pricey. Sorta felt like a tourist trap, so if you really want to then go ahead. But I'm sure there are other delicatessens that are of same or similar quality for a better rate.

Tina Pak

This is a very very popular sandwich spot in New York City. We had to wait in line for two hours in the middle of winter to get sandwiches. We accidentally got the cold sandwich instead of the warm. The quote sandwich was still good but I bet the warm would be even better. The fries though, were the best friends I have ever had in my life. I will probably go back here again and give their warm sandwich a shot

Eric Leftwich

Good, not worth the hype if you are waiting in that long line. We went at a time they were fairly slow so we didn't have to wait. Sandwich was huge, it was good, but not worth standing in a long line for.

Graeme Salmon

I'm known to be a big eater and that Reuben almost got me, but I defeated it in the end. I'd been eating all day in the city too. Get it with a cream soda and both pickels too. They'll wrap it up for you if you need it. Truly amazing - well worth it. A must in NYC.

לטייל IL

One of the best places to eat. Great pastrami & corn beef sandwiches. The meat is amazing and the atmosphere is unique. We barley finished our sandwiche. Evey one of us ate 1.5 sandwiches and we couldn't walk after eating !! A must place to visit in NYC. We will definitely go to get some more!!

Ed Young

End all be all, my favorite place to eat in the Big Apple. Busy but the food is definitely worth the wait and the price. I strongly encourage people to always plan to be here both waiting in line and eating for at least an hour to 90 minutes. And don't forget to have what she had!

Da Greek

It was ok. I heard so much about it. Unfortunately, it does not live up to the hype. A bit pricy for a sandwich. I have been to delis elsewhere with better pastrami sandwiches for a much more reasonable price. You go for the name and for the location. I was not impressed.

Steve M

Somewhere along the line, I lost my enjoyment of pastrami sandwiches, but Katz reminded me what a good can taste like. With heaps of juicy, savory meat and tasty pickles, I'd have to say that the prices are just about justified. The storefront is also a landmark on its own.

Jocelyn Lim

This all American breakfast place is the bomb. Value for money with huge servings that a normal Asian cannot finish. You can also choose how lean you would want your beef to me. It was really really really satisfying. Would definitely come back here again if i go back to New York!

Axel L

Yum! Juicy and tender! But too salty. A cool place ever! I will vote for five if there are something going with like lettuce tomato or whatever. And could be better if there’s easier way to queue-up and get what you want.

Stevie Wonda

Food was really good. Took us 15 minutes to order due to the place being popular. If you are with friends, i would suggest looking for seating while someone stands in line to order for everyone. You’ll spend a good 30 minutes waiting during peak times


You definitely should try it, if your a foodie. It’s a NY staple and you definitely pay for the history of the place. My girlfriend had the egg salad sandwich($18.12)and wasn’t impressed. I had the Pastrami sandwich and a beer.($34.19) I think that’s pretty high priced even with the history, Though the pastrami was good! The service was decent for the amount of people that Were in there and it sucked trying to get a seat. My first and only visit probably.

Tamsin N

The hot pastrami sandwich was amazing and a must try. The matzo ball soup and the chocolate egg cream were also tasty. The decor is great too. However it is an expensive sandwich but worth trying at least once.

Steven Sklar

Easily the best deli in all of NY. Be prepared to wait to get in and then on line to order. Best way to get extra meat is to tip your chef before he starts slicing. A few dollars goes a long way! Don’t lose your ticket or it will cost you. Grab your food and sit at the middle tables — or skip this (quintessential NY) experience and just sit along the wall for waiter service. Sandwiches are great to split (or eat on your own if you are shameless). Everyone still needs to leave with their own ticket. Go pastrami or corn beef on rye (I like to mix the two). My go-to is Russian dressing, sauerkraut, and mustard — but live your dream. Can’t go wrong with a classic like the Reuben or Rachel. Grab some pickles to take home and pay with card in the back or cash up front. There you have it. The NY and American Dream all in one meal. Congrats. You did it.

