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REVIEWS OF Junior's Restaurant & Bakery IN New York

AngryGoat 6.0

I use to go to Junior's in the early 90's in Brooklyn NY. Loved the early small Junior's. I actually had my wedding cake from Junior's. The Junior's in Brooklyn has grown into a huge place now. So, I was in Manhattan and I decided to go to the Junior's there. Only went for the cheesecake. Grabbed a small cheese cake with brownie top and chocolate base. Also, had a slice of the strawberry cheesecake pie ( cheesecake topped with strawberries ). They both were very heavy and rich the way I love my cheesecake. I sat in Times Square to eat my cheesecake and some people asked where I got it from........15 minutes later the table had lots of cheesecake eating people.

joe abel

This place is good great service great food shakes are yummy food is yummy good portions. But my meal came with little to no steak fries which was kind of annoying but besides that it was great. Definitely would recommend!!!

Monica Dennis

Went during the theater rush and we were seating and served quickly. Food was deelish! Portions large enough to share

Jeanine Miller

Service was poor on the restaurant side, left and went next door to the Juniors stand. We bought coffee and some of the best cheesecake we have ever had. If we had not waited in our seats for over 20 minutes without being acknowledged, I would have probably given 5 stars. That being said I will go back next time we are in the city.

Hayley Thomas

Best birthday treat I've ever had. The carrot cheesecake is so rich and deliciously creamy. Stop and grab a slice!

bianca merino

Cappuccino and cheesecake were freaking delicious. I want to go back already.

Feng San

Been there to grab dinner and tried the bakery's renowned New York style cheesecake while touring Times Square. I was not disappointed to order a slice of their famous no.1 original cheesecake for dessert. Definitely the best cheesecake I ever tasted. I was not quite satisfied though with the other food that we ordered..the burger for example was not that satisfying,so maybe I should just stick to its cheesecake for my next visit. The place has got very accommodating crew, by the way.

Shenika Smith

Ok Junior's is a great place to grab a nice hearty dinner in the heart of the Big Apple! The kids meals are about $10 on average as opposed to places like Chili's and Friday's where they're about $5, so be prepared for that. I ordered salmon and rice and vegetables and it was amazing!!! The food tasted very similar to the Memphis BBQ place and the rice was so good! Everyone's food looked yummy and I'm glad we stumbled across it! I got a red velvet cheesecake slice and it is bomb!!! If you've ever had Cheesecake Factory you'll love Junior's!


Good food. Food arrives in timely manner but had issues with server who didn't seem interested in serving us. We've eaten here before & are familiar with how this restaurant operates. Once you are seated you are given small bowls with pickles, beets, & cole slaw. We weren't given these on this visit & had to ask for them. After we ordered our food, we were served quickly, but, again, our server was not interested in checking on us to see how things were going. She also tried taking away my wife's plate of food while she was still eating. This girl also seemed more interested in talking with the women at the table next to us which came across as rude. Long story short: we had a good meal but had a bad time with the server. Service needs to improve. Perhaps management needs to look into this.

Elsa Moraila

I really liked it. We tried to make it there one day but the line was long, needed to be on the waiting list. Came back the next day when the Broadway shows just started, so made it to Junior's with no wait al lot. The food was very good and big portions. The desserts were very good

Chris Green

Great friendly service (Brooke), amazing steakburger, delicious cheesecake. Kids said grilled cheese and bacon was awesome.


Good food and great service. They're burgers are good, but very tall. They're a bit hard to bite into for this reason. The pastrami is great but I'm not a fan of the way they batter onion rings, they're still tasty though. The cheesecake is amazing, easily the best I've ever had. All of this served in a 60s style diner atmosphere.

Pelham Lollar

Service was slow. Had to get a different server to close out my check. Food was salty, which is fine, and I couldn't get my water filled. Cheesecake is amazing but would pick and go not stay for a meal.

Tyi Moultry

One of the great things about Juniors is that you get a LOT of food for your money. I do feel as though the cost for a slice of cheesecake is a bit too much the small size. However, the food always tastes great, I wish I had some now!

Patrick Nevins

Excellent, friendly service, good quality food. Avoid dining outdoors to avoid bugs and street people looking for $$.


I had only the dessert - Devil's Food Cheesecake. I split it with my girlfriend and we were both STUFFED. This could have fed 3 or 4. It was absolutely delicious. I would like to try the original Brooklyn location of Junior's next time, this particular location's ambiance & service didn't do much to make me want to come back.

Photis Kellaris

I visited Junior's last March when I went to New York for the first time. The food was great and the staff were even better. Made friends with Jimmy one of the waiters who kindly took us around New York on his day off. Pancakes are called griddle cakes (absolutely delicious) and the prices are really good. If you visit you must get some cheesecake it's phenomenal.

Joc Greenwood

Service was A+. Great wings. Draft beers only. Indoor/outdoor seating. Variety of menu good for the entire family.

