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248 Broome St, New York, NY 10002, United States

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REVIEWS OF Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC IN New York

Eric H

Baked goods are great, staff is always friendly and helpful


So good, it makes me cry.

Dark Impact

Vegans rejoice! This place is Awesome! If you are looking for some vegan deserts this is the place. Surprisingly this place is not only tasty for the vegan kind but all kind. The staff is helpful and friendly. Yes it is on the pricey side but we'll worth it.

Benjamin Zimbric

Good gluten free donuts. 'Nuff said.

Gary Standke

A truly tiny bakery which i walked past twice before noticing where it was. Do not look for a sign saying BabyCakes as they no longer use that name. Fantastic doughnuts. much more filling than regular ones. I was stuffed for hours after eating 3. They also make cakes and other things so i will be ordering from them in the future.

jordan c-e

My wife and I visited the bakery over the Thanksgiving holiday 2016. I am GF (celiac dz) and also lactose intolerant. Aside from being a little tricky to find, I was extremely pleased with the wonderful treats we purchased. The textures were delightful and flavors tasty. Pricing was about what I expected. Only criticism I leave is the availability to sit and enjoy your treats, but there is not much room to adjust "seating" options.

Sugga Shay G

Best chocolate cookie sandwich ever

Joe Matyja

delicious sweets. perfect.

Michael Benhuri

Really great vegan cookies and cookie sandwiches!

B Gilbert

Excellent on multiple visits. Open late for after-dinner dessert! Limited seating, small joint.

Rachel Yoon

Cute little shop! Gluten free donuts were a little firm but still delicious.

Tiffany Kline

It's really hard to find a vegan bakery when you're not in NYC. Since I was in NYC I decided to try one I found on trip advisor which lead me to Erin McKennas. My expectations were neutral and I decided to order a blueberry scone and a mint brownie. I wasn't thrilled with either. The scone was meh and the mint brownie although the icing was awesome the brownie itself was like a dry chocolate cupcake there was nothing "brownie" about it. The prices were a little high but I expect that in NYC . The display was dark and you really couldn't see what was in the case and there weren't prices on anything. It was so hot inside and i was expecting a little more from a well known NYC bakery.

Emily Marte

One time before I requested for very little agave to be used for a cake and they said no. But tonight made up for it. I really wanted a vegan cupcake for my bday bc my very nonvegan family didnt wanna get me one. I got there at closing time and they let me iiiin! Super grateful! Not sure that it would happen with another crew but hey! I got my..CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE!

Áine Lebioda

The BEST gluten free in the world.

Michael Vasta

Great GF doughnuts. Friendly Staff. Tasty treats.

Jason Martin

The best bakery ever! Great gluten few and vegan tags even if you are not celiac, they are amazing!

Sabine F.

Sooo good!! They are so friendly and kind! I couldn't decide so I got something to try!

Galia Gumeniuk

The place itself tiny & not much attractive inside to stay. You hardly notice it from the street. BUT! This thing on the picture - double chocolate agave crumble cake - really insanely delicious. Homestyle (really reminded me my mother's homemade cakes), not much sweet with a swirls of liquid chocolate on crumbled top. Ate it at once! And after that really got feeling that vegan desserts are much tastier & satisfying than regular sugary sugar. Go & try! I plan to try all the things & than all the other vegan bakeries of NY to get final opinion - who is the winner in battle "classic desserts against vegan style".

Lynsey Dietz

So hard to not order everything! Delicious and well executed treats. I can't wait to come back!

Dwight Willis

This bakery uses pictures of cakes that they can't even design. I had to cancel my order at their NYC location today after the back and fourth disappointments of them being unable to design a cake as pictured on their Instagram page. Sad seems their using pictures of other bake shops products.

Jordan Siviglia

This place is the premier place for allergy friendly desserts and treats. We made a point to visit during our trip to nyc to treat our son with allergies to dessert. This location is vastly superior to the Disney springs location. Defiantly check it out!

