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Where is Eataly NYC Flatiron?

REVIEWS OF Eataly NYC Flatiron IN New York

Shareefah Al-Qaderi

You have to book a reservation two days before, otherwise you will wait for 2 hours, outdoor so make sure the weather is good, the menu is limited

Travel Eat

DO NOT EAT HERE!! The service has been extremely poor each time I visited. The store, however, is amazing. I'm Italian and love to cook and I can find everything here! A true paradise for the lover of food!!

Russell Hutchins

The service at the restaurant was really good, but the food was disappointing. Look at the different restaurants on the ground floor before you go to the roof. If it's not better than the restaurant, they look equally good. Worth seeing

Valerie Laub

There’s endless products to look at and restaurants to try! They have so many different oils and spices to cook with. The pizza and pasta options are excellent! It’s fun to walk around and explore all the different food choices and items to buy.


Excellent place to have a delicious lunch, everything looks great

Cristian Strava

It is an amazing place, Italian style food and market, the gelato was very good, everything there it is tasty and very very good!

David Fernandez

Italian marketplace meets food court. Perfect place for a dinner with different options (fish, pasta, pizza). Reasonable prices and good amount of food. Service is superb. Tasty pizzas.

Jeremy de Jesus

Too packed with tourists and the prices are gouging even for midtown. Would be a lot better if it didn’t feel so claustrophobic.

Carla Lamash

The place is really pretty. The food portions are fairly small for the price. You can’t beat the ambience though.

Kasia Bogdanowicz

Super pretty ambience at the rooftop bar and impressive wine selection. I really enjoyed glass of orange one. Wonderful service. Good moments there. Thank you

Christian Corallo

Awesome place to get all your Italian needs in one place.

Lisa Jones

This is Italian food heaven on earth! There are restaurants, wine, great breads & pastas, cheeses, a coffee bar, gelato (omg the gelato!) a wine shop, meats, kitchen gadgets, produce, dishes, and everything in between. Each time I visit, I buy a different type of bread and cheese. This morning I had a slice of rustic fig toast with a drizzle of honey and an amazing cheese that I cannot pronounce (let alone spell) and an espresso. For a few moments, I was back on vacation in Tuscany.

Danny B

Fantastic food. Love the fresh pasta. I had the Tagliatelle alla bolognese an it was perfectly cooked al dente. The paper bag used to serve he bread is a nice touch.


Very good food but terrible customer service! I could recommend because of the food but the waiters are not professional,I came with my family of 5 and they brought my pizza and my family waited another 20 min to eat so we planned to eat together but I ate by myself and they ate after!!! Dont go there!!

Xian Mua Chen

Love this store! I always buy there delicious goodies from Eataly. And when I go for food shopping, I cannot stop myself from getting a one of the best pastas in NYC!

Gabriel Giella

Always a spectacle. And a little crowded for me but here’s a tip: don’t go in here rushed. Come in when you have a some time to ignore the bustling crowds around you and just glance at all the cuts of pasta or any other thing you don’t get to see at the grocery store. Have a glass of wine. Split a pizza. Taste some prosciutto. Have an espresso and a pastry. Buy a cookbook. Just have fun, don’t rush through.

Nic Duersch

What an experience! I loved this market, it was authentic and had tons of different restaurant options inside. Fun for the whole family! My wife and i got authentic Italian chocolate here which was quite an experience!

Kim Piazza

Amazing selection of delicious food and drink. Amaxing rooftop patio!!

Franco Costa

Fun place to go shopping for any Italian products you can imagine!

Gloria Singer

Very nice places! Good food! I enjoy!

Bibiano Lopez

Mini pastries were ok I wasn’t blown away but the rest of the market seemed very nice. Don’t come here in a hurry.

Jacob Schlueb

Eataly is huge. There are something like five individual restaurants in the Flatiron location, and we chose the pasta/pizza one. The pizza was very very good, probably the best I've ever had. Though there was a wait for a table, it went by very fast as we browsed the storefront which is also in Eataly. The food is appropriately priced, especially for the quality of the food. Servers were very nice and helpful as well.

