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Robert N.

Pretty awesome brownies. I'll offer you a tip: if you go after five, the unwrapped brownies are $1.50. They'll have a selection of four to six types, and you'll love at least two or three. (Turtle, raspberry, and lemon bar are all greaaaaat!)

Hyojin Lee

(Translated by Google) The basic types dayanghande also really delicious brownies! It came out just enough to buy two I regret later! if you visit to Chelsea Market, you have to try Fat Witch Bakery's Brownie! it's amazing. (Original) 종류가 다양한데 기본 브라우니도 정말 맛있어요! 딱 두개 정도 사서 나왔는데 나중에 후회했어요! if you visit to Chelsea Market, you have to try Fat Witch Bakery's Brownie! it's amazing.

Jeff Buchan

Favorite brownies in NYC!

Yen-chen Lin

(Translated by Google) Blessed are those who do not like the soft brownie cake! Probably the American flavor, overall hard, the outer layer of crispy skin. Recommended caramel taste, buy a pack of witchends is cost-effective! Come home and eat slowly in the refrigerator, with milk or sugar-free tea and coffee are great! (Original) 不喜歡鬆軟布朗尼蛋糕的人有福了!大概是美式口味,整體而言偏硬、外層有脆皮。推薦焦糖口味,買一包witchends更是划算!回家放冰箱慢慢吃,配點牛奶或是無糖的茶咖啡都很棒!


(Translated by Google) Chelsea market popular sweets shop (Original) チェルシーマーケットで人気のお菓子屋

Hawraa A

Very delicious brownie place. Totally worth every penny.

Shenglong Gao

The brownies taste ok, but are mostly dry. If you like dry brownies, go for it. The one good thing is they are not heavy handed on the sugar.


After eating at Del Posto today, I feel as though I must go back and review the ratings I gave to all my other posts because Del Posto has set a new standard for me. Our experience today was perfect in every single way. Every morsel of food was absolutely delicious. In fact, this was the best meal I have had all year.


(Translated by Google) Brownie's a restaurant to taste it nix (Original) 브라우니 전문점 이네요 맛이 괜찬습니다

David Flinner

Meh. No need for specialty brownies

Chanel Brown

I have to say that their brownies are magnificent. Make sure to stop in and get free samples which they have plenty of on weekdays (a little harder to get on the weekends with the crowds).

Harrison Markey

Caramel Witch. A really really yummy goey brownie. This bakery makes all their brownies fresh and onsite. Don't forget to swing by later in the day and grab an unwrapped witch for less than 2 bucks. And please get one for me also!

Burch Sarah

The interior and overall appearance of this bakery are cute, and the small items they offer in addition to their baked goods make very cute gifts! The brownies here taste amazing, and there are a variety of different flavors to choose from. I recommend tasting them all until you find your favorite one!

Jeff Dover

Simply the best brownies. A must visit in NYC. Try the chocolate carmel brownie.

Yyun Ha

so so. chocolate brownie was just chocolate ‘flavored’ brownie.

Chris Grant

absolutely lovely. go in after 5, things are discounted. they try to sell everything and waste NOTHING. Cant help but admire that. I routinely make the long voyage from the land known as New Jersey to this mecca of sdweets.

The Corcoran Group

The pumpkin brownies here are TO DIE FOR. Trust us - you must stop in and see for yourself. The other brownies are delicious too!


(Translated by Google) It is a shop of brownies famous as New York souvenir. Since the expiration date is one week, let's purchase as much as possible before returning to the country. Recently I seem to be collaborating with shops in Japan, depending on the taste Japanese is written in the package, so I thought that it is not like a souvenir for a while. It is quite crowded, but I think that I will return soon without taking so much time because the rotation is fast. (Original) ニューヨーク土産としても有名なブラウニーのお店です。 賞味期限は一週間なので、できるだけ帰国間際に購入するようにしましょう。 最近は日本の店ともコラボしていたりするようで、味によってはパッケージに日本語が書いてあったりするので、そういうのはちょっとお土産っぽくないなっておもいました・・・。 結構混んでますが、回転は早いので、そんなに時間はかからずに帰ると思います。

Juan Ignacio Antolini

minnie ki

(Translated by Google) I personally do not like sweet foods. But I got a bag here and inhaled like a crazy friend. After all, I had to buy more bags for the gift. (Original) 개인적으로 단음식은 별로 좋아하지 않습니다. 하지만 여기서 한봉지를 뜯고 친구와 미친듯이 흡입했죠. 결국 선물용으로 한봉지를 더사야했습니다.

