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17 Cleveland Pl, New York, NY 10012, United States

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REVIEWS OF Eileen's Special Cheesecake IN New York

Minnah Av

Cheesecake was nice and mini size makes it able to try more flavours although on the expensive side (4.50 usd/ mini cheesecake) Its not exceptionally good but definitely enjoyable. Its not as sweet or thick which makes it more of a light snack so dont come in hungry expecting to get full easily

Vincent sg

First time visiting, cozy place with friendly staff. Not sure what to order and the staff recommended the 4 most popular, the classic, the strawberry, the salted caramel and cookies and cream. All four of it are delicious especially the classic one. Will visit again when I am there.

Edward Amartey-Tagoe

My friend who lives in NY said this place has the best cheese cake. I agreed after I visited. Better to buy to and take home since the place has limited space and seats.

Aurora Vintilescu

Came here on a Sunday afternoon to try their very famous cheesecake. Tasted their caramel& pecan and their blueberry ones. Were they food? Absolutely! Were they the best I’ve tried in New York? Not really - I still like Magnolia Bakery cheesecake better. But Eileen’s are also worth a try if you are in the area.

moon moon

The best cheese cake in my life. Cheese flavor is not strong but very deep. and the texture is very soft!!! Not super thick or sweet. Price is reasonable!! About 5$ per each. I strongly recommend this place!

Harrison Mayfield

Crazy good food! I just loove the smell of the place. I come for the cheesecake but always leave with something else.

Franco Guiragossian

Delicious little cheesecakes. Gotta catch em all.

Russell Hutchins

Heard about this place from buzzfeed and also recommendations from friends. I've been to Junior's and wanted to compare the two. Rather than a normal slice of cheesecake, this place had cheesecake tarts which were a decent size. None of the cheesecake tarts were labeled making it hard to choose, so going off of appearance I chose the s'mores cheesecake. It was light and fluffy on the inside without being too heavy like how some other cheesecakes can be. Might have to come back to try other flavors!

Jeremy Vella

Good just wish the portions were bigger for the price.

Lara Monisha

My boyfriend and I had a mission. To find the best cheesecake in NYC. We tried a couple, but Eileen's was the best we had. Though it is pretty tiny for its price.

Greg Treadway

By far the best cheesecake you will ever eat. Love this place. The staff is friendly and very helpful and will try to help you any way they can.

Ved Chitnis

Never had a better cheesecake, the consistency is off the charts and the toppings are heavenly. A quaint little shop front adds on to the experience of having this on the corner store. Would recommend this place 100%


The place is small and I could have missed it if I hadn’t know what I was looking for. There was a long line and the place was packed. Service was very quick and the staff were very helpful when it came time to order. I was a bit disappointed they didn’t have two flavors I really wanted to try. The little cakes are a bit overpriced but I mean it’s NYC! This was a great place to fix my sweet tooth cravings.

Itai Spiegel

Very good traditional NYC cheesecake. We took the lemon and the raspberry and they were delicious

Ricky Moorehead

The mini cheesecake was tasty. The cannoli the first I ever had was good. Not sure if it was great as it was the first in I had ever had. The cheesecake was not quite as good as juniors that I had near time square.

Garrett Nakamoto

One of the best cheesecake spots in the city! Often easy to get in and try one or two(or three) of the various tart size cheesecakes.

Ana Gavrilovic

The best cheescake ever. Salty caramel cheescake is a must to try.

Brian Bottum

Small and exquisite cheesecake! I want to eat all the flavors. I prefer like chocolate, not too sweet! good!

Floraine Le Jeune

Very good cheese cakes. I had a coconut one and a banana one which was really good. The staff could be a little bit nicer. It is not cheap but it is worth it. I advise you to try it.