Justin Scheblein

There was a line to get the cheesecake from the bakery side, but it moved very quickly. They have three people taking orders and ringing out so the line is very efficient. The cheesecake? It's awesome!! Lots of options. The cheesecake is very big though, easily split by two people.

Carrie Natale

Great food and service for decent prices.

Emmanuel Lawrence

Cheesecake was first on our list when visiting the Big Apple. Junior’s has a wide range of Americana items on the menu...making almost impossible to choice from without the assistance of your waitress. It took a bit longer than expected for our meal to arrive but once it did the food was great and paired with great drinks added to the experience. We concluded the experience with Junior’s cheesecake and strawberry cheese cake was great. The cheesecake could easily serve two. If you are going for your birthday do not forget to signup for club and get a free slice of cheesecake in restaurant.

Jeremy o

Fun place right at Times Square. Really big with tourists, but overal it's a great place to get a bite. Great food, and a big menu selection too!

Aubrey Graham

Food was good, however, it was not something I would keep going back for. Prices are high, as expected from a restaurant in NY. My recommendation would be to stop in for dessert, skip the overpriced average meal.

Nic Duersch

There are a ton of options in Times Square! Obviously, its NYC! But we couldn't have made a better choice with going to Juniors. My wife and I shared a burger with fries and a piece of Cheesecake (fudge mouse) and it was delightful. The burger is fresh grade A beef and the patty shows that, as it is thick and juicy and flavorful. The fries were fresh and tasty as well. The real highlight though, which I think everyone knows about Junior's, is the Cheesecake. Unreal. The flavor was over the moon, but really what did us in, was the texture, it was fluffy with a layer of thick, dense fudge that just truly was the perfect balance. My wife also got the authentic New York cream soda and that was delightful as well! As is everything in NYC and specifically Times Square, it is pricey, so expect about 20$ for a meal and drink a person if you do go, with cheesecake being about 9$ a slice as well. Highly recommend!

colleen murphy

We were hoping for breakfast but had to get lunch. So much food! Huge portions that cant be finished....and since the rest of the day is spent walking around NYC I'm afraid much.of the food gets wasted. My burger, fries and onion rings were wonderful. So tasty and fresh. Coffee was excellent! Staff was super friendly.


Great customer service , great food , and awesome desserts. We ordered the grilled cheese, pastrami burger, onion rings, fries, strawberry shortcake, and German chocolate cake. The birthday girl was sung to and the short cake was so good we ordered one to go. Of course Juniors is known for the famous cheesecake but don’t sleep on the other options.

Nanci Baeca

Although this is a tourist trap, I actually had a good time. I thought we would be having lunch but arrived and was seated about 20 minutes to early. Our waiter helped make some non-breakfast selections and I was pleased with my "blt" with extra b, my home fries were a miss (they were just some cut up french fries) but overall a good time was had, and everyone was well fed. A special shout out to our waiter (I forgot your name), I really meant to write this review months ago. My cousin was visiting from out of town and was collecting souvenirs she wanted a few napkins and a few paper straws (plastic straws are still being used in some states) and our waiter hooked her up with some Junior labeled items, which we all thought was awesome. I am not really a cheesecake fan, but this visit wasn't for me and everyone enjoyed there individual slices of cakes. Looking forward to another trip. Trying to figure out when best time to arrive it was crowded until about 11am then things slowed down but on for a brief moment and it was also the if you can get in at non-peak hours and don't have a long wait

Louis Farias

Perfect slice of NY Cheesecake! Do yourself a favor and stop by for a slice or a pie. Original and Apple crumb highly recommended

William Landry

One of the BEST cheesecake restaurants you can go to. If anything this has to be the BEST cheesecake restaurant all around NYC! Prices are great and for the quantity it's even better. You will not regret coming here if you love cheesecake!

Milk DudTV

A M A Z I N G L Y ORIGINAL! So much variety to the menu. I spend almost half the time choosing between the steak burger and fries, the BBQ or Steak choices. I dang near wanted to order the whole menu by how everyone’s plates were looking! I ended up getting the burger fries that came with a mix of fries and onion rings! Like the first word I said .. AMAZING! The staff was very homey and down to earth with their opinions on the favorite meal selection. My girlfriend got the cheesecake shake and I got the blueberry cheesecake which were nothing but satisfaction to the core. Can’t wait to arrive for my return! Thank you from Charleston, SC!

Alyssa Benson

Delicious food and good service. A must on trips to NYC, even if just for dessert.

Alan Lund

Boy oh boy was that a good cheese cake. The price is high, but so so worth it. Definitely the best cheese cake we’ve ever had. The portions are massive, so make sure you’re hungry.