Nicolas El-Hage

Tempting, but too rich and too sweet.


Desmond Chow

Fat Witch Bakery is one of the many food vendors in Chelsea Market. These brownies are a great snack or dessert. They are rich and soft. You can tell they are fresh. Sometimes they have samples. There's about six different flavors. Something for everyone.

ruiko nishigaki

(Translated by Google) It listed may be anywhere in the guide book, but the taste is normal. Since the package is cute souvenirs to be that nice. Subtle taste to package the deadline that is not on. It bag was also sticky (Original) どこのガイドブックにもよく載ってますが、味は普通。パッケージが可愛いのでお土産にはいいのかも。パッケージに賞味期限が載ってないのが微妙。袋もベタベタしてたし

Tiffany McEachern

Was kind of disappointed with the brownies here. They are more like cake brownies than fudgey brownies

Tae seob Kim

(Translated by Google) It was delicious Brownie perfect! (Original) 맛있었어요 브라우니 꾸덕한게 딱!

Jaimie Tani

Absolutely delicious! I bought a variety set of 12 as a gift to share in the office, and they were a big hit even in Japan, where typically sweet teeth don't run nearly as sugary as they do in America. The only downside of the location is the the space is small, and when there's a line around the inside of the store, you can barely move around people to get what you want. But there's no denying it's worth the wait.

Casey Tepp

I love this place and love their brownies. Every time I am in Chelsea I stop by and get one. Today I was walking down the street and I sneezed and when my head jerked down on account of the sneeze I saw a sticker on the sidewalk with their logo on it. It's a good logo and also I'm impressed that they were able to advertise to me mid-sneeze, across town. That was the impetus for me leaving this review.

Tony Lee


Nick Lo

好吃的布朗尼蛋糕 買伴手禮的好地方

César González




Lazarus Lynch NomTube

There is nothing better to me than a Fat Witch brownie. It is remarkably chocolate-y and with a slight crunch on the top and a cake-like interior. The brownie will make you want a glass of milk, couch and blanket. It's just that great!

Meg Smith

Fat Witch sells prepackaged brownies in assorted flavors — caramel, double chocolate, walnut, mocha, you name it. Freshness varies depending on when each batch was made; I suspect they aren't made fresh daily. A recent sampling yielding one dry, one okay, and one moist. $3 for a brownie is a bit steep considering their quality is so inconsistent. Service is friendly if slow. Tucked in busy Chelsea Market, I imagine they do well with the tourists.


(Translated by Google) Snow baby $ 1.99 Fat witch $ 2.99 The chocolate brownie is a charcoal of the court. Cohesion is strong, so even if you try to peel it off a little, half is removed. It feels like a rice cake that has not been ingested. One side is as hard as cookies, so it is good for texture. I have just finished one. Snow brownies also have strong cohesion. Taste is a familiar taste. It looks like a bitter and moist castella. It really does not fail. Be sure to have a baby (Original) Snow baby $1.99 Fat witch $2.99 초코브라우니는 꾸덕꾸덕의 정석입니다. 응집력이 강해서 조금만 떼어내려고 해도 절반이 떼어집니다. 쫀득하지 않은 떡같은 느낌이에요. 한쪽면이 쿠키처럼 딱딱해서 식감도 좋습니다. 달긴 달아요.. 간신히 하나 다 먹었습니다. 스노우브라우니도 응집력이 강해요. 맛은 익숙한 맛이에요ㅎㅎ카스테라 맛? 쫀쫀하고 촉촉한 카스테라같아요. 정말 실패하지 않는맛이에요. 베이비로라도 꼭 드셔보세용

kristin Warzek

Best brownies I have ever eaten and I sure do love my sweets. They have small packed brownies too if you just want a little taste. Every time I go to NYC I make the trip to the super crowded Chelsea Market for some meatpacking shopping AND that delicious Fat Witch Brownie

Lisa Kim

Great brownies in town. I only come here after five so that I can get 50% off brownies for all.

yen bee yee

Variety of Rich flavoured brownies. Free samples available! P/s: encourage to tip for tasting free samples

Paula Chau

Brownies are amazing! I had the blondie and the original, original was the best!