Tina Liu

I prefer something more cheesy... like two little red hens

Daniel James

Eileen‘s cheesecake is a spiritual experience that should not be taken lightly. I would recommend leaving the children at home, doing some yoga first, gathering your thoughts, and pondering the meaning of life. Once you have centered your Chi and cleared all negativity from your mind you can then behold the cheesecakey goodness sent straight from the heavens as a weapon of piece on earth. While in the store I was assisted by a cheesecake angel named Holly. For a moment I was considering getting one slice, but thank God she was there to stop me from making that awful decision. She put me on the right track with a medium sized cheesecake and even saw fit to give me a dollop of strawberries to make my day. My favorite thing about the cheesecake is the texture and how it’s not too heavy yet every bite is delicious. The crust isn’t too hard and crumbles easily. You’re not having to carve through it with a fork and knife. Every bite is delicious and I think it may be the best cheesecake I’ve ever had.

Paula Hlavacek

Hands down best cheesecake! Get the strawberry one!! It’s a classic

Yeliz Chen

Various flavors of mini cheese cake. I had salty caramel cake tested different layers of the flavor, nice!

Paola Melendez

Outstanding! Very nice staff, ordered ahead of time and was in and out in less than 5 minutes with a delicious treat.

Christine Garman

We wandered around in the rain for several hours on this rainy February Thursday and it was so fun to discover this tiny shop with the best cheesecake I have ever eaten! Major bonus were the amazing employees who were so friendly and fun. I seriously cannot wait to go back someday in the future and get more cheesecake! Best ever!

Melosh M

Instead of giving me change the lady at the counter started serving other people and when I gave up on waiting put the change to the tip jar

Jean-baptiste Guillemot

The staff could not care less about you, that's for sure. But it seems fairly common in the US, you should approach them with a hand full of bills to tip them before anything, then you can expect a decent service. The choice is pretty wide, with great flavors. We tasted the lemon which was good but honestly missing lemon taste...the other was salted caramel and they could not go wronger than that...Expect no more than 5 drops of caramel and not salted caramel, and fairly common...too bad. To me the price is too much, $5 for a mini cheesecake...too much. Go to Paris and get 2 excellent éclairs or tartelettes for that price.

Luka Mostarac

This is the best cheesecake in NYC! I instantly fell in love with this place, it's very sweet and the staff is very open and always up for a talk. It's the perfect place to hang out having a cosy Sunday. The music is also very chill and mellow. The perfect place to relax and enjoy the awesome cheesecake!! ❤️

Marc Franz

Best cheesecake in New York City! We tasted the strawberry and the raspberry cheesecake and both tasted fantastic. With 4.95 per tartlet not quite cheap, but definitely worth its money!


First time in NY and this was a must try for me. Did not disappoint!! The lady at the front was super helpful with our questions and recommended to us some flavors. Our favorite was the marble <3 will definitely come back for more!

Julia Nugent

Fantastic cheesecake! A great selection. I could easily eat a dozen

Timothy Carey

Great petite flavoursome baked cheesecake. So many flavours, all better than the next. A must visit in NYC

Ganesh S

Just near the subway station and accessible. They have different varieties of cheesecake. Taste and quality are top. Price range starts from around 4.50 $ for a mini cheesecake.

Olof Samuelson

This place is great. The cheesecakes are really smooth and not lumpy. I was a bit surprised that they don't do slices and that they only to smaller tartes. The normal one is OK but the pineapple one is a summery heaven. This place is crowded after lunch hours and afternoon. A great time to come is between breakfast and lunch when almost no one is there and people that comes here at this time is only doing pickups, this way you will also get really fresh cakes.

Erdem Kent

don’t be fooled by the shady entrance!!! It’s always a nice treat to go to Eileen’s! They kept their sense of quality high throughout all the years! My favorite is and will always be the strawberry cheesecake! :)

Ayesha Khan

Really nice assortment of cheesecakes with flavours including coffee, strawberry, lemon, banana, Oreo, custard. Chocolate, flan etc. Very popular among tourists. They also have cannolis.

Domingo Lopez

Ever since my uncle told me about this place, my wife only wants her birthday cake from here and no where else. The strawberry shortcake is her favorite choice. I love the service. It is a warm and friendly environment. See you soon.