Niv Pai

Rich, creamy and absolutely delicious cheesecakes. Love coming here and trying a different cake every time. They sell cakes both by the slice and as a whole. The slices are quite big and are very heavy. Highly recommend!! (Personal favorites: original New York cheesecake and devils food cheesecake)


I enjoyed breakfast here with 2 of my girlfriends. We all enjoyed egg dishes (omelets, over-easy and scrambled). The bacon was crisp - just like I like it. Home fries were good. The Bloody Mary's were very good! The restaurant was colorful and clean. The wait staff superb. I look forward to visiting again soon.

Henning H.

Great diner. Very nice and courteous staff and incredibly tasty food at any time of the day.

A Smith

A good variety of foods with huge portions! I had their cheesecake ( berry) and it ranks up there with the best I ever tasted!

Xia Simmons

The Apple Crumb cheesecake, I believe was delicious. I hope I'm getting the name correct. I also had the brownie cheesecake. It was very rich. I wouldn't order it right after dinner. I ate ever bite though. I had a positive experience with the staff. I haven't tried the food. You can make reservations if you think it will be busy. I went around 11pm on a rainy night so there was a light crowd.

Christie McClung

I ate breakfast and dinner at Junior's. The breakfast was amazing. They give you a ton of food for a reasonable price. They even gave us small pastries for an appetizer for free. I am only giving them four stars because I had the BBQ chicken salad for dinner and the chicken was not very good. Overall fun atmosphere and friendly staff.

some random weird cookie

I got spaghetti with marinara sauce. It didn't have much flavor. Our server was great! I can't remember his ( assuming those are his pronouns) name though. My parents food was great! The cheesecake was great too

Greg Secrist

Portions are massive and the food is really good. Had the pastrami sandwhich and then topped it off with the famous Juniors shake and cheesecake dessert. Pictured here is the key lime cheesecake shake.

Pat Shrader

When in New York you need to get cheesecake. And we tried several places for the delicious desert while there, and this was by far the best cheesecake we've ever had. Recommended by the tour guide at the Empire State building, we took her word and walked the short distance to this piece of heaven. If you are in NYC, you need to get your piece of authentic cheesecake here! We had it twice.

Debra Kulow

Had my birthday lunch here. Great server. Fun and delicious place to eat. The Hungarian goulash was fantastic. Also had chocolate swirl cheesecake delivered with a lighted candle and happy birthday song.

Anthony C

Always love coming to this Juniors. The cheesecake is always great. I always come just for the cheesecake, one of these days I should try the food! Service was excellent, waiter was very personable and kind, which you do not usually get in NYC. That was a welcomed addition to our night out. And I like that you have the option of the take out location next door, or sit down service if you want to experience the whole atmosphere.

Natasha Telesford

There is a lot to choose from. Can't go wrong here. We came here before our Broadway show. We had to watch our portions since we could not go into the theater with food. With that said, there children's menu gives a lot of food. Loved the strawberry cheesecake cake! I got a tuna melt, which tasted pretty decent. My sister got the fried chicken. They give you half a chicken. She definitely could not finish.

Momof3 Scholars

We love Juniors! Classic New York Diner has huge servings! Clean and comfortable dining rooms and restrooms, Latex free. On this visit, We were not super hungry but wanted to eat before a show so it was difficult to choose because portions are large. When people say it’s pricey, they should also tell you that you get a lot for your money. I got a cup of soup and side salad and my daughter got a child’s portion of Mac and cheese - still a good size. Everything was delicious and the service was so wonderful! Even though Junior’s is always very busy, the servers are top notch and attentive. We always know we can get a good meal and great service here no matter what we order.

Wade Waller

Food was great, and the service was excellent! Great job!

J.C., M.D. of Divinity

Great food, particularly the burgers and fries. Ask for Autumn with the dark hair. A real sweetheart although the entire staff are great. And don’t get me started on the cheesecake!

Kris Dugan

A little pricey, but whenever I go into the city, I have to bring home a slice of cheese cake. Very upset that both the restaurant and bake shop are gone from Grand Central.

Rix Harden

Right across the street from the hotel, just thought it was a regular Irish bar, litres of heavy dark stouts and Irish cuisine?!? Well I was dead wrong ,really very good food interesting selections both food and drink! Waitstaff on top of their game even the manager came over to check on us. Will not pre- judge a place again! Next time up in NYC. I'll certaonly go back there!

Humera K

Food was really good. Quality and quantity both were up there. My only complaint is that the pan cakes we ordered for my son came with bacon. I asked for no bacon and asked the server to take it away and do it over since we do not eat bacon and the bacon had already touched the food. He took the plate removed the bacon from it and brought it back. I didn’t say anything but i was very disappointed. because if it was that simple i could have just taken the bacon out. I was disappointed that he did not respect our food choices and he acted like i am just being picky. If someone says no bacon it is either they are allergic to it or they have a reason to not eat it. Server should respect that.

Tom H

This place has a strong reputation for cheesecake for good reason. I'd award more points if it wasn't so touristy. Not my favorite cheesecake, but solid and worth visiting if you have a sweet tooth or love cheesecake!