Taemin Kim

(Translated by Google) The brownie taster. Toxic plain hype here. Typical American brownies because a strong sweet taste is a normal level. Itgido the Chelsea Market and price Enjoy a leisurely coffee at a cafe near the park near the librarian holding a cheap way Bob] (Original) 브라우니 감별사입니다. 유독 평이 과장된 곳. 전형적인 미국식 브라우니라서 단맛이 강하고 풍미는 보통 수준입니다. 첼시마켓에 있기도 하고 가격도 괜찮으니 하나 싸 들고 근처 카페에서 커피 사서 근처 공원에서 여유롭게 즐기시길

Alexander Hwang

As a Canadian visiting, seemed like the "owner(?)" was just a little rude, cause she was on the phone while we were cashing out and asking some questions - Sort of treated me as a person that didn't know anything. Aside from that, this place is one of those over hyped shops in my opinion, as 2 packs of small brownie baking mix will run you 20 bucks, while a bag of brownies would run you around 13 bucks. Steep. But regardless, the brownies are pretty good. I would give 3.5 if I could.

Bryan Kim

Great brownie maker in Chelsea market. I usually get the baby size, as the regular size is quite filling. Great for gifting as well - I've bought a couple tin boxes as gifts for people who want a piece of NY or just have sweet tooth. Either way, it's definitely worth a visit to get a taste of that baby-size brownies.

Leonardo Dizon Sumulong

Awesome brownies of all types. I had my first Blondie ever here years ago and always stop in for a treat when I pass by Chelsea Market.

Emma Mullin

Was really looking forward to trying Fat Witch whilst in NYC, I bought the double chocolate witch and was very disappointed. The brownie did not have a fudgy texture and it didn’t have a rich dense chocolate taste. The texture is dry, like a chocolate cake, not a brownie. Not worth $3 unfortunately!

Vanessa Brown

Love brownies, always look for them when we travel to new cities. These were dry, tasted or cheap ingredients and did not have good flavor.

Andrea Tenreiro

Had the truffle brownie as a sample in the store and it was delicious. Decided to buy the walnut brownie and a mini white chocolate one. Both were not that great, were more like square cakes than brownies... so if you want brownies, have that one or the double chocolate. IG: @tutieats

Jamie Borowicz

The most delicious brownies ever! Try the turtle brownie if they have it!

Caitlin B

This bakery cannot be beat! Classic brownies have been a favorite for years, plus the mix makes it easy to enjoy at home. Free baby witches this time around plus cute new bags! Save some room for dessert and try them all. You can't go wrong!

Miss Julie

My brownies were dry :-( . Came all the way from west coast to take with me.

Ying Ting Huang

I love brownie.

koji suzuki

(Translated by Google) We bought three small size ($ 2) paper box type 16 pieces in accordance with the information of the troubled netty at the expensive New York in New York. There are paper box and can type for gift giving, and paper box type is a little cheaper. Unexpectedly heavy and never cheap. I went to the early morning time zone, but only Japanese people including me ... The shop is small, but there are things other than the famous brownies such as mugs, so you can also sample. Evaluation is good. By the way, you can also buy in Kyoto, Osaka, and online shops. (Original) 物価の高いニューヨークでばらまき土産に困りネットの情報を頼りに小さいサイズ($2)のペーパーboxタイプ16個入りを3つ購入。 贈答用はペーパーboxと缶タイプがあり、ペーパーboxタイプの方が若干安いです。 意外と重いし決して安くは無いです。 朝の早い時間帯に行きましたが私を含め日本人ばかり…店は小さいけどマグカップなど名物のブラウニー以外の物もあり試食もできます。 評価は上々。 因みに京都や大阪、オンラインショップでも購入可能です。

Tsuyoshi Yamaga

So Cute

id maru

Malini Agarwal

Place to go if one is craving for brownies, and they are so good, fresh and moist. So many flavors and options available. Friendly staff. Samples available too. They even have brownie edges in a pack. Bought this and taste great. Location is inside the Chelsea market.