Lasea Albaladejo

Really decadent cheesecakes. Just the right level of sweetness. Will definitely go back next time I'm in town.

Britta Berlet

Best. Cheesecake. Ever. Don't look any further!

Rafael Espinoza

Super dank. Best cheesecake I've ever had.

HeidI-Ann King

I did hear mixed reviews about this place but as usual I like to try things for myself. I tried their mini cookies and cream cheesecake and it wasn't the best, it had no flavor. If it wasn't for the cookie crumbs it was be absolutely tasteless. I also tried their macadamia nuts cookie and all I tasted was eggs I mean that's after finally being able to bite it. It was so hard it almost took my tooth. I have mixed feelings of going back to give them a second chance.


4.95 for each very delicious!

Mas Agawa

What I think of as the NY cheesecake. Wish the shop had more space though.

Loryant Loryant

Good taste and very light, but I think that this is a version of cheesecake not the real New York cheesecake...


Delicious and light cheesecakes. We got the salted caramel and the strawberry, and it was delicious. The staff are fantastic and incredibly helpful to customers.

Sim S

It was ok. I've had better cheesecake and expected that NYC would have it better. They have gelatin in most of their cheesecakes which made options for me very less anyways. They should include more cheesecakes that don't have gelatin given an increasing number of people in NYC who don't eat meat.

Pranay Shah

There are a lot of different varieties of cheesecakes and other desserts. I had the strawberry cheesecake which I would have to add is a lot “fluffier” in comparison to other cheesecakes including Juniors. I would recommend giving the cheesecake a try. Nice little shop.

S Sieveking

Oh my god. Tried the plain cheesecake and the red velvet. Both were to die for

Benjamin Hunt

An absolute must stop if you are in the area. No frills in this shop, just cheesecake/desserts, drinks, and a few small tables. Fantastic flavors and great price.

Cannon Kenneth

Finally went here to check out the most well-known cheesecake place in Manhattan. After perusing through reviews, I went with the salted caramel pie--which was good, but did not have a ton of extra flavor and wasn't as life-changing as I was hoping.

Andrew Jung

I have been returning to Elieen's Special Cheesecake for the past eight years. Personally, I have no doubt they serve the best cheesecake in America! However, I had recently noticed a significant price increase.

Maria Fernanda Robles Henriquez

Amazing cheeses cake, they have alot flavors. The portion is perfect. Very clean place. Congratulations.

Ally Liu

I'm not a fan of cheese cake, yet this place offers the cake even I like a lot. Please remember to take a pice if passing by.

Sara Kaplan

Very nice old-school cheesecakes. Very high prices though

Marcos Ortega Dávila

The cakes are delicious, we had coffee and two different cheesecakes, the one with strawberry and the raspberry one. The second one after the recommendations became our favourite.

Richard Begin

Best cherry cheesecake ever. A bit expensive but everything in Manhattan is pricey.

Andrija Sučević

Delicious! Loved the salted caramel!

Haena Jo

I've never eaten awesome cheesecake like this! I strongly recommend original cheesecake!

Melissa Augusto

Tbh I came here because of “Worth it” and let me tell you it is Worth it!!! One of my top favorite cheesecakes!!!


small cheese cake is affordable price and size. taste of cheese is so deep

Steph Wu

Eileen's Cheesecake is HANDS DOWN the best cheesecake, ever. My dad would bring home the mini cheesecakes for my mom and I, since he worked close by, and they taste the same til this day. They're light, fluffy, and not too sweet. I like how they added new flavors like Bailey Irish cream cheesecake, red velvet, and banana cream.

Brian Baity

For the record, I am not a huge fan of cheesecake. Now having said that, I was told by many people that I had to try cheesecake while in New York. I finished visiting Chinatown and Little Italy and thought it was time for a sweet snack. I googled, cheesecake and the top choice was Eileen's. I can now say I have eaten a cheesecake worth talking about. My daughter and I tasted three different flavors. All of them were tasty and, yes, I would eat their cheesecake again. It is a tiny place with seats for around 10 people. The entire time we were in the place it was full of people taking carryout

Joseph Tordella

Good cheesecake in bite-sized selections.