Lauren Cornish

Amazing food & fantastic service! From the moment I walked in to the quick delivery of my wine and food... I most definitely will be back.

Nathalie Figol

Busy, with lots of people. But spaced enough not to feel claustrophobic. Nice to walk through. There is a wonderful blend of market, shop, counters, restaurant, etc. Huge, yet intimate. Definitely worth a visit.

Beatriz Murillo

In love with the place <3 they should open one in Miami!!!

Megan Soukup

la pizza and la pasta was amazing and not over priced. bought some great spices and topped it off with an italian loaf- best day ever. would go again.

Iuliia Koloskova

Eataly rooftop is one of the best places in the city for me. It looks great, feels cozy and tastes delicious. Reminds me of being at my summerhouse in my childhood ☺️

Jodie P

Amazing food, but service could be better. We started with a platter downstairs before eating at La Pizza & La Pasta. The lady serving us at La Pizza & La Pasta was very friendly, but forgot us twice. When paying the check for the platter the waiter told us the minimum tip in NYC is 20%.

Cory Woytkiw

Really cool place. Lots of shopping, authentic italian fare. Deli's, coffee shops and various restaurants. Food in the restaurants are simple and absolutely amazing. You cant go wrong with eating at any of the restaurants.

Zizhao Wang

Best grocery store with mini restaurants. I’d love to move nearby and visit often

Zoya Michel

It kind of late but I needed to have something to eat before heading home, service was good, food was delicious & healthy.

Kristine Marketti

I love Eataly, the quality is amazing, their import selection is top notch and the food at the restaurants is delicious. I love popping in for a glass of wine and a quick bite with a friend or spending hours exploring. It is convenient with a cab or Uber. I highly recommend making it a stop on a visit.

Edna N Hand

The Food quality is not so good here but the environment is very charming of this foody place. The Food is expensive but still not so good in taste.

Prita Das

Wasn't convinced by the pizza rossi. The base was too stodgy and the tomato sauce tasted like it was straight out of a can. Al sure the other stands are better as we very much enjoyed the Eataly in the World Trade Center.

Mel Black

We chose New York City for a birthday weekend because it had an Eataly after trying the one in Boston last year. Best Gluten free pizza crust ever. Very friendly staff. Made for a great birthday dinner.

Jacob Reinach

Top place for everything you could possibly want or need with Italian food!

Rebecca Hayes

Fine location for Italian food. got there near six, it wasn't packed at all. prices that are reasonable.

Agata Chyla

Such a nice place! Love the decorations! Great drinks, food! And Carlos was such a great guy serving us!

Agata Bean

Best place ever. Has authentic Italian items and I've cream and food are amazing. I loved the free samples too. The place is giant and their are many restaurants inside. They have a wide variety of Italian products and have fresh items as well. Everything looks very good quality and is worth the price. A must go in NYC

Kritzi Binx

This place ives up to the hype. We went early evening on a weekday and it wasn’t crowded. Got a table right away and the service was great. Ordered quite a few dishes and plan to go back for more. Make sure you get a cappuccino and a cannoli on your way out.

Markus Castro

Everything Italian under one roof! Excellent!

Anusha Tippa

I love this place!! You get absolutely everything you need if you love cooking and eating Italian! It is a very authentic place and it has never been a disappointment. I have been here a few times and I have had the food at the different market tables and they have all be very delicious and authentic in their Flavors! I would highly recommend this place if you love Italian food like me.

Hector Estrada

Awesome place! Extensive choice of restaurants. If you have time visit the rooftop, it is awesome!

Ian Monteneg

We had a steak at Mazno , inside the Eataly complex! What a blast it was. The steak was amazing and honestly better than some steakhouses. It is not your typical restaurant as people are passing by and shopping at the complex. It has a very hippstery vibe and friendly staff. A bit pricey but definitely worth it!

Jazenia Aponte

Amazing store with beyond delicious food. First time in will definitely be back in. If you happen to stop in try out their Serra Rooftop restaurant.

