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REVIEWS OF Hamilton's Bakery IN New York

Alexandra Gaudet

I absolutely love this place! Lots of room to get some work done, and the sweets never disappoint.

Jonathan Zacsh

Loved coming here to study. They have free, no hassle WiFi, super delicious desserts, good coffee, and the staff is friendly.

Jonathan Estabrooks

I popped in the day before they opened and met the amazing staff and owners, Rafael and Jenna who have really taken the time to get to know people coming in the door. A really warm, neighborhood vibe that blends the charms of Hamilton Heights with a bit of the Village. The place is big, two levels with a funky reading spot, free wifi all day, tons of outlets, lots of food and baked goods to choose from, and really well done Cappuccinos. This will definitely be my regular spot and so glad to have them in the neighborhood! Highly recommend it!

David Larsson

It takes a while to get the food, but it was good. The iced coffee was pretty bad, though...


Love the setting, very comfortable !

Marta Antonelli

Good coffee, friendly staff, and sooo much laptop space. Local crowd, low-key atmosphere. Pretty much a dream spot. Not a big fan of their sweet baked goods, but the egg cups/nests are very good.

Secret Specter

Pleasant atmosphere and great iced coffee!

Louis-Antoine Caron

Amazing place to go eat and to take an amazing coffee

Anne Tangi

Love the ambiance, music, artwork and food. And the staff is very friendly.

Devon Baez

Fast and friendly service, great baked goods and comfortable atmosphere. LOVED my lunch today of the warm Hamilton quinoa bowl and blueberry hibiscus cannabis iced tea. Definitely coming back for brunch soon.

Rita Silva

Lovely, great staff, great food and prices. Highly recommend

Cid Seesher

We were so excited to visit the bakery today. However, we were unable to get seated after ordering soup and sandwich/ pastry and coffee and ended up having our order packaged up to take with. Upon arriving home we found our soup was left out of our order. I phoned the restaurant and spoke with Jenna(the owner) she apologized and offered a credit back. I appreciate that but would have enjoyed experiencing the atmosphere of the bakery or not.

judith becking

excellent house made food

Shady Bassaly

Nice ambiant light. Chairs are uncomfortable.

Owen Jones

Having only been open for a week or so, this café seems to be running pretty smoothly! The seating area is huge, open, and furnished in a way that makes getting around easy. Ambiance-wise, there are vintage brass chandeliers, chalkboard walls, a comfy couch and set of wingback chairs, and the milk/straw/cutlery station is a vintage range oven (I mean, come on) Imagine a Pinterest board labeled, "cute, not corny, not ironic, indie/southern comfort-food café". I'll just let that settle in. Revel in that. Literally, the only thing to keep me from thinking it's the "after" shot from Fixer-Upper is shiplap, a fireplace, and 7,000 children running around. The menu is amazing. The food is homey and comforting, with stuff I wouldn't expect in this neighborhood, like real homemade whipped cream, and pastries actually made in-store. The owner is like the pastry chef mother no one has, but totally needed. You can tell she took time selecting everything from the decor, to her menu, to the actual humans with souls and senses of humor who work behind the counter. Each time I've gone in, the employees are far more levelheaded than I've seen at a new business, and much more approachable than at any chain bakery/café. All in all, amazing. It feels wrong that a place this great is literally outside my apartment, like it got lost on its way somewhere else where all is right with the world, and food is made with real ingredients with a two-syllable max. Food that could have been made with the ingredients their pastry chef mother had in their icebox and was left on the windowsill to cool (not what happens, I'm trying to convey an image here.) But I'm not complaining. This is awesome. I'm looking forward to this place sticking around and becoming a regular spot for everyone in the neighborhood.

Dillon Lew

Good is good but overpriced

David Hamilton

Lived up to expectations, good atmosphere, cafe style so base level service (ok for style of restaurant). Avacado toast was superior. Party of 4, all eaters were happy. Will return again.

Ethan Karavani

Best place to get work done and study. I travel uptown from 116th just to relax and enjoy great ☕ . You know what they say, if you want breakfast in bed, sleep at Hamilton's!