Raúl Nuño

Cheesecake is really good, coffee not so much, but I'm just evaluating the former here.

sandeep Shiva

Absolutely loved the cheesecake! I was very tasty. Four of us went to this place. It’s a small but welcoming store. It was my first time visiting Eileen’s We ordered the original cheesecake. It was creamy, soft, sweet and the crust was to super delicious. We took the 8 inches( approx) cake. It is very easy to find. Look they have catering or delivery service. They had a car parked upfront with their name on it. There were tons of other options with wide varieties of toppings on the cheesecake. I heard about the original cheesecake, so tried just that. It’s a family friendly joint. They have limited seating. I’m not sure about the parking. I will definitely come back to taste different flavors.


Only reason I knew of this place is because I saw it in the background of an episode of Person Of Interest.

byulaa yoo

Some gooood cheesecake. Interesting flavors

Ann-Marie Z

Eileen makes some pretty awesome cheesecake and some of the best in the city! (no wonder this place has been in business for ages). There are so many different flavours to choose from and the cheesecakes are perfect portion sizes for one person (you won't feel sick after eating it). In addition, the shop looks super cute!

Candyce Anabelle

Eileen‘s cheesecake is a spiritual experience that should not be taken lightly. I would recommend leaving the children at home, doing some yoga first, gathering your thoughts, and pondering the meaning of life. Once you have centered your Chi and cleared all negativity from your mind you can then behold the cheesecake goodness sent straight from the heavens as a weapon of piece on earth.

Vikranth Karmegam

Tried the Strawberry Cheesecake. Best Cheesecake I have ever had. Sweet, taste, and texture was in right proportion. Its a very small space though. If you love Cheesecake, this is a must go place.

Abraham Rodas

Cheesecake is simply amazing!!! You should try at least once in NY

Anthony Muljadi

Light and fluffy cheesecake, though not the best ever.

Abdul Kadar Bookwala

This was my first visit to NYC and I am a real foodie. Visited Eileen Special Cheesecake and found it real amazing. The staff is very welcoming and pleasant. We had a pineapple cheesecake which was amazing and raspberry cheesecake. I would rate the staff as 10/10. The cheesecake for the price would be 8/10. 8 is pretty good the way I rate it. So it’s a must have.

Kim Yoon Liau

The cheese is very nice. Highly recommend.

Bernd Kett

Honestly: grandma can do it better! Interesting combinations and variety - but do not come too late in the afternoon, it might not be much left you can choose of. Nearly 5$ for a tiny little cake is quiet expensive!

Michelle Kaewchandee

Perfect for the cheesecake lover in your life! Great selection of mini bites to full on birthday cheesecakes. Prices are reasonable & definitely worth it! Best to get down here early in the day so you know you’re getting the best selection of cakes especially if you are looking for something specific. Will order from them again soon!


Best cheesecake in town!! I love their plain one!

Charles Nixon

Small spot but gets the job done. Cheesecake is unique, haven't had it made like this before. Definitely not as dense as I'm use to... More like fluffy comes to mind. Worth a try.

Eddy Kobayashi

Great old-school cheesecake in Soho, in a place that has been around forever.

Dylan Martin

The one cheesecake I tried so far was a 10/10 and the price was more than fair to consume that cute little personal cake. Will be back to try the rest when I'm in the area. Who doesn't love cheesecake, right?

Julia Potts

Visit on monday afternoon for hubby me and teenage son. We ordered 2 cheesecake each. We has an original a lemon a raspberry a marble a pecan an amarratto. All were delicious. We ate in. It is a small store with authentic feel. It was busy but we found seats. This is a great little spot with amazing home taste cheesecake. Highly recommended


Delicious delicious cheesecakes!!! Just a little bit smaller than I expected. But they are coming lots of different flavour! You should taste it

Chun-yu Kuo

I visited the store because of its fame - NYC #1 dessert! The store decoration still keeps a home bakery style while the taste is TRULY AWESOME, fluffy and creamy. Trust me you don’t want to miss it. I have two cheesecakes for myself, and I regret not buying more

Sara Guest

Great variety, loved the blueberry cheesecake.