Fernando Mattei

The best gluten free donuts in the world.

Diana Crai

Everything I’ve had here is out of control delicious!

Kristin Mikie Sword

As far as vegan/gluten free options go, this place is one of the best in the city. Check them out!

Cameron Bruhns

Stopped by the bakery while passing through NYC. My girlfriend is allergic to just about all the fun foods lol and so hadn’t had a donut in years. It was such a pleasure to watch her pick out a box of things to try. It was the first time I’d seen her have so many options that she couldn’t actually try them all. Thanks for everything you do. I had a bite of a donut and damn, so good. It’s not like it can’t be done, you just need to put your mind to it like Erin McKenna’s Bakery has and vegan, gf baked goods can be just as enjoyable as their gluteny cream-cheese filled cousins. Will be back next time we’re in the city.

karin Ben-Zeev

Great choice and yammie

Valeria M

The best donuts in NYC

Nicole D'Alonzo

I've conducted some serious taste testing in my search for delicious vegan AND gluten-free baked goods. I'm happy to report that BabyCakes is your one-stop vegan cake shop! For my boyfriend's birthday last year, I ordered a banana bread cake with vanilla frosting and it was a huge hit! Our friends - many are not vegan or gluten-free - loved it and my banana bread-loving boyfriend was psyched about how rich and delicious it was. If you're stopping in for a quick treat, try the agave sweetened brownies or amazing donuts!

Milosz Kowal

A small and cozy bakery with GREAT options for gluten-free folks.

Riley Berger

Very cute little bake shop with great baked goods that are all vegan and gluten-free! It's a tiny spot, but it's worth checking out.

Dustin Gray

5/5 stars! We have all of Erin Mckennas gluten free books and we were so excited to fly from MN to experience the fresh in person baked goods! Went back a 2nd year too. Gluten Free / Tree nut Free / Vegan Donuts, bagels, you name it! It is near impossible for me to go anywhere because of Celiac and allergies plus my vegan lifestyle. Erin Mckennas makes me feel safe and I don’t get sick. So delicious and I can’t wait to be back!!! I dream of going back a 3rd year!

Parita Pooj

We ordered vegan cupcakes (chocolate cupcakes assuming that it would be the safest) from here for my birthday. I bake better better Vegan cupcakes at home. They had some medicinal flavor that I couldn't understand. Threw two out of the three we bought.

David Lincoln

A bit over priced even in the vegan and gluten free space. A fair place overall.

Victoria Greenberg

The only place that does dairy free desserts right!

Shawna Queen

Always amazing. The staff is so friendly and the baked goods are insane. My favorite is the somoa doughnut.

Meryl Fernandes

Go here for the pastries not so much for birthday cakes. I ordered a cake for a 60th birthday party and I was disappointed by this bakery. Not worth the price, even for a vegan cake. The cake turned out to be uneatable. An hour before going to pick it up, the bakery calls and says, "the cake isn't setting" and asked me if I would like to cancel my cake or pick it up, two and a half hours later. Of course I needed the cake...AND after all this the cake tasted awful. The store did not even have the courtesy to apologize.

Brian Easley

Delicious gluten free and dairy free pastries. Donughts, muffins, breads. Super nice people

Charles McCafferty

Fantastic food for people who are vegan and avoiding gluten, highly recommend the doughnuts (cinnamon sugar and vanilla were my favourites)!

Stamatis Kakleas

Very dimly lit space, the range of donuts were decent but VERY VERY sweet. Go for the plain one or cinnamon one.

Elizabeth Fericy

Amazing bakery for people with food allergies! The staff is so friendly and they play great music. The bakery has a nice vibe.

Dan p

I liked that they had a nice selection of things to choose from and were very nice and helpful

Chris Maertz

If you have food allergies, this is your favorite place. If you have a child with food allergies, this place is your savior. Everything is so wonderful and delicious. You will want to eat everything! Everything! Do not eat before going there.