Paul Rigano

Can't say enough about this place. From the ambience to the amazing staff to the GREAT food and drinks. This place is fantastic.

Julian Chelo

I live a block away and I can say from being a regular that the employees and owners are very nice. Most coffee shops in the area get their pastries delivered from the same place, but almost all the one's you'll find here are made fresh downstairs and are extremely unique.

Jessica Schnell

Really good baked pastries.

Nick Mersman

Gabriela Beltré

I was looking for a place like this around that block, this was perfect. Good brunch, good prices, good atmosphere. Totally would recommend.

jesus tiburcio

Not the best place for a hot chocolate lover but decent. Prices are super high. Had some stomach issues after drinking. Have ok food.

Jordan R

Absolutely great little baked goods shop and eatery. Staff is super friendly, the baked goods are OUTRAGEOUSLY good (the smores cookie is just out of this world), and a really good selection of beverages (beers, coffee, tea, etc). This is my new go-to hands down.

Mr. Escalera

Excellent ambience. Varied selection of music artist and genre ranging from frank sinatra to sampha and beyond.

Philip Cherian

Great staff, great coffee. I've spent far too much time in here reading!

Mindy Ramirez

Came in here for a quick treat for the kids. Did not have more, so I cannot give a full review of the food or coffee. The cinnamon roll we had was good. I can say that this place has a ton of room. It is also very cute and clean. It has bathrooms. Oh, and the staff is friendly. Prices are average.

Megan Coryat

A friendly, comfortable coffee shop. Nice staff and nice patrons.

Jan van Heuzen

The place looks super cool and staff is very friendly, but they heated our panini in a microwave...


Such a bad vibe, made me feel so uncomfortable and unwelcomed. The iced coffee was nasty too, along with their everything bagel which was the only option. I would never come here or recommend this place.

Gaby Renfroe

Love coming here when I want to get some work done. The coffee is always solid and everything I’ve ordered has tasted delicious. If you need a place to chill for a while and work on your laptop I would definitely suggest Hamilton’s.

Hector Colon

Cool staff, dirt cheap prices for quality stuff, and really quiet. Great place to study.

John Wojciechowski

Fantastic service, coffee, and food.

Craig Himmons

The Pastries And Coffee Are Great. The Baristas Are Extremely Friendly..

Carena Thompson

Delicious bakery and coffee in Hamilton Heights. A wee overpriced for The neighborhood. The shameless gentrification is unnerving, but hopefully everyone can enjoy nicer things for a bit before having to move because of rising prices across the board.

Adrienne P

I took my out of town family here for a quick bite the day after Thanksgiving to chill for a bit before they headed back home to Philly. We waited to be seated but, no one addressed us. I asked the barista who saw us waiting but, said nothing, if we needed to wait. He rolled his eyes and told us to sit anywhere. I looked around and saw no wait staff so, I went to the counter. There, I was told that we order there and will be called up when our food came up. Mind you, I waited to be seated the previous Sunday when I went there for brunch. I ordered food for four and two lattes. My latte order seemed to annoy the 'couldn't be bothered' barista, who seemed visibly annoyed that I ordered both whole milk and almond milk for my latte. He first asked the cashier what I ordered. Then, he walked the five steps over to the counter from his station to ask me to repeat what she had just told him. When he made the latte, he called us up but, just kinda plopped an unopened box of almond milk on the counter without telling my cousin that it was part of the order. My cousin returned to retrieve the milk and said, " Man, that guy's got an edge to him!" The barista was so rude that I had to apologize for picking the place. Thank you for spoiling my appetite for your cute little eatery. Nasty personnel!!!

Marta G

Watch out for moldy brownies...

Carolyn De Melo

I'm not blown away, but I also haven't eaten anything here that was awful either. The staff is especially nice.

Rolando Solorzano

Great experience, although a bit over priced.

Marcel Grossert

Nice cozy place with good coffee and pastries.

Daudi Justin

Great cafe, with plenty of seats and free WiFi I stopped in to study ended up spending several hours there.

Ana Garcia

A little expensive for the neighborhood

Kevin Huang

A great little bakery in upper Manhattan. Delicious concoctions include nutella cinnamon bun, babka, and bundt cake They also have a great space for working right next door. If you stick around for happy hour there are beers too!