Christina Wang

Sooooooooooooo good!

Geena Yu

The cheesecakes here were so yummy! They tasted fresh and creamy with great balance.


Honestly, the strawberry cheesecake looked better than it tasted. It was delicious that’s for sure but not overwhelming delicious as a lot of people promised. Unfortunately the staff wasn’t in a good mood when I entered, so I made my way out as soon as I could.

Joe Mann

Absolutely delicious! Incredible texture not overly sweet and tons of flavors.

Naif ALObaid

Amazing cheesecake especially the salted Carmel

Eden Briand

Best cheesecake I have ever had!

Winema C

One of the best cheesecake I've tried in NYC, it's a little pricey but it's worth it. There are a variety of flavors which you can choose from and they offer bite sized cheesecake too.

Theresa Lak

The best cheesecakes! There is a reason people travel all over for it ! It is delicious without being overwhelming. Just the write about of creaminess . The service is excellent and love seeing Tony . He has great suggestions . Nothing is more perfect than their cheesecake with coffee and guests love it

Debbie Moreno

Delicious old-style cheesecakes! I love the fruit toppings. It reminds me of my childhood.

Jesus Monzo faubel

Best cheesecakes in town. Just go for all of them as they are all amazing!

Adrian Rajkumar

I was just there and the lady fully grabbed our cheesecakes with her bare hands touching the exposed cheesecake without and regards. She used the same hands to handle money .!!!!!!!!! There clearly is no clean practice here

wallapa d.

One of my favourite cheesecake ever in NYC. Small shop with crowd of peoples. Varieties of flavors are great. The size of cheesecake is really good, not too big! Moist and yummy. Recommend

linda perez

My mom's friend had bought her some and i ate chocolate and orange. The orange one wasmy favorite. So delicious! I have no complaints

Brayden Mora

I’ve been trying New York cheesecake for a while (read a few years now) and I can’t do it often but regular. I saw the reviews of Eileen’s and made my way across the city to have this version. Pretty good with a queue in the shop but I was hoping for a slice rather than a small circle, so not a big serving, but lots of choice of topping and flavour. I had plain and it was good, was it the best? I think the search continues

Roy Mano

Amazing cheesecake! We arrived to this cheesecake place by chance and decided to give it a try since the place looked packed. Both the plain cheesecake and the red velvet one looked good and tasted great. Would love portions to be a bit bigger but that is true for every good dessert I try

Ruwan J.

small bakery making sweet dreams come true in NoLita. come for the cheesecake, but stay for the rugelach! this is small dessert place with a few seats. it’s primarily a grab-n-go place. small space. a few seats and tables as a well as a small bench outside. the decor is light. the space is well lit and clean. whether you’re looking to bring a dessert to a dinner or need a bite of sweetness—Eileen’s has got you. there’s a ton of cheesecake to choose from both in terms of size and flavors. from full-sized cheesecakes to mini ones. the cheesecakes are one in a while indulgence for me as they are quite rich and pair well with a hot cup of coffee. however i am fan of the rugelach and cookies here. the raspberry rugelach is my jam! and the cinnamon rugelach is a close runner-up. the prices aren’t cheap but they seem about right for this part of town. mini cheesecakes are like $5 and the rugelach is like $1 apiece. the quality is quite good and worth the part-time indulgence. drops mic cuz sweet dreams are made of these

Marc Starvaggi

I was brought here on a date and I have to say it speaks well to her taste. I adored the black and white mousse tart.

Yangying Ye

BEST cheese cake I’ve ever had! It’s SOFT! So delicious! Would definitely visit more!