Yoshiko Onda

(Translated by Google) The taste as per reputation. The baby size can be bought for $ 2, so I'm glad I can choose a variety. There is also a brownie mix, so it might be good as a souvenir. (Original) 評判通りの美味しさ。 babyサイズは$2位で買えるので、色々と選べるのも嬉しい。 ブラウニーミックスもあるのでそちらもお土産に良いかも。

Ayaka M

(Translated by Google) Delicious brownies here is ◎ to the souvenir to the Japanese! (Original) ここのおいしいブラウニーは日本人へのお土産に◎です!

Morgan Kaschak

Manju Thomas

These are cake like brownies of many varieties prepackaged. I prefer fudgy brownies though.

toru izumida

(Translated by Google) I felt uncomfortable about that. I love the brownies but I will buy on online next time. For Japanese: I am in the Chelsea Market and it is perfect for cute souvenirs, but I think that it is better not to expect much for the staff's response. Even if I bought lots of it, it was rather an inconvenience. There were people who were friendly staff, but it was a bit disappointing. (Original) One staff’s attitude was not good. Other staff was friendly though. I ordered 50 baby witch brownies for gift but it looked very annoying to her. I felt uncomfortable about that. I love the brownies but I will buy on online next time. For Japanese: チェルシーマーケットにあり、可愛らしくお土産にも最適ですが、スタッフの対応にはあまり期待しない方がよいと思います。沢山買ってもむしろ迷惑がられている印象でした。フレンドリーなスタッフの方もいたのですが、ちょっと残念な評価になりました。

Kristen Lee Langelier

Cute little brownies bakery in Chelsea Market . Try the blondie.

master kev

(Translated by Google) Indescribably delicious brownies and not for nothing on many NY referral pages :) (Original) Unbeschreiblich leckere Brownies und nicht umsonst auf vielen NY-Empfehlungsseiten zu finden :)

Barbara Piermont

Fat Witch brownies will make you fat but you will certainly enjoy them if you are a chocolate lover. These things are rich with a capital "R." They offer a number of flavors live the java witch for coffee lovers, or snow witch- more like a blondie. Trying to pretend brownies are nutritious? If so, then get the breakfast witch where they top a brownie with oatmeal, coffee, and walnuts. In case you are on a diet but still have a sweet tooth, they often have teeny samples at the counter. If that not enough, then treat yourself to a Fat Witch Baby- mini versions of the original.

K Kubo

Yuriko K

Kane Errol Choa

Buy your brownies and brownie mix. Perfect for gifts too.

Lucy Dee

Carmel Witch. Need I say more? The best brownie you will ever, I mean, ever have. So decadent! And during "witching hour" when they're about to close they give discounts. I even have their cookbook, but I'm likely to lazy to replicate these bad boys.

Jules O.

Los mejores brownies del mundo, no se puede elegir uno solo. Realmente hay que probarlos todos.

Taiba Borhamah

they have the nutritional information of their products on their website

Arielle Fox

Hi Bye

The red witch cookie is to die for.

Bob Lou

They are just brownies, but they are pretty darn good brownies. That said, there are a variety of flavors, but I can't shake the fact that they are just above average brownies, and hence, it is unremarkable compared to the rest of Chelsea Market.


Shiori Yasukawa

Rob Sartori

Excellent brownies!

Angeline Ma

I gained a lot of weight; these were addictive. I think I need to go eat some more now. Seriously! It's AMAZZZINGGGGGGG food.

Sam Spector

Staff are nice. Brownies are very fresh and yummy

Irina Oprea

The brownies are delicious!!


(Translated by Google) I just thought it would be a brownie, but I felt happy to eat it. It is so delicious ♡ (Original) 그냥 브라우니겠거니 생각했는데, 한 입 베어 먹고 행복함을 느꼈습니다. 너무 맛있어요♡

Franck Dincher

Amanda Bender

How can you go wrong with gourmet brownies? Pricey but worth it.

Joanie Axelbaum

The best brownies ever.

Eunice Apia

Amazing brownies in different varieties. They run about $3+. I bought three and plan on going back to try more.

