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Where is Dub Pies - Windsor Terrace?

REVIEWS OF Dub Pies - Windsor Terrace IN New York

Tinkerbellz Wand

Havent had any of the pies but the coffee is good.

Nicole Jesson

Yummy, and lovely staff.

Andrea Hetley

Great pies, particularly the mince and cheese and the curry chicken. There's a deal on cold pies to heat at home after 4.

Jane Nicholas

Delicious, one of my favorite places for food in NYC! Unique and tasty food from Australia/New Zealand.

Chloe Pelletier

I love this place! They have 2 vegan pies: ale seitan and curry veg, both wonderful. My only complaint is that I wish they kept more of the vegan ones on hand as they run out fast! A lot of vegans in Park Slope! But otherwise I love it. I also sort of blame myself because I often show up later in the day so maybe there are more earlier, who knows. I originally visited this place when I moved here because I knew that it was the same building where they shot the films Smoke and Blue In The Face, which I love. They should put a still from it on the wall with a plaque or something! Lol. The view of the street is nice and it’s small and quiet which I like. I hope they stay here forever!

Sofia Rodriguez Gallo

Andrew Brown

Expensive and pretentious coffee.

Elisa Flynn

Andrew Hyatt

Love the flat white here.

Roger Krone

Great fast food. Ask for the shepard's pie!!

Eve Mosher

What can I say, good pies, good coffee, friendly neighborhood joint! Love the curry pie, my kids like the egg pies. Be careful they do run out, but that let's you know your getting fresh made! Convenient to the train and park.

Ralph Rataul

Two big thumbs up from this expat kiwi; pies that wouldn't be out of place in either the cosy corner dairy or a more sophisticated cafe... try the sensational, spicy curry vegan pie for something delicious and different! Also, they ship their pies quickly and safely so you can stock up the freezer back home.

Octavian Costache

James Brown


Gary Maurer

John Priddy

Kalina Nelson

Reasonably priced delicious pies and great iced chai lattes. My new go to place for both.

Brandon Plaster

The egg & cheese is a staple, the vegetable curry is a delight, and although the dessert pies are too small for their price, they're better than the average New York pastries for comparable fares.

Claudio Daniel Porto

Is this where the films "Smoke" and "Blue in the face" filmed?

Alison Sanchez

Always yummy. Delicious lattes and they have almond milk.

Keith S

Cory Bond

How many other good pie places can you name in the city and also those that serve Kangaroo meat! Fantastic place.

Will Turnage

Anthony Baugh

Great Coffee and really delicious neat abd veg pies

The Corcoran Group

Grab a Breakfast Pie paired with a Flat White in the morning, and you're bound to start your day on a great note.

chris caracciolo

Cool place .hasnt changed its vibe since ever.. Straight forward. Gotta appreciate the no nonsense attitude. Great snack pies and all things Australianish...Counter Culture Coffe being served correctly. Small place but definitely delivers a great flat white, cortado large macchiato or what ever you want to call it .

Shani Finbar

Breakfast pie and hot milo really hit the spot!! Great pies, Anzac biscuits, and flat whites.

Taylor Jo Blackham

I love the pies here, and most of the staff are really nice people

Anthony Cobbler

Fulton Ale House

Manuel Beltrán del Río García

Nice Aussie treats. The oven can be a tad slow, though. Great coffee.

Riaz hafeez

Great coffee

Hamish Blackall

Catherine Yang

A huge thank you to Adam and the friendly, amazing team at DUB. They went out of their way to ensure a birthday delivery of delicious pies got there on time (shipping quicker than even promised). They even put a customised picture of Stevie Wonder singing and wishing Happy Birthday. Apparently the pies were fantastic, too. I would highly recommend their delivery service and will definitely be popping in next time I'm in NY. Thanks guys!

Zohar Gilboa

Lackluster pies. They're OK, and a reasonable price.

Nan Carde

God, that's good! Dub pies do not disappoint. I've had both the curry-vegetable pie and the chilli-cheese pie. I would order these again & again.

Douglas Kopf

Dvid Silva

Darren Joe

Richard Surber

Great place.

Elizabeth Daniel

Delicious pies and great coffee in this small corner space in Windsor Terrace. And friendly staff! I usually order to-go because I live nearby but there are some tables inside and outside.