Ben Workman

Excellent food. Terrible service. We went here last night for the famous cheesecake. Got here, no one was at the entrance and there was a table free right in front of us. We sat down and then as soon as we saw someone got there attention to let know. Had terrible looks from the server because we sat down without being seated by them. He came over and literally throw the menus at us.... if it was not so busy everywhere we would ha e left. This would have been 4* if not for this incident. No notices saying wait to be seated so pretty poor really...

Bryan Harrington

The food is constantly well prepared and yummy, workers hands out excellent customer service. I really like the cleanliness and atmosphere. I highly recommend this place.


Need I say more?!?! The cheesecake at Junior's is worth the trip back to NYC, alone! It should be said that cheesecake is my one of two favorite desserts. We had the strawberry and cherry topped cheesecakes. The best thing is that you can walk up to the counter and order a slice without having to wait to be seated, sit at a table, order the slice, eat the slice, wait for the bill, pay the bill, wait for your credit card, sign the merchant's copy, etc. (you get the point!). You absolutely must give this place a shot if you have the opportunity. Highly recommend!

Ashleigh Milligan

The best, the original, the definitive NYC experience! You have plenty of opportunities to walk off the calories while you see the city. Don't miss it

Lauren Pluguez

Get some of the nest cheesecake in town! Not only have you get a big slice of this cake in Brooklyn but they also have a location in Times Square! Try the apple one, it's to die for.

אריק צ'צ'קס

We arrived for the "famous Chese cake" and we fethe cake uneaten! So after you wate in line and you have no room to seat it was very disappointed... Don't go there 3 for the cake, it's Not tasty!

Eric Mason

Go for what they are famous for, the cheesecake. Food is ok, no wow factor. Cheesecake is great as expected!!!

Jeffrey Zheng

Only tried the cheesecake from the bakery but it was so good. We tried the plain and the chocolate swirl flavor. I LOVED the plain flavor. The cheesecake here is lighter than other NY cheesecakes, which is not a bad thing because then you can eat more!! I was not too fond of the chocolate swirl but my friends liked it. They have a lot of different flavors as well.

Ronaldo Patterson

Friendly waitress, food was prepared quickly the quickest I've seen in a while. Food was good as well , even though a little bit pricey (Manhattan)

Dean P. Thompson

The food was great and the cheesecake was crazy good. I would rate this establishment higher, but our waiter, Tee, was condescending. He never checked on us to see if our food was okay or if we needed anything else. When we asked to split the check at the end of our meal, he got an attitude-although we told him beforehand that we wanted the check to be split. He could really do a lot better at his service!

FireandAviation TV

This is what traditional restaurant looks like . Great feel and classic atmosphere brings back memories of the past. Love this and my girlfriend loved this restaurant too even though she's younger . Large portions of food . Very well done Juniors great food too.

Nadine Brown

We went here on my birthday after we the Broadway show. This place is packed to the hilt but you don't feel it except at the waiting area since people are held or are standing in that spot waiting to be seated and then you have the people leaving so sometimes it was bit chaotic. We were seated in a booth in the back, this place is pretty big. Our server, #423 Luis B, was so awesome. He made sure everything we needed, even without asking, was provided to us. The food was great, btw very extensive menu, and the cheesecake left no room for a word so we took it home..

Rob Jones

Really good. I was rather surprised they had a sugar free slice. Quite small, and no crust but tasty!

Allan Valentine

It's a great breakfast stop with all the American favourites from Steak and Eggs to Grits with grill cakes, bacon and maple syrup on the side. Non stop coffee if you catch the waitresses eye. It's a busy place, with waiting sometimes required. It's part of a bakery chain and while your waiting on your order if the kitchen is busy they hand out samples. Great idea Junior.

Jake Martin

Incredibly large portions but a real bang for your buck. I had my first cheesecake there and I'm pretty happy with it

Pat Daniels

Found this place in the Wall Street area and boy it's real down home cooking. The staff is very friendly and the also include outside which early in the morning is pretty cool there. This is a much try place in New York and also they grits.

Ryan Wang

Food was excellent and did not skimp out on portions. Service was as well very good. I however do not recommend breakfast because it was pretty ordinary... home fries were disappointing.

Carmen Cruz

This place is great! Of course we visited on a Friday around 10am, so that meant no crowd, we were sitted immediately. Breakfast was delicious, simple. It is a big open place, clean and staff is very friendly. It is a kid friendly restaurant as well.

Stephen Brouillard

Always friendly staff. A bit more expensive than a diner, but worth the increased cost. Been about 6 or 7 times. Food has always been excellent. The diabetic cheesecake is amazing, especially if you need the low sugar option.

Shirly Niego

There was a big line, but it moved really quickly. Their cheesecake is really the best.

Lynn Frasier

So we went to the original spot in Brooklyn yesterday and the meal was delicious. We were so stuffed and we only had half the meal. Today we went to Junior's on 49th for cheesecake and well, we weren't the only ones there for awhile trying to pick. Junior's is and has always been a great choice especially for dessert. All their cakes and cheesecakes tower so think big! Gotta love some Junior's!!!