Bettina Huang

Vegan pastries can be great, but Erin McKenna feels like a vegan bakery from the past. They sadly miss on both flavor and texture, and baked goods here are pricey to boot.

Kim Bae

My non-vegan friends couldn't believe the desserts were vegan, much less gluten-free. I bought 5 different treats for us to try and they were all super moist and tasted like they're "full fat" (in the words of one of my friends). Unreal

Lauren Wuscher

Super cute bakery in terms of atmosphere, but did not love the items I got there. I was disappointed with the doughnut I got because it basically tasted like cake in the shape of a doughnut. I was expecting so much more. The texture was too light and mushy and needed more substance. It was a mocha flavor but all I tasted was sweet. It didn't have much flavor. I've had better vegan and gluten free desserts at other bakeries and even from grocery store purchases, which is why I have put a two rating.

Jessica Lopez

One of the best vegan bakeries I’ve tried. The chocolate cupcake was so moist and dense. I got it with the mint icing. Worst part of the cupcake (it was kind of gummy and tacky? Maybe because it was cold?) but definitely worked eaten together. My boyfriend got a cookie which was pretty decent. We got donuts for the next day and the raspberry jam filled donut was a GREAT cake donut. That and the chocolate cake was the best overall. Definitely go here for the cake donuts and the actual cake.

Laura Kim

A vegan bakery that satisfies all sorts of customers deserves commendation. As a non vegan, I still love their cute little donuts, and the agave fudge brownies taste so indulgent you'll forget that it's vegan. The vintage bakeshop vibe/uniforms doesn't hurt.

Yudi Erlich

BabyCakes is a gluten free bakery. They have great selection of freshly baked cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. Their coffee is very good as well. Not cheap, but definitely worth it. Also, There are a few restaurants and coffee shops on that block.

Jelani de Leon

Great vegan treats

Nan Carde

Babycakes miraculously makes healthy taste good. I've had the large chocolate chips.They're tasty and slightly crispy. The coffee's quite good too. Open late on Saturdays, I've parked myself here to savor a snack and charge my smartphone. The staff's friendly and comes across as genuine and gracious. Babycakes, I'll be back in a bit!

Erica Goldson

I've had better vegan baked goods. I wasn't a fan of the icing here, and the éclairs could definitely use some work, but overall this place can satisfy a craving. Also, I think the location could use a deep cleaning!

Meg Smith

It wasn’t apparent to us until we were paying that everything is vegan and gluten free. Everything was a let-down — we threw it all out after a bite or two. Immensely overpriced.

Thomas Shek

Very nice bakery. Gluten-free friendly! There's a vast selection of gluten-free pastries which makes it awesome.

Readings & More by Jennafer

My niece and I made a trip to this little, adorable, gluten-free bakery a priority on our NYC trip and it was sooooo worth it! We tried a little of everything, and the donuts, brownies and more were moist and delicious. It’s so nice to be able yo go to a bakery and have choices when you are gluten-free. It was like being a kid in a candy shop. :)

Sneha S

The cake I bought here was good, but their customer service is doubtful. I got charged twice for the same order. Since I had placed an order by phone, I provided credit card details. However, while collecting the order, I paid by cash & reminded them too to not charge my credit card. After a few days, I saw a charge on the credit card statement. On following up with the bakery, they were not prompt in looking this up. I had to follow up 3-4 times. I've edited my rating up to 3 stars since they finally did provide a refund.


I had a carrot cake. Delicious. Moist and fresh

Forest Hallee

Delicious food at a decent price. Really cool decorations.

Hannah Elless

Those looking for gluten free, dairy free, vegan dessert options need to go here! Not much to look at as a storefront, but the baked goods are delicious. For folks with allergies this bakery is a yummy relief. Don't count on seating inside the shop though! Plan on buying your treats and eating them elsewhere. Xx

Monique Hudson

went there on a saturday. quick, helpful, and friendly service. feels similar to a restaurant in new york i loved.