Justin Starkenburg

Great prices and selection, and plenty of comfortable seating. My dog appreciates the water bowls outside, too.

Michelle Zulli

Mark Kabbash

This place is great. I will definitely come back and suggest that you make the time to come here. This place is consistently very good. The staff is friendly and attentive. I suggest you try this place. If you do you'll go back. The oatmeal is very tasty but the portion was small. Tell them Mark sent you!

Julien Delmouly

Marie Aldrich

Artistic and comfortable coffee shop with good seating and great coffee. Although we are gf, the pastries looked delicious! They did have a few gf options

Lisa Dodson

Presentation and atmosphere wise four stars very comfy environment.. food-wise 3 and because of my own personal culinary experience I expected more flavor for a Bakery.. so all depends on your culture palette & what you're exposed to.. some items taste better than others.. overall it's a good experience

Ta'Loria Young

Sometimes the WiFi is a little in and out but overall, the food and the coffee is good, always! Great place to study/work.

R. Efrain Ayala

Food is OK, service is decent and the atmosphere is welcoming. If food was better I'd give 5 stars.

christopher benson

A boring place trying to not look boring

Aakash Kumar

Great Ambiance, Great Food, and Great Coffee.

Orlando Leonardo

Friendly service

Cris Barquero

Great place to study or work, free WiFi, good coffee, amazing pastries. Try the birds nest.

Jeremy Mankin

Couldn't find anywhere to sit for all the hipsters with laptops

JoseLuis Gonzalez

Good place to grab a coffee and a pastry

Ryan Campbell

Great place to have some great coffee and pastries

Evette Ramos

Love it coffee and sandwich

Jane Blumenshine

Amazing place!!! Try tasty lunch options. The salad is also great!

María Franco

The pastries were yummy!

Jamie Obrien

Love Hamilton's! Great atmosphere (not claustrophobic). Friendly staff and great food and drinks!

John Goodrick

Nice ambiance for work or hanging out with friends, and good food. I like the rice bowls.

MaryElizabeth Royce

Aesthetic, chic atmosphere with excellent espresso and pastry selections. I personally adore their oatmeal with steamed milk (you MUST try)

Sam Goodspeed

Great coffee, great service, great ham and cheese croissant

David Hyun

The waffle was a bit dry, but the chicken strips were amazing. The biscuit was also a bit dry as well.

Maddie Corman

Beautiful space. Yummy breads muffins and cookies. Wonderful service.

Claudette Wilson

Omg!!! Really amazing place. Love the drinks and food. Really nice place to sit down and just relax. My favorite place when in the area.

Daniel Davidson

Buen café y buena pastelería. Ojo cuando pidan capuchino solo lo sirven en tamaño pequeño

Alexian Taymer

The espresso drinks are Toby's Estate coffee and quite solid, but don't pass on the fresh, home-made baked goods if you go. We tried a bird's nest and a smores cookie and enjoyed both very much. There's comfy couch seating and lots of tables, but it seems like it's usually crowded, and rightfully so.

Armelle Kay

Nice cozy spot to hunker down after ordering. Could use a better menu and lower prices but the offerings are not really why you go to Hamilton’s. “Bakery” is kind of an exaggeration- it’s a coffee shop. Great place to meet a friend for a quiet convo.

Matthew Mauve

It's a hipster fakery style bakery. The bagels are not authentic (poor texture, the everything was not topped like a NY everything and they didn't even put the cream cheese on the bagel, and the selection is tiny). There are some good high end pastries but nothing here really stands out. If you're a native NYer looking for a bagel, you'll walk out disappointed.

Tom D

Live it. Very pleasant for coffee, pastries or weekend brunch

Anisa Yasin

Peanut butter & Jam sandwich needs more Peanut butter & less Jam. Customer Service was pretty good.

Jeff Tamblyn

Love it here.

Julian Hammond

Great looking place can be a bit more kid friendly

Bill Horn

Comfy and quiet. Baked goods are ok, but not fabulous.