Jonathan Ah Kit

Charlotte Gudmundsson

LOVE Dub pies! Their breakfast pies are delicious, and the coffee is great. They have tons of flavors of savory pies, and if you want something sweet they have tasty croissants and donuts from Dough. I understand the New Zealand nostalgia, I bought my kiwi friend a tiny bag of nz lollies and a leamington cake, she was so happy! It’s a very small but cozy shop with only a couple of small tables, but they have nice benches with small tables outside - perfect for sitting down for 5 mins with your coffee and people-watching

dean collins

Ting Bea Yang

I like meat pies, and dub has the best meat pies I have eaten in the US. I also really love their email discounts and specials for frozen pies and shipping.

Julia Fishenfeld

The best Thai Chicken Curry Pie I've ever had. Great balance of flavors and heat is right on point. The use of ginger is flawless. The crust is flaky and delicious; maintains its structure to the last bite. I have been cranky, in pain and hobbling around on crutches for days. This pie has erased all of it. I am sleeping tonight with a big smile and a full belly. I will happily hobble over again to taste the rest of their creations.

Alison I

I love the lamingtons, Anzac cookies, and of course...the traditional Aussie meat pies! I'm an Aussie and this truly is authentic. It's amazing and life changing. Totally worth the commute from Manhattan!

Family Fan

Solid pies and good malted chocolate and coffee.

Dave Gill

brendan coffey

Elijah Sivin

Gábor Mayländer

Best flat white I had, ever

Sohrab Habibion

James Moore

Alison Deutsch

Pondering Mind

Pies are nasty.... with very little meat.....strange gravy taste......

Diva Reid

Annabel Stevens

So, for British people looking for meat pie, this is as close as you're going to find without going to Myers and buying imported, but they're pretty good—somewhere between a Gregg's pasty and a Holland's pie, fairly similar to what's sold at a London pie-and-eels type shop—flakey pastry, top and bottom, formed in a tin. Taste pretty great (salty! YES), BUT, I could eat two easily, and at the price for (invariably) standing only eating space, it's not for the hungry, only the homesick. Also, no peas (mushy or otherwise), gravy or mash … (which I guess is UK standard only). Oh and they sell sausage rolls! <3

Kate Ramsay-Scott

Good pies if you are feeling homesick from AUS/NZ - service was just ok

Cody Guilfoyle

Walked in, within in 1 minute I was enjoying a warm ny shepards pie and a cane cola. Very inexpensive + yummy!

Evelyn Roberts

Cozy coffee shop. A place to rest.

Jennifer Lorimer

Excellent kiwi pie, great coffee and friendly staff.

Stanley Griswold

Jonathan Requillo

Always good

Stan Livshin

Great pies and coffee

Fred Alluso

This Dub Pies outpost is located at the storefront used in Harvey Keitel's film "Smoke". Although you won't find Harvey Keitel there, on any weekday or weekend morning you will find the same sense of community seen in the film Smoke. Families and couples come from all over to grab a few pies and either eat on the cramped premises or they take them to go into nearby Prospect Park. Highly recommend the shepherds pie, the steak and cheese or even the buttery breakfast pie. While you're there be certain to order a cup of java they call them flat whites. I call them delicious.

Dean Jerkovich

You can't beat the mince and cheese pie with a sausage roll and coffee. I'm pretty biased being a kiwi, but this place nails it. Pricier than what I'm used to, but what do you expect, it's New York?!

Eliot Salandy Brown

Great coffee excellent pies

Loren Prendiville

Chris Finch

Tendai Rukobo

Great hole in the wall with the best pies on the city— period.

Lindley Ross

Uggggghhhhhh. If I had the money, Id be in there every week. Sooo worth it. #KangarooPie

Andrea Ruz

The coffee here is the best I ever had. The pies are delicious. The place is small, but totally worth hanging out there.

Martin Stewart

The pies rock!

Hassanpopppy Goldsmith

great coffee

Dan S

Espresso is on point

Daniela Serna

They are always very nice here and the breakfast pies are delicious!

Anupam Chopra

Had a really bad craving for some meat pies, so I found my way to DUB pies. The shop itself is tiny. I ordered about 3 different pies: Shepherd's, Steak and Cheddar, and Chicken and Veggie. I also had one of the highly reviewed flat white coffees. The pies were amazing. I have never had meat pies of this caliber before. They were sized just right, one pie per person. Crust was flaky and delicate, shell was sturdy enough to not fall apart as you eat the pie. The filling was savory and delectable. The coffee was mighty expensive, I feel as if it was just okay. Not worth getting regularly. Staff was friendly and accomadating. All in all, I will definitely come back for the meat pies.