David Bunnell

Very Poor service. Had to leave after 15 minutes as no one approached us for our order or any offer of coffee or water. It was like we were invisible. Plenty of staff on but poorly organized and little awareness of customer needs.

Ben Wiechmann

The iced coffee at the little shop next to the restaurant is very good and surprisingly very reasonable for Midtown. Cheesecake is as-advertised. My recommendation is to go for the plain. Leave all the fancy flavors for spots that dont know how to make cheesecake.

Mona Otenti

Food was great. Portions are huge but nothing but Pepsi products and no sweet tea.

Suane Brown

Would have had to wait like an hour for dining to be available, we had to do take out. While I was there I saw that they celebrated birthdays there, so that's cool. We had the steak burger and didnt like it much but the macaroni and cheese was so great, should have bought more.


Purchased the strawberry shortcake. Which was minus the cake

alex mills

A must for all who visit NYC, I had the griddle cakes (pan cakes) and they were amazing. Will definitely be coming back next time!


Just around the corner from Broadway. I just wanted a simple keto friendly breakfast of eggs and bacon. Was delicious. Went back the next morning. Can't complain about the prices - I means it's 1 block off Time Square.

Marcella Dias

Food is delicious, they have a good portion, the hamburg is HUGE and good price compared to other burger places and the waitress was very friendly.

Chris Metivier

I can only speak to the quality of the cheesecake, as that's all I've eaten here, but it's as true to the New York style as you'll find in Times Square. As a tourist looking for a real New York cheesecake, Junior's will give you the experience you want. Alternatively, (or in addition) try Eileen's cheesecake in Little Italy. It's different but equally good.

Russell Roy Tritico

The best cheesecake in Times Square. There was a big line but it was worth the wait. The cheesecakes are big and rich. I recommend sharing one.

Bill Flagg

Juniors is well known for their cheese cakes and milkshakes. The location is right in the heart of Times Square and Theatre District. They have a full menu with plenty of options. I enjoyed the Asian Chicken Salad. I would give it 3.5 stars but that is not an option. Our server Manual was great!

Scott Lohbauer

Servers were super friendly. The food was good, not stellar. You cannot argue with how great the location is

Quantez Spears

Took my girlfriend here for her birthday and we loved it. The service was excellent especially for it being a busy place. It was crowded but once you taste the food and desserts you'll know why. The place amazing.


Great service and prices. We were seated right away, even though we had a big party and this place is in Times Square. The food is pretty good but it didn't blow me away- maybe I ordered something boring. (I got the Western Omelette.) But they brought us a plate of mini cinnamon buns and they were so good! Our server- I think it was EJ- was awesome and made our table laugh.

Linda Coussa

Great! + atmosphere is fun! Lively and noisy but that's what makes it great! and of course the cheese cake is yummy!


The pancakes were "small" according to our excellent waiter, Walter. What he failed to mention, lol, is that they are thick so a three stack is quite a meal. I recommend bringing a hearty appetite. The service was outstanding as well and our waiter kept my coffee cup full!! Last the prices were very reasonable for the amount of food we got. Overall i would send anyone to Junior's, for breakfast anyway, although I think everything would be good!!

Marian Daly

Food was great!!! We have eaten there many times on our trip to the city but today the Service was another thing, our waitress was not interested in our table, she didn't say anything slamed things onto our table. I was not finished with my dinner, she started to take my plate, so I said I'm not done, she told me not to "bark" so I told her to leave my plate alone.. Love the food, will think twice about going back

Ashar Rahman

Food itself was mediocre and not worth the insane wait. Our waiter was very good and very comprehensive In his service. The restaurant floor was very pretty although the insane crowd inside the restaurant left more to be desired.

mindy logar

You can add yourself to the waitlist through yelp!!!! Delicious and amazing service. The wait is long but worth it. Update: this place is so great. We for lunch/early dinner and because our food was delayed the waiter brought us pickles, beets and slaw while we waited. It was delicious. When our food came, we had ordered the half salad half sandwich and they were amazing. We were honestly expecting a basoc boring salad but it was amazing. We couldnt believe how great they were. Finished with a carrot cake cheesecake that was so delicious. Our waiter was awesome too.

Alka Kumar

Amazing food such large portions. Service was top class. And very clean

Haripriya Iyer

An assortment of cheesecakes and food together makes it a delight to visit here time and again

Melissa Peterson

We had very good service despite it being pretty crowded and right at lunch time. It was comfortable seating, well lit dining area, fun, retro atmosphere, and plenty of people watching. The food was quite good. I enjoyed the matzah ball soup and pastrami sandwich...some good, solid easy coast, good-for-the-soul (but not the arteries) food.