Reynolds Jones

Everything tastes so good there

Ronnie Shumake

If you like bacon, #BirdsNest

Leanne Derrick

Usually a favorite but despite checking online they are still closed. They took the notice off their website but don’t be fooled. They are closed. Edit: Reopened and so amazing! Love this place.

S Cruz

Nice space with big communal tables, small dining area and a pretty sofa to lounge on... i appreciate that its a small business and not a huge chain but I'm letting you know right now, i paid almost $4.00 for ONE chocolate chip cookie here.

Pat McKeon

It could be a lot better, I find it to be a bit pricey but it has comfortable seating!!

Ben Schweitzer

Chocolate croissant was somewhat disappointed with the syrop instead of real chocolate, everything else was great though.

Mafalda Felgueiras

Vale a pena passar por lá! Tudo é bom

Daniel Nin

Went in on 9 August in the morning, gentleman working the counter was about as rude as could be. I actually felt sorry for the rest of the staff. I'm going to go ahead and avoid this place. Do not recommend.


Just came here this morning. Chocolate croissant from yesterday. Such a shame. Far from a quality croissant but it is $4. So more than Maison Kayser. First time and never again.

Ka Jit The

The coffee are great, also had the delicious croissant with ham and cheese, and the banana walnut bread. Will come again

Renee M

Great place for drink and great food to eat while you work.

Mandar Sakhardande

Fantastic barista and crew. Made us welcome straight away in a new neighbourhood where we were staying only a day. We tried the ‘nest’ assortment of bacon/egg breakfast and was great. The coffee was gooood!

K. B. Pok-Carabalona

Quality has gone way down since they first opened.

Jacob Palermo

I’m giving Hamilton’s two stars simply because their internet is extraordinarily limited. Good Coffee, great staff, always feel welcomed very chill. But seriously guys, your internet only lets you get on Facebook and YouTube. You can’t even log onto the Washington posts website.

Robert Paras

Nice coffee shop, but went in thinking this was going to be more of a bakery which it's not. Good coffee, nice employees, and the convenience is spot-on.

Tami Brehse

Love Hamilton's! Awesome snacks, friendly staff and now that they have beer and wine a great spot to unwind as well.

Theo Art Dittmer

Baristas are extremely impatient and rude.


Good luck with the new bakery!!

Nicolai Schwarzkopf

Cool neighborhood coffee shop

Kyle McLean

I wish they would put the butter on my bagel instead of in a little cup. At least give me a plastic knife

Santiago Martinez Gonzalez

Their coffee is delicious and their pastries are quite tasty. The service is attentive and the atmosphere of the place is quite comfortable.

Edward Pacheco

You want a good canolie


The price is high Coffee is medium

Colin Howard

Very friendly folks, tons of seating, and a pleasant hipster-attracting rustic environment. Has all the signs of gentrification, including exposed-brick walls, old furniture, and slightly overpriced food. But it's a good place for a nice brunch.

Elizabeth Gebauer

Very cool place! The coffee and treats are tasty and the space is great for working or hanging out.

gabi marchion

Coffee is delicious as are their sweet treats. The breads and bagels however are practically stale. Just ordered a lox bagel toasted and the bagel basically crumbled it was so dry. New York bagels should never be dry! Everyone is really nice there but for 8 bucks I'd expect a good bagel:/ they are definitely serving old bagels from the week. Not freshly baked!

Ryan Mutton

Delicious brunch, little pricy.

Joe Russell

This is my favorite place to sit and work, or just grab a quick breakfast in all of NYC. The owner has put so much energy into this place and has come up with some really amazing food options (my favorite is the "birds nest." Every single thing I have had here has been amazing and the prices are low. Great atmosphere and awesome people as well. Totally amazing. I am making this my NYC home base!

Chidinma Orji

I really loved the Hamilton rice bowl! It was affordable, staff was amazing! Hamilton Bakery is a nice vibe...

Mariana Taglio

Great coffee. It is algo a good place to work remotely. Wifi is acceptable

Rashad Jones

It was ok. Ambiance is pretty standard fare for a coffee shop/bakery. Overpriced, for certain...