Leo Chan

Stop by here before going to New York Philharmonic at Prospect Park on Friday. Their curry vegetable pie was great. It's a small shop, but it's got enough style of pie for you to have something different every day of the week. I would love to try their other pies.

Charlie Farrell

Dive selling hot pies for cash only. Not the most welcoming of places but at least my spinach and feta roll was tasty.

Chris Givler

Nick Macrae

You beauty! FINALLY a good pie shop in New York. The Mince pie, Steak and Mushroom pie, and Apple pie were all bloody good. Nice flaky pastry, full of ingredients, and great flavour. I haven't been home to Australia for a year and eating these pies brought such a smile to my dial I bought a bunch more to take home and toss in the freezer to eat later.

Christine Liang

Cameron Spiller

Their vegetable curry and cherry rhubarb pies were to die for. The crust soft and flavorful

Yeshvir Daamineni

When will America wake up to the delicacy of savory pies? That chicken pot pie you are accustomed to is an afterthought. Try the mince pie here, your life will change for the better!

Anthony DeSimone

Great pies - bad service - bad coffee. Buy a pie and go home. Stopping by Dub Pies as if it were a cafe is a bad idea. After tasting a just ordered coffee I asked "When was this made?". The Pie-ista just shrugged. That coffee was pretty darn nasty and seemingly sitting there for a while.

Leeta Gato

The crust on their pies is perfection. They have breakfast & lunch pies savory pies. A few sweets offered, some pastries, and pastry/fillo type filled rolls. Teas, coffees, and other beverages are available. The mince pie, coffee, and a malted hot chocolate are absolutely delicious. Staff was helpful and courteous. The place appeared clean and has a comfy feel that makes you want to slow down a minute and take a seat to relax while you eat your treats. There’s a little bit of seating space inside and some bench seating outside. Credit and debit cards are accepted. The entrance appears wheelchair accessible. I’ll be back for more! #LetsGuide

Galyna Shulimova

Kind of ok if you need quick bites.

Evelyn Stetzer

Tim Hand

As an Aussie expat, these the pies and sausage rolls especially, are spot on. Easily better than Tuck shop!

Edgar Velazquez

Jim Della-Giacoma

A site of pilgrimage for any Aussie or Kiwi visiting Brooklyn - pies, sausage rolls, lamingtons, and flat whites.

Nick Scott

They need to make sure they always have sausage rolls available

Kurt Martig

The Kiwis/Aussie really know how to do coffee the pies are addicting.

Fernando Jimenez

Friendly and attentive staff. Pies were awesome. Try the kangaroo, you will not be disappointed!

Adam Skovron

Great pies and sausage rolls!!

Alex Blakeney

Andrew Petagna

Ethanael Castle

Been coming here for years. Everything is good. Great little "hole in the wall" eating experience. People who work here are down to earth and very kind. Great place.

Dante Stone

Love it. Absolutely love it. Stopped in with a friend who used to live in New Zealand, and now I am 100% hooked. Their sausage rolls are unbelievable, and every pie I've tried is as perfect as you're apt to find. Fantastic little place.

Tara Becker


Joshua Knepley

This rating is based solely on their coffee program and excellent service. I do not know enough about pies nor do I eat them enough to really be able to objectively judge them, but they're clearly good enough to get a shout out from Hugh Jackman on national TV, so I'll assume they're good too :-) Regarding their coffee program, I am typically in it only for the black coffee, something that I feel no restaurant really ever makes better than at home pour over coffee. Dub just might be better, and they are certainly close enough to this standard to make it worth stopping in when there's no time for homebrew. I've also had enough of their espresso drinks to know they bring this high-quality standard to all their beverages. Also, the place is tiny, always packed, and I'm still out in under 5 minutes. Even when the persob in front of me has a ridiculous, overly-complicated order. Truly a great staff and neighborhood spot because of their efforts.

Bryant Zeng

Kevin Raine

Kiwi living in Tennessee with no access to a pie for 4 years!! Found out about this bakery from family who visited NYC. Once I found out the shipped couldn't resist and well they did bit disappoint. Pies arrived 2 days after order and worth every penny!!!!!??

Kevin O'Shea

Revilla Grooves & Gear

I more or less live off Dub pies at the WFMU Record Fair each year. This year was no different. I look forward to the Thai Chicken and Beef and Cheese pies for weeks leading up to the fair. I am never disappointed. Two new additions I noticed to the portable menu were the Steak and Ale and Apple pies. I tried both and as expected they were perfectly delicious. When working as hard as is necessary as a dealer at the fair, I worry about energy levels and how I'll feel after a meal. The Dub pies are an excellent choice for breakfast lunch or dinner. They're sized just right so they satisfy my hunger without slowing me down. The sausage rolls and Spinach Feta rolls are very good choice as well. I really enjoy their coffee too. It's obvious I'm a fan, but for good reason. Dub is fantastic.