Jessica Ghaleb

Only worth visiting for the cheesecake. We've ordered a Swiss burger and another délicatesse sandwich. Portions are big but the taste is terribly disgusting. I only ate the french fries. The cheesecake was good. I don't recommend visiting this restaurant.

Vickie-Lee Wall

Good, although pricey, food. Great cheesecake. Extraordinary people watching. Great place to get a bite after seeing a Broadway show, or just meandering Times Square. The apple crumble cheesecake beats the pants off of the nearby movie-themed restaurant's version. Wrap-around deck gives great opportunities to sit and watch the world go by while you eat.

Rodney De Bellonia

Great servers very friendly. Awesome food. We are from Florida were we have good food here. But this place was yummy. And the menu is huge. The portions are pretty big.

Christine Unger

Big, Nice Atmosphere for family. The burger was enormous, but a little dry, the steak fries were good. The Reubens were okay but dry. The apple crumble cheesecake was excellent. The service was fantastic and friendly.

Richard Landon

Less than stellar experience based on price point. Service was uninspired. Food was okay, but not at price point of $21 for a sandwich. Environmental was so so, sort of diner meets bar at theme park. Cheesecake was good. Milkshake was better. Place was busy but may be taking advantage of proximity to Broadway theaters. With so many other good places to eat in the city, we won't be returning to this one.

Rus Rossini

Busy place, expecially before and after theater. Food was ok, but was a wait. The steak sandwich I had was tasteless. Great cheesecake.

Samuel August

Go to place in the Theatre District for a meal of memories. Nothing special, predictable old school Jewish Diner food. Visited for a bowl of soup. TERRIBLE SERVICE by a nice man who will hopefully get a stage break soon and leave waiting tables to those more competent.

Christine Hiatt

I was told by so many that this was a must see when we visited NYC. It was good. But I can't write home about it. There desserts are definitely better than there regular meal choices. But it's rather pricey.

Brian Greg

Absolutely amazing!!! Best cheesecake ive ever brisket sandwich was out of this world...the service was phenomenal!! Visiting NYC i had to try the cheesecake and was not disappointed...i never rate..i had to rate this one it was so good!!

Mari Bar

BEST CHEESECAKE. New to NYC and want to find that signature cheesecake? This is that signature cheesecake. Highly, highly recommend the fresh strawberry one. Also the original No. 1 recipe. The food was excellent too and the staff is great!

Leah Bonneville

The food was delicious and the service was great! We had 2 burgers, a grilled chicken sandwich and, of course, cheesecake. Freida was our server and she was fantastic! We will definitely be back!

Hank Chang

Commercial, yes. Best cheesecake in the city? Debatable. Best strawberry shortcake? That's a definite winner here. The to go counter is a separate part of the restaurant, that's how popular getting slices is here. And they are not crazy expensive like some of the French bakeries.

joan duca

Great food! Large portion recommend spitting order. Wonderful Cheesecake and Strawberry Shortcake.

Hazar Belet

We want to try their famous cheesecake and than we start to eat. There was hair inside of one of our cheesecakes. We talk about it with server and he said he is going to tell this to his manager and than server put the bill without saying anything to our table. They only didnt get the payment for one the cakes. End of service.

Desiree Fuguet

Very good food. We had one of the best hamburgers, it was very big and the meat was very tasty and juicy, well prepared as ordered, the fries very good also. It also came with some onion rings which weren't for my taste, but doesn't matter, there was more than enough food for me. So, I guess I already said they serve big portions, as we could see at other tables the sandwiches and salads are also very big and looked so good. Attention also very good. I recommend this place, and we'll come back.

Nikki Koenig

Good food. Lots of it. Great cheesecake. Very friendly and fast staff. Always a good experience. Have taken friends and family when in NYC.

Sarah Rogerson

Couldn't recommend more! Food is definitely worth the money and the service is so quick and the people are lovely. Definitely would recommend their cheesecake aswell.

Michelle Kim

Creamy cheese + sweet strawberry = heaven. Located right next to Minskoff Theater famous for the musical Lion King and near Times Square, Junior's is a must-visit restaurant to boost your energy after a long walk. At first sight, It may look like a mediocre restaurant, but the taste of strawberry cheese cake is unbelievable! It is a party in your mouth. Plus, portion size is big. Almost two times bigger than an ordinary one. Because the cheese itself is so rich, the strawberry glaze blends perfectly together, creating the ultimate taste combination. And can you believe it? It's a reasonable $ 8.75. The only downside is its neighboring surroundings. The nearby construction made me feel uneasy about dust contamination. Also, it's easily accessible but usually bustling and packed. So, It's much better to visit early in the morning. Other than that, I was satisfied. IMO, the strawberry cheese cake was to die for! So, if you are around Times Square, give it a try!