Jules Toraby

So moist. And I know how people hate that word, but seriously delicious

Wisnor C. Dorvil

“I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭130:5‬ ‭KJV‬‬

McKenna Landis

Love the food


Great sweets! Great clean service. Staff was very friendly and changed gloves in between each order. Was very nice.

Carmen Sophia

When they have the pumpkin chocolate dipped madelines or pumpkin eclairs I am all for this place, but just for those 2 items. I find the baked goods here to be extremely too dry. My friend recently and very sweetly bought me a donut and cupcake from here in consideration of my allergies, so obviously I gave it another go. Took a bite of each, said I would save it for later and tossed it the moment she left. Hasn't gotten any better, just tasted more dry than the last time I went myself and inedible. If the pumpkin options were on regular rotation I would come here more often since I am frequently in the area, but otherwise, not worth the calories or hype, sorry.

Joe LaPadula

I'm no baker - and don't even have a great sweet-tooth, but my girlfriend is gluten-free and apparently this is her FAVORITE place in the city. I went on Valentines Day and it was PACKED! Even still they ladies there were able to make it painless for me and serve me up the perfect assortment of confectionery treats! Service was so excellent that I couldn't NOT review them!

Morgan Elaine G

Got here a little late at night so I didn't get to try a huge selection but the donuts we're amazing! I will be visiting again. It's comforting to find a bakery that has yummy gluten free treats safe for Celiac's!

Bravo Joe

Happiest place on Earth.

gabriel arellano

Very helpful with cupcakes for my daughter's party Great people good tasting cupcakes

Mia Maria

It's a really nice spot for vegans! I had a banana chip bread and a cinnamon roll and both tasted very delicious! In fact they were the best vegan sweets I've ever had! It's quite small inside but you can sit outside, there are two chairs and a bench.

Jeff Cohen

I love this bakery and always visit when I'm in town from Portland, Oregon

Esther Gopin

The pastries here are out-of-this-world good. Everything is gluten free and dairy free but somehow better than normal pastries. They change up the flavors often. I especially love their cupcakes. The staff are always sweet and helpful and it's a great place to sit and people watch through the storefront window. They often have a free samples plate out, too :) it's in a historic district and I love walking through it to get to the bakery. The only downside is that it's incredibly expensive-- ~$4 for one cupcake.

Sander Gusinow

This place makes me so fat and I love them for it.

Justin Quartiere

Given the constraint of vegan and gluten free baking no one does it better. Cookies and bagels and both outstanding.

Christine Lindner

Staff is extremely friendly. We are from NJ and this is by far the best vegan and gluten free bakery we have been to. No matter what you get, everything tastes amazing!

Kat Finnigan

Love this place for my vegan friends. The doughnuts I think re their best sellers. Not too much to choose from from my friends loves it.

Tere GB

Non pretentious vegan cafe where you can enjoy vegan desserts. It’s a quaint, quiet place with all of the delicious desserts: brownies, chocolate cake, cupcakes, cookies, etc. Loved the atmosphere and the staff. I will choose this place any other vegan commercialized spot any day.

Sarah H

I ordered donuts for a team event (team included both a vegan and gluten-free person). Donuts were delivered on time & everyone enjoyed them. They were very delicious and had a muffin-like consistency.

Olivia B

How exciting to go to a bakery and literally be able to order anything you want because everything is gluten dairy and soy free ! I tried SO many things out of excitement, and the best was the cookie sandwich and the donuts were pretty good too.

Colleen Henn

gluten free paradise, everything was sooooo incredible, especially the gluten free donuts.

Sarah Jones

I would give this bakery all the stars in the world if I could. Nothing compares!