Arpit Vaidya


(Translated by Google) Delicious brownies (Original) 브라우니 맛있음

ej shortell

I recently went here. I heard a lot about the brownies. I had to try them. I went in the evening, but there was still a large assortment of cakes and bread. I love the brownies. You should try several yummy varities of brownies. The service was excellent.


(Translated by Google) It is already famous place for Koreans. I was more delicious than the brownies that contain caramel peeling than the brownies ~ moderately chewy taste ~ ~ !! If you eat milk, it is a taste of honey ~ (Original) 이미 한국분들에게 너무 유명한 곳 이더라구요. 저는 그냥 브라우니보다 카라멜필링이 들어있는 브라우니가 더 맛있었어요~ 적당히 쫄깃한 맛~~!! 우유랑 먹으면 꿀맛 입니다~

Tu Lam

They make fresh brownies in house with no preservatives so eat them up quick, not that is going to a problem. They have large squares and small squares, they even have an assortment of small squares. I got a bunch of these to bring them back to friends. If you don't eat them right away, stick them in the frig, if it's more than 2 weeks stick them in the freezer. We cut up ours and served it will vanilla gelato. It was so yummy. If you like corner pieces, they have bags of corner pieces for sale. We really like the caramel ones the best.

Helen Marquis

Go after 5.30pm for $1.50 unwrapped brownies. Best value and the selection changes every day. Delicious sticky chewy brownies packed full of flavour.

Jen Bloom

A must visit when you're in Chelsea Market! The brownies and bars are amazing. They also sell signed copies of their cookbooks, which is amazing because then you can make delicious treats at home!

Gyumi Kim

I ate 8 spices but original was best

Jimin Park

Best brownie ever XD

Eduardo Muller Simas

(Translated by Google) The attendant was super thick, out of which brownies are regular. Luiz's brownie gives from ten to zero in this one. Example I bought caramel and found no caramel flavor. There must be better brownie in ny. (Original) A atendente foi super grossa, fora que os brownies são regulares. O brownie do Luiz dá de dez a zero neste aqui. Exemplo comprei o de caramel e não encontrei sabor algum de caramelo. Devem existir brownie melhor em ny.

Danielle Lonnon

As an Australian, brownies are definitely something American and something that I didn't grow up with. So while walking through the Chelsea Markets I came across Fat Witch. Firstly, the design of shop was lovely - really inviting and fun. Secondly, the smell was amazing. Thirdly - the food just looked amazing. I am so glad I investigated this shop and tried some (ok a lot) of their food. The brownies were amazing. They were so yummy that I kept one of the paper bags and took back to Australia to remind me of this wonderful food moment.

Meaghan Metcalf

Not that good. Was dried out and not my type of brownie. Not a fudgy chocolaty brownie if that's what your looking for. Bland tasting.

Diego Escudero

Fun bakery with good food and good recipes!

Suzi Crone

Fabulous brownies! They even have a couple of decent vegan options. I tried the vegan chocolate option. It tasted a tiny bit salty to me but apart from that it was delicious!

Mauricio Treviño Morales

Peanut butter brownie was delicious..

Tim Gilligan

If you are a brownie person, then try out Fat Witch. They always have a new brownie to try and if you time it right free samples abound. Often that single bite is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I like the caramel brownies.

Kim Bo

Super gute Brownies, wenn auch etwas teuer. Aber wer Schokolade mag, wird hier glücklich.


Good varieties of yummy brownie and with friendly service. Fat witch brownie is my favorite flavor.

Naomi Inoue

Paulina Lei

Got two brownies from here because my friend said it was good. To be honest, brownies were a little too sweet for my taste and tasted somewhat artificial, even though they weren't. Maybe very good for people who enjoy extremely sweet things, but if not, wouldn't recommend.