Nicolle Furtado

Nice place to buy Italian things but a lil overpriced. To have dinner is way too expensive and not that good. Pasta is my favorite food so I’ve tried a lot of Italian restaurants and this one it’s ok. Do not expect too much from food and service.


Absolutely love this place! Excellent location, first of all! The groceries are really good and the cheese section is my little heaven. The restaurants are incredible (all of them) and especially the pizza place! Hands down the best margherita pizza I’ve ever had. (Little tip: you can have your wine while roaming around and waiting for your table!) I highly recommend this place. You can’t go wrong here!

Phan Reed

I could spend all day here. Eat three meals, snacks and buy stuff not related to food. ALL DAY.

Barbara Rodriguez

So this place is actually really great, I came here with my friends for my friend’s birthday. We had wonderful waiters, food was great but the manager of this place was very rude. We called the restaurant to see if we were able to bring a cake and cut it there. The restaurant said it was fine and that it’ll be 3$ for each slice which was okay. Like that wasn’t a problem but they said that they would take the cake and cut it for us. When we got to the restaurant they asked if we were the people who had called ahead of time and we said yes. We sat down with the cake, ordered, got our food, ate, asked for extra plates and utensils, cut the cake, ate the cake. Andddddd the manager comes and asked “what are you celebrating?” We said, “a birthday.” She asked if we were the ones who called about the cake and we said “yeah” then she says, “well you should’ve told us about it because we take the cake, put it in the refrigerator and cut it for you.” We said, “oh okay” and she goes, “yeah but because it’s your birthday I’m going to forgive you ... we have fees but we’ll forgive you.” SO FIRST OF ALL IVANA, we weren’t asking for your forgiveness, you didn’t have to be rude. As a manager you should’ve made the effort to properly provide us with the proper service. I mean circling around the table? Come on. We didn’t disturb anyone or cause a scene.

Kirk Dickinson

Sort of a MUST do. Fun and delicious. But eat before shopping or you’ll buy the place out.

Stephanie Anderson

I love Eataly, the quality is amazing. I love popping in for a glass of wine and a quick bite with a friend or spending hours exploring.

Thomas Notaro

If you are looking for a different experience in NYC, this may be it. There are multiple restaurants in this Italian marketplace. Not only are the goods that are sold kind of cool - some you cannot readily find anywhere - but the food is amazing. We settled in the middle section at a bar near the cheese and meats, ordering a combination of cheeses and meats for lunch. Very cool place and amazing food - don't forget to try some of the coffee or gelato after your meal. Definitely returning to this place.

Tammy Liu

Not only this is a mouthwatering eatery for Italian food, it is a shopping heaven for Italian groceries, it is definitely a tourist attraction, a must visit because it is fun. Have never seen the varieties, what a learning experience for me. Come hungry!

Pieter Sommen

Like to get an espresso here. Both places serve a delicious one. Very good fish display, great vegetables. All kinds of pasta, many artisanal. Prices for those are out of my reach.

The Durdle

The whole market is great. The pizza I ate there was soggy and tasteless. Expresso is legit.

Elene Jikia

I give the space 4 stars, the food 3 stars. Every time I try there something cooked it turns out to be very flavorless. They have good products,but somehow the meals are Never as good. Generally the place is overhyped.

Nancy Eichler

Fresh everything to fill your senses - an NYC MUST! Had vegan pizza w my two daughters and it was fantastic. Fresh pasta, seafood, amazing wines and coffee, cheeses, desserts - you won’t leave hungry!

Jillian Goodtree

Crowded as hell but the food is GOOOOOOOOD!!! Definitely make the gelato a priority.

Brian Sequeira

Excellent Italian products and food but very snobbish staff. Only the guy at the pasta food counter was friendly and professional all other staff had very bad attitude. Would have second thoughts to visit again...