Ana Chico Bermejo

I loved this place. The stuff is very friendly. I usually buy donuts but I went today and they increased the prices. I find it very expensive for what it is. I wish they wouldn't... I got a little bit dissappointed. Once again , the stuff is always very helpful and nice. But is not worth the price :(

Zenaya Tompson

Vegan vanilla doughnuts hands down my favorite!

Elizabeth Abate

I couldn’t tell that my chocolate chip cookie sandwich was gluten-free. A gem for those who are gluten free (and also gluten eaters.)

Lara Ruth Ziobro

On the pricier side for baked goods, but great option for gluten free. I’m a fan of their cookie sandwiches – which are two cookies and a thin layer of vanilla frosting. They have a seasonal option of pumpkin maple cupcakes. So good. They also have cupcake tops, which is a nice choice if you’re looking for something slightly less heavy. And of course, their donuts are tasty – more like pound cake than a traditional donut.

Giovani Garcia-Flores

Top notch pastries. Excellent place. Enjoy it time and time again

Sarah Chandler

Many fantastic options and everything is gluten free & vegan. I prefer the cakes and cookies; the cupcakes are sometimes too dry.

Cristina Meireles

I visited with my husband for my one year old’s birthday. I suspected a milk and egg allergy and I was correct. We tried 3 different items and all were delicious. This will be our go-to bakery for my son.

Guillermo P

The best gluten free dairy bakery in nyc, you won’t regret, be careful because is addictive and delicious.

karen Hung

Great place! Yummy baked goods! Had a hard time deciding, so I went with the vanilla cupcake with lemon icing... sooo delicious! I’ll be back!

Laura Atkinson

Excellent GF bakery! Quality was perfect and so many options to choose from. Cupcakes wonderful...thin mints taste exactly like thin mints

clashroyale LEGEND

The cupcakes were good, but my brother found a hair in the middle of his cupcake. The other ones were fine, but the hair tasted really bad

Emo X

Anyone would love this place but if you're gluten-free and/or vegan, you must go! We were lucky to be staying nearby and went twice in our 3 days in Manhattan. We had donuts: chocolate dipped, samoa, cinnamon and sugar, and cookies and cream. They were all to die for.

Alex Friedman

Amazing gluten free pastries, and super friendly people. They even threw in a free cookie because it was my first time there! Will definitely be back.

Jacob Fericy

Great for people with food allergies. The staff is friendly. Prices are a bit higher, but when you factor the costs of their ingredients, it is very reasonable.

Taylar Cripps

The staff seemed busy although there weren't many other customers. And the customer behind us was so rude to my son. But in the end my young son was thrilled to have a cupcake that was safe for him. I preferred the Disney Springs location.

Louis Oßwald

Nice little bakery where you can get a selection of gluten free banking stuff. Very nice staff

Theodore Pitts

Everything is Gluten Free and the doughnuts are amazing.

Connie Stromberger

Very friendly staff. It was wonderful to be able to buy bakery treats for my daughters with food allergies. We’d definitely go back if we lived closer.

Frank Nyberg

Awesome food... You can't tell that it is vegan! Take it from a meat lover.. Amazing desserts!

Nasrene Bux

Great flavor texture and variety considering it’s all gluten and dairy free! Wishing they had more locations

michelle Metcalf

I have found the best gluten free bakery ever. It was worth the trip to go see be a left New York to go home. I will return though don't know how soon that will be. But it is a must try to any who is or isn't gluten free person

Patrick Slattery

Delicious. Healthy. Delicious. Kind. Delicious.

Corey Wrenn

We tried three different donuts, the pumpkin cake, and a vanilla cupcake. The donuts were amazing--soft, fresh, and uniquely flavored (though I prefer the deep fried "real" donuts to the baked kind offered here which are basically just a cupcake in a different shape). The pumpkin bread was okay--but the cupcake was awful. For being so expensive, they need to practice better quality control. The cupcake tasted very old--it was dry. The store is super small and we were lucky to find a spot against the wall, but it was so crowded there was no incentive to stay and enjoy yourself or have a coffee, so we got everything to go and ate it in the street.