Michael Wang

Yum! If I'm in the mood for brownies, I always know where to go, and Fat Witch has never ceased to disappoint. Tucked away right in Chelsea Market is where you'll find this sweet little bakery. Now I wouldn't consider myself a person that has a sweet tooth, but I can't deny a desert or pastry if it's simply awesome. With the brownies here, I can somehow eat 3-4 in one sitting, creating a nice little shield of fat on my stomach in the process. The brownies here aren't cheap by any means though, so if you're expecting Fresh Direct or Food Emporium prices, then try somewhere else. With their brownies, they come in two sizes: regular, and bite sized. I've always gone with the bite sized brownies because really people, portion control. As much as I would love to devour a regular sized brownie, it's probably not too good for my health. Plus, with these bite sized buddies, you can get a variety of flavors. On the downside, if you get the Witch Babies, they only come in 3 flavors: regular, blonde, walnut, as opposed to the normal fat witches. My personal favorite has to either be the original or the java witch, but no matter what you decide to choose, they're all amazing. These brownies are nice and soft, and when you bite into them, they do not crumble and dissolve into bits and pieces. One word of advice though, if you do buy these brownies, they have to be eaten in a week. Otherwise, they can be tossed in the fridge for up to 3 weeks. If you can have self-control and not eat all these yourself, Fat Witch brownies also make a nice gift for people outside of NYC! They come in a nice little tin, with all the brownies your loved ones can eat. All in all, a litte on the pricier side, but c'mon, you're in NYC. Everything here comes at a cost, but you get what you pay for.

May Chiu

(Translated by Google) May not get used to it I'll spit it when I eat it. The cousin said it was delicious also bought a pack, but I just do not love. (Original) 可能吃不習慣吧。吃一口我就吐出來了。味道不喜歡>"< 。表弟說很好吃還買了一包。但我就是不愛。

Andrew Nam

Best place for brownies

Alicia R

Love this place!


(Translated by Google) I do not know why it's popular It is a popular eating style. It was not (Original) 왜인기많은지 모르겠음 짠음식먹고 단게 땡기니까 인기가 많아진건지..? 안와도됨

Yosuke H

Cute and nice brownie is here:)

Andrew Duchi

First off, just a cute name and logo that makes me happy. More importantly, the brownies are absolutely incredible, especially the blonde brownies.

Kenny Wire

Worst brownie I have eaten store bought taste better.


(Translated by Google) It is a good brownie to buy for a gift. (Original) 선물용으로 구매하기 좋은 브라우니입니다.

tzu h


Michael Palan

best brownies in New York. a Chelsea Market essential stop!


This is my favorite brownie!

Rachel Antonio

Fat Witch Bakery is a must stop in Chelsea Market. I love their happy hour special. Cheap brownies! The classic is good but wicked is minty. I like their breakfast bar and blondie as well. There are mini brownies which are great for snacking and presents. Everything is good.


(Translated by Google) Have a mint paddle mint. (Original) 민트파들 민트드세요 두번드세요 세번드세요

GoGo Mamma

Great brownies - the Fat Witch Babies are just the right size to get your brownie fix with minimal guilt. Cute packaging. Take a dozen to the next party as a host/hostess gift.

Sandra Ordonez

They know exactly what they are doing! They have perfected the skill of brownie making and are the best in town. I love their location in Chelsea Market as well, grab a seat outside and be prepared to be blown away!

Lisa Cao

This place makes excellent brownies. Come after 5pm and unwrapped brownies are half off! Great location in Chelsea Market. They also have gift tins and many flavors. Service is courteous here.

Ricardo D. F.

Stopped by here during a 3 day visit just for the brownies.


Small store but so dangerous with all the baked goods.

Jamie Pink

Best brownie in NYC!!!

Jasmine Noor

Oh man, the brownies are absurdly good. This is definitely one of my favorite vendors in Chelsea Market. They make brownies in many different flavors and are all pretty fantastic. They are a bit pricy for a single brownie though, and I do question how fresh these brownies are, but that wouldn't stop me from eating three of those in a sitting.

Radhika Lakshmanan

Delicious caramel brownies

c Knorr

Love it

Traci Cappiello

Delicious brownies that are just the perfect size - if you're good and just get the baby brownies. I've only ever had the walnut brownies and never have been disappointed. As good as they are, if I were to ever eat a full-sized brownie, I think it would be overkill.



(Translated by Google) John Matt Tang (Original) 존맛탱


I loved the small cute store and although some may say their brownie prices are too steep please consider the fact that it's nyc and chelsea market-it costs money to have a store there. But for those still wishing to try it I suggest going at 5pm, during witching hour: when the unwrapped brownies are $1.50.