Manfry Martinez

Fresh food, lots of green options, efficient service and beautiful decoration.

Amir Yacobi

Yes!!! What a Jem! Great place on Hamilton heights. Keep them coming!

Robert Brink

Great vibe, distinctive sandwiches & treats with a bakery on premises! Great place to hang, not awesome to park there to work or study if you need a power outlet. Fun signage. A coffee shop with its own personality.

Fausto Jiménez

Almost every brunch dish is absolutely decadent! I had the cinnamon roll french toast, which was accompanied by real maple syrup. Although my companions and I arrived toward the later end of brunch and almost missed the $15 (1.5 hr) unlimited mimosas, our server went out of her way to ensure we could get our money's worth. She even arranged for us to be served by another server once her shift was over. INCREDIBLE!

Nicholas Abouzeid

Love this place. Freshly baked bread, great coffee, and tasty grab & go sandwiches for lunch. Wish they stayed open later for dessert!

Alina Wasim

My fiancé got chocolate bundt cake and cinnamon roll delivered to me and both were stale. Extremely disappointed.

Jurek Foryciarz

Perfect breakfast pastries.

Adrienne Manbeck

The staff are so friendly, the drinks are delicious, and the decor is adorable.

Charles Greene

Another neighborhood gem. Just the right mix of natural lighting for mood yet shading for contemplation. Right mix of music for reflection and space filling. Inviting atmospheric mix of wood, brick, fabric art and nostalgia. Delicious plates and soothing lattes and drinks. Love 5his place!

Hanna Mosenthal

I have been twice for brunch which is saturdays and sundays 10-5. I never got the bottomless mimosas but it's a great deal. My one hang up is that the entrees that come with the bottomless are all very carby and meaty breakfast foods, and the lighter options like grain bowls and avocado toast don't come with the bottomless because they are cheaper. but once they said they could arrange something where you could still get it for a little cheaper. The service is great and the vibe is lovely. They have a cafe side where you order at the counter and some people were working on laptops and then the table service brunch. The choice of menu options is really good and the food itself is pretty good but not amazing. Prices are good.

Henry Cruz

(Translated by Google) All right (Original) Bien

Karine RC

(Translated by Google) Coffee shop which also offers a wide choice of pastries. Excellent nutella and cinnamon cakes. We can sit on chairs, a bit like home. (Original) Coffee shop qui propose aussi un large choix de viennoiseries. Excellents gâteaux au nutella et à la cannelle. On peut s’installer sur des fauteuils, un peu comme à la maison.

Patti Bianchi

Friendly staff and great selection of baked goods. Next time I would like to give myself more time to enjoy coffee there in their cozy bakery. Plus they have crepes.

Samy Galvez

This is a nice space to chat with friends over brunch or to spend some time working in their cafe area. They are very friendly and their service was quick. The atmosphere is comfortable and friendly as well. Their menu is varied and has many different options, which is always good. Their hot chocolate was phenomenal. Their meals were a bit small for their price, and the taste wasn’t as great—but still good.

Marika Lohmus

Great coffee and baked goods! It has ample seating and the music selection is amazing. I suggest trying their chai latte! The only complaint I have is regarding the wifi. They have more than enough seating for those trying to get work done but the provided wifi is anything but reliable.


Unlimited brunch and Sangrias yes. Go for the food stayfor the cute servers

Rich J

Very nice neighborhood place. Good coffee and baked goods. Would be better if they had equal and splenda for the diabetics. I understand that artificial sweeteners are bad, but so is sugar. I would appreciate the option to sweeten my coffee too.

Schwinn Zhang

Update: They've fixed the wifi. It was not working when I visited last year. The space is nice. The waitress this morning was nice.

Dave Herman

The staff here is fantastic, like they were hand-picked for courtesy and coolness. The atmosphere is kitch, cute, and trendy. You can see the heart put into this business to make it a welcoming place for the community.

Antonio Santos

Low key relaxed for 1st date

Hilena Tibebe

Awesome vibe an great customer service.

Christopher John Lindstrom

Ok place to meet, good food, good vibe, bad coffee.