Cindy Paton

delish vegan donuts! love their shop in disney springs too!

Patrick Joos

Really good gluten-free options. I like that they're open late. Good after dinner dessert spot.

Kathleen Sklivagkos

Waiting on Kottu House and a sweet employee gave my daughter blueberry donuts. We loved them! Dense and delicious. I would not have gone here on my own because I'm not gluten free or vegan but now I will!

Jay Valrum

Tasty treats, but rather pricey.

Christopher Guichard

I can finally eat donuts again. This place is a godsend for those with celiac disease.

Allison Ard

The toasty is amaze

Piper Rogers

Thank you Erin McKenna!!!! How amazing to find yummy, creatively flavorful, beautiful baked items that are Gluten free!!!!!! What a treat!

Kayla Penkava

Love it! Expensive cupcakes, but worth every penny. I had the chocolate with mocha. I loved it so much I bought a second one to go for later. I recommend for anyone who loves cute shops and gluten free options.

Ife Odiatu

Their donuts tastes good. Their shop however is nothing like the one in Orlando. And there's no order at the NYC location like the one in downtown Disney.

Shmulik Ben-Shemen

Great little shop. Very friendly staff and food is great. Tried their doughnuts, cakes and cookies - all were great. My daughter, who avoids gluten really liked it all and did not feel sick after eating there.

Boris P.

My friend is raw vegan and this bakery has everything you need. It was a chocolate cake with frosting. It didnt last long, and no one who wasnt vegan didnt even ask why the cake was different. After we mentioned that is was vegan and what it didnt have and everyone said the cake was delicious and it tasted great. I'm not vegan myself but I will b going back to get this cake really soon, I had 2 servings last night

Domenic Salvemini

Overall, not impressed… I was told delivery (which was less than 2 miles away from the store) would be $20. I couldn't make it there, so fine, I paid almost as much for delivery as I did for the product. They were one of the few places I found that delivered, so there's that. For $30 I got 3 doughnuts, 2 cupcakes, 2 cookies, and a brownie bite, which is expensive, but not terrible for vegan baked goods, but they just weren't very good. As a non-vegan, I've tried many vegan baked goods with my significant other, and these were some of the worst. Everything was dry and crumbly in a bad way, and not terribly flavorful. I would not recommend going here again, considering the competition out there for vegan goods is strong.

Daniel Volodarsky

Nice donuts, a bit pricey but you get what you pay for.

Saori Sadatomo

I expected a lot more. Very tiny shop. They don’t have cakes. They have only cookies and cupcakes.

Michael Nicholas

GLUTEN FREE CUPCAKES! My family is all gluten free and sugar free and always searching for a spot for treats. At this little spot you can grab a sugar free, gluten free cupcake and maybe a cup of Stumptown coffee or a tea and chill for a bit. They have a variety of deserts and do have ones with sugar if you are in the need for that fix. The folks behind the counter are cool and inviting. My 3 year old daughter and I hang out here sometimes on a 'date' and chat with the people that come in while we eat our cupcakes. :)

Angela Norris-Lamon

I was torn between three and four stars. The banana bread was dry and barely had a banana flavor, the cranberry bread (can’t remember the exact name) was good! They had a decent selection of doughnuts, brownie bites, cupcakes, cookies, and other sweets. I think it’s a great place for celiacs but not my first choice.

Christian Barba

Never been happier in my life. For a lactose intolerant, cake and donut loving person, this place is heaven. Also, its probably better than most non-vegan bakeries. So do your self a favor and try it!