Lisa Baranowski

My sister, mother and I went to this restaurant after several recommendations from our tour guides and any New Yorker who was kind enough to engage in conversation with us. We chose to go to the upstairs restaurant because it had a little bit of everything versus the more specified restaurants downstairs. We were told a 45 min wait but we got in fairly quickly. The wine is all delicious, I highly recommend. During our stay in NYC we had been ordering meals to share so we could get a taste of more. We ordered the chef recommended charcuterie board and it was beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. Then we ordered a delicata squash appetizer that was a special surprise for our taste buds. We would have never guess how tasty that would be. The manager recommended it to us. For the final thing we ordered the flat iron steak which was recommended by our server and sounded intriguing to us. However, it was very chewy and we did not want to finish eating it. We told our server (who was not very present or very kind the entire meal). She told us it was because we ordered it wrong. We ordered it medium rare and we should have ordered it medium. My mom blurted out “I don’t believe that for a minute” and I pointed out that she asked us how we wanted it cooked, never once recommending medium is how we should get it. At that point we had been fed up with her rudeness and lack of care for our table. She was initially rude when I told her someone had already came to our table to greet us and she told me that was just the greeter not the server. She had let our water run empty, didn’t bring the drink menu I asked for and didn’t check up on our dishes, only came by to ask what we wanted next. So when she didn’t offer any considerate solutions I waved down a bus boy and asked for the manager. I did not know in the beginning that the guy who recommended our food was the manager. When he came over and we told him about the steak he was very apologetic and when we told him what our server said he immediately agreed that ordering the steak medium would not have made a difference. He took the plate back to be inspected and he told us whoever prepped our steak had cut it wrong which is why it was so tough. So we weren’t crazy! He had a new one prepared for us, filled our water and got us more drinks. He was very attentive and kind. He took over for our server. The steak was very flavorful but not as good as the other two dishes. I guess we should have taken some more suggestions from the manager! He ended up taking the steak and 3 glasses of wine off the bill, none of which we expected but of course we appreciated. We found out that the servers at eataly pool tips so we still tipped 20% because we didn’t want other servers suffering on our servers behalf. Overall it was a great experience, but hopefully you get a decent server.

Brendan Hallinan

This place is fantastic. Please open an Eataly in San Francisco!

Gregory Achong

One of the best marketplace I have ever being , I was overwhelmed , it’s the best place to eat Italian food. It’s a must do in the big apple

On Power

Best Eataly in town and the best I recall visiting. The location is amazing and the variety and quality of foods are above the New York city average (which is jot that hard, tho). It is more expensive than other places, but could be more. For the environmwnt, its kinda worth the price. There are a lot of small restaurants inside there where you can eat pizza, pasta, appetizers and there is even a coffee place. Super worth visiting and seeing the different products.

Warren Tate Speaker Coach

Love this place. For everything you desire from Italy or simply amazing places to eat and local produce Eataly has it all. Fresh fish, butcher, green grocer, pasta, breads etc. A great place for breakfast, lunch or dinner or simply to take a look around.

Brendan Gerrity

Had a white sauce pasta with dill, fennel, and sausage at the pasta shop. (penne salsiccia e finocchio I think.) Was quite good.

Ross Tavel

I've been to Eataly twice now and it has yet to disappoint. Started off with the fritto misto and it was an excellent and spot on rendition of what you would find within the narrow streets of the Cinque Terre. Light crispy and fresh. A delectable mix of seafood. Love the added touch of fried basil. Then I had the flounder which was cooked perfectly. Succulent with a wonderfully firm crust on the outside that gave it great texture. It must have been cooked in butter and whoever made this masterpiece did a terrific job. The added roasted mixed nuts were a genius combination that took my pallet in an unexpected yet pleasant direction. A great combination. The food was incredibly fresh and they really let the ingredients stand out in the forefront. Well done!

Jeffrey Sothmann

Great one-stop-shop for all your Italian needs. Really great breads among many other great things here.

Deja Adams

If you love all things Italian, go here! So much espresso, gelato, pasta, wine, cheese, etc. We had an amazing brunch at one of the restaurants in the "piazza" and it did not disappoint. The oysters were super fresh and the charcuterie board was perfect. They have some sort of infused honey that is the best I've ever had. Definitely check this place out when you're hungry!