Kelley Smith

People say that this is a tourist spot, but I beg to differ! Although it draws tourists (what does an in New York?) I have to say that everything is always on point! We came in with a group of five and did not have to wait for a table. All of the staff were super friendly. At our table, my guests got the bacon grilled cheese, a chicken sandwich, a pastrami sandwich , and something else I cannot recall but everything was so huge! I got the "something different" which is always so amazing! I love the meat sandwiched between the potato pancakes with mushroom gravy and applesauce! The only thing that I was disappointed about this visit versus other visits was that I had to ask for the pickles, slaw and beet salad for the table and normally, this is something that they bring out before the meal just like bread and butter. By the time it was brought out after I asked, we had already gotten our meals and it defeated the point. Love any chance I get to go to this place!

YourLandAndCruiseExperts Travel

When visiting New York City, you must stop and at least get yourself a slice of cheesecake. They have over a dozen flavors to chose from. My personal favorite is the marble swirl. In front of the restaurant, they have a quick serve/grab and go store where you can purchase individual slices or a whole cheesecake. Even if you feel stuffed, take a slice To Go. Leave it out of the fridge for a few minutes before you eat it so it softens. Make this a stop before or after you see a Broadway play!

Lee Bar

Nice place ! The food was good, not amazing. Cakes are nice. Rather expensive but ok relatively to the area. Feels like they shrunk the dishes, which is kind of disappointing. Our first time there we had a great waiter. Very nice very prompt. The last time the waiter was extremely slow, it was frustrating.


Across the board awesome! Service was only eclipsed by the food and the meals are huge portions but save room for the signature strawberry cheesecake shake!! We shared it among 4 adults and three kids and all left full and very satisfied!!


Their chocolate chocolate cake is my birthday go to cake. It's decadent but it's my once a year pleasure. My friend and I were seated outside the take-out area. She indulged in their sugar free cheesecake which she said was delicious. It was a win win day. Thank you again Juniors!!!

George Siganos

Classic American experience. Delicious cheesecake and breakfast choices. The lunch choices were of a mid level.

Joshua South

This is a tradition for our family when in NYC!! We always make our last stop at Juniors for a piece of cheesecake!! We have sat down before but this time we went to the takeout door. It was very convenient, the cake is all sliced and ready for purchase!! We got one piece of the traditional with strawberries and one piece of the brownie cheesecake!! Both were outstanding!!! If it is your first time I recommend going for a traditional piece!! However, if you love chocolate and love sweets venture into the brownie one!!

Robyn Franceen Evans

The BEST slice of Devil's Food Cheesecake EVER! I'm still mad we only got one slice to share. Next time I'm in NY, I need my own slice. I'm a huge fan of cheesecake married to chocolate cake. Very impressed with the flavors, the velvety, creamy cheesecake, the icing with the chocolate chips... perfection. Picked it up from the carryout part of the restaurant. Oh, we got a sandwich too (Reuben combo) and that was good, but the dessert was THE star. Will definitely go again.

Joe R

Great breakfast. Service was pretty good and fast. The prices shown online on goggle maps are lower than the ones at the restaurant.

Suman Maharjan

One of the best place for cheese cakes. I always get a pie atleast when i am around time square. My favorite is the plain cheese cake. The cheese cakes here melts in your tongue. It's really amazing to eat cakes from here. The place it self is within time square area and always crowded. This one is also in my recommended place.

Mark B Borg Jr

Ran into Junior's on the way to some Broadway show---what was it? Mean Girls? Be More Chill? Somethingorother?! And, WOW (!!!) does the Junior's staff know their clientele, or what? It's like clockwork--the buzz of nervous patrons anxious to be in their seats when the bells start to chime and the lights begin flashing sends the staff into overdrive. And...just like that: The NYC theater set is opening the wallet, flashing the plastic, rushing the door...happily fed! Oh yeah, and...the cheesecake!!!

Gloria Bosa Osorio

The best breakfast!!! Good coffee. Everything fresh, excellent service. Right next door to a couple of theatres. So it's nice to grab a bite before heading on to the show. International cuisine.

Jessica Panicucci

Every time we are in this area for a Broadway show, we ALWAYS stop at Junior's for dessert. Their cheesecake is amazing! After all, that is what they are famous for. Some may find that the cheesecake is a little bit expensive, but it is totally worth it. The place is usually packed, but we almost always get in and if we have to wait it is max 15 minutes. I have never eaten anything other than dessert here, but I have seen it served, it looks just like typical diner food. Service has always been great as well!

Emma Torres

I visited Junior's last March when I went to New York for the first time. The food was great and the staff were even better. Made friends with Jimmy one of the waiters who kindly took us around New York on his day off. Pancakes are called griddle cakes (absolutely delicious) and the prices are really good. If you visit you must get some cheesecake it's phenomenal.

Jhett Playz

Great place for dinner, breakfast and lunch! Staff were so friendly and kind, would go here again for sure.

Erma Shell

The cheesecake here is heaven!!!!! The servers are friendly, and the food is good! But the cheesecake is spectacular!! The slice was soooooooo big, my sister and I could not eat it all!! You must try the cheesecake if you are in NYC!!! Did I mention the cheesecake??????