Lip Yong Lim

Must go to when u come to NY. Every bit as good, as iconic, as American as advertised. Even the order tickets are iconic and classic! The pastrami is out of this world. I am going to be dreaming of it for a long time to come.

David Stearne

It’s an NYC experience. Crowded & chaotic (until you know their system). The lunchtime crowd spills out into the street but moves pretty quickly. All up we waited 40 minutes & everyone is friendly so have a chat while you wait. For future reference if you can hold out ‘til 3pm you can probably walk straight in. Beware the sandwiches come with meat & bread, that’s it, so maybe order some coleslaw.

san francisco nguyen

Long wait at times. Meat portions was beyond normal. They give samples from the slab of meat to make sure you are okay with it. Pastrami was amazing. Corn beef was good as well.

Edward Tapia

Since this was my first time eating at Katz's I was shocked by the immense amount of people waiting in line. It was a bit confusing for a newbie like myself, however I was able to gather myself and order. Once I placed my order, the gentleman gave me a slice of pastrami to try while I waited. Wow, was it good! Once I got my order, I felt like a kid again on the first day of school walking into the lunchroom looking for a place to sit. I finally found a place to sit in the back. The atmosphere was a bit more calm in the back of the restaurant, photos and signs of yesteryear line up the walls. Salamis hang from the walls behind the counters! It is definitely a vast space with lots of history. Highly recommended!

Nick Kotakis

It's fine. Feels more like a tourist trap to me though. I enjoyed the pastrami but it wasn't life changing or anything. The Turkey was blah and the Cole Slaw was practically soup. Not worth the huge crowds (very long lines when we went on a Saturday with no place to sit). The extremely high prices were a surprise. I know its NYC but it was a hundred bucks to feed 4 people.

Anne Fernandena

There was a long queue when we got there,may be because it’s a Saturday. If you do not want waiter service, the queue goes quite fast. You were given a ticket and you go up to the counter to place your order and the server will mark the price in your ticket and you pay in you way out. If you want a hot dog you need to go to the grill counter, if you want a sandwich you need to go to the meats counter and you go to drinks counter to get your drinks. You will need to grab any seats available except the ones marked waiter service. Of course most people go there because of the move when Harry Met Sally, but they do a very decent Reuben, not sure about the hot dog, I think they should give a longer size dogs. But worth a visit and the price is reasonable.

Marius Schmitt

Very well known spot with a lot of famous visitors. I had the Pastrami Sandwich which was quite tasty (and with tons of meat on it)! The doorman, who put a note in my hand saying "you need it to pay, better don't lose it", was not very friendly. I was overwhelmed at the beginning by the big hall, filled with lots of people and the long bar where you should order your food. The man at the counter where I ordered my pastrami sandwich was very nice and helped me a lot! Nice experience and I will go there again.

Marilyn Clark

I love Katz!! Whenever I'm in N.Y. I always go there to eat. The sandwiches are HUGE. One sandwich can feed 2 people. The sandwiches are pricey, but worth every bite!!The pickles are great too

Olivier Nimeskern

Katz's Delicatessen is the most famous place in New York to get a pastrami sandwich and other similar dishes. Almost always full or nearly full, you may have to wait a bit to get sitted, and the service is not the nicest in the world. But it is worth it. As this is really the best pastrami I ever had, thick and juicy. They also have good corned beef.They serve large portions. They have nice pickles to go with your sandwich.

Alex Rose

The pastrami is pretty tender. Not salty and slimy like store bought stuff. Just enough fat, real meaty. Not super heavy either. Mustard is the perfect condiment here on rye. If you like meat, Katz's is where it's at. Now, if I could have something like this on the west coast i'd die happy.