Brian Youngs

The food is unreal. Robinson was our bartender at Manzo prior to sitting down and he treated us amazingly by teaching us a bit about the drinks and even creating us a drink of his own concoction. Would highly recommend if you are looking for a delicious Italian night out.

Leah Cummings

“Like being in New York”. Not sure I can agree with this in terms of decor or ambiance.. but the food and desserts are quite good. The gelato is very creamy (like gelato I’ve had in Italy) and the desserts/pastries are so very good! I’ve never had a meal here, but should try one day. When I last came, we ordered a bunch of little desserts/pastries and they were all tasty. Eataly is great because it’s part-supermarket, part-restaurant, part-cafe - you can pick up groceries (including seafood), coffee, gelato, pastries, books/cookbooks...and more! The only downside is that it’s usually very crowded and can be a bit loud (especially when you wander into the restaurant / food market area.) if you are new in the area, however, it’s worth stopping by!

Steve C 032

Delicious food! The pesto pasta and Margherita pizza are so good. Service is hit and miss. It gets extremely crowded and busy too. The rooftop area is cool.

Daniel Fieldstone

So this is how it feels to go to Eataly. You walk through the doors in the front and the place is packed. There are huge sections with tons of food, deli counters and trinkets. Then you go to the back and there is this elevator. Next thing you know you are at a roof top with a bar that over looks the whole Flat Iron area. Very casual setting too.

Alisa Darling

For someone who hasn’t been to Italy, but my partner who is from central-southern Italy.. the shopping experience was nice for us both seeing the insane amount of imported products. We bought cheese and prosciutto, which you can find anywhere.. though they allowed samples which added to an impulse buy of things that we normally buy as a home staple. Restaurant experience wise.. The pizza and pasta place was a 45 minute wait on a Thursday night. They texted you when the table was ready, which was cool. The menu was limited and unappealing, but we gave the spot the benefit of doubt to try.. my girlfriend ordered a simple red sauce with eggplant and the pasta was undercooked, and was supposed include a special ricotta cheese and prosciutto; though it didn’t come on the dish. Our waiter was awesome about it, and got us a new plate from the kitchen and offered an appetizer on the house which was very humbling. I ordered the stuffed spinach and ricotta ravioli with lemon sauce and pistachio; the nutty taste the pistachio gave the entree was delightful but it only came with a handful of ravioli, tossed on a flat dish which made it look less tasteful than what it was.. they serve sour dough bread, or what tasted like.. oddly & It was a tad on the pricey side. Anyone can find a better spot to have Italian food. The gelato made up for the mere disappointment of what could’ve all been better..

Olivia M

Overrated much? I think so. I enjoy the concept of an inside Italian market but I didn’t particularly enjoy the food itself. It’s super crowded and the wait times are lengthy. The charcuterie wasn’t bad we had a burrata and a sizable sampler for our party. The pizza, however, was disappointing. It lacked taste, the toppings slid off the dough and was so thin you couldn’t enjoy the taste. The house red wine was decent. It’s New York, find a better dinner spot but still checkout the market that is Eataly.

Ich Du

The store downstairs is absolutely amazing! You can find everything you need in that place. It is a bit pricey though. But the quality makes up for that. The food in the restaurant was delicious. You could tell it was freshly made with high quality ingredients. The view and decoration was very nice too. If you get a good table, you will be able to see the Flatiron :-)

Ken C

Wish I could eat everything at this place! There's so much authentic Italian imports and food here, definitely worth a visit for any tourists! Make sure to bring a friend or two so you can try out more things!

Stephen Long

This was a nice little Italian place with amazing pasta. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The service was good and our food was amazing. They provide free bread which made this place top notch.