M. K.

Die besten brownis die ich bis jetzt gegessen habe

Guy Bar Yosef

I always try a different brownie and they are all delicious. After 5 p.m. they go from 2.50 to 1.50


(Translated by Google) There are many good products to buy for a gift. However, it is a little questioning to put this in carrier and enter Korea. (Original) 선물용으로 사가기에 좋은 상품들이 많다. 다만 이걸 캐리어에 넣고 한국에 들어가는건 좀 의문이긴 함..

Mike A. Chan

Great brownies! been around for a while and never sold out for bigger distribution. They have 1/4 sized brownies in the store so you can get walk out with one of every flavor they have.

Ornwara Tritrakarn

Lovely little place with nice brownies! I prefer more crispy brownie but this one is nice nonetheless! :)

Jack Broitman

These are the most amazing brownies. Beware after 5, for sale unwrapped brownies, its too easy to eat too many.

Mink Lee

(Translated by Google) It's a moist brownie. The unpackaged menu looks delicious and I ate three of them. 1. caramel: Caramel is more moist and much larger than other brownies. My wife is caramel, and I'm a sweet person. 2. german: The coconut topping is on top, so the coconut is chewed and it's less sweet than 1 and keeps coming in. I like coconuts, so I think I'll eat this if I eat it again. 3. hazelnut: There is a hazelnut topping on top and the nuts are stuck in the brownies. Hazelnut taste and flavor is almost absent and hazelnut cream sticks to the paper so it's hard to eat. It was just like that. (Original) 촉촉한 브라우니에요. unpackaged 메뉴가 맛있어 보여서 3가지 먹었는데 제가 먹은 메뉴 공유드릴게요. 1. caramel: 캬라멜이 들어가서 다른 브라우니보다 훨씬 촉촉하고 훨씬x100 답니다. 처는 캬라멜 덕후이고 단맛에 환장하는 사람인데도 절반 먹으니 당뇨걸릴 것 같았어욬ㅋㅋㅋ하지만 맛있습니다. 2. german: 위에 코코넛 토핑이 올라가있어 코코넛이 씹히는게 좋고 1번보다 덜 달아서 계속 들어가는 맛이에요. 저는 코코넛을 좋아해서 다시 먹는다면 이걸 먹을 것 같아요. 3. hazelnut: 위에 헤이즐넛 토핑이 있고 견과류가 브라우니 사이에 박혀있어요. 헤이즐넛 맛이나 향이 거의 없고 헤이즐넛 크림이 자꾸 종이에 들러붙어서 먹기가 힘듭니다.. 이건 그냥 그랬어요.

That L

There's a myriad number of flavors and textures. However, for $3, I expected something, at the very least, better than a homemade Betty Crocker box version.

Denise Cooper

Simply the best! I have recommended and directed so many people here and every time I am in NYC I stop by.

Erxleben Evangelist

Literally my favorites, if/when Im in Chelsea I have to stop there. The caramel, the raspberry, the blondies, everything tastes so delicious! Im actually making myself hungry right now!

Mirin Cai

Really like their brownies with different favor. You can buy single brownie, cookie to taste or buy some cute packages as gifts.

Steven Lam

love their brownies!!!!!!


Iris sy

First of all, the Chelsea market is a food lovers paradise and to end my first trip to the market, I stopped by here for a few treats to bring home to friends and had a sample of one brownie. Needless to say, my friends have only heard of the deliciousness from the Fat witch as I very happily ate all the treats I was supposed to bring back for them to try in the first place. I have recommended and directed so many people here especially to bring me back their treats.

Alessandra Danese


(Translated by Google) My brother, who doesn't like brownies, really enjoyed eating. It's not a thick, rich flavor, but a mildly sweet brownie. (Original) 브라우니 별로 안 좋아하는 제 동생이 정말 맛있게 먹었어요. 꾸덕하고 진한 느낌이 아니고 적당히 달달한 부드러운 브라우니 맛이에요.

Erin Knight

The brownies are delicious. It's the only thing I've had there but they are certainly a bit addicting. Worth a try next time you are in the area.

Tim Rose

Rude staff meant I didn't hang around to try the goods. Tried to interact to get some feedback on which brownie to buy, but the staff member couldn't care less. She barely acknowledged me when I walked away. The shop was dead at the time and if that's indicative of the level of service, there's no wondering why...

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