Jlafa La

Amazing! I have a lot of food allergies and it is great to know there is a bakery that caters especially to food allergies. The donuts are so tasty!

yu new

For someone looking for gluten-free / vegan baked goods in NYC, Erin McKenna's Bakery is a great place to start. Tucked away on the lower east side I was surprised by its out of the way location assuming it'd be on more of a thoroughfare. Walking into the cute and tiny shop I asked for recommendations. Inquiring of my likes and dislikes the staff ended up pointing me toward their coconut and coffee crunch donuts. I selected both without hesitation. There's seating for one or two at the front window or at a small bench outside. I made use of both on the two trips I took here during my stay in the city. The donuts were light and flavorful. The toppings crunchy, fresh and not overly sweet. The cake dough was lighter than other GF donuts I've had in the past, which I liked. Not airy as in traditional flour donuts, but not dense like birthday cake either. The only drawback for me is that on both occasions what I ate sat in my stomach like a rock for hours after. Overall, for gluten-free baking, Erin McKenna provides something sweet without asking those with sensitivities to compromise.

Stella Worters

I've loved this place for well over 6 years now. I don't know how they make it (I can't ever recreate it), but I could eat their mint frosting straight from the tub.

fabio nazzari

I came here a year ago and I’ve been here having breakfast for 4 days in a row.. after one year I visited it again, the doughnut was amazing I had a Samoa but the chocolate cupcake was really hard.. wasn’t like this last time. I guess i ordered the wrong thing

Ali Louis

Edited to add: OMG THOSE DONUTS. I shared them with my mom and another GF/DF friend and all 3 of us were practically teary-eyed because they were SO good. I've only tried the bagel and the scone so far...I also got an eclair and one of each of the 7 donuts they had. So far I'm in love and am already anticipating ordering from them for shipment to Buffalo in the future because this bagel is the best GFV bread product I've had in the 4 years I've been forced to eat GF/DF.

CARL Sparacio

Helpfull staff. Delicious healthy food. What's not to like...

Breanna Dedrickson

Gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, nut-free.....I don't know how they do it! Considering what ingredients they have to work with the baked good are very tasty. If you have dietary restrictions this place is awesome. If you don't it's still pretty good but more expensive than regular sweets.

Charline M

This is the best pastry I've ever eaten !! And the best part it's gluten and dairy free ?!! Omg I don't know how they do it. I tested the banana bread, what looks like an ice-cream sandwich and the best donut ever made.

Rachel Rogers

This place is absolutely incredible! My son's best friend has allergies to several top allergens and this place satisfied both kids. Toddler approved! They are both three. I thought this place was wonderful. My son and I don't have any allergies and I'm very open-minded to anything that taste good. Well done Erin McKenna's Bakery!

chandana chandrashekar

We were looking to get some sugar free dessert and this was the right spot for it. One would have to call in and place orders for specific sugar free (agave) dessert, but they do have one or two options in the bakery ready

Ash Estafan

Great spot for vegan, gluten free and non dairy treats. Been using them for kids birthday cakes for a few years now. Agave sweetener is an option instead of sugar, along with chickpea flour, coconut cream base for icing. The cakes taste delicious, sweet but not as hyper sweet as sucrose and white flour based ingredients. Definitely more expensive than a cheap cake made with flour and sugar, but it's your body. Up to you to decide if it's worth it.

Gregory Orzolek

Excellent quality, poor decor


Magical! Dense, moist, amazing vegan gluten free baked goods. Cookies, cupcakes, donuts - all the things. So many flavors, so much wow! I wish I could bottle the smell of this place - so yum!

Irene K

Great desserts and the guy at the register was very helpful. For a first timer I'll definitely be returning.

Olivia McMichael

This cupcake shop comes as close to Magnolia as you are gonna get, a little different on the icing, cause I would say I might even like the icing better than Magnolia, but texture of the cupcakes a tad more fluffy, not as thick. Very cute little venue, kinda hip. It's a small little hole in the wall, but not quite as packed out at Magnolia. Def a good try for those who love cupcakes. I give it three stars cause they don't have alot of selection.

Aaron Kirby

Super friendly, to celiacs and non! Look at dem donuts!