Alejandro Jurado Hidalgo

This place is an absolute tourist trap. Thank you for the average overpriced pasta, with the frozen chick peas and the lemon soufflé flavor. I think the pasta they cut in front of you is just for show and to look cool. Those meals did not taste like fresh home made food. Also, the service is extremely poor. I do understand that they are constantly dealing with tourist crowds but there’s no reason to treat people the way we were treated. I felt as nobody wanted to deal with us. I heard Pablo, one of the servers tell his partner, “What do you think? You wanna take care of this?” Pointing at us. Are you serious? Also, when my girlfriend asked this guy Pablo a question about one of the pasta dishes, he turned his back against us and pointed with his finger to the menu. What type of answer is that? I am a Manager in the Broadway industry and I would never ever consider to treat a customer like that. I would indeed lose my job if I ever do so. Please, hire people who know what customer service is really about. Oh, and do not tell your customers the pasta is freshly made, because based on its taste it’s truly not. One last thing, please change the chairs at the bar. I felt as if I was eating inside an airplane going through turbulence, bouncing back and forth. I rather sit on the floor to eat. Thanks again for an awful experience.

Jimmy Harlan

Great location if you are looking for some great food. A bit over priced but the ice cream is good.

George Natter

If you want to have a good fancy meal without going out, this is a wonderful Italian supermarket where you can create a feast for yourself!

Nilesh Mishra

Disneyland for Italians. For a first timer, Eataly is mind-blowing. Filled to the brim with quality and fine Italian food fares and solid restaurants at theme park premiums. A place where you can get nearly every good Italian food, but not the place to find the best signature dishes. If I was ballin' in money and rapper rich I'd probably shop here exclusively.

Jarret Sample

Excellent variety of Italian foods and cooking products

Sonia Ramrakhiani

Love coming to eataly every time I’m in nyc. The pizza is good but the gelato! I think it’s pretty close to gelato in Italy that’s why I love this place so so so much! I always try new flavors and this time I tried passion fruit and it was oh so delicious!

Walker Mueller

I eat here a lot since I work in the area. I got to say their customer service is always awesome and they keep the place well kept all the time. Prices are affordable and they serve sizeable portions.

Mahima Srivastava

Been here many times and have tried their Italian food, beer garden upstairs as well as wine and small plates. They have a gelato bar which is excellent as well as an espresso/cafe bar. I have shopped for authentic groceries here as well and loved it.

Liana Columbro

Delicious marketplace full of Italian foods! Definitely kick back on rooftop for a tasty appetitive before eating downstairs. We came for a drink and found ourselves spending hours here. Yum!

Noel Whiteheas

A very good place with good food, the manager was very friendly, we will be back soon. we live in texas

Gwenn Marshall

Great place to get whatever yummy Italian items you can think of. Food prepared food too.

Mark Zo

The took away the plastic cups they use to have at the register. Very inconvenient. We buy orange juice on daily basis. This store is overpriced. I am happy to shop there because they have great products. But whoever made the decision to take the cups away made a bad decision! They are saving pennies and inconveniencing costumers. Maybe you should sale them. I know I am happy to paid for them. But taking them away shows the cheap mentality!! Bad marketing move!!

Diane V

Two words: Gastronomy wonderland. I prefer to buy my produce here than the supermarkets because of the freshness and variety. I take every visitor that comes to NYC here for a walk through.

Afdhal Afiq

Variety of Italian cuisine in central new york. If you ask for actual coffee in New York, it is here.

Anna Sh

Italian market where you can eat, but homemade pasta or even walk around and see that espresso machine claimed to be made as early as XIX century. Try their espresso! Insane. They also have a restaurant upstairs. It’s a rooftop decorated with flowers all over the ceiling. Perfect place for the first brunch together ) just make a reservation in advance . Also good options for spritz drinks. Food is good as well, but, honestly, I’ve tried better panna cottas

Daniel Tollis

Food was mediocre. Spend your money elsewhere like a restaurant in Little Italy. Food was fancy but not prepared correctly. Service was rude, seats uncomfortable. Bread was stale.

Ryan Bauer

Simply amazing. All the geat food. A but pricey though.


Excellent service and all the food was delicious.