Ramzi Jaber

I really cannot say enough good things about Katz's. It seemed a little out of the way at first, but I am so glad we made the trek. Yes, this is where the famous When Harry Met Sally scene is set, but go for the food! First, expect it to be crazy inside when you arrive. A "bouncer" will hand you a ticket at the door. Do not lose this ticket. Pick a cutter line (there are 7 so shove yourself into line somewhere not just at the first line) or the grill (you could also opt for a table with a waitress, but that's not as fun). Then order and watch the magic happen. We ordered Rubens and a hamburger. Kid said the hamburger was amazing, but he also at the corned beef and he doesn't like corned beef. The ruben was by far the best ruben I have ever had anywhere. The meat was so tender it almost melted in your mouth. The kraut had a nice mild flavor that was there but not overpowering. The rye bread was perfect. The cheese was just the right amount. Pretty sure there was a sauce in there too, but what I remember most was the amazing meat. The only thing I didn't love was the pickles. They weren't bad, I am just super picky about my pickles. We easily found a table in the back. You pay after you eat and then present your ticket for collection at the front door. Again, don't lose that ticket used or unused! I so wish we could have visited here more than once during our visit, but it was too far from where we were staying. Next time maybe I will just pick a hotel closer to Katz's.

Jonathan Gough

Definitely a must for any tourist. Sandwich was good but not exceptional. The history of the place is nice. Service was great. Very quick service. Interior was clean. Food was hot. No need to go back. One visit is more than enough. $22 for a sandwich of that quality, not really worth it. $15, yes. I guess you pay for the history and experience.

Leo Czekalski

Super expensive, but to be fair the sandwiches are made for 2 people. I didn't care for the egg salad sandwich, but that's not what they are known for, again to be fair. The lightly picked cucumbers are delicious!

Joseph Lanzarotta

After hearing all amazing things about this place I finally got to try it and man was it the best I ever had The pastrami and corned beef are fresh out of cooking water and the sandwich must have been over a pound it was so much meat and I got it extra lean for 3$ more it was so worth it and then there pickles it was the BEST pickles I ever had I could eat them all and then the kanish was absolutely the BEST I ever had and everyone was so nice to us from out guy who cut our meat to the guy at the register I could just feel the history in there 131 years old you know it has to be good and it's not just good it's the best and I cant wait to go back!

Ben Szeto

The pastrami sandwich was great. Schwartz is better by a hair. If not for the line up (1 hour) and no seats. Oh and the price. I would of rated this higher

Ann Garro

Must admit never went on a weekend before and it was mobbed. We stood on line forever BUT was worth every minute. All I kept thinking after I got home was when am I going back.

Zara Covington

Wonderful food and they give samples before they make your sandwich. Everything is their own brand made in their warehouse in Jersey! Wonderful, friendly service. And the place is frequented by all kinds of people. Great atmosphere, photos of famous visitors everywhere. The place has been there since 1888, before the Empire State Building. They accept cards and cash, but DO NOT lose the ticket they give you, or you'll have to pay $50. And the food is not expensive at all, my bf paid $20 for him, my sister, and I last night. Love love loved it! Can't wait to go again!

Sophie Shalkowsky

Lives up to the hype and definitely worth the wait in line and the price. You can either get table service or just go up to the cutters individually (faster option!) get your food, and then find a seat yourself and enjoy! You can even purchase meat to ship back home if you're just visiting Manhattan! Highly recommend the pastrami sandwich, definitely the main item, it's 22 bucks but it's the best thing we ate in New York!


At this point, Katz is almost like the Statue of Liberty - You really want to visit because it's so famous, but you also know it is packed with tourists. Both are true. If it's a holiday or a weekend, be ready to stand in a very long line, squeeze between tourists and hunt for a table. Is it worth it? Yes, as long as you know what to order. Skip the corned beef - It's incredibly chewy, but the pastrami is divine. All sandwiches are very generous, and not too expensive. I'm a big guy, came hungry, and one of these bad boys was enough. If you still have some room, have the matzo ball soup - We were there when it was raining outside, and even though we didn't take the soup, it looked and smelled amazing. Pro tip - Rain = No tourists.

Chris Lobo

Taste is subjective.. I felt the whole experience was not worth the fuss.. too crowdwd.. not clean. Weird billing system..expensive sandwiches ($33).. was just okay.. as I said. Not worth the fuss..