Eric Holbrook

The food is pretty amazing and the cheesecake is out of this world! It's a must-try! We love the devil's food cheesecake but I don't think you could go wrong with any of the cheesecakes do they have! Also the food is very tasty

Virgil Owen

The cheesecake was to die for. We were seeing a theater production the next block over. The location was perfect. The corned beef sandwich was fantastic. Again the cheesecake is to die for. Did I say the cheesecake is to die for? My wife and I both love cheesecake as you can tell.

Julie Schmidt

Tatiana did an excellent job serving our table of 8. The food was great and the cheesecake was delicious. She refilled our drinks countless times and wrote down directions for us.

MARGARET Fleischer

Tasty dining near the theaters. We all had the sandwiches - corned beef, pastrami, or tongue. We all enjoyed our sandwich of choice. One sandwich was big enough to split between 2 people, especially if you order any sides. By the way, the onion rings were fantastic . Finished the meal with Junior's strawberry topped cheesecake. Our server was terrific, too. For being in theater area in NYC, prices are more than fair. Will definitely be back again.

James Etchison

This is one of our favorite places on earth to go on vacation, everything I've had there is amazing. All the servers are really kind and on top of everything. When you live in the woods of Alabama, New York City can be scary so we really appreciate them being so friendly. While they were all great, it feels like I should single out Julia and the lady who was training with her (I forgot her name unfortunately). We were there early for breakfast and they were really awesome and talked to us about our vacation and answered all our food questions. So great.

Marie Richard

Good location, near times square. Despite being very busy service was amazing. The food was good and very large portion, plenty to share with an entree. The cheesecake is the best! My favorite is the devil's food and chocolate mousse. Only down side was the restrooms were disgusting, toilet paper and pee everywhere.

Lisa Garces

Wanted a quick bite so sat at the bar top. I wish I got his name he was fantastic and such great service. Breakfast was good I had an omelette.

Melissa Colcord

I went here with a friend of mine during our trip to NYC for IMATS. The valet at the hotel told us that this was the BEST place to get cheesecake, and trust me, I'm about that life

Daniel Knapp

Ordered lemon coconut cake slice and icing tasted like storebought cool whip, coconut flavor was weak, lemon layer seemed like it was frozen.

Iain Johnstone

Very good cheesecake. Little on the pricey side, but next to times Square cannot be surprised. Large slice of cake that was very tasty - I had the classic cake.

Christinne Roach-Lugo

Outstanding customer service!!!! our server Tyshawn, recommended the key lime cheesecake and it didn't disappoint. The place was packed and he was always checking in. The onion rings were delicious as the stake burger.

Carlos Manoel Petto

I went there because of the cheesecake, and really don’t recommend. I tried the strawberry cheesecake and didn’t like it. It was dry in the middle and the topping was totally artificial. I felt it was old, although it looks really nice. And also I had trouble digesting it, so I definitely won’t come back and never recommend. There are a lot of better cheesecakes in town.

Edna Banks

After a full day of sightseeing and attending a terrific broadway show we only had to walk out of the theater doors and into Juniors. So convenient and in the heart of the theater district.A very casual setting and we had a choice of indoor or outdoor dining. The menu was varied and the service was quick and friendly. I chose wings and was not disappointed. A great restaurant too if you’re on the go and in a hurry.

Gil Michaeli

Excellent value Good food Professional service Mazzaball soup was delicious, just like my mom's

Sarah Wady

Amazing...thank you. I came in with a sleeping baby in a stroller. Unlike buffalo wings I was told I had to make my child sit up in a childs seat. I was simply told by you guys you will get me a booth so I can eat and my baby can sleep. Thank you for your kindness and for accommodating me. Truly well done... I will come back again and again.

Michael Schurr

After a Broadway Show we stopped in for a late dinner. I had the Roast Turkey with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce and it was terriffic. Out waiter Matt was friendly and quick to attend to our requests. 5 stars for sure.

Remona Koop

Best corned beef and pastrami sandwich ever! Place was bright and clean. Staff were super friendly!

Matt Lewellen

Amazing food. Amazing service. Guaranteed to leave NOT hungry. The portions are unreal. We really enjoy this place. Everytime we go to Times Square, we make a point to have a meal or just dessert there.

Maxime Roux Dubois

Here's the thing with Junior's restaurant. The cakes are excellent, especially the cheesecake. You can tell that they have mastered this recipe; the original cheesecake with strawberry is truly delicious. However the meals themselves are nothing special. Don't get me wrong they look great, but the taste is nothing special. Huge portions but no substance. If you are around Time Square, I would say go for dessert & coffee, not for their meals.

Edwina Bertha Narita

We had the traditional cheesecake and the apple crumb one. The portions were big and we quite liked it. We intend to try other flavors in the future. Also, there was no queue and the service was fast. The waiters talk to the customers and make everyone feel welcome. Thumb up to them!

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