Enrico Zanardo

Great place to work and have coffee.. I only tried one muffin and it wasn't great, but espresso and coffee were really good

Charlie Cooper

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! If you'd like to be treated with respect, avoid this place or go on a day when the pale, tatted, male barista isn't there. I went in there and sat down for no more than 10 minutes when that man (the same man who I purchased a pastry from at the same bakery two days prior) came up to me and asked if I had purchased anything. I said no I hadn't yet and he said I needed to leave and that they don't allow people to be there doing work if they don't purchase at least one thing... Ummm, ok. This man literally ASSUMED I had no plans to purchase anything. Mind you, when I was there a couple days prior, I sat there and worked on my computer for a good 3 hours without purchasing anything and at the tail end of my stay there, I bought a pastry and even enjoyed some trivia with the sweet female barista. I didn't know I had to purchase something immediately to be allowed to stay. Clearly that's not a real policy being that my experience only days prior was completely different- but the man insisted that it was. I told him there should be a sign on their doors stating that you had to buy something within 10 minutes or less to stay. He said that was the owner's policy... Horrible, horrible, horrible. Way to lose a customer. Had he at least waited to see if I had purchased something OR at least said, our policy is x,y,z for future reference, but you can stay this time, I wouldn't be writing this post. Instead he decided to embarrass me and say "you can't stay if you don't buy something." Which was my intention once I had settled in and set my computer up, etc. had he not pulled that kind of stunt. So much for a "neighborhood" coffee shop. I just moved back to my neighborhood in Harlem and this was a rude welcome back. This bakery wasn't here when I moved for grad school several years ago and perhaps it was better that way. Remember this, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."- Take a page out of Maya Angelou's book Hamilton's Bakery.

Melody Simmons

Walking off the street the place looks really cute, the service was good and the atmoatmosphere is lovely with that being said the food it self needs work. The chicken and waffles I ordered was disappointing I'm not sure if soft fried chicken is the aim but the chicken seem to have been JUST cooked. Some tweaking to the recipes is needed other than that it's a lovely place.

Bruna Reis

Love it! Cool place, I've had breakfast, brunch and stopped for a coffee there and I had a good time every time. Service is very friendly and the food is really good (just didn't get impressed with their bagels, but everything else was quite delicious). Good place to stop by just for a coffee, study or work. There is always some 90's music playing in the background, so if you were born late 80's / early 90's like me, you're very like to appreciate it! Haha

Lienara Bavbiekova

Great place! The stuff is extremely polite and professional. Food is amazing. I had cinnamon roll and its the best I ever had! Thank you so much for opening this great place in our neighborhood

Romina C

Really nice ambiance, great quality coffee and pastries

Aaron Griffin

Good coffee and breakfast pastries, especially the muffins.

Barbara Silva

Nice place, good pastry and great espresso.


Nice place!

Ronald Laracuente

We stopped by for some breakfast, but this is also a great place to sip on a coffee and work. The decor and staff were wonderful. The "bird's nest" was really delicious, and I'll be coming back just for that. We also tried the sticky pull-apart bun, and although it was a bit sweet it had great cinnamon raisin flavor and flaky texture. The almond croissant was a bit dry and tough (maybe stale). The drink selection was ample Overall, a great experience at this local cafe.

Abbas Abbasov

Best place for a catch-up, quick eats and Sunday coffee

Metin Sarci

Maybe it was an off day cause I usually love this place but the crossants were stale. Otherwise all was great

Kiersten Remster

Love coming here!! Best brunch and great service. Breakfast pizza is super tasty! Highly recommend.

Rudy B.

Ummm let's be real, a cafe/bakery with awesome food, beaucoup space and wifi for paying customers... Gold. The staff is friendly the space is beautiful. Had one of their cold sandwiches but wishing I had tried one of the pastries- perfect reason to return. Definitely recommend!

Kosmas-D Giann

Great cafe, awesome design, perfect for a quiet studying spot. Cons: The WiFi signal can get weak or either stop working.

vanessa cabrera

Certainly recommend the Capuccino!! Love the decor and the peace inside the store. Wish they closed later, but we'll settle for 7pm.

Josh Askinazi

Great, original food and beverages. Great service

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