Tiffany Cheng

Dub Pies are packets of homey goodness, in a convenient, palm-sized pie that you can take anywhere. I really fell in love with the curry vegetable pie and the classic New York pie. Tastes good, very portable, fast to get and go. However, I felt a little ripped off with the biscuit, it's literally the size of a half-dollar! Stick with the full sized pies.

Mary Kay Abblett

Best pie shop Hugh Jackman said was THE BEST!

Semonia Jackson

Morgan Ecklund

Good coffee wish I had time for pies.

Carmelo Leuzzi

Was awesome to have a traditional meat pie while visit the state's from Australia. Great pies and couldn't believe they had Milo as well.

Dmitry L

Their pies are great, espresso based drinks are amazing (drip coffee is eh). Friendly staff.

Jonathan Evans

Great little meat pies like you'd find on OZ, Nz, and the UK. Small spot... more of a grab and go place.

Kay Campbell

Addictively yummy hand pies. Try the veggie -curry. With a lovely creamy flat-white coffee d

Gitesh Pandya

Goto joint for morning coffee. Super friendly staff.

Danyal Khan

This place is so good and great for breakfast. The pies were great and the staff is really polite. Those little pies are out of this world and are worth a try.

Randy Fontanilla

My go to coffee and snack spot.

Rachel Antonio

I love Dub Pies. If you are a fan of Tuck Shop in the city, you will like Dub Pies too. Good for a little snack or a dessert. They have meat pies and lamington cakes!

Wilson Hung

Delicious sweet and savory pies. The Shepard's Pie is great!

Olga Ermishkina

Mark Fischetti


Josh Loeb

Let us eat pies.

Ian Moulton

Heath Melville

Not your typical NZ pie but not far off. The Steak and Cheese I got had a slight spiciness to it which made it different in a nice way. Friendly service and really excellent flat white. I'm from New Zealand myself. The pie I had was well above average from what I've had

Elliott Burford

If you miss an Aussie/NZ pie, it'll hit the spot!

Rakib Ahmed


Warrick Bell


Traci Cappiello

Cute and tiny shop that not only carries fun pies, but CADBURY CHOCOLATES and other fun imports!

Joe B

The pie was savory as advertised, but for its size it should have cost at most $4. Even the shot of espresso was overpriced. Won't come here again.

Megan Ulrey

Best coffee in the whole neighborhood!

Peiwen Lee

G. Brett Williams

Perfect spot to grab a quick walking bite and a coffee for a chilly day.


Pies are pretty good. I wish they were bigger and cost less money. I can't blame the owner. Any place in this area is above average if you want to eat. Now I usually come for coffee. It's pretty good and wakes me up better than any Starbucks. I wish I could add milk myself because I'm very picky and need a certain amount of whole milk and half and half. Always a struggle for me. Loyalty card is a good idea, because I'm 2 cups away from my reward! I'm trying to quit drinking coffee, but this place made me even more addicted. This place is tiny. Not recommend you to stay there for too long. 10-30 minutes. I've seen different people working there and I gotta admit, they know what customer service is. Very polite and very professional. They don't have wifi.

Miki Noam

Cleopatra Jones

The Gentleman was super sweet and the food is delicious

Christian Lütke

(Translated by Google) Something different. It's worth trying out. (Original) Mal was andres. Ausprobieren lohnt sich.

r m

The pies are delicious and they have so many options, including vegetarian and vegan options!

Ashley Thompson

Horrible mocha latte. 2 sips and had to throw it out.

Jared Kennedy

As a New Zealander, this place is most probably one of only few where you can get an authentic flat white coffee. Perfectly made, none of this pretentious 'we make flat whites that are actually just lattes' business to be seen here - DUB Pies' flat whites are the real deal. On the pie front, it was okay, my mince and cheese left much to be desired for. Falling apart, and overpowering with the spices, where is that meat taste? And the gooey cheese? Nonetheless, it's nice to see a meat pie so far away from home. Though, nothing will beat the real thing in New Zealand itself.

Hugh Ash

Raffi Khatchadourian

Nick Sacco

Schuyler Cornwell

Kris Skladanek

Honestly I was disappointed, I was ready for months to try and found a bit underwhelming for the price

Tatiana Fasano

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