Shelly Puri

This is the best bakery I’ve ever been to, hands down. Try their lemon slices and cupcake tops if it’s your first time as they’ll give you a sense of range of sweet items. The bagels are delicious toasted and tend to sell out pretty quickly in the mornings. All vegan and gluten free with lots of choices of process sugar and nut free items. A definite place to visit, for sure!!!!

Stephanie Arbor

Its so hard to find gluten, soy, dairy AND egg free baked goods but babycakes hits the mark

D Peters

Great selection of Gluten Free donuts brownies and other treats that taste outstanding!

Larissa T

The food is delicious and adorable, everything is gluten free, vegan, soy free, tree nut free (except coconut), and really really yummy.

Indio Raj

OMG, the Samoa donut was super scrumptious. The red velvet cupcake was delish. The employees were really nice. I can't go to the Delancey Street area without getting a treat from this place. Vegan and gluten free. I have loved this bakery for more than ten years already. Happy Holidays!!!

Javier Kohen

I don't have dietary restrictions, so I'll be comparing this bakery to regular bakeries. I enjoyed the chocolate cake and the eclair was surprisingly refreshing, but I didn't find either special enough to make me comeback. I suppose, but could be wrong, that people on vegan and gluten free diets would rate this place higher.

Irene Monti

Small place, not much choice. Vegan. The donuts and cupcake are just ok, not really good.

Kristen Yoshitani

Always delicious and fresh! I’ve even gone to the Orlando location in Disney Springs (of all places!) worth the trek to find it! Love this place —


9.27.19 - very tasty donuts and cookies. Some parts of the donut texture is inconsistent, but overall yummy. Staff is very patient and accommodating. The space is cozy. Generally a wide variety of donuts, cupcakes, cookies, and bread.

Sung Lee

Great muffins and coffee

Reginald Tyson

My daughter has food allergies and this place have wonderful goodies and sweets that she can be able to enjoy a nice variety and a nice little atmosphere

Jessica Cordeiro

Amazing vegan, gluten free bakery! Very cozy with extremely helpful and friendly staff. Definitely a must-visit!

Cynthia Estevez

Only bakery my son can walk into and pick out whatever he wants. Everything here is delicious and the staff is always friendly. Best allergy friendly bakery in NYC!

Martinez Academy of Arms

This bakery is fantastic. If your a vegans or not, the cupcakes, cookies, brownies, etc are excellent. We try something different every time. We treat ourselves to coffee and a sweet before going to to teach class when we can.

Kaytlon Everitt

Great sweets - so many choices! Not a fan of the icing but the carrot cake was great. Chocolate chip cookie sandwich was great, too, but oh man! A little sweet. I wish they had tiny ones, lol. Staff could be friendlier, but all in all great options and I would visit again.

A. Monty

Tasty gluten free desserts. My favorites were the maple and the cinnamon sugar donut. Hard to find these flavors anywhere else. Pleasantly surprised

Adam Cohen

Their cookies and doughnuts are super tasty. Wasnt too keen on their blueberry cake though. Will be back to try everything else !!


Great flavours, weird textures that I couldn't quite warm to.

Makenna Fross

I literally love everything they have I don’t know how they do it

Stephanie Gross

Now I am not vegan but there is something about vegan desserts that are just so perfect. Some people say compensation for ingredients lacking but who cares as long as they taste as they do? I had a friend bringing some Babycakes to a dinner party and there began my love for this delicious spot. With friends with gluten allergies -they can really help you out!

Rolling over in my grave

I was here last week to order my engagement cake, and had Armen helping me. He was so knowledgeable, creative, and professional. We sat down for an hour to draw out the custom design I wanted; his creativity helped me come to a final decision. He was very patient and helped me visualize exactly what it would look like. He also gave me advice on how to set up my desert table. My event is in March and will be posting up their beautiful work. They also let me taste samples and it was delicious. To all the brides, make sure to come here for your event. It will be the least stressful

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