Paul H

Pastrami on rye with mustard is your order. Its about $23 for a sandwich and a side of pickles. One sandwich can be enough for two if you’re just a little hungry. Don’t dare forget to tip your cutter. Walk past the first line or two of people waiting in line, each cutter has his own line. The place is very crowded, touristy and expensive. It’s all worth it. It might well be the best pastrami sandwich you ever had.

Bob Martin

One of the best pastrami sandwiches we've ever had. If you're there with 2 people you can definitely split a sandwich. Tip - stand in line for a Carver and get samples (be sure and tip them) and tell them what kind of cuts you like best.

Klaudia Budniak

Love this deli, pastrami sandwich is huge and delicious! The pickles were great and reminiscent of my grandma's pickles back in Poland. The rye bread also provided a nostalgic experience for me as the flavour was very authentic. This meal was one of the highlights of my new York trip and I would absolutely come back!

Ellie Pike Restivo

THE BEST FOOD! You have to go! Go with a plan if you have more than one person, though. Divide, and conquer! One to the line at the far right to get your knish. One or two to a cutter line to get your sandwiches. One to the line at the far left to get drinks. One to scout your table. You'll feel like a Katz pro, and enjoy your unbelievable food much more!

Edna Banks

There's a reason this place has been in business for 131 years! We flew into NYC on a Friday afternoon, dropped our luggage at the hotel and headed for Katz's. We got there about 2:00. The line was out the door, but not too bad. It went fast and was worth the wait. I ordered a full Pastrami Reuben (over the corned beef). The sandwich was huge! I could only eat half. And didn't order any sides. I recommend watching their video about how to visit and order. There are different lines. Next time, I will have my boyfriend get in the sandwich line and order just one sandwich to split. I will get in the sides line and try the fries. They looked yummy.

Olof Nilsson Heijer

This place has so much history and you can feel that from the first time you see the sign from far away and it grows when you step your foot in here. Then they have a old fashioned way of order food with different waiting lines. It's an only cash place, so remember to bring cash. And if you ain't to hungry don't order to much because it is a lot of food. Its great, a must visit!

gil gardner

The 3 of us made plans to stop in last Wednesday for dinner. The line was long so we decided to get a table. The waiter took our order. He arrived with the food. I was trying to talk to him but he kept lokking away and inching away from us. He also cut me off and interrupted me a few times. He came back a few times to ask if we were done. He was a shorter middle aged guy. He reminded me of a drill sgt. Marching up and down the tables. He seemed more concerned with getting people in and out than giving good customer service. We felt very rushed and started to feel uncomfortable so we finished and $71.00 later and a $14.00 tip later we left. The food was good. It would have been better if we were able to relax and have an enjoyable time. He never even gave us his name.

Jeff Tong

Amazing, authentic top notch pastrami and rye. Classic new york feel and just a great place to be. Well organized and good service.

Justus George

Amazing eclectic sandwich restaurant. Perhaps one of the oldest and best in New York city. I had the Pastrami on rye with mustard. Pickles on the side. Great customer service and friendly staff. The environment is eclectic and old fashioned. But for the upside it is the best pastrami I ever had. The prices are high but you cannot blame them for making such a finely crafted Pastrami sandwich. I hear they go through 20,000 pounds of meat weekly. Half of it is pastrami.

Crystal Stockman

Food was delicious, as you would expect! Cutter let us taste a few samples, and made us some FAT sandwiches! Expensive, and you will have to wait. But still worth it!!

Vivian Grey

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Sit at Sally's table and have what she had. The sandwiches are to die for and the photos on the wall tell the history of the success of a great NY icon. Check it out!!!

Imtiaz Kabir

Food is great. Prices are exorbitant. Service was great at the table. What's up with the $50 fine for lost ticket? Curious if they really enforce it. I guess you go to Katz's once and cross it off the bucket list.

James Rh

Walked in, saw how disorganized the lines were. Was extremely crowded so walked straight out. I'm sure the sandwich would've been incredible which is why I went out of my way to get there, but just don't understand why the system is so medieval. A bouncer? At a restaurant? Doesn't make any sense. A free for all crowd around each sandwich station? Nah...

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