Susan Barrett

Amazing place and amazing products. 4 stars not 5 because of rude cashier who needs a lesson in customer service!

Marc Antoine Spriet

I remember a few years ago people were saying that investment was insane for an Italian grocery store/restaurant. Well, they were wrong. I love going there walking around. The restaurant inside is good and the price is fair for eating fresh products cooked on the spot! Finish your visit with a gelato you won't regret it.

Diane Leicht

Visiting NYC for the first time and very excited about checking out Eataly at the Flatiron location. We ended having dinner at Il Pesce. The food was OK but nothing to write home about. Had the Tagliata, a grilled hanger steak (medium rare) with a salad. Daughter and a friend ordered the Granchio, crispy soft shell crab “meant for sharing,” and the potatoes and broccolini as sides. The steak was cooked fine but was not very flavorful. Never had this cut before and was expecting it to be a bit tough, since it looked like a flat iron steak to me. It was a little chewy but it was already sliced thin enough by the kitchen that it could be eaten pretty easily. Very small portions, but with the potatoes and shared salad, it filled me and hubby fine. However, the crab meant for sharing was a joke. It—the lonely little crab—was four inches at best, certainly not enough for sharing! At $21, quite steep for such a small portion. Very disappointing even though they said it tasted great. Service was subpar for a place like this. I was expecting an engaging server. Instead, ours was on the arrogant side. He never came to ask how things were after the food arrived. Never came to ask if we needed drinks refilled. It would have been nice to have another glass of wine, but we could never catch our server’s attention unless we wanted to make a scene and wave or shout like crazy. Sadly disappointed and won’t be back and can’t recommend.

Mateus Ribeiro

The Gold Standard of Italian cuisine. One of the best restaurant places I’ve ever been to, a huge place dedicated to present you all kinds of dishes, from chocolate bars to seafood. Every area has its own focus, a restaurant that serves pasta, an authentic pizzeria or an Italian themed ice cream parlor, you name it and you’ll find here. The butcher shop offers freshly cut and cured meats, everything displayed for you to see. A bakery that will leave you drooling over the display. Truffles, oysters, homemade pasta, I still don’t know what’s the best thing about this place, everything looks so beautiful and there are so many options that every-time I go I find myself trying something new. Ohhh, and the staff is something else, they’re patient and helpful, the guy at the bar was such a good spirited person, funny and outgoing , willing to provide me the best service possible. Eataly has a special place in my heart.


So fun and full of food! The classic cannoli is way to sweet though, stay with the pure filling no cherry or candies orange peel if you don’t have an American sweet tooth. But so much to see I spent an hour here!

Amanda Young

Sit at the bar and watch this staff work like a well oiled group. The food is just out of this world great.we had signed we had simple food but it really was the best. Their are several places to eat here and grab and go places too. But wow this is great. Clean, nice and hard work. I would give this place 10

Daniel Razumov

lovely place with lot's of options, they also have a great roof top bar

Marcus Boerger

This place feels like you're in a big Italian market and there are a bunch of restaurants and bars as well. So either go shopping to find everything you need for a perfect Italian meal at home - or just eat right there, enjoy a wine if you like and finish with coffee and desert from a large selection of excellent Italian choices. The place can be crowded sometimes but you can almost always at least find a place at a bar at one of the restaurants if you like it quieter.

Mariana Cestellos Ramírez

Huge marketplace with authentic Italian ingredients from fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, cold cuts, handmade pasta, wines, cheeses, gelato, etc. They also have dining space where you can try traditional Italian delicacies in a casual, relaxed environment. It gets very busy at night but the food is worth the wait. Always fun to stop buy, the selection is unparalleled.

Yuval Shahak

What an amazing place!!! We eat breakfasts, lunch and dinners. Everything was perfect. Great service!

Divyang Riziya

What an amazing place to find everything made in Italy! Best buffalo burrata I’ve ever had. Also the pasta that they make in their butter amazing. Must go

Mariela Tomaghelli

Great place! Quite a bit crowded. There is a large variety of dishes and products related with Italy. There is also a very nice rooftop bar, not suggested to visit it in summer.