Adore Neko

Rich and soft cheesecake with just the right amount of sweetness. Friendly staff and great service. The mini cheesecakes come in an ample variety of flavors. You can also place an advance order for custom cheesecakes. Once had an entire cheesecake shipped out of state and it arrived safely. Seasonal flavors are also available for a limited time. They do run a special discount on National Cheesecake Day (July 30). Price is reasonable for the quality. Not as heavy as Junior's Cheesecake - I can have more without feeling too full too fast. Highly recommend!

Sophie T

The first time I had the cheesecake I felt it was Ammaaaazzziiinnngggg. It was the original flavor and it was creamy and rich. It was also a 10 inch cake. This time I got the marble mini cheesecake and felt like it was sweeter and heavier. Nonetheless this shop was opened in the 70s and have won multiple awards. Will probably not make a trip to go there but probably stop by once in a while when I’m in the neighborhood.

Thomas Fisher

A lovely little spot near Chinatown and well worth stopping by for a mini cheesecake to go. Perfect flavours and texture on all their offerings, with just the right balance of bade to filling. So many flavours they have a menu, and you might need to get a selection! Otherwise singles are just shy of $5. There’s not a lot of sitting room, so get one to go and maybe have it at the park across the road!

Heejung Shin

Pretty good! But there wasn’t enough place to sit. Plain cheese cake and Red velvet were reallly good

Jeremy Florence

Best cheesecake I've ever had.

Jordan Herrman

Great little cheesecake spot to grab a mini cake on the go. Cookies not the greatest

Fernando Ramirez

Eileen's Special Cheesecake is one wonderful place to try bunch of things! The price is very reasonable and its way cheaper than most of the cheesecake stores in the city! Usually the cookies are arround $1 and the cheesecakes arround $5! Compared to Junior's i like Eileen's way better and it's more affordable! They are so yummy!

Heidi Adia

Light and delicious cheesecake in a variety of flavors. Sizes range from mini to full on cakes at reasonable pricing. I ordered the original and strawberry topped mini cheesecake. Location is small and it can get busy with the lineup at times (we didn’t have an issue), but it’s not that long of a wait.

Matthew Gehrlein

The cheesecake was was rich and delicious. Be aware that there's almost no place to sit inside because it's small and there's a line.

Laura Vaillard

One of the best cheesecakes I've had in my life. Perfectly sized into a delocious bite.

Bom-Bom Batam

Just go there pick one . The best cup cake in the NYC

Anne Fernandena

Went by Eileen's since it has very good Tripadvisor reviews. The small cheesecakes look really cute and there is a wide variety of cheesecakes to choose from, but since I'm not from the states and it was my first time in NYC I knew I had to try the original. At the counter me and my partner discovered that we could also buy a whole cheesecake (a small one, but enormous compared to the mini cheesecakes) so we decided to go for a whole original cheesecake. I'm so happy that we did this because it was amazing! Definitely the best cheesecake I've had, and you can taste the difference in quality compared to the Cheesecake Factory (although I did enjoy the cheesecake there as well). I would definitely recommend visiting Eileen's and you should go for a small original cheesecake!

Luna G

Heard it a lot of times and finally got to try it. Extremely packed with people on a Saturday afternoon and the tiny area made the ship rather crowded. Got a mini classic cheesecake. It was fresh and good, but just a good cheesecake. Nothing too fancy or special. Just a good cheesecake with a big name. The price and the service were fine. But just nothing too special or maybe my expectations were too high.

Chua Huiyan

Great tasting light and fluffy cheesecake.

Rashi Kumar

Oh it's a delight! My husband loved their cakes and pies, especially cheesecake. I wasn't expecting much because of my food allergy but to my great surprise, their glutenfree mini cheesecake of fresh ricotta stole my heart. It is a cosy little bakery with loads of options to choose from If you're in New York City, don't miss it. Please. It's classic.

Amber Grace Sale

I went here because of all the articles that raved about it and it was good. I LOVE cheesecake and got a 6” plain one. I definitely recommend this place although bc it was good although it certainly didn’t knock my socks off, so don’t bother if it’s too far out of your way.