Raleigh Desi

Eataly is always packed full of people (but the management can handle it). It has scrumptious traditional Italian food and desserts for a decent price. This is definitely a must try if you are a foodie!

Lauren Thomas

Why am I required to order food at the bar? Why can’t I just have a drink like all normal bars everywhere? I’ll just go somewhere else to get a nice glass of wine. FYI the two glasses of wine I would have had would have cost more than one of your entrees.

Elizabeth J

This is a great place for Italian edibles! Bring your wallet though..... Hit the treadmill too..... You can spend the day eating items from the various vendors.

Mark Childers

Love to eat Italian food here. The Environment and food are very awesome and excellent here. The staff members dressed well and behaved well. The prices are high but the taste of the food is also high like its prices. Not everyone can afford the prices of these Italian food.

Mark Maizonnasse

Very nice place to get any fine italian food. You can even eat there, some tables are available. From dry saussages to cheese to coffe and my personal favorite, the hot chocolate. Just look at the video below, it's amazingly thick made from molten chocolate. A lot more stuff to try as well, but the hot chocolate is worth the detour for sure and the main reason for the 5 stars!

Hansong Kim

Overally good place. Good pasta, pizza and wines. They are No.1 Italian maket NYC. It is. But you should check your receipt. When I visited and got my coffee, they chagr $1 tip automatically. Please check it and click it when you pay with credit card. $1 is very small money but, it make me never will be here.

80's Toys Are Amazing

What can't I say abou this place. I'm in love. The meats, cheeses, chocolates, pastas and all the restaurants that serve different foods. I could spend a fortune here. Everything looks amazing. My belly is thanking me that I do not live around there. Go see the restaurant serra on the 14th floor it is absolutely beautiful.

Nischita Kaza

I tried a few different things and the food was amazing! The Stella at the sit down pizza and Pasta restaurant is one of the best I've ever had! Would also highly recommend the Italian hot chocolate!

Kristina Wiggins

I have no shame for my completely schoolgirl boy band crush level of enthusiasm for Eataly. It is one of the most magical places on this earth. I'm sure of it. It's definitely my most favorite food spot in NYC. Eataly is a foodie's ultimate destination. It's a gourmet grocery store full of produce, freshly prepared foods and pantry goods but that's not it. The space features also features counters in which you can order a specialty items. They have a meat and cheese counter, butcher, exquisite bakery, Nutella coffee bar, fancy top of the line espresso bar, gelato bar, meat & cheese bar, fresh pasta section, plus my favorite a section full of fresh focaccia bread. Thers' also 6 full fledged restaurants weaved insides the grocery sections and counters. It's a huge food hall full of everything. There is nothing regular or ordinary in this foodie paradise land. As soon as I land in NYC Eataly is where I want to go. I've had the pleasure of visiting multiple times over the past 3 years, but my favorite go to indulgences are the: prosciutto cotto parmacotto & housemade mozzarella focaccia bread counter, followed by the SPAGHETTI Cacio e Pepe pasta or the QUATTRO FORMAGGI pizza & a glass of delicious white moscato at La Pizza & La Pasta restaurant , and then gelato or specialty latte to go.

tyler bastianelli

Amazing place, well worth a visit. Eataly has: an Italian market with a great selection of fresh foods and Italian herbs and spices, multiple restaurants with quick order and pick up and eat like slices of excellent pizza with an option to buy a bottle of wine and open it and drink a glass before you head out, and a full-on sit down restaurant with top pastas, pizzas, and anti-pasta. We always find time to visit Eataly if there is one in the area!

Bill Cheatham

Think upscale Italian food court, farmers market, wine shop and retail market. They all come together taking you on a virtual vacation to Italy. There are numerous restaurants with both counter service and seating. You can find fresh fruit, veggies, wine, cheese, bread and pasta for your take home enjoyment. One of our favorites is a fantastic charcuterie board and great glass of wine. Saluti

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