Lee Woodhouse

These cheese cakes are out of this world. Ordered a strawberry cheese cake and a latte. No good. Had to have another. This time it was caramel. Absolute cheesecake heaven. I think i could have gone through the whole menu!! Definitely a great place to visit and eat. Just put the name of the eatery into the You Tube search and see how great this place is


I’m a sucker for cheesecake, and this place ranks on top for me. Hands down the nicest cheesecake I’ve ever tried, literally melt in your mouth consistency. Walking by you might miss it, won’t stand out but once you step inside, heaven. Highly recommend it, especially if you’re visiting as well.

Shelby Markham

This cake was extremely creamy and so worth it!! We randomly walked by this small cafe/restaurant and there was a line which sparked our curiosity. There are multiple choices for flavours of cheesecake, whether you like the OG cheesecake or other flavoured ones. I really liked the Strawberry one, as well as the Dolce de Leche flavoured one. In fact, we liked it so much that we bought a whole cheesecake to bring home and had it for breakfast (yes we are shameless). The cheesecake itself was creamy but light. What really allows the cheesecake to stand out is the fact that it's not overly sweet, it is just right. The bottom crust was not too hard nor too soft and the consistency of it all was perfection.

Alice Fontana

Great old-school cheesecake! Delicious and made like it's supposed to be made!

Aditya Das

One of the best places to have cheesecakes in NYC. Totally recommended

Ali Rashed

The cheesecake is so good

Martin Grabovac

The actual cheesecake was great, but since the popularity from "Worth it" they made their cheesecakes smaller and up-ed the price.

Patricia Suarez

Amazing desserts have to come and eat some

Lady Von Barber

Amazing cheesecakes here. I love that I could get a mini cheesecake. There are so many to just pick one. I went with the traditional strawberry cheesecake mini and it was very delicious! The staff was very nice and friendly! #desert #letsguide #cheesecake

Janis S

Delectable fresh cheesecakes, all flavours. Small individual sizes, or 6" or 10" size. Limited seating inside, maybe a dozen seats. Small park across the street allows for eating the cakes while people-watching.

Sol Solomon

A nice variety of cheesecakes

Yul Yul

Very small shop. There’s no point to eat on the spot. Sitting on the few tiny tables makes you feel part of the queue. I tried the classic strawberry cheesecake. Small portion for 5$, one piece of strawberry which is ok but I had more tasty ones. The jam, I don’t even remember how did it taste beside sweetness. The inside of the cake is very smooth but I was a bit disappointed cos it was cinnamon flavored, which I didn’t expect. All the good reviews seem made by enthusiastic tourists?

Carlos Manoel Petto

Definitely the best cheesecake you can have in NYC. The mini ones are the best, so you can have more than one. And believe, they have every flavor you can imagine. But I really liked more the classic strawberry cheesecake.

Michele Morris

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cheesecake. I was born and raised in NYC my whole life and this is hands down the best cheesecake ever. I know everyone hears cheesecake and automatically thinks (a cheesecake place we will not name) but let’s be honest the hype from that place comes from their name and not their product. If you want a light fluffy flavorful cheesecake this is the place. The line is always out the door. I have trekked to this place and the most random times. I remember when my dad would take me here after church when I was 10. That’s how long I have been dedicated to this place. Don’t be fooled by that other brand if you want real cheesecake look no further.

Brian Berich

Great cheesecake! Not heavy and full of flavor! Worth the stop for any cheesecake lover!!!

Ekaterina Spiridonova

Always great cheesecakes, quite pricey but you’re getting a good quality and interesting flavors. Personnel always friendly and helpful. Good coffee as well. The only downside is tiny location, hard to sit without elbowing somebody. ❌restrooms

Omar Al Taleb

The best Cheesecake

daniel menendez

The original cheesecake is a MUST! it is Amazing! it has a huge strawberry! they're amazing, place is always packed with people! definitely worth the wait!

Gisela Rossi

Amazing cheesecake and so cheap!

Fion Phu

Light, delicate cheesecakes! Tons of different flavors. I got the standard plain as well as the strawberry one. The graham cracker crust is really good

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